Chapter 21 Souls and Skeptics

AJ B. (GM): I’m gonna grab some food right quick so I dont have to do it later
alright, I’m back, we ready?

Quazil quite likely by now is working on fixing the door.
Matt S.: (Yeah)
AJ B. (GM): (Alright) Last time in the hellish adventures of the lizard and the rock. Bharat attacked Lillith and nearly killed her but she barely made good on her escape. Quazil having slaughtered her handmaidens. As Bharat’s sight returns from being blinded he is greeted by a strange sight.
An odd man holding a box with gems for eyes is standing just out of reach of the axe and holding up a glowing box and speaking with just the hint of a french accent. “Ahh it is always a shame when a lady runs, but it makes her more desirable nes pa?”

Bharat looks around before focusing on the man. “I… suppose. I don’t really think about it.”

Quazil would, by the time the strange man appeared, be back in side, the damage done to the door he’d passed through repaired without fuss or request; He may be a bloodthirsty sadist, but that doesn’t mean he should be rude and leave a building in worse shape then it was when he came in. Provided no major fuss was had about blood on his blades, a new sword would be in his hand when he returned to find the others in conversation.
AJ B. (GM): “Well My friend, I am sure you want her back yes. The chase though fun, can be time consuming. and Ulle has just the thing to help you, most certainly.”
(To GM): Wall made of MD or SDC materials? And how much damage did it suffer when he walked out? I ask just so I know how much PPE to burn for mend the broken.
(From AJ B. (GM)): MDC, and about 6 MD of damage.

Bharat looks at the man a little harder. “And what would you want for such a thing?” This was mysterious to say the least.
(To GM): Works for me; 4 damage woulda been repaired, at least. Down to 18 PPE free.
AJ B. (GM): The man looks you over. “Many would ask for names, but you are clearly powerful people and my wares are humble. No names would be far to high a price. Have you any credits, or gems. Ulle is always looking for such things in this thrice damned region.”
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d6*1000 Starting currency because I never did roll for that
= 1000
Bharat: “I have very little in the way of credits.”
AJ B. (GM): Ulle seems to think for a bit. “Perhaps you would trade something simple that Ulle knows you have then. Tell Ulle the reason you try to kill fine woman and Ulle guarantees minor help. Ulle likes the reason and maybe Ulle give you something better.”
Bharat: “Someone wants her dead because He feels threatened by her.”

Quazil simply leans against the building’s wall, listening in over the rabble of the market.
AJ B. (GM): Ulle nods “Ulle give you one wish for that, Tell Ulle who and maybe more wishes yes?”
Bharat: “A wish?”
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 77 Demon and Monster lore, because this is a strange man.
= 1 Successes
AJ B. (GM): “Indeed, Ulle is purveyor of wishes in bottles. They aren’t in high demand down here but perhaps muscular lizard would find good use for them nes pa”
Bharat: “I truly don’t understand what you mean by that. What sort of wishes can be granted?”
(From AJ B. (GM)): he’s one of the damned who has been offered a better position for marking himself as embodying one of the key beliefs. Very few powers but can eventually build up to a better standing.
AJ B. (GM): He shrugs "Wishes of grand imaginings and desires. There is very little that Ulle’s wares can not grant though some may take longer then others to be fulfilled. They can not pull things from heaven or Dyvval, but aside from that Ulle has heard no limits nor complaints.|
Bharat: “And you want nothing but information for this?”

Quazil grunts just a bit, leaning forward and off of the wall, turning to start to walk away. “Friend, I may suggest taking your dealings somewhere quieter.” A comment offered to Bharat, “I’ve business to tend to, and by your leave, wish to attend to it as you tend to your own dealings.” And with that, he’d drop the corpse of a beheaded winged demon beside the lizard. “Ofk uai, Bleyfk, qaidk fas deny es eb E tizs zyolpw bal uai. Riolk wet qydd.” A comment seemingly offered aloud and aimed at no one in particular.
AJ B. (GM): “Ulle has much use for information. Although purveyor of wishes, much desire to break into other trades. Knowledge is power, and power is useful to Ulle”
Ulle turns to Quazil “Iddy odqouz riolk pdeyfsz qydd, swyu oly taly efpdefyk sa hou qwedy efsops ofk ef tefetod hoef”
Bharat: “But if I give too much away, I ca-… Hmm, that could be acceptable.”

Quazil chuckled at that reply, before wandering down the road a ways, soon enough starting to sing along his walk, because he seems a jovial sort… “? Where do bad folks go when they die?/ They don’t go to hea-ven where the ang-els fly/ They go to the lake of fire and fry— Won’t see them again ’till the fourth of July…?”
Bharat: (I would like to say I love the singing)
AJ B. (GM): “So shall we follow large singing rocks example and seek quieter place for dealings? Ulle’s shop is very near and is surrounded by silence spell only those inside can hear.”
Bharat: “Sure.”

Quazil continues to sing along the way, because why not? He’s got a short distance to travel amid that market place in hell, “? I knew a lady who came from Duluth/ Bit by a dog with a rabid tooth/ Went to her grave just a little too sooon/ And she flew away howling, on the yellow moon.. ?” A jagged crag of a smile offered to someone who might have given him a strange look as he passed another building, slipping back into the chorus. He wasn’t singing quietly, mind, but he wasn’t trying to out do the amps he normally has with his band. “? Where do bad folks go when they die?/ They don’t go to hea-ven where the ang-els fly/ They go to the lake of fire and fry— Won’t see them again ’till the fourth of July…?” And by the time he’d hit the middle of that collection of lyrics, he’d be pushing his way into a building, perhaps out of sight, perhaps still within view. After all, he was nearly fourteen feet of rusty red earth walking along a pathway of gold, clad in that light teal-blue of his house’s garb, a sword edged in blood resting on his shoulder as he traveled.
AJ B. (GM): Ulle leads you to a nearby shack that looks barely big enough for two people, though through the door is a huge two story interior with walls lined with shelves all stocked with bottles of varying colors, there are also 4 tables each with three chairs around it though it is completely empty. “Ulle welcomes you to humble shop and hopes you find your time here pleasant.”
Bharat: “I’m sure I well.”
AJ B. (GM): “Now that we are here, what does well muscled lizard think is fair price for knowledge of who wants pretty woman dead?”

Quazil would, o’corse, be muscling his way into the wide doors of a rather small building, labeled perhaps simply, perhaps ornately in a myriad of languages and pictographic signs so common through a world where many can’t read. A power broker’s shop, by all accounts; far more reputable for having a building rather than a simple stall.. But just because he was at his destination, why should he stop singing? “? Now the people cry and the people moan/ :ook for a dry place to call their home/ And try to find some place to rest their bones/ While the angels and the devils try to make them their ooowwwnn.. ?” A wide smile offered to the one whom might be behind the counter as he strode with casual purpose, otherwise seeming to quite enjoy himself, “? Where do bad folks go when they die?/ They don’t go to hea-ven where the ang-els fly/ They go to the lake of fire and fry— Won’t see them again ’till the fourth of Juuullly…?” Even without the backup of his band, he was able to carry and offer a tune easy on the ears, though perhaps missing half of the song made the performance less impressive to whom ever might be within the shop.. At least the shopkeep would know he had someone in the building.
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 85 Singing, as needed
= 0 Successes
(To GM): HA!
AJ B. (GM): In the shop are a variety of people admiring orbs sitting on shelves ranging in size from a marbale to the size of Quazil’s fist. As he walks in apparently singing Way off key, they look towards him and the proprietor behind the counter, a skinny man lacking any face to speak of says in a voice like a thousand hornets “Do the damned not suffer enough for your taste friend, that you must add to it with such caterwalling?”

Quazil had to respond with that warm laugh of his, brushing off the insult and rolling with it, "Nay Friend! Though I could have made such suffering worse with a proper hymn, or some of the nightmares from one of the evils of lore known as "Bieber"" Though if anyone actually got the joke, he might be surprised, “Or would that be more to your tastes?”
AJ B. (GM): The proprietor flinches at the name. “Kindly keep that name and his songs for the lowest pits. I think he’s still down there if you seek to meet him.”

Quazil gave another of those warm, hearty laughs, “Of course, of course! I wouldn’t dare wish such suffering upon anyone, save my foes.” And he’d flash that gaping horror of a smile at the faceless one, “And I consider none in here a foe.” A nod, before he’dd begin to peruse the shop, not bothering to hide the sword he held, though he wouldn’t exactly flaunt it, either, setting it on a glass counter top to crouch and peer into it with interest.
AJ B. (GM): Inside the glass case are a couple marble sized but mostly fist sized multicolored orbs, staring into them you begin to see odd things, and at times even think you hear whispers or heavy footsteps behind you. The proprietor is bouncing from customer to customer now and walks over to you. “You’ve got an eye for quality friend. Those are some of my best.”

Quazil held off on replying for a moment before looking up, rising to his normal towering height, “And I seek only the best,” His hand moving to fall on that sword that rested on the counter. Curse his rotten performance on the way in. “Even if my singing might not always be so.” Still, he held that warm smile, able to jest at his own expense, “I trust I’ve come to the right place?”
Bharat: “I can always ascept more power. But I’d like to get to her and back.”
AJ B. (GM): “Most certainly you have. No power broker can top my selection or my quality. Every single one is guaranteed to last through 1 lifetime or your money back.”
Ulle thinks “Well 1 wish would not likely be enough for such a thing, it could bring her to you but it would likely take two to go to her and return.”

Quazil chuckled at the guarantee, “I have to wonder of the ones that will last through more than one life time.. And that begs the question: ’Who’s Lifetime?’” And a careful tap-point at one of the orbs in the case, colors racing and dancing within, always coming near to one another and never quite colliding.
AJ B. (GM): “Unfortunately who’s lifetime is variable. I sell largely to demons, and most of us define a lifetime by how long we survive a period outside of home. Could be a day could be 5000 years. Unfortunately powers become a touch unstable when their holder dies. Some hold their form, some dissipate, others fall away to be found by someone else.”
Bharat: “I’d rathwer bring her to me! Sometimes I don’t always think things through.”
Quazil: “Ahh, so a lifetime worth living. I’m glad to you know you can stand by your guarantee for one such as myself, at the least.” And he’d let his gaze move to another of the smaller orbs, inky black with the occasional spark of light flashing from within, “And what, pray tell, might be on special this fine day?”
AJ B. (GM): Ulle nods to Bharat, “Then the one wish for your current information will suffice, but surely naming your employer wouldn’t hurt particularly if it got you two more?”
The faceless proprietor thinks. “Well today I’ve got a surplus of scrying powers. Very little call for them as most are smart enough to guard against such things down here.”

Quazil gave a nod in thought, “Reasonable precautions.. And what do you have on the flip side of the coin, for those seeking protection when stepping away from their protective sanctuary?”
AJ B. (GM): “Ahh only a few, though there are some of decent power. There are a couple Auto Mind Blocks, a few normal Mind Blocks, A magic lock, and a nasty scry backlash.”

Quazil showed some interest at the backlash, those dark pits of his eyes flashing with a momentary flicker of molten fire before calming again, returning to their normal state, “Always good to have..” A hand lifted to stroke at his chin in thought. “And those of travel? With how common such abilities are in these parts, surely many must be willing to part with them when they’d rather reign in hell, as it were?”
Bharat: “And what would you do with the information?” Bharat asks curiously.
AJ B. (GM): Ulle shrugs “Keep it close to mind for when it will be useful and trade it when the time comes to do so. Who knows is often as important as what is known down here after all. Perhaps will sell it soon, maybe will trade it later. Maybe it only becomes useful many years down the line.”
The faceless one shrugs “Sadly many do not wish to part with those abilities even when they spend most of their time down here. I have I think three. One that is well random on where it takes you. One that can only go between here and Phase World, and the last can open portals to anywhere with only a mere vague concept but at the cost of completely draining ones metaphysical energies. None are in particularly high demand though the last is obviously the most valuable.”
Bharat: “Then in exchange for two wishes, I will tell you the person, if not his name directly.”

Quazil Ahhs, and nods a bit, holding back the cutting comment about the best selection; he wasn’t a power broker, how could he know? “Never a good state to be in after travel, I suppose.. Though.” And he’d smile, hefting the blade on the counter lightly, “Trinkets of this nature do well to offset such a balance, don’t you think?” And he’d again look, and point to one of the orbs on a shelf behind the counter, covered in a thin layer of frost, a faint glow within. “And that one?”
AJ B. (GM): Ulle nods “A fair deal, so long as the information given is recognizable enough and not just ‘A demon’ or a similarly useless piece”

Bharat grins. “While I would have thought of that, dealing fair is the best way to do these things.”
AJ B. (GM): “Ahh now that one is of a fair better use. Much of what I sell is offensive in nature. That has the nasty function of giving one the icy touch of death itself. When in use it can instantly freeze any limb touched. Though the effect does only last for 30 seconds that is often more then enough to shatter a frozen limb.”
Ulle nods “Indeed fair dealings tend to remove the likelyhood for vengeance. Do you have a preference of element friend?”
Bharat: “A preference of element?”
AJ B. (GM): “Earth, Wind, Fire, or Water. Each wish granter has an element linked to them, and each ones powers are unique allowing an easier time of granting certain wishes, while making others take longer.”

Quazil chuckles, “Aye, more than ample time to do so.. The pain must be excruciating when it begins to defrost..” And he’d nod towards the orb, “Perhaps that one will leave with me this day… And for those foes who seek to hide from my wrath in a small room? Surely something must exist to aid me?” Shopping for another or not, one’s most convincing argument to buying for themselves is to.. well.. buy things for themselves.
AJ B. (GM): “Ahh now there I can perhaps help you. Quite a few different sight enhancement powers. I have three varieties of magic sensing powers. One that requires small amounts of magic from the user, one that will feed off of life force, and one that is never off.” he pauses “Though for those of discerning taste I do have the Alleye. However that one’s price is often out of range of even the wealthiest of demons. There are a few others with somewhat more interesting effects though their chaotic nature makes them unpredictable, but much more affordable.”
Bharat: “I… Really don’t have a preference. Earth I suppose.”
AJ B. (GM): Ulle nods “Alright then.” He goes to a shelf and pulls down a black bottle. “Three wishes in a bottle, earthen flavored. Yours at the low price of knowing your employer.”

Bharat takes the bottle and looks at it. Odd. “The gatekeeper.”
AJ B. (GM): Ulle’s smile brightens “Oh now that is wonderful information. Ulle owes big lizard something much better. Please allow me to swap that for a much better one.”
Quazil: “Mm.. Omnisight, thought nice, is far less useful to me then others.” And then he’d point two massive fingers at some of the smaller orbs sitting together; a collection of night vision and those for seeing the invisible. “And though cheaper, never trust chaos in a battle.. Unless you are the one sewing it.” That smile again spread across his face, horrific as it was, somewhat lopsided. After all, he’s ugly as sin. “And surely you’ve things to increase one’s speed in battle? If not to strike faster, than to move away with that grace that only the most skilled of blade dancers may hold?”
AJ B. (GM): “Mmm, although I don’t have just those two together I do have them in seperate ones. I have a couple varieties of speed and grace. Let me think.” He tilts his head back. “There is the cheetahs speed, the panthers grace, the blurred sprite, and the lost sands. Never noticed how pretentious speed power names are, how odd.”
Bharat: “Sure.” Bharat hands the bottle back.
AJ B. (GM): Ulle takes the bottle and returns with a yellow one. “5 wishes, Jinn of name Carl Everen, air flavor, is particularly quick with travel wishes. Be specific what you ask him. Better temperment then most but still is prankster as all his kind are.”
Bharat: “Interesting. Useful as well. Can I take this bottle from Hell?”

Quazil laughed with a nod, “If they do what is desired, they may as well be named ‘The Pink Bunny of Keeping All Four Lucky feet’ for all I care. The later two do sound intriguing..”
AJ B. (GM): Ulle nods "Absolutely, and should you need him back into it simply say “Return to the bottle” do not let him trick you into wishing for such a thing, is annoying to lose a wish to transporting a Jinn."
The proprietor twists and twirls his hand and two orbs appear, one appearing to be sky blue with white swirling through it, and the other deep red with black specks rising up from the bottom of it. “The blurred sprite gives one the ability to move at twice there speed with no drawbacks for such quick movement as well as being able to fly for an hour once each day.” He then stares into the red orb. “The lost sands, does not exactly increase speed or grace. It does however bend time to ones will stretching 15 seconds into 45 once each day.”
Bharat: “Ah. Clever. Thank you for that.”
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AJ B. (GM): Ulle nods “always a pleasure to assist the gatekeeper in any way I may. Hopefully you are successful in your endeavors”
(kk no problem)
Quazil: (Take your time)
Bharat: “Can he get me to places I’m not supposed to be?”
AJ B. (GM): Ulle nods “So long as the place is niether in heaven nor Dyvval then yes, unless it is blocked by extremely powerful magic.”

Quazil humms thoughtfully, nodding, “I should ask of the sands… Does it simply stretch one’s perception, or slow the world around you, leaving you unimpeeded?”
Bharat: “Interesting. Thank you. And he can pull my… girl here, yes?”
AJ B. (GM): The proprietor smiles. “It slows the world around you, and has a failsafe for those who are truly in desperate need, one may destroy the power completely to gain a full day out of 15 seconds, though the interactions during that time are unpredictable in their effects.”
Ulle nods “Oh most certainly, she will not have had time to set up protections and will be easy for him to acquire.”

Quazil let that smile crack across his face. “Mm.. So many things to tempt me. And the grace of the panther?”
AJ B. (GM): “Not quite as effective at movement, it gives one a few extra steps in a short time but mainly ensures they can not lose their balance and will be more functional when attempting to move quickly and quietly”

Quazil glanced down at himself, hands spreading out wide to fill the space to indicate himself, then back at the shop keeper with a smile, “Do I look like the kind that knows how to be quiet when I travel? Though an extra step is always worth having.” And then he’d move over to another of those collections of orbs, “What gifts of strength might I find among these many treasures, hmm?”
AJ B. (GM): “Ahh, now there we have a plethora as strength is something many are willing to sell for a variety of things. I have several that give the strength of a dragon, most temporarily, though it is rare one needs it for more then a few minutes. A few that will give strength and size of a giant. My prized one though is almost certainly, The Punch of the Forge. Traded from a Cosmo Knight in a far off galaxy.”

Quazil chuckled a bit, “Aye, I can attest that few stand for long against an appropriate application of such strength. And I already tower over most..” Thought at the mention of another type of knight, the sound of stones could be heard shifting against one another, his head tilting, “I should be curious as to what the last offers, though that, perhaps, might simply take the fun out of the blood shed..”
AJ B. (GM): “Mmm, the last, well frankly there isn’t much blood shed with that, as it infuses ones punch with the energy of the cosmos itself, dissipating into the target when they are struck. It it inadvisable to use such power on anything you prefer in less then a few thousand pieces”
Bharat: (Ok, getting off)
(Back soon)
Quazil: (Ok! Be safe!)
Bharat: (I’ll try)

Quazil couldn’t help but laugh at such, “No, I favor having spoils of war.. Though the strength of a dragon, perhaps, would be worth having.. And perhaps the power to vanish from sight, or meld into the shadows as I’ve seen many do?”
AJ B. (GM): “hmmm, stealth, I only have a couple, theres been a recent spike in the market for them. Don’t know why, maybe more people taking up thievery then ever? Anyhow, all I have currently, is one that allows for one to turn invisible for one minute but any violence returns them to a visible state, and another that allows for one to turn invisible and act as they please but has a habit of flickering out at inconvenient times.”

Quazil laughed, “You sir, are a true man of honesty. Though I suppose this is why you do such brisk business. You never sell your goods under false pretense… Perhaps you’ve found those willing to part with the ability to talk to others without words?”
AJ B. (GM): He bows at the compliment “I have little choice, demon’s aren’t known for their patience or mercy after all. It’s rare someone wants to sell that one, but it does happen I have three in stock one of standard telekinetic fare, a range of 10 miles to anyone known to the person making contact. Another that can link up to five people and spans an entire dimension. and a final one that allows cross dimensional contact between two people but about 1 in 5 words gets mixed up with another.”.
Quazil: “Many aren’t… And now, friend, we come to a matter of costs. I seek the best, and I have come to the best. Where do we begin, and what is your favored currency?”
AJ B. (GM): “Well, I prefer to trade powers for powers, after all it keeps me in business. However few mortals have anything of interest, though I believe your race has a couple unique abilities I could certainly use.”
Quazil: “True as that may be, my kind are not for sale. I’m sure, perhaps, there are those you need to have.. ‘Addressed’? Though an honest merchant such as yourself likely never needs to resort to such petty acts of violence..”
AJ B. (GM): “There is a reason I do not deal in future favors friend.” He then looks at Quazil’s personal blade. “That is a rather unique sword, matches you quite well. Perhaps you’d part with it for a couple powers?”
Quazil: “As you say, it matches me well.” And he’d casually pull the weapon from where he kept it beside him, hints of still damp blood along the dark stone edge. “Though it is intelligent, it suits my needs well. As for parting with it? I wouldn’t wish to pass on the misdeeds it has been responsible as a matter of professional courtesy.”
(However that word is spelled)
AJ B. (GM): “Down here, misdeeds are as good as the slaying of monsters is above friend. So it would be all the more valuable. Still perhaps you’d part with that other weapon on the counter, though it is of less interest to me I could still see trading some for it.”

Quazil glanced down at the weapon on the counter before hefting the weapon again. “This? She already has cost me much. And I look forward to the future favors she will be paying.” And again that flicker of fire shown in his eyes, that smile of his spreading broadly at the thoughts of violence likely playing through his mind.
AJ B. (GM): The shopkeeper shrugs “Mmm, well perhaps I can tempt her away from you. 3 of the lower priced powers and 1 of the higher ones?”
Matt S.: “Excellent. Then I shall bid you adieu. May all your business be as profitable.”
Bharat: (That is to say, bharat)

Quazil scoffed at the offer, “Friend, that would be less than the task she has cost me would run.” A casual shift of the weapon in his hand, as if again testing the balance. No flaunting of it, but there was clear skill of a swordsman in his movement.
AJ B. (GM): The shopkeeper shrugs “Unfortunately I can’t offer you much more then that. Although a nice weapon, she is after all still a weapon and therefore can be disarmed or stolen.”
Ulle bids Bharat farewell and sees him out/
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Bharat: (Eh, I deserve it.)
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Matt S.: But I got a bottle of magic wishes so… score?
AJ B. (GM): Alright, when everyones here and ready let me know.
Clockwork d.: (Giftwrapped!)
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Zea: (Ready)
AJ B. (GM): Alright. last we left in the hospital Melo was in a coma and there were a variety of problems reattaching his arm. Mainly that anyone who touched him got either shot with horror or went comatose themself, robots were tried unfortunately they had their motor functions shut down any time they touched him. Currently we have Ambrose and Aug’s character standing touching him seemingly zoned out. Melo in his hospital bed still holding his gun, and Leah sitting nearby looking worried. Melo’s vitals have all spiked as if he is an extreme level of stress and his head doctor has been called very few people know what to do.

Melo seems to be under some mild stress, yes. BeepBeepBeepBeepBeep goes that heart monitor, spiking from that just-over-40 beats per minute that he had been at for quite some time to over twice that rate, though still within a ‘safe’ range of only about 105-110.
AJ B. (GM): (Clockwork I leave introing your character at this point to you)
Clockwork d.: The doctor tugs on a labcoat as she approach the room, scrubs wet with sweat at armpits and across her back, despite being freshly pulled. She peers into the room for a moment, and quickly ties back her black hair. Green eyes blinking, weary, she eyes the chart for a moment, takes a deep breath, and puts on her professional face before entering.
((Quick stats? 5’7", 120-130, black hair, green eyes, distinct Japanese features. Clean pale skin on face and neck, but tattoos and other markings starting below her wrists, and from the clavicle down))
Leah Razortongue: As you enter Leah stands up, a female deerbee skinny and disshelved but not truly malnourished. “What’s wrong, what happened?!”
Artemis approaches the banked diagnostics and looks them over. She takes care to avoid touching anyone, having already spent far to much of her time trying to make machines work, and not wishing to experience a similar fate. “Elevated vitals. Maybe waking? … No.” She shakes her head, turning to look more closely at Melo for signs that might indicate what is happening. She doesn’t really seem to notice the Deebee, her attention otherwise focused
AJ B. (GM): The nurse who calls you shrugged “I don’t know. I’m not even sure how those two” she points at the two touching him “Are still there.”

Melo so far hasn’t blown anyone to bits with the gun, at least..!
Matt S.: (Does your heart rate really slow down in a coma?)
Artemis , as if noticing the two touching Melo for the first time, turns her attention upon them. “Friends of his?” She asks with out direction. Almost as if preventing a habit, she tucks her hands into the coat’s pockets, keeping them safe from idle touching. “How long has this been going on?”
AJ B. (GM): (it’s about the same as a sleeping heartrate)
(which can vary depending on what’s going on in the mind but during deep sleep yes it does slow some)

Melo is, when it comes down to it, at the peak of physical health for a human. He still puts at least an hour every day into cardio, not to mention his general work activity, thus, his heart rate was slow to begin with.
AJ B. (GM): The nurse shrugs “They’ve been in contact with him for about 20 minutes or so. Far more then anyone else has managed. The deerbee has been seen with him regularly. The other is apparently the deer’s bodyguard.”
Artemis closes her eyes for a moment, weighing against correcting the nurse’s choice of words. She gestures to the heart rate monitor, “And this, the same duration?” Her attention returns to Melo, eyes raking over him for details, her focus stopping at signs of recent remodeling, or cybernetics.
AJ B. (GM): She shakes her head “No this has only been going on for a little over 5 minutes now”

Melo was, for the most part, human! Well, by ‘most part’ he means ‘All’. Except for his eyes. Bionic, fairly high tech, and it was a safe bet he’d had them for nearly, if not more than ten years. Skin had healed around them well enough to not even leave any scaring. Otherwise? Human. Well, that and he was missing his right arm just below the elbow, but that’s likely on the chart.
Melo: (To GM) rolling 1d20+2 Melo Mindcontrol save.
= 13
Artemis away from the patient and checks over his chart quickly. “Short of arrest, there is no need for me here. He will either come down on his own, or he won’t. I won’t petition for drugs… and I won’t have them stop, either.” Taking out a pen, she marks in the chart, in short hand, for the eyes to be rremoved and saved for her, should Melo not recover. " As for these two," She gestures to the DeerBee and the Bodyguard, “… I see no harm in contact. It might even help, long term.” She scratches at her right ear, rubbing at her headjacks.
AJ B. (GM): The nurse seems worried but does not question Artemis on it “As you say doctor.” Leah looks all the more worried but seems resigned to just waiting at this point.
(and with that we shall jump back into hell if no one objects?)
Artemis: ( Fine by me! thankie sai!}}
Matt S.: (She wants his eyes. 0.0)
AJ B. (GM): Last we left our two stalwart companions they were seperated and in the midst of their own adventures (they’re golden age cybertech, there are people who want his eyes while he’s still alive)
Artemis: (( Cyberdoc… she wants all his bits. Dibs is as Dibs Does! ))
AJ B. (GM): (at least she has the courtesy to wait until he’s dead)
Bharat having acquired a Jinn in a bottle and Quazil in the midst of negotiations over a blade and some powers. (Quazil you happen to remember where we were in that?)

Quazil had, when we’d last left off, been made an offer of a hand full of lesser powers for the blade, and made no attempt to hide the offence he had for such an offer. “True as it may be that she ’tis but a weapon, she still is the kind of weapon one does not let go of easily.. Nor does she take to finding a new master lightly.”
Matt S.: “What an interesting development… I wonder what will happen next.” Bharat says to himself, looking at the bottle in hand. “I should find a private place.”
AJ B. (GM): The shopkeeper sighs “I see there is some disparity in our opinions on value. Perhaps you would care to enlighten me on what you paid for it friend?”
The most private place in the area appears to be either an alley between two shops, or a shop stall a ways down that only the depressed proprietor is standing in.
Matt S.: “Well then, looks like I’m not getting a lot of privacy.” Bharat decides to go look for whereever Quazil wandered off to

Bharat thinks to the axe: You wouldn’t happen to be able to change form would you?
Quazil: “Bloodshed. Power. Favors.” And with that, his hand would reach up, to try and pull the dog tags he wore from within his robe, lifted over one of those massive stone digits, the chain still about his neck. “Tasks from him, an exchange of debts, not taken lightly. A reward not easily haggled away for a mere handful of baubles.”
AJ B. (GM): The shopkeeper studies the tags “Ahh, unfortunately I am not so certain we can do business anymore friend. There are too many threads that run through my shop, and having that one vibrate would call down many spiders.”

Bharat decides not to bother looking for Quazil and just heads down the alley
Quazil: (Sorry for slowness)

Quazil Ahs, and nods understandingly. “I can understand your concerns. Many decline business with me for fear of the bad blood it may bring. Though I’m sure business with all of your clients may bring with it the risk of such things.” Still, he’d put away those tags with care. “Perhaps, some other time, I may come into your good graces and become a customer rather than simply a waste of time.” His tone still carried that warm, polite tilt to it. “And come with far less threat of the world deciding to drink your insides alive.”
AJ B. (GM): The shopkeeper seems surprised and nods towards a door at the back. “Please friend allow me one last courtesy. Take that exit. It leads to a far better walk.”
The alley is peaceful and no one seems to really notice Bharat hanging out in it. that or they simply don’t care.

Quazil dipped his head in a nod, a hand lifting to plant a fist against his chest in not exactly a salute, but it may well have been. “Your kindness is appreciated, Friend. May you find opportunity where you can.” And with that, he would turn to start making his way toward the door, starting to whistle quite casually. Twisted Nerve, anyone?
AJ B. (GM): As soon as he is through the door he finds himself in a room with a table and a strange creature who appears to be made of a waxxy substance and constantly melting. it has no eyes but 6 mouths as well as 4 arms. it is only about 6 inches tall however. As soon as Quazil enters it greets him in a lilting feminine voice “Ahh, a customer in need of some discretion, how nice.”
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 77 Demon amd monster lore.
= 1 Successes
Quazil: (Sorry again for slow)
Bharat: (IT’s ok man. I’m doing my thing. Just relax)

Quazil split his mouth into a wide, ugly smile at the sight of the small creature on the table. “Always the better part of valor. His, I take it?” A cant of his head over his shoulder to the door. “Shall we cut to the chase of price, and spare the pleasantries of haggling?”
AJ B. (GM): (yeah no worries, believe me, I know it isn’t easy splitting between two characters/windows)
Quazil: (If they were any closer on the spectrum, I likely could do it better)
AJ B. (GM): “If you like. Though should your price be too high and you do not wish to haggle the door behind me leads to the backroads of the market. and in answer to your first question, yes. I handle the dealings that would lead to trouble for client or proprietor. This room has the best wardings money can buy.”
Quazil: “Price is always negotiable, Friend.” And, provided the seats looked like they could handle his weight, he’d take a seat at the table. “I seek power, as I’ve likely made clear. In return, I have credits, a small collection of paltry gemstones that likely hold little interest to you or your master. I crave a collection of strengths that I lack, and I know the price will be high.”
AJ B. (GM): “Before this you were discussing the price of a blade in your possession. It was indicated you acquired it from the gatekeeper. We can’t be seen dealing with those in his service, thus the frankly insulting offers. Although we weren’t sure there is an aura particular to his tags, and he who is cautious lives longest. Now what would you consider a fair price for the blade?”

Quazil grunts, “My silence goes with the blade, as to where it came from, and where it went.” An up front offer made in addition to the blade, “Thirteen. Four of the greater gifts, the rest those of lesser value and easily replaced.” The blade set down on the table. “And I am willing to accept a few of the same gifts if need be; I can always find ways to part with such extra powers.”
AJ B. (GM): The homunculus nods “you have a deal.” it waves it’s hands over the table and thirteen powers appear. “All of the ones you asked about and a few others. including the backlash scry, I do believe you’ll enjoy it.”

Quazil held that smile warm and wide. “A pleasure, my friend.” And with that, he would turn the blade, edge facing towards himself, towards the small melting form upon the table. “She is now your master’s. May she serve you and your house well.” His rucksack would follow, the orbs carefully gathered. A Cigar would soon be found set in that gaping crack in his face that made up the earthen warrior’s mouth, though he did at least do the courtesy of asking before lighting up, “Do you mind?” The orbs put into the bag.. Oh such debates were raging through his mind in that slow, methodical way.
AJ B. (GM): The creature nods “and may these powers smear your enemies upon your boots never to return.”

Quazil laughed heartily at that, “My Friend, most will never know what sent them to their maker.” Careful wrapping in one section would go several orbs, another in another swaddling and sack. “And now.. There is one last power I wish to purchase, for either gems or credits, or perhaps something treasured by myself,” a light tap at his cigar as it was lit, "Beyond the bounty of the sword. What value do you place upon another of your gifts of scrying?
AJ B. (GM): "depends on what form of scrying, those are often measured by the defenses they must penetrate. ranging from mundane to true name.
Quazil: “Little beyond the mundane will suffice. Many in the world above, within the lands I travel, refuse to ward themselves against magic, for fear that it is unnatural.”
AJ B. (GM): “Then the sight of the stars should suffice. In any world where the stars shine upon you will be able to see anyone you choose. though you it does have the limitation that should you not be in moonlight for over a weeks time straight it will require you spend a month under the open night sky to return it’s power to it.”

Quazil nods. “This would.. Suit me nicely. The moon has always been a companion I can count upon. And the cost?”
AJ B. (GM): "Consider it a gift. You’ve been more pleasant then most of my customer’s and far more accommodating. Should you see the gatekeeper before you leave though passing along this message “The star’s mourn your passing” I would be grateful." with that a small orb apparently made of the night sky appears.
Quazil: “Should my path cross his once more, you can rest assured your message will be given. And your kindness does live up to your reputation. Should those whom’s paths I cross point them here, rest assured that though no deals were made, only kind words will be spoken of your shop.” The orb itself would be collected, and carefully tucked away. “With that, Friend, I likely should return to my other tasks at hand. I bid you safe dealings.”
AJ B. (GM): “To you as well friend.”

Quazil with that, would depart, casually starting to hum a bit of a background tempo; he’d at least wait until he was outside of the shop before he’d start to sing. “? Ah bet you’re wonderin’.. how I knew / ’Bout your plans to make me bluuuue…?” A moment to let the unheard background music fill in, “? With some other guy you knew before— / Between the two of us guys, You know I loved you more../”
AJ B. (GM): As you head off into the backroads you find them empty of the damned and oddly well marked with signs.

Quazil quite casually continued to sing, and enjoy his cigar as he began to make his way back towards the weapon’s emporium; he was in no rush, though he should be, not knowing where his charge had gone off to. “? It took me by surprise, ah must say../ When I found out, yester-day/ Don’t you know that I, heard it through the grapevine/ Not much longer would you be miiiine.. / Oh I heard it through the grapevine/ Oh I’m just about, just about, just about to lose my mind… Honey, honey yeah. ?” A left, a right, casual travel as thoughts played through his head, that deep and heavy voice of his easily picked up. No, he wasn’t trying to be quiet in hell. What fun would that be, let alone in a market place?
AJ B. (GM): After a little while you make it back to the shop you got the sword from.

Quazil of course would have finished his song along the way; Despite his penchant for singing the heavy songs of metal with guitars and drums backing him up, and the clear voice that lets him pull it off and still be heard, what was wrong with a little bit of motown without the backup now and then? “? I know a man, ain’t supposed to cry/ But these teeaaars, I can’t hold inside… / Losin’ you may end my life, you see/ ’Cause you meant that much to me… /You could have told me yourself, you see… / That you loved someone, more than me..! ?” A few on lookers surely had to shake their head at the fool, but he carried himself with the confidence and charisma of someone who knew they were good at what they did, and could roll with it when they were shown up. “? Instead I heard it through the grapevine / Not much longer would yoOou be mine, / Oh, I heard it through the grapevine/ And I’m just about to lose my mind.. Honey, Honey, yeah.. ?” And into the shop he’d go, missing the blade he’d left with, likely walking in at the chorus.
AJ B. (GM): The shopkeeper greets you warmly and says “I hope your lighter load is due to success and not theft.”
Quazil: “A little of column A, a little of column B, friend.” And around he’d pull his bag, to start rummaging through, and pull out a collection of orbs, setting them on the counter. “Ask not what was done for them.” A collection of ten orbs would be set down, across a length of cloth they’d been wrapped in, his rucksack tucked back behind him. “As agreed upon, a step into your own trade in the power broker field.”
AJ B. (GM): He checks them all carefully before looking over the portal one with a bit of disappointment. “Well done, sad that this is one of the ones he gave you though.”
Quazil: “Oh?” A curious tone to his voice, “Though it might be slow to move, I’m sure I could find a buyer for such a bauble. You simply must find the right client. Find those with little in the way of the mental and magical power to force it upon, and keep within your thrall.”
AJ B. (GM): “perhaps but travel is under such low call here that it will be millenia before I find a buyer. and that is not exaggeration.”
Quazil: “And what price would you ask for it? I do try to be fair in my dealings, and know of many outside the realm that might be willing to seek such a power, and mayhaps even make the journey here, to you, specifically, for it… Though I still make no promises.”
AJ B. (GM): “For a bauble like this one I’d be lucky to trade it for two powers. or a good magic knife.”
Quazil: “Friend, you are not seeking the right client if that is all you would ask for it.” That wide crag of a smile stayed with him. “I’ve only a handfull of the mundane to offer.”
AJ B. (GM): He shakes his head. “It’s a matter of client availability really. Demons even the lowliest can cross dimensions even if poorly.”
“and selling escape to the damned tends to call down rather a lot of ire from the princes”
Quazil: “Then, Friend, I apologize for the err of my purchase. Perhaps he has pulled the wool over my eyes in his dealings.” And into his bag he would reach, pulling his final unopened box of cigars, and pair of blades; one of masterful technology, almost too small for his hand, the other looking to be made of bone, the blade itself wrapped in a protective layer of chain and cloth. “Though not magic, perhaps you would be willing to find a buyer before you.”

Quazil adds, “For I am neither damned, nor under the rule of the Princes.”
AJ B. (GM): He looks over the blades “Indeed, either would pay for this quite nicely.”
Quazil: “Then Friend, pick your poison; the finest technology one’s credits can buy, or a trophy ripped from the hands of a beast that rivaled me in power. Both come with the gift of my vice, to make up for my poor dealings.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods and picks up the tech blade “Much appreciated friend and do not be so hard on yourself, many would find this a valued gift in your lands. It just has little place down here.”

Quazil nods, and casually collects the orb of travel, along with the unchosen blade. to return them to that sack of how-the-hell-does-it-hold-that-sword-and-every-thing-else-ok-fine-it-really-isn’t-called-a-carry-all-for-nothing. “And now..” His hand would be held out. “My fee, if you would be so kind?”
AJ B. (GM): He nods “Of course” he pulls out the eye and places it in your hand. “It has been a pleasure, do come see me again some time.”
Quazil: “Quite gladly, Friend.” And out he would go, eye tucked into his bag as he thought, the orb of travel pulled out, looked into for a moment.. And then squeezed within his hand, the outer edges starting to crack slowly, audibly, the same way one might hear a glacier starting to crumble. Another moment, a sound of shattering, a faint rush of space and time seeming to warp, and that massive hand would close fully. No, he’d no issues at all showing his good faith to the bladesman by using the orb for himself.
AJ B. (GM): The orb is apparently gone and for but a moment Quazil’s eyes seem to spark with a new inner light one very different from before.
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d4
= 1

Quazil would, once free of the shop, start to again whistle, reaching into his bag to find another of those orbs; a task he should have performed on the way to the shop to begin with.. Another audible shattering mixed into the din of the market, perhaps attracting an eye or two, perhaps not. Otherwise, he spoke nor sang, eyes alight with that strange new glow.
(To GM): Lost Sands would be next.
AJ B. (GM): As once more the orb vanishes this time there is an odd shift in the cracks on his skin as they glow a light blue and seem to shift into the shape of an hourglass for just a moment.

Quazil seemed to pay such actions no mind, though the whistling came to an end soon enough. Another orb would be pulled free, held to his form casually; within his hand, such objects were dwarfed; He was large enough that a basketball might look small. A darker orb soon would join the others, mystic glass shattered… It really is odd how quietly the stone man could move when he wanted to. At least some courtesy might be paid to him as lesser demons moved out of his way.
(To GM): Woo Pamfers!
AJ B. (GM): As the orb is crushed there is the sound of purring flowing through the air and Quazil’s “skin” seems to darken a shade for just a moment.

Quazil was ever light on his feet, keeping an eye out, stopping now and then to check out the wares offered by some peddler in passing, not taken in by their offers. It might be several minutes more before the next orb would vanish into a cloud of star-dust within his hands; True, he may not be able to use the power for a good long while due to it’s drawback of power, he’d rather not risk simply being pickpocketed. By now, he was quiet, his singing coming to an end as he searched for the shop of Ulle.
AJ B. (GM): As the orb vanishes there is a barely visible ring of flame spinning its way down from his head to his feet before vanishing.
(To GM): in this case, that was meant to be the scrying one.
(To GM): and not the backlash one… Yet.
(From AJ B. (GM)): ahh sorry misread, kinda zony

Quazil might, eventually, find where he was going; many signs, many languages, and perhaps he might even go so far as to ask for directions; Friendly like, o’corse. That final orb from his pouch would be crushed within his hand at that door, provided he could find it, before he’d knock, if he did find it.
AJ B. (GM): As the last orb is crushed there is something very different a cloud of blue smoke envelops Quazil and then begins twinkling with stars, however his next breath causes it to disippate and leave no trace.
It’s easy enough to get directions to the shop that is a pitiful building. the proprietor answers. “Oh it is you, you seek wishes as well?”
Quazil: “Good day, Friend. Who doesn’t seek wishes? But in this case..” And into the building he’d push his way, carefully… Somewhat politely. “I come seeking the one you were speaking with earlier today. And I now have come seeking You.” His words grew just a hint of an edge; He’d no reason to harm the man… Yet. But he’d also warned against his need to hunt for him in his parting words. “I trust no harm has come to him?”
AJ B. (GM): “Of course not, of course not.” The man steps aside revealing an interior filled with shelves full of bottles “He was granted a nice gift, the gatekeeper is an old friend, and Ulle remembers his friends. He walked down that away on the main road.” He points. “I presume he was seeking a quiet place to meet his Jinn and make his wishes.”
Quazil: “A Jinn?” A snort of surprise, “Though I suppose that would be the easiest way to traffic in wishes.”
AJ B. (GM): “Well yes, they are some of the easiest and most reliable of wish granters. Have you ever tried to catch a leprechaun in hell. It is a most unpleasant experience.”

Quazil had to laugh at that. He really did. “True enough, friend! True enough. And now, I should ask, what the cost of a single wish might be. After all, I’m already here, and such a tool could always be useful.”
AJ B. (GM): “mmm a single wish, I have one with but a single wish. It would cost 50,000 credits, or ten gems of a rather fine quality.”

Quazil humms, hand lifting to his chin, before he’d reach into his rucksack, to fish out the small pouch of gems he had; nothing of much value, really. Surely nowhere near what he was asking. A single fire agate was pulled out, a touch smaller than a quarter in size. “Sadly, I doubt I could meet such a cost.”
AJ B. (GM): The mans eyes sparkle and seem to spin. “how many more like this one do you have?”

Quazil chuckled at that look of delight. “Naught that would interest you. A sliver of quartz. ’Tis all I have.”
AJ B. (GM): “hmm that is sad. two gems no matter how pretty I could not let even a single wish go for.”

Quazil gave a nod, slipping the stone back into it’s pouch; After all, he’d not had much in the way of material wealth. Credits? He’d some, but not the amount being asked for. “I do have to wonder what my companion parted with for a Jinn of his own, but perhaps I will learn it of him. For now, I suppose I should search for him once more.”
AJ B. (GM): The man looks at the gems longingly. “Wait, perhaps there is a deal we can make. I do have one Jinn I could part with for that. She is well unbecoming of a Jinn or a Proprietor of wishes so I do not often mention her.”
Quazil: “Oh?” His movement to leave was halted, turning back to the man. “Jinn or not, women never can be trusted to be sane, eh?” His tone filled with warm jest, the pouch again pulled out, and offered to the man for inspection; A Fire Agate of 11 carats, cut flat and round with a point at one end, and a small, uncut cube of clear quartz, edges crafted by nature. “Perhaps such a pittance, and no word of where she came from would be worth being free of her?”
AJ B. (GM): “Indeed it would friend. A word of warning for someone so generous. Keep your wishes simple. She offers three but is well, you’ll see. Just be careful.” He places a black bottle before you and takes the two gems.
Quazil: “A full trio, you say? I now worry at just how careful I should be with my wishes.” He’d accept the jar, looking down at it with some trepidation. Why is ‘The turkey’s a little dry..’ ringing out in his head?
AJ B. (GM): “Well friend, you’ll see when you meet her, though I would ask you not do so in my shop. Her balance is not the most reliable.”

Quazil had to laugh at that, warm and hearty. “A good plan.” And into his sack the bottle would go, wrapped carefully to try and keep it from breaking among the other items. “For now, Friend, I wish you well. A pleasure, and no word shall be spoken of just where the.. Damaged Goods have come from.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods and opens the door for you. “Most generous of you friend.”
(ok so now I’m forced to ask this. the next few minutes are likely to be rather instense, are you both up for continuing with that being the case?)
Bharat: (Meaning what?)
Quazil: (Either something very awesome happens, or something very bad and awesome happens)
Bharat: (I mena, I’m cool. Might go to the bathroom. But Yeah, I’m good with whatever)
AJ B. (GM): (alright I need to brb, and when I get back the party will be near/within view of each other)
(alright back) As Quazil leaves the shop he sees Bharat and a man who looks like William Wallace walking side by side up the street.
(From AJ B. (GM)): you’re sixth sense goes off.

Quazil held his smile at the sight of the lizard, though little mind was paid to the man beside him. Though he might hesitate for a moment as he approached. His hand shifted just a bit, moving to his waist and then back to an at ease position. “Friend.” He’d look around for a moment, “Perhaps it would be best if we stepped away from prying eyes.”

Bharat is also carrying a new corpse with him, the headless body of something that resembles a white tiger crossed with a human. “Hmm? Why’s that?” He asks, curious.
(From AJ B. (GM)): need a save vs horror factor
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d20+2 (Because not in fury mode)
= 6
(From AJ B. (GM)): almost forgot this again, save vs magic please

Quazil wouldn’t question the corpse’s presence; he’d been tasked with dragging around a dead body across half the landscape of hell already. “A hunch.”
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d20+9
= 17
Bharat: “Dare I ask about what?”
(From AJ B. (GM)): another save vs magic please.
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d20
= 22
Quazil: “Difficult to say.” Eyes would narrow, just a hint. “But it might well be in your best interests. There are times that it is best not to question, and best to simply Do As You Are Advised.”
(From AJ B. (GM)): save vs magic
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d20
= 26

Bharat takes a moment then looks around before whispering. “Are you being followed?”

Quazil grunts. “When are we not.” And with that, he would turn, to start making his way down a pathway.
(To GM): Mind reading. Words! A brush of lizard and a brush of imp.

Bharat looks around suspiciously and then follows.
(From AJ B. (GM)): I need a save vs magic and you get the sentence “Please curse him” from Bharat and the imp thinking “Please let me go.”
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d20+9
= 18
(From AJ B. (GM)): actually ignore sentences for a moment
(From AJ B. (GM)): save vs magic
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d20
= 15
Quazil: “I see your hunt was successful?” A comment made at the body in the lizard’s hand. Perhaps there was a hint. A sign. Something to show he knew. The faint flicker of fire about him, the pop of a magnet at his shoulder. “You TRAITOR!” And there was perhaps little to no time to react. He knew that tingle of magic that was washing over him. And surface thoughts that echoed his paranoia? The cost of the lost credits was not worth the betrayal. This is bad news. Very, VERY bad news. (Would this be considered a surprise attack?)
AJ B. (GM): (I’m gonna put this one down to a roll. Bharat roll me a d20 please)
Bharat: rolling 1d20
= 11
AJ B. (GM): (It would appear not, so init from both of you please)
AJ B. (GM): (technically you never had any indication he could in character)
Bharat: (IT’s ridiculous I don’t even get a save against that)
Quazil: (He did; I’ve spoken to him mentally. Once.)
rolling 1d20
= 39
AJ B. (GM): (telepathy and mind reading are very different and well known to be seperate in rifts)
Bharat: (Not even gonna roll against that.)
AJ B. (GM): (and technically you would get a save if you suspected it was happening at the exact moment it was.)
(also he only gets vague surface thoughts, unfortunately at the moment he did it you were trying to curse him with the axe for the fifth time)
(what are both your horror factors?)
Quazil: (16)
Bharat: (Uh, 13 I think)
AJ B. (GM): (both of you roll save vs hf)
Quazil: rolling 1d20
7 (Fury armor up, woo Blood Lust!)
= 17
Bharat: rolling 1d20
= 12
(Of fucking course)
(Try to do one fucking good thing for the universe and you get this nonsense)
AJ B. (GM): (lol, if Bharat survives this he’s actually going to have an archenemy)
Bharat: (He will not survive this)
Quazil: (Yeah. Muchly so.)
AJ B. (GM): (alright so Bharat loses initiative, his first action and can’t defend against Quazil’s first attack of the round)
(now my question is with how late it is and how long combat is do you guys want to save this for later?)
Quazil: (I am gung ho for either or)
Bharat: (Might as well finish killing Bharat now)
AJ B. (GM): (from what I’ve heard from Not, Quazil is vindictive enough to not kill him lol.)
(alright let’s see how this plays out anyhow. Quazil your first action?)
Quazil: (Question: Where is the axe?)
Bharat: (Except Bharat’s right there. It’s different than if my plan had worked)
AJ B. (GM): (in Bharat’s hand)

Quazil moved with lightning speed. There was no time to react. That stone blade was in his hand before the lizard had time to react; that spinning blade came hard and fast from the side, his other arm mirroring the movement. No, this wasn’t exactly a killing blow. This was the kind of blow meant to disarm his opponent. By removing their arm. Behind it? Behind it came the force of the monster’s rage.
Bharat: (He gets a free disarm. Then I get disarmed. Literally)
Quazil: rolling 1d20+16
= 21
Bharat: (I saw it coming!)
(That hit, just roll damage)
Quazil: rolling 20d6
= 66
AJ B. (GM): (Bharat what is your MDC?)
Bharat: (For my arm? I have no idea)
AJ B. (GM): (just overall)
Quazil: (Base MDC, we can calc from there)
Bharat: ( I think it’s 80)
AJ B. (GM): (well 30 MDC was in your armors arm
Bharat: (Was)
AJ B. (GM): (ahh, that makes a hell of a lot more sense)
Alright although he cuts through the armor and leaves a deep gash in Bharats arm it doesn’t cut all the way through
(Bharat lost his first action so we’re on to Quazil’s second.)
Bharat: ( finish the job!)

Quazil continued through with the movement, pulling back on the heavy swing that may well have set the lizard off balance, “? This is wartime, this is My time, I won’t be de-nied! ?” Came that hymn of battle, that roar of the twenty foot stone monstrosity bellowed as those blades again crashed against the lizard’s side, with the intent to go through that arm and start working on the sides of that body armor. At least he seemed somewhat impressed with how the smaller creature handled that first blow.
Quazil: rolling 1d20+16
= 18
(You have a chance..!)
Bharat: (It’s disgusting you can roll a 2 and get 18)
AJ B. (GM): (you do have defense options open now Bharat)
Quazil: (Parry, auto dodge, dodge are all options, and against an 18, you can for sure hit one of them)
Bharat: (I guess I’ll try dodge. That’s the free one right?)
AJ B. (GM): (parry and auto dodge are free)
(normal dodge eats action)
Quazil: (Auto dodge gets auto dodge bonus only, + PP)
Bharat: (Oh. I literally always mix that up don’t I?)
(PArry then)
rolling 1d20
= 24
Quazil: (YES!)
Bharat: (How much MDC does Quazil have?)
Quazil: (…A lot. Just under 500)
Bharat: (Not even a close fight)
AJ B. (GM): And Bharat bats Quazil’s blade aside with ease.
Bharat’s action next.
Quazil: (Next question: What blade?)
(The one he can see, or the one he can’t see?)
Bharat: (The invisible one coated in Bharat’s blood)
(I’m guessing)
AJ B. (GM): (works for me)
Quazil: (That’d be the stone one coming in hard then, ‘cause he’d be swinging both with each strike. There is no going easy on him)
(Roll damage yes / no?)
AJ B. (GM): (yep, roll damage on that blade)
Quazil: rolling 10d6
= 28
AJ B. (GM): (he’s only got the one weapon so parrying both would basically require a crit)
Quazil: (You’re getting some awesome luck on damage)
AJ B. (GM): Well that arm is in some serious pain, still attached though. (ok now bharat’s action)
Quazil: ( for the tracker if needed)
Bharat: Bharat doesn’t even put up the illusion of trying to fight and reaches into his pocket.
Quazil: (Action: Draw something, yes / no?)
Bharat: (Nope)
(Technically don’t even need to reach intot he pocket)
Quazil: (Hee. Ok)
AJ B. (GM): and Bharat is Gone. nothing left, no scorchmark, no nothing just gone. The William Wallace wannabe standing dumbfounded in that same spot.
Bharat: (hee?)
Quazil: (Nice!)
AJ B. (GM): The guy looks at Quazil, “Well that had some flair to it. No?”

Quazil turned, those blades crashing down once more in the same spot that the lizard had once filled. At least he didn’t lose the axe! That next bellow would follow, "? This is Go time, this is Showtime ?
Quazil: (Sorry, hit enter too soon)
Bharat: (Didn’t lose the axe?)
Quazil: (Bharat, I mean)
AJ B. (GM): (ahh kk)

Quazil ahem, “We will fight ‘til their wiiills aaaare broookennn.. ?” Continued that lyric, the stone behemoth turning on the jinn, provided his blades went into the ground, and not through flesh and armor. There was still that blood lust, but even he wasn’t foolish enough to strike out at the man beside the lizard. Ok, maybe he was. “FIND HIM!” The blade would be pointed, but not striking, “And tell him he will never sleep soundly again.”
AJ B. (GM): “I could do you one better. I could take you to him if you want.”
Quazil: “At what cost, Jinn?” He didn’t even say Friend. Never trust a Jinn. Ever.
AJ B. (GM): “No cost. I’m a Jinn, bound to serve my” he puts all his disdain in this word “Master, until he gets all his wishes or expires.”

Quazil still smouldered with that battle rage, wisps of fire flashing and flickering within his eyes, darkened armor alive with that glow of the raging magma of his blood underneath. “And this serves your desires, to see him.. Expired. How many wishes does he have left?” A deal with a Jinn. Who would have thought? At least this gives the lizard time to run.
AJ B. (GM): “He has two left, and has mentioned using the last to put me in a new bottle.”
Quazil: “And you trust the treacherous scum to hold to his word? When he can not hold to a contract of honor, let alone payment?” Yes, his opinion of the lizard was quite poor. The gears were churning away within his mind, racing over the thoughts of the risk.. And then a shake of his head. “Though I would offer you only my thanks for knowing where he is, I would rather enjoy giving chase. Let him run. Let him die tired, trapped in hell, berfit of a soul.”
AJ B. (GM): “Whether he keeps his word or not, a threat of new imprisonment is not to be taken lightly.”
Quazil: “True.” Already that magma was cooling, blood lust fading, armor slowly melting back into his form as he turned to collect his robes and reattach them. “Tell your keeper to watch his back.” And that dark crag of his smile split across his face, “Because I will find him. And I will enjoy myself as I rend him limb from limb.”
AJ B. (GM): He shrugs “If you insist on doing this the hard way. Good luck tracking him down then.” The Jinn starts walking off.
(Alright guys, it’s way late, time to call it a night)
exp for this and last session. 2500 each.
Quazil: Today is Tuesday, October 20th, 2015. EXP is about to be given but actually it was already given but yay Ctrl F.

Quazil might pause. A moment of thought. His sense of foreboding wasn’t going of.. “..Take me to him.”
AJ B. (GM): The Jinn smiles and nods walking back over and places a hand on Quazil’s shoulder. “Good choice.”
(and that is all the better a place to stop. We’ll pick this up next tuesday at the latest, maybe earlier.)
Quazil: (Thank you. This was honestly a hell of a lot of fun.)
(I.. honestly do feel bad that plans didn’t go well)
Bharat: (Maybe you shouldn’t make bullcrap characters then. Jerk)
Quazil: (Hahaha. I agree! I wanna go back to my normal, human powered skill monkey!)
Bharat: (Well, without a soul, I don’t see how that’s gonna happen)
Quazil: (Bharat is a holiday bonus. The souls are the paychecks)
AJ B. (GM): (I can not wait to see how the next bit plays out. Sadly I’m a bit to zoney to do it tonight)
Quazil: (For now, yeah. I gotta sleep)
Bharat: (How does Quazil get the souls back though!)
(This was hecka fun
AJ B. (GM): (indeed it was. looking forward to next time)
Zea: (Paper trail purposes: 2.5k flat for Ambrose, Bharat, Quazil, Aug, Doctor Car and Comatose Solider)
AJ B. (GM): Alright, everyone here and ready to continue?
Zea: (Good morning, and yep!)
Matt S.: Indeed
Zea: (Combat tracker is ready to go when things get rolling, as needed)
AJ B. (GM): Last we left our two madmen a Jinn had just teleported Quazil and now it is time to find out where he took him.
(Quazil, I need a d20 roll)
Quazil: rolling 1d20
= 15
AJ B. (GM): Well it would seem the Jinn’s tactic did not catch you completely offguard as you find yourself at the far reaches of the universe specifically floatin in space, no atmosphere no protection, no nothing.
(init roll please)
Quazil: rolling 1d20+14
= 23
Bharat: (My goodness that’s ridiculous)
AJ B. (GM): (alright Quazil you have init on this round.)

Quazil never had a trust of the Jinn. Not in the least. He didn’t even need his 6th sense to tell him that. At least the man of not-earth had one thing going for him: Cosmic rays could do oh so little to him! The down side? Space is big. Like.. Really big. You think a trip to the chemist’s is long? Well that’s not even peanuts to space. A single breath would be all he had, and it would escape into the soundless void of the vacuum in the form of mystic words. After all, there’re still places where one can find toxic gasses, or a need to visit the depths of the sea. And when you can’t exactly were armor, or trust an air tank, why bother when you’ve got magic on your side? (Breath without air, woo!)
(From AJ B. (GM)): there’s something off you don’t feel the proper tingle of magic
(To GM): Empty, open space, Jinn isn’t around, jah?
AJ B. (GM): As Quazil’s mouth forms words that are unheard due to the soundless vacuum the Jinn still touching his shoulder gives him a light shove and they begin moving in seperate directions, though Quazil notes an odd increase in his speed as he heads in the opposite direction of the Jinn now waving at him

Quazil could only smile at the lack of sound that space came with. Sure, there was bound to be some panic forming in the back of his mind when that spell wasn’t working. A casual spin would likely start. He likely could handle a lack of air for a few minutes; that magma that coursed through his form held ample air. It was a matter of keeping that rage in check. Another moment to pick up speed, and then he’d simply vanish should the Jinn stay there to watch.
(To GM): Teleport. Behind the Jinn. With a blade extended. Because that sword is fucking hax.
AJ B. (GM): (roll damage Quazil)
Quazil: rolling 20d6+1
= 61
(Correction; I miscalc’d)
(That should be 6d6
1, at most 10d6+1 due to robotic vs PS strength, so 16 or 26 for a single blade, 28 for dual)
(Err, 16 for single, 28 for dual)
Bharat: (I’m confused)
AJ B. (GM): (as am I, is that the damage numbers or what the dice should have been?)
Quazil: (Sorry, that is what damage should have been, based on the above roll)
(And that was robotic vs SN strength)
AJ B. (GM): The Jinn somehow manages to turn around with the blade still in him and covers Quazil’s eyes immediately. There was something odd but it’s hard to place. (need a perception roll Quazil)
Quazil: rolling 1d20
= 14
AJ B. (GM): (ok no matter, your action)

Quazil let that wicked crag of his smile split his maw, hand still holding his blade tightly within the Jinn’s form, his other arm moving around to.. Lets say ‘Embrace’ the Jinn, the wicked spike in the back of his second blade coming down and perhaps grazing, perhaps impaling, perhaps entirely missing the Jinn’s leg, still holding that rage in check. After all, he’d rather not lose his rucksack. This isn’t so much an attack mind, more a matter to hold the Jinn fast, but against their native supernatural strength it was likely futile. No, his mind was pulling at skills that didn’t require one speak. (GM’s call on what, if anything would need to be rolled)
AJ B. (GM): (nah auto success as the Jinn makes no attempt to stop it. However I need another perception roll)
Quazil: rolling 4d6+1
= 14
rolling 1d20
= 2
AJ B. (GM): (As far as you can tell the Jinn does nothing but holds his position)

Quazil surely doesn’t sense anything, but words would echo in the Jinn’s mind, arms holding him still fast. After all, he’s a mind reader. And with that mind reading ability, came the ability to communicate mentally [I wish to return from the place in Hell we just departed, Alive.] Now, the debate here comes down to one very simple question: With the Jinn trapped within the stone monster’s embrace as he was, was this considered Captured? Surely it didn’t, but one could always hope.
AJ B. (GM): There is no response, and as far as you can tell no action taken.

Quazil waited for barely a moment before moving to pull his weapons free, and try to abate some momentum, to kick the Jinn away. Yes, this was likely foolish; the panic was rising. but it would still be worth trying. (Auto kick action, woo?)
AJ B. (GM): Quazil’s foot passes through nothing as if the void is all that is in front of him, even though his eyes tell him differently.
The Jinn again seems to do nothing at all as far as Quazil can tell.

Quazil Had a few options left. Of course, this may mean releasing his blade, but so be it. His own stone weapon would be freed from his hand, in favor of trying to pull back and reach into his rucksack, in search of the bottle he’d only recently came into possession of. This may well be foolish, but still worth the attempt; Would he find it and be able to pop the top in time?
(From AJ B. (GM)): you find no sign of it on this action
AJ B. (GM): Although unseen as Quazil moves the Jinn cracks a slight smirk

Quazil O’corse would spend another moment searching, letting those seconds tick by. Yes, he was a fool. He should have continued to drift.
AJ B. (GM): And as his final act of defiance the Jinn removes his hand revealing that the void they are in is far darker then it should be. No stars are visible as the Jinn then Quazil are converted into something far less stable or concious, torn apart by the strongest force the universe can muster, one which even light itself has never escaped.
(Quazil if you want to kick him out of sheer spite before this happens you’ve got that last autokick)

Quazil should. Another effort to shove himself away from the Jinn he held impaled upon his sword.
AJ B. (GM): Again the kick just passes through as if nothing was there
Bharat: (Some kind of phasing spell?)
Quazil: (Mist form)
AJ B. (GM): (yep)
(Jinn can become mist, invisible, and change size at will)
Bharat: (Oh. I didn’t know that.)
AJ B. (GM): (Had Quazil used the sword the Jinn would have become solid to allow him to feel he was accomplishing something)
and now we shift back to Bharat who is holding two bottles, one empty one filled with black smoke.
Bharat: “Where am I anyway?” Bharat says, setting the bottles on the ground and pulling out the box that let him teleport away from Quazil
AJ B. (GM): It appears to have been set to the lowest level, and looking around you can see the world around you is covered in both mirrored surfaces and statues depicting great accomplishments, both of demons and of people. some of the statues of people have damned souls chained to them eyes held open ala A Clockwork orange, and no ability to turn away. Other damned walk around always seeing in the mirrors them at their most pitiable.
Bharat: “Ok… I need to get out of here before someone notices me.” Bharat murmurs to himself, grabbing up the bottles with one hand and changing the settings on the box to level 6 with the other.
AJ B. (GM): As soon as you appear on level 6 you find yourself in an open field with what appears to be an endless line of waterfalls of blood in the distance. There is no sign of a soul, damned or demon anywhere around.
Bharat: “Well then.” Bharat re-pockets the device and looks at the falls. “I guess that answers that.” He pulls out the map he was given and looks to see if he can find the right place.
AJ B. (GM): It appears to be near the center however as you begin walking a man looking much like santa clause but with a black beard appears in front of Bharat “Oh joy a newcomer looking to pass through my realms. Surely you know there is toll to be paid.”
Bharat: “I have no idea who you are or what toll might need to be paid.” Bharat already didn’t like this.
AJ B. (GM): “I am the guide, the power, and the exchequer of hell, grand duke of the cash flow, all that pass through must render onto me something of value or become something of value in my vaults.”
Bharat: “You are the keeper of the vaults?”
AJ B. (GM): “I am indeed.”
his chest puffs up, proud to be known.

Bharat performs the motion.
AJ B. (GM): The man chuckles “Very cute Gabby, it’s been a long time.”
Bharat: “Oh balls. My apologies.”
AJ B. (GM): “No worries, it’s not uncommon someone tries such tactics. Come with me if you would. I prefer to do my business in comfort if you do not object.” He reaches out as if opening a door and a glowing blue square appears before him which he walks through.

Bharat follows him through the door. It couldn’t be worse than insulting him or Quazil. IT was only a matter of time before that bastard found him again.
AJ B. (GM): Through the door is an opulent room made of gold inlaid with what appear to be designs made from pearl, at the center is a marble desk with 3 comfortable seats around it. The man sits on one side then looks at the seats “I fear my furniture may be too small for you friend.”
Bharat: “Not something I’m unused to.”
AJ B. (GM): “Now then, where are you headed friend?”
Bharat: "I was heading to the vaults to do some trading
AJ B. (GM): “ahh, then we can skip the toll if you are here to deal with me. What is it you’re seeking.”
Bharat: “The scythe of the Original Reaper.”
AJ B. (GM): “A treasure beyond measure, it’s value truly incalcuble. I assume you have something worthy to offer, though there is very little that could stand up to such a wondrous item.”
Bharat: “I’ve been told the Gabriel Axe and another thing would prove adequate payment.”
AJ B. (GM): “mmm, that depends on what the other thing is. Gabby is quite valuable certainly.”

Bharat grins and brings his tail around, unwinding it some to reveal the imp.
AJ B. (GM): The mans eyes bulge “one of dyvval’s minions. Certainly a prize worth having.” he waves his hands over the table and a scythe appears.
Is a rather simple weapon, just a normal wooden haft. It’s blade although obviously sharp, and shined to the point of being nearly mirrored is otherwise average.
Bharat: “I can honestly say I was expecting something more… ostentatious, but I’m not entirely surprised by the simplicity.”
Sintal: “The original reaper was a rather humble man from what I’ve been told.”
Bharat: (Sintal is.. the keeper?)
“I would ask for something else, if such a thing exists…” Bharat says, letting the question drift.
Sintal: (yes) “Well, if it is a small thing what you offer might be worth an additional boon, otherwise you will have to offer more then you have thus far”
Bharat: “Someting to carry souls, preferably somethign that can recatch them when they’ve been released by a reapers scythe.”
AJ B. (GM): “Hmm, I suppose I can do that.” he waves his hand and next to it appears a small medallion. “4 souls safely, any more will make it unstable. Released by scratching the ruby on the back. trapped by scratching the saphire on the front.”
Bharat: “And would this allow me to pick which one is released?” Bharat asks, curiously. It didn’t… really matter really.
AJ B. (GM): He shrugs “Don’t know never had reason to be specific with it.”
Bharat: “I sort of do… I’m trying to get a pair of souls back.” Bharat knew that was maybe sharing a little too much.
AJ B. (GM): “hmm, I do have a few that can do that, but the price for something more then this bauble is higher then what you’ve offered.”
Bharat: “I’m not sure what else I could offer.”
AJ B. (GM): “your name might be worth something. or I could take that rather intriguing eye of yours.”
Bharat: “My eye? I… suppose I could part with it. Even though it’s not really… removable.”
AJ B. (GM): He chuckles and waves his hand a bottle appears with a cork shimmering through six colors. “tap it and the color changes as do the contents to whatever was placed within.” He offers his hand “do we have a deal then?”
Bharat: Bharat looks at the proffered hand for a long moment. “And this will take the souls into itself?”
AJ B. (GM): “provided there aren’t more then six, yes. otherwise it will quit when filled.”

Bharat takes the hand. “Agreed.”
AJ B. (GM): As soon as you do you feel a burning and intense pain in your eye socket as the entire set of bionics removes itself and vanishes. as do the axe and the imp, the other items left on the table. “A pleasure doing business with you” he smiles and his teeth are noticeably sharper now.
Bharat: (Well that’s worrisome.) Bharat tenderly reaches up to feel his face, checking where his eye used to be. “Indeed.”
AJ B. (GM): “Is there anywhere I can send you next that you may go claim the souls you desire?”
Bharat: “The Temple of Payne.”
AJ B. (GM): He waves his hand and the glowing doorway opens once more.
Bharat: “My thanks. Should we do more business in the future, I’ll remember your kindness.” Bharat picks up the items and heads through the doorway.
AJ B. (GM): you find yourself back in the temple of payne with the damned still attempting to “sing”
Bharat: Bharat finds the pain of his eye only exasperated by the shrieking. He looks around for the demon priest
AJ B. (GM): The demon priest is guiding the singing from the central pedestal once more, upon seeing your return he nods towards you.
Bharat: (No reaction to my changed appearance or anything?)
AJ B. (GM): (nope. it’s hell)
Bharat: (True)
( I wonder how long I’ve even been gone)
Bharat grumbles to himself, nodding back. These people really needed to shut up."
AJ B. (GM): After a few more bars he waves you over “A pleasure to see you again. I see hell is showing you it’s usual hospitality.”
Bharat: “I got rid of it myself.” Bharat says irritably. "How long is it till the soul stealer comes to visit?
AJ B. (GM): The priest chuckles. “he should be arriving in about ten minutes or so.”
Bharat: “Wait, what? You said he was visiting tomorrow!” Bharat says with some exasperation.
AJ B. (GM): “He’s not one to really care about timeframes honestly. He sent a messenger saying to expect him within the hour. With him that usually means 15 minutes or so. 5 have already gone by since then.” he points to the corner “The messengers over there if you wish to rip his throat out.”
Bharat: Bharat growls and considers it. “No, just show me where you’ll be meeting.” It was a wonder he’d even made it in time
AJ B. (GM): The priest nods and leads you to a backroom with a long table with two chairs on opposite sides. “He spreads his wares out here, and those interested come and sit opposite to him.” he indicates each chair as he speaks.
Bharat: Bharat takes the largest of the plastic sheets he’d prepared and lifts the chair out of the way, spreading it out. "Do you have a rug?
AJ B. (GM): “of course.” he whistles and one of the damned brings in a rather heavy looking large rug.
Bharat: “Put it over the plastic sheet.” Bharat says.
AJ B. (GM): The damned unfurls the rug covering the sheet completely.
Bharat: “Perfect. Take me to another room, preferably where he can’t sense me or whatever trickery he might have.”
“Unless you can hide me in this room.”
(One sec)
(Is there a stat used for mind control or?)
AJ B. (GM): (theres one that gives bonuses to it if its high enough, think its ME)
Bharat: (Psionic attack and isanity only, from what I see… This is gonna suck)
rolling 1d20-2
= 2
AJ B. (GM): Bharat promptly grips the scythe tighter as five names appear before him. “Nix, Zathalamel, Reval, Theodore, and Grendel.” (you can pick one or one will be chosen at random)
Bharat: (Zathalamel, I guess. It’s almost the same name as my favorite character from soul caliber)
AJ B. (GM): Bharat finds himself teleported to another section of hell where a demon looking like a rotting dragon is fighting with a more humanoid one with a pair of metalic looking wings, green flames engulfing his hands and an odd black aura surrounding him.
Bharat: (I hate you. I hate you you so so much.)
Bharat tries to close with the pair as quickly as he can.
AJ B. (GM): It’s easy enough to close with them as they pay you no heed, focused on the combat at hand.
Bharat: Bharat rears back and swings the blade
(I’m also imagining that the weapons don’t change size and this is quite awkard)
AJ B. (GM): the blade swings through leaving no mark or sign of damage but the black aura disippates and you find yourself back in the room, though the two in it take no notice of you this time. As if they can’t see you at all.
Bharat: Bharat waves his hand at the two, trying to catch their attention.
AJ B. (GM): They continue to not notice Bharat and shrug it off heading back out to the front room.
And with strange aeons even death may die.’ As they said once a great time ago."
(fucking random cut off area)
Bharat: (I know. :P)
(Bharat is just gonna talk and wait for Naxieal (However you spell it) to appear)
AJ B. (GM): After a little while longer the priest leads him in and as soon as he sits down the circle flares and the carpet burns away. The priest sighs “damnit, I liked that carpet.”
Bharat: Bharat pulls out the chair opposite and takes a seat, unseen as he was.
Naxaiel: “What is the meaning of this trickery!?”
As Bharat appears he screams “YOU!, I took your soul do you seek that I take MORE?”
Bharat: Bharat sighs. “Save your breath. I have no more tolerance for the boasting of demons today.”
He looks at the priest. “We will discuss payment in a bit.”
Naxaiel: “I’ll get you yet for this priest you will suffer far greater then any soul I have ever devoured. and you lizard will be enslaved down here until every sun has fizzled out before your torment even truly begins.”
Bharat: Bharat rubs his temples, his callousness fading as the pain grows from the headache he had. “Allow me to spell out what’s going to happen here. You’re going to give me both the souls you took and then, if you apologize, I may be pursuaded to leave you alive.”
Naxaiel: “You think you a puny mortal could command such of me. Feared by even the lords of hades themselves?”
Bharat: “If you don’t, I’ll start with throwing salt at you.”

Naxaiel rolls his eyes. “Which souls? there are far more then two.”
Bharat: “You know which two. And if you don’t start showing respect to me, I’ll just take them from you. I’m really in uite a foul mood so imagine what I’ll be like if I had to do that.”
Naxaiel: He sighs and opens his mouth releasing two souls, One that promptly enter’s Bharat’s body leaving him feeling whole and correct again. the other flying into the bottle. "There, satisfied? will you let me out of here now I’ve got demons to kill.?
Bharat: Bharat breaks out into a much larger grin. Feeling better than in days. “Oh no. Not for all the souls in hell. You didn’t even try.” Bharat taps the bottle to the back to the scythe and lets it out onto the table, keeping it away from Naxaiel’s reach. “I assume you know what sort of tool this is?”
Naxaiel: “A scythe, presumably a reapers one, otherwise you’re stupider then all your kin combined.”
Bharat: “Don’t be rude.” Bharat pulls out the heaping bag of salt from pack, takes a handful and throws it at the demon.

Naxaiel growls in pain and anger “I take orders from only one lord of hell and you are most definitely not him now LET ME OUT!”
Bharat: Bharat casually throws another handful. “Now, this is not just any reaper’s scythe. This is the scythe of the Original Reaper. What kind of effect do you think that would have on something that exists to steal away souls? Cause I frankly have no idea!”
Naxaiel: He laughs bitterly “You’re bluffing, everyone knows that things been locked in the vaults for longer then even Azrael can remember.”
Bharat: “I made a trade! Something of equal value. For the Scythe and the bottle here.”
Naxaiel: “Nice try, but still not buying it. Theres nothing you could have offered to get the Miser himself to let go of that.”
Bharat: Bharat looks at him, smiling more. “But are you really going to take that chance? Oh, I have an idea.” Bharat calls out to the priest. “I KNOW WHAT I WANT FOR PAYMENT!”
Naxaiel: (he’s just been hanging outside the door actually)
He comes back in “and that would be?”
(priest not naxaiel)
Bharat: “Bring me a demon you don’t care lives or dies. I want to perform a little experiment for Naxaiel. That seems fair payment for removing him for you.”
Naxaiel: The priest nods and leaves coming back with a small incubus “Do what the lizard says and you’ll be rewarded.” the pries once more leaves the room.
Bharat: “You can see what happens to souls, can’t you?” Bharat asks Naxaiel with a smile. Looking at the incubus. “Just stand there.” The lizard picks up the scythe.
Naxaiel: “Indeed I can.”
AJ B. (GM): As soon as the scythe strikes the incubus he vanishes in a puff of red smoke and Naxaiel is visibly shaken. “Ok, that’s…disturbing. Now that you’ve shown me that trick would the generous and kind lizard please let me out.”
Bharat: Bharat sets the scythe down. “I’m afraid I can’t! By killing that demon, I already agreed to kill you. Besides. You will make an excellent example for others.” Bharat picks up the scythe again and walks around the table.
Naxaiel: “Oh you fucking Coward. Can’t even show your face when you kill me, have to hide behind that scythe’s cloak. No wonder you’re afraid to fight fair. Pitiful, at least the rest of your race has the guts to look their kills in the eye.”
AJ B. (GM): After a bit he looks towards you and shivers and blinks “Oh no, no no no no, go away, you aren’t real. That’s not you.”
Bharat: “I told you you were going to die. I hope it hurts.” Bharat swings the scythe at the trapped demon.
AJ B. (GM): and 6 flashes of the scythe as it strikes are seen right before he falls to the ground dead.
Bharat: (I’m guessing other souls?)
AJ B. (GM): (correct)
(all sent to be judged by their deeds, some undoubtedly to return down here)
Bharat: Bharat swings the blade again, chopping at the demon’s neck.
AJ B. (GM): The head comes off in a single clean slice.
Bharat: Bharat puts the scythe back in the bottle and picks up the head and body. Kicking the door lightly to signify it was over
(Like, knocking with a foot.)
AJ B. (GM): The priest opens it and smiles at the corpse “much appreciated for your assistance.”
Bharat: Bharat hands him a head. “Tell anyone who would care to listen. Soul Stealers are not welcome on the continent of Australia.” He says mildly. It was a lot better to be in possession of his soul.
AJ B. (GM): The priest takes the head and nods “I’ll make sure it gets passed along.”
Bharat: “I’m leaving now.”
AJ B. (GM): “Good luck in your travels friend.”
Bharat: “And you in yours.” Bharat pulls out the teleporting box and sets it to the first level.
AJ B. (GM): you reappear there without any problems.
Bharat: Bharat heads for the room with the doors.
AJ B. (GM): The man is still sitting there and looks shocked you made it back here and then stares hard. “I suggest you leave quickly, those with a demons blood or soul are not welcome in My home.”
Bharat: “… What?”
AJ B. (GM): “I do not know where you got a demon to enter you nor do I care. You are no longer welcome here, and if you do not leave quickly you Will regret it.”
Bharat: “Oh!” Bharat says realizing what he meant. “My apologies.” Bharat pulls out the map and lays it down, before picking the door to return to the overworld. “My thanks to you nonetheless.”
AJ B. (GM): He shakes his head and mutters under his breath as you leave “The angels weep for you lost one.”
(alright and with the return from hell I do believe that’s a good place to call it.)
Bharat: (Sounds good to me. I gotta figure out where I’m getting my new class… Hmmmm)

Ambrose Betamax appears!
AJ B. (GM): (so query to those of you here, do we want to shift to real world hospital focus for a bit?)
(or just wait for the others)
Ambrose Betamax: either way works
AJ B. (GM): (Alright then recappy goodness time) Last we left our heroes three were inside Melo’s head, one was treating him in the real world and the last had just recently returned to Melbourne finding himself in a cramped alleyway.
Melo pulls the trigger on his gun and the creature shudders for just a moment before opening it’s arms wide. “That’s right soldier boy, you know what you are and what to do.” The creature seems to vanish turning into a pile of bullets and the final strap snaps off Melo.
(From AJ B. (GM)): you find the ghostly grip dissipating with the creature and the strap but you also hear an echoing laughter behind you.

Melo will take it, yep. As far as he was concerned, he was in the real world right then and there. That rifle was held to his shoulder, one eye to the scope, the other using what info it could gather around the hefty aiming device for situational awareness. That first squeeze would easily erupt in a lance of short spectrum UV light that no one ever really got to see. Out of the bed he’d roll, or spring, or move, to try and find cover. He knew what he was alright: He was a trained marksman, a military sniper, and above all, there to protect and serve the greater good. Just what that greater good was? That was hard to tell these days…
(From AJ B. (GM)): echoing through the halls behind you is the faintest whisper “you’re just a killer.”
AJ B. (GM): Back in the real world there is a sudden and very strange occurence. Melo squeezes the trigger of his gun and it fires, scorching the newly reinforced door.

Augmented < . jumps. “I thought they said that damn thing was unloaded!”
Freskari: [wrong nametag :P]

Bharat took a deep breath, shuddering slightly in the much colder air. That was one thing to like about Hell. But the smell was a lot better here. He stretched and flexed, dropping the bodies he was carrying on the ground. “Good to be home.” The great lizard grabs up the corpses and makes a pit stop before heading to the hospital
AJ B. (GM): As Bharat enters the hospital a nurse asks him “Who are you here to see?”
Bharat: “Bharat see Melo!” The big lizard says chipperly. “Melo sick. Bharat come visit.”
AJ B. (GM): As Freskari jumps he releases Melo’s arm and finds himself back in the real world no longer seeing what Melo or Ambrose are seeing. Leah immediately jumps up. “What just happened, why’d he fire his gun? How’d he fire his gun?!”
The nurse looks at Bharat “Relation to the patient?”
Freskari: [guess she didn’t hear the gunshot?]
Bharat: “Bharat Melo friend. Melo get hurt helping Bharat.”
Melo: (Laser rifle)
(Also, cat head in the way of keyboard. But lasers dun make sounds.)
Freskari: (cats make sounds though)
AJ B. (GM): The nurse nods “Please wait here. this will just take a moment.” She types something and after a few moments gives Bharat directions to the room.
(From AJ B. (GM)): There is an odd feeling, like his soul has returned but is placed wrong, somehow incongruous to his body.

Bharat nods. “Thank you Nurse Lady.” He says, before gingerly walking down the hall. Halls weren’t really made for men of Bharat’s… bigness
Artemis going on her 11th hour, four opperations and almost a dozen consultations, is feeling the welcome strain of a long day only half way through. She looks over patient documentation, marking notes and signing petitions for drug allowances, approval of implant proceedures, and treatment plans for long term care. She hands several files off to an orderly and proceeds to make her rounds, quietly hoping for a slow night to finish off the next 14 hours of her shift. Maybe she’ll be able to get some work done in the cybernetics lab; she’s just sure if she had a few days, she could work out the endocrine problem they’ve been having with the newest headware for the fullconversions.
Bharat: (Who is Artemis? Aug or CD?)
Artemis: (( CD)0
AJ B. (GM): As you are doing your rounds you see a very large lizard man heading towards Melo’s door, which now aside from being reinforced with MD metal has a nurse leaning against the outside of it doing deep breathing exercises."

Melo is a crippled psychopath, with an unloaded rifle, and he’s fireing shots with people in the room. This can’t be good, nope.
Artemis stops as she was approaching from the other way, suddenly remembering how much work she could be doing over… there. But no, she stops herself from taking the safer route, She approaches the nurse, though her attention is on the Lizard, critical as she evaluates him. “Nurse, is it another incident with Mister Craft?”
Bharat: “Craft? No, Melo!” Bharat says with some confusion.

Bharat looks at the door. “Bharat at wrong room?”
AJ B. (GM): The nurse nods at the doctor “That rifle is supposed to be unloaded who keeps putting clips in it?” she then turns to the lizard “No, this is the room of Melo Craft. Are you a friend” she seems to be calming down with a doctor present.
Artemis winces visibly at the lizard, and shakes her head, though she lets the nurse speak. “Why is the rifle being kept with him, anyways? Nevermind, it doesn’t matter… I don’t think it safe to enter, Sir.” She says the last to Bharat, " Though, I won’t keep you…"
Bharat: “Bharat tough. No puny rifle hurt Bharat.” He just nods at the nurse. “Bharat Melo friend!”

Bharat opens the door. “Hello? Melo?”
AJ B. (GM): Leah runs over to Bharat and hugs him “you’re okay, that’s awesome.” she then looks at his face “Oh no, your eye. what happened?”
Freskari: (can you describe bharat’s appearence for those who’ve never met em? and probable vice versa for freskari)
Artemis shifts behind the lizard, using him as cover to peek past. She waves the nurse off, murmuring. “I’ll call if you can help..”
Bharat: (Oh. Sure.)
Artemis: ((Quick stats? 5’7", 120-130, black hair, green eyes, distinct Japanese features. Clean pale skin on face and neck, but tattoos and other markings starting below her wrists, and from the clavicle down))
Ambrose Betamax: (boop sorry about that, family needed me)
(My urology appointment got moved to tomorrow morning tho)
Melo: (Welcome back! And yay!)
Ambrose Betamax: (dunno what’ll happen but hay :3)
Bharat: (Big giant lizard man, 12’ tallish, almost 1400 lbs. Gray-green skin. Big bionic tail with a drill at the end. Numerous scars. And currently missing his left eye and, to anyone with knowledge of bionics, the entirety of what should be a bionic… area? areound where the eye should be. So it looks raw and uncomfortable.)
Ambrose Betamax: (where is ambrose at this moment btw?)
Bharat: (I think in the room with Melo and Leah.)
Ambrose Betamax: (and is Melo getting his soul back? :O)

Bharat blinks his one good eye. “Oh. Bharat… got rid of it. To buy Melo a present!”
Bharat: (Actually, I’m pretty sure there should be a fair amount of blood too… But I’m not sure. AJ?)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh dear)
Artemis: (oh deer?)
Freskari: (I’m kinda drugged/tired so my memory sucks, but my character is a quickflex mercenary dude with a wierd-lookin nose. other details can be explained later as soon as I remember/make them up)
AJ B. (GM): (nope, the way it was taken healed it as it was taken)
Bharat: (Ok cool. So it just looks raw and painful. :P)
AJ B. (GM): (yep)
Bharat: (I also responded to leah. Or anyone else in the room!)

Ambrose Betamax likes Fresks nose.

Melo is, for the most part, still laying there, rifle held tight in his one remaining hand, hand within the trigger guard. It was unloaded. But already that paleness to his skin was starting to fade. But that could simply be because his heart was still racing.
AJ B. (GM): Leah smiles “You’re a good friend Bharat” she then leans around you and hesitates “uhhh, what happened to Quazil? I think we still owe him money.”

Bharat growls, a deep throaty sound that sounds much like an aligator
Bharat: “Quazil bad man. Bharat take care of.”
Artemis shifts slightly, peering uuuup at Bharat from the side and behind.
Ambrose Betamax: (is ambrose still in dreamworld?)
AJ B. (GM): (yep, Melo just shot that creature and is unstrapped, in the creatures place is a pile of bullets, aside from that the rest is the same)
Leah shrugs “If it means we don’t have to pay him, then that’s good enough for me.”
Bharat: “No. No pay.”
Freskari: “You better not do that to me.”
(also I guess I should’ve explained what happened to her)

Bharat looks at Freskari. “What? Who you?”
Freskari: "I’m Freskari, they hired me as protection. Some wierd creature in Melo’s head seems to be holding his mind hostage, talking about his soul. I’m not too caught up on his whole mess. Anyways, he tried to shoot at it in his mind, and somehow that made him shoot his real gun, which is supposed to be unloaded.
Bharat: “Melo no have Soul.” Bharat says plainly.
Freskari: “At least this guy speaks clearly. Well, to the other extreme”
“She said your name’s Bharat, right?”
Artemis narrows her eyes, listening critically. She puts the comments down to beliefs, and lets them go, assuming that people… oh hell, who has a soul anyways… She looks at the comatose form, past the giant lizard, the deer, the other deer, the ‘bot, and the merc. Just who the hell is this guy… She doesn’t ask, but she does open the file in her hand and give it a quick flipping through, pausing when she comes to her short hand scrawl about eyes… She feigns doctorly distraction, eaves dropping.
Bharat: “Bharat is Bharat!”

Ambrose Betamax is wondering what to do
Freskari: (be cute)

Ambrose Betamax does something adorable. He’s probably trying to do the cool dream stuff he was doing in real life, and failing horribly)
AJ B. (GM): (well Ambrose and Melo are still in Melo’s head for now.) Leah nods “Don’t worry Freskari unless you’re going to join the Mystic Knights I don’t think Bharat will feel you should be gotten rid of.” she then turns to Bharat “So did you get his soul back or do we need to come up with a new plan?”
Ambrose Betamax: (oh ok)
Freskari: “Well, the creature was trying to negotiate or ask him about that, but then he… shot it. So I’m not really too sure where things stand right now.”

Bharat looks around as Leah says that but guesses it doesn’t matter now. “Bharat have Melo Soul.”
Bharat: “Bharat got Bharat Soul too.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah grins bright “That’s awesome Bharat, I’m sorry I should have asked, but well Ambrose is, in danger?” she looks over to Freaskari for confirmation. “and I’m worried.”

Ambrose Betamax probably says random crap in rl like he’s talking in his sleep. Like “I AM A GOD IN THIS WORLD TOO BWAHAHAHAHA” or something
Bharat: “You want Bharat help?”
Freskari: “Before I left there wasn’t anything around us except for what Melo shot, so I don’t think he’s in any immediate danger. One of us should probably hop back in though, he doesn’t really seem like the type that should be left alone.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah laughs, “That’s an understatement. and yes Bharat we would very much like your help.”
Bharat: “How Bharat help?”
AJ B. (GM): “Doc, any objections to Bharat touching him?”
Artemis looks up from the chart, then back down quickly. On one level, nothing is happening and the room is packed, so she might as well move on to other follow ups. But, no one has called her away yet, and so her interest in the odd gaggle of people and other beings remains present. She clears her throat softly, “I don’t, no… But if you die and fall on the floor right there, its going to take a team to drag your body out of the room… Most undignified.”

Bharat pounds on his chest with a fist in that universal sign of machismo. “Bharat tough.”
Freskari: “just remember to yell if you need us to pull you out. Yelling seems to project into real life”
AJ B. (GM): Leah nods “Bharat if you could touch Melo’s arm you’ll find yourself inside his mind. and I think Ambrose might be becoming a megalomaniac from being in there too long.”
Freskari: (I can’t sit here any longer, my back’s hurting too bad. Sorry but I’m gonna have to drop out.)
AJ B. (GM): (kk, feel better, get some rest)
Melo: (Rest well and feel better)
Bharat: (Feel better!)
“Bharat touch arm be in Melo head?”
“Bharat touch… Melo head?”
Artemis moves down the hall, finding the nurse she waved off. She orders, quietly, a crash cart, a 1 ml push of epinephrine, and pitcher of ice water. to be brought outside of the room.
Ambrose Betamax: (You pervert Bharat, His head is just for lovers)
Artemis: (( I don’t know what’s up his cloaca, but why haven’t you all convinced him that the way into melo’s dreamland is through tea-bagging? What sort of frat-boys are you?!))
AJ B. (GM): Leah nods at Bharat “Should work, at least according to everything we’ve seen so far.”
Bharat: (Lizards have internal testicles anyway.)
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambrose is likely developing a lot mentally from his time in dreamworld. I’m not sure how that will manifest in real world, but as one with psionic powers, who knows, right?)
AJ B. (GM): (indeed)
Matt S.: (Sorry, it DC’d me.)

Matt S. shrugs and puts his massive mitt on Melo’s melon.
Ambrose Betamax: (esp since he’s learned how to manipulate a dreamworld. Who knows what that could mean)
(and ok, part of this is cause I want Ambrose to have cool powers lol. I didn’t know I had picked an npc class when we started :P)
Melo: (You can always branch out into another class)
Ambrose Betamax: (I think Ambrose would be underpowered at doing that at this point though. besides, I’d have to explain that ingame)
Melo: (Not at all on the underpowered part. Explaining though could be a fun story)
Ambrose Betamax: (he does keep ending up posessed and in other worlds. Maybe there is a class that relates to that)
(being exposed to that maybe causes something in him to change or develop)
AJ B. (GM): As soon as you touch him you find yourself in (god only knows what Ambrose has done to Melo’s head in this time) Melo, Ambrose, you see Bharat appear next to the map in the room.
(From AJ B. (GM)): you suddenly know exactly where your real soul is, well almost. you know Bharat has it, and you know it’s your soul that’s been missing.
Ambrose Betamax: (maybe relating to his natural need for pets too. And his cursed-ness according to his tribe. Some kind of summoning things from other worlds?
(Might be cool to find a way to tie it all together)

Melo was already stressed. He’d been left alone in the Walkways of Searching and the Lands of the Neon Darkness for what, to him, had been months, perhaps a year or more. Sure, it may have only been a few weeks, but one’s mind does some crazy things to time when you’re dreaming; some of those stretches of weeks or months he’d remember clear as day, and others would only be a loose concept of passing time. In all that time, no one had been able to make it into the walkways with him. He’d been haunted in here, and hunting for… Something. He still didn’t have a full grasp of it. Contact with Vault had been sparse, the droid going far too long without reporting in (Even if he’d been giving daily reports). But now? Now he’d had a stranger that he didn’t recognize enter a place that was almost sacred, and the deer whom he had what may well have been a blood oath to protect had found his way in with him… He’d been imprisoned, and as far as he was concerned, he was still quite in the real world (Amazing what TBI’s can do to one’s perception). And now? Now, in a small room, he came face to face with something that was what had become an embodiment of fear, mere moments after taking that destructive shot against That Which Was Not Welcome. His first reaction, despite a sudden calling in his mind, was.. Well, for lack of a better term, fear. Close quarters with the lizard was not where he wanted to be, nor where he wanted Ambrose to be. A moment of hesitation, body moving to run of its own accord even as he tried to bring his gun to bare upon, what in his mind, was a lizard twice the size of life. From his lips would spill, quite simply, “AMBROSE! RUN!” Protect the deer, even at the cost of his own life? Small price to pay to protect an innocent.
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambrose btw, is seeing all this and learning to adore Melo even more than he already does)

Bharat holds up his hands in a show of… disarment? “Hello Melo.”

Ambrose Betamax Looks at melo. “It’s alright Melo, He’s ok. if he’s really the real Bharat, it means they might have found it…” (Ambrose tries to make the world look a little more disarming with his powers. Just I dunno. peaceful looking.)
Bharat: ( I love waiting for Not’s posts. XD)
Artemis: ( Posts, you mean the walls of text? Me too. Just wait until you get me going! )

Melo again found his faith in the deer betrayed.. But this was becoming normal. Even in his mind, the deer never listened to sound advice in a world fraught with danger. He’d never run when an advancing force was coming. He was always trying to tear down the defenses he’d fight tooth and nail to keep up. How was this any different? Every time the lizard had crossed his path, parts of the Neon Darkness had been left in shambles and torn asunder. In his mind, Bharat was a terror that could not be reasoned with, and he had seconds to decide. He couldn’t abandon the deer-bee, but he couldn’t abide by this intrusion into The Walkways. And still the deer made no move to escape… Just like he’d done the last time he told him to run, or to help him in a fight, he remained helpless. His rifle would be brought to bare even as he started to fall back. Reason or no, he was facing abject terror in his mind. This was, without a doubt, a true nightmare sincario. Close quarters with a beast that could rip him in half, a hostage who was paralyzed by fear (In his mind, at least, for what reason could he have for Ambrose to not be running unless it was a true betrayal?), and a knowing that What Is Missing was held by his foe. Yeah, this wasn’t good. Still, his rifle was primed as he moved to try and circle around and get to the deer.
Ambrose Betamax: (oh dear.)
(oh deer even)

Melo has been in a nightmare world in his head where events over the last months and ages before had been played out time and time again. He’s not exactly in the best mental state, but hey, at least he hasn’t pulled the trigger yet.

Ambrose Betamax can’t directly make bharat smaller and less scary looking, but he can probably create the illusion that he is. He does his best to calm Melo down with his newfound power over this dreamworld.
AJ B. (GM): The room and the stuff in it expands to fit Bharat’s size making him appear as if he is of average human size.
Ambrose Betamax: (ooh good idea)
“Bharat, did you find Melo’s soul? are you the real one?”
Bharat: “Yes. Bharat is Bharat.”
Ambrose Betamax: “awesome! uh…do you know how to uh, give it back?”
Bharat: “Kind of.”
Ambrose Betamax: “…oh. Well I guess we’ll have to figure the rest out as we go.”
Bharat: “Where are we?”
Ambrose Betamax: (man, I’m so glad the hell stuff is over and we can all be in one room again
Bharat: (Me too)
Artemis: ((put some meat on those poses… yalls are like sticks! _ ))
Ambrose Betamax: (admittedly much of that was because I am a delicate effing flower, sorry :s)
Bharat: (It’s ok)

Bharat looks at Melo with a mix of concern and delicacy. The lizard didn’t want to provoke the already tense situation. “Melo? You remember Bharat? Bharat here to Help Melo. That ok with Melo?”

Melo continued to side step, that rifle raised and held tight to his shoulder, aimed up right at the lizard’s face. True, in the real world, he’d had that bionic eye removed, but he didn’t know that. That glowing red eye likely took up, in the mad man’s mind’s eye at least, a good portion of the lizardman’s head. “BACK THE FUCK UP!” There was a waver in his voice; he was fighting the urge to flee, moving to try and get over to Ambrose. He could have tried to draw the lizard out, to run, but he couldn’t risk a taunt not working to draw the massive reptile out. Even if he his perception was warped by what he saw through his scope, there was still that deep rooted terror bubbling under the surface, whispering in the back of his mind for him to run, to abandon Ambrose to his fate. It’d be easier, and he’d betrayed his faith in him so many times. He should leave him. “What the fuck kind of help could you offer? You’ve fuck’n wrecked everything you’ve fuckn’ touched. The Fortress. The Neon Darkness. How many drones have you taken out when I wasn’t even there to try and defend them? How many of my FRIENDS have GIVEN THEIR LIVES BECAUSE OF YOU!?” Yeah, he’s not quite right in the head. But we can work with that, right? “How’d you find it? WHERE did you find it?!”

Ambrose Betamax caaalmly moves away from Bharat and gets behind Melo. Maybe melo will feel safer that way. “It’s ok Melo, The Bharat you’ve been fighting here and this one are different ones.”
Bharat: “Find what?” Bharat asks, curious

Melo took one step, a second, making sure to place himself between what in his mind was a supernatural horror and the innocence that is his friend of several years. And then he’d start walking backwards, “Fall Back! Rak! Richard! Guard his retreat!” Even if he’d failed his men once, he still trusted them with his, and by that virtue, Ambrose’s life. A half second to lower his rifle enough to shout the commands, body tensed and bracing for impact of a claw or tail. A blow that never came before his gun was again trained on the lizard, “What Is Missing! I know you’ve got it! HOW DID YOU FIND IT?!” Another step taken backwards, away from the lizard, moving to try and put yet another obstacle between himself and Bharat.
Ambrose Betamax: “He, Me, and Leah and everyone went to find it together. Leah and I got sent back early and I came here to help you while they kept looking. He found it and now we can give it back.”
Bharat: “Melo mean Melo Soul? Bharat go to Hell. Look for soul stealer demon. Take Melo Soul back. Bharat trade eye for magic jar.”
Ambrose Betamax: (ouch, your eye? D:)
Melo: (He did it for a great cause and reason. I’m really looking forward to seeing where that story line goes)
Bharat: (My bionic eye. More like my wallet says ouch. :P)
Melo: (Like, actively excited for it)
Artemis: ( My nipples are hard just thinking about how I’m going to spend the monies I make from selling your body parts)
Ambrose Betamax: (Btw, does Ambrose know who artemis is? lol)
Melo: (Nope! She’s just a doctor in the hosptial)

Ambrose Betamax removes the doors from the room, leaving blank walls. To save melo we kind of need him around.

Melo still was worried for Ambrose; he at least had slightly less worry now with the deer behind him. Oh, sure, it was a false comfort, but a comfort just the same; He knew full well he’d stand no chance in a fight.. But he’d at least die trying to protect Ambrose. He always knew the deer would get him killed. And then those doors vanished. Nope, that wasn’t good. Was it the change in pressure in the room? The sudden lack of the sound of air moving? Or perhaps even just the lack of that low humm the edge of that portal made? He was trapped in a room with his a nightmare, and his finger was inside the trigger guard of his rifle. Why wasn’t he pulling the trigger and unloading everything that rifle had before the lizard could strike first? He’d been betrayed every single time he trusted him, why would this time be any different? But it was different, at least: Never before had his enemy tried to buy time with words.
Ambrose Betamax: “it’s ok, Melo. It’s different this time, ok? It’s gonna be good.”

Bharat stands, unmoving, in the same position, same stance he’d taken since he got there.
Melo: (I gotta step away for a moment)

Ambrose Betamax makes a safe area for melo, a sort of area with lots of cover and things melo will feel safe around. At least he can make melo FEEL like his is in control. A little alcove in the wall with that stuff in should help.
Melo: (Sorry guys, I think I need to stop. I am now in a position where I have two choices: Totally break Melo’s character, or resort to pvp.)
(And I really do not want to resort to pvp)
Ambrose Betamax: (? but I gave him a spooot D:)
AJ B. (GM): (good place to call it for the night anyhow, my heads starting to pound)
Bharat: “If Melo want Bharat leave, Bharat Will.”
(Awww. :( Ok I guess.)
AJ B. (GM): (sorry for short game. but yeah had a headache when we started and was ignoring it)
Ambrose Betamax: (ok, how are we going to proceed then, given the situation?)
AJ B. (GM): (gonna chat with Not on and off this week, bounce ideas around, try and find some way of having it work)
Ambrose Betamax: (ok)
Zea: Today is Tuesday, October 27th, 2015. EXP is about to be given at some point next game; a pause was called because I suck.
Also, I heart ctrl F points.
AJ B. (GM): (one sec while I check something)
(alright everyone ready to get going?)
Clockwork d.: ((Ten four big choppa!))
Jacob R.: (yup!)
Ambrose Betamax: (Mind if I’m high as a kite?)
AJ B. (GM): (nope, since I’m sleep deprived lol =P)
Clockwork d.: (I’me all like, woooo, lets do dis! doing backflips like a mouse in a skinenrbox.))
Zea: (I’m ready when you fine folks are)
AJ B. (GM): (Jacior?)
Clockwork d.: ((Prolly playing minecrafts))
Matt S.: (I’m here!)
(Just waiting)
AJ B. (GM): (alrighty then, last we left off most of you were in Melo’s head where he had just been trapped and given an alcove of what the deer sees as comforting to a soldier. While the doc outside is beggining to see Melo’s vitals spiking to a point nearing panic and severe stress)
Ambrose Betamax: (so approaching my normal levels then?)
AJ B. (GM): (We’ll kick things off in reality with the doc if you all don’t mind.)

Melo likely has 4-5 times his normal heart rate going, yes, along with lots of alarms going off on his medical monitoring equipment, yep.
Clockwork d.: (( thankie, Writing)
Ambrose Betamax: (we can just have augs character be the strong slient type when he isn’t around)
Artemis: The words come simply, the doctor’s eyes narrowing as she reads the machines and interprets the results. “Visiting time is over.” The words are polite, but loud enough to be heard over the idle chatter of the room. Looking at the Skellybot, she requests clearly. “Your commander is suffering a dangerous responce to elevated stress levels. I need these people out so that I can attempt to correct the situation.” She, not even bothering to address the crowed, leans over Melo and speaks directly to him. “Peacekeeper Craft? This is Doctor Lexus. I need to touch you to check your vitals. Please don’t harm me…” and, not waiting for a responce she draws out a small penlight, and attempts to open and look into the man’s eyes, seeing if his ’ware is responding, and in turn, if there is any visual/cortical response.

Ambrose Betamax is still in dreamland I think and does not move

Vault held ever that polite, courtious tone just as the doctor did. Except his was hollow and robotic when he was addressed. “Acknowledged.” And to the others, “Unauthorized personnel, it is requested that you vacate the premises.” Mechanical precision moved his legs with minimal cycles given to assessing the danger of the situation. Ambrose: Non-hostile, non-combatant. Currently engaged in physical contact with the Commander, noncommutative. Leah: Non-hostile, non-combatant, labeled as generally unwelcome presence by the Commander, but cognitive and able to move on her own. Past history indicates she may assist with Ambrose with a 65% probability. Bharat: Already labeled a threat; presence authorized by medical staff. Noncommutative. Augmented: Unknown. Cognitive and able to move on their own. Assessment: Address largest threat. A robotic hand would come in contact with Bharat, enough force applied to try and lift the arm from contact with Melo; there was no aggression in his actions, simply movement to comply with orders in the most efficient manor possible.

Ambrose Betamax mutters something in his sleep about Dr. Lexus being a reliable car

Melo remained non-responsive. As for those eyes? Well, they actually were perpetually open; a collection of microsensors, mini cameras, and a few LEDs that were perpetually in a state of a dark, but faintly iridescent blue against the backdrop of blackened metal. When it came to seeing where he was looking? Well, he was always looking forward. It was another of those things that unnerved people about him: Sure, he could look you in the eye, but you never knew if he was looking at you, or in that wide field of vision he had. Those LEDs never moved. Full blown external bionics them things were, protruding from his skull a good half inch or so. There was no mistaking them things for real eyes.
AJ B. (GM): Bharat you feel an odd sensation on your arm, just a light brush at first but then fade out of Melo’s mind finding a cold metallic hand lifting your arm. Ambrose you feel an odd sensation around your waist as Leah wraps her arms around you and pulls you back, leaving Melo alone in his own mind.
(From AJ B. (GM)): you hear a sound behind you that is a blend of a snickering and the sound of a small caliber semi automatic weapon.

Ambrose Betamax shakes a bit and ooh’s. “leah! that was wierd!”
AJ B. (GM): Leah nods “I’m sure it was, but the doc says visiting hours are over.”

Freskari comes back from the hospital bathroom

Bharat growls at the robot. “Why?”
Artemis moves back from Melo and hits the emergency call button on the wall, not caring to take the time to either move quipment up here to run diagnostics on the neural feedback, nor on moving Melo from a room already up-armored against his choice of gunfun. She begins setting up Melo’s iv into a pump, and as soon as she hears the line open she calls out, “Nurse, please bring me 250 miligrams of Propofol,for the type C iv pump,…” and she rattles off her authorization code. Sure, she’s going to have to argue her case for the choice of drugs but… Better to used and beg forgivance, then to ask and be denied. She looks up from the pump, her eyes raking those still gathered, and settles on Bharat, anger flashing briefly at the sight of the over grown squamate, the emotion fading just as fast as it came… “Bharat?” She calls politely, her voice having an urgent, almost annoyed tone. "Hey, over here… "She waves a hand at the lizard…
Augmented < .: (type C iv pump… they pumping C4 bombs into him? xD)
Artemis: (( ;) glad you caught that.)
Freskari: (oh lord)
Vault: “The doctor has stated that visiting hours are over and has requested assistance in clearing the room. Presently, you are in violation of current protocol.” A direct reply, and it came with an attempt to coax the giant lizard out the door. There was still no aggressive action; he was a non-combatant at present, after all.

Bharat looks at the doctor and then the robot, not budging when Vault tried to move him. “What?” He says, settling on Artemis again
Artemis: closes up the pump, tubing waiting for the addition of her drug of choice. She turns, crossing her arms as she addresses Bharat. " You said you had something of his? Give it too him. Doctor Frank-N-Furter might believe that Mister Craft’s soul is gone, but I’m not buying it, It ain’t scientific… But I have to give him the benefit of the doubt, so get on with it and get out. The Peacekeeper is going to take a nap, going to have his heart rate go back to normal, and going to take a nice, calming nap… And if he doesn’t make up from this, then he’s going to long term care where you guys can visit him any time you want… But as it is, I’m done with the hand-holding, checked-out mumbo-jumbo." She never raises her voice, but inflection, and a rise and fall in tempto clearly convey here aggrivation on the matter. “Robot, if he has something to give, then let him give it. If not…”
((… /me* ))
(To GM): He had to react when the lizard winks out of existence just as suddenly as he’d appeared, shortly after uttering those words that he’d leave; Ambrose vanishing just as quickly at that snickering. He’s in a panic inside, but training was what was in control at the sound of a weapon behind him. ID the threat and neutralize. A split second decision would follow, trapped as he was within that room with doorways that had vanished, leaving him exposed. At least he had his rifle in hand.
(To GM): that was from Melo.
AJ B. (GM): The nurse from earlier hesitantly walks in bring the drugs with her and quickly hooking them up.
(From AJ B. (GM)): as you turn around that creature has returned and over its shoulder so has a door. “Good Melo, follow those instincts.”
Ambrose Betamax: (:P)

Vault would still attempt to move the lizard, gently; a guiding hand. The same programing that lends to leading injured non-combatants out of the field. However, the lizard was also tagged as a potential hostile in standard procedure; he was now unauthorized, and based on the doctor’s assessment of Melo’s health, a direct threat. “This is your final request. Please vacate the premises in compliance with the doctor’s orders. Failure to comply will result in the authorization of the use of force.” Still polite, ever programed to speak in that tone, but it came with a rather direct warning. Hopefully Leah was dragging Ambrose out of the room and out of the way.

Ambrose Betamax does as he’s told, wonky from changing worlds
Freskari: “You let that robot use force next to a patient? Sounds a bit dangerous.”

Bharat growls again. “Bharat no take orders from robot.” The great lizard pulls out a simple black bottle. “Bharat give Melo Soul.”
Artemis turns her attention to the diagnostics, her hand reaching out to the pump to start it, 5 micrograms per kilogram of weight per minute. She watches with a sharp eye, searching for Melo’s neurals drop into a sleep state, but also watches oxygen stats incase she needs to induce ventilation; That is to say, intubate. She stops, her head twisting to look over her shoulder at Vault, a soft; “Oh Hell” escaping her. “Vault! Don’t use Force! I don’t want to have to patch anyone else up today. Let the lizard answer first… You’re authorized to use harsh language, nothing more!!!” Her voice does rise with this, almost a squeek. Taking a deep, breath, the doctor closes her eyes and gives a silent order to not trigger, whether she needed to or not. She looks between the equipment, Freskari, and Bharat and the skellobot, mostly trying to acertain if the ’bot is still receiving. Seeing a black bottle, she gestures for Bharat to put it on the bed or melo, the gesture suitably vague, and at the same time, direct. “Yes, by all means, give it.”

Bharat rather delicately taps on of the notches on the bottle’s cork.
AJ B. (GM): There is a small wisp of what appears to be smoke with lights twinkling from it that rises from the bottle and flies straight through Melo’s “eyes”
(From AJ B. (GM)): (soul is back and you’re fully aware it’s returned)

Vault is a military kill bot. At this point, the lizard is a threat to the patient by not moving. He’s just following his programing. Directing a group of innocent people into the path of a rampaging demon because they’re two feet on the wrong side of the road? That is actually within programing parameters. At least until he was giving conflicting orders. Poor robot. He may have some rather advanced AI programing compared to, say, a toaster, but he’s still just a highly advanced computer, running off of If / Then statements and a collection of algorithms, and he’s a smidge locked into them. Still, at least it meant that the programing isn’t offended by someone pointing out how stupid some of its choices are. Still, there was that count down to seeking compliance to the directive to leave the room; protecting his commanding officer was, at present, the highest priority in that programing matrix. At least he wasn’t attempting to use physical violence, yet. “Acknowledged.” came that direct reply, followed by “You are still requested to vacate the premises. Failure to comply will result in civic and civil penalties, including the potential of arrest and incarceration for trespassing.”

Vault at least also made no attempt to stop Bharat from doing what he needed to do.

Bharat shrugs at the robot as he puts the bottle away. “Bite Bharat.”
Artemis mutters about parlor tricks as she turns her attention, once more, to the patient with Amyoyo syndrome, feeling a little bit like she’s playing god. She speaks, her voice rising to be heard despite not actually looking back at the group, " The robot is performing my request, And doing so politely. I’m asking you to leave. Comply, and you may return. Don’t, and you will /all/ be put on the no-entry list. Do I need to call in security?"

Bharat growls at the woman. “Bharat no leave till Melo wake up.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah comes back in to see what’s taking so long. “Hey big guy, everything ok?”
Artemis stands up slowly, turning to look at the lizard. “He’s in a medically induced coma, He won’t awaken, and maybe not at all. Come back tomorrow, or go wait in the waiting room. I’m trying to be reasonable, but you are being unreasonable. Your loyalty is nice, but misplaced at the moment” She crosses her arms, looking up at the lizard.
Artemis: (( she’s, like,less then half the lizard’s height.))

Vault surely isn’t radioing in a disturbance to local law enforcement; what other option does he have?
Artemis: (( "what’re we supposed to use man, harsh language?! ))

Bharat grumbles. “Stupid Doctor.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah shakes her head. “Come on Bharat, let’s go get something to eat, can’t imagine hell had much in the way of fine dining. We’ll grab Ambrose, go get food and come check on him after, alright?”

Freskari has been standing by the door, arms crossed. He knew better than to object against either side in this situation, especially if he wanted to get on the large reptile’s good side, which would be preferable.

Bharat grumbles again then sighs. “Start wake Melo up.”
Artemis stands with her arms cross. “Was your shell…” She stops herself, mentally reminding herself that she needs to be polite to everyone, even if they’re really stupid. “I can’t. If I stop the treatment now, when it has only just begun, it could damage his internal organs and kill him. This needs to run its course… I don’t know what you two think you were doing, but all you’ve accomplished by fondling his arms is to cause him no small amount of stress. If anything, he needs to sleep it off, not get hugs from a giant uric acid factory.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah shakes her head. “Bharat, please I know you want to help and we’ll see Melo when he wakes up, but for now we need to listen to the doctor….Even if she is too stupid to recognize the natural world she lives in.” she then sticks her tongue out at Artemis.
Artemis: (( Catfight!))
Bharat: (I’m tempted to punch the doctor. For being a giant bitch!)
Vault: (Haha. She’s trying to save someone’s life. And we all know how that ends up in this hospital..)
Artemis: (( :- O She’s notthe one! zomgod! ahem. go ahead if you feel its what a big lizard would do to a tiny hyooman. ))
(( Hey now, just because we harvest organs more often the save actual lives… ))

Bharat just looks down at the woman. “If you knew what Bharat did to get that, you would rather not anger Bharat.” With that, he turns and storms from the room.
AJ B. (GM): Leah follows him out, hands behind her back, each one with a single finger raised towards the doctor.

Freskari leaves silently. That could have gone better, but it also could have gone much worse.
Artemis smiles slowly, breathing a sigh of relief. She actually got what she wanted, and all it took was /not/ calling security to send the bunch of walking hard-labor ‘bots to the holding pens for the next slaver boat. She breaths a heavy sigh, and turns back to the machines, observing… “Vault, would you stand guard? Allow medical staff, Not visitors until, at the soonest, 0500 hours tomorrow morning.” She starts to explain her hopes for the treatment, then decides against it. The robot doesn’t need to know. “Melo, sleep heavy, and don’t dream.”… She writes a few notes into the chart, leaves a few notes for the nurses, and… moves on to the rest of her rounds, and writing her petition for medicine…
Vault: “Acknowledged. Thank you, Doctor Lexus.” And stand guard? He can do that. He’d likely put himself in the way of the damned door at this point, though inside the room.
AJ B. (GM): (anyone object to skipping ahead?)
(To GM): Unlike the droid, Melo was programed through training. And training? That’s just something there to make sure you survive against everything the world wants to throw at you. There was a threat directly between him and a route out. His companions had abandoned him just as suddenly as they’d put themselves in danger. In his mind, mere seconds had past as the events of the outside transpired (Because lets be honest, I can only type so fast!). An unknown threat that had made little action against himself, but more than ample threats to Ambrose. Shoot first? Closed room, superior force, and one escape. No armor, only his rifle… Yeah, this isn’t good, at all. Still, his rifle would be shouldered, that digital arm of his holding fast to the trigger. “STAND DOWN!”
Artemis: (( Not I. Who wants to watch the doctor do paper work, or yous guys eat lunch?))
Bharat: (Nope.)
Vault: (I’m good with it)
Freskari: (go ahead, I guess. [ambrose is AFK]
Ambrose Betamax: (I’m back sorry)
(From AJ B. (GM)): The creature shrugs and steps aside, and waves it’s arm at the door. “Be my guest. you’ll find all the exits are properly aligned once more.”
Freskari: (ohai
Ambrose Betamax: (I’m good)
(we can timeskip :P)
Clockwork d.: ((Lets do the time warp again!))
(To GM): Movement would follow. Quick steps against that cold ceramic and metal that made up the ground. Rapid foot steps, and a moment to escape, ever keeping his rifle leveled on the creature, “Rak, Richard, James. Fall back. Cover my flanks.” And then that darkness came, along with the rush of those drugs fighting to shut down quite a bit of his mental processes, including those keeping him in the Walkways. Only a glimpse would be had of that object simply.. waiting for him. That mist he had to turn to find, to suddenly try and get to…
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
AJ B. (GM): As the sun rises the next morning, Melo finds himself waking up in a hospital room with Vault standing in front of a rather more solid looking door then one would expect here. The rest of the group is at the manor having been turned away by Vault earlier. The doctor is making her morning rounds.

Ambrose Betamax is…somewhere. Most likely as near to melo as he can be

Bharat is nowhere near anyone else, having stormed off somewhere after lunch. But is currently walking towards the hospital with a freshly, and very well, bandaged head.

Clockwork d. raps on the door, freshly bathed and clothed, but looking tired none the less. She isn’t far from the end of her shift, only an hour or so left to go, maybe. Putting on her professional face, wiping away the hours and bringing up a smile, she enters the room and waits for a moment so that Vault can identify her. She’d rather not be thrown out of her own patient’s room for being hasty… “Peacekeeper Craft, are you awake?” She calls, looking over at instrumentation curiously.

Vault thankfully, still had a brain the size of a planet, and had a processor capable of several Zettaflops per second. “Good morning, Doctor Lexus.” Nope, didn’t take him long to ID the doctor at all.
Bharat: (Bharat’s too cool for you nerds)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)

Chapter 21 Souls and Skeptics

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