Log 2 Lunch Time

AJ B. (GM): After traveling down the road you see a large gate with 4 men posted outside of it. Men in this case is used loosely. 1 of them appears to be a shiny forest green robot with bright red stars painted on it. 1 is a female with a pink mohawk in a skimpy outfit covered in tattoos that she every so often rubs affectionately as if they were pets. one of them is a very tall burly light green lizardman holding a huge gun. The last one is a scrawny human wearing his hair in a braid that reaches his waist with a tank on his back connected to tubes that seem plugged into his body where its exposed, and into his armor presumably going all the way through and connecting to him as well.
Ceukeausraa Krem: (To GM) rolling 1d100
= 14
Ceukeausraa Krem: (To GM) rolling 2d4
= 5
Melo makes a note of the place’s location, and the fact that there’re people outside the gates. Really, with a city as empty as this one seems to be, wow, people!
Ceukeausraa Krem As she studies the guards carefully her eyes widen in sudden terror before fluttering briefly and she falls to the ground unconcious
Ambrose Betamax: (the guards broke her. oh dear)
Melo: (Questions: Would Melo (Or Vault for that matter) recognize or have a general idea of what these people are? I presume the robot is a robot, the chick is a tattoo mage, the human is a juicer, ’n the lizardman is a heavy weapons grunt?"
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((See why I tried to keep him away from the books? :P))
Melo: (I only skimmed the index and bits and pieces of the magic book..!)
AJ B. (GM): (the lizardman is a Grackletooth, imagine the biggest gun nut you know, then give him MD scales and sharp teeth.)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((So Karnth-RIFTS edition.))
Melo: ((Haha. Yep, that was what I was thinking. Neat.))
AJ B. (GM): (your companions apparently show great concern for you there Jerikha lol)

Vault is a robot programmed to protect humans! And robots’re fast, right? At the first sign of trouble, “Are you alright?” would come that mechanical voice before he’d attempt to catch the falling woman before she’d slam her head on the ground. Hopefully he doesn’t inadvertently cause more damage then the ground would have!
AJ B. (GM): (Easily done) Vault manages to catch her without any problems. Though I doubt he’ll get a response from someone unconcious.
Melo turns to his fallen comrade and his robot, quickly checking to make sure she wasn’t hurt before trying to wake her up with some lightly slapping of the cheek. “Hey, c’mon, wake up. On your feet.” (I presume this is the first time this has happened in each other’s company, yeah?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((In all probability, no. However, AJ gave me reign on whether it is or not, so I’m gonna say first time :P))
Ambrose Betamax: (whenever she wakes up, I’m gonna ask her "whoa are you ok son?)
(just to make her gender confused for about 3 seconds)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Hey, where’d that guard that was ready to offer me venison to let him shoot you go? :P))
Melo might even turn to the guards, “Hey, could one of you get her some water?”
Ceukeausraa Krem wakes about five minutes after initially passing out.
Melo helps the woman to her feet, with the robot’s assistance. “You alright? You jus’ up and blacked out there.”
Ceukeausraa Krem nods quickly. “Yup, fine. Must be the heat is all. I should have grabbed a drink earlier.”
AJ B. (GM): (so going to get closer and try and study the gate, or going to head off or what? As that was just what you can see from down the street)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((We did say we’d look around a bit.))
Melo nods. “Yeah. Well, we’re not too far away from the water. And now we know where we’re headed, at least.” A glance was given at the gate, eyes focusing to take in a hand full of details with a fair bit of zoom before he’d turn back to Jerikha. “Otherwise, I’m hungry.”
Ceukeausraa Krem nods. “Let’s go get something to eat, then.” They obviously have plumbing and running water, here. They’d probably serve water just as free in a restaraunt.
AJ B. (GM): A couple streets over you find a relatively nice restaraunt with a man dressed all in white standing outside the door. When he sees the three of you he sniffs and turns up his nose, but without a word opens the cheap looking wooden door. Inside there are quite a few empty tables and plenty of seating. At one of the table is a group of people also dressed completely in white outfits chatting away.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((It’s the White Glove Society! Run!))
Melo turns to the robot, “Vault. Time stamp, forty and twenty minute warning before distance traveled to get back here on time is up.” And then, right on down the path way he’d go, toward the gate. Might as well let them know they’ll be back. “Afternoon. Just a courtesy for verification so we don’t have any hold ups later on, we’re due back to see the Administrator in a while. Gary Troit. We’re going to get something to eat beforehand though.” And with that.. Yep. Wandering for food. And into the restaurant he’d go, paying the man at the door little heed.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((And thus we hit full stall. All your fault, Zea. :P))
Ceukeausraa Krem enters the restaraunt, and if there’s no sign telling her to wait to be seated, chooses a table and takes a seat.
Melo: (Yeah. I suck.)
AJ B. (GM): After everyone is seated one of the white suited people walks up to your table. “What may I get you three to drink today?”
Melo orders water, because he’s simple. And something with meat in it, if he can tell what’s got meat on the menu.
Ceukeausraa Krem requests a water.
AJ B. (GM): (Alright so Jacob has to head out, but is willing to let Zea run his char, my question to the two of you is do you want to continue the game that way or call it for now?)
Melo: (I’m cool with either or)
Ambrose Betamax: (as long as everyone still has fun I’m happy. I really didnt want to like…be the guy that stopped the fun
AJ B. (GM): (Cackle, continue or call? I have a pretty good guess but just need to check)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((No opinion. We call it, I continue building my MtG deck. We don’t, we get something done first session. Either way’s a win for me :P))

Zea a seat was had by the deer! And water and a salad ordered, because what restaurant doesn’t have salad? “Meat free, and organic if you could?”
AJ B. (GM): So we have no one with any preference lol.
Melo: (I’ve got another 4ish hours before I should ‘try’ and sleep, but this pot of tea says that’s not gonna happen)
AJ B. (GM): (I’m gonna say call it for now, Id rather all of you be here and enjoying it, and if no one has a preference we can wait)
Melo: (That works fine for me! More time for me to finish my character sheet properly)
Ambrose Betamax: :( I’m sorry all
Ceukeausraa Krem: Not at all a problem.
Zea: No problems!
Also means I can go watch more Dr. Who in the living room.
AJ B. (GM): No worries.
40 exp each
Cackle H.: Sorry, had to take a moment there. For the last week, I’ve had greek, italian, more Italian, Mexican, Korean, sugary crap, Moroccan, and…whatever quiche is.
I guess French, probably.
Zea: I’ve had pizza and cheese and chicken sammiches.
my diet sucks
(To GM) rolling 1d100
= 55
Melo: test
Zea: Howdy
Jacob R.: haaay
Zea: Deer. Hi.
Jacob R.: Ambrose Betamax has arrived!
AJ B. (GM): Hello all
Jacob R.: I’m not emotionally messed up this time ^ Sorry about last week
AJ B. (GM): No problem, just happy to hear you are doing better. hugs for the deerman
Jacob R.: ^

Cackle H.: What happened to your picture?! D:
Zea: Who’s / what picture?
Jacob R.: ? is it gone?
Cackle H.: It broke for me ;_;
Zea: I see an angel for AJ, a Deer for Blind, and a snow flake for me.
Jacob R.: its working for me too
Zea: Test?
Melo: test
Vault: test
Jacob R.: testicle
Zea: All of my icons seem to be working for me.
Ceukeausraa Krem: My connection was just dropping. Likely due to combination rain and busted NIC
Zea: ahh
AJ B. (GM): Alright, so is everyone ready to get started then?
Zea: Yep!
Jacob R.: Sure ^^
AJ B. (GM): (So, quick recap. You guys have recently been RIFTed to Australia, specifically Perth, gotten into the city, after meeting a racist job, accepted an oddly suspicious job, and went off to find something to eat . While you wait for your meeting time.)
A waiter from the table full of people dressed in white has gotten up and come over to your table he looks at the group of you. Looking in order at the deerman, the soldier, his robot “A salad, a steak, an oil can, and hmmm” he studies Krem for a little bit. “A rare cheeseburger?”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((His name was Job? :P))
Ambrose Betamax: (shhhhhhh)
Vault: I appreciate the offer, but I will abstain for the moment, Sir.

Melo gave a nod. “A steak would do nicely. Water to drink as well, please.” Well, at least the guy was good at predicting food. Or making suggestions.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Rare? What, is it from France?”

Ambrose Betamax wants to prove the guy wrong but cant think of what else a deer would eat. so…“Ha sir, your slightly off, I’d like uh…uh….damn. Yes, I’d like a salad.”
AJ B. (GM): “No ma’am, it is however only slightly cooked, and will have been recently butchered. Though the bread is real bread as opposed to the common crackers that are most often used at lower class restaraunts” He turns to each of you and bows politelly to the rest. Turning to the deer "If sir would prefer we have a vegetarian portabello burger, or our signature “dinner through a straw”
Ambrose Betamax: “hmm…I’ll take the burger then, thank you. Not that I dont love a good salad, I just want to be contrary since you predicted, you understand”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “I’ll just have a water, thanks.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods, and returns to the table, while the third and fourth members get up and head into the back. After about fifteen minutes a large blue creature with 6 arms ending in 3 fingered hands, brings out plates for each of you and sets them before their recipients. “I hope my cooking is to your liking and should anything be displeasing, do feel free to inform us so we may correct it.” The creature then places a glass of water in front of Krem “Does ma’am find our humble shop displeasing as a place of dining?”
Ambrose Betamax: (oh man you dissed the chef, prepare to die)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I roll to taste my water for human flesh…))
rolling 1d100
= 95
AJ B. (GM): (you definitely dont taste any hint of human flesh in your water)
Ambrose Betamax: (you taste a hint of lemon apparently)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I apologize, I feel rediculous. And so does Ceukeasuraa.))
“Just not hungry, thanks.” She fails to mention her lack of money.
Ambrose Betamax: (…oh. Uh-oh.)
(btw cackle, did we ever do equipment and stuff for Ambrose?)

Melo makes idle chatter amid the waiting, maybe asking as to Ceukea’s well being. Though food arrives soon enough! “Thank you, appreciate the service.” Courtesy demands tasting food before adding spices, and such would be followed. He had a general trust of the place, what with its higher end looks and service. He’s also learned to not ask where or what kind of food he’s eating, in most context as long as it doesn’t make him sick. And considering there’re humans working in the place, he presumes the food is safe. After all, you don’t want to drive off a new customer, right? Savoring would then take place, because food. “Good lord, sir. Haven’t had food this good in ages. Beats the hell out of travel rations.” Nope, seasoning not required.
AJ B. (GM): (I will need to go through with you on tht Jacob, so we can get your choices of gear. Most of it is just auto listed in class, but your weapons are usually choices)
Ambrose Betamax: (I was gonna go with the rifle that was listed anyways)
AJ B. (GM): (Usually it just lists an MD rifle you have a few options for it, will have to double check on it later)
The chef nods towards Krem “Understood ma’am” He then turns to Melo “It is appreciated. I will leave you to your meals then. Should any of you need anything else, our staff is at your disposal.” The chef then heads off to the back, moving swiftly.

Melo eats. “So, ‘bout this job. What’re your thoughts to begin with? Not too keen on checking my gear in at the door, but you know how that goes. Figure they won’t let him in with us.” A thumb pointing at the robot.

Ambrose Betamax munches on the burger, wishing he’d not been an ass and got the salad after all. “We need the money anyways. Do we have a choice?”

Melo gave a headshake. “Not really. Hopefully it’ll be worth our while, though. After all, the undisclosed postings tend to pay the best, as she pointed out.” A nod given at the water-drinking woman. He’d take his time with his steak, though. After all, he’s got Vault waiting to give that 40 minute plus travel time alarm to head back.
AJ B. (GM): rolling 1d100 to gm
= 59
(To GM) rolling 1d100
= 62
Ambrose Betamax: (I hope you passed the roll, or the game is over)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((What number is Vault?))
Ceukeausraa Krem doesn’t really say much. Just sips water. Sip.
Ambrose Betamax: (Aj’s icon left D:)
AJ B. (GM): (really, thats weird)
Melo: (It happens with Roll 20)
AJ B. (GM): After you have each of you have had time to eat and relax one of the waiters comes up and asks “Will there be anything else for your party?”
Ambrose Betamax: “….can I have a salad to go?”
(Boy I hope I can pay for this)
Vault: Sir, 40 minute timestamp, as of…now.
Ambrose Betamax: (we can pawn vault to pay for it)

Melo nods. “Just the bill, along with his salad, though I’d politely request it be done quickly. We’re on a touch of a time table.”
AJ B. (GM): The waiter nods. “We can have a salad boxed up and ready for you in under five minutes. Your bill comes to 250 credits all told.” As he speaks the last waiter from the table heads into the kitchen.

Melo whistles at the price,but nods. “Well worth it. You take UTC (Universal Trade Credits) on stick, I hope?”
AJ B. (GM): The waiter nods. “Of course, some of our regulars prefer to deal in UTC.” As he says this the chef comes back out with a salad boxed up. “Thank you for your patronage, and should you find yourself needing more sustenance, do remember us.”

Melo would o’corse be paying for the entire meal, as long as his type of currency is good in the land down under. A nod given at the chef, “Thank you once more. Food was delicious.” And food paid for, out he’d go, crew hopefully in tow. To the deer, “Next meal is on you.”
Ceukeausraa Krem sure isn’t paying for anything. She just had a water!
Ambrose Betamax: (aaw)

Melo takes care of his troops!
Ambrose Betamax: (yay!)
Ceukeausraa Krem: (To GM) rolling 1d100
= 74

Melo moves on along, stopping before rounding the corner to the last street. “You gonna be alright?” to Krem.
Ceukeausraa Krem says “I should be fine, was just a little dehydrated last time.” As she turns the corner, she begins to twitch heavily and turns on her heel attempting to march back the direction she came, looking to be just barely restrained from an all out run
Ambrose Betamax: “Oh dear. will you be alright?” (do I know why she had the whole pass out event btw?)
Melo: (Don’t think we know why, no)
Ambrose Betamax: (aw ok)

Melo gave a slow nod before rounding the corner with his companions. And then he’d turn to follow. “Vault, go let them know we’ll be there shortly, then return.” And after the woman he’d go. “Ok, we need this job. What’ll it take?”
Ambrose Betamax: “Guns, fifty gallons of corn syrup, and a good swimmer.”
“but enough about my love life”
(ambrose is also a bit of a lech)
Melo: (This is standard for you. nod)
Ceukeausraa Krem is just nervous, of course! “The guy we’re going to meet is kind of important. There’s a lot that can go wrong…” She trails off. “It’s fine. I’m fine.” She’d return towards the gate, though she’s still twitchy.
Vault: Acknowledged, Commander.

Log 2 Lunch Time

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