Chapter 24 How many sky roads

AJ B. (GM): As Leah and Ambrose enter the kitchen three familiar faces greet them. Cockatrice, her bodyguard, and her accountant/personal assistance
Bharat: (The bodyguard that Bharat ate?)
Cockatrice: (yes)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh dear.)
Cockatrice: “Hello Horny, Leah, I hope you are both doing well.”
Ambrose Betamax: (No possessy vampire types right?)
Cockatrice: (nope, just the three you’ve normally seen when at her offices)
Melo: (Nudges Ambrose to lead the scene)
Ambrose Betamax: “Uh….hi?”

Bharat is currently feeding Puppy and making sure that Lief isn’t eating everything he can touch. While simultaneously trying to figure out how he’s going to get done what he needs to.

Ambrose Betamax is currently staring at cockatrice and thinking “hmm. she doesn’t look like a mythical snakebird.”

Cockatrice looks over the two of you “I am rather curious to know, have you made any attempt to deal with the bat infestation at all?.”
Bharat: (I mean… techinically… she made that deal with Hoi, didn’t she?)

Melo if anything, is the one that gets to deal with it. These are the things he stresses about.
Bharat: (Oh! I know. Tell her about the one Bahrat found INSIDE the walls)

Artemis is distressed by a client wanting a 12 pack of abs, but already having a keg. She plots some long term body modifications in the form of metabolism boosting cybernetics…
Ambrose Betamax: “Bats? OH YOU MEAN….Well I know we caught one and uh…kept it….in a guitar case….”
Cockatrice: She blinks a few times “Why would you go outside the city, get a hold of one of those things, place it in a guitar case, and bring it back here?”
Ambrose Betamax: “It was Bharats thing. I have no idea. I imagine it’s pretty uncomfortable in there.”
Cockatrice: Cockatrice gives a nod to her assistant. “Seems you’ll be having a bit more company then.”
Ambrose Betamax: “huh?”
“oh and it’s not here. it’s underground!”
(From AJ B. (GM)): Vault gives a quick report that Bharat has arrived at the request of Cockatrice.
AJ B. (GM): As Bharat arrives at the house and comes in Cockatrice smiles sweetly and in a rediculously saccharin tone says “Please come in, we have so much to discuss.” her bodyguard tenses at the change in tone and her assistant has stepped a few steps away from her.
Ambrose Betamax: (uh-oh.)

Bharat is instantly on edge. “What going on?”
(To GM): Nope, he was staying right there. He still had zero desire to see the lizard. He’d even stiffen a bit, and make sure his rifle was loaded, and figure out just where the hell his body armor was, even just mentally. Otherwise, he’d simply continue to listen to the open channel, simply feeding him the conversations at hand; he might have even shamelessly been eavesdropping on what was happening before the deer-bee’s came down stairs. After all, everyone ignores a kill bot it seems.
Cockatrice: In that same sweet tone “Well I was just having a delightful conversation with Ambrose about a guitar case, and was wondering if you might elaborate on Why you thought the cities population was lacking in bloodsucking monsters?” she says all of this through clenched teeth stretched into a very fake smile.
Ambrose Betamax: (I think the lady knows Ambrose can’t really be held responsible for….anything)

Bharat looks at Leah and Ambrose hard. That was just… wow. It was. “Them. Leave.” Bharat says, gesturing to the two. “Outside. No listen.”
Bharat: (The two being her assistant and bodyguard, of course.)

Cockatrice nods and her two leave, with a mixture of relief and nervousness. After a bit she says “They’ll wait outside the house, shouldn’t be able to hear us from there.”

Bharat sighs and glares at Ambrose and Leah. “I’m guessing these two can’t recognize a secret when they know one.” He growls. “Look, I’ve been back in the city for less than a week. If you think I’m putting up with this shit for one moment, you’re sorely mistaken.” He spits at the woman. “I didn’t go dragging in any vampire, I found it hiding under the ruins of a house in the m-quarter. I’m not the imbecile I would have you believe.” He crouches down and gets in her face. “And you certainly don’t think if I wanted to, I couldn’t bring one in under my control anyway, do you?”
(To GM): He’d continue to simply listen through the droid; This was something he didn’t expect; so far he’s exactly the imbecile he’d have him believe. Plus one secret; things where he met the lizard in the wastes were a bit fuzzy, after all.

Cockatrice places her hand with fingertips at his throat and hisses “Don’t forget what’s just under the surface Lizard.” before raising to a noraml tone. “Frankly no I wouldn’t believe you could do that. But I also don’t believe a guitar case can hold one. Finally I don’t believe Horny is deceitful enough to come up with that story on his own. However if you found one here it would explain my networks inability to track down the psycho trying to make a name for himself.”
Bharat: “On that note, I’m fairly certain there’s more than one in the city.” He says back, grabbing her hand and squeezing it. “Don’t think I’m the same as last you saw me, Tin-girl.” He hisses in her ear.

Cockatrice slips her hand out from yours and shakes it a bit before resting it by her side. “Gods damn it, when did my spies become so fucking incompetent.” she rubs her temples with her left hand before sighing. “Alright, dealing with Hoi has put us on a bit of a tenuous stand with the hunters I’d normally call, and frankly you seem competent if a bit unstable. If I get you some help, can you assure me that there won’t be a fucking bat left in My city soon?”
Bharat: “Yeah… I’m the unstable one.” Bharat snorts. “Hoi is a bitch. And I will tell you that I’m working on it already. Did your spies tell you there’s an energy eater in the city?”
Cockatrice: She smirks “Now that one I knew about. Also when you get a chance give Ivanikov my best and let him know that we’ll make sure the match gets arranged properly.”
Bharat: “Oh, care to set me up to meet witht eh prick beforehand? I’d like a work with him.” Bharat says, acknowledging that she is perhaps more clever than he’d let himself think.
(To GM): Yep, this is a conversation worth listening to. And that’d be an alarm bell right there. “Tin-Girl” would be something he’d ask about later on, maybe, but for now? For now, he’d simply listen in, and eat his breakfast, and sort things out in his head… And start working his right arm, lightly. It already felt stronger, at least. Otherwise, he’d remain out of sight, out of mind. He’s sure word that he’s out of bed has already reached the mob boss, but if not, he’s not going to play all of his cards at once.
Cockatrice: “So long as he gets to his match in one piece. My bookies would hate to have to deal with a forfeit, it pisses off the high rollers ever so much. Then I’d be happy to. Wanting to meet him on neutral ground or will an address suffice?”
Bharat: “An address will do fine. But business before pleasure.” Bharat says amiably enough. “I’ll need something that can track vampires. And if you happen to have someone good at interrigation on staff, it’d be useful.”
Cockatrice: “An interrogator I can get you. Sadly tracking vampires is a rather unique skill, one that technology has yet to replicate.”
Bharat: “How about something to track a floral perfume then?”
Ambrose Betamax: (we do have a magic seeking dogman now)
Melo: (Not to mention another dog man creature, a dragon hatching, a cat-tiger, a rat-deer, and Ambrose who can track by scent…)
Cockatrice: “Now that, I can definitely get you. It’ll take a couple days but shouldn’t be nearly as difficult.”
Bharat: “… I doubt it’ll be there by then. I’ll take care of it. Send the interregator to the brick house in the m-quarter. Ask for the guitar case. And be careful with it. It’s a nice piece.”
(We… have a dragon? WHY DIDN’T I KNOW THIS?)
Melo: (You aren’t exactly welcome in the house)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
Bharat: (… The house I’m in right now?)
Artemis: (( don’t forget the doctor, she can remove everyone’s faces and replace them with cyberfaces with super smelling powers! ))
Melo: (When the house’s owner demands to see you, in the house, you get to come in. When they’re not there, you’re still flagged as unauthorized personnel.)
Bharat: (So… who owns’ the house, Cockatrice? I doubt she’d say anythign about Bharat coming.)
Cockatrice: (yeah, they’re living in a crime lords house rent free. and she might take issue with Vault telling her who can and can’t come in)
(wasn’t particularly neccessary to say anything. Vault is a machine who tends to monitor communications, particularly open line ones that are sent from the residence he is supposed to be protecting)

Vault is a very simple, but versatile kill bot, and smarter than your average toaster.
Bharat: (So wait, Melo is here?)

Melo is not.

Vault has been standing just outside of the kitchen, silent and impassive, the entire time, making zero effort to hide himself.
Cockatrice: (Vault is patrolling the grounds, Melo has not been seen in quite a while, aside from the fact that Vault is not with him his whereabouts are unknown)

Ambrose Betamax is….less smart than the average deer most likely
Cockatrice: (ignore the patrolling part)
(Ambrose is a terrifying force of nature and therefore doesn’t need to be intelligent)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)

Melo might count this as a failed perception check.
Cockatrice: (though Vaults sensors could let him listen from the other side of the grounds iirc)

Vault in general, has never been perceived as a threat by the lizard before. Why would he now? Heck, does the lizard even know what the droid is capable of? He’s seen him shoot things, and move around, and that’s about it.
Cockatrice: (and talk, he has heard Vault talk a couple times)
Vault: (This is true!)
Cockatrice: (though usually just simple, stand down statements)
Vault: (Was he there for the hypothetical posed by the doctor, with a mission assessment statement?)
Cockatrice: (don’t think they’d gotten back until a bit after that)
Bharat: (yeah, that was after)

Vault is, for all the lizard likely knows, just valued by Melo, and otherwise is an underwhelming and generally non-threatening kill bot.
Artemis: ((you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. ))
Cockatrice: “Also, if this little clean up job goes well I may have other contract work for you should you be interested. speaking of I need to discuss one with Melo, any idea where I can find him?” she looks over at Ambrose.
Bharat: “Melo is currently recovering after a long stay in the hospital and will be inavailable for the near future.” Bharat says, talking before ambrose gets the chance.
(To GM): That’d get him to lift an eyebrow… If they weren’t bolted to his skull, anyways.
Ambrose Betamax: (aaw)
“he-(interrupted by bharat back there)”
Bharat: (You hush! Babysitting the magic wolfman and energy eater on tope of you and Leah is exhausting)
Cockatrice: “hmm, interesting since he left the hospital yesterday. but if he’s still recovering nothing to be done about it. Next time one of you sees him though, tell him I need to discuss one of our contracts with him and whether he still believes he can do it or if I need to hire someone else.”
“Fine. Anything else?”
Cockatrice: She shakes her head. “I do believe that’s everything.” she gives you the address you asked for earlier “Oh and good luck with the tournament.” before leaving
Bharat: “We should have drinks sometime.” Bharat says as she leaves. He turns and looks at Leah and Ambrose. “I… That was extraordinarily unpleasant.”
Ambrose Betamax: “yup.”
“we have a really mean landlord.”

Albion flies in and lands on Ambrose’s head before looking at Bharat and hissing “My lair, I won’t let any other dragon take it, no matter how big.”
Ambrose Betamax: “Hey Albion! :D”
Melo: (Random note: Albion never picked up English as a spoken language)
Bharat: (What language is he speaking then?)
Albion: (dragonese in all probability, he tends to default to that)
Ambrose Betamax: (Albionese)
Artemis: ((I secretly hoped it was japanese, like the dragon thingy in adventure time ))
Bharat: (So.. in fact… bharat has no idea)

Bharat looks at the dragon. Only slightly alarmed. "Ambrose has dragon?
Ambrose Betamax: (ooh dragon not gonna like that lol)
Albion: (assuming Bharat is speaking english, he also couldn’t understand that)
Bharat: (I’m sure Bharat will be all up in arms at the dragon he cna’t understand)
(Does the dragon speak russian or spanish?)
Melo: (One very good way to find out!)

Bharat tries the other two languages he knows. “Hello?” “Hello?”
Artemis: (Hola, ???? )
Albion: The dragon just looks confused before responding “Naze anata wa watashi no jitaku ni imasu ka?”
Melo: (???? and Hola, respectively)
Artemis: ((Jinks, you owe me a beer!))
Bharat: (It’s too late for google translate)
(So… interacting it nigh impossible, good.)

Bharat shrugs. He didn’t know japanese from dragonese. “No speak english?”
Albion: The dragon looks down at Ambrose then back at Bharat “N? wèishéme zài w?ji??”

Vault continues to stand there impassively.

Bharat sighs. It was interesting. But without a point of reference, fruitless.

Albion looks down at Ambrose and asks “kii ui mobi voga darastrix persvek sia duil?”
Ambrose Betamax: (arrgh dragon translator link?)
(To GM): At least he’d be amused; The droid knew Melo didn’t speak a lick of Japanese. As a result, there’d be that whisper in his ear from the droid auto-translating the conversation, seeing how as it was the only one going on, and the robot was a god damned universal translator. He’d seen the droids in some units pass information in binary that built up to Navajo for christs sake.
Albion: (
Ambrose Betamax: (thanks ^^)
“ti batobot vucoti di. filki vi jatil usjalil yth tir ti hefoc zi kiarf.”
Albion: “ti jacioniv, wer darastrix esostek di wux, kii ui jaci tenpiswo?”
Ambrose Betamax: “kwi. kwi! jaci ui|ulph ti vi darastrix, jaci ui|ulph vi turalisj tilsin. jaci stomps vi sumf shar otherwise seems kepatmasto.”
(found some missing words in it lol)
Melo: (English borrows words from Draconic)
Ambrose Betamax: (that’s the programmers story and he’s sticking to it)
Bharat: (This is almost directly from the draconomicon. I’m a huge nerd to recognize that)
Ambrose Betamax: (Bharat IS pretty stompy.)
Bharat: (Only because he’s heavy! How often does he actually stomp around)
Melo: (This is a massively expanded thing from it)
Ambrose Betamax: “ini wer idol, tir wux vucot kii xiekivi yenta si keefum hefoc arcaniss jaka?”
Albion: “kwi, visp jacion si tuor ir di jacida ternocki vur tor sjek si shilta tepoha jacida shiny jaxo hak. vur tagoa wux tir.”
Bharat: (Greedy little beast isn’t he?)
Ambrose Betamax: “Hey Bharat, Albion says he wants one of your scales and uh…he wants to know if he can have your Shiney tail. I don’t think that’s an innuendo. but hey if you are into that kinda thing…”
“shar si mi ti arcanisstok sva shio, vur jaka repaiup youwei nakta shinaltir! xiekivi visp ve si glowed shio sililos vur jaka bisekimvi si shilta urcaxa.”

Bharat deadpans. “Bharat using tail. But scale ok.” He pulls of his looser scales off his side and holds it up for the little beast.
Ambrose Betamax: “jaci says wux shilta tepoha wer ternock, shar jaci rigluinic jacida jaxo.”
(isn’t that like asking for some dudes calluses?)
Bharat: (a scale?)
Ambrose Betamax: (well that’s pretty much your skin)
Albion: “si blame batobot tsiliup kothar di douta, coi naktaic soneir arcaniss vur jaka coi ui|ulph warped dout winirlet moxt ti scaled adon.” he then turns to Bharat hopping down and taking the scale in his claw “vinxa.”
Bharat: (I’d say closer to asking for hair. Or, depending on how thick your scales are, breaking off a piece of armor)
Albion: (depends a lot on perspective really, being a different species makes it not much different from humans wanting feathers)
Ambrose Betamax: “He says I’m magic because of Shrodinger. Who WAS sending me notes. That’s wierd. I should I guess go ask her about it? Except I dunno if I speak cat. hmm.”
(To GM): By now would have finished breakfast. And now? PT, albeit limited PT as he listened in. Stretches, light weight lifting, he might even go so far as jump rope; Gotta take it easy at first; All quietly done within the hangar. A bit of a strain on his arm to test it, a bit more, a wince, and then time to figure out just how fucked up his bike is.

Shrodinger hops up on the table and meows

Vault is unable to translate Cat.

Bharat is unable to translate Cat
Ambrose Betamax: “Hi Shro! Do you happen to know why I can read now? er, oh. uh…meow meopw meow?”
Melo: (Ha)

Shrodinger tilts head and pounces towards Albion who flies up to the cieling before gliding out the door with a snort of smoke. “mreeoooow”
Bharat: (If the cat transforms into a human-esque thing, I’m quitting life)
Artemis: (( I speek pussy. c.c))
Ambrose Betamax: "oop! (and oh my.)
(in that case can you tell the pussy that I am available for uh….stuff? heehee)
Shrodinger: (can Vault translate dog though?
(nah, he’s just going to turn into a greek god)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh dear)
Vault: (Ha. That’s amusing)
Ambrose Betamax: cmooooon eros!
(I have a translator for eros, artemis speaks pussy)

Shrodinger hops into Ambrose’s rack and starts batting at his nose
Ambrose Betamax: "aaaaw :D (Ambrose blanks out for a moment, overwhelmed by cuteness. he is however, super curious about all this.)
“Albion says you made me smell like magic! And you sent me notes! with cool ribbons!”
Artemis: (Thats some serious deus ex machina shit right there. :D ))

Ambrose Betamax “mimes” opening another scroll, reading it out loud.
Ambrose Betamax: (haha)
AJ B. (GM): A silver ribbon appears in Ambrose’s hand
Ambrose Betamax: “your lucky number is 9093749237. oh wait, that’s the wrong side”
Vault: (HA!)
Bharat: (You will be punished)
Ambrose Betamax: (aaaaw)
“You now have magical power, these notes are leaving a residue that gives you the scent of magic for a little while. Please don’t spout random magic words without thinking very carefully about what you want them to do. Also I’m hungry and want salmon.”
(I totally copy pasted that lol)
“Oh. Cool! Do we have any Salmon?”
(To GM): “…Shit.”

Bharat looks at leah and leans in. “Bharat eat cat?” he whispers
Artemis: (( aussie salmon Probably poisonous.))
Ambrose Betamax: “also, Since I don’t know any magic words, I’ll just avoid gibberish I guess? I can do that!”
Artemis: (( Ia Ikelah otay awtchweh ehwatchbay _- magical words ))

Leah Razortongue shakes her head and whispers back “He’s really attached to it, and I think it might explode or something if you did.”
Bharat: "… I’d risk it…)
(To GM): Nope. Nope nope nope. Not hearing this. La-la-la. He’s.. He’s gonna need to talk to Ambrose. A very, very long talk. “Vault, if Ambrose attempts to leave the house, ask him to wait until we’ve spoken.” And.. Yep. He’s afraid. Deathly so. He can’t protect the deer from himself any longer, and frankly, he’s seen what power like this can do in the hands of those who have zero training and zero control over it. First hand. It’s cost him a lot of good friends… “Correction. Let him know I want to talk to him, soon.”
Bharat: (You really like baywatch?)
Leah Razortongue: “If you have to eat one of his pets eat the damn cassowary.”
Bharat: “Not the magic cat?”

Vault pipes up in that ever polite, robotic voice of his, suddenly, "Ambrose. The Commander has requested to have a word with you, “Soon”."
Bharat: (I gotta go to bed guys)
Ambrose Betamax: “Oh dear. I’d better see what’s going on.” (I guess I go over to Melo then)
Vault: (Sleep well, yesyes?)
Leah Razortongue: “The magic cat seems to be trying to help him in it’s own bizarre way. The cassowary has tried to kill me twice, and I think it’s been trying to mate with his wereratdeer”

Melo is still nowhere to be seen, mind.
Leah Razortongue: (you guys want to call it here then?)
Ambrose Betamax: (whatever you all want to do ^^)
Melo: (I’m good with it; or shifting the focus to the doctor?)
Leah Razortongue: (hmm, could work, need to think a bit on where to go with that)

Melo also will continue to remain nowhere to be seen when the lizard is around, like any good sniper.
Ambrose Betamax: (Now I imagine melo off in the distance with a rifle just watching ,always :P
Melo: (You have no idea)
AJ B. (GM): As we rejoin the doctor she is down in the M-quarter, the arena specifically where Grimgrin is going over a variety of paperwork with someone reading it off to him. As the doctor walks up he smiles “Hey Arty, good to see you. Take 5 Heinz.” He waves his assistant off.

Artemis removes her respirator and draws back the hood of her jacket as she makes her way into the offices, tucking the former into her purse with her Wilk’s. “Kon’nichiwa. I’m sorry that things didn’t work out last night.” she speaks softly, wiping her wrist across her eyes, tired from a long day still not quite over. “I figured your message was important enough to take a long lunch… I find that you are well today?” She speaks politely, even offering a subtle bow in greeting.
Grimgrin: He returns the bow “Well, it is and it isn’t. After the grand tournament is over we’ve got a special event a couple nights later. Invitation only, wanted to offer you the chance to be there. A couple of the Admins have organized it. Officially it’s a how did they pitch it. ‘A special effects contest’ I think was the words they used.”

Artemis digs around in her purse for a few moments again, drawing out a folder with a dozen or more sheets in it, related to contestants both current in arena fights, and upcoming events, bills of health, estimations and projections of raw data, and system specifics for those that happen to be cyber or bionicly enhanced. She sets it on the desk, as if it were of little note. Such information could of been sent via terminal. " That sounds pleasant, honestly. I haven’t had much chance to go out lately… Those that watch don’t much like it. Is this a formal invitation then, or were you trying to ask me on a date?" She tries hard to keep her features neutral, though humor shows in her eyes.
Grimgrin his lower arms slap his thighs a bit. “As cute as you may be Arty, interspecies dating never works out well for me. Some time I’ll tell you about my brief stint dating a Yabbayar.”

Artemis ‘s face crinkles in reply, not knowing what a yabbayar is, and not really wanting to know! "I… also wanted to suggest that the city seems to be bustling most heavily with the activity of many people, and that the upcoming events should provide a good distraction, but I’m concerned about rumors I’ve heard of mosquitoes within the walls. I don’t think that the bugbites they will leave behind will go unnoticed long by the most sweetest of flesh." her voice lilts softly at the last, for certainly humans are so perfect as to have sweet flesh.
AJ B. (GM): He raises an eyebrow “Oh, now that can get nasty quite fast, bastards tend to multiply quickly once they get their number solidified. Though what makes you think any have gotten in?”
Ambrose Betamax: (ambrose once dated a koala for a night. it was amazing)

Artemis bites her lip for a few moments, then gives a slow shrug, almost laissez fair in nature. “A lizard with an over large guitar case spoke too loudly when I was preparing to perform my due diligence for the community, and a wounded, disarmed figurehead. It was but a single word, but the situation was too… Well, it was not a preponderance of evidence, but mixed with the morgue staff’s indication of the goings on in the city… It feel the incline should be shared.”
AJ B. (GM): “Thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep an eye out, but I’d reccomend you keep this quiet otherwise. Not much may be known about them, but the fact they favor humans is pretty common knowledge and a few people here might go looking to help back their play.”

Artemis draws her respirator out, and bowing politely once more, she slips it over her head, and draws her hood up. Her voice muffled she speaks more straight forward, " It is good to see you again. I know no other worth sharing such bit of gossip with, and I trust, with such a friendship between us, you will use the information as I would. I look forward to attending the Special Effects contest." and, with that, she turns to leave.
AJ B. (GM): He nods and returns the bow. “I’ll do my best not to disappoint.” Right around then the doctors (phone, pda, personal console, whichever you prefer) rings.
Artemis: ((Oh, ohh, Can I have an 80’s style gigantic analog brick?! :D ahem, nevermind
AJ B. (GM): (can if you want to, undoubtedly someones crazy enough to build and sell that lol)
Artemis: Pulling out her phone, looking over it for a few moment before tucking the earbud into her er, and connecting the call as she steps out of the office. “Doctor Lexus speaking….”
AJ B. (GM): On the other end is Administrator Keir’s stylist. “Oh thank the gods you’re there. The Administrator needs you here asap. She’s certain she knows what the next big things going to be and wants to make sure she’s the first to have it.”
Artemis: “Hai! I’ll be in the office in 30 minutes, we can get started right away. No one will get a head of my administrators!” she rushes back for her private offices, feeling rejuvanized at a chance to actually do something creative for a chance.
AJ B. (GM): As you arrive the Admin and her stylist are there. Apparently the “next big thing” is going to be reptilian eye ridges, with eyes that can shift between different animals and colors.
(have I mentioned the upper class is insane, because they are)
(alright I’m kinda starting to burn out, you guys good with calling it here?)
Melo: (Sure)
(Thanks again fer running the game)

Artemis sets to work right away at a terminal, modifying camouflage skin with ocular implants and two-way view screens so the eyes look proper given the correct input, but also take input. She throws together designs, showing what she thinks she can manage… and sends the winning ideas to manufacture, with a promise of implantation as soon as the first one is assembled! …
Ambrose Betamax: sure, and thanks as well < #
Artemis: (Yeah, honestly. :D Want a roll of some kind before we log it?
Ambrose Betamax: it doesnt like hearts lol
AJ B. (GM): (yeah, a quick cybernetics roll, may have the name wrong there but I’m sure you know what I mean)
Artemis: (( bioware mechanics? Computer Programing? Art: bio-sculpting? All three? :D ))
rolling 1d100
= 26
Ambrose Betamax: (that’s how she rolls)
AJ B. (GM): (pretty sure that’s a success no matter which lol)
Artemis: (( bio mech, 80% Comp pro 75%, art, biosculptin 80%
AJ B. (GM): XP for tonight, 350 for everyone.
Zea: Today is Tuesday, December 8th, 2015. EXP is about to be given. Or was. But yay Ctrl F, one way or another.
AJ B. (GM): (was a good game tonight, lot of fun)
Artemis: ((Lotsa funs.
((only 7025 xp to level! ))
Ambrose Betamax: :3
Artemis: (( Also, ifn this takes off, the doctor gets more work/money… if it tanks, eh, well, fun project if nothing else ))
Ambrose Betamax: (boooop)
Clockwork: ((Thumbs up, lets do this. Leeeeeeroooy mmmmJenkins!)
AJ B. (GM): looks like everyones here now

Ambrose Betamax makes some popcorn to eat for the game. ooooooh

Bharat steals Ambrose’s popped corn
AJ B. (GM): Last we left off Melo was nowhere to be seen while Ambrose, Bharat, and Leah spoke with Cockatrice and tried to determine what was up with Ambrose lately. Artemis was now looking into helping an Admin stay ahead of the fashion curve.
(I miss anything?)
Bharat: (I think we were plotting to murder the cassowary or the cat…)

Ambrose Betamax will protect them both with his life
AJ B. (GM): Leah looks at Ambrose and Bharat “We should probably find Melo soon. He still has enemies in this city and I’d rather find him with a pulse.”

Bharat nods. “Ok.” He really didn’t think a lot could kill Melo at this point. The bastard had a right fair amount of luck
Ambrose Betamax: (Rubbed off of ambrose)

Melo did get some of it from Ambrose, mmhmm.
Leah Razortongue: “So either of you seen Vault, we might want to ask him where Melo is.”

Vault is standing about 10-15 ft away. This is what we like to call ‘Hiding in plain sight’. Or a failed perception check.

Ambrose Betamax looks at leah for a moment. then at vault. “nope..I havent seen him.”
Leah Razortongue: Leah looks over where Ambrose looked, then shakes her head and looks at Bharat “How did I miss a metal man standing this close?”
(To GM): A sigh. Yep. This.. This is perfect. And totally Ambrose. And Leah. And Bharat. No one is afraid of a walking death machine… But then again, they also aren’t afraid of supernatural horrors and demons, so, y’know, its no surprise that no one minds the droid. “Orders stand. Haven’t seen me since last night when when you started your patrols.”

Bharat shrugs. Inside, he’s slowing, but surely panicking because there was no way hte robot wasn’t gonna report this to Melo

Vault continues to remain there passively. He’d advised Ambrose that Melo wanted to talk with him soon, but had volunteered no more detailed information than that. At leased it was a safe bet that Melo was in contact with the droid.

Leah Razortongue looks at Vault “So tin can, where’s The Grim Trigger at?”
Ambrose Betamax: “hey vault, should we go talk to Melo now?”
AJ B. (GM): Artemis one of the Nurses comes in and says “Sorry to bother you doctor, but Administrator Poseidon’s personal assistant wants to speak with you.”

Vault gave not a hint of movement, just that general, mechanical tone of an ever polite but flat voice. “Ambrose, I have relayed your request to the Commander.” Leah’s inquiry went unanswered; After all, she’s still barely listed as authorized personnel based on present actions, but she’s got zero access to even basic inquiry access.

Clockwork murmurs under her breath “Watashinojinsei o fakku” as she stands up from her terminal. She taps a few keys, sending the new fashionetics designs over to the lab for production, flagged as priority for high end customer. She nods politely to her staffer, and closes the terminal down. “I will speak with him at his earliest convenience.” She stands, “phone, or in person?” Such might indicate the severity of such a meeting.
AJ B. (GM): A man wearing what appear to be rags with a black eye, and dirty black hair steps in from behind the nurse. He stammers out “Th, th, thank you for your in, in, indulgence doctor.” The nurse looks a little surprised but nods “Have a good day doctor”

Artemis nods vaguely towards the nurse, her attention turning to the man, critical as she looks him over, her mouth lifting into a polite smile. “What do I owe the pleasure? Please, can I offer you refreshments, tea perhaps?” She steps to her hot water pot, turning it on to bring the water back to a boil. She works on appearing outwardly calm, smooth as she can be, her public speaking face put forward.
AJ B. (GM): He raises a hand racked with tremors and shakes his head “Nothing for me, ma’am. Thank you though. I just have to ask a few questions of you. It seems you’ve recently had contact with a Mr. Craft, is that correct?”
Artemis: “Indeed I have. He was a patient of mine. Long term care, possible complications because of cybernetics. I really can’t share the details.” She offers a winning smile, turning back to the broken man.
AJ B. (GM): “Of course, I won’t be asking anything that would break that. He recently was released though correct?”

Artemis nods her agreement. “That’s correct. He had limb reattachment surgery, and was released under his own care. He seemed healthy enough, considering…”
AJ B. (GM): “How did you find him as a person in general?”

Artemis leans back against her desk, thoughtful for a few moments. “Professionally, or personally?”
AJ B. (GM): “Preferably both.”
Artemis: “Personally, I think he’s a good influence on the city, He provides focus for the masses that is less radicalized and more calming. He needs help working with his problems, PTSD and such. His triggers are numerous and, likely, the result of a lifetime of abuse. Professionally, as a doctor? He needs a vacation. Six months of calm to get his body and mind in order. He would refuse, I suspect. He’d likely think it a betrayal of trust that I would recommend such. He’s a driven man, unable to put himself before others. He tries to hide his behavior behind a gruff mask, but that’s defensive mechanisms. I’m not a psychologist, but it isn’t hard to see that his body suffers from his endless push to do his duty. I can’t put any of this down in his file, of course, as I’m only his doctor with regards to his medical issues.”
AJ B. (GM): “O, o, of course. Would it be t, t, too much to ask what these t, t, triggers, might be. I’d r, r, rather not set him off, when I g, g, go talk to him.”

Melo would very likely find this assessment correct internally, and deny it externally, mmhmm. ‘Just doing my duty’. Right.

Artemis taps her chin thoughtfully for a moment, carefully putting a look of disgust on her face as she mentions… “Bharat, a large Sauria morph DeeBee, is a prime source of anguish, likely documented by hospital staff.” She looks at the ground for a moment, considering. “He seems a bit fixated, too, with the mental experiences he had while unconscious. I can’t offer subjects specifically to avoid, but… Like I said, he needs a vacation to help bring him back to reality.”
AJ B. (GM): The man nods “D, d, does he have anyone h, h, he seems to t, t, trust in?”

Artemis offers a sigh, and shakes her head slowly. “Not that I saw, outwardly. He… I wouldn’t call them friends, at this point, but he does have associates, but a recent comment from him seemed to indicate that he’s too paranoid to trust anyone at this point. Again, his mental trauma from six weeks of locked-in coma seems to have influenced him, harshly.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods a bit and offers his hand still shaking “Th, th, thank you for your h, h, help”
Bharat: (Bharat is MElo’s best friend… They just don’t know it yet)

Melo is, to the doctor’s credit, waiting on the lizard, actually. That paranoia runs deep, yep. Otherwise, he remains unseen, and otherwise silent after Vault’s announcement of relaying Ambrose’s request to talk.

Artemis returns the hand shake politely, placing her other hand on his forearm, as if for depth of relation. She pauses mid shake to turn the hand over in her own, looking down at it thoughtfully, before releasing. “If your master desires it, I might be able to regrow nervous connections to smooth your shakes down. Bring it up when you’ve pleased the administrator, please.”
AJ B. (GM): He shakes his head “Doctor I ap, ap, appreciate that, and I mean no offense by th, th, this. But please poke your head out of your work on oc, oc, occassion. Doctor Poseidon died re, re, recently”

Artemis smiles apologetically. “Forgive me, it escaped me. There is so much to follow outside of the lab. I just wish I could help everyone to be well.”
AJ B. (GM): “Thank you, though unless your m, m, medicine can heal ki, ki, kidnapping I don’t think there was much t, t, to be done.”

Artemis gives a slow shake of her head. “If only mental health were my focus… But no, I’m afraid there isn’t much I could do. But perhaps… if there is something I could do for you, to ease your transition… Please, don’t hesitate to contact my office here.”
Bharat: (Somewhere, elsewhere, bharat’s ear holes heat up… Someone must be talking about him.)
AJ B. (GM): He nods “Thank you ma’am you are very kind.” and with that he heads out of the office.
Leah looks at the deathbot unsure what to do about his lack of response to her, or any follow up to Ambrose’s query. “Did he get himself killed?”

Artemis returns to work, pouring the hot water into her tea set, and adding loose leave green tea.

Vault remains inert at Leah’s question.
Bharat: (What a delightful conversation.)

Melo is psychotic, paranoid, and has done what he can to make it clear he does not want to be around the lizard willingly, and his last conversation with Leah ended up with a laser pistol plugged under her chin. He really has no reason to show himself

Vault is just following a collection of programs, algorithms and orders.

Bharat sits still and waits for another couple minutes before grumbling. “Bharat break something? That make Melo come.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah thinks “I dunno. It might. Think Vault would mind missing his arm?”

Ambrose Betamax wonders if that’s really a good idea.

Artemis pauses, as she’s about to take her first sip of tea, her head coming up for a moment, thoughtful. She turns on her terminal, and looks through medical notes to see if Melo, Bharat, Ambrose, or Leah left a contact number for her…

Bharat shrugs. “Robot need arm?” He tries to ask Vault, not expecting anything
Vault: “Affirmative.” This wasn’t exactly ear-marked as sensitive information.
Bharat: “Melo come Bharat break arm?”
(To GM): “..Tell him to get the fuck off my property or I’ll blow his god damned head off.”

Artemis sighs, eyeing the terminal… She punches in the code left for Ambrose’s terminal, and waits. Doot dutdadut dooot.

Ambrose Betamax thinks this is a bad idea.
Vault: “The Commander has requested you vacate the premises.” A very polite reply. This also was very much so unlikely the exact wording that was used to give that order.
Bharat: “No.”

Ambrose Betamax quietly leaves the room and hides.
AJ B. (GM): Leah raises an eyebrow “Were those his exact words?”
Somewhere in the house a mechanical voice speaks “Ambrose, contact is requested”
Ambrose Betamax: “Huh? Who is this?!”
Artemis: ((Oh god, no one’s ever called him on the terminal before!?!))
Ambrose Betamax: (nope)
AJ B. (GM): (his species almost never uses tech)
Bharat: (lel)
Artemis: ((Crying))
AJ B. (GM): The terminal in the room responds “Voice recognized, connecting to Artemis”

Ambrose Betamax runs back into the room with everyone, flailing wildly
Artemis: “Hello?…. Ambrose?”
Bharat: “Doctor Lady?” Bharat says.
Artemis: ((This is thespider speaking, ambrose.))
“Yes… Bharat, is that you? … Why is he screaming, is Ambrose ok?”

Ambrose Betamax falls over and shakes in the fetal position. “gggghoooosts”
Ambrose Betamax: (zoinks scooby!)
Bharat: “Bharat think Ambrose no use phone before.” The big lizard says and pets ambrose.
(Which is more like awkwardly covering half of ambrose over and over again with giant lizard hands)

Ambrose Betamax is oddly comforted by this :P
Artemis: “I… Err, Ambrose It’s Doctor Lexus… I… nevermind, go to the bedroom and make yourself a blanket fort. The Ghost of your house demands it. …. Bharat, I was wondering if I could meet you at the hospital later today, I wanted to discuss your eye with you. Or, rather, the lack of one.”
Bharat: “Uh… ok?” This was interesting… not that he had anything to do for the moment.
Artemis: “I’ll be in the cybernetics lab after six, and I’ll let the front desk know that you’re coming.”

Ambrose Betamax does as the ghost commands, he must appease the dread houseghost
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambrose has a lot of fears.)
Artemis: ((And a blanket fort.c.c
Ambrose Betamax: (Everyone knows ghosts can’t penetrate blankets)
Bharat: (That would make supernatural a lot different)
Artemis: ((thus, why people don’t have ghost babies, blankets cover you while you sleep.))
Ambrose Betamax: (the ghosts of people who were surprised to death when chocolate chips turend out to really be raisins…those are the most vengeful)

Bharat sits in the kitchen for another minute before sighing. “Bharat leaving now. Hungry.” The big lizard lowers himself to all fours and makes his way out, wishing peopl planned better for bigger guests.

Melo left Ambrose in charge of grocery shopping..!

Ambrose Betamax prob has some food left from when the weredeer was huge :P)
Artemis: “Alright, see you soon. Ambrose, you can come out of the fort, now….” and she disconnects the line, not waiting for the deer to figure out whats going on.

Ambrose Betamax peeps his eyes out. “is it gone?”

Artemis returns to work, finalizing a few projects and filling out a few some notes in patients charts. She eyes the time for a few moments, sips her tea, then heads out of the office, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, certainly…
AJ B. (GM): Leah wanders over to Ambrose “You do know the house has terminals for people to call each other right?”
Ambrose Betamax: “termi-whats?”
AJ B. (GM): Leah rubs her forehead “Little boxes that play noise and show peoples faces if they want to be seen.”
Ambrose Betamax: “…that sounds kind of creepy.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah shakes her head as she looks at you.

Ambrose Betamax opens a new scroll that no one but he can see.
Ambrose Betamax: “Don’t trust the Layer” it says."
(does anyone ever though really?)

Bharat heads to a certain place to meet a certain guy to say certain things to him.
Bharat: (Or maybe punch him in the face. Who’s to say?)
AJ B. (GM): As Bharat arrives at the address there is a group gathered on the lawn sitting around a card table playing what appears to be poker.
Leah raises an eyebrow “You know, I think your cat may underestimate your common sense.”
Ambrose Betamax: “What are lawyers?”

Bharat walks up and looks at the group. “Hello.”
AJ B. (GM): Krrktusk looks up “Come to beg for mercy in the ring?”
Leah looks at Ambrose “People who specifically study the law to find ways to get criminals off”
Ambrose Betamax: “Law?”
“And wouldn’t that just be a prostitute for criminals?”
Bharat: “No.” Bharat says Amiably.
AJ B. (GM): Leah nods “Ehh, prostitution is a more respectable profession honestly, at least we don’t lie for our payment.”
Bharat: (You do if you spit. :P)
Ambrose Betamax: “I dunno if it’s that bad then. I mean, I’d want you to get me off if I were a criminal still.”
AJ B. (GM): He shrugs and points to a set of folded chairs “Feel free to pull a couple up, and we’ll deal you in if you want then.”
Leah rolls her eyes “Lawyers prevent criminals from going to jail by convincing people they aren’t criminals.”
Ambrose Betamax: “oh.”
Bharat: “Bharat need talk alone.”
Ambrose Betamax: “That’s not as fun as what I thought it was.”
AJ B. (GM): Krrktusk nods and puts his hand down on the table. “I fold.” He then points to the house “Alright with talking inside then?”
Bharat: “Ok”
AJ B. (GM): Leah chuckles “I’m sure. Also do you think baby cassodeer meat would taste any good?”
Krrktusk leads you over and opens the door waving you in.
Ambrose Betamax: (huh?)
AJ B. (GM): (she thinks the cassowary and weredeer have been trying to mate)

Bharat follows krrktusk into the house.
AJ B. (GM): As you enter you see that most of the furniture is simple but solid wood with steel reinforced. He sits down on a chair and indicates a couch and a couple chairs large enough with holes in them for tails “Please have a seat. I suspect we’ll be here a while.”

Bharat sits down on a chair, not trusting couches at all
AJ B. (GM): “So exactly why the need for privacy? You don’t seem the type not to speak his mind, even if it is in a rather primitive fashion.”
Bharat: “Bharat have deal. Krrktusk might want privacy for talk of rebellion.”
AJ B. (GM): He shrugs “Everyone out there is in. We were considering asking you in after your impressive display with the speakers, but now a few of us aren’t so sure.”
Bharat: “Bharat makes this offer: Bharat wins in Arena, you stop. No more. No even think about it.”
AJ B. (GM): “and if Bharat loses? Why should I make a deal with no benefit to me?”
Bharat: “Bharat help. No questions.”
AJ B. (GM): “Deal.” he offers his hand.
Ambrose Betamax: (well this could be interesting)
Artemis: (( megusta))
Melo: (Yay tea)

Bharat shakes it. “That means everyone.”
Bharat: (I would like to say I meant to add help Melo to the first part but too late now)
AJ B. (GM): He shakes his head “I can’t offer that. I can offer to not lead them, not to be involved. I can offer to encourage them to not do it. But I don’t speak for their will, and as valuable as your help would be, it only equates to match with mine alone. If you want more, you need to match it on your side of the wager.”
Bharat: “With what?”

Melo would, some time after Bharat had left, show up at the house, looking like.. Well, frankly, like he could use a shower, and maybe a few hours of sleep. “Ambrose, you around?” And a casual gesture at the droid to follow, “Patrol duty. Bharat isn’t permitted on the premises again unless override authority is given by the home owner. Lethal force is authorized should he not comply with standard requests. Subject is to be presumed dangerous and highly deceptive.”

Ambrose Betamax goes with melo :O
Bharat: (Why deceptive?)
AJ B. (GM): “Rumors have floated around quite a bit though no one knows which are true. Think you could get Melo to stop making our people sympathetic to theirs? Maybe push them the other way even?”
Ambrose Betamax: (brb for just a min, dad home)
Bharat: “Melo no listen to Bharat.”

Vault had an open coms channel running for the entire conversation with Cockatrice. This included broadcasting the lizard going from idiot speak to eloquent conversation. To be fair, up until that point, he had Melo fooled in general.

Vault is smarter than your average toaster. But not by much.
Bharat: (Bharat is definitely breaking Vault. )
AJ B. (GM): “and Ivanikov, does he listen to Bharat, a few supplies from him could certainly put us on a much better footing.”
Ambrose Betamax: (I’m back)
(had to give him his birthday present :P)

Melo would, of all things, simply hug Ambrose for a long moment. He may not have slept, but he at least had time to think. And then he’d turn about, and address Leah should she be there, “Do me a favor and head out for a bit, would’ja? I’ve got a long talk I need to have with him, and still a bit twitchy right now, and frankly, you’re not very high up on my ‘want to have around’ list right now.” But at least his tone was polite about it. “But be sure and be back for dinner? I’ll even cook, to make up for last night.”

Bharat shrugs. “Bharat drink there. Ivanikov not want people around Drunk Bharat. Drunk Bharat eat when Drunk.”
(To Jacob R.): (OOCly: Remember, Melo once made a blue salad. And he just offered to cook. Perfect time to get a comment in edge wise..!)

Ambrose Betamax hugs back. He’s missed melo :3
Ambrose Betamax: “Leah, the last salad he made was blue, fair warning…”
(thanks Zea :P)
“How about I cook instead?”
AJ B. (GM): Leah nods “Take care, I’ve got a few things to take care of anyways. However if you don’t mind Peacekeeper Craft, anyone comes asking where I am, don’t tell them that I left.”
Artemis: ((For some reason, i just visualized Melo’s fridge… as barren as Not’s! ;) ))

Melo makes Ambrose do the shopping, and cooking. It’s difficult to make him keep meat in the house because the deer-bee is a vegetarian leaning being. “Yeah. I can do that. Try not to get into any trouble.” And with that, he’d lead Ambrose aside.
Ambrose Betamax: “I see you have an arm again! Good paint job on it too….”
AJ B. (GM): Krrktusk sighs “Well now, if that’s all the sway you have on him. I honestly don’t know what you could offer to get me to try and exert any extra influence.”
Bharat: “Bharat have genie?”
AJ B. (GM): Krrktusk raises an eyebrow “You have a genie?”
Bharat: “Maybe? Would that help?”
AJ B. (GM): “It would quite a bit.”
Bharat: “How help if Krrktusk lose?”
AJ B. (GM): “If you’re willing to bet a genie then I’m willing to gamble my reputation completely and will push for everyone to help your friend’s movement for equality instead. They’ll still make their own choices but I’ll do what I can in that regard.”

Bharat nods. “Ok.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods “Sounds fair, I’ll see you in the arena and good luck.” He gets up and opens the door.
Ambrose Betamax: (He’s totes gonna sabotage you in the arena now)
Bharat: (I’m considering ripping his tusks off if he tries)
Artemis: ((How many wishes do you have left? ))

Bharat gets up and leaves, waving to the poker players.
Bharat: (From this genie? All three)
Artemis: ((might be worth using one to insure victory! :D ))
AJ B. (GM): (yes absolutely ask the Gin for a wish to win the arena match lol)
Ambrose Betamax: (such an ambitious wish for a genie lol)
Artemis: ((OH YES! bad open ended wishes are best! lets get the rock guy back here to win the matches for you! ))
Ambrose Betamax: (Iwish…vault would enter and win for me with his effing rayguns)

Quazil would totally win matches. Maybe not for the lizard, but he’d totally win them.

Bharat banishes Quazil to the blackhole where he was sentenced
Ambrose Betamax: (wow, I must have missed something crazy in hell)

Artemis works in the lab, implementing new hormone detection software in the computer models. She types away quickly, building command files for the test engine, hoping the new build solves the problem they’d been having with endocrine problem.
Bharat: (I’ve got nothing else)
AJ B. (GM): (yeah I’m trying to figure out where to go, but kinda zoning a bit admittedly.)
Artemis: ((Bharat can go to the appointment… not suer what ambrose and melo are doing, since it seems like they went to have their conversation elsewhere?… if bharat doesn’t so, no worries, skip on?))
Ambrose Betamax: (yeah we had it in skype)
Zea: (I’d say yeah, move on up to the appointment. We’re avoiding spamming up everyone else’s story)
Bharat: (Oh, you guys are doing it in private?)

Vault still just a mildly dangerous toaster.
Ambrose Betamax: (the toaster from old world blues, he is)
AJ B. (GM): (so presumably Bharat arrives at the hospital and is directed to where Artemis is)
Bharat: (Assuming everyone is cool with a time skip to like 6 in afternoon, sure)
Ambrose Betamax: (ok)
AJ B. (GM): (works for me)

Artemis looks up from her work, her head slowly bobbing to some bit of music she’s saved to disk. She pulls her headphones out and mutes the music, rising to greet Bharat as he’s shown to the lab. “I was worried you wouldn’t come! Thank you for visiting. I wanted to ask you a few things, mostly concerning the up coming arena matches, your, ahh, cybernetics, and your poor eye. Do you have a bit of time for a lonely doctor?”

Bharat nods uncertainly, looking around the lab with some suspicion. He really didn’t care for labs. “Ok… Sure.”

Artemis considers Bharat’s size, then looks around the lab for a moment. “So, I’m working with the arena director to help sort out, effectively, statistics for all cybered up the fighters entering the arena. I won’t share the information, but since I saw your tail… I thought it would be polite to ask if you needed anything worked on, in your own time, then try to rush through a diagnostic that might give you bad results and place you in worse standings, later. That said, starting with the most obvious piece; is your eye going to regenerate in time for the match?”
Bharat: “No.”

Artemis nods slowly, considering the big lizard for a few moments. “Alright… Do you want help trying to get it healed? I wouldn’t want you to enter a fight half blind, if it could be helped. I know what you’re fighting for.”
Bharat: “Bharat doubt that.” He says, with almost a melancholy. “How heal eye?”
Clockwork: “I would try to force-regrow it, but that would mean pulling a sample, then trying to get it finished in, eh, two weeks… then trying to implant it, and get it loaded in with time to heal. Nervous systems are a bit more complicated then arms… Or, we could try implanting a simple cybernetic replacement”
Matt S.: (Isn’t the tournament next week?)
Artemis: ( I was pretty sure it was 3 weeks away, last.. its only been one day, in game time)
Matt S.: (Oh, then my eye would regrow by thien, I believe)
Vault: (It was a week, actually)
AJ B. (GM): (the tin can is correct)
Bharat: “Bharat can’t afford repla-ment.”
Artemis: ((Well shit on a stick, I was under the impression there was more time, so then, she’d offer, simply cybernetic replacement.))
Bharat: (I need to go to bed! I didn’t notice the time)
Vault: (Sleep well, yesyes?)
Bharat: (yes!)
Artemis: ((slepe well))
AJ B. (GM): (sleep well, ttyl)

Melo finally, would likely return to the house with Ambrose, from where ever they were, to check for food in the kitchen. He’d left Ambrose in charge of shopping even before his coma. Six weeks? Hopefully the deer-bee had been restocking regularly.
AJ B. (GM): As you walk back towards the house you see a man in a suit walking up. his hair strawberry blonde, his suit clean pressed, navy blue with a soft mustard colored tie.
Melo: (Hopefully walking up to the gate, and not to the house, correct?)
AJ B. (GM): (correct, gate)
Ambrose Betamax: “Oh my god melo, look out, it’s a lawyer.”
“probably. I assume any stranger is one till the thing I was warned about actually happens now.”
Vault: (One sec, phone)
AJ B. (GM): Once he gets up to the gate he places his hands behind his back and waits patiently. (and kk)
Vault: (Sorry, people wanted my blood. Literally.)
Ambrose Betamax: (damn. I knew it was vampires.)
Vault: (Doctor said no more donating for 6 months)
(At least)
Artemis: ((Dr, Car knows her shit. Listen or else!))

Vault is on patrol, as he was ordered. The standard reaction was what followed, ion cannon prepped but not quite charged. “Unauthorized personnel: State your name and the reason for your presence.” Yep, kill bot. But a Skellybot mighta shot first, THEN asked afterwards.
AJ B. (GM): “A pleasure to meet you sir. I am Samuel Sanderson. I represent Ill Will Insurance, I’m investigating the disappearance of Administrator Poseidon.”
Vault: “Acknowledged.” And then came that uncomfortable silence. At least the droid wasn’t shooting yet.

Melo could be heard muttering under his breath as he made his way into the house with Ambrose. “Yeah. Lawyer. Don’t say anything around him.” Nope, he wasn’t going to invite him on the property without a warrant, even more so because he knew nothing beyond what was in the papers.
Samuel with a smile plastered on his face asks “Is a Mr. Craft in residence here?”

Vault ran the question through a collection of subroutines and programs; the man said he’s there on legal authority, after all. No ‘Who wants to know’, no ‘depends who’s asking’, not even an artful way of dodging the question, or even answering it. “Affirmative.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods. “May I speak with him? It shouldn’t take long.”

Melo sighed under his breath, moving to take a seat inside the house somewhere or another. Damnit, he needs a shower, and a new car, and some real food, and to run. “Indisposed. Remote conference acceptable. Legalese reply mode.”
Ambrose Betamax: (legalese reply mode? lol)
(I didn’t know robots could doublespeak)

Vault hesitated and awaited the order before responding. “At the present time, Peacekeeper Craft, here by referred to as The Commander, is unable to come to the present location at your request. The Commander has advised that he is willing to answer questions via remote transmission at this juncture. Is this acceptable at the present time, Mr. Sanderson?”
Vault: (I’m.. not sure if this is more or less personal than a phone call)
AJ B. (GM): “Unfortunately, no. My employers require I conduct these interviews in person. Is there a time that it would be better for me to return?”
Vault: “Acknowledged.” And then that moment of hesitation, reply relayed. ’Fuck’n hell. Get me the information on paper so I can prepare a statement, and at least two days to prep one, an address I can hand it in at, and what kind of warning they want before I show up’. “The Commander has requested a copy of your inquiry in printed form, as well as a request for at least 48 hours to review your questions to ensure all proper information will be provided. The Commander has also requested to provide this information at your offices, and requested the minimum time required to request a meeting to accommodate your office’s hours and scheduling practices.” Yeah. Melo’s a dick.

Melo knows just enough of the local laws to get by, mmhmm. Being a peace keeper has its perks.
AJ B. (GM): “I apologize that I can’t accomodate all those requests. We don’t work out of an office, the rent here is extravagant. My office does all of it’s work through online communication. As for providing my questions in advance that will also not be possible. I am investigating whether we will be paying out his life insurance claim. Due to the nature of such investigations giving out our questions in advance is not possible. I can however have a printed copy and meet him at any location of his preference.”

Melo just.. sat there. “…What the fuck man. I’ve never met the guy and have been in a god damned coma for six fucking weeks and found out about his being dead fucking yesterday. What the hell could I possibly have to do with an ongoing investigation into a life insurance claim? God fucking dammit. Give me four hours, then meet me at.. Fuck all if I know. I’ll meet him out front in four hours. Bring the printed copy.” Well, that’s what he SAID… What it was translated to was thus: “The Commander has requested clarification on your inquiry, as he has been indisposed for the last forty three days and has only been informed of the Administrator’s disappearance within the last 24 hours. In specificity, The Commander has requested to why he is to be questioned for your investigation. Pending this answer, the Commander has requested a period of four hours delay and advised that he is willing to meet you at your present location.”

Melo met with an assistant who contracted him out to help out Charlie, but that was it.
AJ B. (GM): “Due to a known associate, one Leah Razortongue, of the Administrator regularly being seen entering and leaving these premises I was instructed to learn about her character from those who reside here. Melo Craft was simply the one I drew. I am sure one of my associates will be here to interview a Mr Betamax at a later time.”

Ambrose Betamax will not consent to be interviewed by someone in such unfashionable attire
Melo: “..Yeah. Four hours. Yo, Ambrose, they’re looking for some character assassination of Leah.” And then a muttered, ‘not like that’ll be difficult."
Vault: “Acknowledged. The Commander will speak with you in four hours. Thank you for your understanding.”
Melo: “Character assassination; They’re looking to discredit her because they don’t want to pay out on one of her trick’s life insurance polices.” A shrug. “You know how to pick ‘em, don’t you? You want them to swing by in 4 hours to get both of them done at the same time? Figure that gives us a chance to go buy some food and me to take a shower.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods and walks off. “I will return in four hours then.”
Ambrose Betamax: “sure, ok. Then we can get Leahs credit back!…whatever that means.”

Melo would fill that four hours with the following: 1) Run two miles at an easy pace around the complex. 2) Shower. The first one he’s had in six weeks. 3) Go get groceries with the deer in tow; just what the two of them can carry because he’s not taking the APC to the grocery store, and the bike is wrecked, and Charlie STILL has his truck. 4) Make. Coffee. 5) Check up on the company to see how legitimate they are. 6) Also, check his messages. Finally.
(From AJ B. (GM)): the company seems legit if relatively new, having only opened last year.

Melo also figures the grocery store trip would take at least 2 hours, if not two and a half. Long ass walk, and he’s out of shape.
Melo: (Please tell me it is run by a Mr. Ill and Mr. Will)

Ambrose Betamax wants to say lewd stuff to the koala shopkeeper anyways :P
AJ B. (GM): (nope, it’s run by a Ms.Tanas)
Artemis: (( Melo has had sitsbaths by big, meaty, burly orderlies))

Melo might actually question that, seeing how as he put at least one person into the trauma unit when he was in a coma.
Artemis: (( likely. :D
((Hosed off from a safe distance? ))
AJ B. (GM): (anyone object to skipping 4 hours ahead then?)
Artemis: ((Nope, doctor has work she can do once she’s done with the Big lizard))

Melo is totally cool with it. He did his four hours worth of stuff. He’d even bring a cup of coffee out to the insurance investigator. And talk to him through the gates. Nope, not opening them, nor letting them on the property.
AJ B. (GM): When he arrives he is holding a manilla folder with some papers in it. Once he sees Melo he widens his smile baring all his teeth, though it’s hard to tell if he is smiling or simply trying to rip his jaw apart through sheer force of will. “Mr. Craft I presume?”
Melo: “Yeah.” You know, for a safe house, this place is really well known. Granted, having location trackers in your ID tends to make finding you a smidge easier. He’d offer that cup of coffee though, in exchange for the folder, through the gates. He’d be dressed casually; random pair of jeans, his coat if it was warranted (It’s what.. 2-4 pm now? After all, his conversation with Ambrose wasn’t too long), and some random T-Shirt he’d picked up at the thrift store. After an exchange of coffee (Or a decline, and setting the mug down, he’d start to thumb through the folder. “So you’re looking for some background on the deer-bee?”
AJ B. (GM): He hands over the folder and shakes his head at the coffee “Thank you but I need to avoid caffeine. My doctor seems to think my heart requires either less caffeine or a lower stress job.”
Ambrose Betamax: (lol just like me)
(I instantly view this lawyer as a kindred spirit)
AJ B. (GM): “Yes, I am looking for information on her. Are you aware of her record Peacekeeper Craft?”

Melo laughed just a bit. “Yeah, can understand that. Don’t feel too bad though, water out here makes it taste like mud.” At least he’s being friendly about it. “And yeah, I’ve seen her record. Nothing I’m sure you don’t already have on file.” And he’d of course look through the paperwork, to see if either A) the form for disclosure of police records was included, or B) a copy of said record before offering more; “Multiple F-17’s, a few B-16’s and a B-08,” provided paperwork was in order would be said. If it wasn’t? He wouldn’t say that.
AJ B. (GM): (no sign of disclosure forms) “Have you seen any signs of increased violent tendencies when in contact with her?”

Melo wouldn’t have listed off her record in such case. “Well, to be honest, I’ve known known her for about 9 weeks, and of those nine, I’ve spent 6 weeks unconscious. Those six were the most recent, so.. Be difficult for me to say an increase in violent tendencies when I don’t have a baseline to compare against.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods. “Given your current profession and knowledge of her record, do you believe she is capable of taking a life?”

Melo sat there for a moment before shrugging. “My professional assessment is that she is capable of it in the heat of the moment, though I don’t see such being premeditated. If you’re asking if I think she made the admin’s body vanish without a trace, the answer is no. She doesn’t have the resources to dispose of a body properly, and frankly, as much as I dislike her, she’s not that much of an idiot as to try and take someone like that out.”
AJ B. (GM): He shrugs “Last question for the time being. Would you trust her at your back in a combat situation?”
Melo: “No.” That was a flat answer, and it came quickly. “I’d trust her to put herself first. I doubt she’d stab me in the back, but I sure as hell wouldn’t count on her to lay down her life for me in a fire fight.”
Ambrose Betamax: (ouch. she DID go to hell for you :P)

Melo is more influenced by the time she threatened to break Ambrose’s neck when he wouldn’t give her drugs than a period of time he was unconscious for, and is still trying to sort out.
AJ B. (GM): There is a slight beep and he pulls out a small pad and then seems to deflate right in front of you. “Damnit Jeff.” He sighs heavily. “I don’t suppose it’d be possible for me to speak with Mr. Betamax, My colleague apparently had to take his wife to the hospital.”
Melo: “Yeah. Had asked him if he wanted to get it taken care of at the same time.” And he’d turn away, hand lifting to the side of his head for a moment, “Vault. Can you ask Ambrose to come out here so he can get that meeting about Leah taken care of?” And then back to the man. “And wish your coworker well for me, would’ja? Hope his wife’ll be ok.”
AJ B. (GM): “Thank you, I’ll do that. Though I’m sure it’s nothing. She is just rather clutzy, which doesn’t mix well with being a germophobe.”

Vault would of coarse pass the message on to Ambrose.
Ambrose Betamax: “what? OH OK!”
AJ B. (GM): Once Ambrose arrives at the gate Samuel stands up and offers his hand. “Mr. Betamax, a pleasure to meet you.”

Ambrose Betamax shakes his hand cheerily. “HI!”
AJ B. (GM): “I just have a few questions to ask you and then I’ll be on my way. How long have you known one Leah Razortongue?”
Ambrose Betamax: “Uh, soon after moving here really.”
Vault: (It has only been ~9 weeks, give or take? We’ve been in the city for.. 10 weeks? 11 at most?)
AJ B. (GM): (about that yeah)
Vault: (And technically, even less time than that for Ambrose due to hell’s time dialation)
AJ B. (GM): Samuel raises an eyebrow but moves on. “Would you describe her as a hostile or demanding woman?”
Ambrose Betamax: “not typically, no? If anything she is very forgiving.”

Melo adds from the peanut gallery, “She puts up with him, I’ll give her that.”
AJ B. (GM): “Has she ever displayed any violent tendencies in your presence?”
Ambrose Betamax: “well this one time when we were playing twister she accidentally kneed me in the crotch.”
AJ B. (GM): “mmmhmm, are you aware of her problems?”
Ambrose Betamax: “she’s got no problems with me. So there.”

Melo had to snort a bit at the comment about getting kneed in the crotch, but he didn’t add anything to violent tendencies.
Melo: (Snerk is actually a better indication of the gesture, rather than snort)
AJ B. (GM): “Of course not, I did not to imply such. However she has had some run ins with the law due to issues. Are you aware of those?”
Ambrose Betamax: “Nope.”
AJ B. (GM): “I see. How would you describe her relationship with Mr. Craft?”

Melo gives a shrug at that if he was looked at; the deer isn’t part of the force, he can’t legally share such details with him.
Ambrose Betamax: “Well, they could get along better. But I think that’s just because Melo isn’t comfortable with all the sexual tension we bring to the house. We’re both very attractive deer.”

Melo also, drinks the — Ok, he tries not to do a spit take with the other cup of coffee; no reason to let it go to waste.
AJ B. (GM): “I see. If it came down to it, who would you trust more. Leah or Melo?”
Ambrose Betamax: "I don’t blame him. I mean, look at us. all our raw sexual energy.
“I don’t understand, why would I have to not trust either of them? that’s silly.”
AJ B. (GM): He shakes his head. “Suppose Leah tells you something important. and Melo tells you the opposite. Which one would you believe?”
Ambrose Betamax: “wouldn’t that depend on the situation?”
AJ B. (GM): “I suppose it might. Let me try clarifying a bit more. Suppose Leah tells you that a man was shot by a reptilian DB and Melo tells you he was shot by a Feline DB, which one would you trust?”
Ambrose Betamax: “I dunno. I’ve known Melo for a lot longer, so it’s not really a fair question, but probably him. But It’d depend on how they got the information. Neither of them are liars.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods “Thank you for your time Mr. Betamax, oh and should either of you happen to spot Ms. Razortongue near the administrators house at any time please do let me know.” he pulls out two business cards from his sleeve and offers them to you.
Ambrose Betamax: "alright (as he leaves he mutters something under his breath in some feni language. it sounds mean.)

Melo does his best to remain, in general, expressionless, despite some minor blows to his ego, though he took the card. “Will do.” And then as he turned, “Pa hela,” spoken to Ambrose. (Faerie Speak for “Be nice.”)
AJ B. (GM): The lawyer walks off whistling an oddly familiar tune.
(and with that I’d say it’s time to call it if no one objects)
Melo: (I’d be ok with it)
Artemis: ((Nuuuuu I wanna arpee moar))
Ambrose Betamax: oki :P
(someone objected lol. that’s never happened before
Zea: (I can only think of, and hear, the imperial march in his whistle.)
Today is Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015. EXP is about to be given. Sooner or later.
AJ B. (GM): (lol, admittedly I’ll still run if you really want, but in about 30 minutes I’ll pass out on this keyboard anyhow)

Zea would be up for watching!
AJ B. (GM): 200 xp each, an extra 100 for Bharat for some clever manipulations, an extra 100 for Ambrose for bringing some much needed levity, an extra 50 to Melo for holding to his character, and an extra 50 to the doc for her compassion.
Ambrose Betamax: :3
Zea: Thank you as always for running the game for us.
AJ B. (GM): and final note btw.
timeskipping to a week from now at the next game
Ambrose Betamax: oh, ok
thanks for the game, AJ!
AJ B. (GM): we’ll be kicking off on the day of the tournament, anyone has anything they want to do in downtime just let me know
happy to do it, was a lot of fun.
Zea: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 60 Weapons engineer, or 65 for Vehicle armorer, to get some up / down play in the sky-cycle’s turret system
= 0 Successes
(To GM): Unless that counts as mechanical engineering; in general, he wouldn’t exactly be able to even diagnose why it doesn’t move up and down.
Zea: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 60 to see if he could build it; +10% if it’s Mechanical Engineering, +5% if it goes under vehicle armorer.
= 1 Successes
Zea: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 60 to see if it’d actually work; same as above
= 0 Successes
Zea: It was just before most people would take a lunch break; the sun had been up for nearly but not quite six hours. Melo had called in a few days prior to report all is well, but he didn’t seem too interested in the psyche eval. Still, the doctor’s most recent client was perhaps insisting on being out in this part of the city for their operation. Right near the wall in the north east part of the city. And what might she find upon rolling up? Well, several acres of land, fenced off by a wrought iron fence, a grove of trees on the east side of the property, atop a hill, and what could only be described as a mansion, tucked right up to the city wall, likely one of the only non-governmental buildings in the entire city with such a privilege.. Just what the hell was this peace keeper up to to be able to afford such a place?! Behind the gate, a familiar face would be found…
Vault: “Good morning, Doctor. May I assist you in some method?” That robotic tone of voice of the droid, yep. Standard patrol duty would have easily picked up the approach of the doctor’s transport along the way.

Artemis approaches the gate carrying a shoulder bag bearing a red cross, as well as her own purse. She’s dressed professionally today, wearing last year’s fashion for this time of year, a proper ankle length skirt of grey, a pink scoop-necked shirt, and a short waist coat of red. Her hair is tied back into a single tail, only a few locks drifting in front of her eyes. “Good morning Vault. I trust your circuits are optimal and in good working order?” She looks through the game, her lips pursing slightly as she takes in the plot of land, impressed by the opulence, and perhaps disappointed. She might use the land for better purposes, but then, she wasn’t here to criticize property usage. " I’ve an appointment with the peacekeeper today. He’s asked me to stop by to follow up on his recovery. I trust that he hasn’t been straining his arm too much?"
Vault: “Affirmative, Doctor. Acknowledged.” And the droid would stand there for a moment as he continued on, “The Commander had resumed his regiment of physical training shortly after returning to Base, including standard running and climbing work. Otherwise, the Commander has spent the majority of the last two days focused on returning his equipment to working order.” She was a doctor; she had privileges. Even as the droid spoke, he was moving to open the gate. “The Commander has requested I escort you to the hangar. He has also requested I ask if you’d care for a cup of coffee?” Yeah; The walk would be a fair distance, seeing how as the hanger wasn’t even visible from the entrance of the property unless one looked very carefully through the grove of trees. Otherwise, a car trip would be rather short.
Artemis: Scanning the property for a moment, a slight frown of confusion crosses her lips. Who owns a hangar? Ignoring the question nagging her mind, she offers a polite nod to Vault. “Coffee sounds nice, thank you. Is it fine to leave my loaner here?” She gestures back to the car parked up the way, hospital business plates showing front and behind.
Vault: “Acknowledged.” And in reply, “Affirmative. This way, Doctor.” The walk itself would be fairly easy; the plot of land was only a few acres in size, it was still a rather long driveway that passed in front of the house. The grounds were kept reasonably well, though the grass frankly looked like it hadn’t been mowed in two months, but otherwise was green. At least it was free of obvious gopher holes! The droid would otherwise walk on wordlessly; he was not programed for small talk, after all. The house itself was big when getting close to it, but when the pair got past the bit of a hill blocking the hangar from view.. Well.. Yes. A hangar was the proper term for it, despite the fact that the property was missing a runway; two hundred feet long, seventy front to back, a pair of driveways leading to doors that could swallow a large house whole, and at least five stories tall at the highest part of the arched roof. Perhaps a warehouse would be a better term for it? To the nearest side, a ‘small’ door could be found, grass replaced by a rather nicely done walk way that leads back towards the house nearer to the wall. At some point, the droid might ask casually, “Do you take sugar or cream with your coffee?”
Artemis: “I prefer my poison black, thank you.” She says light heartedly, then amends, “Coffee without accompaniment, please.” She’d consider the grass first, making connections with her charge and the lack of care the grounds has received. She’d also consider the house, assessing it’s level of maintenance, likewise looking for signs of recent care taking. " Vault, Consider the distance to age ratio for an adult male. How many roads must he walk down before he is considered a man?" She doesn’t turn to look at the killbot as she asks her inane question, following never the less. As the hanger comes into view, her forehead scrunches up slightly. Apparently Melo owns a hangar. He’s the sort of guy that does that.
Vault: “Acknowledged.” And then that inane question was answered by the droid: “Twenty six thousand two hundred and eighty roads, Doctor.” Yep. He gave that answer flatly, and in very short order, with no going into details on how the answer was arrived upon. It might have taken his systems a good five seconds to start relaying that answer. As for the house itself? It was in a state of generally good repair; the walls were cleaned within the last few months, the rather grand porch was kept clean, though a few years from now it might need a fresh coat of paint. Beyond that, there might only be a few pock marks in the paint in areas one can’t see where a bullet may have struck the building. Blast doors to the hangar would soon enough be opened to reveal.. Well, frankly, it was warehouse shelving, laden with spare parts and scrap steel. Tons of the stuff. Boxes, labeled clearly with initials and numbers of a rather logical order and progression; The first being A11, above it A21, and the layer of the shelf labeled, surprise surprise, A31. On the other side of the six foot wide walk way? B11, B21, B31, and so on and so forth. And this ran for nearly a hundred feet or so before opening to a rather expansive garage of sorts. Melo of course would be at the end of that pathway, clad in a T-shirt and jeans, arms and hands smudged black with oil and grease, a mug of coffee in each hand.
Melo: “Afternoon Doctor. Black as night, right?” A hand lifted the coffee mug in offer. As far as what was in the hangar? Well, in the far bay, bigger than a reasonable house, was a military grade, tan painted APC. Damned thing was nearly 60 ft long, and had tires that were nearly ten feet high at a glance. It was missing it’s turret, however. That? That was sitting in the bay next to it, and wouldn’t come into view until passing the shelving units. Before that? A sky cycle in the middle of being entirely disassembled.. Well, at least, the entire thruster assembly system and most of the engine were being taken apart.

Melo at least puts the hangar to use.

Artemis flashes Vault a winning smile and murmurs her thanks. She looks over the shelves for only a few moments, doing all she can to not drool. Parts is parts, but she sees the potential in all the scattered and sorted materials. Drawing her attention away from the shelves, she stops where they end, now taking a moment to gawk at the APC, and then at the sky cycle. She shakes her head slightly, as if to some internal question. “What was that?” She responds, turning her attention to Melo, seeing the cups, then making a connection between what was said, and what she sees. “Yes, Black as Poseidon’s cold, dead heart.” She says, then frowns slightly and quickly amends. “Forgive me, I shouldn’t let my bias speak ill of the dead.” She starts up again, walking over to Melo, though her attention is on the sky cycle more then him. She, perhaps, is a bit distracted today.

Melo would hand off the coffee; Black Blood of the Earth anyone? He was sipping at his own as if it was water, but the stuff is the kind of coffee you put cream into, and it doesn’t change color. This was likely why he’d been working almost non-stop for the last three days. If his eyes weren’t bolted to his face, they’d be wild and bloodshot. Instead, he just looked like a mechanic who was hard at work at his job. The bike itself was in disarray, a number of body plates having been repaired and showing that raw steel against it’s black paint job. Full blow Coalition States military grade hardware, not just a basic jet bike that so many others in the city may ride. “AFC Aught twenty three. She took one hell of a beating when we hit the ground.” Wait, what? At least he took notice of her interest. “Figure seeing how as I’m doing some major repair work on her, might as well take care of her engine and thrusters, y’know?” Another gulp of his coffee, and right away he’d be going to work. “See if I can’t get her to respond that much better; damn near breaks the sound barrier in a straight line, and if I can’t make her handle better, might as well crack that barrier.” True, the doctor may not be a mechanic, but without a doubt, she’d be able to pick up on just what kind of a machine bay this was, even more so with the way he was constantly referencing a holographic computer schematic as he worked. Another hint, perhaps, that this wasn’t exactly his area of expertise, but that he had a damn good idea of just what it’d take to make it one.

Artemis sips at her coffee and makes a face, offended by it, and yet… she sips again. She’s spent too many doubles and triples awake to pay any mind to what her taste buds might say about caffeine. She may prefer tea, but she may very well never turn down coffee. “Bend the frame?” She asks, setting the cup down on a bench, and un-shouldering her medical bag, clearing a spot to set it down, too. She unzips it and pulls out a portable fluoroscope. Basically an emitter and a backer plate, with a view screen on the back of the emitter. Useful for seeing past flesh. “Should take a look at the aero profile. Coalition designs were always focused on looks more then function. They just have better designers then…” She trails off as she comes over, shaking her head as she considered the holoprojection. A hand reaches out, then stops, hovering for a moment before drawing back. She’s isn’t in her lab, and would be annoyed if someone were to mess with her projections uninvited.

Melo was caught off guard by this line of questions; Not because he didn’t have an answer, but because, frankly, no one else was interested in this stuff since he’d landed in the wastes, save for the one guy who was teaching him a thing or two when he had a chance… Or when he needed something fixed and access to the parts to do it. “Amazingly, frame survived a demon landing on her when I was doing three fifty and hitting the ground with just some mind tweaking. Already managed to fix most of what was broken, but the glass is gonna be a bitch to redo.” As for the face she made when drinking the coffee? He didn’t even notice; he had technology to look at, to talk about. “Vault, resume patrol duty.” A casual command, followed by the sounds of the droid simply making his way out of the building. “And I honestly haven’t looked at too much of their flying equipment. Most of what passed through the shop were your standard Triax fair, or ground support units, the occasional hovercraft. Not gonna lie, she’s one of the most high tech flyers I’ve had to work on.” A bit of a sigh; not a disappointed one, but one of someone who knows they’re being challenged. “Times like this make me wish I was back at the shop and could ask questions, but as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, right?” And then he’d reach over, tap a few symbols in the air, flipping the display from Techno-Can to English, another to save, and then, “Have at it, always willing to take another’s perspective on something. I’ve been focused mostly on getting her main turbines back online. Damned demon damn near pulled one of them out when it landed on me.” Well.. He’s making progress, right? At least he knows it was a demon that attacked him?
Artemis: rolling 1d100
= 61
rolling 1d100
= 24
Melo: (Fun part with this one: It falls under Aircraft Mechanic; Melo lacks that one)
Artemis: rolling 1d100
= 14

Artemis taps at the console for a few moments, her eyes narrowing as she shifts the display back to mechanical units. She hums softly under her breath and shifts first over to the electrical systems, pulls up a calculator, and quickly stabs out some numbers, then sets them aside. She sighs softly, and offers the ‘scope to Melo, murmuring “hold this for a moment?” seemingly needing two hands. She flips back to mechanical view and pulls up the engine models, then pulls up a spreadsheet and starts filling out strings of code, building a basic model for thrust output, weight ratios, and drag based on the vehicles intended shape. She inputs numbers from previously, then offers the model a slow frown as it dumps out a few hundred cells of numbers. "Frame needs to be 2% longer, 4% less height. If you can squeeze out, ahh, about 5% from your engines, you should be able to break mach. But you’ll take stress along these points." She gestures at the model briefly, “If you’re not trying to mount hard points there, it should be fine.” She saves the projections under a new file, and steps back, absently brushing at her skirt.

Melo watched with a smile, not at all seeming to take offence to letting someone with a better grasp (At least, apparently) of the system then himself take over and offer some guidance. The device offered would be accepted without complaint; he’d even try not to get oil on the display at least (Though he can’t say the same for the body of it!). Coffee. The rest of his mug, actually. “Issue with breaking mach is the need for the added stability and needing to recalibrate her targeting systems to cope with the added lead time on the turret. Almost would rather she handle better then be able to pancake herself. Beside, with a mach flight, you’re dealing with the booms; no good for scouting.” This didn’t change the fact that he’d be all too eager to look over the change in design, making mental notes for himself. “But getting the extra five percent from the engine is cake.” He’d take his turn to pull up another schematic, this time focused on the engine, something he IS good at. “Already gonna be able to get an extra 17% thrust outta her with some minor config changes. Biggest issue I’m trying to overcome is the direction of it and how to let the airfoils be able to control it without making me black out due to the added G’s of making the same kind of turns at that added speed. I’m not a jucer.”

Artemis takes the fluoroscope back, and as Melo is pulling up schematics, she puts the backer plate under his arm, and aims the emitter at it, watching for a few moments, before removing it and shutting it down again. She steps aside to out the device away, then returns with a syringe with a few cc’s of clear liquid in it, capped. “Can’t help you there. I refuse to get off the ground. If man were meant to fly, we would of taken over the moon by now.” She does look at the projections for a few moments, frowning thoughtfully. “Maybe you should try a proper flight suit? Black out happens because the blood can’t get what it needs, oxygen. You can take about 25G’s in one go and expect to suffer some minor internal bleeding, so long as the peak is nearly instantaneous. It’s all about that delta Y over delta X. Part of why grenades are dangerous. Shrapnel is bad, but the blast wave… hits you with a spike of force over your organ tissue thresh holds. I have to deal with this problem with the combat conversions. How to make ’em concussion and impact safe.” She picks up her cup of coffee with one hand, giving it a sip, before offering the needle. “Vitamin complex. Bone has knitted fine, but bet you’ve felt like shit for the last few days, eh? Body’s weren’t meat to be nano-stitched back together. This will replenish your stores, and probably give you a niacin rush. I know it’ll wake you up better then more caffeine.”
Artemis: ((blood = brain. c.c

Melo gave a reply to that comment about taking over the moon, rather directly: “We did take over the moon. 2087 [Insert correct year here]. Folks made me watch the lander with the final parts for the first actual moon based station. Was all over the news.” Right, he’s not crazy; And what’s more, the flat conviction he offered when he said that, really, might be just a little unnerving. “Fuck all if I know what happened to ‘em after things went to shit though. We couldn’t get coms on them by new years of ’99. Not that they could do much to help us by then.” A momentary pause; eyes would grow distant if he had any, followed by a shake of his head. “But that’s another hell I don’t want to go through again.” Yeah, ok, that’s crazy talk right there. “And a flight suit’s possible; Just finished getting my body armor back in order. G-suits need to construct the legs to prevent the blood flow down to ‘em, don’t they? But I need my feet on this thing.” He made no comment about the grenades… He’d seen what they can do to people, and done it himself a few times. He’d stop to look at that needle before rolling back his shirt sleeve. “With as much work as I’ve got to do getting this baby working properly again, no way I’m going turn you down on that.”

Melo doesn’t even bother bringing up the Mars base; he was with his family when those headlines hit the news.
Artemis: A little pin prick, and you might feel a little sick o/`… “You might feel hot and flushed for an hour or so, that’s the rush. It will fade as your liver processes the solution.” She chews at her lower lip for a moment, letting the comments about the moon base slide,. Her history is hazy at best, and she’d take to argue reality with someone she knows to be working on just what reality is. " Flight suits are supposed to squeeze the legs, yeah…. you know, my concern wouldn’t be with trying to turn at mach, but with air breaking hard enough between straight runs to make your turns. Gotta remember that one law, Objects in motion stay in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force. I’d hate for you to turn too early and get tossed." She shakes her head slightly. “Like I said, I’d rather keep my feet on the ground.” She puts the empty syringe in her bag, and turns to look at the shelves for a few moments, hand on her bag. “If I tell you to get some sleep and rest, you’re going to ignore me, yeah?”

Melo is, without a doubt, a headcase. Granted, its not like the great big “NEMA” logo on the side of the APC meant a whole heck of a lot these days meant a whole heck of a lot to anyone but him; even more so in a country outside of North America. He wouldn’t even flinch at the pin prick of that needle, nodding a bit; A rag (A clean one) would find itself tied over the small hole left behind in very short order. “Yeah. That’s where they designed the air shield in.” He’d flip back to the design specs you’d provided a bit ago, to show the way the unit was designed.. At first, anyways, before he’d shake his head, “Give me just a second.” And off to the far side of the bay he’d go, returning with a single boot and leg of flat black body armor that looked, for all intents and purposes, like it’d just come off the assembly line. “Lemmie show you how that one’s been handled. Now keep in mind, this isn’t the same design as the CS fly boys, but it won’t take much for me to tweek ‘em. Hell, having them not be the right kinds is likely why I’m alive.” But he’d put his boot in on one of the units on the side of the bike, the leg clamps just barely not quite fitting right. “When you’re on this thing, even at top speed, you don’t feel the wind. I gotta give the designers some credit on how they managed to pull that off. Also need to find a new windscreen; All this equipment, and I’m still going to have to scrounge myself some glass.” All the while, he was smiling, happy to have someone to talk shop with. “And yeah, likely am. Sorry doc, but I still need to get the Epok’s fixed up after that god damned lizard fuck’n blinded her ’n took some chunks out of her cannon, and need this bike back in working order. Too much work to do, both in and out of the walls.”

Artemis taps at her chin for a moment or two, thoughtful. “There’s a scrap yard over on the east end that sometimes gets interesting things in, when the ships come in. I haven’t been down there scrounging in a long time, but you might get lucky. I don’t know if there’s anyone local that makes the sort of plate glass you’re after. I know there are some glaziers for small glass, but…” She shakes her head as she comes closer, crouching to peer at the foot holds on the sky bike, thoughtful. “Yeah, yeah, you’re right, they do have some good designers.” She stands again and picks up her bag, shouldering it again. “I should get out of your hair. Your arm look fine. I prescribe sleep, but I know how often my prescriptions get filled.” She offers a smile.
Melo: (And with that, a good closing point. Sleep for me!)
Clockwork: rolling 1d100
= 12
rolling 1d100
= 18
rolling 1d100
= 53
rolling 1d100
= 24
rolling 1d100
= 1
rolling 1d100
= 33
Clockwork: rolling 1d100
= 14
Zea: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 60 bike I’m gonna cry.
= 1 Successes
(To GM): Total of 16 points under, over all total bonus of 8% to piloting rolls on the bike.
Melo: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 60 Locksmithing attempt #1
= 0 Successes
Melo: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 60 Locksmithing attempt #2
= 1 Successes
Zea: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 60 Basic Electronics roll to fix wiring in a house for lighting.
= 0 Successes
Zea: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 60 Basic Electronics roll to fix wiring in a house for lighting. #2!
= 1 Successes
Zea: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 55 Computer Programing to learn about how the virus works.
= 0 Successes
Zea: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 55 Computer Programing to learn about how the virus works. Attempt #2
= 1 Successes
Zea: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 50 Computer Hacking to learn where and how the virus is sending data based on packet captures; this won’t be a physical location, yet, but traceable based on police level access.
= 1 Successes
Zea: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 66 Intel roll, mostly for flavor.
= 1 Successes
Zea: (To GM) rolling 1d20
10 Aimed shot, needle pistol
= 14
Zea: (To GM) rolling 1d20
10 aimed shot, needle pistol
= 28
Zea: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 88 Vault, firefighting.
= 1 Successes
Clockwork: rolling 1d100
= 24
rolling 1d100
= 8
rolling 1d100
= 10
AJ B. (GM): I’m gonna make some food right quick, brb
ok back. everyone here and ready?
Clockwork: ((yep!))
Zea: (Works for me! And I’m ready)
Matt S.: (Yeah, just reading stuff)
AJ B. (GM): Last we left off we were skipping ahead to tournament day. Downtime has been had and we now come to the day of the tournament.
Zea: (To GM) rolling 4d6 Slugman’s bonus ISP
= 13
Zea: (To GM) rolling 2d8 sdc Slugman bonus SDC
= 9
AJ B. (GM): (alright anyone got any last minute prep they want to do before the tournament begins?)
Zea: (I’m good, I think; have a few items, but those’ll have to wait)

Artemis runs double duty, working with the medical crew as needed, watching the fights as time permits, and placing small, friendly wagers amongst the medics. And, as the matches come up, she performs last minute work. Outside, the Mountaineer is parked, should it be needed over the course of the matches.
Artemis: ((thats all I gots?))

Chapter 24 How many sky roads

Elevators are Scary! StrykerC