Chapter 22 Cretaceous Creations Create Conflict

Melo was.. awake. His rifle was, perhaps most surprisingly, not gripped in his remaining hand. No, it was on his lap, and he was sitting up in a bed he’d adjusted to let him do just that. “Fuck’n hell, how long’ve I been out?” Yep, he’s awake, “And what’ve I gotta do to get something to eat?”
Ambrose Betamax: (yaaay!)

Clockwork d. breaths a soft sigh as she comes over to lean against the side of the bed, Melo’s chart coming up, she reviews it for a moment. “A decently long while… And you need but ask. You’ve been in a bad way, and will need a bit more patching up, I’ll put in for some broth for you. If you can handle that, I’ll make sure that your next meal is a little more hearty… Tell me, how’s your vision interface? Can you feel your legs? What color is the number four?” She asks with intent, though her voice is calm and soothing..
Artemis: (( o.o))
(( just saw the name game! yall shoulda warned a brotha!))
Bharat: (I do it a lot. 0.0)
Melo: “Yeah..” And back he’d lean into his bed. “Rak ’n Richard get me out? James around?” That was a touch out of the black. “Hoping I might be able to catch up with them. Hell, how’d I get here? And.. Just broth?” Slow to think on food, yep. “And Luminare’s workin’ fine.” As to the question of his legs? He’d lift one at the knee. “I’d move the other, but it seems someone put it in a cast when I wasn’t looking. And black if you’re going based on hex.”

Melo apparently has a working brain at least.
Vault: “Negative Commander.” An instant reply, “Private Rak, Private Richard and Specialist James died in transit to Germany seven years ago, Commander.” As always, to the point.
Artemis scribbles in the chart quickly, jotting notes down as she provides a relatively positive assessment. “I’m not sure who they are, sir. You’ll have to forgive me if I tend to focus more on those needing care, then their compatriots… Speaking of which, I feel I should warn you; There was a rather large group practically camping out here until last night… A big Lizard claimed to have brought you your soul, though I don’t much believe it.” She looks over her shoulder at the Skellybot, wincing mentally. She hates headcases, and finds herself hoping quite sincerely that Melo doesn’t turn out to be one. Standing, she punches on a console to put in an order for broth to be brought up, along with juice. water, and crackers.

Melo is a headcase alright. But that’s neither here nor there… No, wait, yes it is. “I.. What?” He’d turn to look at the droid for a moment, unmoving eyes having more or less helped to bolt on that permanently somewhat dour expression to his face. It was the rest of his face, that slight crinkle of his forehead, the slightly slack jaw that helped to convey his surprise, as he tried to sort things out. To him, he’d spent a good, long while elsewhere. A lot of the more recent events were going to take some work to draw them out again. “And.. What?” Another moment of what could only be a blink. “Fuck’n hell. How’d he get in?! Where’s he go?!” There was a bit of panic at the mention of the lizard.
AJ B. (GM): The rest of the party arrives at the hospital and the nurse at the entrance flinches when she sees them.
Freskari: (the party don’t start till I walk in)
Artemis comes back to the bed and leans against it. She reaches out, slowly, and gently pinches Melo’s abbreviated arm at the shoulder. “He claimed friendship at the front, I assume, and they let him in. He was very polite last night, insisting on being here when you awoke. I invited him to wait in the lobby, but other friends of yours, a pair of Deer-bee’s, and a few others invited him go get something to eat. I’m sure Vault could recount the event, if details are needed. You’ve been having episodes while, seemingly suffering from Locked In syndrome. I decided the best recourse was to put you to into full coma, properly, so you might have a chance to actually recover… A Hard Reset?”
Artemis: (( Oh god, now the truth comes out… doctor can’t tell a lie to make them all look good with out getting in trouble for it… I see how it is! ))
(( Also, she’s totalyl taking credit. ))

Melo reflexively had moved his right arm, the one that was severed, to his rifle; it took him a long moment to figure out why he couldn’t grasp it. After all, to him, he’d been using that limb just fine for the last year or so. Sure, it’d been a digital mockup, even in his eyes, but it was there, and it made no sense that it wasn’t there now. Dazed panic would be met with his left arm moving to grab the rifle. “Fucker’s no friend of mine! God damned freak is a fucking force of destruction! Been trying to kill me for.. for..” And he’d stammer.. Just how long has it been? Time felt so abstract, but there was no doubt about the fear reflex he had towards the lizard. Or was that hate?
AJ B. (GM): The nurse looks at the group of people “I take it you’re here to visit Mr. Craft?”

Bharat doesn’t bother pushing himself forward, towering over everyone. “Yes.”
AJ B. (GM): The nurse nods and gives his room number. “Please try not to disturb anyone.”
Artemis maintains her polite smile, professional composure held firm, though the slight twitch of her lips might betray her. “He was very concerned for you last night, if nothing else. Perhaps…” She shakes her head slightly, not sure what advice to offer. “How about you take some time and relax up for a few days? We need to figure out what to do about that,” She gestures to his arm, “and we need to make sure that you’re in proper shape… for now, lets get you fed and rested up?” She tries to steer him towards less lizardy thoughts.

Bharat leads the group towards Melo’s room, walking on all fours to not knock his head on the roof.
Ambrose Betamax: (mmmmm)
(Just showed aug mah dog on Skype call heehee)

Melo was still in bad shape, yep. But that didn’t change the fact that he knew his rifle was unloaded. “Vault, E-clip.” A change of tone for a moment, followed by “Nightstand.” Close enough to grab, but he wasn’t going to arm his gun… Yet. He at least had that much control of himself. He’s in a hospital. He’s.. still trying to register his arm, and figure out where it went. And he’d kinda stop, to look at the stump. “..What the fuck happened to me?” Hey, at least he wasn’t slurring his words! Nor did he have a lisp! His brain may be a bit jumbled, but most of the rest of him seems to be in working order. “I.. Shit. I’ve got guard duty tomorrow morning. Can’t spend all that time resting up though. But..” Yeah, he’s cracking, just a smidge. A moment to take a breath, to force himself back into control. “Yeah.. Just.. Fuck. Seven years?! I talked with them yesterday Vault! I saw them!”

Ambrose Betamax rides Bharat to the room.

Bharat allows this
Artemis: ((ooh, hawt lizard rides!))
Ambrose Betamax: (:3)
Freskari: (we need art of this)
Ambrose Betamax: (mush, Bharat! Mush!)

Vault as always a being of fact, responded calmly, “Negative, Commander. You have been under the care of Doctor Lexus and her staff for the last six weeks. You have been unconscious and in critical condition. This is the first time you have made verbal communication. I have requested Ambrose stop attempting to dismantle the Fortress as you ordered, but I have been unsuccessful in locating What Is Missing. I still have insufficient data to resume my search.”
Artemis shakes her head at the mention of E-clips. She’s seen enough gritty crime dramas to know where that may lead. Realizing how quickly Melo seems to be spiraling, she pushes herself up tall again, and peers at Vault, wondering after self preservation for the commander, versus his direct orders against her own. “Peacekeeper?” She raises her voice slightly, calling for his attention. “You pancaked your bike at lethal speeds. You’re lucky to even be sitting here.”

Vault is a kill bot and been given a direct order by his Commanding Officer; O’corse he would have removed the backup E-clip for his ion cannon to place it where ordered. O’corse, to take it, Melo would need to, y’know, let go of his rifle.

Bharat pushes open the door and walks into the room without knocking. Knocking is for people who don’t belong.
Artemis: (( ))
Freskari: (hahaha, perfect)
Melo: “I.. What?” And that was when Bharat attempted to make an entrance. Nope, bad timing. He’s still freaked out, and the natural reaction was as follows: “FUCK! GET DOWN!” His rifle would be flipped and tucked to his side in a smooth movement, arm reaching to grab at that clip before he’d outright try and topple out of his bed, to put it between himself and the lizard, “VAULT! TAU EIGHT” So what if his assessment of the situation was colored poorly? Tau two at most, considering Ambrose was with them. Military training at its finest though.

Bharat blinks at the sudden movement and yelling. “Melo awake!”
Ambrose Betamax: “…huh?”
Artemis was starting to turn to see what was going on at the door, when suddenly, shouting! She doesn’t need to be told twice, and is quickly ducking behind the poor cover of medical instrumentation. Behind her, a green LED begins to flash slowly… If she could just reach the emergency call button.

Vault at least had his programing to help him make the assessment of the current situation, but that didn’t stop the vibroblade on his arm from springing to life; close quarter’s combat, small room, ion cannon would be bad, so saith the AI programing. A step would place machine between lizard and human, but there would be no hostile action taken. “Attention unauthorized personnel, it is requested that you vacate the premises immediately, under the authority of Peacekeeper Melo Craft.”
Artemis: ((behind her right ear* ))
Ambrose Betamax: “Uh, ok, vault…can you try to calm melo down thogh?”
Freskari: “Melo, you might want to give him a second.”

Freskari has his pistol ready at his belt for the robot, because when it came down to it his job was to protect Leah and Ambrose. Still, combat isn’t exactly necessary here.
Vault: “Ambrose, the commander has designated you, Miss Leah, Bharat and your companion a hostile force. It is presently in your best interests to please vacate the premises as requested, peacefully.” At least he’d managed to put himself between the rather swiftly, not-exactly-mostly-armless-armed soldier and the red of the party, thus blocking a clean shot at any of them. After all, he’d been issued a threat level order that was clearly in error.
Artemis makes a choice, hoping that she lives through this moment of insanity. She shuts off the trigger sequence before it fires, if only barely, her heart already pounding from adrenaline. From behind the heart monitor, she asks meekly. “Can we put weapons away please?”
Ambrose Betamax: “bharat, lets give Melo all the time he needs and back off then…”
Bharat: “Melo just being silly.” Bharat says chipperly, head level with the robots.

Ambrose Betamax bonks Bharat on the head lightly. “You saw him in the dream though…”
Bharat: “Melo not dream now! Melo awake.”
Freskari: “He’s still freaked out.”

Melo would in very short order, have that laser rifle primed and ready, aimed as best he could at Bharat from over the cover of the bed, supported with the one arm and balanced on the edge of that bed. “FUCK YOU!” Yes, he’s awake alright. And very quickly to be found in a state of panic, “YOU MAY KILL ME, BUT I’LL GO DOWN FIGHTING! Vault! MOVE!”
Bharat: “Melo been in hosp… hos… hose… um… doctor place too long. Melo cranky.”
Ambrose Betamax: “Bharat, he needs time…Lets give it to him.”

Vault remains between the forces. “Commander, your assessment of Tau Eight is incorrect. Current assessment is Tau Zero.” And without missing a beat, “Bharat, your presence is agitating the Commander. For your safety and those around you, you are requested to vacate the premises. Your presence at the moment is non-authorized based upon the Commanders actions.” He still made no attempt to move out of the way; he’d actually even be moving to remain in the way of a clear shot.
Bharat: “Nurse lady said it ok. Bharat want talk to Melo.” The big lizard said, as whiny as any juvenile
Artemis mutters “Oh hell,” under her breath, then more clearly, still behind the heart monitor. “Stupid doctor Lady says go away and let PeaceKeeper Craft calm down!” her voice has a decidedly nervous tremble to it.
Bharat: “Doctor lady say she stupid, Bharat no listen.”
Ambrose Betamax: “Bharat, Please!”

Bharat sighs and grumbles. “Bharat want pie.” The big lizard slowly backs out of the room.
Ambrose Betamax: “I’ll get you pie..they’ve gotta have a cafeteria around here anyways…”
Artemis breaths a heavy sigh, and shakes her head. She doesn’t leave cover though, her eyes turning to Melo

Melo would have the wild eyes of a homicidal madman if he had real eyes. Instead, he has eyes of that dark, faintly iridescent blue that have every single body in the room and at that doorway outlined, ID’d, and targeted with the best points to line up a take down shot. His mouth was parted and panting for breath, that single arm holding the rifle as best it could to let him take aim under the scope, laser light dancing around Vault’s shifting form. The moment the lizard stepped from the room, and that door was closed however, he’d collapse back behind the bed, safely switched back on reflexively, even with his off hand. “Fuck..” A moment of adrenaline rush calmed, and then his voice became flat, even and measured. “Never. NEVER let him enter this building again. If I see him again, I’ll fucking shoot first and deal with the paperwork later.”

Melo is.. just a smidge off his rocker. Just a teeeeeny tiny bit.

Melo lives in a city where shoot first, question later is the general rule, not the exception, after all.
Artemis Stays behind cover for almost a full minute, watching the bot, and what she can see of Melo. " You need a sedative." She says finally. Not asking, not suggestion, just plain-old telling. “I don’t think they’ll let me give you Ketamine.” Still, she doesn’t move.

Melo still had his heart racing, and likely bleeding some where his IV drip was ripped from his remaining arm. “..Yeah. Yeah I do.” Nope, no disagreement there. “I’m mostly ’armless though. As long as he stays out, no one gets shot.”
Freskari: (heh, armless)
Melo: (YAY! Someone got it!)
(I’ve been trying way too hard to put that one in there somewhere)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
(You could say he’s disarming)
Artemis slowly stands up, moving with care lest she be defined a target. She moves to pick up the fallen chart, and makes a note in it, her eyes never quite leaving Melo “Get back into bed, put that thing away, and try to go to … to not break anything. Your food should be here by now.” She huffs softly, and goes to the cupboard to draw out some tape and gauz pad. “You ripped your IV out in that mess.” Her tone is downright cold, perhaps having her life threatened by proximity having done little for her mood.

Bharat stalks down the hallway, tail lashing from side to side

Ambrose Betamax is still riding. “I’m Sorry Bharat…Please understand…Melo was trapped in a massive nightmare and the bad guy in it looked like you…”
Ambrose Betamax: (can ambrose have some kind of strange episode at this moment? collapsing and twitching, and/or manifesting some strange supernatural effect around him?)
AJ B. (GM): (sure) Ambrose suddenly stops talking an an odd glow begins to emanate from him. His eyes turn completely violet, as the area around him is lit with a dim light of the same color.
Ambrose Betamax: (thanks)
(AJ knows why :3)
Artemis: (( did bharat touch his tra-la-la? ))

Melo quite likely was fighting back a tremor or two now that the adrenaline was wearing off as he rose up. “Vault. No entry beyond Hospital personal. No guests without prior authorization by myself. And get me my radio.” His tone was flat, even. Take command, assess, and keep himself in check. He was already moving to try and right his bed despite his likely somewhat weekend state. After all, he’d done very little physical activity for six weeks, save for the regular twitching. “Thank you, Doctor.” A bit of an effort to get into the bed seeing how as, y’know, he’s missing an arm; he’d use his clothes to clean up some of the bleeding. “Just.. I’ve got no fucking clue what’s going on. I’ve been looking for something for the last year, and.. This..” A vague hand movement given to the room, “Hasn’t been part of it. I’m just glad I’ve got my gun.” Upside down, E-Clip already removed and set on the nightstand beside him.

Bharat stops suddenly and yanks the glowing deerbee off his back. “DEMON?!” He bellows.

Ambrose Betamax twitches uncontrollably. He is most likely not conscious or aware of what is happening to him.
Artemis sees the trouble, and offers a hand fro across the bed, leverage to get back into it properly. “You’ve been in your head?” She asks her tone warming a little. “Lizard said that he had gotten your soul… your admitting doctor said the same. I don’t believe in that. Its not scientific enough for me… but I’ve seen your chart, you’re a greater-then 3. I can’t explain that, but I understand how it happens… I don’t understand the correlation between it, and your eyes.” She gestures, specifically, at the bionics.
AJ B. (GM): (I maintain Artemis is insane btw. There are men who summon fire with both words and thoughts, but a soul that’s Too farfetched lol)

Bharat roars at the deerbee, not letting him loose from his tail.
Bharat: (Also, yes, giant roaring lizard in a hospital, nothign to see here.)

Ambrose Betamax is totally limp during all this.
AJ B. (GM): Shortly some large humans who are still small compared to Bharat come up in the hallway, wearing security uniforms. They look upon the scene and for a moment their mouths just hand open at what they’re seeing.
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambroses “effect” probably will act on its own to protect him from harm though)
AJ B. (GM): After a few moments the guards yell “Drop the…glowing…deer….man, and step away from him”

Bharat ’s head swivels towards the guards, his one eye widely dilated. “BHARAT KILL DEMON!”
AJ B. (GM): The guards swear profusely. “That is Not a demon, Now Drop IT”

Melo is quite unaware of the goings on in the hallway. “I.. I spent most of it in the Neon Darkness.” Wut? Yeah, headcase. “Couldn’t’ve been my head. But.. Fuck’n hell.. Something was missing. I’d been looking for it.. I mean.. I had to protect Ambrose from that.. That.. Thing.” He’d make a gesture with his stump out side the door. “And.. I found it. Finally. Last night. Something was offering me something else, and told me that it wasn’t in the Walkways, but.. She was wrong.” Yep, crazy talk. “…A three?” He’d look up for a moment, a bit confused; he still hadn’t reported his psychic abilities. Good news is his eyes prevented too much expression of alarm from showing his gaze.. At least, until he might hear that roar. Lets give it a perception check vs sound proof, MD walls and that MD Steel door to his room, shall we? Maybe?
Bharat: “SHAPESHIFTER! MANY FORM DEMON!” Bharat yells back.

Freskari moves to pull/drag Ambroses body away from Bharat
Melo: (To GM) rolling 1d20+2 Perception check on that roar vs sound proofing and stuff.
= 4
(To GM): Yeah. He ain’t gonna hear nothing.
Bharat: (Ambrose is currently wrapped up in Bharat’s robo-tail.)

Melo hears nothing. His room is quiet, save just the beeping of medical devices.
AJ B. (GM): The guard sighs and mutters a quick sequence of numbers. (Bharat I need a d20 roll straight)
Bharat: rolling 1d20
= 15
AJ B. (GM): A small shock surges up through Bharat’s legs at the same time a blue smoke comes out of a nearby vent and both Bharat and Ambrose find themselves paralyzed completely.
Artemis gives a shake of her head, not really understanding what any of it means.“I gave you some pretty hard drugs last night, things to put you into a properly induced medical coma. You’ve been dumping hormones like a teenager at a highschool dance, so I wouldn’t surprise me that you might of ‘found what you needed’ after having a hard shutdown.” She works on him, bandaging the arm with a bit of tape, as she talks. When she’s done, she goes to the door, pausing before she steps out. “I’ll go see if your tray has been delivered, you just try to relax, okay?”
Artemis: (( totally not opening the door this round!!! ))
AJ B. (GM): (alright guys I’m burning out so if no one objects think it’s time to call it.)
Melo: "Yeah.. It.. It got kinda heavy last night. Rak ‘n Richard were covering the retreat.. and.. " He’d fall quiet, visual input shut off software side through scripting, though still being processed by the micro-computers within his eyes. “Yeah. Thanks.”
(I’m good with it. This has actually been a really good session me thinks.)
Freskari: (yeah, i’m dyin too lol. was fun though :3)
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Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
Artemis: (( Did I level?!))
Freskari: (Next episode: We learn about freskari’s intense struggle with the lack of toilet paper that made him disappear for an hour, and the magical time warp that stopped anyonne from noticing)
(or we just continue)
AJ B. (GM): 1k xp all around

Ambrose Betamax is so far out of date xp wise lol. he’ll manage it when new class is picked
Artemis: ((does that mean I level?))
Bharat: (Do you have enough exp to level?)
Artemis: (( c.c Why does that matter? I’m the best goram doctor this town has ever seen! also, I have so many skills maxed, I should, like, cross-class soonishly. c.c so I need to level!))
Bharat: (… Am I being punked?)
Artemis: ((Nope, the Doctor is a veritable bad ass))
Bharat: (What’s Goram?)
Zea: (What a goat does.)
Artemis: (( from firefly, bad chinese…))
((… ;.; NOT…))
(( It means ‘damn’))
Bharat: (Oh. Ok. And Bharat is not impressed)
(Not impressed at all withe the goat doctor)
Artemis: (( He hasn’t been medicated yet. Also, most Deebs cant afford good ‘ware. :D
Bharat: (Bharat had an eye worth like… half a million credits)
Artemis: (( Doctor never saw it))
Bharat: (True dat… What does it have to do with anything?!)
Artemis: (( Well, if she saw it, she might be more inclined to go all chop-shoppy on him. c.c ))
Bharat: (Also: Sweet mechanical drill tail!)
Artemis: (( That she’s curious about. c.c
Bharat: (It contains a disassembled rail gun that it can put together in two combat actions too. :3)
Artemis: (( The melbourne problem: Distant from good sources of gear, so anything she works on she either has a hand in assembling, or she’s doing detailed scans of to try to learn its secrets. So tech that isn’t everyday things she sees, means that she wants it. Of course, she has an obligation to her patient, and so in this case, she can’t just focus on her interest… but, under different circumstance, such as at the new db-friendly hospital, or at a slum clinic day, she would be all sorts of interesting.))
Bharat: (I feel like she’d get together well with Ivanikov)
(Assuming he didn’t just shoot her on sight…)
Artemis: (( Not sure who that is. :D She’d likely get on well with the whole group, should she be meeting them under different circumstance. She has her little secrets that would definitely tie her in! Shes also super non-combat… she has a hole in the sleeve, but … oy, how that fucks her up later))
Bharat: (Ivanikov is a black-market bionics and cybernetics guy)
(Also Bharat’s adoptive father.)
AJ B. (GM): hello?
Clockwork d.: ((olleh)
Matt S.: loleh
AJ B. (GM): alright think that’s everyone who’s awake and online in the box yeah?
Matt S.: (I would guess)
Clockwork d.: ((Yes! :D ))

Ambrose Betamax oooohs
Zea: (Tea…)
AJ B. (GM): tea is good
Clockwork d.: ((I gots coolaid and blintzes.
AJ B. (GM): I can’t get a hold of aug so do we start without him, yes or no. and lucky bastard.
Matt S.: (I have my, according to Not, crappy powdered tea. AND YEAH! START WITHOUT HIM!)
AJ B. (GM): well that’s 1 vote for that, anyone else care to weigh in?
Zea: I’m good either way
Clockwork d.: (Grips AJ Ineed my fix maaaaaan))
AJ B. (GM): 2 for starting 1 abstaining, close enough. alright last we left off Bharat and Ambrose had just been knocked out after getting into a fight with each other. sorta. Melo was still in his room in his bed. and the doc was making her rounds.
Bharat you find yourself strapped to a bed in a room painted in calm soothing colors. Ambrose, you find yourself waking up in a hospital room with a nurse sitting nearby reading “The adventures of Julius Caesar”
Ambrose Betamax: “herbmerglefarpy.”

Bharat , of course, royally freaks at this predicament.
Bharat: (THat was not supposed to end there…)
The big lizard pulls at the straps, trying to free himself of the restraints.

Ambrose Betamax doesn’t even notice that he can read the books title, as it comes kind of naturally for some reason. he just stays confused as hell.
AJ B. (GM): The restraints resist your attempts apparently designed to hold beings of your strength.
the nurse looks up at the noise towards Ambrose “Oh you’re awake, I’ll call the doctor in a moment.”
Bharat: (Being of supernatural strength? Cause Bruutasaurs are normally robotic)
AJ B. (GM): (yep, they’re taking no chances after that little display in the hallway)
Bharat: (Ok then!)

Bharat pulls even harder, letting loose a roar and trying to thrash his tail.

Melo by now is likely trying to enjoy broth, and maybe to try and get himself caught up on what has happened, between getting information from Vault, or a news paper, or.. anything current he may be able to talk someone into letting him get his hand on. And also trying to grasp just how long he’d been out for.
AJ B. (GM): They aren’t willing to give you a newspaper or tell you how long you’ve been out though I’m sure Vault’s calendar can give you that information. The nurse tells you, you’ll have to wait for the doctor to decide what you can handle knowing.
Artemis thought she was going to manage to leave for the day. There she is, just about to pick up a phone to arrange for a ride back to her house, when the phone rings. She picks it up and listens for a few minutes, "The big one? Ok. I’ll be there briefly. " She pulls her jacket off, and puts her labcoat can on, and proceeds down to the psych ward.
Bharat: (Oh balls really.)
AJ B. (GM): Artemis and a doctor you haven’t seen before enter the room Bharat is in. The other one introduces himself as Dr. Frost. bowing slightly.
Artemis keeps her distance, though her eyes immediately go to the lizard’s cybernetics first, then to his face, assessing the likelyhood of violence… She clears her throat softly. “Hello Bharat.”
Bharat: “Let me go.” Bharat says, half infuriated, half panicked as he pulled against the restraints.
Artemis glances to Dr. Frost briefly, then back to the lizard, her face plainly saying what her words do not; no chance. “We need to talk with you a bit first. Dr. Frost has some concerns. I’m only here because of you alterations.” She speaks calmly, using all her public speaking ability to maintain an even voice…
Artemis: (( I love being japanese IC, and typoing words like your into you… blame it on subtle shifts in accent. ))
Melo: (Heee)
Artemis: (( they say you a brade runnah))
Bharat: “My what?”
Artemis: “Your bionics… That’s my specialty.”
(( Is bharat speaking more clearly then before, or is it just the short sentences?)

Bharat would be lashing his tail if it weren’t likely restrained as well. “What about them.”
Bharat: (If it’s hard for you to tell right now, then I’m doing this correctly. :P)
Artemis ‘s voice rises slightly, "Well, where’d you get them to start? I’m more interested in whats going on between them and you… What happened to your eye? Have you been fighting in the underground D-B pitfights? Are you always this brutish, or are you having hormone imbalance from an implant? Whats going on, that you would attack the Deer?" She fires off rapidly, leaning forward slightly as she tries to get a better look at his face, though she still keeps back, lest he break free…

Bharat doesn’t skip a beat. “Private, Traded to a demon, not for a while, Bruutasaur, Ambrose isn’t normal.” If his head isn’t restrained hten he’d look at her with his one good eye and keep switching between the two doctors almost frantically.
AJ B. (GM): Dr. Frost sighs “and what makes you so sure Ambrose is a demon and not something else?”
Artemis likely doesn’t read the body language as clearly as she might, ifn she spent a lot of time around Bruutasaurs. She also looks at Dr Frost, her hands opening slightly, then closing. She doesn’t have much else to ask, and perhaps isn’t willing to get much closer to check out the Lizard in detail.
Bharat: “Shapeshifter demons… killed one… important one…”
AJ B. (GM): Frost shakes his head. “We have someone examining him now. If he is a demon we’ll find out. Unfortunately we can’t release you until we are sure you aren’t suffering some severe delusions.”

Bharat stays quiet a moment. “Have demon in bottle. Proof enough?”
Artemis nods her agreement slowly, turning her attention back to the lizard. “You don’t…” she stops, and looks to Frost again, her face shifting downward. Though her bias is known plainly, its hard to refute the existence of pretty out there shiat. “The hospital doesn’t need that sort of risk.” She says softly to Dr. Frost. perhaps thinking a demon in a bottle shouldn’t belong anywhere near here…
AJ B. (GM): “That would only prove you’ve met with demons. Not that Ambrose is one, or that you can see through demonic deception. Aside from that my colleague is correct, releasing a demon in the city, besides being even more illegal then possessing one, would endanger too many lives.”
Bharat: “Wish-granter demon. Djinn. Can’t hurt unless told.”
AJ B. (GM): “Even more reason to not release it, as assuming it’s true and would follow your orders you might simply wish for it to kill Ambrose.”
Artemis , to Dr Frost, “There isn’t much I can do unless he’d submit to being hooked up to a diagnostic tool… even then, it might now show anything. I suspect this is a long term mental issue, more then an alter-ed stat issue.” She looks to Bharat, her eyes becoming sympathetic, almost pittying. “It’s ok… We just need a little bit of time to make sure that your friend isn’t changed, as you seem to think.”
Artemis: ((might not* show anything..))

Bharat starts growling again. “I don’t want the damn thing dead I want to know what it did with the real Ambrose!”
AJ B. (GM): Frost looks at Bharat, “and would you submit to a diagnostic on your tail to check it’s not causing some odd feedback?”
Bharat: “No.”

Bharat had know idea if they’d found the gun already, but he wasn’t giving them an opportunity
AJ B. (GM): Frost sighs and nods to Artemis “well then no point in you staying later then neccessary.”
Artemis pats Dr. Frosts shoulder and moves to the door, knocking to be let through. “Good luck doctor. Watch your back.” She warns, and gives a final appraising look to Bharat before stepping out of the room.

Bharat roars. “AND IF I LET YOU I’M FREE TO GO?”
AJ B. (GM): After she leaves. “No Bharat, if we found it was your tail causing these delusions and you allowed us to fix them then we could let you go. However, I happen to know how Djinn work, they serve whoever releases them from their prison. I could open the bottle and make the wishes necessary to find out what you need to know but, I honestly have little desire to deal with a djinn myself. they are unpleasant beings at the best of times. Aside from the glowing what makes you think Ambrose is a demon?”
Bharat: “Ambrose never did stuff like that ever. People always so busy they never look for the obvious signs. Ambrose… no. Not ambrose.”
AJ B. (GM): The nurse calls in a doctor to Ambrose’s room who introduces himself as Dr. Noh “and how are we feeling today?”
Ambrose Betamax: “uuh…alright. How are you?”
Artemis gets out of dodge before anyone else can call her for a consult. going well into her 26th hour awake, and she is ready to rest up, and do it again the next day. As she calls for a ride home, she even considers holding a slum clinic later that evening.
AJ B. (GM): The doctor nods. “I’m fine, tell me what do you remember of the past couple hours?”
Ambrose Betamax: I remember you had us leave Melo. That’s the last thing."
AJ B. (GM): Frost looks at Bharat, “Many people develop in strange ways from different factors. Has he been anywhere strange recently?”
Noh looks Ambrose over “So you don’t remember your lizard friend attacking you or doing anything that might have caused you to glow?”
Bharat: “Hell.”
Ambrose Betamax: “well…I do have great teeth,”
AJ B. (GM): Frost blinks “Well that’s a good reason to potentially believe he is a demon, but it could also be a variety of other things.”
Noh laughs “Well Ambrose I don’t mean to alarm you but teeth don’t generally cause a colorful full body glow while unconcious. Now I happen to be a specialist with the unusual effects that can occur in D-bees, do you mind if I ask you some questions?”
Ambrose Betamax: “Sure!”
AJ B. (GM): Noh nods and looks at his clipboard “Have you been anywhere unusual recently?”
Ambrose Betamax: “compared to what? I’ve been in a mirror universe, Melo’s Dream world, Hell for like an hour or so…Also Germany.”
Artemis: ((Germany, that’s the problem right there… I went to germany once and glowed for weeks afterwards))
Bharat: “Only place weird I know of. Unless Melo brain count.”

Melo has a fucked up brain! Two out of three D-Bee’s agree!
AJ B. (GM): Noh nods and writes something down “Have you had prolonged contact with anyone or anything unexplainable?”
Ambrose Betamax: “A doctor with the same name as a James Bond villain.”
AJ B. (GM): Frost looks confused and shrugs “Alright that’s pretty unusual as well. Was Ambrose acting like anything other then himself besides the glowing?”
Noh raises an eyebrow and scribbles something else. “and who is James Bond?”
Bharat: “Like… not there. In teh brain. Empty-head.”
Ambrose Betamax: “An ancient literary figure that sold…was it food powder or glue? hmm..”
AJ B. (GM): Doctor Noh raises an eyebrow “so you would consider yourself well read then?”
Frost nods “and how would you describe Ambrose before then?”
Bharat: “Ambrose.”
AJ B. (GM): Frost places a whole hand over his face. “That is not much to go on Bharat.”
(To GM): When things slow down for everyone else, a general ‘Vault, Report.’ and conversation likely would follow, once he was left alone.
Bharat: “Ambrose was Ambrose. Nothing odd. Just worried about Melo.”
Ambrose Betamax: “Oh, I can’t read.”
AJ B. (GM): Frost shakes his head “What kind of mental state is Ambrose usually in then?”
The doctor looks surprised “yet you know of an ancient literary character?”
Ambrose Betamax: “…well…I suppose. maybe there were movies or something.”
Bharat: “Happy. Awkward. Excitable.”
AJ B. (GM): Frost raises an eyebrow “and do you think maybe he was out of it from being inside someone else’s head recently?”
Noh looks at Ambrose. “Any other strange contact with individuals of an odd nature?”
Bharat: “They said it wasn’t the first time… Why just start now?”
AJ B. (GM): Frost shrugged “That is an unusual occurrence. I’ll return once I have more information on Ambrose. once we verify what he is and are certain that he will be dealt with appropriately you will be released.”

Bharat growls. “Let me go now and I’ll be gone until I hear for myself.”
AJ B. (GM): “Unfortunately you have already shown a tendency towards violent action and endangering those in this hospital, the only way we could release you was with a heavily armed escort and a tracking chip to ensure you can’t come back to kill him after they leave you.”
Bharat: “A violent bruutasuar, what a novel concept.”

Bharat blinks suddenly and clamps his mouth shut.
AJ B. (GM): Frost looks surprised. “and yet a sarcastic one with a a diverse vocabulary is.”
Bharat: “Bharat dad say that.”
AJ B. (GM): “And does Bharat know what it means?”
Bharat: “Bharat dad say book is novel. So… something about book?”
AJ B. (GM): Frost shakes his head. “Alright, well Bharat, last question, are you willing to submit to our terms of release or do we wait until Ambrose’s examination is over?”
Bharat: “No chip.”
AJ B. (GM): “Then we’ll have to wait. I will see you when I return.” He turns to leave.
Ambrose Betamax: (I’m sorry all, I have to stop. Will you be able to play on? I dun wanna stop you guys
Melo: (Rest up and feel better, yesyes?)
Ambrose Betamax: (thanks…I’ll try ;o;)
AJ B. (GM): (no worries, get some sleep)
Ambrose Betamax: (thanks all
Artemis: ((Bet better baywatchman!)
(missed. :( ))
(From AJ B. (GM)): Vault recites the date, as well as the goings on in the hospital but has little to report outside of it beyond that the peacekeepers apparently visited the hospital recently though he does not know why.
Bharat: (Feel better!)

Melo would be awake. Resting, and dealing with broth. Woo broth. And conversing with a droid. Filler goes here; a date, questions of just what the hell happened, and trying to reconcile events he remembered compared to what the droid could offer up. And to cope with the loss of his arm… God he hopes that thing can get reattached.
Melo: “So.. Six fucking weeks?” That was also hard to get over. “Fuck.”
AJ B. (GM): After a little while one of the nurses comes in and hears the conversation and realizes her mistake. She looks terrified and sits down and starts crying.

Melo was surprisingly calm, but a few hours of rest can do that. But at the same time, he’d done little beyond rest physically for six weeks, and mentally deal with a hyperactive dream world that lasted for nearly a year of jumbled memories and dreams. At the sudden outburst of the nurse however, his reply was straight and to the point. “I’ve got questions, and my suggestion would be to find someone who’ll be able to answer ‘em. I mean.. Fer fucks sake. I’m awake, and I’ve got shit I should be doing. How’s the D-Bee situation?” At least he had the good sense to, y’know, not ask about the vampires.
AJ B. (GM): She shook her head and tried to calm down. “You’re supposed to be kept on minimal doses of information to avoid you straining yourself. Too many patients hear things like the date and immediately try and get out of bed to go see their family, or deal with things that they have no control over. and if the doctors find out I wasn’t able to keep you on reasonable pace for it, I I…I” she begins sobbing and can’t get the words out.
Melo: “Yeah. I know. I’ve been through this before when I had my face blown off.” The stump of his right arm lifted as if to indicate his eyes. “They kept me in the dark for three months and distracted me with helping them program the damned things. And you’re right, I’ve got shit I gotta do, but leaving me stranded with nothing to do, in bed, is torture. You’re asking me to go back into..” And he’d hesitate for a moment before changing his words, “And hell, blame the droid, or say I grabbed my chart or something.”
AJ B. (GM): She nods and sighs “Alright, just don’t tell them I screwed up and forgot the droid could tell you things please.”
“The D-bees are doing alright. The arena is holding it’s first major even soon, I forget when. nothing has set them back recently. There is too much else going on for the admin’s to focus on them.”
After a little while, Frost comes in and asks Bharat “Can your race smell particular people by blood?”
Bharat: “No… but hand bionics could.”
AJ B. (GM): The doctor nods and holds up a needle with blood on it. “This was taken from Ambrose recently, as demon skin can’t be pricked by a normal needle we are certain he isn’t one. We were careful about our checks as always. Eyes closed prick an unexpected place, watch for reaction.”

Melo shook his head. “Don’t worry about it. Not a word, just.. Get me someone to talk to. Too many questions, too much to catch up on.” And he’d lean back into the bed. “Or.. Shit.” And he’d flinch just a bit at having leaned back too hard and irritating sore, but otherwise mostly healed ribs. “Yeah? How’s the hospital doing out there?” At least he tried to keep his questions focused.
Bharat: “Could be possessed.”
AJ B. (GM): The nurse nods “If you can wait a couple hours I can call your doctor back, she went home to get some rest but is usually able to be called back in.”
Artemis: ((No rest for the doctor))
AJ B. (GM): Frost sighs and shakes his head. “Considered and checked. We have specialists who verified he isn’t possessed. I can’t disclose their methods however.”
Bharat: “Magic is Magic.”
AJ B. (GM): “You are free to assume anything you wish. Magic is of course highly illegal and it would be horribly irresponsible of us as a government office to allow much less encourage the use of such in our work.”

Bharat nods. “Should tell that to purple man.”
AJ B. (GM): “Indeed, we have informed Ambrose of the concern.” He then asks “and which hand can verify this is Ambrose’s blood, and will that suffice to prove it is really him?”
Melo: “..Yeah. Maybe. How long has she been running? She’s a civvie, and she’s put up with enough of my shit for one day. A news paper or a radio’ll do for now if you can swing it? Or hell, Carl or Sid on duty? Hell, they still here?”
AJ B. (GM): (back)
Melo: (Welcome back)
Bharat: “Ambrose not purple man. Purple man summon soul stealer demon.” Bharat opens the hand closest to the doctor. “Bharat see on… oh.” It just occured that he didn’t have his very expensive, valuable, and useful cybernetic eye anymore. “Bharat can’t tell. No eye.” He gestures to his face. Anyone looking could obviously tell that the Dbee was extraordinarily strained.
AJ B. (GM): The nurse nods. “I can’t do much, but Sid is around, he might be able to bring you something. I’ll see what I can do. and she’s been here for at least 20 hours.”
Melo: “Yeah.. Let her rest. I know I’m unlikely to get outta this room for a while, and waking her up after a day on the clock isn’t a good idea for getting me back on my feet.”
Bharat: “Just… harder really. Bharat can do just need think.”
AJ B. (GM): The doctor nods and places the needle near your hand.

Bharat waits for the doctor then sighs. “Squirt on hand.”
AJ B. (GM): The doctor places some of the blood on your hand and waits.

Bharat closes his eyes and concentrates.
AJ B. (GM): After a little bit Sid comes into Melo’s room and sits down with a paper in his hand. “How’ve you been?”
Bharat: “It ambrose…”

Melo was a bit restless. He’d spent the last mental year on the move, or working on something, or searching.. Ever searching. Sitting still was rough. At least he’d have ample things to scan and study through various spectrums thanks to those eyes. At least he’d seem to lift his spirits some when the orderly came in, “Feel like I’ve been run over by a rocket bike, I think?” And he’d even look over at the droid for confirmation.
Vault: “Crashed, Commander, based on the debris patterns.”
Melo: “…Yeah. That.” Well, he has a sense of humor at least. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?
AJ B. (GM): Sid chuckles “Well at least you came out of it mostly intact.” he takes the paper and sets it down under the seat. “So aside from that how’s the hospital treating you. hope the food is decent.”
Melo: “Yeah, well, according to that,” a nod given at a few scorch marks on the far wall, “I apparently aren’t exactly ’armless.” Yeah, he’d grin half heartedly at his own joke. “And its better than what I cook at home. Did’ja know salads apparently shouldn’t be blue?” And then a headshake. “How’ve you, and the city been holding up?”
AJ B. (GM): Sid shrugs “I’ve been alright, the city is in a bit of turmoil, lacking an admin will do that though.” he looks at his watch “Well time for me to walk around and check no ones trying to sneak in a candy bar or somethin.” he gets up and walks out forgetting his newspaper under the chair.
Melo: “Yeah?” That’d catch him off guard, followed by a nod. “Yeah.. Take care man. Good seeing you. Tell Carl I said hi if you see ’em. Stay safe out there.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods as he heads out. “Get better quick. Someone sane has gotta be awake for all this.”
Frost nods “So are you convinced he isn’t a demon yet?”
Bharat: “Don’t trust it. Why Ambrose be so weird?”"

Melo would o’corse wait for his room to be vacated before asking, “Snag that for me, would’ja?” His hand reaching for that news paper. Once the droid retrieved it, he’d.. Well, frankly, he’d try and figure out how to use one without a hand. Stress test number 1: Lean heavily on, and try and get better at, using his off hand.
AJ B. (GM): Frost shrugs “As far as we can tell, he has been in contact with things he shouldn’t have and it’s effected both his physical and mental states.”
First thing you see from the paper is the headline “Admin’s at War” the story under it seems to focus on a conflict about how to deal with the fact Poseidon went missing without having named a protege.
Bharat: “… Is Amborse magic?”
AJ B. (GM): Frost raises and eyebrow. “Of course I can’t answer that, only magic can detect magic. but hypothetically if he was, itd be a late but not unheard of development.”

Melo would lift a brow at this; is it wrong that his first thought was ‘What the fuck did Leah do’ followed by ‘Shit, please tell me she didn’t take those cameras’? Still, that’d be something worth reading alright. At least until he got to the ‘Continued on page C14’ at the end. At least he had no shame in front of the droid with his momentary weakness with his missing arm, or the fact that he kept reaching to turn pages for a moment with that stump. Perhaps that really was the kind of stress that he wasn’t exactly ready for. A few more headlines would be skimmed and articles read before he’d turn the page. And all the while, he was clueless about the goings on elsewhere in the hospital.

Bharat sighs. “Ok.”
AJ B. (GM): At this point Artemis walks in through Melo’s doorway having been called back by the nurse.

Melo will spend the next several hours reading the paper, cover to cover, provided no one came in to take it from him. A bit more broth, and most likely, he’d actually insist on getting out of bed to use the facilities on his own at some point. Otherwise, fill in time until the doctor is able to— Yeah, ok. That works. How many hours sleep did the doctor get?
AJ B. (GM): Frost nods “If I undo the straps are we going to have a problem?”
Bharat: “No”
AJ B. (GM): Frost accepts that and quickly undoes the straps. “I do have to ask that you not go looking for Ambrose, it will be a little while before the hospital is willing to let you near him.”
Artemis is dressed quite casually, khaki’s and once-whites only partially hidden by a professional lab coat. She looks freshly showered and mostly refreshed, a sharp eye might notices the doctor focused in her movements, as if she were still working her way toward full wakefulness. In one hand she holds a steaming cup of ginseng green tea, in the other she holds a manila folder with a handful of documents in it. “Peacekeeper Craft…” She greets politely as she approaches, taking the paper and replacing it with the manila folder.
Melo: (Time of day?)
AJ B. (GM): (lets go with late evening, 8 pmish)
Bharat: “Bharat has other things to do.” The lizard scrambles out of the bed and glares at it, making fairly obvious that he was considering breaking it.
Artemis: (( doctor has slept, eh….. 10 hours fair, and had time to get ready for the rest of her day… night slumclinic funtimes! ))
AJ B. (GM): Frost laughs “you can try but you’ll be at it a while.”
Melo: “Evening Doctor.” A nod of greeting, paper parted with willingly enough; Amusing, really. He had an E-Clip next to him, and a laser rifle sitting next to him that said E-Clip fit into, and people were more concerned with taking away his news paper. But that’s just one of those oddities of the future and the land down under. Just the same, into his lap the folder would go, to be opened and looked through. “Rest well, I hope?” Surely the doctor had seen more clumsy people using their off hand, but it was clear he was likely right handed.

Bharat turns his glare on the doctor and leans in close. “Never bind me again.” The great creature leaves at that and heads back into the city, on his own tasks.
AJ B. (GM): Frost shrugs being used to threats in general and returns to his normal work.
Artemis sits herself on the edge of the bed, and sips her tea for a moment, letting both the heat and caffeine brighten her ‘morning. " I slept like a rock… I usually do. The nurse said you were Jones-in’ for something to do. I bring options for you arm." She gestures at the folder, which when opened reveals a handful of images and replacement options, details, and… also an assessment of difficulty to reattach the old arm. She has a note on one or two of the bionic options, but also has left a longer note on the natural-arm reattachment, seemingly confident that the arm is in good condition, despite being hooked up to life support for almost two months.

Melo would of course be looking attentively through some of the bionic options.. Not to mention the price tags. Nope, military grade are out of his range, he’s not parting with his gun, or the droid, or the Epok to pay for them, despite the faint hint of longing on his face. “..Mind if I keep these?” A nod given at the specs sheets. “Or.. hell, have some schematics I can look over for them?” A hint of hope in his voice, though he’d soon enough be reading over the assessment of his native limb for several minutes. “And.. How the hell you keep it alive for this long?” Yeah. That was his question. Not ‘when can we start’ or ‘This one’, but questions about the technology.
Artemis gestures with her mug and nods her agreement. "I had them printed up for you. I could bring a terminal in, or have you come down to my offices to look at a terminal there. I can’t claim most of these as my own designs, but I’ve worked quite hard to ensure they are fault free… " She hides her prideful smile behind her cup, sipping again. " I hooked it up to my brain… well, not my brain, but… cybernetics are cybernetics. Flesh wants signals, wants food… So we do a bit of dirty work, and, well… its sort of the opposite of what we do to a body, to make it accept a replacement limb. All I need to do is scrape off the goldplate, and get to nano-stitching the bone back together. Short surgery, few days recovery to make the stitching knit right…" She trails off with a shrug, her mind momentarily flashing back to the endocrine problem. Always the damn endocrine system…

Melo didn’t even let the doctor finish her sentence at the mention of bringing a terminal in, “Yeah, that’d be great!” There was genuine excitement at the mention of access to a computer, for some reason. Followed by a bit of forcing back his enthusasim, “Either works, but if you could have one brought in here, or even just let me get access to my own equipment?” A glance given at the droid; he didn’t know what kind of shape his gear was in after all, aside from ‘Heavily damaged after the crash’. “Wouldn’t mind looking over the specs for them though.” And then a laugh, “I suppose that would work. Glad shit like that is still around. When could we start?” Yep, seems he’d made his choice. “Free up the tank for someone else’s limb, or donor parts.”
Artemis: (( E machine for melo, no internet, only solitaire… ))
Melo: (…I think, honestly, he’d be ok with it, as long as it had a keyboard.)
(Well, and a screen)
Artemis laughs softly at Melo’s excitement. “I’ll see what I can do with my schedule to get you in. I would do it tonight if we had a free ‘bot, but I’m actually heading out to the slums after I’m done here. Between the hours here, the Arena, and trying to help in the slums, I’m pretty busy.” She shakes her head, perhaps more lamenting to herself then actually making a case for how busy she is.

Melo seemed just a touch crest fallen at such an answer, but he hid it well, letting his mind move back, “M-Quarter, or the H-Quarter Slums?” That area bordering between the M-Quarter and the more affluent areas, with lower ranked human citizens; criminals, not-quite-vagrants, but the undesirables every society has. (Yeah, I’m a jerk, making stuff up on the fly). “Paper said there was some prize fight down there soon. Humans starting to show up to watch? And hopefully Grimgrin’s been making sure that it’s sport and not a death match?”
Artemis thinks for a moment, answering “M-quarter, H-Quarter was last week.” She sits forward slightly, leaning towards Melo as she suddenly finds herself curious about the peacekeeper. " I’ve seen a few humans there, people like violence. I’ve been making sure its sporting." She says the last slowly, watching for a reaction. She isn’t running the matches by anymeans, but what could a doctor of bionic medicine be doing involved in sportfighting?
Melo: “Good.” And he’d sit back against the bed. “Still need to get that fucker in the ring one of these days, when I’m sure he won’t rip me apart.” A lopsided smile offered, his tone that of speaking of a friend rather than something spoken with vengeance or animosity. “Give him a chance to take his frustrations out on a human, and hopefully earn a bit more of his respect if I can somehow land a few blows myself. They get the hospital up and running down there properly, at least?” As far as a doctor of bionic medicine goes, he knew she was a doctor; waking up periods were still a bit fuzzy until things had calmed down. “Really hoping they can get some proper care on their side of town, so they’re not dealing with the lost minutes of travel to get here.” He seemed, on the whole, genuinely hopeful and concerned; he still knew nothing of Bharat and Ambrose. Focus on the now, focus on what is directly in front of you, get on your feet first, then worry about everyone else. Focus. He knows the deer is alive. He knows Leah is alive. They’re both not in prison, so things couldn’t have gotten too bad.
Artemis watches Melo curiously, her cup of tea having lost it’s steam, cooling in her hands as an after thought as her mind works over what she knows of him, what she suspects, and the rumors she’s heard. Hearing him talk so lightly, so friendly, of a generally accepted ‘scary dude’… She draws in a breath after a bit of a pause in reply, perhaps having been caught in her own mind for a moment. “The hospital is coming along equipment wise, but its still a field hospital. I do as well, or better out of the mountaineer I have on loan here. You should come out with me… I could get your arm attached in the van, and you could have a chance to see what its like when a free clinic opens up over night.” She glances up to eye the time, then back to Melo. “Air and walking will help… water too.” She, like most doctors, prescribes water and walking for almost every ailment.
AJ B. (GM): As Bharat walks into the bar Ivanikov smiles and pours a glass and sets it on the counter. “Well if it isn’t the scaled son of a whoremonger himself. How’ve you been kid?”

Bharat looks around and makes sure there’s no one terribly close. “It’s been a long day already. You think I’d get a break once in a while.”
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov nods “Always is kid. A drink will help, but give me one sec and we can talk properly.” He then turns to the rest of the room. “Alright you bunch of boozehounds, bars closed, you don’t have to go home but you can’t pass out here.” With that the few patrons around head on out with only minor grumbling before he goes and locks up the door before sitting down and pouring himself a drink as well.

Bharat downs the drink he’d been poured and groans. “The deer is magic.”

Melo has to start somewhere. He really does. Win the war, one heart and mind at a time. “Better than nothing, at least. Still, figure it’ll take a while to get enough medical folks down there to fill out the wards, let alone those good with their physiology and mindset.” A headshake. “Damn rare to find a one of them that thinks like a human. Think that’s really what makes them so difficult for folks to get along with. It’s the culture shock. What’s common sense to us is.. Damn near alien to them, and vise versa.” And then he’d seem to have his interest piqued, “You’d.. Do major surgery, in your van, rather than in here?” Yep, this caught him off guard. “How?” He didn’t even comment on the air and walking; there was tech to dream about.
AJ B. (GM): He sighs and rubs his forehead. “First you lose your soul, then your eye,. and now one of your friends is magic. Did you piss off some deity and forget to mention it?”
Bharat: “I wouldn’t exactly call him a friend.” Bharat hisses. “You know the rule about that particular subject.” He just shrugs. “If I did, I didn’t hear about it either.”
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov shrugs, rules meant little to him but out of respect and care he nodded all the same. “I knew someone once, he learned he was magic. No book learning, the man could barely tie his shoes, then one day he gets really angry and starts muttering under his breath. It sounds like complete nonsense to me, then he points and a lightning bolt zips from his fingertip to the screen. They’d been showing footage of his home town being put to the torch, guess he didn’t take it well. He bolted immediately and I ran with him. After all I was close enough it could’ve been either of us who did it.”
Artemis turns her head slightly, showing off a series of datajacks and three blinking lights. “I direct access for fine control to perform robot assisted surgery… It wouldn’t be major, but you wouldn’t have a pretty room to sit in afterwards.” She sips at her cool tea, and frowns. Standing, she sets the mug down, and points to a closet and clothes. " And I’d do major surgery anywhere I think I could get away with it. People come to my clinic because they need help and don’t have money… I don’t ask them if they want a clean room in an expensive hospital, I just fix the problem and send them on their way. Hospital can’t afford medicine, streets can’t afford medicine, no one can." Her voice drops lower as she turns to face the peacekeeper directly, stern and intent. “Street chems were once medicine too, and if its what the street can afford, then I dole it out, like medicine. If an addict wants drugs, I don’t have any drugs to give, but I can stick a wire in their head and give them a battery, and let them burn themselves out if its so important.” She takes a breath to say more, but stops herself, instead she says, “Come with me tonight, I’ll put you into twilight, get your arm fixed, and then you can help me with my clinic for a few hours. I’ll drop you back here in the morning. No drama, just a chance to see how I’m trying to help this town.”
Artemis: (( Doctor admits to giving out illegal drugs, performing illegal brain surgeries to wire-head dead-enders, and… steals from the rich to give to the poor ))
Melo: (And does so, to a peace keeper.)
Artemis: (( Calculated risk. ))
Bharat: “But what the hell am I supposed to do about it? It’s gotten bad enough with the peacekeeper and now this? I can’t be associating with these people if I’m trying to keep low cover.”
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov chuckles and asks a question. “If you get caught in a tornado, where do you want to be?”
Melo: (If tornado catch you, where you want be?)
(I tried, and failed, to find a russian accent translator for him)
Artemis: ((In mother russia, Bharat suck tornado? )))
Bharat: “Assuming you mean inside it, the middle. But I’d rather not be near it at all.” The lizard sighed and banged his chin on the bar as he collapsed on it. “This is only going to get worse. I didn’t want to pack up again so soon.”
AJ B. (GM): (yeah, I can’t do a russian accent to save my life, even in text, might look into it a bit more)

Melo would be sitting forward, nodding a bit. “This is something I gotta see. And the room doesn’t matter. Been here for weeks already.” Jest in his tone, “Can only count the dots in the ceiling so many times before I’d go mad.” His tone was still warm and in jest. “But a new droid? Would love to get my hands on something I haven’t seen before.” He still didn’t know what the Chaplin-Green scale was, or that the doctor knew his medical records indicated he was a psychic, but that wasn’t something he was going to chance, or announce. He had to hold onto his trump cards. Though he’s eyes woud grow hard, if they weren’t a stationary collection of fancy and aesthetically pleasing cameras and metal permanently affixed to his face at the mention of how she handles drug addicts. “…As far as the battery, and all the rest of it.. Don’t help Leah. I know Ambrose has been trying to get her off whatever the fuck she’s on, but I doubt she’d be able to give up temptation like that.” But even as he said that, he was turning to get out of bed, stopping for a moment to look at his IV that he’d been stuck with earlier that day. “..Y’mind pulling this out so I can get ready? Vault, road trip. Alpha Zero. See if you can get me something to drink and meet us..” He’d stop, “Where’s the van, and how long you need to check out my arm?”
Bharat: “Especially after Poseidon.”
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov pats you on the back. “Then don’t. Sure there is a lot to be said for a low profile, but there are lots of ways to keep one.” He pauses at that. “Oh you know something about what happened to that Kozel opooscheny”
(I like how easy it was to find a site of russian insults lol)
Bharat: “Yeah, I’m the one who got rid of him.” Bharat says, growling at the thought of the man. “Right bloody bastard he was.”
AJ B. (GM): (yeah, "Petookh (or Kozel) opooscheny A raped male prison bitch (jail slang))
Bharat: (That’s delightful)
Artemis smiles slowly, seeming to relax a little too. “Ambrose wants someone off the habbit?” She shakes her head slightly, waving the question away. She might be able to work miracles, but she’d need access to a chemlab, or a chem assembler, and even awesome doctors don’t get that sort of access freely. " Vault, sublevel one, parking garage, north corner. Mountaineer with the red crosses." She moves as she walks around to Melo, unhooking the bag, but leaving the IV in, so she doesn’t have to stab him any more then needed, later. She tapes the tubing down, and moves around to the door. “I think your robot can help you get dress, yes? I’ll be down stairs in 20, with you arm and my bag” She opens the door, but pauses to look back at Melo. “…and thank you.”
Artemis: ((Wow, some topclass writing there guys… ‘moves as she walks’… the doctor is fucking amazing. :D ))
Artemis: (( She’s got chicken nugget powers))
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov slaps your back hard. “Well done, may he rot in whatever hell he finds himself in. Keeping a low profile after a hit like that isn’t a bad thing, but you might want to stick with the lot you’re with. It’s well known Melo’s views don’t coincide with that bastards. So if they investigate, he’ll be a primary suspect. and it’s much easier to manipulate an investigation you’re close to.”
Bharat: “Yeah, except he’s got such a stick in his ass, they won’t suspect him anyway. Not like they’ll find a body. Literally dragged him to hell and did the deed. There’s nothing that links me at all.”
AJ B. (GM): “Then you have not a thing to worry about kid. As for suspects, you know this place, the suspects are whoever has made an enemy of the higher ups, facts be damned.”
Bharat: “You think he’s made enemies?”
AJ B. (GM): “Do the D-bees get sold into slavery? Poseidon wasn’t the only humanist, just the most vocal.”
Melo: “You heard the doctor.” And then he’d stop. “…We still have our place, right?” Something he’d failed to ask, and simply presumed. He’s not looking forward to that bill, in any way, shape, or form. After a (Hopefully) affirmative from the droid, “Full set of clothes. Bring my coat and hat, and meet us down at the van.” Once the IV was addressed, he’d actually head over, carefully, gun in hand, to the closet to get himself at least something other than a hospital gown. Too independent, he was going to do it with that single limb or not. At least he had half an arm to help him pin stuff down.
Bharat: “Hmm… that’s an idea.” Bharat sighs and cracks his neck. “Anything else interesting going on around here? That six weeks thing was weird. I hate time distortion.”
(From AJ B. (GM)): Vault confirms that yes you still have your place for now.
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov grins “Time distortion is hell on the mind. Well let’s see. There’s the first full fledged tournament going on in the D-bee arena. Tickets are almost sold out for it. Apparently it’s gotten pretty popular. Poseidon never named a successor so the Admin’s are split three ways on what to do about it. phase out the seat, give it to one of their own proteges or hold an election. There’s also a new killer on the streets with a rather sick sense of humor it seems.”
Bharat: “… A killer?”
(Too bad Bharat missed tournament sign ups. :P)

Vault will likely take more than 20 minutes to follow orders, but not much more than that.
Artemis: ((Doctor could get you in… c.c :D ))
AJ B. (GM): (it’s in a weeks time, they take sign ups for up to three days before)
(they’d do it until the last minute but that messes with betting)
Bharat: (… SO… Bharat should totally do that, yeah?)
AJ B. (GM): (can if you want him to)
Ivanikov coughs “Yeah, probably some punk trying to make a name for himself before he offers his services for hire. Drains the victims of blood before hanging them from a wooden stake driven into a wall in small out of the way alleys.”
Bharat: “Could a vampire have made it into the city?”
Artemis leaves, and informs the floor nurse that Melo has been given permission take a short trip with her, as a special favor. She makes up a mild excuse of having to deal with a recovering trauma patient curious about how limb-reattachment is going to work. That done, she proceeds to her office to get her bag, and trade her labcoat for a many-pocketed vest, and retrieve a tray of cookies. She then heads down to the organ legger’s closet, and makes a withdrawl of one well preserved arm, in container with hookups to life support. Having her hands full, she makes for an odd sight trying to exit the hospital, cookies in one hand, bag over her shoulder, 3 foot long cylinder with an arm in it, in the other hand. She unlocks the mountaineer and proceeds to load it up, then returns to the hospital to find her patient…
AJ B. (GM): He shrugs “It’s possible I guess. wouldn’t be easy with how strict the gates are but opportunity comes to the patient.”
Bharat: “I can’t think of a reason that someone would drain blood… Any patterns so far?”

Melo would at least have some basic garb on, consisting of.. Well, he wouldn’t be leaving in a hospital dress, that’s for damn sure. Scrubs at least. He’d be a bit shaky on his feet at first, but he’d also be walking around with an unloaded laser rifle in one arm, the other missing.
AJ B. (GM): Ivan shakes his head “Only three killings so far. Aside from the odd ritual nothing stands out. One human male, One human female, One swordfist female.”

Vault quite likely would be waiting outside the van, as ordered, with a full change of clothes held in vice like grips.
Artemis looks Melo over, nodding to herself as she returns, going through mental checklists.. Scrubs were what she had in mind, figuring that the ‘bot would bring more clothes, as ordered. "Do you want a wheel chair? We can go slow, but… I don’t want you straining yourself."
Bharat: “Location?” It was an interest of Bharat’s to remove such people from the streets.
Vault: “Nah. I gotta push myself. I’ll take it easy but.. I can walk.” He’d have a touch of a limp at first, seeing how as his leg had been fractured, but that was mostly a ‘it aches when I put weight on it’ kind of limp. The first five minutes after being dressed would of been simply pacing in his room to try and walk it off, but.. He wasn’t going to be winning any foot races for the moment, that much was a given.
Melo: (That was Melo)
AJ B. (GM): He closes his eyes and draws on the bar with a finger, leaving no marks but seeming to follow the city streets. “One was found in the high end merchant district. the human woman. The swordfist was found near the docks, and the last was found in an alley behind the barracks.”
Artemis would walk at Melo’s left side, guiding him with gestures from her hands as she takes him to the mountaineer. Already getting late,her mind is ten steps ahead, destination in mind and optimism for the night… sure, the first hour would be stitching an arm, but after that… relief for the needy… at least she hopes… She, outwardly, looks a bit distant…
Bharat: “Of course.” Bharat groans again. “Nothing useful. Damn serial killers could think to be obvious, you know?”
AJ B. (GM): “If only they were so polite. But hey it gives the peacekeepers something to do other then harass people right?”
Bharat: “Maybe if they were any good at their jobs. Then I wouldn’t feel the need myself.”
(Melo should feel sufficiently burned!)
Artemis: ((Never fear, the doctor has ointment for all those burns))

Melo didn’t take offence; he needed the doctor’s permission to leave his room, after all. Into the van he’d go readily enough though. A step, a faint grimace at too much weight on one leg, but he didn’t slow down. “Yeah… I’m gonna need to get back on the track. And soon.” As for a burn? His slacking at his job is the only reason Bharat didn’t get arrested and sold when he damaged that centaur’s legally owned goods! Or more accurately, he was doing his job right: Keeping the Peace with an eye on the long term rather than a short term paycheck.
Bharat: (Yeah… I’m not sure you get arrested for accidently breaking fruit…)
Melo: (In a corrupt city, you can!)
AJ B. (GM): “Suppose so, but if they were too good at their jobs how would I ever make a living, go legit?” he chuckles.
Bharat: “Excellent point. But you think a serial killer would be easy.” Bharat sighs and shakes his head. “I’m going for a walk, don’t wait up.”
Artemis holds the door open for Vault, waving him in ahead of her… She climbs in and starts up the power converter, letting the mountaineer warm for a few moments as she reaches into one of the bucket seats, and pulls out an oatmeal cookie. She offers it, wordlessly, to Melo, and buckles up. “If you throw up, I won’t forgive you.”She threatens mildly, and carefully takes the mountaineer out of the garage, for the M-quarter slums. The front of the mountaineer looks like an yother mountaineer, The back, though has been modified to be a mobile surgery clinic. A handful of boxes and tables and chairs are also in the back, likely to expand the Van into a field clinic of sorts.
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov nods and mutters under his breath “good luck kid, hope they continue to rub off on you.”
(you guys ok with stopping here? I’m kinda starting to brainfry)
Artemis: ((NOOOoooooooooo……! )
((ahem. ok I guess… just when it was getting good. ))

Melo would, carefully, nibble a cookie. Yes, this is a cute thing. Badass soldier dude, setting down his rifle (Still unloaded, mind) to nibble on a cookie before finding himself a seat. “Vault, strap in.” Already his brain was going over countless spectrums, inspecting the entire place. A moment of frustration with the buckle and a muttered ‘I got it, I got it..’ when help was offered, because he’s a stubborn dick like that, and soon enough he’d be comfortable, head leaning back, blink script turning off that visual stimuli to give his brain a rest.
Zea: (I’m cool with it. I think tonight has, in general, been productive at getting stuff done)
AJ B. (GM): 350 exp each. an extra 150 to Bharat, the Doc, and Melo, an extra 50 to Ambrose.
Artemis: ((Did I level!))
Zea: Today is Tuesday, November 10th, 2015. EXP is about to be given. And by about, I mean ‘Was just’
And I did fill out yer exp table, didn’t I? Check yer spreadsheet.
Artemis: ((that would be effecient and wholy defeat the purpose of excitedly asking every session/))
Zea: Do you work for my company?
Artemis: (( … I’m dave… from accounting))
Zea: Dave’s not here, man
Clockwork d.: ((Present, and ready!)

Zea dances in circles.

Augmented < . dances in dodecahedrons

Ambrose Betamax appears!
AJ B. (GM): hmm not sure if I’m here
Augmented < .: here comes napstablook
Matt S.: You are in fact here
AJ B. (GM): Last time on the adventures of the Q team, Melo and the doctor had headed to the d-bee quarter, Bharat had visited his adoptive father and then headed off to search for a serial killer, and I’m honestly not sure where Ambrose and Freskari were.
Augmented < .: woah, what made all that happen lol
Matt S.: Ambrose was in the hospital, Freskari was clearly schmoozing it up on the town
Zea: Ambrose was last still at the hospital. Freskari had left the hospital perhaps, or was waiting outside Ambrose’s room with Leah. Or he can be written into any number of ideas.

Ambrose Betamax is awake!
Augmented < .: getting a nosejob lol
nah, let’s just say he went to a bar.
AJ B. (GM): As the doctor works, grimgrin (a four armed anthro gorilla with white fur and many scars) walks up to the docs mobile surgery center and gives a full toothed grin. “good to see you Arty, I hope you’ll make time for the grand tournament when it comes up.” he then spots Melo and his grin widens “Is that who I think it is in your wagon there?”
(Bharat, take it you headed to look into the crime scenes or somewhere else?)
The doctor having checked out Ambrose thoroughly smiles. “Well Mr. Ambrose I can say with full confidence you are quite healthy.”
Ambrose Betamax: “yay!”
AJ B. (GM): The doctor nods “Now Ambrose there is one thing I must tell you before you leave however.,.”
Bharat: (Yes)
Ambrose Betamax: “oh?”
Artemis wipes her fore head with the back of her hand, and looks up at the gorilla from her clipboard. She sets it down on a folding table and offers a polite smile. “You know why I signed up for that gig… You’ll have me present.” She glances over her shoulder at the peacekeeper, nodding. “It is… Got a bit of work to do on him, but I thought dragging him out here to do it might do double duty.” She doesn’t go into detail, instead reaching into the van to pull out a folding chair, opening it to go with the other at the folding table. “Cookie?” She offers, gesturing to the platter next to her clipboard.
Ambrose Betamax: (I want a cookie.)
Artemis: (( Yes, the doctor just offered the arena pitmaster a cookie. No sense of position at all))
Melo: (Phone, one moment, please)
AJ B. (GM): the doctor nods “now hypothetically speaking there are some who develop an affinity for the arcane, when they do at first their emotions control their powers and they learn as they go. Now there are some who would say that a purple glow is almost certainly a manifestation of such. As a professional of Melbourne and a government employee I would have to arrest such individuals on the spot, hypothetically speaking. As I do not care for that sort of paperwork I am diagnosing this as a one time occurrence and should it repeat please come see us again. Do you understand?”
Melo: (Back)
Augmented < .: (well that was quick.)
Melo: (Wasn’t the call I was dreading it was gonna be)
AJ B. (GM): (also I have poptarts that are cookies, I don’t care what the label claims, sugar cookie and gingerbread poptarts are cookies in the shape of poptarts)
Artemis: ((I want a poptart! c.c )
Ambrose Betamax: (the question is are they GOOD sugar cookies)
AJ B. (GM): (yes they are)
Grimgrin shakes his head at the offer of a cookie and asks “mind if I borrow him for a bit before you work on him?”

Melo o’corse made small talk, or at least, an attempt to catch up on the news he may have missed on the trip out, and otherwise, he seemed to be handling his missing arm amazingly well, despite it being his primary hand. Still, he’d be doing what he could to help set things up once the fan had parked, even if he was biting back the comment to ask about a chance to change into his real clothes; he knew full well scrubs would be better for surgery. And with one arm, he was still at a bit of a disadvantage when it came to helping set up the table.. But despite six weeks of being in bed, he still had some sense of balance about him, using one leg to stand on and another to try and push stuff around where it was proper. At the sight of the white furred D-Bee though? A bit of a chuckle, “Yeah. The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. How’re you and the quarter?”
AJ B. (GM): Bharat, as you come to the crime scene you find it surrounded by simple police tape set up at about human height, making it easy to step over. There is no one around and the corpse is gone though the noose and stake are still there.
Artemis frowns gently, then shrugs and gestures her assent. “I still have a few minutes setting up.” She returns to it, opening an awning, setting out a few floodlights, and hanging a ‘Free Clinic’ banner from the road-ward side of the van.
AJ B. (GM): Grimgrin turns to Melo and pulls him aside so they are out of sight and whispers. “Alright, so we need you here, but more importantly these people need hope, and I’ve got a plan to give it to them if you’re willing to go along for a bit.”

Bharat avoids touching things directly as much as possible, while making use of his hand sensors. This would be a hell of a lot easier with his eye back.
Melo: “Vault, help the doctor as needed. Alpha Zero protocols.” An almost casual comment to be met with that robotic yet ever polite “Acknowledged,” from the droid. And with that, scrubs and all, lacking in any actual shoes, or perhaps more importantly, his armor and even his gun.. Or a knife.. Or any way to defend himself, really, he’d easily be lead off by the monster he trusted not to kill him outright. “Shit man… I’ve been off the radar for six weeks. I’m not sure how much of a beacon I’ll be to ‘em. Hell, I don’t even know what’s going on beside what I found in the paper today. I jus’ woke up twelve hours ago.” Ok, 14, but close enough. “And I’m still trying to sort out what’s real and what isn’t over the last year.”
AJ B. (GM): Bharat, you find the things you’d expect, various dna though aside from that two of the forms of dna were dead and the rest were alive when they were here along with things like blood type etc, there isn’t much more to be found. Although there is also a scent you recognize.
Grimgrin chuckles “Don’t worry I’ll handle it, but I am going to need something simple from you. You’re going to need to wait to have your arm reattached for a little and ride on My shoulder, that’s all I need from you.”

Augmented < . is currently walking back to the hospital to check up on Ambrose and whoever else might be there. After almost getting murdered by wierd mind-monsters and having to watch several of his clients’ friends almost get him killed, he had decided to take a bit of a break after they left and Ambrose seemed safe.
Freskari: (freskari, rather.)

Ambrose Betamax is currently wondering why his doctor doesn’t know about James Gold Bond Villians.
Artemis tests the robot as she works, asking him illogical questions every once in a while, such as… " Hey Vault? You’re in a desert, walking along in the sand, when all of a sudden you look down and see a tortoise, Vault, It’s crawling toward you. You reach down and you flip the tortoise over on its back, Vault. The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over, but it can’t. Not without your help. But you’re not helping. Why is that Vault? Why aren’t you helping? "
Freskari: (Haha art.)
Artemis: (( :D ))

Vault started off rather directly. “Though the lands outside the city may often times be classified as a desert, I am presently located in a harbor city who’s annual rainfall is greater than that of nine point eight inches a year, and does not classify as a desert. I also am presently stationary and my sensors are not detecting any reptilian life forms within the vicinity that fall under the classification of a tortoise. The time is also presently 8:32 PM and Sunset took place at 7:40 PM this evening. Doctor, are your optics malfunctioning?”
Ambrose Betamax: (SAVE THE TURTLE)

Melo was, frankly, caught off guard by that. “…Yeah. No fucking way.” A risk, but one he was willing to take, his tone warm and friendly, as was the smile that split across his face, “Not in Scrubs. You’ll need to give me a chance to change into something else. After that, yeah, sure. You think it’ll do ’em any good to see me crippled?”
AJ B. (GM): Grimgrin chuckles “I think I’ve learned a bit about public speaking and setting a crowds emotions since you’ve been away.” he then yells over to the doc “Hey Arty, you mind if Melo changes into something a bit more dignified for a bit?”
Artemis: "Negative, Statement is hypothetical for combat prowes purposes. Please reevaluate the question and proposed behavior, and return statement of functionality. Addendum, to report with statement response to query “How do you feel?” regarding non-material operational parameters, specifically programming functionality." She hangs the sign from the mountaineer, tying the bottom edges off to the wheels with cord, and with a flip of a switch, the sign is lit up by floods, advertising! given a bit of time for word to spread, she’d be ready for a, hopefully, busy night. She comes around the mountaineer to see Grimgrin and Melo. “I… I’m ready to stick him back together… I guess we could wait until the end of the night, but… sooner that arm is on, the sooner those nerve endings can start acclimating.”
(( Artemis is trying to see how deep Vault’s programing goes. _ ))
AJ B. (GM): Grimgrin shrugs and raises a questioning eyebrow at Melo.

Vault is a droid. Now he’s been provided with better parameters for the question. “Acknowledged. Data provided on hypothetical situation and stated functions indicate mission parameters required the tortoise to be positioned on its dorsal side. Based on presumed mission statement, assistance to the tortoise is not being rendered as it is against mission parameters. Inquiry to ‘Feeling’ is non-compliant with current programing and therefore unanswerable due to insufficient data.” The answer would be given as he mimicked the doctor’s actions at the other side of the van, tieing off the rope to support the sign.

Freskari is still walking to the hospital. he could’ve sworn that he would’ve arrived by now but maybe he took a wrong turn. he sees some graffiti on the wall that says ‘GM’. Whatever that means.
Artemis: ((choking on a poptart! bad Aug!))

Melo glanced at the doctor, then back to the D-Bee. “..Shit. She said it was likely gonna take an hour or so to get my arm back on. You think they’ll be about for that long? I don’t know if I want folks really knowing about, y’know..” And he’d lift his stump. “Or there shit going on in the next ten minutes?”
AJ B. (GM): As the nurse sees you enter she nods and tells you that Ambrose is still in a private session with the doctor, you hear a low growl nearby and see Leah muttering about stupid rules.

Bharat frowned, almost snarling at the scent. He hissed out a breath and started grumbling. “Damn. Damn. Blast and Damnation!” Using the sensors he tries to find any sort of trace to go off of.
Ambrose Betamax: “I’ll be sure to come back if I uh…turn purple….”

Freskari sits down next to leah, nodding his head as a ‘hello’
AJ B. (GM): Grimgrin shrugs “Not gonna force you, but a soldier injured defending those of the city is a far better rallying point then one who appears to have never been injured.”
The doctor nods to Ambrose, “then you are free to go. I’m sure your friends are waiting for you.”
Bharat, there is no trace or trail to be followed sadly.

Bharat growls and stalks out to the next crime scene, maybe there’d be a trail to follow there.
Melo: “Yeah.. Just hate seeming weak.” A shrug. “Give me a chance to change.” And he’d head back to the van, to actually get dressed in whatever it was that Vault brought. One of his basic desert utility suits, along with his hat and duster he’d picked up at one of the stores a few months back. This o’corse would take twenty or so minutes because the stubborn bastard would insist on getting dressed by himself… Though he’d have no issues asking for a hand in rolling the sleeve up where his arm was missing afterwards.
AJ B. (GM): this crime scene is different, no blood to analyze but the air has an extra scent and a bit of change to it’s composition. the scent is sweet and flowery, the composition is hard to place but it is definitely artificial.
Bharat: “Perfume of some sort?” Bharat says, baffled by this peculiarity. with more than a little curiosity he heads for the last of the crime scenes
Artemis pulls her bag from the front, and when Melo comes out again she opens it to him, offering him the contents. “I don’t much like you taking off like this, but I expected this might happen. Do you want to take either of these with you?” She, of course, is showing him a Wilk’s and her V.Knife, Lucky. Yeah, doctor showing MDC weapons to a peacekeeper, while in the m-district might go over like a fart in church, but she means well.
Artemis: (( Also, likely a makeup compact, a wallet, ten thousand tampons, and a scattering of other things))
Ambrose Betamax: (Take the tampons)
AJ B. (GM): As Ambrose walks back into the waiting room Leah jumps up and hugs him. “So what did the doctor say?”
Ambrose Betamax: (clearly they are in fact some kind of secret explosive)
“He said I’m purple!”
Freskari: (i think tampons are designed to contain explosions)
Artemis: ((dieing))
AJ B. (GM): Leah rubs the bridge of her nose. “I think he was referring to the glow when you passed out.” She looks to Freskari and rolls her eyes.
Freskari: “You feeling okay?”
AJ B. (GM): As you arrive at the third crime scene you notice something more odd. the building next to it is heavily reinforced yet the stake driven through it appears to still be made of wood. although there is no dna here there is another scent, this time a more masculine one and again odd composition to the air. though this one is stronger and not only lingered longer seems to have followed it’s owner.
Freskari: (masculine scents? keep this pg-13 please AJ)
Ambrose Betamax: (oooh masculine scents)
Artemis: ((Aww, this game would be so much better as NC-17))

Ambrose Betamax grins. “I could be purple if I wanted though.”

Melo would lift an eye brow, if he actually, y’know, had an eye brow to lift at the offer. “Lady, I presume you’ve got a licence for this?” And he’d collect the laser pistol, quick to pop out the clip with a single hand; off handed or not, he knew his way around a gun, a quick glance at the connectors to make sure they weren’t corroded before popping it back in with a smooth movement, safety engaged properly the entire time. “Remind me to show you how to properly clean the contacts on these some time.” That was tasset approval alright. Right into a belt loop made for a pistol it’d go, jacket left behind in the van. The knife would be slid into his boot on the left, easily within reach. And as for his rifle, it would be found on his back with a bit of left over rope (Or was that gauze?). He wasn’t going to be going on display without being properly armed, around people he trusted or not. He had an image to keep. “Yeah. I think I’m ready.” On with that cowboy hat; he had to leave his hair down though; difficult to put it up with only one hand and either a zip tie or a hair tie he didn’t have.
Ambrose Betamax: (I still think the tampons were the best weapon.)

Bharat is mystified again, but pleased that there seems to be a trail to follow this time. What was going on, was it possible that there were three separate killers? With that thought in mind, he follows the trail
Artemis makes a face at Melo, offended that she should be accused of not taking care of her gear, more then at the thought that she might not be fully licensed. She doesn’t dignify him with a verbal response, instead tossing her bag back into the cab. Stepping up into the cargo hold of the wagon, she checks over instrumentation, making sure everything is ready, in case she has to do some actual work tonight. Over her shoulder, she calls to Grimgrin. “Go easy on him, he’s been asleep for 6 weeks.”
AJ B. (GM): Grimgrin quickly lifts Melo onto one shoulder supporting him with a single arm and walks him out into the crowd, as close to center as he can. “People of the Quarters! Hear me now.” his voice booms and echoes through the streets and all talk ceases. “See the man above me. The man known to many as the hero of the D-bees, He has returned from defending not just us but all this city. He has returned from facing a demon of terrifying power. But like all great heroes he has not returned unscathed. His arm will be returned but the scars he bares after will be a testement to his dedication to all. To those of you who have been bitter towards our past choices I say to you now, This man is human, he is not one of us but defends us none the less, and it is through his sacrifice, his strength and his will, that there shall one day be no more us or them, there shall simply be All!”
Bharat: (Somewhere, Bharat feels the overwhelming instinct that someone else is taking credit for his actions)
Melo: (Hey, Melo’s been trying to make D-Bee’s look good publically..!)
Freskari: (somewhere, freskari feels the overwhelming instinct that something interesting is happen)
Bharat: (Bharat is still the one who took care of the demon. :P)
AJ B. (GM): The crowd is silent for a few minutes as they digest this speech, and then there is the sound of a small voice, that of a child cheering, this breaks the silence and there are many cheers, though a few do move away from the crowd one a d-bee with a single blade as a right arm and missing it’s left moves to the doc and lightly taps it’s shoulder “Can you fix this so I can get out of here?”
Ambrose Betamax: (Hey, Ambrose…uh…well he was around anyways :P)
AJ B. (GM): (notably Melo has not taken credit for anything and in point of fact hasn’t said a word lol)
Bharat, you follow the trail to find yourself in the M-quarter, which seems strangely empty before you hear a loud booming cheer coming from a ways off, though the scent leads away from the cheering.

Bharat decides, after a moment, that he prefers to be thankful no one is around to see him. He’d prefer not to be on anyone’s mind for a while
Freskari: (loud booming? guess someone found the tampons)
Artemis: “Sure, how long has the problem been…” She asks questions as sets to work on a shoulder with hardly a pause, giving the DB a once over with diagnostic tools from the Mountaineer. She focuses on her work, not paying much mind to the hubbub that the peace keeper has created, trusting that none would willingly harm a doctor doing free work for the public at large.
AJ B. (GM): He shrugs “lost the arm about a week ago, and it’s frankly annoying to be working with only one. only a weakling would keep it gone or let people know it’s missing.” his tone is highly disdainful as he glances towards Melo.
Bharat: (Well that just seems rude)

Melo did his best to find a comfortable placement atop the gorilla man quite a bit larger than himself, his good hand reaching down to help stabilize himself. He’d look out over and at the gathered D-Bee’s with that lopsided smile as he was put on display and made a figurehead. Well, he’s always been a pawn in other people’s battles… Hopefully at least he could be elevated to a Knight eventually. But for now? For now, he’d let the apeman talk, lifting that severed arm at just the right time to try and salute the gathered; After all, you salute with your right. Yeah, he’d be a figurehead, and become a martyr in all likelhood, but at least this was one way to rally people. Nope, not a word; he’d let the big man do the talking for the moment.
AJ B. (GM): Bharat As you come to the end of the trail you find the collapsed ruins of a shack, the wood is rotted lying in a heap and the area it’s in is relatively small only big enough for a one room building just big enough for a bed and a stove really.
Artemis nods her agreement with the DB. “Showing weakness takes heart. A willingness to be seen as less then the best possibilities we can be. He sacrificed a lot. Such is life.” She shrugs and sits back slightly, considering the lack of arm. “A simple cyber replacement is going to take some doing, and I don’t have the spares for that. I could take a sample and we could grow something, but that’s going to take time, and might be better served at the hospital. What would you like done, and what resources do you have so that I can put in the work?”
AJ B. (GM): The D-bee shrugs “Only got a few creds that I need for food, but I’ve got time, if you can give me back my true arm I’d be grateful.” he turns back and sneers at Melo and mutters “sacrifice, ha, probably just too slow or stupid to dodge.”
Bharat: (Bharat: Definitely too slow)

Vault is unaffected by things like Pride, and as a result, says nothing regarding the insults against the Commander. After all, such things are outside operational parameters.

Bharat tries to activate his eye, to remember he didn’t have it again. It would take some getting used to until he could get it replaced. Hopefully before the real one grew back. With a careful step, he makes his way over.
AJ B. (GM): Bharat, As you work your way through you notice the glint of metal on the ground, half buried in the wood, it appears to be a handle of some kind.

Bharat looks at it suspiciously, but if a close look doesn’t reveal some sort of trap on the handle, he grabs it and pulls.
Artemis grins at the Dee-bee, “How’d you loose this one? I hope it wasn’t being slow, or stupid. Especially if you were slow or stupid while trying to save the lives of others.” She takes out a swab to take a DNA sample, “I’ll be back here in a month, and can have your arm all ready. It won’t take long hour to put back on.. Anything faster, though, will take money we don’t have to build a replacement.”
AJ B. (GM): Pulling on it you find a set of double doors lift up and slightly open only to reveal a chain holding them shut from the inside.
He shrugs “I can wait. and I lost it because someone took offense to my face while I was chained up at the docks” He heads off without another word or waiting for a response.
Leah looks to Freskari and Ambrose “We should probably go find Melo before he loses more pieces. He seems to make a habit of it when we’re not around.”
Artemis watches the retreating DB for a few moments, then calls out, “Take a cookie!” . making a mental note of the DB’s features so sure she can remember his face, She puts the DNA sample into the back, with a note for limb reconstruction. A note goes down on her clipboard, and she waves the next patient forward. Dopadoop.
Freskari: “Any idea where he is?”
AJ B. (GM): Leah shrugs and asks the nurse who says “Well his doctor said he needed fresh air and she makes a habit of going” she sniffs in disdain “to the M-quarter.”

Bharat looks at the chain through the door and sighs, before grabbing tops of the double doors and pulling very hard
AJ B. (GM): The hinges tear off with a loud snap and someone yells up. “What the hell did my door ever do to you?”
the scent of that cologne wafts up and hits you in the face hard, much stronger now.
Artemis: ((What a brute!))
Freskari: “Ambrose, are you okay to come with us?”
Ambrose Betamax: “Sure! It’s not hell, right?”
Freskari: “Nah, it’s a lot colder.”
Vault: (~70-ish for this time of year, unless AJ says otherwise; I don’t know what impact an inland sea would have on Melborne’s weather)

Bharat growls back. “It got in my way.” He throws the doors to the side
Artemis: (( Weather shield.))

Bharat heads down into the cellar
Freskari: (well I don’t know the exact meteorological measurement for hell’s temperature but I think it’s a bit hotter)
Vault: (Haha. I’m just a stat machine, don’t mind me)
Artemis: (( Hell is endothermic))
AJ B. (GM): Inside the cellar you find it is quite dark but there is enough light from above to see in general though with your night vision it’s clear as day. a human male stands before you, a rather handsome guy, chiseled jaw, decently built though not bodybuilder physique dark brown eyes that are almost black and very pale skin. he looks at you. “Did my door offend you in some way? If so allow me to apologize, but still I would have preferred you knock so I could reprimand it properly.”
Bharat: “Why was your scent at one of the crime scenes of the recent killings?”
AJ B. (GM): He seems legitimately confused “I don’t know. My cologne is a rather common brand though. perhaps one of the officers buys from the same shop.”
Bharat: “It led Bharat here.”
AJ B. (GM): “hmm, perhaps I was in that area before the crime. I do like to explore the city. it is quite beautiful at night you know.”

Bharat narrows his eye. “No lie to bharat.”
AJ B. (GM): “No lie, simple statement. I legitimately don’t know why you found or followed my scent here. I am simply giving you my best guesses.”

Bharat looks around the cellar.
AJ B. (GM): It contains a bed, and a large cabinet. nothing more. both very simple.

Bharat reaches out to grab the man.
AJ B. (GM): (need a roll to strike)
Bharat: rolling 1d20+6
= 21
AJ B. (GM): you manage to easily grab him and notice something very odd.
his skin is actually colder then yours.
Bharat: (I KNEW IT)
Artemis: ((He’s cooold as Ice… willing to sacrifice his love… )
AJ B. (GM): he smiles baring his teeth, with two overly sharp canines he grins “I think perhaps you know too much friend. My door really should learn to shut it’s mouth.”
Ambrose Betamax: (aren’t most vampires sentient?)
Artemis: ((I thought vampires sparkled. c.c ))
Bharat: (Are they? I don’t know about rifts vampires)
“How did you get in the city?”
AJ B. (GM): (most vampires are sentient, both in myth and in rifts. though there are the feral ones, but they run in packs and act more like wolves. they’d have a tough time getting in)
(I swear if I put in a sparkly vampire of any form and you guys don’t kill it within three minutes I’ll nuke the area, salt the earth, nuke it a second time, and then rift it into the sun)
The vampire chuckles “I don’t care to talk right now. for one thing your hand is burning me some and it is rather uncompfortable. not conducive to chatting really.”
Bharat: “I don’t really care. You come into a city with a bruutasaur and you expect anything different? Especially after you kill three people.”
AJ B. (GM): He looks confused “I think you may need a math refresher friend.” he raises a finger. “This is one.” he raises another “this is two” and he raises a third “this is three. I’ve only gotten around to the first.”
Bharat: “Are you seriously trying to convince me that you had nothing to do with the other two killings?”
AJ B. (GM): He shrugs “I don’t care if you believe me but until you put me down I’m done talking.”
Bharat: "I have no use for you vampire. I could just drag up up so see the sunrise with me for all it matters.
AJ B. (GM): He makes no response and simply waits, his expression completely unreadable.

Bharat starts walking back up the stairs, vamp in hand.
AJ B. (GM): He continues to remain stoic (also would like to point out you’ll be waiting hours for sunrise)

Bharat shrugs and decides to take him back to the bar. “Ivanikov will know what to do with you.”
AJ B. (GM): (just to check your plan is to walk however much distance apparently carrying a man through the streets?)
Bharat: (Well, I’m gonna take back alleys and stuff. :P I never said it was a smart plan. Hatred of vamps man)
Artemis: ((Aww, vampire is getting bruutasaur cuddles))
Bharat: (My claws are silvered… so it’s probably excruciating)
AJ B. (GM): (alright going to need a few stealth rolls. 4, all at a -35%)
Freskari: rolling 1d4
= 3
ignore that
Bharat: (I uh… can I change my mind? Cause I apparently don’t even have that skill trained)
Freskari: (turns out being a massive lizard makes it hard to blend in)
Bharat: (You shut up!)
Artemis: ((heheheee))
AJ B. (GM): (sure, no worries)
Bharat: (Does prowl count?)
Artemis: ((Prowl is stealth, I thought?))
AJ B. (GM): (it is, sorry kinda sleepy so just using whatever word sounds right)
Bharat: (But still not gonna do that. Cause… You know… only 38% before penalties)
Artemis: ((Roll crits?!))
Bharat: (I am not that lucky)
Freskari: (crits or GTFO)
Ambrose Betamax: (bruutasaur stealth. stomp stomp stomp)
Bharat: (I’ll roll one one and if it’s a crit, I’ll try it. If not, oh well)
rolling 1d100
= 70
Artemis: ((visions of bruutasaur stomping on cars, buildings… people… ‘all while ’tiptoeing’ along))
Melo: (Wall of text incoming)
AJ B. (GM): (for the record, rolling for a declared action is going to end up with the action happening)
Bharat: (I’m not big enough to stomp on buildings. DAMN IT
AJ B. (GM): (letting it slide this time, but just clarifying for now)
Artemis: ((HAHAHAH!!!))
Bharat: (I really don’t want to be assaulted by peacekeepers. >.>)
Freskari: ( ?~ ?? ?°)

Melo is quite unaware of the beatdown some poor Joe was about to get. He wasn’t exactly basking in a crowds adoration, either, hesitant to try and let their cheers go on too long. A moment or two of attention later, because he was still trying to take in everything, to recover from everything, that impassioned spark of his missing a beat; it took a moment for it to wake up, and by then it was likely too late. Still, he’d hold that smile, patting Grimgrin’s back encouragingly. “Good speach man. Seems you’ve taken a few things to heart.” Quiet words, but then he’d pipe up, “He speaks the truth! You’ve got a good leader with high ideals before you, and I think he can lead us all into a brighter future! It’ll be a long road, but together, we can make this city not a bastion of humanity, but a bastion of hope! A safe harbor for all who’re willing to work together for the good of everyone, not just looking out for themselves!” A momentary race of panic in his heart. He wasn’t a leader. He wasn’t a symbol of hope. He was a soldier without a home, with ties to the underground, in a weakened state, and likely making himself more enemies by the moment. “Together, look what we’ve accomplished so far!” Were they near the arena? Please for the love of god let there be some sign of progress within arms reach, even if that was just something as simple as working street lamps, or the starts of the hospital that had been asked for “Humans are now willing to come to the quarter!” That stump would make a sweeping gesture over at hopefully a few people at one of the shops that maybe had a human or two in it. “What’s more, there are more like me, willing to reach out, to try and bridge the gap between Us and Them, looking for the betterment of us All, not just some upper echelon of human kind!” A wave over at the doctor’s van. “It’s going to be an uphill battle to win hearts and minds one at a time. Sacrifices will need to be made on Both sides, and they need to be made Willingly, for the greater good! The inhabitants of Melbourne need to know they can count on one another, Human and D-Bee alike, to be willing to defend one another, to be willing to come to each others’ aid! I know that Together, we can do this! Who’s with us for a better tomorrow?! A better future for All?!” Oh shit oh shit oh shit what the hell is he doing?! Fight down the panic, rally the troops, keep things peaceful, but.. Don’t let Grimgrin down. Don’t fuck it up. Sure, he should have played the apeman’s role up more, but.. Fuck, last he knew, there was an arena being built. He’s too out of touch on current events to give any substance to what he says. But at least, maybe, it sounds pretty.
Artemis looks up briefly from where she’s sewing a cut together, stitching by hand with nimble, practiced fingers. A brief moment of panic as she feels eyes on her, but she tries to play cool, she has work to do after all. She hopes that her choice of clinic location doesn’t cause her too much trouble in the morning, and mentally starts preparing her arguments for the political firing squad she suspects she might end up facing.

Bharat sighs and realises how stupid that’d be. “ChopShop then.”
AJ B. (GM): Bharat, as you arive at the chop shop carrying a what appears to be a man with wisps of smoke coming off of him the mechanic looks towards you. “umm, does he need some tech to fix that smoking problem?”
The D-bees gathered around Melo cheer even louder. though as it dies down a single voice pipes up loudly “Yeah right, you fucking coward! As soon as the admins took notice of you, you went and hid in a hole to avoid them finding you.”
Bharat: “Not unless Tech help with vampire and silver.”
Ambrose Betamax: (well if ambrose is around he’s gonna punch that guy)
AJ B. (GM): The mechanics eyes bulge at those words. “You brought a fucking vampire into my shop. What the hell?” (and yes by now Ambrose and the rest are there)
Bharat: “Need carrying case.”

Ambrose Betamax yells some obsceneties at the jerk.
Artemis murmurs under her breath, “Fumeiyona haiki-mono” (Disgraceful waste), and hands her patient a cookie, with the reminder to keep the site clean for a few days while it heals, the stitches will dissolve on their own over a week or so, and so on.

Melo could handle a heckler, though his heart was racing a mile a minute. Battle field? Yeah, no problems. A peaceful group, trying to rally them? He can deal with this. "If you want to call ending up in a coma after fighting a demon hiding in a hole, then yeah, you’re damn right I hid in a hole. I’m fucking Human. I can only take so much punishment trying to protect this city! Have you stood up to try and protect Our Home from everything outside these city walls? Were
Melo: (Pressed enter early)
Artemis: ((I was shocked! melo wrote a short post!))
Freskari: (pressed enter early, still longer than anything the rest of us have written)
(btw i’m a bit distracted so if something’s happening that pertains to me poke me)
AJ B. (GM): The mechanic looks at you like you’re nuts but shrugs “carrying case that leaves him alive or makes him more of a corpse?”
Bharat: “Alive.” Though he says the word grudgingly
Melo: “Were you there to help us get power restored? Are You willing to step forward to stand up for what’s right? I’m fighting just as much to win the hearts and minds of those people who think D-Bee’s are nothing but people to be spat upon as I am to try and break the cycle the other way around!”
AJ B. (GM): The mechanic shrugs and goes digging before coming back with what looks like an oversized silver guitar case with some very nice lining inside, easily big enough to stuff a grown man in. “Some wackjob comissioned this then dissappeared.”
Ambrose Betamax: (Is Bharat making a Coffin shaped suitcase?)
Bharat: “How much?”
AJ B. (GM): The d-bee, an anthro mastadon steps forward and stares up at Melo. “I’ve fought for those around me. for my people far longer then your pitiful life will last fleshbag. and I don’t believe a word of your supposed fight. Why don’t you step into the arena with me later and prove your mettle.”
AJ B. (GM): The mechanic chuckles. “At the moment the cost is the removal of all vampires from this premises. Fair price?”
Artemis: ((Haahaaa!))
Bharat: “Yes.”
(I’d punch him in the face.)

Ambrose Betamax thinks melo would win even WITH the one hand. “WOOO MELO< KICK HIS ASS
AJ B. (GM): The mechanic nods and opens the case after setting it down.

Ambrose Betamax notices he is the only one cheering. “WOooooo…ooo.”

Bharat presses the vampire against the outside first.
Ambrose Betamax: “right. I’ll just be over here then.”
AJ B. (GM): He burns considerably more but makes no noise and even has a twinge of a smile on his face.
The rest of the d-bees are watching this exchange intently, and a couple place themselves next to Ambrose and pat him on the back without saying a word.

Bharat presses him into the case and closes it. “Chains?”
AJ B. (GM): He points to the clasps. “Those are MD clasps forged from liquisteel. I don’t know why he insisted on that but he did. They’re near impossible to break.”
Bharat: “Mean guitar?”
AJ B. (GM): “Dunno, he never showed me, gave me the specs, the materials, paid in advance and said he’d be back in a week. it’s been two months.”
Bharat: “Who?”
Artemis: ((Bharat has quazil’s guitar case?))
Melo: (Possible! Though he can’t play guitar)
AJ B. (GM): “Not really. sure. Said his name was Forge, big guy, looked human aside from being as tall and muscular as you.”

Bharat shrugs and picks up the case. “Thank you chop shop man.” The big lizard leaves and, prisoner secured… can’t resist finding out what’s going on.
Ambrose Betamax: (even the fellow d-bees sense what a sheep ambrose is :P)

Freskari has the power to secretly turn invisible and have people forget he’s there
Freskari: (because i’m distracted all the time >>)
Bharat: (He can only turn invisible when people already forget he’s there)
AJ B. (GM): As you arrive Bharat you see basically every D-bee in the quarter there. some being treated at the doctors van but most gathered in a circle, over them you can see a mastadon D-bee glaring at and hear him insulting Melo’s attempts to protect the city, and Melo riding the shoulder of Grimgrin,
Artemis: ((Awwshits, llamas of dramas incoming ))

Bharat deadpans at the sounds of accusations. Before leaping a full 40 feet into the air and calling out to those closest to the Mastadon to get out of the way. “Move!”
Ambrose Betamax: (and Ambrose sitting with a small gaggle of d-bees looking morose as they try to comfort him)

Melo would lie if he said he wasn’t intimidated. And then that call from Ambrose that.. isn’t helping. Well.. Maybe it hearted him some, foolish as the deer was. As mentioned: He’s a human, against something that easily could kill him, from a race he knew nothing about even culturally. “So, you’re asking a one armed man, who you know full well stands no chance against you, to take you on, one on one? And when you cripple me, or more likely kill me, just what does that show the humans who’re trying to stand up for your rights as equals in the city? That you’re exactly what they think, just a bunch of savages? That reaching out a hand in frendship is likely to get the whole arm ripped off?” He’d pat Grimgrin with his good arm before moving to get off of the ape’s shoulder, like a god damned fool. “And if, by some fluke, I win, what then? It gives people the ammo to say I’m a d-bee hater. That I’m just ‘another oppressor’. It costs the city one more citizen who is willing to possibly lay down their life what they beleve in.” A breath. “We want the same damned thing man.” No, they didn’t want the same thing. The mammoth likely wanted his people to be left alone and to see humans suffer as his kind may have. He knew that. “The forgiveness and trust has to start somewhere.” Even as he spoke, he’d be approaching the man who stood head and shoulders above the rest, and likely then some. “And I’ll tell you right now I’ve got no ill will towards you for speaking your mind. Can’t have a proper exchange of thoughts if you can’t speak your mind.” C’mon man, keep it together, don’t shake. “I get that a lot of people settle their differences over combat. Might Makes Right. But there’re times that’cha simply can’t go that route.” Even if he should… At least, until the lizard lept.
AJ B. (GM): most had already moved, a couple of his buddies who were still a few feet from him looked up and immediately took a few steps back.

Bharat landed with a crouch, slowly standing up. The lizard knew how to make an entrance. “You think Melo Lie?”
AJ B. (GM): The mastadon rears his head back lining a tusk up with Melo’s heart, right as Grimgrin yanks him back and Bharat lands on him.
The Mastadon goes down and spits in Bharat’s face. “All humans are liars, cowards, and thieves.”
Artemis steps away from the van, out from under the pop-up aawning, as she sees flashes of the big lizard, and no longer sees Melo through the mass. “Kuso.” She says in a most unlady like manner.
Ambrose Betamax: (is this a jurrassic park cosplay?)
Artemis: ((Jurassic park should of been called Cretaceous park))

Bharat tosses his guitar case to someone who looks like they can hold it. His tail lashes from side to side as the mastadon spits in his face. “Bharat was there, coward. Soulstealer demon summoned. Melo and Bharat had souls taken.” He rips the bandages off his head, exposing the still unhealed pit where his eye should have been. “Bharat traded eye in HELL TO GET THEM BACK. BHARAT WOULDN’t HAVE EVEN LIVED IF MELO NOT THERE WHEN DEMON SUMMONED!”
Bharat: “YOU HIDE IN HUMAN WALLS AND DARE?!” Bharat is full on bellowing in the mastadon’s face now.

Melo knew full well he’s a damned fool, and a keen eye would notice the spin of his head, that knee jerk reaction of his right arm going for his gun; he’d still not fully adjusted to missing his right arm; he’d not even thought to sling it so that he could simply pull it with the left arm; it was positioned for the right. That right there likely was what bought Bharat enough time to make that declaration. There was still no trust, and really, that haze of finding his soul was still exactly that: A haze. This was the first time he was fully cognitive when he heard that claim made.

Ambrose Betamax watches all goggle eyed with his gaggle of other goggled eyed D-Bee’s. Goggles!
AJ B. (GM): The mastadon laughs “A cowardly pet defending it’s master. That’s all you are lizard. Hiding in a crowd and waiting to catch me unaware so you could pin me. You don’t have the guts to face me anymore then the one holding your leash does.”
Grimgrin places a hand heavily on Melo’s shoulder and whispers “Let this play out. it’s the only way he’ll learn.”

Melo was just about to call out to hold it as that heavy hand landed on his shoulder. Fuck, this was not how he wanted tonight to go, but.. The apeman was right. And he still had almost zero trust for the lizard who was, for what was the first time actually observed by the human, sticking up for him. He.. really didn’t want to have to arrest anyone for murder tonight.
Artemis steps back under the cover of her popup and snatches up a cookie. Chewing vigorously at the oaty, raisiny goodness, she eyes the crowd for a few moments, before finally turning back to whoever happened to be next. “Forgive me, the rabble are noisy tonight.” And she returns to work, though slightly less focused then before.

Bharat steps off the mastadon and heaves the creature off the ground. “Then fight me now. You were certainly willing to Gore Melo with only one hand.” Bharat is holding him off the ground with a single hand.
AJ B. (GM): The Mastadon growls and tilts his head back preparing to do just that when Grimgrin shouts “Enough! We settle physical disputes in the arena or not at all. If you want to challenge each other to a grudge match or fight in the tournament or whatever Fucking FINE. But if either of you draws blood from the other, every drop will be met with a broken bone. Am I CLEAR?!” He looks to Melo and nods at the gun as if requesting his threat be backed up.
The Mastadon glares over Bharat’s shoulder still trying to decide if it’s worth it to strike.

Ambrose Betamax watches all this with his gaggle of gogglers.
Bharat: “Where is the arena?”
Ambrose Betamax: (does anyone else imagine that bharat always talks in the batman yelling voice from the movies?)
Bharat: (I’ve never seen the movies)
Artemis: ((I do… yes. I dont think Bharat watches any sort of televised media. c.c ))
AJ B. (GM): Grimgrin nods “Edge between the M and H quarters. between Saisuke and Nolan street.”

Melo didn’t need to be told twice; a momentary shift of that single arm would soon enough bring his rifle to bare, “Vault! Tau Two November Lema Indigo!” A single arm, but already that thing was off safety mode, and the droid would in very short order be emitting a high pitched, ommonus humm from an ion cannon charging. “And afterwards, I hall your asses down to the slammer for a [For speed, insert correct penal code here].”

Bharat drops the mastadon. “Empty now?”
Artemis: (( For a slap and tickle? for a 5150? For a ID10T error violation? ))
AJ B. (GM): Grimgrin nods. “It is and if you want a grudge match we need time to set set it up. As well as to give fair preparation time to both opponents. We don’t send anyone to slaughter.”

Bharat smirks. “Bharat wouldn’t kill him. Maybe break tusks off.”
Melo: (Likely be an 8B, because amazingly they left assault off the crime’s list)
AJ B. (GM): Grimgrin nods and the mastadon laughs “I’ll take your other eye and that chintzy tin tail of yours before you even touch me.”

Vault is a droid. Simple steps, a pointed ion cannon, and assessment of the situation. Two aggressors, Bharat and the Mastodon (After all, Bharat was still flagged as a hostile), assault already recorded and cataloged against the lizard, though the assault looked to already be under control. At this point, there was no need to ionize living tissues.
Ambrose Betamax: “WOOOO GO BHARA-….right. only one cheering.”

Bharat looks at the mastodon, presumably still on the ground. “Leave before Bharat throw you out into street.”
AJ B. (GM): The Mastadon looks at you “If you’re not a coward I’ll see you in the grand tournament in a week. If not I hope your master enjoys having a puppy with no teeth.” with that he walks off and about 1/20 of the crowd follows him asking various questions while the rest gather around cheering and asking Bharat questions about if he’ll be joining, what his strategy is, some asking what kind of odds he think he’ll get." Grimgrin just shakes his head at the assumption of Bharat’s entry.
Bharat: “Where bharat enter?” He asks before anything else.
AJ B. (GM): Grimgrin nods “All I need is to know if you want a stage name, what form of strength you have, and the events you’ll wish to enter. Once I have that I’ll make sure you’re set up. Can’t promise you’ll fight Nazok, as he only entered the one on one tournament and that’s randomized for pairings and one of you may lose before you fight each other.”

Melo sighs just a bit, and shakes his head. “Stand down.” And his rifle would be put back into safe mode, powered down at the mere flick of a switch even as the droid returned back to the doctor’s van, situation apparently handled. He kept the ’I’m serious not cut out for this politics shit’ comment to himself, and resisted the urge to flee from the lizard as every fiber in the back of his mind was screaming for him to do. But he didn’t thank the lizard, either… Even if it was nice to see him stick his neck out for him, for once. Still going to take a lot more than that to clear the bad blood between them.
Bharat: “No, what mean? What is there?” Bharat gives Melo a little wave.
Artemis: (( Visions of Bharat in a little japanese school girl outfit, shyly waving hi. ))
Bharat: (Almost exactly. Except he’d be in a swimming club uniform.)
Artemis: ((gehnki! < # ))
Bharat: (As long as the pool is heated, he’d risk going and stealing a uniform and never touching the water)
AJ B. (GM): Grimgin thinks for a bit. “Can you match fists with a human, a full conversion cyborg, or a full fledged dragon? There’s the grand melee an all out brawl with ten opponents in the arena. the one v one tournament currently 7 contestants for bracketed combat. the boom boomerang, a competition of skill for who can get an exploding boomerang closest to returning to them without being hit by the explosion. the speed deadball matches, and the ending celebration will have a drinking contest though that’s more anyone who wants to join and no need for a sign up.”
“Ahh I almost forgot, there is also the target competition. three rounds of different shooting setups to find the most accurate of all.”

Ambrose Betamax could win a drinking contest.
Bharat: “Dragon.” Bharat says, without hesitation. “Can Bharat do big brawl and 1 v 1?”
Ambrose Betamax: “CAN I DRINK?!”

Melo said nothing, but he would need to sign up for that target shooting contest. He needed to make sure his eye was just as sharp as always. He’d let things play out, making his exit quietly to head back to the doctor. Yeah, he looked like he’d been awake for 48 hours straight all of a sudden.
AJ B. (GM): Grimgrin smiles “Absolutely, each event has to be done seperately. not enough room for multiples so there will be plenty of time between and I think plenty of these fine folks would love to see how you handle both single and multiple opponents.” there’s quite a few cheers at that. Grimgrin then smiles at the deerbee. “All are welcome to that ending celebration.”
Bharat: “Sign bharat up for both.”
AJ B. (GM): Grimgrin nods. “Also you should know, the victor gets 10 percent of the house take from bets, second place gets 3 and third gets 2. So should you win or even place do see one of the officials after.”

Bharat nods. “OK.” Then goes to grab his new guitar case and runs after Melo. “Can… Bharat, Melo talk?”
Artemis nods politely to the Peacekeeper, and gestures silently to her half-empty plate of cookies. “Water in the cab.” She adds, before turning back to looking wolven-looking young girl, trying to make the best out of her limited knowledge of xenobiology. She wasn’t a vet, damnit… but she would try her best to make sure the kid was set for best-health after she was done. She ends up prescribing more meat in the child’s diet, and also more spicy peppers to fight off intestinal parasites. Cheap alternatives to possibly ineffective antibiotics and nutrition shots.
Artemis: ((gotta pimp those cookies out ))
Bharat: (It’s less pimping and more selling them for snuff films isn’t it?"
Artemis: (( The doctor has to have a hobby ))

Melo stiffened some as the lizard called after him. Public opinion mattered; he wasn’t a politician or a spin doctor, but he knew that. Another cookie would be taken as he made his way into the van, muttering under his breath something likely unheard, followed by.. “Yeah.. Yeah. Give me a few minutes?” His left hand was already reflexively reaching for the pistol at his hip; he was still on edge, and doing everything he could to try and not panic. To try and shut out what his brain was telling him, to try and figure out what was real and wasn’t real relating to the lizard. Granted, this was also the first good memory he had of him, so.. that’ll take a little weeding out.
Bharat: “Ok.” Bharat sits down next to the doctor, setting the case in his lap.
Artemis blinks at Bharat for a moment, as if unsure of what to do with the overgrown squamate. Finally, she offers him a cookie, wordlessly.

Bharat opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue, gesturing his hands weren’t right for taking it normally
Artemis lets out a soft gasp, exasperation? confusion? … it doesn’t matter. The oatmeal cookie is placed on a tongue, gingerly.
(To GM): A quiet radio transmission followed over that ever present radio he’d likely had returned to him, along with his clothes. “Vault. Assessment report. What the fuck have I gotten myself into?” Granted, he didn’t expect a useful answer from the droid. A glass of water, a moment to calm his nerves, and.. At this point, he needed to do something to calm himself. To settle his nerves. To steel himself against what he knew was coming. Something to take his mind off of it all. Just where was that robotic arm that was going to be re-attaching his own, and just how much privacy did he have?

Bharat tongue retracts into his mouth, attempting to chew the cookie that isn’t much more than a crumb for him. “Bharat claws break cookie… too big.”
(From Vault): “You have placed yourself within a van owned by the doctor Commander.”
Artemis takes a deep breath, going back into doctor mode. “I see… How is your … eye hole feeling?”

Bharat had forgotten he took the bandages off already. “Ok? No hurt now. Real eye regrow soon. Unless Bharat get new, uh… robot eye.”
Ambrose Betamax: (guys mind if I brb real fast to grab my drinks for tomorrow? I don’t want to chance the dog barking TOO much when I do it and aking people up.)
Melo: (Sure! Drive safe, please?)
Ambrose Betamax: (I will! shouldn’t take long :3)
Artemis nods slowly. "Alright… I don’t know much about your kind, but I know that can’t feel good. Does it itch? "
Artemis: (( He lives in florida, that is normal))
Ambrose Betamax: (PEDESTRIAN POLO)
Bharat: (I don’t like squirrels.)

Bharat thinks for a moment. “Not yet.” he shrugs. “Bharat used to it. Many tries to make robot stay.”
Bharat: “Robot eye.”
Artemis: “If it gets infected, or doesn’t start healing right, let me know, ok? If nothing else, I can help you find a replacement.”
Bharat: “Bruutasaur tough. Bharat never been in-fect-ed. If not grow right, poke out again.”
Artemis makes a slight face at the idea of poking out an eye. I wonder if your kind are what they make Qwik-heal from."
Bharat: “Bharat no think so. Take weeks.”
Artemis gestures open-handedly. “Well, I suppose I won’t be asking for a DNA sample then. You know, signing up for the Arena matches might do this lot some good. They need figures to look up to… figures that can show an ability to work together.”
(To GM): A few minutes of debate, and then he’d go to inspect that arm, sipping at a glass of water, and taking a seat. His good hand would reach out to inspect it, followed in short order by his brain. Yeah, just a few minutes, that rush of knowledge, that’ll help settle his nerves alright. Nope, didn’t all occur to him that he’s a fucking addict.
Bharat: “Bharat no really work good with groups…” The lizard looks down at the case.
Artemis: "Doesn’t matter who you work well with, so long as you can make this place better. " She looks at the case for a moment, but doesn’t pry. " Standing up for Him," She gestures vaguely at the van, where Melo is hidden. " Does a lot for that cause."
Bharat: “Melo no like Bharat.”

Bharat completely avoids the topic of making things better.
Artemis gives the Lizard a look, “He seems to have some bad memories about you… You seem to mean well, but he doesn’t take it too well.”
Artemis: (( brb, nature))
Bharat: “Bharat and Melo had argument before demon… And things before that.”
Artemis breaths a soft sigh and gives a slow nod. “I work in metal and flesh, matters of the heart I can’t do much for. Maybe give him some time? Not pointing guns, and commanding his skelly to kill you would probably be a good indication that time enough has passed.”
Bharat: “Skelly?”
Artemis gestures to Vault. “the Robot? Looks like a human skeleton?” She looks at the robot, and asks it. “Vault, Explain your form and function?”
AJ B. (GM): (I am now gravely concerned over the doctors medical knowledge)
(somebody link a picture of vault lol)
Artemis: ((I’ve seen it! :D))
(( Abstraction my good GM, abstraction!))
Vault: ( )
Artemis: ((See? human skellington! … I bet you don’t even realize, but there’s a skeleton inside you right now! : O ))
Bharat: (He looks like a bearded old man)
Vault: “I am a bipedal Combat Drone who’s function is to aid in high risk combat missions as well as search and rescue operations within the parameters of mission protocols.” Nope, the droid didn’t even turn to face the doctor, that robotic voice coming with the ever polite, uplifted tone he was configured with.
Bharat: “Hoi say Vault has treasure inside.”
Artemis looks from Bharat to Vault, then back to the lizard. “Vault, how many Bipedal Combat Drones are in the city, known to you?”
(To GM): Any that he would have seen / have record of?

Ambrose Betamax is back
(From AJ B. (GM)): would’ve seen 3 at the peace keeper station but that’s it.
Vault: “Current assessment indicates the presence of at least four presently within city limits, with a high probability of additional units of separate make and design.”
Artemis makes an approving frown, nodding at Bharat. “Treasure indeed. I haven’t the… skill to work up a functioning AI, but I can’t help but think that a few more of those would help this city out.” She pauses, and asks another one of her testing questions, “Vault, describing in single words, only the good things the things that parses on return when you analyze your proginator.”
Ambrose Betamax: (An approving frown?)
Artemis: (( thanks obama… )
Bharat: “… What?”
Ambrose Betamax: (I’m not sure if that is an approving frown or a photoshop frown :P
Artemis: (( make with the googles!))
“The robot is a treasure. It.. it is impressive in and of itself. I don’t know what a Hoi is, but I do know something worth having when I see it.”

Vault let that process for a cycle or two, sifting through data at the speed of zeta-flops. “Insufficient data for inquiry. Please provide clarification.”
Bharat: “Hoi say Bharat break Vault to get treasure. It why Melo and Bharat start arguing in first place.”
Artemis was about to clarify, seemingly finding some sort of amusement in tormenting the bot, but she looks at Bharat with muild confusion. “Did you find anything? Did you think to apologize? I mean.. I know you’re a brute and all, but… but he obviously cares about the bucket of bolts.”
Bharat: “Did bharat find what?”
Artemis: “Treasure, inside vault? … Vault, do you contain material or intellectual wealth?”
Bharat: “Bharat didn’t try.”
Vault: “At present, attempts to remove my components would result in rendering them inoperable and of no measureable value.”

Ambrose Betamax overhears this. “I KNEW you were a vault-vault too and not just a robot named vault…”
Artemis gives up, unable to help but feel like she’s talking with a wall. A communicative wall but a wall none the less. She gives a knock on the slide door of the mountaineer, then cranes her neck to peer out at the Deerbee… She picks up another cookie, holding it out. Everyone must be oatmealraisened.
Ambrose Betamax: (her cookies have raisins? …..WHYYYYYYYYYYYY they must die)
Artemis: ((Because she ain’t got money to blow on non-raisincookies!))
(( ain’ nobody got time for that.))

Ambrose Betamax nibblis a cookie for a moment before turning odd colors and falling over. clearly raisins are toxic, even to deerbees. As raisins are to all forms of life.
Ambrose Betamax: (kill it with fire)
AJ B. (GM): (I find this hilarious coming from a vegetarian)
Artemis: ((When I said raisins, I mean jackalope poop))
Ambrose Betamax: (kill poop with fire too)
Bharat: (You’re a vegetarian?)
Ambrose Betamax: (yup)
Artemis mutters something under her breath about venison jerky for weeks, as she comes around the table to look down at the Deerbee. She nudges him in the butt with the toe of her shoe. ))
Bharat: (I could not live without meat.)

Bharat seems content to sit and wait."

Melo eventually, would have made his way out of the van, looking a bit better in general; Water and another cookie apparently worked miracles! There was still that nervous tick that had his hand reaching for his gun at the sight of Bharat, that total lack of trust present, but it was about this time that he’d see Ambrose on the ground. “..Fuck. Vault, what happened?” There was some legitimate concern, but seeing how as, y’know, a doctor was right there, and Ambrose was Ambrose, he wasn’t.. exactly.. deathly worried.
Ambrose Betamax: “raaaa…sinns……”

Bharat is petting Ambrose.
Melo: “Blue Salad.”
Ambrose Betamax: (can Ambrose’ patron god put a curse on all raisins?)
Artemis leans closer, bending over at the hips to peer down at the deer. She reaches out to touch his rack. “What… was that?” She asks, then peers at Bharat, then Melo. She’s confused.
Ambrose Betamax: (they REEEALLLY deserve it. those Dried up grape bastards)
Bharat: “Bharat don’t know.”

Melo just.. shakes his head. “He’ll be fine. He shoved one up his nose once ‘n it got stuck there fer a week ’n a half. He’s.. never been fond of them ever since.”

Ambrose Betamax A) Has a nice rack. and B) raisin smell in the sinuses for a week is super unpleasant.
Bharat: (Raisins are good though. Especially with chocolate."
Ambrose Betamax: (raisins are evil and should be destroyed.)
Melo: (By digesting them after mastication)
Ambrose Betamax: groooooosss
Artemis straightens slowly, shaking her head. “I must of heard the story wrong.” She shakes her head, and moves back around the folding table to the van. She climbs into the cargobay, sitting on the edge so she can lean in, and plug the assist-bot into her head, and start it through it’s warm up sequences, as things in the plaza seems to have cooled off a bit… As she does that, she comments, “Mister Craft? When you’re ready, I think we can get this going and get you made whole again.”
AJ B. (GM): (I think when the game breaks down into a raisin debate it may be time to call it for the night)

Ambrose Betamax uses his god powers to destroy every raisin within several miles
Artemis: ((fine with me, honest… Melo is never gunna have an ar…. can I put his arm onto the back of Ambrose’s head?! ))
Ambrose Betamax: (they wouldn’t let ambrose donate his.)
Bharat: (I’m ok with calling it

Melo would give Bharat a long, hard look, before nodding. “Yeah. Yeah, lets get that done,” to the doctor. And then, “Give me a day?” Spoken directly at the lizard.
Bharat: “Bharat have something to do. Vampire thing.”
Bharat: (YOu shut up)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh god lol)

Ambrose Betamax just realized this soda had caffiene in it
AJ B. (GM): (swear to god CD must have rolled on some obscure insanity table and gotten “Delusion:There is nothing supernatural in the world”)
Artemis: (( :- D Honestly, she just believes there is a scientific explination for shiat, she believes… she just doubts!))

Melo grunts, once. “Watch your tongue. We still can’t chance inciting a panic.” And with that, he’d slip back into the van, his tone cold with the lizard.
AJ B. (GM): Anyhow, 350 xp each. an extra 100 for Melo, Bhartat, and the Doc, an extra 50 for Ambrose and Freskari.
Artemis: ((Nnuuuu can I make rolls for surgery before we close?))
Bharat: “Bharat have… it right here.” he pats the case

Ambrose Betamax is sooo out of date with his characters xp D:
AJ B. (GM): (ehh sure, go ahead and make the rolls)
(two rolls no penalties)
Zea: Today is Tuesday, November 17th, 2015. EXP is about to be given. Or rather, has been given, see above by a few lines.
Artemis: rolling 1d100
= 72
rolling 1d100
= 33
AJ B. (GM): and Melo’s arm is successfully reattached.
Artemis looks at Melo, then Bharat, then the case, then Melo. She has a look of confusion and mild disgust on her face as she parses what she heard. She shakes her head, and climbs into the van. She sets about making ready for surgery, re-attaching an IV, putting him into twilight, and setting about returning him to wholeness. She finishes up with a partial dose of qwikheal, injected at nerve sites to accelerate signal recovery… When he wakes, his arm will feel weak and a bit tingly, but over the next few days begin to make a full recovery. She knows her Craft.
Artemis: (( Also, she has a stub of flesh left over from the healed-end of Melo’s arm… she totally saves that to make clones with. c.c
(( Soo, a Crafty army! ))
Melo: (Woo for genetic modifications!)

Ambrose Betamax watches from the ground. He’d get up, but his rack is caught on something. probably chair legs. It’s always chair legs. he can’t see it though, because it kind of stops him from moving his head. like at all.

Ambrose Betamax rattles a bit.
Bharat: (nIGHT)
Artemis: ((GG))
Melo: (G’night. Feel better, and have a good day at work)
AJ B. (GM): (night, was really fun)
Bharat: (I called in for tomorrow hours ago. I’ve been sitting at 102 since about 7)
Ambrose Betamax: Night…And I’m sorry dude! maybe you caught my thing :s
Zea: (Gah dude)
Bharat: (Meh. I haven’t thrown up. Just a headache and a sour stomach. Maybe a little dizzy)
Send me moneys
AJ B. (GM): hello
Matt S.: hi

Ambrose Betamax appears
AJ B. (GM): alright, you guys good with starting then?
Matt S.: Sure
Ambrose Betamax: Sure, if it won’t be an issue without clock
AJ B. (GM): (shouldn’t be, recappy goodness time then)
last time on “Elevators Are Scary” Melo had just gotten his arm reattached, Ambrose had found a chair outside to get stuck on. Bharat had just finished defending Melo from accusations and impalement, having brought a huge silver guitar case with him and was being fawned over by the D-bees after declaring his intent to join the grand tournament.
Melo: (I’m gonna let others take the lead; Melo just had surgery after all)
Bharat: (Didn’t Bharat also just declare there was a vampire in the case?)
AJ B. (GM): (he pulled Melo aside and told him.)
Melo: (That was right ’afor surgery)
AJ B. (GM): (I assume he did that quietly since he asked to pull him aside)
The D-bee that Bharat tossed the case to. An ice blue reptile resembling a horned lizard walks up holding the case and mutters “Umm, hate to be a bother, but your guitar keeps thumping and I think it may have been muttering too.”

Bharat takes the guitar case back. “Broken… sound thingy… ant? Amp?”
AJ B. (GM): The D-bee raises an incredulous eyebrow but still offers the case “Well that makes sense I guess.”

Ambrose Betamax is back after finding out he was hired from that job fair after all O.o he has a job starting monday

Bharat congratulates ambrose while taking his guitar case back.
AJ B. (GM): (gratz)
Augmented < .: (am I still part of the plot? :P)
Bharat: (Any time you wanna jump in!)
Augmented < .: (honestly I don’t even know what’s going on atm)
AJ B. (GM): (recap above sums up recent events, feel free to ask for clarification on any of them)
Augmented < .: (Actually, I’m a bit overwhelmed right now so I’m gonna sit out. I’ll stick around in chat and observe though. Next week i’ll come up with a way to rather join back or just stop playing. Sorry guys.)
Melo: (No problems)
AJ B. (GM): (no worries, sorry you’re overwhelmed)
A few of the D-bees help Ambrose get untangled from the chair and mention how brave he was to cheer for his friend in spite of what was going on.

Ambrose Betamax totally hugs any D-bee near him.

Melo beez getting his arm reattached. This gives everyone else an hour or two to kill, yep.
AJ B. (GM): One of the D-bees a bat like creature walks up and asks if he can speak with Bharat privately.
Bharat: “Ok.”
AJ B. (GM): The crowd of D-bees around Bharat seems unhappy about this but does part for them one of them does stick a stone tabled in front of Bharat and asks if he can have his claw mark.

Bharat gives the d-bee a confused look, but scratches the tablet. Was this fight thing really a big deal?
AJ B. (GM): The D-bee squeals and runs off. Once a good distance away the Bat D-bee introduces himself. “I’m Sir Enal, and I have to ask, is there really a vampire in that case?”

Bharat looks at the d-bee suspiciously. “Bharat no say vampire.”
AJ B. (GM): The bat chuckles and points to his ears “these aren’t just for show. I know what you said to Melo. I’d heard rumors of vampires invading but they died down when the murders started. Guess current news is always more interesting.”
Bharat: “What if bharat do?”
AJ B. (GM): “Well if you do I’d just like to know. I won’t tell anyone. Of course if you continue to dodge my question I’m sure I can get this crowd riled up and wanting to hear a guitar solo from the big star.” He grins.
Bharat: “Told broken already.” Bharat says, now giving the bat d-bee a glare
AJ B. (GM): The bat d-bee chuckles “Oh I’m sure someone here would be more then happy to fix it for you. Lots of D-bees, lots of different skills. and all I want is a yes or no answer then I’ll be out of your hair.”
Bharat: “Maybe.” Now Bharat was pouting like a child caught in a lie
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
AJ B. (GM): The Bat D-bee clicks angrily but turns and heads off muttering “too stupid to have actually caught one of those blood suckers.”

Bharat smirks to himself and then heads back to the van. “Bharat leaving now. Ambrose be ok?”
Ambrose Betamax: “I’ll be ok!”
Bharat: (I’m assuming Leah is around?)
AJ B. (GM): (yep, she’s been hanging back out of sight of the crowd though)
Bharat: “Find Leah if trouble. Bharat be at bar.” Teh big d-bee hefts the case and heads back out of the area
AJ B. (GM): Leah steps out from the van for a bit and says after him. “Thanks for helping Melo again big guy. I know you two don’t get along and he’s probably too stubborn to appreciate it but it was a good thing you did.”
Bharat: “I couldn’t let the poor bastard be impaled by that imbecile.”
AJ B. (GM): She nods. “Also tell Ivanikov hi, and sorry about Ambrose’s behavior.”
Ambrose Betamax: “WHAT I BEHAVE FINE YOU BIG…”
AJ B. (GM): Leah smirks “Hey Ambrose want to go get a couple of shots?”

Bharat raises an eyebrow. “Do I even want to know?” He looks at her lack of hand. “You still haven’t gone?”
Ambrose Betamax: “ok.”
AJ B. (GM): “Well, we ended up there briefly unfortunately Mr. Lightweight meant we needed to head off before he ended up napping on the floor. I don’t think that would’ve been the safest spot for him to sleep.”
“Mind if we join you at the bar so I can prove a point though?”

Bharat , adopting his dumb persona again, nods. “Ok. It just be us.”
AJ B. (GM): She nods “Well, let’s go Ambrose. We’ve got drinks to have and people to meet.”
(unless anyone objects we’ll skip along to the bar)
Bharat: (Skippity skip skip along)
(Have fun with captain Cranky, Doc)
Clockwork d.: (( OBJECTION! … /anime refrence))
Melo: (I’m quite ok with it)

Chapter 22 Cretaceous Creations Create Conflict

Elevators are Scary! StrykerC