Chapter 8 Fare Thee Well Crazy Lady

Zea: (Spam roll!)
rolling 24d6+24
= 117
rolling 6d100
= 211
Cackle H.: rolling 2d6
= 11

Zea beez late.

AJ B. (GM) is only semi functional do to sleep deficiencies
Zea: Tea? Tea cures everything.
AJ B. (GM): ehh, soda causes conciousness so thats close enough lol.
Zea: Yay sugar!
Cackle H.: Turns out I was wrong on Basic Math. Math:Basic covers basically first grade math, and that’s it.
Zea: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.
Cackle H.: Yeah. First Grade Math.
AJ B. (GM): so 5th grade in the us, 3rd in most other countries
Zea: So up to 4th these days
wow.. that’s up to 5th now?
AJ B. (GM): yeah, at least the fractions part is.
Cackle H.: Well, hold on a sec. My niece is 6, and my nephew is 8. Both are already learning the basics of multiplication.
Admittedly, that’s because I’m educating him and has nothing to do with the public school system, but still.
Well, one of my messages just got ate.
AJ B. (GM): ok yeah. its something that can be learned that early just isnt taught in grades that early because we suck at educating people as a country.
Cackle H.: Ian is learning the basics of Algebra was supposed to go in the middle, there.
And no, the education system is teaching my niece basic multiplication. In first grade.
AJ B. (GM): anyhow, last I recall we had left Melo and Krem after they put the APC and Bike in the garage correct?
Melo: (This sounds about right)
Cackle H.: ((Yup. And got all our stuff out of it.))
Melo: (Bike would likely be coming with as personal transport sooner or later, however)
AJ B. (GM): (Alright) So having emptied out the APC and taken your stuff back to the apartment. You hear a knock on the door and a familiar voice saying “Peacekeeper, we got a job to do.”

Melo would have returned readily enough to the apartment, despite the bedroom door now making for an outer door of the house. At least he had the common sense to swap out the locks. Not a huge help, but it keeps honest people honest. Gun parts would be stored in the wine cellar, along with a few other bits and bobs, and locked (Provided it had a lock on it). The knock at the door would catch his attention. “Cool with keeping an eye on the place?” to Krem before he’d turn to tend to the door, robot in tow. “Afternoon sir. Lead on.”
AJ B. (GM): The guy would look at you confused before drawing his weapon and pointing it directly at your head. “How did you manage to steal her badge? and Why shouldn’t I splatter your brains all over the floor?”
(This is the guy who made Krem a peacekeeper and went on a date with “her”)

Cackle H. draws a knife and prepares to get the drop on the guy whose name she doesn’t even remember at the first sign of commotion by slipping to the inside wall next to the door. She at no point makes visual confirmation of the guy.

Ceukeausraa Krem does that, too.

Melo would react simply at first, “Vault, stand down.” The momentary blip of an ion cannon warming up then powering down audible, “And no theft involved sir. Proper procedure followed in naming a successor; Miss White will be departing the city in short order with the assistance of Administrator [Name I can’t remember off hand]. Krem, mind coming out and not killing Officer [Once more, name I can’t remember] when I invite him in?”
AJ B. (GM): (your about to get stabbed for using the name Krem lol)
Melo: (Likely)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((This is the one guy who I gave my real name, remember?))
Melo: (I thought that was ‘lets burn it down’ lady?)
AJ B. (GM): (oh yeah, had forgotten that)
The officer lowers his weapon slightly and mutters “Giovan” in the same tone others might call someone shit. “Fine, if she verifies your story then we’re good, but I can use both your help then.” He steps inside, still pretty tense.

Ceukeausraa Krem makes no promises, waiting next to the door and preparing to grab the officer the moment he’s inside in a rear naked choke, modified so that the blade of the knife prevents the subject from moving moreso than the crook of her arm.
Ceukeausraa Krem: (( Sorta like that :P))

Melo walked backwards a step or two before turning, still at ease despite the general fact that he just had yet another gun barrel pointed at his face. Granted, that very quickly would turn into an ‘oh shit’ moment when a knife wielding mad-woman took a police officer into a choke hold. “Krem! He’s on our side god damnit!”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Never rolled for it. Just prepared.))
Melo: (Oh. Retcon mine as needed.)
AJ B. (GM): (roll it if you’re still planning to. as he did just walk inside though his gun is now lowered and pointed at the floor.)
(body flip/tackle bonus for grapples just for sake of ease, unless got something specific)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Nah, this is sort of a move I invented myself, and sort of one I stole from a fictional character. I just modified it into something more realistically plausible :P))

Melo would also likely offer up a disarming, “Coffee?” as the man came in behind him.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Do you mean Body Flip/Throw, or BodyBlock/Tackle? Though, it’s really more of an Entangle RAW))
AJ B. (GM): (hmm, actually yeah entangle works better on that one, so go with that)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I would say Hold, but literally no HtH discipline gets holds.))
AJ B. (GM): (yeah that only comes from wrestling physical skill, and Id rather not say you only get holds by taking that)
Ceukeausraa Krem: rolling 1d20+5
= 14
((Since last time I checked, Judo and BJJ aren’t wrestling? :P))
AJ B. (GM): You catch him almost completely off guard, he manages to burn a hole in your carpet when he tenses up and fires his weapon. He then swears “Damn it, I knew you were working with those Things.” He says as he glares at Melo.

Ceukeausraa Krem leans in to make facial confirmation for the first time, before attempting to disarm him, just in case, before releasing him. If the disarm is successful, she’d then hand his gun back to him, handgrip first, though as always, careful to ensure the barrel points away from her and that her hand isn’t touching any compensators.
Ceukeausraa Krem: rolling 1d20+5
= 12
((That’s the disarm.))

Melo flinched a bit at the shot that ate further into the repairs he’d have to make on the apartment rather then the gun shot itself. Turning, THEN he’d give the “God damnit Krem! He’s on our side!” Though already he’d be relaxing as the mad woman moved to disarm the officer and release his hold. “And what Things?”

Vault remains, for the most part, passive through the entire exchange. He was told to stand at ease, and his commanding officer is stating that the law enforcement is on their side… This is logical and reasonable.
AJ B. (GM): You are able to easily disarm him, and when he sees its you handing over his weapon. “Damn it woman, we need people like you, can’t believe you’re leaving, and trusting Giovan to get you out no less.” He holsters his weapon. “The fuckin creatures of the M-quarter. They’re making trouble for decent folk, and we need to go remind them that they’re lucky to be inside the walls at all.”

Ceukeausraa Krem sheaths her knife and bites her tongue. Either the last thing this city needed was people like her, or Melo had a completely incorrect read on the place and they should have blown it up when they had the chance. She does ask at the end, however, “M-Quarter? What’s that?”

Melo ahs, his own general affinity for most D-Bee’s not quite making him one to hate the non-humans. They’re people, after all. “What trouble they causing, and how many we talking about?”
AJ B. (GM): He looks at you “Always forget how new you are. Its what the higher ups asked us to call the ‘Monster Quarter’, its official designation is something like ‘Non human temporary housing area’ but thats a bit of a mouthful.”
He turns to Melo. “They headed out of their quarter in groups of about twenty and are blocking a few of the more used roads. A lot of people aren’t happy about it.”

Ceukeausraa Krem sighs and puts her thumb and forefinger to her brow. “So. How much do you want to bet we know the ring leader?” She directs to Melo.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((It’s a perfectly reasonable assumption!))
AJ B. (GM): ((yes it is, which makes it all the funnier.))

Melo nods as he gets himself some water; its hot out, and water is good for you. “Two credits sound fair?” to Krem. “So we’ve got legitimate disruption of local services. Any damages to the area? Gangers or just frustrated civil disobedience? Happy to carry some rubber bullets to help keep things in check without bloodshed? Haven’t had a chance to restock.”
Melo: (Happen, not happy)
AJ B. (GM): He laughs “Rubber bullets, that’s a good one. As for damage, depends on what you define as damage, the business owners will undoubtedly tell you theres been a massive damage to their establishments reputation and business. Physically, no none yet.” He looks oddly at you “Does it matter, they’re all monsters anyways.”

Melo nods. “Yeah, it matters. Less paperwork, less medical supplies wasted getting them fixed up afterwards, less clean up of the streets of inhuman blood stains, and in general makes us look even more humane by not killing ’em.” Well, he’s got logic all the way around.. At least, from his point of view. “Yeah, they’re breaking the law, but outright killing them is a damn fine way to start a riot in the entire development. Then we’ve got citizen stuck paying to replace glass and looted stocks, rather then just having business disrupted for a day. Hell, could even bring in some good PR that a potential riot was prevented peacefully by the local police force.” A shrug. “But I’m an outsider, so I suppose my take is a smidge out of touch. They may be monsters, but they’re still civilians.”

Ceukeausraa Krem frees a feral growl. “Let me tell you a story about monsters. When I was young, I lived outside of Chi-Town in the CS territories. The area was over-run with monsters. MDC Creatures of glossy black, and their heads reflecting the twisted visages of the damned. They tore through my village, taking what they wanted, and slaughtering people indiscriminately. They took my friends. They took my family. They took everything from me. Their reasoning? I had learned to survive. That was my only crime. That is a true monster.” At some point during her soliloquy, her vibroblade would be pulled an inch free of its sheath. Teeth would be constantly grinding at any rest. Eyes would be narrowed and focused. She visibly thirsted for blood. “A few years later, I vowed revenge. I signed my soul away for four years in exchange for the ability to take it.” For the first time ever, she would uncover her head. Studs adorned it here and there, though not as pronounced as most Crazies. More prominant, however, was a CS barcode across her forehead. “You are beginning to remind me of them.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((NOW you can switch my icon :P))
AJ B. (GM): ((cant))
((That icon is on my comp at home))
Melo: (Limited roll20 features, blast you..!)
AJ B. (GM): ((no, restrictions of being on a mac that is in the wrong town))
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Actually, if they’d been uploaded to the server, you can access them anywhere.))
AJ B. (GM): ((oh duh))
((looks like I hadnt uploaded it yet))
((weird, thought I had))
The cop looks legitimately concerned for his health and raises his hands up. “Alright, now lets calm down Ceukeausraa. You don’t really want to hurt me.”

Melo would be rising as well, just as concerned for the cop’s health. At least this explained part of why he got along as well as he did with the crazy woman: He’s a legitimate good guy..! Well, ok, fine, why she hadn’t ripped him apart yet, sorta. “Krem, check yourself. He’s local law and killing him wouldn’t make the city a better place, would just make it harder for you to get out of here alive.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: (( Tracked it down, cropped it, good to go.))
AJ B. (GM): (all changed)

Ceukeausraa Krem makes a noise, a sort of rumbling hiss, maybe? It sounds rather like a pissed-off crocodile, anyway. “No. You’re wrong.” She says to the officer. “I really, REALLY want to hurt you. Lucky you, he’s right.” She nods her head to Melo, and lets her blade drop back into its sheath, snapping it closed.

Melo is useful for something now and again!
AJ B. (GM): The cop looks concerned but lowers his hands and looks at from one to the other. “If we weren’t so shorthanded I’d just leave now while all of me is still intact. Unfortunately, theres 4 of these groups and we only had enough manpower to cover two of them for now, so guess I don’t have much choice. However as I like my insides inside me.” He turns to Krem “How would you prefer we handle this problem?”

Ceukeausraa Krem tilts her head. “Just as he said.” She nods to Melo again. “Diplomacy first, nonlethal takedowns second, and never target anyone attempting to flee.”

Melo listens, finishing his own glass of water before approaching the officer, offering one. Sure, its not booze, but its something. He didn’t look prideful or anything of the sort. “Might want to radio in a request for some rubber bullets for us, just in case. Zipties or standard cuffs?”

Ceukeausraa Krem shakes her head. “I didn’t say anything about rubber bullets. Those won’t even stun some of the stronger D-Bees. We’ll want old weapons for that task.”
AJ B. (GM): He shakes his head. “No point in radioing in, we’ll have to hit a shop or something on the way. Rubber bullets take a lot of authorization, and the red tape here is the worst kind of maze. They’d either take over or be stopped by the time we got anything authorized. Thankfully theres a few shops that sell specifically to those with the right authorization.” He turns and heads towards the door and looks over his shoulder. “Do you really think you can talk to these…them?”

Ceukeausraa Krem stares at the officer. “If you can’t talk to them, how did you register them as residents to begin with?” She’s honestly beginning to wonder if he’s literally retarded.
AJ B. (GM): He shrugs “You know what I mean. They don’t think like humans, and often won’t see reason because of some bullshit cultural or personal issue.”

Ceukeausraa Krem rolls her eyes. “And it’s more reasonable to murder sentient creatures in cold blood without even trying?”

Melo follows suit, glancing at the robot, “Non-lethal force authorized. Threat level Alpha 3. Disperse and arrest as needed.” The door would be locked on the way out after a quick check of his weapons, a hand patting lightly at his auto-mag. “One can hope we can talk some sense into ‘em. Figure out what they’re pissed about, then see what we can do to, you know, actually fix the problem if its within reason. And if its not? Well, we’ve got legitimate laws being broken.” Though he’d be quite ok with hitting up a weapons shop on the way for at least a box of rounds of non-lethal ammo. Hopefully, at least.
AJ B. (GM): “You don’t think we’ve tried before. Every so often some do gooder comes along and says ‘oh Im sure I can talk sense’ then they expect the administration to foot the bill when they promise the moon.”

Melo headshakes. “Within reason. If they’ve got something legitimate, I’ll listen to it, but we don’t go setting a precedence.”
AJ B. (GM): He turns into a small shop nearby, inside is a tall black man wearing an mdc chestplate with his hair in dreads. As the cop enters he grins “Long time no see, my man. Needing something a bit heavier then what the admins authorize today?”

Melo walked in behind the officer; courtesy demands he let the officer speak first, however. Or Krem, depending.

Ceukeausraa Krem just laughs.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Yeah, clearly you tried your hardest.” She accuses.
((We going RAW on interactions, or did you come up with something that actually makes sense?))
AJ B. (GM): The officer growls something indistinct. “Not today, Jeff. Today I need, three dart guns, two full clips of both md and sd darts with the sleep load for each, and whatever these two want to request. Put it all on my tab and I’ll pay you when I get reimbursed.” The man behind the counters eyes widen in shock, but he does quickly set three guns and 12 clips on the counter, each clip holding 10 darts.
((you mean with the trust/intimidate thing? mostly I’ll just do that off the cuff, if it needs to go to a roll I’ll use the same method I do for untrained skills, if you’re high enough to have it, use that number, if not its a percent roll against the stat itself)
Melo: “Single box of rubber bullets, please.” And he’d pop out a clip from his auto-mag, quick to start unloading silver rounds back into their own case in one of his belt pouches. “That’ll fit these. Eighteen if you don’t have a full box.” The dart gun would be picked up and inspected curiously, simply because a gun should always be checked out first.

Melo adds, “And a few tear gas ’nades, just in case.”
AJ B. (GM): Jeff nods. and asks “box of 50, 100, or 300? and how many is a few my friend?”

Melo glances at the police officer a moment, “Fifty rounds, three ‘nades. One for each of us, if that’s acceptable, Officer?” Hey, he’s the one that needs to fill out the paperwork.
AJ B. (GM): The cop nods and Jeff sets all of it next to the guns, and turns to Krem “and you miss, what’s your pleasure?”

Ceukeausraa Krem pulls out her neuromace “Got one of these, hybridized with one of these?” She pulls out an ancient knife.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I really just want my knife bonus to a NM effect :P))
AJ B. (GM): His eyebrows raise and he smiles bright. “Ohh I like her, she’s interesting.” He digs around and eventually comes up with three knives each well kept with an unusual handle. He points to the first. “This one is strictly neural, its blade is dulled and the neural projection is on constantly.” He points to the second “This one is set up with a trigger and lock mechanism. It can do SDC or Neural.” He waves at the last one with a flourish “This is my pride and joy. Three settings, able to do any or all at once should you find somethings truly strange out there. Neural, SD, and MD. when on its full function it will use the md first, then the sd, then the neural. However any single setting can be used on its own.”

Melo again made that not-exactly-eye-brow raise across his forehead at the devices. “Remind me to pay for one of these out of my own pocket.” (Why oh why do I picture Jeff talking with a jamacan accent?)

Ceukeausraa Krem nods, and reaches out, though she doesn’t touch the blade. “May I?” She asks.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Jeff?))
Melo: (That’d be the salesman’s name)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Goldblum?))

Ceukeausraa Krem is reaching for the third blade, for the record.
AJ B. (GM): He nods “Be my guest, I wouldnt expect anyone to buy a blade they hadn’t held”

Ceukeausraa Krem picks it up and examines it carefully, looking down both edges of the blade, feeling the weight in her hand, and briefly juggling it from one hand to the other, before spinning it on her palm.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Skill rolls required other than Recognize Weapon Quality?))
AJ B. (GM): ((nah))
Ceukeausraa Krem: roll 1d100
rolling 1d100< 48
= 1 Successes
AJ B. (GM): It is a very well made knife, it is obvious that someone took great care in crafting every part of it. It also appears it will do a bit of extra damage when used and feels well balanced for throwing.

Ceukeausraa Krem nods. “I’ll take it.”
(To GM): I shoulda done the same for the dart gun. nod
AJ B. (GM): He nods and smiles bright “Excellent. Is that everything you’ll be needing from me for today then?” He turns to Melo “Are you sure you don’t want one on your friends tab? He isn’t always this generous you know.” The cop glares at Jeff.
(From AJ B. (GM)): (you still can if you wish, your call)

Melo laughs a bit before glancing at the cop. “City’s tab, yeah? I really can’t say no to an offer like that.” The second would be inspected, along a quick ‘test’ of the on-off mechanism and its safety. “Nothing aside from a rifle beats a good knife these days.”
Melo: (rolling fer weapons quality check, both on the dart gun and the dagger, dagger first)
rolling 1d100< 49
= 1 Successes
rolling 1d100< 49
= 0 Successes
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((“How do you shoot women and children?!” “Oh it’s easy, you just lead ’em a bit less!”
AJ B. (GM): Although not as well crafted as the other it is still a very solidly made knife. The mechanism seems to work just fine. and on the dart guns it seems they are a bit too out of the norm for you to figure out their quality.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Does it come with a matching sheath, or will I need one seprate?”
((I wonder if there’s a psychological screening process for Crazies, or if being crazy already wouldn’t affect the augs.))
AJ B. (GM): He shakes his head as if clearing it. “Of course ma’am, my apologies I got caught up in my own mind a bit there.” He pulls out a sheathe for each of the knives and places them on the counter as well.
((from the flavor it seems to be assumed that they were crazy just to accept the augmnets.))
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Well. I know my IRL RIFTS class, then :P))
AJ B. (GM): ((rules perspective I havent been able to find anything that indicates itd be a problem beyond whatever issues their insanity might already cause))

Ceukeausraa Krem examines the sheath just as carefully as she had the knife. After all, a lot can be told about a craftsman by their artistic flair.
AJ B. (GM): ((As I think a phobia of technology might cause some issues getting the augments lol))
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Yeah, until a Crazy develops technophobia as a result of a sixth level roll :P))
((Or first for that matter.))
((Sorry, Second.))

Melo collects the sheath, knife properly put away and then strapped to his left forearm, dart gun replacing his gun in his shoulder holster. Gotta love those adaptable sure-grip holsters, rubber rounds popped into his auto-mag, SDC darts loaded into the dart gun, teargas ’nade within easy reach on his bandolier. Yep, standard friggen action hero look.

Ceukeausraa Krem would just strap the knife to what is presumably the one remaining free location on her body.

Ceukeausraa Krem would actually holster it to her hip, right next to her Boom-Gun
AJ B. (GM): (Krems) The sheath feels and looks like its made of leather although it is oddly colored, an icy blue color with a sleek chinese dragon burnt into it flowing down the sheath. (Melos) The sheath is made of a similar leather or the same color although it has a celtic cross burnt into it.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I’m going to HAVE to find an IC reason to transfer that knife to Albion :P))
((…Who is probably just as likely as Ambrose to be leading this little rebellion :P))
AJ B. (GM): The cop looks at both of you picks up the dart gun and the clips for it. “Alright now that we’re hopefully done here, shall we get on with the actual problem?” Jeff looks at each of you “Feel free to come back any time, Jeff’s is the place for all your weapon needs.” He looks directly at Krem “and you little lady, do come back just to say hi some time.”

Ceukeausraa Krem rolls her eyes. “Unlikely.”

Melo nods, armed comfortably. “Yeah. Lets go.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((That was directed at Jeff, for the record.))
AJ B. (GM): The cop leads you out and down a few more streets as you get near you can hear chanting coming from around the corner “Light for all or the admins fall.” The cop sighs and mutters “this again” before stopping and leaning against the wall. “If you want to negotiate it might be best I stay out of sight.”

Melo nods in agreement. “Light for all? Guessing they’re simply asking for power in the evening?”
AJ B. (GM): The cop shakes his head. “Power in general. We haven’t been able to make repairs to the lines that lead into the M-quarter yet.”

Ceukeausraa Krem shrugs. “By the sounds of things so far, that might be best. Appreciated.” And approaches the “situation” (and I’m not talking about Jersey Shore) completely unarmoured. Probably not the best idea, considering how squishy she is, but she’s negotiating. Or attempting to. A nudge at Melo. “You think you’d be more persuasive than I, you’re welcome to lead.”

Ceukeausraa Krem turns to the cop. “Have you at least made attempts?”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((The only war worth fighting is a class war!))
AJ B. (GM): “Of course we have. Perhaps not the best or most thorough attempts, but we sent techs out to do what they could. Official word is that repairs will require evacuating the entire quarter for upwards of a month. You able to fit an entire population in your pocket for a month?”

Melo is almost taken aback by the simple demands… Well, at least until the general description of the repairs needed was given. “How long it been down for? And what caused it?” Well, he’s an outsider.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “More important question. Why is an evacuation necessary just to repair some power lines?”

Ceukeausraa Krem isn’t even the tech-head, here!

Ceukeausraa Krem …actually is the tech-head, but only in a literal sense.

Melo could see underground repairs being required, or similar things. But he also trusts official word as far as he can throw it, knowing what he knows.

Ceukeausraa Krem isn’t very good at throwing concepts, personally.
AJ B. (GM): He shrugs “Official word is official word, I’m not given reasons behind command decisions. As for how long. All the power was knocked out early out during the cataclysm. They repaired what they could but certain parts were beyond help at the time, and by the time they could do it, it was impossible for new reasons.”

Melo nods. “Good enough background for me.” Granted, gears in his head were already turning rapidly over ‘easy’ fixes. Sure, none of them were things he could promise on his own, and the city itself likely wouldn’t be too keen to share its abundance of electricity, but that wouldn’t stop him from trying to come up with solutions. “No offers up front, but at least can hear them out. They’re still peaceful, ’n have a legitimate gripe by the sounds of it.” And then to Krem, “Ideas, and you want to take point?”

Ceukeausraa Krem rolls her eyes. “I can’t negotiate anything with only a small fraction of the details. I’m beginning to see why there’s been a stalemate here for so long.” And also seriously wish that they’d destroyed this town when they had the chance.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “I don’t know about you, but I need more intel before I make a move, here. They’ll be asking the same questions I am. They’ll want to know exactly why the lines can’t be repaired without pushing them all out of the city until repairs are completed.”

Melo nods in agreement. “And that’s intel we lack, and aren’t likely going to be able to get.” A nod given to the officer, “No offence intended. Word from higher up is word from higher up, I get that. He’s no city planner, and we’ve been sent here to defuse a situation. That’s our primary objective. THEN we can worry about getting things fixed.”
AJ B. (GM): The cop nods at Melo “He is correct, there isnt much more I can tell you about the whys or hows. All I’m told is enough to get the job done. If you can get in touch with an a higher up, before this becomes a bigger problem, go for it. If not though then this is what we have to work with.”

Ceukeausraa Krem shakes her head again. “Can’t defuse anything without full disclosure.” A glance over at Melo. “No chance of you pulling another miracle out of nowhere? Contacts and intel are kind of your specialty.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “I can focus on defusal and dispersal if you can at least try to dig up something I can use.”

Melo offers a lopsided smile at that, “Over night, yeah, sure. Right now? Best I can do is ask someone and call in a favor of two. Or more accurately, dig myself deeper in debt.” A glance at the officer. “Where’s the nearest terminal with net access, and above all, power?” Only in the city a few days, and already he’s making comments like that. Gotta be some alarms going off that way. But then again, he did already say he’s in with an admin.
AJ B. (GM): The cop nods and points down the alley and around the corner towards the chanters. “They’ve set up around the nearest terminal and theres still a decent few blocks before you’re actually in the M quarter. No one would care if they weren’t blocking normal city function. Next nearest is down the street opposite way about 3 blocks”

Ceukeausraa Krem would head over and try and get her voice heard above the rabble. “I understand that, usually when something like this happens, a fair number of you get killed, the streets run red, and it’s all swept under the carpet. I hope to avoid that path today. If you’re keen on selecting a representative for the purpose of negotiation, please send them forward.” A good first step in establishing order.

Melo nods once, “Vault, back her up.” And with that, he’d bolt to the terminal that wasn’t currently being occupied.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Meaning the one 3 blocks down, I presume.))
Melo: (Yeah)
AJ B. (GM): A tall gaunt and very pale man with too long limbs and a face that seems to be stretched into an eternal frown walks up. He raises his hands high and then lowers them slowly with his palms pointing towards the ground. As he did the chanting died down quickly. “My name is Calon and I speak for this group of us.”

Ceukeausraa Krem nods. “Fantastic. So, the complaint is that there’s no power to the ‘Temporary’” She uses finger quotes for the word temporary. It was pretty clear it was basically The Projects. “Housing Area, yes?”

Vault simply remains a short distance off, passive and observing, and keeping an open com with the human to make sure he’s kept appraised of the situation.
AJ B. (GM): He nods “That is the first of many complaints yes. However it is also the most pressing of our needs.”
(From AJ B. (GM)): your plan from here?
(To GM): Once at the terminal, a quick attempt to log in and message himself a few times in short order. Again, binary code, ‘Assistance requested to avoid bloodshed.’, and then the terminal ID… Though if the AI would catch the message, and respond to it… Well, that’d be blind luck.
(From AJ B. (GM)): You get a response “Form of assistance requested?”

Ceukeausraa Krem nods. “Official Word,” again with the finger quotes “States that to repair the power lines, complete evacuation of the area is required for the duration, which is estimated to be a month. I have a friend looking into the validity of that claim right now, but I personally strongly doubt that. I’m not going to promise the lines will be repaired, because you would probably be trading something even more important if that were the case. So, let me ask instead what the power is necessary for. I’m sure I can find another method of keeping the most important functions afloat without having to rely on the ‘generosity’,” Finger quotes again. “Of the administration.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods and looks around. “Each individual will of course tell you that their personal needs are greatest. My own included. So I will stick to general needs instead. Our doctors must work by day or candlelight. Our food must be bought fresh constantly as we have no storage methods. Finally we need light at least on the exteriors to better deal with criminals.”
(To GM): ‘Information: Reason for evacuation of M-District to repair power? Cost of repairs vs possible productivity of fully operational district and prevention of civil unrest. Information requested in order to enter negotiations with a full understanding of the situation, and to appease current civil unrest in section [insert section] peacefully.’
(From AJ B. (GM)): Evacuation is given as excuse. Non humans are considered a threat and more easily controlled without technology. Administration has blocked any techs from going in to repair the powerlines. Tunnel is collapsed and would take a week to clear before they could get in. Labeled as a “waste of resources”.

Ceukeausraa Krem nods. “Reasonable enough, but still wide-spread enough to be an issue.” She’d turn to vault. “Can you radio your commander and tell him not to indebt himself if he hasn’t already? There’s a more equitable solution.” Then back to the D-Bee. “Well, there seems to be a solution in terms of basic needs, at least. Power is government operated, clearly. Everyone pays their fair share into the costs of maintenance then, yes?”
(To GM): ‘Labeled as threat by computational rules, or by admin? Value of productive and patriotic non-humans wishing to protect the city and contribute to its prosperity, even if only in their own quadrant vs cost of less control of non-humanoids? Cost of resources to repair lines if tunnels cleared by non-humans at no cost to city included in calculations?’

Vault doesn’t seem to move, but that didn’t mean he didn’t radio in as requested.
AJ B. (GM): “Partially correct here. Power is government opperated here. As for everyone paying their equal share. That is doubtful.”
(From AJ B. (GM)): Labeled as a threat by both. Computational percentages indicate humans are injured by nonhumans far more often then by other humans. Value to city is high and has been communicated on multiple occurences as have these options. They have been overridden and redacted as neccessary.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Let me rephrase. You’re paying for power maintenance, yes?”
AJ B. (GM): He looks around at the others and then shrugs “Not that anyone is aware of. Though we could be it is hard to tell what we are and aren’t paying for.”

Ceukeausraa Krem nods, and once more applies thumb and forefinger to her forehead. “Alright. Tell you what. If you can scrape together a bit of money between everyone, I’m sure we can find a way to at LEAST temporarily repair the lines. Full power will be easier to restore from that point.”
(To GM): ‘Understood. Information appreciated. Will attempt to defuse protests with respect to sanctity of privileged information. Requesting suggestion of restoring power to medical facilities only as show of good will to non-humanoid population to prevent further civil unrest be communicated to administration if it has not already been vetoed. Will also submit personal request to admin. Thank you for permitting me tools to assist the city’s prosperity.’ Well, AI or not, it doesn’t hurt to convey thanks and courtesy.
AJ B. (GM): He nods “We will do what we can though we will have to reconvene with other groups depending on how much money you are requesting.”

Ceukeausraa Krem shrugs. “Honestly? Get as much as you can. The more you can scrape together, the better the service is bound to get.”

Melo would return after a fair bit of time.. Well, as long as it took him, anyways. As for what he came back with? It might be empty handed, but he was casual in his approach, peacekeeper badge on display. “Failing funds, would labor be equatable?” Yeah, he’s armed to the teeth, but everything was holstered still, and his helmet was off.
(From AJ B. (GM)): Request will be conveyed and hopefully the administration will be more willing this time. It is…frustrating… to be unable to do the things you are meant to do.
AJ B. (GM): He nods once more and sends off those gathered, before heading off himself. He offers his hand to Krem saying “Thank you for your compassion, it is a rare thing in this place” He then looks over at Melo “We may be able to do that, although we are wary of doing any labor for the Admins. We do not wish to be put to work only to find that it does nothing to improve our own lives.”
(ignore the heading off himself)

Ceukeausraa Krem extends her hand, grabbing the D-Bee about the wrist and shaking. “This gesture is largely pointless, considering that it is intended as a way of checking for weapons, you know.” It’s not like she’d removed the knives, just in case, nor were they particularly concealed. She’d only come unarmoured as a show of faith.

Melo nods. “Understandable. I ask only so that requests have more options; any labor would be for the benefit of your quarter and nowhere else. Not all members of the city want to see your kind subjugated. Just as she, I make no promises, but a common goal of comfortable survival is one that all lives should be afforded within these walls.”
AJ B. (GM): He shrugged “In my culture it is a show of trust. We depend greatly on our hands in our work, and to offer one in such a way is much like offering ones throat, if I understand the comparisons correctly.”
He looks over at Melo. “You speak quite well, but so did the last one to come here wearing a badge.”

Ceukeausraa Krem chuckles. “I wore the badge before I passed it to him, you know. We’re not asking for your trust. Just your assistance. Surely you have a technician among your number which can verify our compliance?”
Melo: “Trust has to start somewhere. At least stopping this and getting the area back up and running justifies us asking the brass to let us end this peacefully, and even more so with no arrests.”
AJ B. (GM): He shrugs “We have had who we can look at this. They told us they would need to go underground to find the problems and would get lost without a map or guide. Those who could guide them might lead them anywhere they wished. The others will soon have disperesed and returned to the quarter as well.”

Ceukeausraa Krem nods. “Well, we’re on Baker Street. We should be easy to find if you just ask around. We’ve built up something of a reputation. Come by when you’ve got the results, and we’ll see what we can do.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods and heads back towards the quarter.
Melo: “Nicely done. We’ll talk about what I got once we’re back at home.”

Ceukeausraa Krem nods. “Sounds good. Let’s get going.” She leads the way for a time, but only to the officer that lead them here. “See how easy that was?”
AJ B. (GM): He nods “Well there wasnt any shooting and from what I could hear you haven’t made any promises just agreed to try, I’m surprised they listened to you.”

Ceukeausraa Krem rolls her eyes. “No wonder that druggie deer bitch thinks humans are all evil.” She mutters under her breath.

Melo followed, just as did the robot. “Rest of the protests’ll hopefully clearing up shortly according to him.” A jerk in the direction of the departing D-bee. “Gonna take an act of congress to get things fixed, but they’ve at least got someone high up on their side.”
AJ B. (GM): “Congress?” He shakes his head ignoring the male lunatic. “Whatever, its dealt with, the help is appreciated even if it isnt normal operations for our department. I’m gonna go have a stiff drink.” He then starts heading off.

Melo laughs. “Shoot first and ask questions later? Though I suppose being a peacekeeper has slightly different meanings to different people.”

Ceukeausraa Krem shrugs. “Let’s head home. Unless you’d like a drink as well.”
AJ B. (GM): He doesnt stop or turn back but you do hear him say. “Dead things are generally more peaceful.”

Melo headshakes. “Water’ll do. Have a good night, Sir, and thanks again for keeping us equipped.” City ordained weapons, jackpot.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Ask questions later? You’re probably giving them far too much credit.”
“Speaking of credits…”

Ceukeausraa Krem pulls Serbia’s deficit from her pocket.

Melo would start heading back to the apartment, though stopping as needed.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “If I’m gonna be leaving you alone here, there’s somebody I need to introduce you to.”
Melo: “Lead on, then. Guessing I shouldn’t ask in public?”
AJ B. (GM): After a little while of walking you find yourself in a familiar place. Krem has led you to Cockatrices bar.

Melo laughs, “Yeah.. I owe her a book. Or a head.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Oh, so Col. Poppin’ Fresh isn’t so squeaky clean after all? Good. She’s a woman who can get things done. Either way. She owes me a little something, as well. I need to renegotiate an agreement for something I’ve decided not to do.”

Melo pffts, “Red tape takes too long more often then not.” And he’d even get the door for his companion. “After you, m’lady?” Yep, he knew he was going to get punched for that.
AJ B. (GM): Usual precautions are taken for entry before you are both led up to Cockatrice. “Please have a seat and relax. You’ve been quite busy.”

Melo would at least order a beer before going up. Why not? Well.. Provided they’d let him bring it up. A seat taken, a nod given to the droid to do the same. At least he had the common sense to put away his badge before getting in sight of the bar.

Ceukeausraa Krem acquiesces aforementioned precautions in the same way she had in the past. Compromisingly cautious.

Ceukeausraa Krem snickers a bit when Melo takes his badge off. "Trust me, she doesn’t much care. She knew I was a ‘peacekeeper’ when I first arrived.
Ceukeausraa Krem: "
AJ B. (GM): They have no issue with you bring up the beer and Cockatrice sits forward with her hands folded on the table. “So what is it today? A favor, more weapons, some information. or do you happen to have something else neat for me today?”

Ceukeausraa Krem grins. “Well. You remember that bargain we made before, about which the details are best kept between us, but I asked you to frame a certain individual for treason about?”
AJ B. (GM): She nods “I recall.”

Ceukeausraa Krem nods back. “Fantastic. Well, the planting of the thing fell through, so I was wondering if renegotiation is entirely out of the question.”
AJ B. (GM): Her eyebrows raise and a glance is thrown towards Melo before she nods. “Of course not. What kind of renegotiation were you looking for?”

Melo remains quiet, simply sipping at his beer and listening.

Ceukeausraa Krem shrugs her shoulders. “Well, I’m pretty sure I can frame her for something easier with far less effort, so I’m not going to bother with that. Even if I can’t, I’m leaving here soon and the job is minor enough that it shouldn’t follow me. I don’t want to bother negotiating for Black Credits, either. I have enough of those. In fact, I was planning to throw those in to sweeten the pot for what I’m wanting to bargain for. Needless to say, between 77,000 plus black credits and the favour I’ve done you, it’d be a pretty big sum between us, yeah? In fact, it’s such a large sum, I’m not really sure what it is I’d like in return. You’ve proven yourself to be a trustworthy and valuable ally, however. That’s worth a lot. So.” She places Serbia’s deficit on the table, and pushes it towards Cockatrice. “I was wondering if you could instead make me an offer.”

Melo will admit, a single cred-stick just doesn’t have the same effect as a massive pile of cash. At least he was casual about the whole affair.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((It is a single credstick. :P))
((Oh. That’s your point.))
((Also, exact value is 77,315))
AJ B. (GM): Cockatrice nods and turns to her skinny subordinate. “What am I always telling you, shoot straight with people and it pays off.” He nods and begins going through his pad. He whispers in her ear and she nods. “Well now that is quite a lot and it does hold quite a massive value. Unfortunately with you leaving there isn’t honestly much I can do for you personally as anything I gave would need to be transferrable across an entire ocean.”

Ceukeausraa Krem nods. “Absolutely correct. Likewise, I’d rather not smuggle any illegal goods where I’m going. No magical artifacts, psionic enhancements, or even military-grade tech. No point in transferring it to UCAS credits at a rather significant loss, either.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Yup. That’s all she has to say.))
AJ B. (GM): ((Think we need to call it there, pick it up tomorrow, kinda losing focus))
((However this does at least get alot of other stuff out of the way so thats good at least))
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Alright.))
Melo: (This has been fun, for sure!)
AJ B. (GM): (yep)
Cackle H.: Can I even send data upstream? FFS.
Zea: Yes
Cackle H.: Yeah, I sent that about 5 minutes ago.
Zea: ouch
Cackle H.: Okay, since my net is being utterly retarded, I’m gonna send you a file, AJ. Can you upload it to Albion’s portrait section of the charsheet?
AJ B. (GM): can only do skype on my ipad
macs response is “Cant connect to skype” “Server connection can not be established”
Cackle H.: I guess it’ll have to wait until I’ve yelled at my ISP’s supervisor for a few hours.
Which, again, won’t be ‘til Monday.
AJ B. (GM): yeah that or once Im home this evening can do it.
Cackle H.: Oh. Yeah. That’ll work.
I’m gonna keep trying until then. I’ve jury-rigged it so all .04mbps download speed is dedicated to roll20.
AJ B. (GM): anyhow, shall we get what time we can in before I have to head off? or would you guys rather postpone until Im home?
Jacob R.: whichever works for you ^^
Cackle H.: Well, Blind’s gonna have to head off in 7 hours, pretty much full-stop, end sentence, period.
Jacob R.: ?
I can stay up late tonight
Cackle H.: Oh.
Jacob R.: I have 5 hr energies
Cackle H.: Cool, then.
Cackle H.: That doesn’t seem condusive to your ‘healthy sleep schedule’ thing, but you know. Whatevs :P
Jacob R.: well, I have another day off and sleepy pills so i can stay up
besides it hasnt really beeen helping
Cackle H.: Oh. Well. Sleepy pills. Yay!
AJ B. (GM): lol, Im gonna have to develop one of those soon I think
Cackle H.: I’ve already developed a sort of one.
I get up at 0800 on weekdays. But weekends see me sleeping (or jerking it) until around noon.
AJ B. (GM): I have to be up at 8 am on tuesday.
Cackle H.: ANYWAY
Game time.
Albion: RAWR!
Ceukeausraa Krem: Grr.
Ambrose Betamax: (rar!)
AJ B. (GM): Alright, so last we left off, we had Ambrose, Albion and Leah in the midst of a jewelry store while some random guy tried to match jewelry to her outfit and Ambrose tried to convince her not to do whatever it is she is planning to do. As per the mini session requested for yesterday, Krem and Melo are talking with Cockatrice and we left off in the midst of some negotiations. (miss anything?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Plenty, but nothing generally important :P))
Albion: ((I think we might need some prompts to continue off of, however.))
AJ B. (GM): (yeah) Cockatrice looks once more at the credstick in front of her then up at Krem. “Alright, so my reach is limited and you’re about to fly outside it. Theres not a whole lot I can do to help you in particular, but perhaps I can help your friends.” She indicates Melo. “Since you brought him here I assume you are familiar with his friend Horny?”
Ambrose Betamax: (I’m horny yaaaaaay *runs around helicoptering)

Melo would eye roll, but it just isn’t in his eye’s programing or mechanical movements. Really, in the long run, its saved him a lot of social issues.

Ceukeausraa Krem stares at Cockatrice. “What?” She maintains total pokerface, despite the incredulousness of her voice. “Oh. You must mean the idiot. Yes, I’m acquainted. Until recently, he’d been living with me.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah turns to Ambrose as the jeweler clasps a brooch of a bright ruby around her neck and she holds out her hand so he can measure her fingers and start looking for rings. “You’re sweet Betamax but unless you think we can gather up a million or two credits and find the right chop shop for me. I don’t have much choice here. Sure having my meds helps and means saving up would be easier but, can you promise me that before I go into that final crash we’ll be able to get that kind of money?”
Ambrose Betamax: “….no….but I’d do my best to.”
Albion doesn’t really have a clue what’s going on, and so instead, re-alights atop Ambrose’s head.
Ambrose Betamax: (yay dragon on my head)
AJ B. (GM): Cockatrice nods “He isn’t as much an idiot as you may think, naive and innocent perhaps but I doubt he is nearly as stupid as he pretends. Alright, so I am sure you know he is trying to help out one of my girls and your friend here seems to care about this city. From what I’ve heard through the grapevine you care about the plight of the downtrodden here as well. So maybe there is something I can do for each of those individuals or groups that is worth this” She taps the credstick. “As for the favor, well those are much more valuable and much harder to pay back after all.”
Leah stares directly into Ambrose’s eyes as if searching for the truth of those words and whether she can really trust him to keep to that.

Ambrose Betamax stares back into leahs eyes. Earnestly.
Ambrose Betamax: (ambrose is earnest!)
AJ B. (GM): (so long as he doesnt start mugging at the camera)
Albion: ((I hate google translate. I’m trying to get the associated kanji for “Fundoshi o shimete kakaru.” But it’s being dumb.))
((It’s trying to say that “Fundoshi o shimete kakaru.” is “Anata no fundoshi o shimemasu.” And it’s not.))
AJ B. (GM): ((sorry cant help you much there))

Ceukeausraa Krem can’t help but smirk a bit. “The downtrodden? No. I could care less about ’The Downtrodden”. Those who are stepped on have only allowed themselves to be. I care that those who have the guts to fight back have the means to not let their fight be in vain." She’s either crazy or complicated. All things considered, most likely both.
Albion states, “褌を締めてかかる.”
Albion: ((Resourcefulness!))
Cockatrice: “Alright, well in that respect I can give them the tools and a bit more edge in their fight. It won’t guarantee they’re victory, and the odds will still be stacked against them, but more in a Professional vs skilles player, then house against novice way. That sound like a solid start?”

Ambrose Betamax ‘s loincloth tightens.
Albion: ((Idioms are usually pretty easy to track down.))
Leah Razortongue: After a while she nods seemingly satisfied and takes off the brooch and the two rings that have been placed and sets them on the counter. "Thank you I won’t be needing them it seems." She then takes Ambrose by the hand and leads him out and back towards the dress shop. “Lets go get this frilly stupid thing returned then. Just be aware we may have ticked off one very powerful asshole.”
Albion is impressed that Ambrose could translate that!

Ambrose Betamax is very happy about this and goes with her in a kind of happy hoppy deer way.

Ceukeausraa Krem chuckles. “The means to fight often leads to a will. The will to fight often leads to victory. Or so I’ve been told. I only hope it’s the truth. Alright. That seems fair, I suppose.”

Melo finally pipes up. “The issue is more political then a will to fight.” He’d slowly lean forward and relax on the table, elbows off of it. “Mathematically, getting that part of the city up and running is a boon. The issue then becomes it making the Admins look soft on non-humans. A fight only makes it worse.”
Cockatrice: “Mmm, its a start anyhow. What is it that your friends want? Horny wants Leah off her Crash, this I know. I can’t make that happen but maybe I can help push it along more then I have. Your friend next to you.” She looks at Melo “What is it that You really want?”

Ceukeausraa Krem leans back in her chair. “Getting Leah off her Crash is one thing. She told me she’s only on it to become a Juicer. I’d need a guarantee that these funds are not going towards this end.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Or someone told her, anyway.))

Melo gives a shrug. “Jewels. Knowledge. Power that follows different laws of physics.” Another shrug as he leaned back in his seat. “All of that is secondary to making sure there is a safe place in the world for people, human and non. Equality is too lofty of a goal right now, but at the least, giving them the same chance to be productive members of society is a damn fine start, if you ask me. I don’t play politics though.”
Leah Razortongue: Walks with Ambrose seeming a bit lighter and more at ease then she has these past few days. When you two return to the dress shop she returns it and the woman running it looks very concerned as all of you walk out. Leah back in her standard pants and shirt.

Ambrose Betamax keeps following Leah, absent any other concerns.
Cockatrice: “I can guarantee I won’t hand anyone the cash directly and I won’t pay for a conversion myself. Is that satisfactory, in that regard?”

Ceukeausraa Krem just noticed something. “Y’know, considering how little we play politics, we keep getting sucked into it…” She turns to Cockatrice. “Might be limiting yourself a bit too much, there. If you don’t hand anyone the funds, it doesn’t really do much good, does it?” She’d wink.

Cockatrice turns to Melo. “Jewes are easy, Knowledge is costly, and power like that can get you in a lot of trouble. As for the safety I have already agreed to help as part of my end of the deal.” She smirks at Krem and points at the cred stick without picking it up. The bruiser subordinate lifts it and hands it to Melo. “See, I never handed the funds directly to anyone? Granted I could abuse that loop hole all day if I wished. I won’t but I could.”
Cockatrice: *Jewels

Melo peers at the stick before pocketing it with a bit of a laugh, turning to Krem. “No juicer equipment.” A nod. “And I’m already in a lot of trouble, so that’s normal. At this point, I’m just trying to figure out how to convince the administration that restoring power to the M-District is a good idea. Know some good spin doctors?”

Ceukeausraa Krem bites her lip. Even if she trusted Cockatrice, her distaste for juicers outweighed that fact considerably. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a pair of dice. “I’ll shoot you for it.” She says, after holding up the pair between fore, middle, and ring fingers. “I win, these funds never create a juicer. You win, you transfer them to benefit Ambrose however you see fit. Ancient Craps rules. Deal?”
Ambrose Betamax: (watches closely from uh, leahs house I guess :P)
Cockatrice: “Actually I was merely making a point, these favors do come with a cost, I would appreciate it if your friend put those creds back on the table.” The bruised is still standing right next to Melo and he seems a little less then happy with him pocketing that stick.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I just want to play Street Craps. I have no idea why.))

Melo couldn’t be blamed, could he? Another soft laugh, and then he’d willingly return the stick to the bouncer. Nope, no switching for that one that had 25 credits on it that he found in the desert.
Cockatrice: “However if you’re in that much of a gambling mood, how about we finish lining up the favors and put it all on the line. All of my favors vs your creds and the favor owed. Winner takes all?”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Though, I do hope Cockatrice bets Hard and Horny. For the lulz.))

Ambrose Betamax for some unknown reason feels a chill. he continues hanging out with Leah, and hopes the chill isnt foreshadowing something.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Bruised, or bruiser? :P))
Leah Razortongue: ((bruiser, though smart money says he probably is bruised somewhere at any given time))
Leah Razortongue looks at Ambrose “So betamax, can I ask something personal?”
Cockatrice: “Alright, so for the M-quarter I assist in their fight, for Horny I help push Leah off the crash without helping her become a Juicer. For Melo here, which is it you want most? Jewels, knowledge, or power. I can get you the first, I can bring the second here, the third I can help you find.”

Ambrose Betamax replies, still pretty happy about Leah trusting him a bit. “sure!”
Leah Razortongue: “Why are you hiding your” she pauses for a bit “natural fur?”

Melo hesitates for a moment, “Power and Knowledge are one in the same in this case. Its all just a matter of application.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((So, quick question before I agree to gambling this. Are we going to roll 2d6 and go with the outcome?))

Ambrose Betamax coughs a little. “uhm…I overheard before my tribe sent me out that white fur is a bad omen. I’m starting to think they made up my quest just to send me away…”
Cockatrice: ((depends do you have the gambling skill?))
((if not then yeah we’ll just go with normal rolling, if you’ve got the skill probably should apply that somehow))
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I don’t think I took the skill. Lemme check.))
Leah Razortongue: “Huh, never knew that about the Betamax tribe. Well, if we ever run into mine I’d say show your true colors, but somehow I doubt we’ll be meeting any Razortongues any time soon.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Closest I got is Streetwise.))
Cockatrice: ((then yeah, we will just go with straight up))
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((In that case.))
Cockatrice: “Alright, I can put you in touch with a few different possibilities there I’ll let you get a bit more acclimated before you decide which of them you’d want to meet. Oh and Giovan mentioned a pet Horny acquired, I can have him registered as an unknown D-bee and an actual citizen, low class but still better then the truth right? Sound fair to you?” she looks at Krem
Ceukeausraa Krem: "Depends. What’s your bet? After all, there
((Retyping. Friggin’ enter key.))
“Depends. What’s your bet? After all, there are six ways to make a Seven-Out.”
((…I suppose we could always go Pass or Don’t Pass.))
Cockatrice: Her skinny advisor leans in and looks at his pad a few times, whispering in her ear, seeming to list things off, in the middle of the list she holds up her hand and he stops. “Hard and Horny.”
((nah I’ve been reading the wiki on craps to get at least basics in my head while we’ve been playing))
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambrose is nearly always both of those things.)
Cockatrice: ((As is life for those around him it seems =P))

Ceukeausraa Krem snerks and shakes her head. “Of course. So the horn and all hardways, huh?”

Cockatrice nods
Ambrose Betamax: (poor ambrose could get totally screwed and not even know it here :P)
Cockatrice: ((whats even sadder is he is well skilled in gambling and I believe also in cheating))
Melo: (Yep. He’s the best equipped for the entire event taking place right now)

Ceukeausraa Krem taps her chin. “In practice, that’s 5 separate bets. With significantly different payouts. You willing to split your favours? Horn for Horny, Hard Four for M-Quarter Hard Six for Melo, Hard Eight for Horny’s pet?”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Er…And hard ten for…Whatever I’m missing.))
Ambrose Betamax: (ah I hope horny doesnt get screwed :P)
Cockatrice: ((oddly don’t think you’re missing anything))
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Well in that case…))
((Leave it as-is. If she doesn’t mention what’s on Hard Ten, I will.))

Cockatrice considers for a while before nodding. “That’s fair.” Her advisor leans in and she nods before asking “and hard ten?”
Cockatrice: ((moms home and headed out here in a few, ok with settling this when I get home?))
Ambrose Betamax: (sure)
Melo: (Yep!)
Ambrose Betamax: (I can use the time to go get a sammich :3)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Yup. This is where TV would put a commercial anyway.))
Cockatrice: ((yep, alright tty when I am back online lol))
Ambrose Betamax: (once I get back and eat I can doodle to keep everyone busy till you return :P

Ceukeausraa Krem shrugs. “I guess you’re a bit short to make that bet. We could drop it. Or we could make it more interesting.” She pulls her Skycycle key from her pocket and looks to Melo. If he nods, she places it on the table. “I can’t very well take this with me, and I’m sure you have something to wager against it…Perhaps something for the whole group?”
Ambrose Betamax: (lol of we lose this bet we’ll be homeless)

Melo might flinch juuust a bit at the possible loss of the skycycle, but that only showed in that faint crinkle of flesh along his forehead in the form of a lifted brow. Just the same, the bike technically was Krem’s still, as far as he was concerned. Sorta. It actually belonged to Perth, and was likely stolen from the CS, and… Yeah, ok, finders-keepers. But using rules he doesn’t know of or understand because he never was a big gambling type.. well..
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Basically, she has 10 ways to win, and only do four favours. BUT against those 10 ways, there are 27 ways for us to win everything.))
((She does get to roll the dice, though.))
((There’s Leah’s rehab on 6 ways. If any one of those 6 ways come up, she doesn’t have to do that favour, but gets all my credits. If Hard Four pops up, M-Quarter gets ignored, and she still get all my credits. If Hard Six Pops up, Melo gets nothing, and she still gets all my credits. If Hard Eight pops up, Albion gets nothing, and she still gets all my credits. If Hard Ten pops up, undecided. If anything else happens, the exchange goes as originally negotiated. All my credits and the skycycle against all four favours and undecided.))
((And that’s why it’s best to be House, or play Street Craps.))
Melo: (I’m gonna have to come up with a new reason for Melo to pick up Pilot: Hovercycle aren’t I?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((There’s a 1/36 chance of it.))
((There’s also a 1/36 chance of getting a fair trade out of it.))
((Er, rather, a 35/36 chance.))
Ambrose Betamax: (I’m backses
Melo: (Welcome back. And we’re giving up the skycycle then if I’m reading it, correct?)
(As in throwing the bike into the pot in general?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Yup. Gotta give her incentive to make a bet on hard 10.))
Melo: (Damn. I actually wanted that thing)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((The sad part is, I have enough credits to buy one :P))
((I have 100k stashed away.))
Ambrose Betamax: (wtf wow)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I’ve been doing terrible evil things. For money.))
Ambrose Betamax: (oh dear.)
AJ B. (GM): (alright Im back and fully here when we are ready to continue)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Good to go. It’s on you.))
Ambrose Betamax: (oki)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Ceukeausraa Krem shrugs. “I guess you’re a bit short to make that bet. We could drop it. Or we could make it more interesting.” She pulls her Skycycle key from her pocket and looks to Melo. If he nods, she places it on the table. “I can’t very well take this with me, and I’m sure you have something to wager against it…Perhaps something for the whole group?”
Ambrose Betamax: (lol of we lose this bet we’ll be homeless)
Melo might flinch juuust a bit at the possible loss of the skycycle, but that only showed in that faint crinkle of flesh along his forehead in the form of a lifted brow. Just the same, the bike technically was Krem’s still, as far as he was concerned. Sorta. It actually belonged to Perth, and was likely stolen from the CS, and… Yeah, ok, finders-keepers. But using rules he doesn’t know of or understand because he never was a big gambling type.. well..))
Ambrose Betamax: (wow you had a fast trip)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Considering the distance is about 15 miles? :P))
AJ B. (GM): (mom was tired, just wanted to get me home and crash, so no extra stops either)
Ambrose Betamax: (ah)
Cockatrice: “Well now, that is interesting. Something for the whole group against that cycle. It is most definitely a nice bike. I may have something. Gio is looking into getting them a place to stay isnt he?”

Ceukeausraa Krem laughs. “I haven’t a clue. I was pretty drunk for that exchange.”

Melo nods. “Yeah. Somewhere preferably that we’d not be displacing anyone. Somewhere with ample open space that I can set up shop, preferably.. Without a ton of prying eyes.”
Cockatrice: “Well, now, I have a little safehouse along the wall. Officially its a storage hangar for a few of my more unusualy vehicles. I suspect it would suit your needs quite well.”
Ambrose Betamax: (ooh)
Cockatrice: *unusual

Ceukeausraa Krem lets Melo negotiate what he needs. Especially since it sounds like he’s already getting that space, not that this is what he wants.

Melo had his interest piqued. “Built in workshop,by chance? Though I’m leary of being too close to the walls. Asking for blind eyes can lead to questions being asked that I’d rather not answer.. But there’re trade offs for everything, I suppose. Populated area?”
Cockatrice: “Its out in the farmlands, and officially its just storage.” She then raises a hand and places it over the center of her chest. “Do I seem like the type who does anything official?” She smirks.

Melo nods. “Acceptable then. Suppose that nets you a favor from the Administrator as well.”
Cockatrice: She nods. "Just a couple things I should mention. There’s a supply of bottles in the basement, various drinks. Do try the “Chablis le hoomon” at some point. If there is a project in the hangar just inform me and I will have it moved, please don’t alter it should you find one."

Ceukeausraa Krem can’t help but snicker at the “Please don’t alter it.” She doesn’t know what she’s missing out on.

Melo still seemed interested, nodding some. “Look but don’t touch, and inform. Can do. And I’m afraid of something that sounds like poor French for ’Goblet of human”, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh?"

Melo grew up when French was still a language, and France was still a place.

Melo doesn’t, nor did he ever speak it, mind you.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Hah. I just remembered the local liquor store owner trying to pronounce Chablis.))
((It’s a Chab liss. GERHERPDERP.))
Ambrose Betamax: (lol thats prob how I’d pronounce it

Cockatrice looks over at Krem “Then we have ourselves a wager?”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((You have an excuse. You don’t own a liquor store.))

Ceukeausraa Krem nods, and hands over the dice by setting them on the table between them. “Your bet, your roll. One hand only, if you please.”
Cockatrice: (yeah, and its not even an I’ve never heard it pronounced thing. the people who ask him to try new ones and consider them Always say the name)

Cockatrice accepts the dice and shakes them thoroughly, closing her eyes as she rolls them although her subordinates do keep a close eye as they come to a stop.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I’ve long-since resigned myself to believing he learned enough English to barely run a liquor store, and then stopped.))
Cockatrice: rolling 2d6
= 9

Ceukeausraa Krem doesn’t look terribly pleased, surprisingly. “Nina. You lose.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I might ‘accidentally’ leave the credstick behind :P))
Cockatrice: She opens her eyes and shrugs. “Lady luck seems to favor you today. All of my favors will be paid out as time permits.” As she says that the bruiser goes downstairs for a bit and comes back with a single ancient style key and places it on the table in front of Melo. “This one of course can be paid out now” she then gives clear directions to it.
((ancient from rifts perspective, not ours))
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Not a whale penis bone, then. Got it.))
Ambrose Betamax: (why are you talking about the size of my penis?)
Cockatrice: ((did we lose Melo?))
Ambrose Betamax: (heeheehee)

Melo couldn’t help but smile at the key, picking it up and simply looking it over. You know those eyes were performing all kinds of fun studies on the key, and extrapolating on the lock’s construction.

Ceukeausraa Krem nods. Shoot. She was really hoping to hit the Horn on that one. “Hate to say it, but I think that about concludes our dealings.”
Cockatrice: ((fucking roll20))
Melo: (Nope, I’m here. Not showing me in the list?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((They’re bein’ a bit glitchy today, yeah.))
((Brb. Gonna mix me some protein.))
Cockatrice: “It would seem it does, it has been a pleasure working with you and I regret that you will be taking your leave. Should you find yourself here again do come find me.”

Melo nods and rises slowly. “I’ll be keeping in touch. I still owe you a book, after all.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Well. Let’s hope I don’t find myself here again. Australia is pretty far from ‘my scene’, if you catch my meaning.” She’d grin and stand. The credstick would remain on the table, however, and she would not turn back as she made her exit.

Cockatrice turns to Melo “Indeed you do and I look forward to our next meeting. Remember do try that drink.”

Melo nods. “I’ll see about it.” And with that, he’d turn to leave, following after Krem.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((We should probably head back to the house, just for continuity’s sake.))
Melo: (Yep)
Albion wakes up with a squeak. Then, in Dragonese, “What were we talking about again?”
Leah Razortongue looks to Albion “I was just asking you if you thought our decision wise, snubbing an Administrator in such a way?”
Ambrose Betamax: (an administrator?)
Albion would need a roll for that, honestly. It’s unlikely a dragon, even one raised in Melbourne, would have covered that in her history lessons.
Albion: ((Er, born. Not raised. Which is funny, because I nearly typed raised instead of born again just now.))
Melo: (Well, you do have history for the area and specifically even this city)
Leah Razortongue: ((well Ambrose, you’re there and you speak their language so could ask her directly))
((your call on that Albion, can roll or respond with not knowing, your choice))
Albion: rolling 1d100< 60
= 0 Successes
Albion stares at Leah. “An Administrator? What’s that?”
Ambrose Betamax: “An administrator?”
Albion: ((I love when dice and magic agree.))
((LOGIC Not magic.
What the fuck, brain?))
Leah Razortongue: She looks at Ambrose confused. “Figured you knew. Who did you think could afford to dress up a whore like that and pay enough for what he wanted?”
Albion continues staring. “I have no idea what’s going on here.” But I’ll act like I do! Believe it!
Melo: (You know.. Both Ambrose and Albion also would totally be within their character and skill sets to be commenting on that shade of red in her dress)
Albion: ((Yes. Yes they would.))
((What’s wrong with that shade of red?))
Ambrose Betamax: “No one actually has explained to me what he wanted, only that it was dangerous for you…”
Albion: ((Is it Crack Whore Red?))
Leah Razortongue: (thankfully the dress was returned a while ago and they are back in her trailer lol)
Albion: ((
Leah Razortongue: “That’s accurate if a bit concise. Guessing they didn’t want you rushing off to play the hero and getting yourself killed.” She looks carefully at Ambrose “You sure you want to know?” She then turns to Albion, “Let me try and phrase that a bit better. An elder wanted me to do something distasteful, your friend has talked me out of it. Do you think we chose right?”
Albion continues staring at Leah. “I suppose that depends on the elder. Fortunately you’re not male, so he’ll probably go a lot easier on you in general…well, at least he probably won’t outright KILL you.” Yup. That analogy totally left a jet stream in the dragon’s mane as it flew over her head.

Ambrose Betamax looks worried. “wait, what?”
Leah Razortongue looks at Albion thoughtfully “Maybe you’re right, who knows.” shifting her gaze to Ambrose “If you had shown up at the wrong time or tried to bust in on what he does, well you would likely end up mounted on his wall.”
Melo: (Oh god. Brain bleach, please?)
Cackle H.: ((Hah. Totally stopped reading at “Mounted.”))
Melo: (I didn’t. That just made the picture worse)
Ambrose Betamax: “…..what was he going to….do with you?”
(To GM): for continuity’s sake, Melo woulda snagged the skycycle key after the mob boss’s loss; cred-stick woulda been left behind though.
Cackle H.: ((HAHAHAHAHA I just realized why my image isn’t loading. Roll20 can only handle 1MB, and hates PNGs.))
Leah Razortongue: “Administrator Poseidon, or Dr. P as he prefers to be referred to by those of ‘lesser station’ enjoys drowning people. Always has them resuc, ressc, fuck it cured after and pays well. He for some reason requires particular dress and jewelry always have to look the perfect lady upon showing up. He pays for a few hours to hold my head underwater until I stop struggling. I then wake up to one of his servants hovering over me, they dry me off, and we start the process again, until sun up when I’m told to leave.”
Ambrose Betamax: “….I’ll kill im.”
“but how do you even drown? We don’t drown, we just change.”
(From AJ B. (GM)): kk got it.
Albion appears entirely unphased. “Huh. I’ve heard of worse. That’s not so bad. I do wonder though…”
Albion: ((And yes you do. Adaptation can’t be directed.))
rolling 1d100< 52
= 1 Successes
((That’s to understand the process of recussitation via first aid.))
((Specifically, how they prevent brain damage.))
((Which I’m pretty sure is outright medical science, not simple First Aid.))
Ambrose Betamax: (maybe not directed, but wouldnt she adapt automatically to being udnerwater? environmental change?)
Leah Razortongue: “Yeah, I know that, and you know that. Most humans don’t though. I struggle like its scaring me. I go limp, one of his servants does their thing, half the time I fall asleep during and actually have to be woken up. Other half I just pretend. It’s still not really pleasant, imagine having half your body in one environment while the other half is another and your body is trying to adapt to both the entire time.”
Albion: ((Yes, if it were an actual environment. Which it probably isn’t. I’d find it far more likely a bathtub.))
((Or that.))
Ambrose Betamax: “…oh. So its not dangerous for you then. I’m sorry. I just thought you were doing something that could kill you…”
“and now it turns out not doing it could?”
Leah Razortongue: “mmm, probably could if it screwed up enough. Our bodies adapt if he shoved say, just my head into the water it wont register as a change now would it?”
Albion: “Well. That answers that. So there’s no actual oxygen starvation to the brain, then. Neat.”
((It does specify ‘climatic’ environments.))
Leah Razortongue: ((yeah, and does mention underwater as one. so I’m going with, larger percent of the body is exposed to X))
((probably for a specific time otherwise showers bathing, swimming they’d be going nuts, though that might explain a lot))
Albion: ((I kind of figured that for that to be a climatic underwater environment it’d have to be, like, the Gungan city on Naboo.))
((Or Atlantis. Or anything in that STUPID undersea WorldBook.))
Ambrose Betamax: (er. right O.o)
Leah Razortongue turns to Ambrose “As for not doing it killing me, I doubt he would. I’m the only one of Cockatrice’s girls willing to tolerate his weird little desire. You he might kill for talking me out of tonight though.”
Albion: “Those other two who were with him when I hatched. They looked like they could protect him.”
Ambrose Betamax: “oh…uh….great.” looks nervous
Albion: ((Hamfisted attempt to drag the party back together.))
Leah Razortongue: “One of them isn’t too fond of me, but you’re right they could.”
Albion tilts her head. “Why not? You seem perfectly fine to me.”
Ambrose Betamax: “I think krem is leaving us anyways. She’s the one that didnt like you…”
Albion: ((Actually, if my timeframe is right, she’ll be leaving Game-Tomorrow.))
Leah Razortongue looks at Albion. “Various reasons Im sure, her main one seemed to have to do with my habits. Still we should go find them and until then between me and you I think we can get Betamax there in one piece.”
Albion rolls her tiny shoulders. “Shouldn’t be a problem!” She grins toothily from betwixt Ambrose’s antlers.
Ambrose Betamax: (lol hows my kitten trating you up there :P)
AJ B. (GM): ((do not give Ambrose a Lemur, do not give Ambrose a Lemur. lol))
Albion: ((She and you are both still reserve snacks. Just in case :P))
Ambrose Betamax: (oh dear.)
Albion: ((You mean Oh Deer.))
Ambrose Betamax: (oh god)
AJ B. (GM): (great, that pun killed him, someone figure out the opposite of a pun)
Ambrose Betamax: (I can only be saved by the finest of irony)
AJ B. (GM): (
(no I dont really expect that to help)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
(moving on :P)
AJ B. (GM): It is an uneventful trip back to the apartment for everyone. with Melo and Krem arriving about 20 minutes before the other group makes it there.
Ambrose Betamax: (yay all back together!)
Albion: ((That song actually is pretty ironic if you think about it. It’s called Ironic, but written by somebody who doesn’t know what irony is.))

Melo would o’corse have checked to make sure that the apartment hadn’t been broken into again. Guns, check, oven, chec.. wine-cellar-list-of-things, yeah, we’ll leave it at that. He’d likely be found working at the terminal in the house when the deer-bees walked in. If Leah was with them, that’d get his hand to lift in a gesture of ‘shh’ and a quick shake of his head before a hello would even be exchanged.
AJ B. (GM): Leah seeing this would look at Melo then at Ambrose and shrugs before turning towards the door. However before she could get there the sound of someone pounding frantically on the door would echo through the apartment.

Ceukeausraa Krem would probably be in the cellar, doing something illegal.

Ceukeausraa Krem is pirating cable or something. Whatever :P
AJ B. (GM): (roflmao, since you arent registered under a real name, under the laws of Melbourne your existance here is a crime)
Albion would jump out of Ambrose’s antlers at the knock on the door, spin and hiss at it.

Melo quickly makes his way to the door, offering a very brief ‘Coming here is asking for death’; his tone was more frantic and worried then threatening; it was down right concerned.. Though the door would be answered quickly enough.
AJ B. (GM): A man wearing a set of simple mdc armor carrying a helmet, with a pistol at his hip, his hair completely messed up and his eyes wide and frantically scanning his peripheral. “White, Jerikha-here-yes?”

Ambrose Betamax stays the hell out of the way, in part because he cant remember anyones fake names anymore.
Albion: ((
Melo: “Yes. Epsilon 3.” A direct answer and a cryptic comment, quick to try and pull the man in, and nudge Leah out, before Krem is made aware of her presence. The man however would very quickly find the quiet hum of an ion cannon audible from somewhere in the house, likely behind him. “Who’s looking for her?”

Ceukeausraa Krem hears all the commotion, now, and knows better than to reveal the presence of the cellar. She’ll just be staying downstairs until somebody gives her the all-clear. After all, she wasn’t expecting company.
AJ B. (GM): Leah heads out and says to Ambrose “Come get me when this is all cleared up.” As she slips out. The man allows himself to be pulled in easily. “From Administrator, sent, help, travel.” Hearing the noise he is looking around the apartment in apparent terror. “Sound, what?”
Melo: “At ease, he’s friendly.” A clap of his hand would be given at the man’s shoulder, that humming stopping in short order, likely followed by the quiet sound of Vault’s arm returning to its side. “A healthy dose of paranoia keeps us alive Soldier. Now, calm down, take a deep breath, you’re in a safe place. Water? And why so frantic outside?” Already he’s half way toward the kitchen, “White, all clear, your ride’s here.”

Ceukeausraa Krem climbs out of the Cellar, though if she’d known what was going on, she’d have called Melo an idiot. She’ll rectify that, later. "I didn’t call for a ride. What’re you talking about?
Ceukeausraa Krem: "
Melo: “Your trip out of town? Coulda swore that’s what you asked for.”
AJ B. (GM): He takes a deep breath and seems to calm down for a moment. “GiovansaidyouneededapsychictohelpyouflytheoceanandgetwhereyouneededtogowassettingupvehiclewhenhuntingdogcopscameaftermesaidIwasunregisteredpsychicconsidereddangerousandhadtocomewiththemsoIranthoughtmaybeyouhadavehiclealreadyandwecouldflyearlybegonebeforecopsknewwhereIwent.”
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)

Melo blinks. Not like anyone can see it; its all digital and in his head. “Alrighty fly-boy. Take another deep breath, and say that again, slower.”
AJ B. (GM): Giovansaidyouneededapsychictohelpyouflytheoceanandgetwhereyouneededtogo wassettingupvehiclewhenhuntingdogcopscameafterme saidIwasunregisteredpsychicconsidereddangerousandhadtocomewiththem soIranthoughtmaybeyouhadavehiclealreadyandwecouldflyearly begonebeforecopsknewwhereIwent
(breaking up the sentences is slower, marginally)

Melo sighs. “Vault. Reply, add pauses as needed.” Water would be handed to the frantic pilot, at least. Soo tempted to slap the hell out of the man, but he caught cops, unregistered, dogs, begone.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Is that a rare Melbournian disease?))

Ceukeausraa Krem eventually gets it…probably. “Ah. Thought I was leaving tomorrow. So…leaving early, then, I think Alright. Sooner is better than later anyway. Friggin’ Melbourne.”
Vault: Giovan said you needed a psychic to help you fly the ocean and get where you needed to go was setting up vehicle when hunting dog cops came after me said I was unregistered psychic considered dangerous and had to come with them so I ran thought maybe you had a vehicle already and we could fly early be gone before cops knew where I went
Ceukeausraa Krem: “No. I don’t have a vehicle.”
AJ B. (GM): The man drinks the water then looks at Krem horrified. “Fucksomeonesaidyoubroughtinaskybikethatcouldmakethetripfuckfuckfuck”

Melo headshakes. “Nope. Left the last long range flyer I had on the other side of the continent.” A moment of fishing, and then he’d hold up a key. “At least, I’m fairly sure this is the key.. Either way! No sir, don’t have anything that’ll get us off the ground and get you two across the ocean.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “I had a skycycle. Left that with…someone else, though.”
((Pretty sure it doesn’t have the range anyway. It’d go nuclear first.))
Melo: (Even at crusing speed, they’d pass out long before landing)
AJ B. (GM): ((It technically has the range if you dont max the speed. It can cruise almost indefinitely without going nuclear.))
((Pilot limits and avoiding things are the big issues))
Melo: (80-150 mph is the cruising speed on it, would be hell to make it to any other land mass on that thing at that speed)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Doesn’t matter. I left the key with the credstick.))

Melo snagged it on the way out when no one was looking.

Ceukeausraa Krem wasn’t looking either, then.

Ceukeausraa Krem still believes it was left with the credstick.

Ceukeausraa Krem also just said that. Not but a second ago.
AJ B. (GM): He looks at each of you in turn. “IneedtohidethenrepairsarentfinishedandwilltakeuntiltomorrowatleastImnotamiracleworkerdamnit”

Ambrose Betamax is totally lost and plays with his kitten and albion in the background.

Ceukeausraa Krem shrugs. “You do that, then. I was told we were leaving tomorrow at the earliest anyway. I’m not sure how any of this is my concern.” She does note that this is just one more reason for her to leave Melbourne, though.
Albion: “So…what was that about registering psychics?”
AJ B. (GM): He nods and starts moving towards the cellar.

Ambrose Betamax is now just playing with his kitten in the background.
AJ B. (GM): (and did not understand a lick of what Albion said)

Melo sighs. “Fuck. What else do I need to fix? Planes’re not something I’m too skilled with.”
AJ B. (GM): The man heads down into the cellar to hide out for the time being. and you hear another calmer knock on the door.
Ambrose Betamax: (Well I suppose if it were sexy enough. but it’d have to be pretty hawt)

Melo isn’t about to get something like that. Not in a house full of psychics, nope.
Albion: ((I think even reconnecting, I lost a lot.))
((That or everything said just does not make sense, and you’re all high. But especially Ambrose.))
AJ B. (GM): ((Ambrose was responding to your Fuck comment))
Albion: ((Well. That explains that, at least. What about Melo?))
Ambrose Betamax: (yes. yes i was.)
AJ B. (GM): The knocking gets louder and more persistent. “On the Authority of the Administration answer this door or we will break it down.”
(he was stating he wasnt going to answer the knocking on the door)
Albion: ((And oh right, he was speaking American. I wouldn’t have said that anyway, so retcon it.))

Melo simply nods at Vault.

Vault answers the door and stands in between it and the entry “How may I assist you today?”
Melo: (Yay for 7 foot tall waking death machine)
AJ B. (GM): The man standing outside is dressed in a cream colored suit wearing a green bowtie, his hair slicked back. “I am here representing Administrator Keir. Head of the warfare division of our fair city. May I come in?”
Albion: ((There. Finally. Bite me, everything. I am the God of all things Computer.))

Albion has NO idea what’s going on, since it’s all happening in American, and as such, is wandering around oblivious, getting used to her new place. She’ll even pee a circle around it.
AJ B. (GM): (absorbing Ambrose’s personality through osmosis now?)

Vault seems to hesitate for a long moment, pending a moment of unheard radio chatter. “At the present time, only authorized personnel are permitted on the premises. May I inquire as to the reasons for granting authorization?”
Albion: ((Or something.))

Ceukeausraa Krem is taking up that same position behind the door as she did for that cop, earlier. What, it worked the first time. And she’d draw her knife.
Zea: (My connection hiccuped. Could I get a test, please?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((No.))
Zea: (Thank you)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I said NO!))
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
AJ B. (GM): The man in the suit looks at Vault “I need to speak with those who brought in the vehicles from Perth recently.”

Ambrose Betamax follows Albion around and make sure our territory is extra marked.
Vault: (Did you know that people without glasses face palm differently then people with glasses?)
Ambrose Betamax: (thats an interesting way to facepalm :P)
Vault: “Understood sir. Please state your name, and provide your inquiry in relation to the vehicles, for record keeping purposes only.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Speak for yourself. I hurt the bridge of my nose every time I face palm precisely because I’M NOT DIFFERENT. I’M A CONFORMIST, DAMMIT!))
AJ B. (GM): He seems to be getting a little frustrated. “My name is Diro Cale, my inquiry is for those who brought the vehicles not for a tin can.”

Ceukeausraa Krem is happy to adjust his attitude if Vault lets him inside! She doesn’t say this, however.

Ceukeausraa Krem would obviously blow her hiding spot if she did.

Vault speaks 22+ languages. Bureaucrat is one of them. “Thank you, Mister Cale. Provisional authorization to access the premises has been granted. Please come in and permit me to fetch the Commander. It is requested that you close the door behind you.” And that walking death machine would then turn and make their way into the apartment. One of these days, this needs to be mapped out.
AJ B. (GM): The man steps inside and goes to close the door.

Ceukeausraa Krem would of course be ready to take the man hostage the moment he was inside.
Ceukeausraa Krem: rolling 1d20+5
= 7
((And be utterly shitty at this task!))
((Unless thanks to the knife being involved I get the knife bonus.))

Ambrose Betamax is of course still busy with albion. yay marking stuff!
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((It’d still be shitty, though. Only 8, instead.))
AJ B. (GM): (no but apparently he is worse at avoiding it) You manage to take him hostage easily enough and he cusses in several languages.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Oh, sorry, 9. I thought it was 1/3. It’s 2/3))
Albion: ((Do I understand any of them? :P))
((Chinese, Japanese, Dragonese, LOOK AT THESE!))
((I mean Esperanto. I mean Euro.))
AJ B. (GM): (he swore in all of those, as well as american, fairy, and demogogian)

Vault marches inward without turning around. “Mister Cale, At the present time you now have the full attention of one of the people you wish to speak with.” Gotta love eyes in the back of your head.

Ceukeausraa Krem would attempt to close the door with her foot without losing her grip. “Alright. You wanted to talk to someone who brought the vehicles. Talk.”
AJ B. (GM): He growls in american. “I tend to feel more talkative when I’m not being threatened. So would you kindly let me go?”

Melo in short order would come walking towards the entry way, in full view, and curse under his breath. “Right.We really need to get ourselves a ‘Go away’ mat for the door, don’t we? Krem, would you please not kill him? He’s here on legitimate business.”

Ceukeausraa Krem growls back. She’s gotten pretty good at that. “I tend to feel more comfortable when I know the precise motives of individuals in my home. Tell me what you want, and maybe I’ll let you go.” What she implied, but didn’t state, was that maybe she’d also make him disappear.
Melo: (I will admit, this does make for a very good ‘good cop / bad cop’ type set up.. or is that ‘sane cop, batshit crazy person’ setup? I always get those two confused…)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((The movies would have you believe they’re the same thing.))
AJ B. (GM): “I am here on official Administration business. Specifically regarding the vehicles from Perth that were brought in. I was instructed to find out how they were acquired, how much they will be missed, and if possible purchase or trade for them.”

Ambrose Betamax comes back into the house. “Hey do we have some juice or something, We’ve run out and we still have like 30 feet to mark.”

Ceukeausraa Krem releases the guy-dude, and sheathes her knife.

Melo is.. just struck dumb by the deer. His jaw would hang open. “…Ambrose, what, pray tell, did I tell you at the elevator door? If I have to replace the carpets in here, I swear to god I’m taking it out of your hide.”

Ambrose Betamax looks back, straightfaced. “What, we stayed outside and did it.”
Albion: ((That’s so much better!))
Ambrose Betamax: (hay now you were out there with me :P)
AJ B. (GM): The administrators representitive looks at the lot of you before turning to krem. “I assume you led the acquisition of those vehicles then?”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((With you? Psh, I’m a leader, not a follower!))
“…Less led, more…persuaded everyone else to help.”
“No idea how much they’ll be missed, though, which should give you an idea of how they were acquired. Really, it’s more his department.” A forefinger would aim at Melo.
Albion: ((Apparently it doesn’t like me.))

Melo is still just struck dumb at the deer. “Fine. You explain the dead lawn to the landlord. Who DOES actually own this place.” A frustrated sigh, and then to the representitive. “By now, I’m sure they’re missed. My truck was checked out according to proper requisition orders in their systems, but I’m sure those requisitions were marked as invalid in short order. As far as parting with them? For the moment, I’d like to retain ownership as private vehicles, though I’m sure that our services could be retained on an as-needed basis.”
AJ B. (GM): “Are you absolutely certain that you wish to retain those. I am authorized to give you an equal settlement for your cooperation in this.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((BY MY SCIMITAR!))
Ambrose Betamax: (can they replace them with other vehicvles just as good? :P)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I dunno, ask :P))
((Maybe you can get yourself a vehicle. :3))
Ambrose Betamax: “what, like other vehicles? Do you happen to have a bicycle with a gun turret?”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Yes. Exactly like that .))
Ambrose Betamax: (I can only drive bycicles :P)
AJ B. (GM): The man looks at the deer with a mix of confusion, concern and fear on his face. “Other vehicles yes, I am sure we could mount a gun turret to a bicycle with enough effort, whether it could be balanced or ridden is a more technical question then Im comfortable answering.”
Melo: “I’m willing to listen to your offer, to be sure, and would be happy to keep the door open for a possible exchange at a later date, but at the present time, I’m not exactly keen on parting w—” And a heavy sigh escaped at the deer. “..With something that I know will get me quite safely where ever I need to be, and with ample cargo room.”
Ambrose Betamax: “I like this man. Can I keep him?”

Melo oh gods. “No. No you can not.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Round the world and home again, t hat’s the sailor’s way. Faster, faster, faster, faster. There’s no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going. There’s no knowing where we’re rowing or which way the river’s flowing. Is it raining, is it snowing, is a hurricane a-blowing? Not a speck of light is showing, so the danger must be growing. Are the fires of Hell a-glowing? Is the grisly reaper mowing? Yes, the danger must be growing, for the rowers keep on rowing, and they’re certainly not showing any signs that they are slowing. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!))
Ambrose Betamax: “hmm maybe with 3 wheels….”
AJ B. (GM): He takes a step away from the deer as if heavily concerned. “Well as I am sure you are quite busy, please do tell the officers at the storage to contact me the next time you are there. We do have various vehicles we would be willing to exchange for yours.” With that he walks briskly out the door.

Melo just.. sighs and shakes his head. “Ambrose, if you want a bike with a gun mounted on it, you know full well I can do that, and it’d not be worth trading out a million credit peice of military hardware for, right?”
AJ B. (GM): ((yes but can you mount a full turret to a bicycle?))
Ambrose Betamax: (ambrose as super deer legs, so I’m sure he can handle more weight :P)
Melo: (Yeah. Easy. Attach guns to the forks; shoot at what you’re driving at.)
(Alternately, you can attach them to the front of the frame, where the forks and handle bars pass through; that’d be an all forward with no steering type of gun mount, but it could work. Beyond that, you could tube frame out a bit of a cage from the back and afix the gun there. Done right, you could then attach it to a helmet with a link up to aim with, though that might eat some maneuverability)
Ambrose Betamax: (ooh I like that last one. DEER HELMET)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Training wheels. Oh, and put a bicycle bell RIGHT next to the trigger.))
Melo: (Though yeah, the trike would be a lot more stable at that point)
AJ B. (GM): ((add an alterable seat and extra pair of pedals so Albion can pedal with all four legs and steer with his mouth))
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Deerp.))
Melo: rolling 1d100< 50
= 1 Successes
Ambrose Betamax: (oh god can I have albion as a gunner?)
(That’d be so awesome)
Melo: (Blue printed with that roll)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Albion would make a better gun.))
((Fire breath. Up to 3 times/melee.))
((With enough FIREpower to wipe out most things. And leave a wake of black skeletons in her wake.))
Melo: (
Ambrose Betamax: (oh god ok put the gun on my helmet but give albion a nice seat it can be a tandem bike :P)
AJ B. (GM): ((so we’re good with just letting that guy hide in your cellar huh?))
Melo: (For the moment, I suppose so? Granted this indicates that the plane might not be ready)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Albion could just sit on your head instead.))
Ambrose Betamax: (well what if you grow too big ;o;)
(Besides! seatbelt!)
AJ B. (GM): (Alright, assume everyone crashes out for the night and move on to the next day then?)
Ambrose Betamax: (fine by me, though I may finish marking that last 30 feet before bed)
Albion: ((Agreed. Marking your property is important!))
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((But otherwise, yes.))
AJ B. (GM): ((would one of the people who knows you arent staying here like to inform these two or just going to continue allowing that?))
(To GM): insert notification to AI that protest was defused peacefully, no privileged information was released, and D-bees ‘re willing to try and perform the labor to clear the tunnels and or attempt shell out the credits to have the lines repaired
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
Melo: (At this point, Melo is going to let the Landlord take it out of Ambrose’s hide, me thinks)
(He’s already warned him once)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I’m leaving the country. Doesn’t bother me at all :P))
AJ B. (GM): Alright, so the two finish their marking. The night passes by uneventfully.
(From AJ B. (GM)): Is Vault watching the door?
Ambrose Betamax: (heh)
(To GM): Standard guard duty. He doesn’t sleep, he’d be monitoring the entire house, between the door, motion detectors, sound detectors and other various sensor systems. How else do you think Melo sleeps so well at night?

Ceukeausraa Krem sleeps on top of the wine cellar door.

Melo likely would check on their soon-to-be-escaping felon before sleeping; after all, he has stuff down there. Stuff that shouldn’t be touched in any way, shape, or form, under penalty of being used as lizard food and robot oil. And then he’d sleep.

Melo supposes a polite request would do as well, but, you know, paranoia.
AJ B. (GM): At around sunrise Krem feels something pushing the door under her.

Ambrose Betamax totally wants that bicycle now.

Ceukeausraa Krem rolls over, figuring that it’s probably the psychic guy.
Ambrose Betamax: (and suddenly like 19 infant deer-koala crosses come out. who knew that koala was in fact a laaaaady :P)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I can’t promise not to murder them.))
((I can promise AJ is probably wishing he’d thought of that now, though.))
AJ B. (GM): The man climbs out and says “Thanks, appreciate this. I should get back before sun is fully out”
Melo: ( is all I have to say)

Ceukeausraa Krem stretches and yawns, “Just let me know when you’re done.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods and says “Hopefully won’t be too long.” with that he heads out the door.

Melo hopefully would be awoken by this, to check and make sure everything was still present and accounted for before the man would go.
(From AJ B. (GM)): Everything is still there.

Melo otherwise would be quite ok with the man heading out. He’d even wish him luck.

Albion is chewing on Ambrose’s ear.

Melo doesn’t even bother to wake the deer-bee and dragon. “You want a last meal before you head out?” To Krem.

Ceukeausraa Krem stares Melo down. “I’m…not dying. I’m just leaving. I’m planning to have a few more meals.”

Ambrose Betamax has strange dreams about being eaten by gerbils, kittens and lizards.
Melo: “Well, yeah. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’d be the last meal we’d get to share for a while.”

Ceukeausraa Krem shrugs. “Should we tell the deer we’re going out?”

Ambrose Betamax twitches a bit in his sleep.

Albion chew chew chew.
Ambrose Betamax: (I’m being eaten savez meee)
Melo: “Eh. Let ‘em sleep. I was figuring we’d just eat in. We got the oven.” He’d even give a light jerk of his thumb and the white, pink and purple toy. on the counter in the kitchen. “Figure something from that would be easier and cheaper.”
Albion: ((…Vous sauver?))
Ceukeausraa Krem: “…Good point.”
Melo: (Huh. Apparently, in 2011, they actually put a legit heating element in the Easy Bake Ovens)

Albion bounces on the deer’s head.
Ambrose Betamax: (dont bake me albion)

Ambrose Betamax has even stranger dreams involving a bouncy castle landing on his head from the sky repeatedly.

Albion does her best to push Ambrose off the bed. Or whatever elevated surface he may be sleeping on.

Ambrose Betamax falls off pretty easily, and falls to the ground except for his head, since his antlers are not tangled up in sheets and stuff thanks to the bouncing. “huhwhafarglebrg- NO MORE CASTLES!!”

Melo meanwhile in the kitchen, likely would settle in for a proper breakfast. Bacon, eggs, hashrbrowns, and a few slices of ham, and whatever Krem wanted. At least he was explicit in ordering from the oven; high quality, clean diner style food.
Ambrose Betamax: (I hope the oven didnt overhear the castle thing)

Ceukeausraa Krem ‘orders’ a screwdriver.

Albion hops onto Ambrose’s nose. Morning!
Ambrose Betamax: (yay frand)
AJ B. (GM): The easy bake oven dings, and you are given the drink with a rusty screwdriver setting in it.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “…”
“Melo. Please fix this.”

Ambrose Betamax fruitlessly tries to untangle his antlers for a moment with a dragon on his nose, then gives up and just walks around with it all tangled on his head and trailing behind him. “morningzzz…”

Albion uses teeth to help. Problem solved.

Melo can’t help but be amused. On over to the oven, “One drink prepared by an expert bar tender, known as a screwdriver, consisting of Vodka and Orange juice, please.”
Ambrose Betamax: “in a cup”
(lol I think I cought the humor incoming :P)
Albion: ((I’m batman.))
AJ B. (GM): The oven dings again, this time it gives you a drink and although their is no hardware in it this time, weirdly it is garnished with a gummi worm that is singing “Oh Susana”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “…You know what? I’m just going to the diner. This is stupid.”

Melo blinks unseen as he’s wont to do, and offers it to Krem. Then a bit of a laugh. “I suppose this is going to take some getting use to.” And to the oven, “Thank you for the humor.”
Ambrose Betamax: (at least it was in a cup :P)
AJ B. (GM): (So are Albion and Ambrose following to the Diner, staying at the apartment, or what just so Im clear on where everyone is headed)
Ambrose Betamax: (I’ll go wherever more of us are ^^)

Albion thinks food sounds good!

Melo would at least have some of his breakfast before leaving. Wasting food is a damn near captiol offence here, after all.

Albion doesn’t have any money or resources. Aside from an egg.
Ambrose Betamax: (to be fair its a very nice egg.)
“hey, why does my ear hurt?”
AJ B. (GM): You guys make it to the diner easily enough and are seated quickly. It is still early and only a few patrons are here.
Ambrose Betamax: (er I suppose I should ask, are we still planning on dealing with the mirror lady?)
Melo: (Eventually)

Melo takes himself a seat, “Just a plate of hashbrowns and some water for me.” When asked for food.

Ambrose Betamax thinks about what he wants from a diner. “uhm….Can I have a vegetarien salad?”
Ambrose Betamax: (lol we spend a lot of time in this game eating)

Albion would hope someone is covering the tab, and order something to suit her carnivorous nature, of course.
AJ B. (GM): ((would you prefer more time spent being eaten? Im sure I could find more carnivorous monsters that are size appropriate, lol))

Ceukeausraa Krem would volunteer. Call it her going away present, or something. And she would order a Screwdriver again. Lots of carbs and calories in alcohol, after all.
Ambrose Betamax: (lol, sounds sexy)
AJ B. (GM): ((Note to self, Ambrose is into Vore))
Albion: ((I’ll do it. :D))
AJ B. (GM): Your orders are brought out relatively quickly and set before you. The waitress asks “Anything else for you?” then repeats the request in elven.

Ambrose Betamax wonders why he’s had such odd dreams lately.
AJ B. (GM): *question
Albion: ((I’m honestly unclear on the subject. Elven and Dragonese ARE the same language, right?))
Melo: (Yes)
(Its just easier to spell)

Albion tries the food that was brought to her, first!

Ceukeausraa Krem shrugs. “Yeah, I guess I’ll get a chicken-fried steak as well, if you have it. Side of fried okra. And some Fried apples. And some french fries.”
Ambrose Betamax: “Thats a lot of frying.”
“actually can you guys fry me up another salad to go?”

Melo just.. blinks at the deer-bee.
AJ B. (GM): The waitress nods, “You got it” and makes sure it all gets made correctly and brings it out about 10 minutes later.
Melo: “So, where you gonna be asking the pilot to take you?”

Ceukeausraa Krem answers simply, “Yew-Kass.”

Melo nods a bit. “Hell of a flight then.”

Albion is distracted from food, some-crazy-how. There’s something important going on, here! She hops up and sniffs at Ceukausraa, then Melo. Ceukausraa again, Melo. She just needs to make sure of something.

Melo acks! Then reaches out to petpat at the dragon. “Svabol itrewica sari wux?”
Ambrose Betamax: “….see, I told you I smell better than then.”

Albion pokes at Melo’s knife-holder. “That smells like dragon.” Just as before, she’s really bad at not using the ‘D’ word.

Albion also doesn’t lower her voice.
AJ B. (GM): One of the nearby conversations stops as the couple in the booth tilt their heads trying to hear better.

Ambrose Betamax starts talking loudly about having heard a lot of stories about dragons up in asia and how he wants to go see them someday, in a voice that sounds as much like Albions as he can manage.
Ambrose Betamax: (yay sometimes ambrose is smart-ish)

Melo lightly taps the little dragon’s nose. “Coi zi algbo janik. Coi vsist naktaic wer siyanc tokeq. Means rinovup smunsoua itrewica used vur ehis jahus wasted. Though nomeno ui vi conversation bensvelkilti tepohada creol svaklar else.”
AJ B. (GM): The people seem to lose interest and return to their own conversation.
Ambrose Betamax: (yay helpful even tho ambrose dun know dragonese)
Melo: (We’re getting to about our normal breaking point for the evening. Shall we call it?)
Albion: ((I’m good to continue. ))

Albion hisses at Melo, recoiling from that finger. She shakes her head. “I disagree. Where did you get that?” The question is directed at Melo and Ceukausraa both.“If there are more dragons around, I’d either like to meet them, or get myself scarce. We’re not known for tolerating anyone other than our mates and property in our domains.”
AJ B. (GM): ((Its up to you guys if you want to call it or not for now, may change in a few minutes depending on if I can get a ride or not))
Albion: ((A ride where?))

Melo casually finishes his food, because food. “Laraeki shop svern shafaer[street name]. Confna mrith wer siyanci. Wux vsist rigluin ekess nakta dout narod shut, usv gliiwr di achthend ihk wer tairais drekim. Wux re drawing saurivic vur daseki batobot yth tir ti tuor. Si geou ehtah ekik svaklar jaci itrewica wer material de naeck ihk wux.”
AJ B. (GM): ((Walmart, kitchen deficiency and got paid a bit from mom))
((alright got ride worked out for tomorrow, so Im here for at least a while longer before my mind crashes.))
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)

Albion eyes Melo appraisingly. “Alright. One chance.” She returns to her food, though her eyes keep glancing over to Melo and narrowing.

Ambrose Betamax doesnt really know whats going on, and is contentedly munching his salad.

Melo nods once in agreement before relaxing back and sipping at his water. “Alright, so what time do you need to be at the airfield?” A nod at Krem. “Just trying to plan out my day, and want to make sure you get there safely.”
(From Vault): Commander a broadcast came in for Miss Krem. The craft will be ready in ten minutes.

Ceukeausraa Krem shrugs. “He’s supposed to come get me when it’s time.”

Melo headtilts, then nods. “Acknowledged. And We’ve got 10 minutes to get you to said airfield.”
(From Vault): He also indicated that it will be in the air in twenty at maximum as the cops are likely to return.

Melo lifts a hand to flag over the waitress, “Check please?” There was a bit of casual urgency to his tone.
Ambrose Betamax: “why are we worried about safely reaching the airfield? Isnt crossing the ocean pretty dangerous anyways? Anyone who wanted her gone would just let her go…”

Melo sighs, “Because these days, I don’t trust a plan to go right.”
AJ B. (GM): The check is brought out almost immediately.

Ceukeausraa Krem tilts her head. “Why do we suddenly have 10 minutes? What’s going on now?”
Ambrose Betamax: “well. alright. I guess just in case the bad guys are really stupid….”

Albion alights on Ambrose’s head again, but she does her best to get as much of her leftovers up there with her.
Ambrose Betamax: “and now my head is covered in meat.”
“my head is having an off day.”
Melo: “Same reason we had a guest last night. We’ve got sixteen and counting.” He’d even sit up to pull his cred-stick out and pay the bill. No time to argue.

Ceukeausraa Krem will have already covered it. She’d intended to anyway.

Melo is ok with this! As long as the tab is covered. “C’mon, lets go.” And as he’s walking out the door, “Vault, address and directions.” Though the robot wasn’t with the group. It was breakfast, after all.

Ceukeausraa Krem supposes she would be headed that way, then.
(From AJ B. (GM)): Vault transfers those to you along with a couple notices of where the police are currently searching and how close to the airfield they are based on broadcasts.

Melo can only hope that Krem has everything on her that she’s planning to take; weapons, armor, gear in general. “Cops’re three blocks ahead.” Though unlike everyone else in the group, he only had the speed of a human to keep him going.

Ambrose Betamax follows, trying to keep meat out of his eyes.

Ceukeausraa Krem wasn’t really expecting more than a pleasant breakfast, no. She’d need to stop by the house. She mentions as much. “And my gear? All I have are my knives.”

Melo does some very quick guestimating on distance; how far away is the airfield from the house? “Best be quick. Vault, prep Krem’s gear for fast evac.” Were there any near by cars or bikes that she could steal?
(From AJ B. (GM)): No vehicles and at her speed and a full run its short, at your human speed its probably around 8 to 12 minutes.
AJ B. (GM): As you arrive at the house Vault is holding a carefully packed backpack that appears to be stuffed full. He is standing out on the porch with it.

Melo when it comes right down to it, would be better off staying behind. “Avoid 8th street and Cornwallace, second patrol is heading north on 15th toward the airstrip and a third is going east along Applegate. Otherwise, you might be better off without my ass slowing you down.”
(From AJ B. (GM)): you do realize they arent looking in any way for Krem, Ambrose or you right?
Ambrose Betamax: “why would the police be a problem again?”
(To GM): Yep! But that doesn’t mean you should attract attention to yourself in the eyes of the poice by running at 45 miles an hour along the roads
Melo: “Because running raises suspicion.”

Ceukeausraa Krem repeats it, just to ensure she remembers. “Avoid eighth, and Cornwallace, and keep an even speed. Got it. Still not real sure what’s happening, but it’s been fun.” She’d extend a hand to Melo.

Ambrose Betamax tries to group hug.
(From AJ B. (GM)): True enough, unless you’re a small child, then walking makes you suspicious.
Cackle H.: ((Also, Zea, you dropped again.))

Melo would take that hand and shake once. “Safe travels Ceukeausraa. Cops’re after your pilot, he wants to be airborn in less then..” A glance, “fifteen at this point.”
Cackle H.: “…That’s five minutes more than when we left.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “…That’s five minutes more than when we left the diner.”
Melo: (Back?)

Ceukeausraa Krem would turn to embrace Ambrose, squeezing tight, then take her bag from the robot and take off down the road at a frankly ridiculous speed.
Melo: "Fifteen max. Five preferable.
Cackle H.: ((Yes.))
AJ B. (GM): A few minutes later a small two man craft flies directly overhead and you see someone standing on the wing with the hatch open. A glint of sunlight reflects of her head as she gives you both a two fingered salute and swings into the craft the cockpit closing behind her as it becomes nothing more then a dot on the horizon. The cops come running past you chasing it on foot and not making any headway in their attempt to catch it.
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)

Melo would return that salute casually before turning to simply head inside. He still needs to get that door fixed.

Ambrose Betamax looks sad for a moment and then realized that krem had threatened to kill him and leah, and gets over it pretty quick.

Albion breaks the silence. “So, uh…who was that?”
Ambrose Betamax: “A nut job who wanted to kill us all. I’ll miss her….”
Albion: “Oh…kay.”

Albion finishes making a complete bloody mess of the top of Ambrose’s head.
Melo: “batobot, sia thurirl, jahus ir repaiup riika svaust saved hesi tzarrethi throdenilt times hak si shilta count. si mi gethrisjir ekess llewarin jacioniv.”

Ambrose Betamax vomits a little inside his mouth.

Albion finds it comical that both individuals said the same thing at the same time. Must be true, then.
AJ B. (GM): ((I do believe thats a solid note to end it on though.))

Chapter 8 Fare Thee Well Crazy Lady

Elevators are Scary! StrykerC