Chapter 23 Can I keep him -- He only eats magical people

Melo is still under the robotic knife at this point.
AJ B. (GM): As you enter the bar Ivanikov spots the three of you he raises an eyebrow and knocks on the bar.
As the three of you enter Ivanikov yells “Last call, order em in the next 5 or don’t cry to me when I can’t serve you.”
Bharat: “Bar close early tonight…” Bharat says with mild curiosity.
AJ B. (GM): Leah smirks and drags Ambrose up to the bar. “Three shots of 151 for each of us. and whatever the big guy wants is on us too.”
Ambrose Betamax: “151? is that like a salty winnebago?”
Bharat: “Leah have Black Russian.” Bharat says, sitting ont he floor next to the bar.
AJ B. (GM): (it scares me that I feel a need to look up these drinks in case they are real because they sound so much like something someone would name them)

Artemis sets a lump of Melo-flesh -weighing no more then a pound yet sadly not from a location closest to his heart- into the vat that once held the arm… or rather, that is to say, she has a robot she’s wired up to do it. Considering the arm with human and machine eyes, she decides the work is well enough to hold up. She accelerates the reattachment and innervation chemically, but subdues proximal nerve signals to give the arm a chance to heal before Melo decides to start doing handstands and such. Even with healing enhancers, the site is going to need time to recover. Thusly done, she cuts of sedative and lets the peacekeeper wake in his own time, in the next few minutes, while she proceeds with clean up processes on the robot, readying it for the next patient. Alone, with not one to catch her, she hums to herself in 3/4 beat, a waltz.
AJ B. (GM): Leah nods “Then a black russian as well.” before turning to Ambrose “nah it’s more like a fire dancer’s slide”
After about 15 minutes the bar has cleared out aside from you three and Leah realizes she only got three shots all of which she downed at speed and had been waiting to see ambrose’s reaction to something that was slightly over 75% alchohol. “I think there was a miscount, though the 151 is good stuff I’m not seeing the Russian.”
Ambrose Betamax: (heehee)
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov looks at Bharat “I take it she doesn’t know what you just ordered for her then?”
Bharat: “No. I didn’t think I’d still be alive when I told her to.”
AJ B. (GM): “Ahh well then, you’ll be wanting My recipe book then and the key.” He sets down a book listing how to make various cocktails then pulls out a piece of paper and a pad with a backlight that he sets the paper on listing ingredients on one side and their equivalent in mechanical parts on the other. “So what’s with the guitar case kid? thinking of taking up a career in music next?”
Bharat: “Nah. Caught a vampire.”
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov smirks “Oh now that’s excellent it’s been kind of dull around here.” Leah looks wide eyed at the book as she pages through it and whispers to Ambrose “Think a finger gun is worthwhile?”

Ambrose Betamax wonders why he can read all the menus and stuff now.
Bharat: “The weird thing was finding a silver guitar case big enough to hold it, with plassteel locks.”
AJ B. (GM): (liquisteel)
Artemis: ((Liquisteels. c.c. I know, I tried to look up wtf liquisteels is.))
AJ B. (GM): (I’m hoping you found nothing when you looked that up)

Melo had been running, mentally, all day, and at the end been subjected to quite a bit of mental strain, when in a mental state that really wasn’t exactly all there. He’s.. Still having a bit of a difficult time knowing what’s real and what was a dream, when it comes down to it. A general anesthetic to put him under and into that surreal dream world was both a welcome relief and something he dreaded. Before he’d even sit, he’d make sure the doors to the van were properly locked, that he knew where the other points of entrance and egress were, and that Vault would be left on watch around the van. Though soon enough he’d rouse, some twenty to thirty minutes afterwards. As for recovery? He knew himself well enough. A bit of a slur’d word at first, and then another as he turned his head to look at his arm, and the lack of a brace or cast. “..Yeah. Doc? This ain’t gonna do. Y’got something y’can hook up to restrain it for a day or two? I know I’m liable ta fuck it up if not.”
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov looks at the case and nods “Wonder if it was for that miracle worker who came through town.”
“So what do you intend to do with the leech?”
Bharat: “Miracle worker?” Bharat says, incredulous. “I’m guessing another thing that happened while I was gone.” He shook his head. That time dilation was killer. “Torture, mostly. I think he’s responsible for the recent murders. At least one of them.”
Ambrose Betamax: O.o
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov nods “and you’re looking for a good place to keep him during that time? As for the miracle worker, odd guy, carried a giant hammer about the size of that case, though why he’d choose a guitar case who knows. Anyhow he made some impressive tools for people. Refused to make any weapons but a few of the downtrodden now have thing like hammers that always strike the nail, chisels that can match the users thoughts, pots that heat themselve, that sorta thing. Even left me with a flask that fills with whatever liquor I put in unless I flip it upside down to pour it out.”

Artemis stops humming when she realizes Melo is cognizant of her. She direct inputs several final commands, then removes the leads from behind her ear, coils the cords loosely, and tucks them away. “No cast, the bone is well knit. Soft tissue is harder then bone to heal, but if you need, I can get you a sling to keep your arm close to your body, keep you mindful?” She nods optimistically. She’s left the wound lightly bound, trusting that the healing accelerators she’s injected will take care of the surrounding flesh too, but she doesn’t want to leave the area exposed, where one might be inclined to pick at it. She sets a bottle of water down at Melo’s side, not opening it for him. “I’ve done nerve response while you were out. Six weeks isn’t really too long for neural plasticity to set in, especially as you were …. were in dream land, not awake. Can you move your fingers for me? I just want to make sure through-put of signal is good.”
Bharat: “Exactly that.” Bharat says, thinking over the supposed miracle worker. Someone adept at making magical items of some nature. A useful talent, but he had to wonder what happened to the guy. “And where is he now?”
AJ B. (GM): “Last I heard he had business to attend elsewhere, asked around about finding one of the Dreamwalkers outside the city. No one’s seen him since.”

Ambrose Betamax drinks his drink.
Bharat: “Leah, you’ve gone awfully quiet there. What’re you thinking?” Bharat says, mildly surprised Ambrose wasn’t asking questions
Ambrose Betamax: “Hey…does that chalkboard up there say that couples night is on tuesdays?”
“and is today tuesday? And do we coutn as a couple?!”
AJ B. (GM): Leah looks up from the books, “Oh sorry.” Ivanikov nods “Yeah, brings in a more peaceful crowd and gives me a break from the thugs who normally visit this pit.” Leah looks at Bharat “Thinking this is awfully expensive gear, but also wondering if a custom juicer harness could be made by whoever supplies these.” Ivanikov chuckles “Sorry kid, it’s thursday.”
Ambrose Betamax: “aw. Oh hey Leah, I apparently learned to read. huh.”
Bharat: “You’re supposed to be looking for a hand…” Girls and shopping.
Melo: “Yeah.. Yeah.” Eyes wouldn’t so much as focus on that bottle of water as outline and show it in several spectrums of light before he’d reach with his left to collect and twist the lid off with thumb and index finger, rest of his hand holding it secure. Light drumming of his right would be what followed however; he wasn’t about to flex that arm too much at first. “Just.. Shit to keep me mindful, yeah. I..” He’d lift his arm in a shrug before taking a drink of the water. “I don’t remember not having it. It.. wasn’t exactly like the… First time.” He’d hint at his face with the bottle of water before taking another drink. “That time was dark. This time, I remember everything.” And a shake of his head as he shifted to get out of the bed. “Vault, Report.” An almost absent minded comment. “But.. Yeah. I don’t trust myself to not push it too far right off the bat.” And then he’d offer an attempt at humor, “And I’ve got no idea how bad my dreams’re gonna be tonight.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah looks at Ambrose “When did you learn that?” She looks at Bharat “I know, I know.” she goes back to paging through the book.
Bharat: “Probably the same time he started with the whole magic thing.”
Ambrose Betamax: “I dunno. I just can read now.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah shrugs “I guess if you can turn purple anything is possible.” Ivanikov looks to Bharat “Anyhow, you need a safehouse that can keep a bloodsucker locked up right?”

Ambrose Betamax turns purple. just with camo fur. he looks good that way!
AJ B. (GM): Leah shakes her head and rolls her eyes turning a complimentary color to Ambrose.
Artemis: “Easy now,” The doctor warns, but offers help in getting her patient up. “The betting pool back at the hospital was pretty against you waking up again. Some of those said you were too far gone, in here.”She points at Melo’s chest," But I knew you could pull through. Hokey religions and ancient techiques are nocomparison to like a good doctor at yourside
Ambrose Betamax: “ooh, we ARE a couple!”
Bharat: “I already said yes, didn’t I?” Bharat says, rewindidng the last bit of conversation in his head to make sure he ctually did. Sometimes he forgot whether he was playing dumb or not and didn’t or did say things that he meant to or meant not to.
Artemis: ((eh, close enough. ))
Bharat: (Someday Melo will know what Bahrat did for him. Or not… probably not)
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov shakes his head as if clearing it “Oh yeah, sorry first thing to go after memory is memory.” he then seems to think for a while. "I’ve got a contact who can help, but he’s not gonna be happy about it. Then again he’s never happy and he owes me a favor anyhow. There’s a M’Raghiile named “Olten Barkscrape, his basement is designed to keep Anything locked up.”
Bharat: “Anything?”
AJ B. (GM): “Last I heard he was keeping a power leech down there to turn lose during the uprising. and you Know how hard those things are to keep in check.”
Bharat: “What uprising?”
AJ B. (GM): “There are still a few D-bees who’d prefer a quicker and more violent resolution to their problems. They don’t have the numbers right now, but they’re still out there, still recruiting.”

Melo declined that help as it was offered; he’s a jerk like that, but he didn’t rudely shake it off, just a ‘Nah, I got it, I got it…’ and a moment to try and brace himself before he’d stretch his arm, close and open his reattached hand, to try and test it out, carefully. He wasn’t twisting though, or trying to push it too far. “Yeah, well.. I know something was missing. Still not sure what it was. I know I found it before I woke up, too. The last few days were just.. All kinda a blur.”

Bharat sighs and leans against the bar. “I suppose that means I should pay them a visit.”
AJ B. (GM): A D-bee leaning on a crush and carrying a busted up mechanical leg walks up to the doc, it looks like someone took a sledgehammer to it before sawing it in half lengthwise with only a couple wires at the top ball keeping it together. He looks at Dr. Car “Think you can fix this?”
Ivanikov nods “Just let him know I sent you and he should be as accomodating as he ever gets. Just don’t expect much in the way of manners.”
Bharat: “Not exactly the them I meant. And manners are for those who can be bothered with formal lying.”
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov chuckles “Ahh well then you’ll want to talk to Krcktusk nasty mastodonoid with one hell of a temper.”
“Since Grimgrin did a 180 he tends to be the big player in the uprising.”
Bharat: “… Is he part of the tournament purchance?”
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov nods “He is and is the favorite to win. Bookies are only offering even odds on him.”
Bharat: “I’m glad I entered then. Puny bastard.”
AJ B. (GM): “Don’t underestimate him. His people have a surprising amount of punch, and he’s got a nasty habit of fighting dirty from what I hear.”
Bharat: “He doesn’t have what I have… And I don’t exactly play fair.”

Artemis nods her understanding, eyes close on fingers as they’re moved, watching muscles in the arm flex. She assesses silently, then finally gives a nod. “Normally, I’d keep you under observation for another day or two… I’m not sure if going home, or staying in the hospital will do you more good, though. You’ve mental trauma that Is more psychology then neurology. If you were your robot, I’d remove your eyes, replace them with cheap cyberoptics, and reprogram your system fresh. Since you’re a person though…” She glances up to his face, smiling slowly, “I guess I should make a referral, and ask to have you come down to the cybernetics lab some time convenient.” She gestures that she’ll get back to him, and shifts her weight to address the Deebee. She eyes the leg, and stepping down out of the van, looks over the leg… “Yeah, lets see what I can do.” She grabs out a toolkit, and sets it on the folding table to start doing as much of a repair job as she can on the leg. She doesn’t ask how it happened, but she tries to make small talk as she works, methodical. Assess, plan, work. repeat.
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov chuckles “Well, if you need any help, let me know. I’ve got a few bets placed myself, including a nice one for if he goes out in the first round.”
(Doc, a skill roll for repairing the leg please, -20% for extensive damage)
Artemis: rolling 1d100
= 13
(( bioware mechanics, skill of 80-20=60
AJ B. (GM): (nice) The leg is good as new. (surgery roll to reattach)
Bharat: “Oooooh, better hope I get paired up with him then.”
Artemis: ((Same negative?))
rolling 1d100
= 52
Bharat: “And can I get something to drink old man? You’ve left me here bereft!” Bharat bemoans his cruel fate.
Artemis: (( bionic med 98, or 78 with minus… or 68 with typical ‘db’ minus of -30. ))
AJ B. (GM): (nah, this one is already built to be attached so no penalty)
Ivanikov chuckles and gets out a huge cup and mixes up the fruitiest drink he knows. “There ya go son. and would you object to having that matchup, arranged?”

Bharat takes a drink. “Not at all. I like you think.” He looks back over his shoulder at the man with a grin. And suddenly, as if the thought just crossed his mind, he looks at Ambrose and Leah. “By the way, this is my father, Ivanikov.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah looks at Ivanikov then at Bharat then back again a few times before turning to Ambrose. “Altered DNA, Alien, or Hypnosis?”
Ambrose Betamax: “hmm?”
AJ B. (GM): She points to the human. “That’s Bharat’s dad.”
Ambrose Betamax: “ooh! I can see the resemblance! it’s in the nose.”
Artemis: ((Crying laughing))
Bharat: (Oh my god Ambrose)
Ambrose Betamax: (cmon, you know that’s how he’d respond)
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov blinks “I’m not sure if I should be insulted or baffled. A vampire is one thing, but bringing a magical looney tune in? That may be going too far.”
Bharat: “I’ve told you about him before. You really shouldn’t be surprised.” Bharat says. “It’s an adoptive relationship. And that’s about as much as I’m sharing”

Ambrose Betamax thinks bharat has his mothers tail.
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov nods “True enough, I’m still not giving him anymore alchohol, I think he might actually be blind drunk. and I didn’t know that was possible.”
Ambrose Betamax: (He doesn’t understand adoption, and likely never will. So yeah. your stuck with him thinking that now haha)
Bharat: “I’d put money on him just being him.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah nods her agreement. Then says "Alright I’ve got a hand selected along with the extras. She lists it off to Ivanikov real quick and he nods. “I’ll have it for you in about 4 hours. Can either wait here or come back for it later.”
Leah looks to Bharat “What do you think, wait or come back?”
Bharat: “Might as well go pay a visit to cranky people. Always a fun time.” Bharart says with a scowl. He downs the rest of his drink and stands up, grabbing the case.
AJ B. (GM): Leah nods and pats Ambrose on the shoulder “Alright time to go then.”
Bharat: “Shjould we check on Melo?”

Ambrose Betamax picks up the thing that just appeared in front of him. “Ooh, what’s this?”
AJ B. (GM): Leah nods “Yeah we probably should, if nothing else make sure he hasn’t shot anyone.”

Bharat turns to look at what Ambrose is talking about.
AJ B. (GM): As far as you can see Ambrose has taken up mime and is bad at it.

Ambrose Betamax , being unwise, undoes a ribbon and unravels the apparently invisible scroll then. “What, you can’t see it?”
Bharat: “No… You shouldn’t play with things other people can’t see….”
AJ B. (GM): Ambrose appears to have pulled a thing dark blue ribbon out of thin air, though the scroll is still not visible.
Ambrose Betamax: “huh. that’s a wierd thing to say.”

Ambrose Betamax pockets it and wonders internally about what it said.
Ambrose Betamax: “what’s a finger gun?”
(oh it scrolled up on me rtandomly."
AJ B. (GM): (quite a long ways too)
Bharat: (:P)
“What did it say?” Bharat asks with trepidation… Magic was kind of funny
Melo: “Yeah, well..” An amused headshake, “I’d suggest not touching the bot. Neither one of us take too kindly to having him tinkered with without my prior auth. As for tonight? Fuck it, I need to free up the bed, and that room, for someone else. If you think its safe, I’m good with out patient.” At least he seemed a bit glad to know that his neurons were still all in order, even if that order was a bit scrambled. At least, until that D-Bee made their way up. He’d be there to lend a hand as needed, both in physical and moral support to the injured D-Bee, though he’d not lie: Most of his attention would have been on the work the doctor did, provided she didn’t shoo him away. Not exactly his area of expertise, but there was enough machine in there that he likely coulda done something to fix it up enough to get them up and around. Just the same, observation of methods and procedures would take place, and idle chit chat with the D-Bee; He was a peace keeper, after all, and.. something like this really should be addressed. “Hell of a thing to have happen. Shouldn’t ask what hit’cha, should I?”
Ambrose Betamax: “It said not to ask about something. So I won’t ask about it I guess.”
“I’m really damn curious about it now though.”
AJ B. (GM): The D-bee chuckles “Just debt.”
Bharat: “It’s not asking about it if you just mention what it was you’re not supposed to ask about.”
Ambrose Betamax: It said “Don’t ask about the spider.”
Bharat: “… Spider?”
“What spider?”
Ambrose Betamax: “Don’t ask about it.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah shrugs “No idea.”
Bharat: “You’re not supposed to ask. It didn’t say me.”
Ambrose Betamax: “a spider about which we must remain ignorant!”\

Clockwork d. is finishing up with her last patient,, reattaching his leg to the mount and reactivating nerve pathways, subprocessors, and such. She pats the leg approvingly as she leans back. Rubbing her forehead and sighing, she looks a bit tired for a few moments. The weakness is carefully put away as she picks up an oatmeal and rasin cookie, and hands it to the Deebee. Over her shoulder, she replies to Melo, “I think he likes me. Vault, I mean. His responses to my questions have always been just a bit flirtatious.” she waves her hand briefly, mischief in her eyes as she looks at the robot for a moment…“You didn’t answer my other question, indirect as it is. I want to know more about those eyes. What say we make a trade, you and eye? I get a few hours to scan and get a code-dump, and… I’ll owe you one.”
Clockwork d.: (( hmm, from Arty^))
Bharat: “Ok, ok, sheesh. And we’re off!” Bharat opens the door.
AJ B. (GM): Ivanikov yells after you “Good luck.”
Bharat: “I’m sure we’ll need it.” Bharat mutters, ushering the others outside

Melo ahhs, and nods a bit. “The kind of debt that got you the leg to begin with? ’S a damn fine piece of work.” And still, he’d be watching attentively at repairs; nope, no one would hear the zooming in of eyes, or see any change as he filtered through the light spectrums to look for other details. Look, but don’t touch, and stay out of the way when a doctor is working; the same respect he’d give to any mechanic working on something complex. And then there’d be that moment of hesitation that Ambrose might recognize as a blink, his face as unmoving as always. “He.. What? Lady, you’ve got some odd perceptions if you think a kill bot is hitting on you. As for my eyes..?” Again, his expression was hard to read, those implants immobilizing and covering a good amount of the muscles around the center of his face. “I’m.. Not too sure how keen I am to share their specs, or my code. No offence.” Nope, he’s been paranoid enough to wipe the devices he uses to repair his own equipment with afterwards, to make sure the specs don’t leak. He knows full well what he’s got, and there’re some secrets he keeps close to his chest.

Ambrose Betamax is twitching with effort to not ask about the spider. He learned from his possession by that vampire guy that sometimes he should really not do things. But at the same time HE’S SO CURIOUS NOW
Ambrose Betamax: “AAAAAAGH it’s like that thing was designed to tempt me aaaaaah”
Bharat: “Maybe it was.”
Ambrose Betamax: “waaaaaaaagh”
Bharat: “Traps can be funny like that.” Bharat says, leading the group through the streets
Ambrose Betamax: “hmm. Ok, so I can’t ask about the spider, but I can ask about the question I’m not supposed to ask. HA! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO NOT ASK EXACTLY AAAAGH
Bharat: “Just don’t worry about it.”
Ambrose Betamax: (ha have you met ambrose? this is gonna consume him)

Artemis glances over her shoulders at Melo, and nods, letting it go. She’ll have to make do with what the guy’s pulled on entry. Bastards wouldn’t know how to do a proper build-to anyways. “I wouldn’t say ‘hitting’ on me, just… maybe it’s his programing talking, but there’s something to him.” She shrugs slightly, and turning her attention to Vault, she calls to him politely. "Vault, define the word “Love” via abstraction as a process of you programming."
Bharat: “Let’s just get to Melo and see if he shot anyone. Stupid prick would do it too.”

Ambrose Betamax completely fails to resist asking for the spider. “AAAAAGH WHAT SPIDER WHAT AM I NOT SUPPOSED TO ASK IS IT A PRETTY SPIDER AND CAN I KEEP IT AAAAH
Bharat: “No. Now hush before you bring some sort of magic curse on us and we all die.”

Vault had that moment of hesitation where his systems processed his reply, as well as to give the doctor additional time to add parameters to her request. None forthcoming, that ever polite tone of his synthesized voice responded, "Doctor, Love is most commonly defined as "An intense feeling of deep affection or a deep romantic or sexual attraction, generally experienced between sentient life forms. Love may also be used as a “Pet name” or term of endearment or affection towards another for whom one feels a romantic attraction to. It may also refer to the surname, derived from the Old English personal female personal name of Lufu or Lufa, it’s masculine counterpart. Love has also been used in a number of brand names within my records. Please clarify your inquiry should you require more details."
AJ B. (GM): As the three of you arrive back at the van the D-bee shakes his head. “Nah, I won the leg at a game of poker, unfortunately lady luck is fickle, and trice scorned me.”

Bharat waves with a free hand. “Hello Melo.”

Melo Ahhs, and nods. “Can understand that. You need the leg before you won it? Or it a solid upgrade?” Yeah, curious about the leg, light prodding with his questions, “As for the losses.. The arena? Or some other blind pig?” And then the lizard would approach, with the Deer-Bee’s in tow. He’d visibly tense; he wasn’t in his armor, he couldn’t hide his body’s reaction at first. “Bharat.” His greeting was juuuuust a bit on the terse side, and already his left hand was reaching for “His” gun, but not drawing, or even touching it quite yet.
Bharat: “Melo look better with both arms.”

Artemis smirks, seemingly approving of the definition. “That will do, thank you vault.” She shifts forward to look around the DB she’s patched up, to see the three coming back. She nods politely, though she eyes the peacekeeper sidelong for a few moments, to weigh his reaction. To the Deebee, she offers comment. “Better luck with your next hand, eh?” by way of cover.
AJ B. (GM): The D-bee nods “I needed it before. The losses were actually on a game I knew nothing about, but when an Admin invites you to play it’s hard to refuse.”

Bharat listens politely, the conversation having piqued his interest internally.

Melo was still tense; This was why he’d asked for something to brace, if not restrain his arm for a day or two; to make sure there was going to be ample time for it to heal. It still tingled, perhaps the biggest reminder of having it reattached. “Yeah… I know how that can be. What game? And should we ask what Admin?”
Ambrose Betamax: “does he know anything about spiders?”
AJ B. (GM): The D-bee looks at Ambrose “8 legged, usually poisonous, nasty things that need to be squashed?”
Bharat: “Bharat glad Bharat grab Melo arm outside.”

Artemis loses control, for just a moment, her face darkening over into a plain, viscous scowl… that is quickly tucked away as she takes a deep breath. She looks away for a few moments, and picks up a clipboard to write down a note or two about those she’s helped tonight, trying to keep records both accurate, and innacurate. She seems to be helping plain humans more then might be truthful.

Melo stopped to look at the lizard, muttering something possibly inaudible.
Artemis: (( you gotta… hand… it to him.))
(To GM): “Vault. Radio Verification. You brought my arm back.”
Bharat: (Oh my god)
Artemis: (( Just gunna go out on a … Limb… and say it ))
AJ B. (GM): He looks over at Melo “Think he called it Demon’s Thump. Thick accent was Admin Lancelot. Said he’s looking for someone.”
Bharat: (CD NO)
(And I hate to say it guys, but I gotta hit the sack. :( )
Melo: (Sleep well, yesyes? And have a good day at work?)
Bharat: (I will try and… I will try. It will most likely suck.)
AJ B. (GM): (gnight, sleep well, and ttyl)
Bharat: (if you keep playing, don’t… do anything I wouldn’t."
Artemis: (( good luck! be a leaf on the wind! ))
Bharat: (… dead and sugary?)
Ambrose Betamax: (O.o)
Bharat: (I mean.. leaves produce sugar. and one not attactch d to a plant is dead so…)
AJ B. (GM): (I guess this also leaves the question, play on or call it a night?)
Ambrose Betamax: (either way ^^)\
Bharat: (I’m gonna make like a leaf and pass out now)
Artemis: ((Either way. :D))
(( I have an hourand a half before I gotta play with making a podcast, and uploading it, before the midnight deadline ))

Melo simply nods once and looks back to the D-Bee. “Interesting. Can’t say I’ve heard of it myself. How’s it played? Ambrose, c’mere and listen, would’ja?”
Melo: (I’m good either way; I’m finally friggen awake and functional. Sorry for being useless tonight)
AJ B. (GM): (lol, well that’s 3 abstaining of 3 votes. I’m good with continuing for a while, have to save the plotline of Bharat’s interrogation and visit for later however.)
The D-bee shrugs as another walks up cradling an arm with a bone sticking out of it and what looks like a nasty infection around the wound.
“Hard to say really, he said it’d become clear once he dealt the cards and I saw the table.”

Artemis takes a look at the newcomer, and stands up when she sees the bone. She points at the van
Artemis: (( why is my enterkey so big?!))

Melo glanced at the D-Bee before turning, “Yo, Doc. You’re.. gonna need to see this one. C’mon.” And he’d even move to try and guide the other D-Bee away from the path of the injured one.
Ambrose Betamax: (what’s with the spider?)
AJ B. (GM): “It never fully made sense to me though I did figure out how to win I think but he was done playing by the time I had.”
(unfortunately that answer will be waiting for another day Ambrose)
Ambrose Betamax: yaaaargh

Artemis points at the van, an says, “Lets get that back in place, ok?” She nods at Melo, calm outwardly, inwardly already doing surgery.

Melo would continue though, “Yeah? Wouldn’t mind knowing a trick or two about it. Always good to know your enemies as well as your friends, right?”

Ambrose Betamax wonders inwardly about arachnology.
Artemis: (( Australia, a country made of dangerous shit.))
AJ B. (GM): The D-bee nods “The real trick is to never be unwilling to make sacrifices. A single loss can tip the scales in either direction with ease.”
(surgery roll doc, -30%)
Artemis: rolling 1d100
= 57
(( bionic med surgical of 98, or medica doc general of 90. Take yer pick?
AJ B. (GM): (general)
Artemis: (( so a final score of 60))
AJ B. (GM): Well you got the bone reset, though only just barely, still the D-bee seems grateful though he doesn’t say a word and the crowd is thinning out. the D-bee with the mechanical leg thanks you and says “well I still have a debt to pay so I’m off to the tables.”

Artemis would work with the broken arm for a bit, using a very, very tiny partial dose of her stashed street drugs to numb the pain. She doesn’t have antibiotics for the infection, but she does make sure to clean the site and clean it of necrotic flesh. It takes a bit of time, no doubt, but is likely to leave the DB a chance of not dieing at worse, or losing a whole arm at best. When she comes back out of the van, she seems almost energized by the experience… hard cases are the best cases. She is, after all, a sawbones.
AJ B. (GM): As the last of the D-bees clear out Grimgrin comes back to check on things. “Hey Arty how went the work tonight?”

Ambrose Betamax is still curious about that spider.
AJ B. (GM): (then it’s a good thing he isn’t a cat)

Artemis makes a note on her clipboard, bouncing on her toes to burn off a bit of her energy. She offers the clipboard to the over-armed ape, to show the numbers, doctored or not. “Well enough. Rough customer at the start, didn’t get a name, but I got a DNA sample for a new arm for him. Said the old one was taken at the docks.” She pauses, nodding slightly to present her point. “Outside of that? Not bad numbers. I think I’m getting a reputation.. might be a problem with my bosses… Might not. I do too much good to shut down.” She shrugs slightly, and picks up an oatmeal cookie to nibble.

Melo would likely have a bit of a conversation with the D-Bee before he left, and otherwise, he’d simply hang out with those around, catching up on news, listening in on conversations, and.. Well, trying to find out what the hell he’d missed in six weeks. As the ape returned though, he’d lift his arm to wave some in greeting. Heck, he might even tend to a few minor things himself, with what little first aid training he has. Simple stuff, provided the doctor didn’t disapprove.
Ambrose Betamax: “those cookies have raisins. They are evil.”
AJ B. (GM): Grimgrin turns to Ambrose “have to agree with the Deer-bee there, pretending to be chocolate chip cookies is a sin against sugar. Anyhow got a question for you and Melo, everyone around here a friend?”
Ambrose Betamax: “the raisins aren’t.”

Artemis glances at melo, then at the other DB’s. “Patient, and his associates?”
AJ B. (GM): Grimgrin nods and turns to Melo. “Everyone here qualify as a friend of yours then?”

Artemis eyes Ambrose for a moment, then pulls a raisin out of her cookie and sets on the table. She adjusts it, so it seems to be looking at him.

Ambrose Betamax looks at the raisin. “it looks like a spider butt.”
Artemis: (( Oh yeah, thats right, the doctor just upped the ante))

Melo took a look around, though he’d give Bharat a long, hard look. He still didn’t trust the lizard, at all. He wasn’t under his employ, and frankly, he felt he’d end up dead if he went on a mission with him. A hand would reach up to flick at something, a quiet curse at not having his noise scrambler handy, and.. Who else WAS around?
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
“so gross”
AJ B. (GM): (just the party members and Grimgrin)
(Leah, Bharat, Ambrose, Artemis, Melo, Grimgrin)

Artemis smirks at the deer, and shifts her attention back to Grimgrin, though it shifts between him and Melo.
Melo: “…Yeah. Don’t trust him as far as I can throw ’em, but he knows a few things.” There was no love between the two, even at present. Heroic actions or not, it was a long road ahead. Even more so when he’d just lied about getting him his arm back.
Ambrose Betamax: (was that al ie?)
Melo: (Yeah)
Ambrose Betamax: (oooh bad bharaaat)
AJ B. (GM): Leah walks over and slams a fist on Melo’s arm right where it’s healing. “You know when someone walks through hell to get a soul you were too careless to keep in that meat shell of yours the least you could do is be Nice.”

Ambrose Betamax winces just looking at that. “oooh…”

Artemis draws a breath audibly, more surprised then anything!

Melo flinched at the hit; he’d even cry out a bit at that! It caught him off guard. And that reaction?Well, his left arm was still quite free, and quite suddenly holding the doctor’s laser pistol up under the deer-bee’s chin. He didn’t even give her a chance to finish her tirade. “Alpha Zero! You so much as try something like that again, Ambrose or not, I WILL End You, you worthless god damned drug addict.” After all, she’d just struck him in front of the kill bot.
AJ B. (GM): Leah smirks at Melo with that gun under her chin “Go ahead, you have what? 3 people who care what happens to you and a robot that’s incapable of caring? I’m sure cutting that down by one isn’t a big deal, constantly trying to anyways and this would be faster.”
(From AJ B. (GM)): you hear that odd mechanical gunshot like voice next to you. “She gave you permission, pull the trigger.”

Artemis makes a mental connection between Leah and Melo’s previous words, do no favors to Leah. Her mouth snaps softly as she closes it quickly. “Stop this right now!” She says with a raise voice.“Put the burner down Peacekeeper Craft.”

Ambrose Betamax is freaked out in a corner already pretty much in tears.

Melo is, when it comes right down to it, not a nice person. He still doesn’t trust Leah, and frankly, he’s still quite in the dark over everything that has transpired over the last six weeks. In his head, Leah was a temptress and always trying to lure Ambrose out of safety, and into harms’ way. Before that? She was a drug addict who held his friend hostage for a hit. And just now? Just now she’d struck him right after surgery. He could arrest her, easily. He could fine her. He should do his god damned job and take her in for assaulting a peace keeper. He shouldn’t shoot her though. A rough shove to push her away from him, and then he’d turn back to Grimgrin. “No. Not going to vouch for everyone here.”

Melo would, in short order, have the gun back in its holster at least. Or what had doubled as one: His belt.
AJ B. (GM): Grimgrin shakes his head. “You know, you should really listen at times. Honest friends who won’t spare your feelings even with a gun to their head are pretty rare.”
Artemis: (( can we roll to see if he shoots his own crotch off? ))

Artemis ‘s eyes close and she sighs softly, turning off, for the third time in two days, her trigger sequence. She leaves her eyes closed as she breaths for a few moments to pass adrenaline from her system. Turning away, takes cookies off the folding table, and then she flips the table…. and begins to fold it up to put it away. The night has slowed enough that she likely won’t be out too much longer, hasn’t it?

Ambrose Betamax is bawling uncontrollably, mumbling incoherent things abotu not wanting his besties to fight.
Melo: “Yeah. She’s no friend of mine. Not after what she’s done to him. The number of times she’s put him in danger. The threats to kill him if I didn’t get her whatever the fuck drug of choice is she wanted.” Hypocrite. “The number of times I had to bail him out of the fire because he went to get some fucked up drug for her, or because he had to white knight for her and have me back him up.” Those jumbled memories.. And then a sigh, a hand lifting to rub under his eyes. “..Fuck’n hell.” And he’d shake his head before turning to Ambrose to try and comfort him. “Hey, calm down, its alright.”

Melo is going to need a good bit time to sort everything out.
AJ B. (GM): Leah looks confused and turned to Ambrose “Can Melo count? I count one death threat, and one endangerment on My end, and no telling how many times his attempts to save everyone have endangered you. In the time I’ve known you alone his actions have led you to being the target of assassination, fighting a demon and litterally going to hell.”

Ambrose Betamax sniffles a lot. “You aren’t gonna k-kill eachother?”
Melo: “Not as long as she—” And he’d cut himself off, then shake his head. “No. C’mon. Lets help the doctor clean up.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah shakes her head “Nah, I wouldn’t kill him, which is the only reason I didn’t hit him in the head, Don’t want to scramble his brains anymore trying to knock some sense into him.”

Ambrose Betamax still sniffles, but feels a bit better and helps clean up.
AJ B. (GM): Grimgrin shrugs “Unfortunately without his approval can’t pass along what I was going to. I’ll leave you to it.”
(with that I think that’s a solid stopping point for the night)

Melo grunts, then jerks his head at the van. “In there?”
Melo: (I’m good with either or..!)
Ambrose Betamax: (oki :P)\
AJ B. (GM): Grimgrin shakes his head “Nah, you’ll find it on your terminal later.”
anyhow, 300 xp each an extra 100 for the doc and Bharat and 50 to Ambrose
Zea: Today is Tuesday, November 24th, 2015. EXP is about to be given. Or rather, just was, again. Yay easy Ctrl F points!

Artemis grabs a chair and folds it, stuffing it into the van next to the Table. She’s staying out of this, even if she’s replying in her head. She stops looking back at the Ape for a moment. Clearing her throat softly, she says to him " ki wo tsukete." (take care) … and continues to clean up, what a night.
Artemis: ((Last!))
Zea: Good game tonight. Sorry I wasn’t really here for half of it.
AJ B. (GM): (no worries, and was a lot of fun tonight)
Ambrose Betamax: was great :3
Artemis: (( Lots of fun tonight, sorry for being late… glad with what went down. The Dr. needs her gear back, before melo kills smeone))
Zea: (He wouldn’t be leaving her van with it, don’t worry.)

Artemis loads the van at a steady rate, folding chairs up and putting them away, She starts to hum as she works, something with either a 4/4 beat, or a complex progression using 4/4 as a base, but including changes in sets of fours, as her hummed rhythm stays the same, but the tones chance and complicate regularly. Her movements show a hint of grace, trading efficiency got style as she focuses her thoughts inwardly.

Ambrose Betamax appears!
Clockwork d.: ((Present!))

Bharat is secretly already everywhere

Ambrose Betamax does as ordered and presents. perv.
AJ B. (GM): Alrighty then, everyones here and ready to go then yeah?
Ambrose Betamax: yup!
Zea: mmhmm

Artemis humps gm leg.
Ambrose Betamax: Hey, that’s my humping leg
AJ B. (GM): Last time on The Life and Times of a Refrigerator Magnates Entourage heroes learned many things, That Ivanikov is Bharat’s dad, that Ambrose sees resemblance between human nose and lizard muzzle, that debt collection in Melbourne can involve having cyber limbs torn apart. Also in more relevant news, Leah and Melo had just completed a standoff involving a gun to her head and an argument regarding endangering Ambrose’s life. Bharat has a vampire in a guitar case and is off to ask a cranky man about storing it. and Ambrose has started to recieve invisible notes, or is hallucinating he is…
(I miss anything?)
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambrose reaaaallly wants to know about spiders)

Melo has two working arms! Though one is in a sling.

Quazil is nowhere to be seen.
Ambrose Betamax: (so, one working arm then)
Artemis: (( Can I steal one of bharat’s wishes to wish for a giant awesome ROCK concert to show up at her birthday party, and Quazil can come back? ))
AJ B. (GM): (really you just have to steal that bottle and open it before he does, though not knowing about it you’re gonna have some serious justification to work around. =P)
Artemis: ((If I roll a critical on a ‘find contraband’ rolll… can I get knowledge of it that way? %| ))
Melo: (Actually.. The doctor DOES know about it. Bharat told her as much that he has it)
Bharat: (If you fuckers bring Quazil back. I will seriously end you all)
(I worked too hard to get rid of him the first time! AND YOU JUST KNOW HE’S GONNA HAVE ALL HIS MEMORIES)
AJ B. (GM): (lol)
Artemis: ((But he’s my only chance of having dirty japanese style hentai times with a gigantic rock guy))
AJ B. (GM): (granted, it’s a drunk djinn so no telling how it’ll actually grant wishes)
Ambrose Betamax: (I can be a rock hard guy for you)
Artemis: ((Oh Ambrose! Your rack is… stunning. :)
Bharat: (… Just. No. NO NO NO I REFUSE)
Ambrose Betamax: (I KNOW RIGHT? I hang clothes on it to dry sometimes. Sexy clothes.)

Melo is, by now, in the van, drinking water to flush his system. Or at home, trying to secure the place so he can try and sleep off everything, despite a racing mind trying to figure out fact from fiction.

Ambrose Betamax …doesn’t actually know where he is at the moment.
AJ B. (GM): Well Leah would be trying to make sure Ambrose went along with Bharat, as knowing where vampires get stored seems imperative to her safety. even if letting Ambrose know where they are seems like it may be the opposite of that. =P

Ambrose Betamax looks sheepish and stops feeding the vampire bits of cheese through the guitar case airholew
Artemis: (( give us a time of day? Are we following up, or jumping ahead a bit? If we’re jumping ahead… Doctor propbably has packed up, and driven back to the hospital to go do control things. ))

Ambrose Betamax probably would have made one tho lol
Ambrose Betamax: (right in the top, so there would be light for the vampire to read by…uh-oh.)
AJ B. (GM): (lol he’s correct and I’m pretty sure Bharat would have removed your arm for that. also for the moment right after so everyone can decide where they are going, which makes it night time)
(vampires can turn into mist so a hole in the guitar case which is keeping it in by being airtight silver would be Very bad)

Bharat is still going to the cranky man’s house

Melo would go home after getting a hopefully clean bill of health, and likely a scheduled follow up visit or some such.
Bharat: (… I just had an image of Bharat swinging the case around as a weapon)
AJ B. (GM): (well then, unless anyone objects we’ll skip right along to Bharat, Leah and Ambrose at the house, Melo at home, and the Doc back at the hospital.)

Artemis packs up the van with whatever help she can get, and pushes the rest of her devil cookies off on to the locals. She’d give Melo a pass, with her offices address to follow up with him in a day or two, and her comm-code so he can call if he needs anything. As for the others, she’d ask Leah … “You ever thought of kicking your habits?”
Artemis: ((oh, sure, now you guy all want to jump along))
AJ B. (GM): Leah smirks “yeah and as soon as someone makes a deer-bee juicer conversion I will.”
Ambrose Betamax: (hinthint Miss medical science lady lol)

Artemis narrows her eyes slightly, the says hard-lined. “Get off the drugs and I’ll build it for you. Get clean for 3 months…” and turns back to her work.
Artemis: ((ok, ready!))
(( Oh, look at that pretty sheet, “Juicer Technology”))
AJ B. (GM): (you realize you’re making possibly insane promises right)
Artemis: ((if it motivates her to get clean…))
AJ B. (GM): (Feni physiology litterally metamorphs based on its environment)
Melo: (It’s a quest!)
Ambrose Betamax: (Maybe arti can take advantage of that, and make an environment that requires juicer like strength :P)
AJ B. (GM): Leah looks at Artemis and raises an eyebrow. “Fair enough, but I’m kinda also using it to avoid dying of a heart attack got any methods of stopping that?”
(Crash Addicts, Very Very bad)

Artemis nods slowly, one hand absently scratching at the skin around her headjack/biolcomp implant behind her right ear. “What are you on? If you were human, I’d give you opiate antagonists and implant a pacemaker until you clean out… I’m not a Vet, though, I don’t know enough about Deer-bee Physiology to be sure it would work the same.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah shrugs “Crash”

Artemis shivers slightly, remembering first hand how horrible crash could be. She reaches into the van and pulls out a swabkit and offers it to Leah. “Can I have some genetic material? I’ll run it later, see if the machines can figure out the right protein combinations to get you cleaned out… Its going to take longer to get a juice-rig set up to your body… but If I can get you off it..” She trails off.
Leah takes the swab swipes it over the inside top of her mouth and hands it back. “Sure doc, been trying to build up the cash to buy someones innovation for years anyhow.”

Ambrose Betamax wanders aimlessly. Ever since the purplening, he’s had the intense urge to wander about.

Artemis labels the swab and puts it away in the van. “No promises, I’ll put my mind to the problem though. I’m not out here to make money. I’ll get back to you when I can. Leah, right?”
Artemis: (( Maybe should of asked this beforehand? ahem. c.c))

Melo remains non-judgmentally listening from an open passenger door of the van, provided he’s within hearing distance.

Bharat totally knows that Melo is the judgiest judger to ever judge
Leah Razortongue “Yep, I’ll see you around”
AJ B. (GM): (alright, now we good on jumping ahead?)
Melo: (Yep)
Artemis: ((Sure, I can hold my wandering thoughts! :D ))

Melo inserts a casual ‘Thanks’ on the ride back to the house on the simple matter of giving Leah something to get off her drug of choice for. There might even be conversations of ‘How’, with what he knows of Ambrose’s nature, he might at least know something about the Deer-Bee’s physiology.

Artemis would tell Melo… “I don’t brain-wire just anyone… If they can recover, I let them… Its a cheap and sad way out that usually ends with a cooked brain… but its a happy ending, and a choice that they make on their own. Leah has life in her. It wouldn’t be right.” Cool and calm, just talking about work.
AJ B. (GM): As Bharat, Ambrose and Leah arrive at the address they were given they find an oddly solid brick house in the midst of the M-quarter, surrouned by the usual shacks and poverty that marks the norm. The door has a pair of ocatagons creating a sort of figure 8/infinity sign carved into it.


Bharat is beaten to knocking on the door and then bonks Ambrose ont eh head
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
(and ambrose actually did use the word “slash” for that slash)
“You may have heard my popcorn song!”

Bharat bonks ambrose again
Melo: “Yeah. I’ve seen it before. Y’know why she does it? She doesn’t want to be afraid of anything. They,” a vague hand wave to indicate the species, in general, “Spook easy. She’d rather kill herself with her drug of choice, and doesn’t care who she takes out to do it. Ambrose’ll lay down his life for her, even after she threatened to snap his neck if I didn’t help her get her drug. Getting her off the drug’ll make him happy, but..” A sigh. Why is his Ambrose Is Going To Get Himself Killed sense tingling? “She’s a bad influence on him. I spent so much of the last year just trying to keep them ap…” And he’d trail off. Yeah, headcase. “..Fuck. This’ll take some time, won’t it?”

Ambrose Betamax ’s headcase is a little sore now. thanks Bharat :P

Melo also might be glancing at the rear view mirrors. Regularly. Granted, that’s hard to tell with how his eyes never move.

Artemis nods at Melo’s question. “Rehab isn’t easy… Crash is … it hurts so bad to come down from it. I can only imagine how bad it would be to… to be actually addicted to it. Its a false sense of power. If I’d met her before she got on the stuff, I would of done what I could to get her a better option… The idea of a juice-rig isn’t bad, it just… it just isn’t very good, either. She’ll be dead in a few years, either way.” She drives, keeping within the bounds of a cautious driver, she’s seen too many accidents to want to risk being one.
Ambrose Betamax: (do not tell ambrose about that. he would completely like, die inside)
AJ B. (GM): The creature on the screen answers the door with it’s teeth bared and a cobalt tarantula (see picture next to it) riding on it’s shoulder. “I do, and I’m not telling some deranged chef about them so he can make some stupid side dish for snobs who think anything exotic is tasty.”
Melo: “Agree there. He’s gonna be heart broken, y’know? I can’t protect ‘em from it. I’ve been trying to figure out something to help her, just because he wants to.. But fuck’n hell she’s a bitch. Puts me between a rock and a hard place on so many counts that I just try and keep her at arms length so I don’t have to bust her. Between the drug use, the domestic disputes, the B ‘n E’s..” And he’d shake his head. “What amazes me the most is, quite simply, that she’s here. Have to wonder just how she survived the wilds long enough to make it here. Had to have gotten off the stuff at least once or twice.”
Ambrose Betamax: “Oh no, I only cook with traditional feni ingredients. lotsa spinach. So I got this letter that only I could see telling me not to ask about spiders, and now I can’t get it out of my head, and I can’t help but notice that…”
(someone may need to save ambrose from himself here lol)

Bharat puts his hand on Ambrose’s mouth. “Ivanikov sent us.”

Leah Razortongue jaw has dropped and is completely speechless
Ambrose Betamax: “mmph hmmph mmmphiderph mmph?”
AJ B. (GM): The creature pets his tarantula and his shoulders sad a bit. he steps away from the doorway and motions all of you inside.
Ambrose Betamax: (ambrose really is wise in his own idiot savant kind of way. really.)
Artemis: The pulls the van to a stop at a light, and the Arty turns to look at Melo for a moment. “Doctoring is hard. Life is very easy to pass. Mistakes get made, and people die. Sometimes, no one makes a mistake, and people still die. There is no easy way out. I can only go on, knowing that I’ve done what I can. You cannot save them all. We are mortal.” The light changes, and she continues to drive for a moment, then continues. "Survivors have the best chance with being rigged, but it would be better if she could settle down… trade her walk-on part in this war for a nice quiet spot to let her body recover. "

Ambrose Betamax grabs at what appears to be the air, doing a similar mime act to the bar.(reading it out loud)
Ambrose Betamax: (to be fair, I havent asked completely yet)
Artemis: (( wow, interesting bit of editing. c.c"the van pulls to…Dyslexia strikes?)
AJ B. (GM): A black ribbon appears in Ambrose’s hand.

Bharat performs a complicated maneuver, lifting ambrose up while still managing to keep his foolish, foolish mouth clsoed.
Bharat: (Basicall, wrapping my arm around him like a baby while smooshing his face)
Ambrose Betamax: (is ambrose about to be divinely punished or something? lol)
“Well done, don’t hold it.”
“What does that mean? huh.”
AJ B. (GM): As the mraghiile hears this he chuckles “Oh you wanted to hold Charles?”
He puts his hand out and the spider crawls to the palm of it and he offers it towards Ambrose.
Ambrose Betamax: “I just got told not to. I wonder why?”
(can ambrose sense motive on a scroll? :P)
(I assume ambrose is still muffled by bharat)
AJ B. (GM): (pretty sure not, admittedly if he had object read psychic power he could learn about it.)
Ambrose Betamax: “mmph mmph? mmph mmph holmph imph?”
(Is ambrose about to get possessed or stolen or possibly eaten? again?)

Melo remains quiet for a long moment, waiting at that light, thinking. “..Yeah. Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t stop trying though. Her and the lizard both, really, make saving everyone else that much harder. As for getting her clean for three months? Shit, I doubt she’d make it a week, just from a mental state. Still no idea what she’s doing to pay for her habit; know she’s a whore for the high class though. Granted, that time she tried to convince Ambrose to steal from The Fortress’s food stores..” Again, he’d pause, trying to sort things out for a moment. “..Did that happen? Fuck..” Another headshake. “Yeah. I’m.. Gonna need some time to sort all of this out, won’t I?” He wouldn’t admit it out loud, but he knew he was going to need a shrink for it this time. “How long until I’d be safe to get back into training?”

Ambrose Betamax looks at the spider, unsure. That black ribbon is much more ominous looking.
(From Niemand): a familiar face pops up next to your shoulder and whispers “boo”

Ambrose Betamax quickly decides screw it, his curiosity has never gotten him into that much trouble before, and lets the spider crawl onto his arm.

Ambrose Betamax is, as they say, an idiot.
AJ B. (GM): The spider crawls up to Ambrose’s shoulder and promptly bites his neck (need a save vs poison)
Melo: (1d20+21)

Melo starts, without warning! “FUCK!” He’d even slam himself against the side of the door as he turned about, restrained arm reaching against that brace for a moment for his side arm that wasn’t there (He’d returned the pistol by now, at least), followed by a moment to force himself to calm. Yep, something spooked him alright.
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d20 + 21
= 39
“aaaw, he play bites!”

Bharat sighs and looks at the… tree thingy. “No spider. Take off Ambrose.”

Artemis tries not to be judgmental of Leah’s profession, knowing how badly drugs and second-class citizenship can influence a person’s life. She’s about to respond when Melo freaks out, the van swerving in the road for a few moments as she jerks in response. “What the hell?!” She yells, and for the fourth time in 2 days… turns off her trigger sequence… She ain’t got time for this…
AJ B. (GM): The mrraghiile smiles “Well I know a few things about spiders actually. Particularly Charles there, who although appearing as a normal Cobalt Tarantula, survived quite a long time in the dead zone of the wastes. His venom is considerably nastier for it as well.” he looks at Ambrose and then suddenly seems very afraid “O…k I don’t know what you are and now I think I should be asking why Ivanikov sent you.” He turns to Bharat and nods clicking his tongue and charles crawls off Ambrose and back to his shoulder.
Ambrose Betamax: (I assume that was a passed resistance?)
AJ B. (GM): (thoroughly)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)

Ambrose Betamax thinks he actually feels stronger than he did a few minutes ago.

Melo would try hard to pass off his momentary freak out by reaching down to the seat, as if looking for something. “Something in the seat just stabbed me.” Yeah, bad idea.
(From Niemand): “You know I forgot how lonely having no one remember me can be.”
Bharat: “Bharat need keep thing here.” He steps inside with ambrose and gently pushes Leah in too with his tail.
Ambrose Betamax: “it’s a guitar case that likes cheese.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods “Alright, guessing that something is both nasty and alive.” he says as he closes the door.

Artemis gives a slight shake of her head, eyes narrow as she watches Melo act like… like ambrose? “Sure… Maybe you should spend the night… Might get you a sedative or something for the outbursts.”
Ambrose Betamax: (wondering if the air hole ambrose made killed the vampire with sunlight :P)
AJ B. (GM): (Ambrose’s entire time around that case has been after sundown.)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh lol)
AJ B. (GM): (and honestly I do wonder how he’d put a hole in a guitar case sized for Bharat made of silver)
Ambrose Betamax: (it’s a silver guitar case?)
AJ B. (GM): (yep)
Ambrose Betamax: (is it reflective?)
Bharat: (Presumably polished to a deadly shine)

Ambrose Betamax suddenly realizes he was terrefied of that guitar case all along without noticing…..cough
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
AJ B. (GM): It’s probably mildly reflective, enough to give that kind of ghost of a reflection that’s only barely there.
Ambrose Betamax: (oh nvm then)
AJ B. (GM): “Alright, now unless he is correct and it is a cheese eating guitar case I need to know what you’re wanting to store in my home.” He looks at Bharat.
Bharat: “Vampire.” Bharat says simply.

Melo gave a shake of his head, giving up his search in favor of scooting to the side of the seat some, after checking his finger tips. No blood. “..Yeah. Maybe..” And then a shake of his head. “I gotta sort all this out and get started on it tonight, but I might take you up on the sedative.” And a hand would lift to rub at that space above his implants. “Make sure I’m not overdoing it in a single night.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods and then points to a rug nearby. “Trapdoor under there. Leads to the storage rooms. Use the first one on the right. Don’t go into any other rooms down there.”
Bharat: “Why?”
AJ B. (GM): “Because I store other stuff for other people and I prefer you respect their privacy as I will yours.”
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambrose is kind of muffled though so)

Melo again has that feeling of remote dread.
Ambrose Betamax: mmph mmpoh mmph! mmph oormph eft!"
AJ B. (GM): He points at Ambrose. “He seems quite excited by that yellow ribbon.”
Ambrose Betamax: “EFT! EFT!”

Artemis sighs softly, mentally noting to get a prescription for a single Valium for Melo whens she gets to the hospital. “Alright, just don’t over do it. Your bone is attached secure enough, its the flesh that I’m worried about. Give it three days of light work before you start in on it, ok?
Ambrose Betamax: (I’m not sure what ambrose is gonna do with this haha. So far he’s disobeyed all the other scrolls. WILL HE OBEY THIS ONE?!”
(From Niemand): “you know I studied a lot while being stuck like this, I bet I could help you sort things out.”

Ambrose Betamax was so busy with the scroll that he never actually heard that he wasn’t supposed to open any other doors.
Ambrose Betamax: (does anyone else have an extreme sense of impending doom?)
Melo: “Yeah. I think I can do that. Running ok, as long as I keep it restrained?” He’d lift the limb, and its sling, just a bit. “And figure it’ll give me a chance to work on getting better at working with my left.” Phrasing~ He’d even flinch just a bit, knowing full well the squad would make a joke at his expense. “Do a fair bit of talking to thin air, clear my head, figure out what the hell actually happened. I know I’ve got a few people I can count on to help me get through all of this.”
AJ B. (GM): (apparently Melo from across the city lol)
Ambrose Betamax: (I thought he’d just have an urge to roll his…eyes)

Melo cares about Ambrose! Something about ‘His Spider Sense is tingling’ ‘cept, y’know.. Remotely.

Ambrose Betamax was just bit by a radioactive rifts spider.
Ambrose Betamax: (he has the proportional strength of a deer now!)

Leah Razortongue looks at Bharat then Ambrose then the ribbon. “I think you might want to let him speak, not knowing what he’s going to do next is probably worse then knowing.”

Ambrose Betamax is waving his arms around madly and pointing at invisible scroll.

Melo is, for honestly distrusting Leah and outright hating Bharat still, putting a hell of a lot of faith in the two of them by leaving Ambrose with them. It’s.. An odd, wordless vouch of trust, isn’t it?

Bharat sighs and sets Ambrose down.
(and yes, ambrose talks about scrolls entirely in all caps)

Artemis gestures vaguely at the sling as she pulls the rig into the hospital parking garage, maneuvering it down into the basement… “You don’t need the sling peacekeeper, except for your own sanity, fragile as that may be.” She offers a smile as she parks the vehicle. “Your physical state is weak, but it will recover quickly… I’m more concerned about your mind, sir. You need to have some down time to sit with a head shrinker.” She shifts in her seat to look at him. “I don’t know what all is going on in this town, but between the rumors coming from the morgue, and your big lizard friend, I’m not happy. I have my own fish to fry dealing with the hospital, and with the arena.”
Ambrose Betamax: “I bet they know the fuuuuutuuuuuure”
AJ B. (GM): The D-bee looks at you and growls “Well you were, but now I’m thinking even as a favor to Ivanikov I shouldn’t let you down there.”

Melo could also just be hoping the Chaos Effect around the deer will cause something terrible to happen to just them, and leave the deer out of it. He’s an asshole, after all.
Ambrose Betamax: “huh?”
“But….scroll of propheccccyyyyy”
AJ B. (GM): “Imaginary scrolls have no bearing on my decisions, regardless of your ability to hide colorful ribbons up your sleeve.”

Bharat shakes his head. “Ivanikov calling Favor.”

Ambrose Betamax waves the scroll around, probably knocking something over with it if it has any substance. “What it’s right here!”
Ambrose Betamax: “why, what’s behind those doors?”
Bharat: “Ambrose stay here.”
AJ B. (GM): You do manage to knock over a shot glass with it. “Well that was a better trick then the ribbons.”
Ambrose Betamax: “But bharaaaat”

Melo is also very, very glad he’s nowhere near the deer-bee for the moment. Crazy things’re crazy. “Heh.. Yeah. Don’t have time for a shrink. The droid and the air’ll have to do. And..” That tone of friendly conversation took a bit firmer tone, “Trust me, you don’t want to know anything at all about what’s going on in the city. Too much, and I can’t fix all of it and lay down on a couch. ‘Sides, the Keeper’s health plan doesn’t cover psychiatric help.” A joke at the end, “I’m just hoping they’ll foot the bill for this one because I technically was in pursuit of a fugitive when all of it happened.”
Ambrose Betamax: “at least find out what those doors are? it’s soooooo mysterious!”
AJ B. (GM): Leah shakes her head and makes a quick gesture towards the door. “Ambrose could you go get my camo vest from the car, I left something in the pockets.”

Bharat scratches his head. “Doors doors?”
Ambrose Betamax: “ooh ok!” /me runs off to do that.
(ambrose is secretly a 5 year old.)
(did we take a car?)
Melo: (Nope)
Bharat: (HA!)
Ambrose Betamax: (from the distance outside shortly after) “HEY WHERE IS THE CAAAAAR?”
AJ B. (GM): (nope, she also doesn’t own a camo vest and somehow I doubt Ambrose would let her wear one in public with his fashion attitude)
The thing shrugs “Well since he’s gone, can let you down there provided you can follow the simple instructions better then your friend.”
Bharat: “Bharat big brain.” The lizard says, thumbing himself.
(I hope everyone knows what I mean by that)

Ambrose Betamax is running around the entire building looking for a car that does not exist for a moment, before stopping suddenly. “….heeeeeeeey. I’d never ley Leah wear camo in public. IT’S REDUNDANT WE HAVE CAMO! I’VE BEEN HAD!”
AJ B. (GM): “I’m sure you do big guy.” He gets up and moves the carpet opening the trap door.

Ambrose Betamax invisibly walks back in, in full camo fur, thinking his friends were replaced by evil mirror doubles or something."
Artemis: “Yeah, yeah you’re covered as far as I know. I don’t like what you’re say, but I’m the one assigned to put you back together, not recruit you for taking shifts in the psych ward.” She offers a small, tight lipped smile. “I… I don’t like where this city is heading, but I can only do so much. I might be a decent doctor, but I’m just one person at a hospital funded by…” She trails off, giving a slight shake of her head. “Nevermind.” She rubs at her eyes for a few minutes, feeling the strain.. “Lets get you discharged, get you some pills, and get me back to the lab to run these samples.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah and Bharat are now headed down into the basement (I presume?)
Bharat: (Yesh.)

Ambrose Betamax is following sneakily. so sneaky!
Ambrose Betamax: (he’s so sneaky he’s being narrated by morgan freeman as a stealth deer.)
Artemis: (( These are… true facts about the ambrose deer… ))
Ambrose Betamax: (suicidally reckless, the Ambrose deer has a reputation for stealthily leaping off cliffs)
(in invisible herds.)
(the people walking below are surprised, and then horrified as they are covered in well….)
AJ B. (GM): (I do need a prowl roll from you Ambrose)
Ambrose Betamax: (Do I have prowl?)
Melo: (Mmm.. No)
AJ B. (GM): (wait seriously?)
Ambrose Betamax: (uh-oh lol)
Melo: (Yeah. Seriously)
Ambrose Betamax: (ambrose is guiless)
AJ B. (GM): (wow, well then it’s a straight roll vs your PP stat)
Ambrose Betamax: (clop clop clop. deer feet on non carpet.)
Melo: (1d100
(Less than 15)
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d100 +
= 36

Ambrose Betamax uses ventriliquism to make it sound like he is outsiiiide still? “where’s the caaaaar…”
AJ B. (GM): Something thumps loudly against the door frame, but a second later Leah falls down flat on her face. (roll ventriloquism)
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d100 +
= 35
(it’s 22 percent, plus whatever levels I’m missing I guess :P)
Melo: (Mathing; What level is he?)
Ambrose Betamax: (he is 4 last time I updated the sheet, but it also says ding. and it’s been like 10 sessions lol)
Melo: (16+12=28 if he’s level 6 over all?)
Ambrose Betamax: (either way still fail haha)
(I guess I’d better update it)
AJ B. (GM): (I need a roll of a d4 Ambrose)
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d4
= 4
AJ B. (GM): You still managed to throw your voice, unfortunately it sounds like you’re in the basement.
Ambrose Betamax: “Ow! I mean…shhhhhh….basement sounds…”
AJ B. (GM): The mraghiile immediately leaps down through the trapdoor yelling “How the hell did he get down there?!”
Ambrose Betamax: (I am so terrible at this game lol)

Melo offered a smile that came from good genes and golden age cosmetic surgery that replaced a good bit of his skull at the doctor’s comments. “You’re one less heart and mind I have to try and win over to making this city a better place. We’re in the same boat. You’re doing what you can, and seeing how as the arena isn’t a death sport, I’d say you’re doing fine.” A hand would reach out to try and pat the doctor on the shoulder before he’d turn to get out of the van. “For the light to shine, there has to be darkness, right?”
Ambrose Betamax: (Melo is now batman)

Melo is batman without the massive amounts of money for all of his toys. And his truck is bigger.
Ambrose Betamax: (btw the date of my last xp on the sheet is july 23rd. out of date much? :P)

Melo also, uses guns. He’s ok with using guns.
Ambrose Betamax: (oh wait one is from 8/14. huh.)

Leah Razortongue looks at Bharat “We should probably get the fang stored away before he changes his mind.” she then hops down

Ambrose Betamax looks at the mysterious doors he was told to open.
Leah Razortongue: (so you’re hopping down into the basement as well/already have?)
Ambrose Betamax: (already have, didn’t I knock leah over?)
AJ B. (GM): (nope she was falling down to cover for you)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh lol)
(well yes I am :P)
(To Clockwork d.): Check yer skype
Ambrose Betamax: (I think leah just did that so I could be invisibly nekkid in there with her)

Artemis climbs out of the car, murmuring something about how light shines even when it can’t be seen. She grabs up her bag and her samples, and locks up before heading back into the hospital… " Alright, So I’m going to put you down for Valium, it’ll make you lose your nights, you should sleep like a rock, no dreams, no memories. Remember to lock your down, because you’ll be sluggish when you wake up. I’ll have a nurse bring it around to you, with the discharge papers on taking care of your arm… Basic implant stuff, you should remember about getting your eyes done… speaking of which, if you ever decide to share, feel free to come see me." She offers Melo a card with her contact information on it.
Ambrose Betamax: (can ambrose see anything through the doors? they have windows or any other way to see in the rooms?)
before you is a long row of doors of various materials all numbered and all padlocked with their keys hanging just outside the door itself. The hallway appears to be made of steel with many scrapes and scratches on the floor and walls. The two doors you were told to open are doors 5 and 7, in front of 5 the metal in the floor has six deep gouges in it. and 7 is a wooden door .
Artemis: ((I gotta make dinner, gunna be about an hour? ))
Melo: (Take yer time!)
AJ B. (GM): (and nope all the doors are solid)
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambrose, always being more curious than smart, which was why he had disobeyed the previous notes, finds himself in agreement with them this time, and sneakily opens the doors in question. 5 first, then 7. He baaarely opens them, just enough so that they kind of still look closed, but a slight push would open them(though he does venture a peek through the crack in the side he makes).
(ambrose is not wise.)

Bharat nods and heads to the right room
AJ B. (GM): (which one first?)
(oh sorry missed it nm)
Ambrose Betamax: (what, no I’m sure it’s safe)
(The spider was harmless, so)
Ambrose Betamax: (nono, it tickled)

Melo of course would be checking back behind the van for a moment, checking just to make sure of what was from the way they’d come, holding still for a moment, likely flipping through a hand full of spectrums of light as he was so prone to doing. And then he’d nod to the doctor. “That’ll work, and I can do that.” A jerk of his head at the droid. “He doesn’t sleep, I’ll be in good hands. And..” He’d take the card. “We’ll see. I might end up having to bug you for more than that.” A handshake, and then he’d head in to get his paperwork in order, his prescription, and then to start the long walk home in that chill evening air, pulling his jacket tight, droid in tow. After all, he didn’t have transport of his own at the hospital. Standard news would be talked about with the robot, radio tuned into to listen to the goings on, as well as just to try and get a grasp of everything going on… And that ever vigilant looking over his shoulder as he traveled.
AJ B. (GM): As soon as you open door number 5 it is ripped out of your hand and thrown open, A large slavering wolf like creature, although similar to charlie it’d be more his caveman cousin who looks like he would be quite content to eat anything in front of him bolts out the door and runs down the hallway in the same direction as the owner of this house. Leah watches from where her and Bharat are.but says nothing.

Ambrose Betamax internal monologues. “I want to keep her!”
Ambrose Betamax: (now he pretty much happens to open the other one. IT IS TOO LATE NOOOW)
(has to)
Bharat: “Werewolf?” Bharat asks Leah.
AJ B. (GM): Inside door number 7 is that thing, minus the battery, sitting down, whimpering and crying.
Leah shrugs “Is it a full moon tonight? I can’t remember,”

Ambrose Betamax feels bad for it, unfurs and says hi.
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambrose is an idiot yes, but also a sweetheart :P)
Bharat: “I dunno. Think we should tell him?”
AJ B. (GM): It sniffs and looks up at him “Hi, do you have any food? I’m so hungry.”
Ambrose Betamax: (I love how nonchalant everyone is being about this)

Melo isn’t there, otherwise he’d have attempted to at least stop the deer-bee.

Ambrose Betamax looks around his person. (do we have food?)
AJ B. (GM): Suddenly there is the sound of flesh ripping, the voice of the owner screaming, and a howl of triumph echoing down the hallway.
Bharat: (Bahrat has no fear… And nothing he could have done.)
Ambrose Betamax: “I think maybe the wolf thing has some now.”\
Bharat: “Oh I think he’s dead.”
AJ B. (GM): (considering you had to strip to camo I doubt you’re carrying any)
Ambrose Betamax: “I don’t. but you can come out now, maybe we can find some.”
Bharat: (I’m surprsied the thing can see him)
Ambrose Betamax: (I destealthed)
AJ B. (GM): (that was the unfur comment)
Ambrose Betamax: “Stop what?”
Bharat: (Oh!)
Ambrose Betamax: (so I inadvertantly killed a guy. oops)
(That seems to happen a lot)
(Yay ambrose learned today that spiders are non-toxic)
(and that wolves eat nose monkeys)
(and that aliens have T-shirts that point to theyz junk)
AJ B. (GM): The little alien looks up “Really I can come out?”
Ambrose Betamax: “well yeah, the guy who had you in here just kind of ran away so…”

Bharat stares at Ambrose. “Don’t open any more doors. I mean it. So help me Ambrose you can’t do stuff like that! Some day people are going to get hurt and it’s going to be your fault.” He puts a hand on the deerbees… back I suppose, as Bharat has very large hands. “Leah… Shoot him.” He gestures towards the little thing.
Ambrose Betamax: “wait what?”
AJ B. (GM): The little guy smiles and walks out of the door. “I’m Lief.” he sticks out his hand towards Ambrose.
Bharat: (Tempted to lock Ambrose in a room for safety reasons)
(The safety of REALITY)
AJ B. (GM): (someday? how about, less then 10 minutes ago?)
AJ B. (GM): Leah looks at Bharat “You want me to shoot what appears to be a helpless child?”
Bharat: “That’s a laser pistol no? Shoot it. Learn about some other species. Have fun make a friend. I’m going to see if big nose is dead and what fluffy is doing.” Bharat says, waiting a moment to see if Leah shoots or not.
AJ B. (GM): Leah looks very confused but follows the order, and as soon as she does the child grows an inch taller and smiles “Thank you, that hit the spot, could you do it again, and then tell me how to get home? I don’t like it here.”
Ambrose Betamax: “oooh that is the coolest thing I have EVER SEEEN!”
AJ B. (GM): After getting a ways down the hallways you find two corpses, the owner and the darkhound are both lying dead. the tarantula is bumping it’s owners hand repeatedly.
Bharat: “Oh fuck. I was expected a wounded thing. Not dead. This is not good. Hell’s bells ambrose what’re we going to do…” This was a bigger disaster than he’d feared. Could you bring things like this back to life?

Ambrose Betamax is a little confused. he didn’t expect anything to die, really.
Bharat: (Yeah… We just killed the guy who holds things for people. We’re fucked.)
AJ B. (GM): Charles continues to bump it’s owners hand. (and Lore: Magic roll if you want to know if a ressurection spell can work on any of these)
Bharat: (I don’t think Bharat has that…)
Ambrose Betamax: (well, we can always hold our own things. It’s wierd when random guy holds them.
“ooh a new scroll! it says “take the bodies to 777 gateway circle.”

Melo is going to pay for this one. He isn’t there, trusted the lizard and Leah to keep track of the Deer-Bee, and… This happens under Bharat’s watch. Nope, he’s not going to play clean up duty. This is another event that he’d be better off never knowing about.

Bharat is gonna punch Melo in the face for not telling Bharat the deer could turn invisible.

Melo might note that the deer had to strip nude, and was moving at less than three feet a round to try and cammo-fur his way through that place without being seen..!

Melo is also going to blame Bharat when Ambrose gets arrested for manslaughter.

Bharat turns to Leah. “I’m going to regret this… But explain. Now.”
Bharat: “Why exactly did you have Ambrose sneak down here.”

Ambrose Betamax pulls out the red ribbon.
Ambrose Betamax: “huh. this note is signed by my cat.”
(this is a wierd session lol)
Bharat: (I feel like it’s the nomr for us…)
Leah Razortongue: “Because it was important. He needed to be down here. Admittedly I was hoping he would see what was down here and learn not to trust invisible scrolls” she turns to him “that are apparently being sent by his pet.”
Bharat: “Why did he need to be down here? So he could watch me torture a vampire? Yeah. I’m sure.”
“Unless you’re looking for something…”
Leah Razortongue: “Alright fine, you got me, but I’m not explaining here. Not in front of him, he has enough issues with my past as it is.”
Ambrose Betamax: “Uh guys? it says we have to take the bodies to that address right now, and the longer they stay corpses the worse it gets.”
Leah Razortongue: The power leech has now wandered off out of sight, no telling where it went.
AJ B. (GM): (gm not leah)
Ambrose Betamax: “I dunno. carry em? and actually now it seems that one of the ribbons is talking.”
Ambrose Betamax: (Did I mention that the floor is made of lava?)

Melo won’t lie, he simply took the night off. He does owe Bharat for that.
Bharat: “Yeah, because walking through the city with corpses is exactly what won’t put the city on alert with a serial killer on the loose.”

Melo thinks this could also explain why he’s such an asshole. He’s constantly having to clean up after the deer-bee.

Bharat turns to Leah. “Find the energy eater. Now.”
Ambrose Betamax: “well, I’d say take the car, but we didn’t take one, did we? HUH?”

Bharat then looks for somethign to wrap the bodies in to try and make them look not like two corpses.
AJ B. (GM): (not hard, there is a house above you, and a few good sized rugs)
Bharat: (TO THE RUGS!)
Ambrose Betamax: (TO THE RUGS!)
Bharat: “Ambrose… Carry the damn spider and don’t kill it.”

Ambrose Betamax picks up the spider and pits it in his antlers. Gently.
Ambrose Betamax: puts it
AJ B. (GM): ( )
Ambrose Betamax: “Aw cmon, let it flap in the breeze.”

Bharat wraps up the corpses while Leah better definitely be finding that creature.
Ambrose Betamax: (I think ambrose might be jar jar binks.)
AJ B. (GM): Leah comes back with Lief in tow “He wants to go home, says it glows blue all the time and is full of loud scary looking creatures.”
(so Ambrose is secretly a sith lord?)
Ambrose Betamax: (probably. he does have mind tricks. He uses them on himself all the time)
Bharat: “Mammal genitalia is so weird.” Bharat mutters to himself. “But does he actually know what it’s called?”
AJ B. (GM): Leah looks at Lief who just says “It’s called home.”
Ambrose Betamax: (would ambrose know where it is?)
(given his new er ness)
AJ B. (GM): (Unlikely)
Artemis: ((back!
Ambrose Betamax: (wb! and oki)
Bharat: rolling 1d100
= 23
(Oooooh, that’s on a 61% too)
“… I don’t like the though of what that might actually be.” Bharat sighs again. “I feel like Melo got the better end of the night… Maybe I choulda let him get impaled.”
Ambrose Betamax: (did game stop?)
Melo: (I.. think it hung for a moment)
Bharat: (I mean… You could always say something, of mighty and disastrous Ambrose. I think this is the first time it’s not bharat causeing problems)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
Bharat: “We’re going to send it to where I think it’s home is and that’s after we take care of the rest of this nonsense.” Bharat says, finiching rolling the corpses up. “Let’s get going.”

Ambrose Betamax follows with his ribbon. “So the address was 777 gateway circle I think…”
AJ B. (GM): Charles is riding in Ambrose’s antlers but is staying focused on the carpet with it’s owner.
(any objections to skipping to arrival there?)
Ambrose Betamax: (nope)
Bharat: (Not at all)
(I’m gonna cook some dinner)
AJ B. (GM): As you arrive before you can even knock on the door a creepy man with scars running like tears from the corners of his eyes opens the door and sniffs the air “Corpses, fresh, less then an hour. Oh today is a good day.”
Bharat: “What you do?” Bharat asks… Only slightly creeped out by the sniffing man.
AJ B. (GM): “I do lots of things and lots of people. Though oddly everyone comes to me for the dead and I go them for the life. Such an odd world we live in at times. Now come on in.” He gestures towards the door to his humble two room shack. “Now, did you want them, stuffed, articulated, walking, or thinking?”
(To GM): Time. Time was what he had at this point. He was drained, and mentally worn out. He needed to regroup, and he knew he’d need time for that. He also needed to figure out what was real and what was unreal. Home. He wouldn’t even go inside the house; The hangar first. To the Epok. To focus and try and ground himself. Doors locked, repeatedly checked, and then? Then he’d start to repair Vault’s shoulder, and talk aloud, to Niemand in particular. Provided, of course, the unmemorable face, wouldn’t mind listening to a man break down in front of him, and try to sort reality from memories, not to mention the fact that some of his own memories from before didn’t seem to add up without having to stop and think about it.
(From Niemand): he sits and listens patiently watching as you work. making only brief comments to make it clear he is listening.

Bharat frowns and thinks. “Uh… Last two? Alive?”
(To GM): (Name yer typing with)
AJ B. (GM): He nods “Alive it is. So you want the big one brought back first, or the small one?”
Bharat: (Small one is nose thing yeah?)
AJ B. (GM): (yep, he’s 3 and a half feet tall, darkhound is only a little shorter the Bharat)
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambrose wants to keep the darkhound :P)
Bharat: (Why do I feel I should know what a darkhound is….)
AJ B. (GM): (darkhound, an amped up version of the coalition states Dogboy, driven mad by the experiments to make it a better hunter of supernatural things)
Ambrose Betamax: (I want to keep him in rl now)
AJ B. (GM): (a normal dogboy can hunt down and kill a normal sdc mage)
(To GM): The solider took his time; command strings entered to shut down the explosive reaction in the droid; He’d be just as much asking questions of what happened when he was out as well. He took his time, without a doubt, dealing with atrophied muscles and all that. And.. He’d try to work forward, to fill in the gaps. The vivid details of being back out on patrol with his old comrade, of the walkways, of the Neon Darkness. Of the times he saw Bharat trying to rip into the Fortress where Ambrose was meant to stay, of the battles where the lizard managed to destroy several standard issue CDS units. Questions would be answered regarding trying to explain away where the droids came from, where the other soldiers came from, both NEMA and the militia he worked with in Germany. Of the people he saw the lizard kill in cold blood and drag off somewhere to devour, of finding only their remains… And what it would take to convince himself that those memories weren’t true. To try and place faces in his more recent memories to elsewhere, to try and draw connections in the waking world.
AJ B. (GM): (a darkhound was designed to hunt and kill dragons. didn’t work too well, they didn’t end up powerful enough to do it, but they are now driven into a furious bloodlust by the very scent of magic, and it’s rare any of them bother to try and control it)
Bharat: (I see. Well then. I feel like maybe it should stay dead then)
Ambrose Betamax: “aaw but he was a jerk.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods and gets to work chanting, and after about 15 minutes the owner gets up and looks around. Charles scrambles of ambrose to crawl right next to his neck. He looks around “Oh you have Got to be kidding me. Again?”
(From Niemand): does his best to fill in the gaps. “A lot has gone on. Poseidon got kidnapped by a djinn, Grimgrin pissed off most of the D-bee population with his last stunt in the arena. The admins are claiming to be debating over how to proceed but really they’re just stalling.”
Bharat: “Again?”
Ambrose Betamax: “yeah, sorry, Bharat opened some doors he wasn’t supposed to.”
Melo: (…HA!)
Ambrose Betamax: (heehee)
AJ B. (GM): The tree man nods “I die…what would you say Jim?” The creepy man chuckles “About once a month at minimum.” “Yeah that, he brings me back, hazard of the job really.” he then turns to Leah “We square now bitch?”
Leah shrugs “suppose so.”
Ambrose Betamax: (thank you short term memory loss)
Bharat: “Woflman now?” Bharat asks.

Bharat also gives Leah a look.
AJ B. (GM): The keeper shakes his head “Uhh could you let me get a running start first just because I get brought back doesn’t make this pleasant.” With that he bolts out the door and is gone.
(To GM): “..Shit. What’d the ape do? And who’re they trying to follow now?” A moment away from his own thoughts, focused just as much on carefully working on repairing some of the damage to the droid’s servos with parts on hand.. Though he’d still need to hit up the shop to get some parts properly fabricated to his own specs. “And stalling for what? Shit, don’t they have, y’know, rules in place for this? I’m sure there’s a legal precedence..” And then he’d stop. “…Remind me to ask you about that ad I read today.”
AJ B. (GM): The man nods “Alright” he chants again and fifteen minutes later the wolf raises it’s head, sniffs the air and growls baring it’s teeth as it whips it’s head back and forth from Ambrose to Jim.

Bharat tackles the wolf.
Ambrose Betamax: “er. hi.”
AJ B. (GM): It growls in broken english “OFF, MAGIC, KILL
Ambrose Betamax: “hey, can I ride on your head later?”
Bharat: (Off? As in: Bharat get off?)
“Ambrose quiet.” Bharat says grumpily.

Bharat looks the thing in the eye. “Calm. Down.”
(From Niemand): :“They still follow him, he just ticked them off. He set up this thing with the arena. He doesn’t fight in it often, theres too much going on and a few people claim his matches are rigged. So he doesn’t fight much, when he does it’s an exhibition match against any takers. 75% of the houses take for his matches go to someone in need in the slums.”
(To GM): Name
AJ B. (GM): The Darkhound growls louder “MAGIC, HURTS, BURNS HEAD” His teeth gnash and he tries to toss you off, though can’t seem to get the leverage or strength.
Bharat: “Bharat Know. Calm.”
AJ B. (GM): The creepy man sighs “I’m gonna go lie down, you know where the door is.” he heads to the other room. The Darkhound takes a deep breath and seems to calm a little. “Hurt. don’t want.”
Bharat: “Bharat get up, you be safe?”
Artemis: (( ))
AJ B. (GM): “Safe?”
Bharat: “No attack. Calm.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods towards Ambrose “No attack.” he then tries to nod at himself “No attack.”
(To GM): “Well.. Aside from the rigged bit, sounds like a reasonable plan. Any insight on why the backlash? Guessing the ‘How he picks who needs it’ bit?” Soon enough, he’d be re-attaching the droid’s arm, wires properly re-configured and no longer exposed, the damaged area covered by a layering of plates he’d likely have to tack weld on. He needed to get himself some proper fabrication equipment for this place.. Casual tests would be given to ensure mobility wasn’t impaired and that everything was in working order before he’d return his attention to Niemand to listen… And comment: “Y’know.. It’s kinda odd: I don’t think you were there.”

Bharat in a show of, perhaps too much faith, gets up off the darkhound.
Ambrose Betamax: (Bharat is getting the darkhound off? wow, that’s a sudden twist.)
Bharat: (You hush you. Bharat’s preferences have never been discussed)
Ambrose Betamax: (Well fine, but that would have been Ambrose’ preference :P)

Ambrose Betamax is feeling juvenile today
(From Niemand): “They were fine with how he picked it until they found out that everyone in the slums was considered. A little boy, no more then six, human, he was sick dying, he got the last round of donation.”
(To GM): This took him aback. He just sat there a moment, trying to think of how to respond to it. “Save his life with it, or just ease the pain?” He o’corse would make a mental note to tell the ape he did the right thing, either way.
AJ B. (GM): The Darkhound stands and lets out a low growl but places his paws on the table gouging it. “Where?” as he looks around.
Bharat: “Melbourne.”
Artemis: ((No, victoria, queensland))
(From Niemand): “Saved him. Might’ve been less backlash had he died. One less human to fight right?”
Bharat: (… Wait really?)
Melo: (No, it’s Melborune)
Niemand: (yes Melbourne ignore the delusional doctor)
Artemis: (( c.c :D ))
((Who’s niemand? C.C ))
Melo: (Nobody)
AJ B. (GM): “Know that. Where?” he waves at the house.
Bharat: “M-quarter. Uh… Ambrose know address.”
Ambrose Betamax: “777 gateway circle.”
“it’s slightly more evil than evil.”
AJ B. (GM): “Not box?”
Bharat: “Box?”
Ambrose Betamax: (no one got the 666 joke? aaw. I was hoping for at least an eye roll)
Bharat: (Bharat would, if he weren’t pretending to be stupid)
(And I think the wolf might just be stupid)
(From Niemand): “As to the precedent for the admins there isn’t one. They’ve always had their successors picked officially well before anything like this happens.”
Ambrose Betamax: (Why does Bharat do that anyways)
AJ B. (GM): (actually I got the joke but was typing other messages lol)
Melo: (I’m amazed he didn’t make a joke about luck, myself)
AJ B. (GM): “Box, was in Box.” nods towards Ambrose “Opened box.”
Bharat: (I personnally rolled my eyes so hard I think I strained something)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh good :P)
Bharat: “No. No box. Why in box?”
AJ B. (GM): “Caught, Magic Killed. Anger”
(To GM): Just shook his head. “He did a damn good thing. That human’ll grow up knowing he has D-Bee’s to thank for being alive, and humans’ll know that they’re people who want to help anyone in need… He really made the right call on that. How long ago was it?” And he’d lean back in his chair, thinking before moving forward to start cleaning up. Was it odd he had no issue talking to no one that the droid could see in front of him? “Damnit, as much as I hate spin doctors, he really needs one.”
Bharat: “Calm.” Bharat says, making sure not to provoke him. “Bharat have idea help maybe?”
(From Niemand): “He’s got a couple but he’s been learning the tricks on his own. They’re pissed but they still follow his lead. Was about two weeks ago. Someone called him on it and he well went a bit insane on them. He picked the woman up carried her to the house of the kid and told her to walk in and tell that woman that her child deserves to live less then someone elses because she’s human. Turns out people are a lot less brave when they’re told they have to be the one responsible for what happens, when they have to be the face attached to a mothers loss”
AJ B. (GM): “Help? Want help. Hate.”
Bharat: “Break nose.” Bharat says trying to convey more than the simple statement. “Inside.”
AJ B. (GM): He tilts his head and his ears perk “No smell? Need smell, can’t live.”
Bharat: “Only little.” Bharat says, frustrated. “Like… listen sound too big make everything quiet.”
AJ B. (GM): “Less smell? less smell good.” He starts reaching for his own nose but his claw stops an inch away and he whimpers “Can’t.”
Bharat: “Bharat know doctor. Maybe help?” He shurgs, not knowing what the good sawbones’ stance on mutilation was.
Ambrose Betamax: (She gives people cookies with raisins. she won’t mind)
AJ B. (GM): Darkhound nods and points to himself “Puppy”
(cmon. This is like the perfect puppy for him)
(To GM): That brought a smile to his face; yeah, he’s a bit of an asshole, but there’re times that that’s what it’ll take. “Yeah. He’s done good. It’ll blow over. I’m glad he’s able to make the tough calls. I think they’re in good hands.” And then he’d again lean back, and likely spin just a bit on that chair by the bench. “And.. Shit. Damn good security to never have someone picked off.” And then a lopsided smile, “Though they’ve got Big Brother watching over ‘em, I suppose that’ll make sense.” He still had no clue Bharat was involved, after all. “And.. Still, stalling for what? I mean, if they’re trying to figure out a plan, that’s.. not stalling, really. And I know they’re not stupid enough to post a want ad for the job.” An amused headshake. “But there’s an opening somewhere up there for something dealing with people. Human only, o’corse.”
Ambrose Betamax: (WE ALL KNOW IT)

Bharat smacks ambrose. “No.”
Artemis: (( c.c Giving ambrose raisins for christmas))
AJ B. (GM): His tail wags and he looks at Ambrose “Boy?” when he sniffs and sees him his ears go back and he growls a little.
Ambrose Betamax: “huh?”
(From Niemand): “They’re all playing their own games but they’re all in agreement that life would be better if ties were broken by the oracle then by a human. Unfortunately, the cities elite would never allow it. They want everyone so frustrated that any solution will be accepted.”
Bharat: “Ambrose magic. Puppy no like Magic. Hurt.” Bharat points to his own head. “Need find Melo Doctor.” He turns to Leah. "Tell… keep man keep Bharat thing… hard. " He says, trying to find the right word and failing.
Ambrose Betamax: “What? I’m not magic.”
(Bharats thing is hard?)
Bharat: (SHUT UP!)
Ambrose Betamax: (Ok O.o)
Artemis: ((Wow, he gets hard thinking about the doctor?))
Ambrose Betamax: (he said stop, its over)
Bharat: (Also, even if it were, you wouldn’t know! Internal genitalia FTW)
Artemis: ((Cloaca cheat :D))
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
Bharat: (Lizard arousal detection is an epic level skill. ;) )
Ambrose Betamax: "Huh. scroll says not to say any magic words until I “stop thinking that”
Bharat: (Also, Bharat physically could not find anything as small as the doctor attractive)
Melo: (What’s wrong with size play?)
Bharat: (Nothing? But it’s not a thing for bruutasaurs really, from what I can tell… they value strength too much)
(And the whole breaking thing isn’t fun)
(To GM): “Shit.. Yeah. Cold, calculated logic..” And then he shook his head. “They put out a fucking want ad in the paper for an admin.” There was amusement in his voice. “As far as the city’s elite.. Hell, how many of ‘em even know about the AI? And what’s he have to say about it?” So many things were playing through his head. “Fuck. Let ‘em sort it out. I’ve got too many battles on too many fronts, and I’m no good at politics. How’s the vampire thing going? Guessing its getting worse based on the rumors I’m hearing, and if anything that lying sack of scales said was true, it’s not going well?”
Artemis: (( This is such a great conversation, thanks Melo. :D ))
((Bharat, Breaking things is half the fun. Especially when you’re the one being broken… Not stop hitting my kinks and get back to roleplaying. buncha magical-realm flirts ))
Bharat: (I’m waiting for AJ. :P And Uh… I said Bharat doesn’t. ;) )

Melo is doing stuff. He’s getting high on prescription drugs and trying to sleep! Or is he?
Bharat: (He should be)
(From Niemand): “I’ll let Cockatrice explain that when she gets in touch. You really don’t need her asking how you know things you shouldn’t.”
AJ B. (GM): The darkhound nods “Magic Bad, Boy good, Miss boy.”
Bharat: (I think he was someone’s pet. 0.0)
Ambrose Betamax: (aaaw)

Artemis is working in the cybernetics lab while her PCRs run on the DB needing the arm, and on Leah. Soon, she’ll be doing the seed-work needed for a limb build-to for the DB, and she’ll be running genetic analysis for protein production chains to do chemical response analysis via computer, and if she has any luck, she’ll be able to find either a protein or a chemical that she can use to counter the effects of crash… and further test to see what would need to be done to make a juicer rig work on the molecular level with a DeerBee.
(To GM): loosed a sigh at that. “..Fuck. Yeah. Afraid to find out how that’s going to play out.” Yep, too much on his mind. “Appreciate you killing your evening hanging out with me, and filling me in on all the shit that’s going on. Might be worth finding out more on that government job they posted for though, if you’re bored. It’ll be a while before I can do much about…” A vague hand wave, “You know. I still need to sort out just what has, and hasn’t happened with Leah and Ambrose. Shit man, I still don’t really know what the hell happened to me aside from the crash.”

Artemis , further more, might even get lucky and find a way to use one of the proteins made from Leah’s genetic make up as a stand alone drug in humans… Its not that she’d use the DeerBee, but rather that she’s thurough in her research, reasoning that any discovery for the betterment of humans can justify the costs of doing such analyatical work

Bharat once he gets confirmation that Leah would go back to the Keeper of Things, would lead Puppy and Ambrose to the hospital.
(From Niemand): “Lets see, a demon took your arm causing the crash, when he did he also took your soul, Bharat grabbed you and bolted off out of there. You went into a coma, your friends planned an expedition into hell. Ambrose and Leah came back relatively quick while it was six weeks before Bharat returned. You and Leah have only had minimal interactions and all of them have been hostile. As for being bored, Everyone else I’d talk to would forget everything but the vaguest details about our conversations. It’s why I haven’t talked to your friends.”
AJ B. (GM): Puppy follows seeming almost bipolar towards Ambrose. He growls at him but tries to sidle up next to him and wags his tail when Ambrose talks to him but tenses if he tries to touch him.
Ambrose Betamax: (aaaaaw)
AJ B. (GM): When you arrive at the hospital he growls louder “Bad Place” and hides behind both of you.
(To GM): A momentary flex of that limb that had been severed. “Yeah.. Shit. I’m afraid to find out how bad my armor’s banged up, or if someone took it.. Vault.” And he’d stop and look at the droid. “Where’d my armor get stashed?” And then back to the conversation at hand, “As for Leah.. Yeah. I can’t say I’ve had a single positive interaction with her. Gonna make trying to figure out what has, and hasn’t happened a bitch.” And then, finally, he’d have to yawn. “..Fuck. I gotta get some rest, man..” And he’d reach his hand out, in a handshake gesture. “Give me a few hours to at least try and internalize all of this?”
(From Niemand): “Sure, go for it. I’ll go look in on that position and see what’s going on with it.”

Ambrose Betamax worries.
Bharat: “Bharat go. You stay here. Be Calm.”
(To GM): “Thank you. Appreciate it.” And with that, he’d head inside. Not into the house; no. Into the APC, and his room there. Up goes the hammock, into it he’d spill, and rather than sleep, he’d start looking inwards. It might take him a short while to find the rhythm of breathing, but meditation would offer at least some chance to sort everything out, and help ease that ache in his mind that that constant draw on his connection with his gun over the last few weeks had subjected him to. At least it’d help his arm heal faster.
AJ B. (GM): Puppy nods and kneels down and starts using his claw on the street carving into it little stick figures playing.

Bharat goes into the hospital, realizing that they totally aren’t gonna deal with him this late.
AJ B. (GM): The nurse looks up, a different one from before “Nature of the problem?”
Bharat: “Bharat need to see… Doctor Artemis.”
AJ B. (GM): The nurse sighs and calls her “Doctor Lexus there is a lizard going by Bharat claiming he needs to see you.”

Artemis covers her face when she hears the page through the lab speakers, hoping to have time to actually implement some changes to the ‘borg endocrine problem. She unplugs her head from the computer terminal she was working on, and proceeds down to the lobby. She composes herself as she goes, adjusting her lab coat and putting on her professional face… that falls apart when she sees the lizard. She stands there, down the hallways, face crestfallen. She heard the name but honestly didn’t believe she’d be dragged into this mess again. Finally, she picks her jaw up and finishes the last 10 meters of distance, “What can I do for you Bharat?” She asks coolly, but not rude. She isn’t angry, just shocked…
Bharat: “Bharat have… friend? Need help.”

Artemis glances sidelong at the nurse, then at Bharat… She steps closer to him and hisses. “This not be a disaster waiting to happen… you should of…” She cuts herself off, glancing past the bruutasaurian mountain at the nurse. " Show me, I’ll do what I can."
Artemis: (( Go to the brown people hospital, eww, no brown people allowed in regular hospital. ))

Bharat leads the doctor outside to Puppy and Ambrose. WHO BETTER BE IN THE SAME SPOT
AJ B. (GM): Puppy perks up at the sound of the approach and then sees the doctor and immediately growls shifting his stance to one clearly ready to remove the throat from anything near him.
Bharat: “Puppy. This Doctor Bharat know.”

Artemis isn’t no dumby… She stops when she sees the hound, the posture and facial gestures universal to most mammalia. "What the hell Bharat?
AJ B. (GM): “Doctor, Sintis, Same.” he growls.
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
Bharat: “Sintis?”

Artemis glances to the hound, and back, shifting nervously as, like most sane people, she has no desire to be attacked. Regular dogs are bad enough, but uplifts are nope-worthy.
AJ B. (GM): “Sintis, smell same, same fur, BAD!”
Bharat: “Artemis know Puppy?” Bharat says curiously

Artemis shakes her head quickly, “No, I’ve never done this sort of work. I’m not a vet.”
AJ B. (GM): Pupppy growls “Sintis took Puppy, Lost Boy, KILL SINTISTS!”
Bharat: “CALM DOWN.” Bharat yells back, realizing he meant scientists.

Artemis takes a step back from the Hound, tempted to return back to her work, where its safe… She looks down at herself, and quickly pops the button snaps on her coat and shrugs out of it, leaving herself in the multiple-stained now-off-white shirt and khaki pants, her arms and hands open, but still she says nothing, no doubt nervous!
AJ B. (GM): His head twitches to the side and he seems a little less tense but still not calm. “Sintis bad. Take and hurt.”
Bharat: “Arty Doctor. Not Sintis.”

Artemis no doubt smells like the hospital… and like the hundreds of people she was around today, DB’s of all sorts, as much as humans since she’s returned to the hospital and done her rounds, and worked in the lab. “Bharat, what do you need me for? He looks… Ok to me. He has good reason to be afraid of lab coats and hospitals…”

Ambrose Betamax warily tries to help calm puppy down. “It’s ok, I can stay nearby if you want…”
Bharat: “Break Nose. But only little.”
AJ B. (GM): “Puppy hurt, Magic Bad.”

Artemis shakes her head slightly. “Magic bad? Break nose? I don’t understand, use bigger words?” She looks at ambrose, as if he were the smart one in the group.
Ambrose Betamax: "He can smell magic and it hurts him, so bharat said he’d help reduce the sensitivity of his magic sensing er, nose.

Bharat nods
Artemis: ((Oh god, they’re being lead around by a 12 year old dingbat… Look at this from Arty’s view… A giant wrecking ball of muscle, a viscious dog that shouldn’t of ever been, and a deer that’s soft in the nugget leading them all… ))
Ambrose Betamax: “And then he can stay with me!”

Bharat shakes his head

Melo is a headcase for a reason. Not just because he was in a coma for 6 weeks.

Artemis says nothing for a few moments, looking between Bharat and ambrose and the dog, then says, softly. “Fuck.”
Ambrose Betamax: (heehee)
Bharat: (What’s about to happen here…)

Artemis takes a deep breath, turning onto Bharat," You want me to harm someone’s inborn sense of ’magic’" She airquotes for effect, " So that you can keep an intelligent creature as your personal pet?!" She definitely sounds pissed off at the end of that. “Worse, He’s been bred and abused and used in captivity, so your first though is to bring him to a human hospital, probably looking a lot like the facilities he came from?!? I don’t know which of you is dumber, but…GRR!” she stomps her foot, bends down to grab up her lab coat, and stars for the hospital entrance, cursing foully in Japanese.
AJ B. (GM): Puppy whimpers “No stop hurt?” he looks up at Ambrose confused.
Ambrose Betamax: “He asked us to though! And I never said pet!? I just thought he seemed like he needed someone…”
Bharat: “Bharat try stop pain… Doctors stop pain. Arty only doctor Bharat Know. Bharat try help.” The big lizard thumps onto the ground, sitting heavily.
AJ B. (GM): “Puppy miss boy, boy fun, boy play.” he returns to carving little stick figure images in the street.

Ambrose Betamax sits next to puppy and watches. “is that your boy?”
Bharat: (Also, despite Artemis apparently knowing something about how Darkhounds are made thinks the magic smell in an “inborn” talent)
AJ B. (GM): He nods and points to the smaller figure “Boy” he points to the larger one “Puppy” He draws an image of the smaller figure on the larger ones shoulders.
(well technically she just knows they’re unnatural, which is fairly apparent from their appearance and a working knowledge of life forms)
Clockwork d.: ((crap, firefox crashed and took my post with it))
AJ B. (GM): (the clear knowledge of how they’re made is well guarded and somewhat buried)
Ambrose Betamax: “he looks nice!”
Bharat: (Not Buried enough…)
AJ B. (GM): (no, and it won’t be until someone collapses the facility, kills everyone with the knowledge and wipes all the computers)
“Nice. Was nice, found Puppy, Fearless.”

Clockwork d. stops at Ambrose’ words and looks over her shoulder at him and at the hound, and at the Lizard. She walks back slower, breathing and counting in her head to cool her heat. “I’m a doctor of cybernetics. If magic is what is hurting him, maybe he should be taken from a place that is supposed to be saturated with it. I’m not saying he isn’t welcome in the city… but maybe he is in pain, because that’s a defensive mechanism.”
Clockwork d.: (( she thinks he’s a variation on a dogboy, but he might be a mutant wolven of some kind. She knows the dogboys were uplifts more then db’s))
AJ B. (GM): “Wall, Magic Out.”
Bharat: “Magic hurt cause nose.”
AJ B. (GM): (remember, Melbourne has outlawed magic whereas in the wastes outside there is no law. and this place isn’t on a line or nexus)
Artemis: ((the Docfigures the whole rock is magic-saturated… If she were to sit down with a wizard, she might understand better, but she’d have to be made to believe that magic where science-worthy. :D ))
Melo: (Give her time)

Artemis rubs her face and gestures openly, “Do you want me to cut the nerve connections between his nose and brain? Or do you want me to destroy the neural associations in his brain so that he can’t smell anymore? I don’t know if that would work… and I do know it would cause him stress. I’m not the answer you’re looking for, Bharat… Ambrose.”

Bharat shakes his head. “Scar. Need nose. Just… weaker.”
AJ B. (GM): As you are outside leah walks up holding a small wrapped package and distinctly lacking a power leech following her.
Bharat: “Where Lief?”
Niemand: “At Ivanikov’s bar or possibly headed home by now.”
AJ B. (GM): (wrong character)
(Leah not Niemand)
Bharat: “What… thing?”

Bharat was decidedly not pleased by this

Leah Razortongue grins sets it down and unwraps it slowly, revealing a state of the art reptilian style cyber hand, complete with claws and emerald green scales.
Bharat: “Shiny.”

Leah Razortongue nods “Very shiny, hoping the doc here when she has time can attach it for me. Now why are you sitting outside?”
Bharat: “Try help Puppy. Arty say no.”
Leah Razortongue: “Actually Ivan had an idea on that. He asked why we couldn’t look into rather then damage getting it replaced. He’s sure somebody has a donated dog boy nose.”
Bharat: "Oh. Taht good idea

Artemis eyes Leah for a few moments, chewing her lip. She nods at the hand and the deer slowly, but makes no comment otherwise, until mention of a replacement nose. that causes her to lift an eye. " That’s something I hadn’t thought of Whos this Ivan?

Bharat gives Leah a look when Artemis isn’t looking at her.
Leah Razortongue: “Good guy, owns a bar. Knows the locals pretty well.” She gives directions to the bar. “Anything more and you’d have to ask him. Kind of a private guy though so I wouldn’t pry too much.”
Bharat: (i’m kinda falling asleep)
Leah Razortongue: (it is getting pretty late.)
Melo: (It IS late, yeah)
Bharat: (I’ve been going to bed at 9:30 too)
Ambrose Betamax: (me too tbh)
AJ B. (GM): (you guys good with calling it?)
Melo: (Yeah)

Artemis scratches at her chin and nods slightly. “I think I’ve seen the place… Not my kind of club, though. If this works out, I’ll send him a gift basket…”
Ambrose Betamax: (yeah, if that’s ok? great game btw AJ

Ambrose Betamax dies
Bharat: (I almost fropped my laptop)
AJ B. (GM): (was a helluva a lot of fun guys.)
Zea: Yep.
Thank you lots for the game.
Bharat: (I’m having a hoot)
Zea: Today is Thursday, December 3rd, 2015. EXP is about to be given sooner or later.
Ambrose Betamax: (thanks again AJ, for running all this, I imagine it’s a crazy amount of work O.o)
AJ B. (GM): XP: 300 each, an extra 150 for Bharat, 100 for Ambrose, 75 for the doctor and 50 for Melo.
Artemis: (( Did I level?!)
AJ B. (GM): (It’s not too bad and it’s definitely worth the effort put into it)
Artemis: (( Did my weird comments on skype help? :D:D:D ))
(( fucken brown christmas gets me every time. ))
AJ B. (GM): (they’ve got my mind working on what kind of weird drugs could be cobbled together in the outback from the massive list of “things that will kill you” at least)
Bharat: heh. Night guys
AJ B. (GM): sleep well, ttyl
Artemis: (( Awesome, that’s sorta what I was hoping for. ))
Zea: Sleep well all.

Ambrose Betamax lands in here after being tossed
Matt S.: (XD)
AJ B. (GM): and with that we can get underway last time on “The Blind leading the Blind” Our stalwart heroes had adopted a mutant killing machine named puppy whom Ambrose had accidentally unleashed on the guy who is holding the vampire for Bharat, causing his death. Thankfully he was used to it. Puppy seems averse to Ambrose due to magic but attached to his innocence. Thus they determined it would be best to ask Doctor Artemis to “break puppy’s nose” Melo is at home resting and allowing Bharat to learn what babysitting Leah and Ambrose means during all this. (I miss anything?)
Zea: (I think that about sums it up and where we left off)
Matt S.: (Leah got her new arm, left the energy eater at Ivanikov’s, who said why not just get a new nose entirely)

Ambrose Betamax is glad leah has a new arm :P
Puppy: “Doctor stop hurt?”

Clockwork d. gives Leah her business card, and directs her to contact her office to schedule for implant surgery. Eyeing the Hound wearily, she replies, " I’m not sure I can stop you from hurting… I’ll do what I can, but this isn’t a quick solution. I’m not a… ah…" She glances between the gathered DB’s… " Look, I do what I can for anyone that asks, but I’m only a cyber doc."
Artemis: ((oops, name))
Puppy wags tail and pants a bit before nodding. “Can’t do what Can’t.”
Ambrose Betamax: “you could give him a cyber nose.”
Bharat: (Robo-nose)
Ambrose Betamax: (nosebot)
“it could detatch and hover around n stuff!”
Bharat: (It’s actually just a vaccuum)

Melo isn’t there to offer any suggestions.
Bharat: “no.”
Artemis: "I could try. But that wouldn’t be cheap, and I don’t know how that work out. "
Ambrose Betamax: “Well. Hoover around really.”
(ran with vacuum concept lol)

Artemis left lower eyelid twitches for several moments, her face ridged yet impassive as she looks at Ambrose.

Bharat smacks ambrose on the back of the head.
Bharat: (Probably throwing him to the ground actually…)

Melo might have his Ambrose is in Danger sense spike for a moment.
Artemis: ((from the doctor, or bharat? :D ))
Bharat: (Hey, bharat knows how to work with the squishies. The doctor is the evil one)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh?)
“Hoover around really. Hoover around really. Hoover around really.”
Artemis: (( Not evil, just morally ambiguous))
Ambrose Betamax: (you broke him)\
Bharat: (Stop that)
Ambrose Betamax: (that was ooc, just sounding cilly. sry)
Bharat: (Bharat presses the hard reset on ambrose, doing something with his pants)
AJ B. (GM): (considering Ambrose’s past references would not be surprised for it to be IC lol)

Artemis looks the Leah for a moment, the defacto leader of the group. " Hon, how about you take this… puppy? Down to the m-quarter hospital. They might have actually experience with this sort of thing, and might be able to give better suggestion. Have them keep me in the loop, though? You have my card."
Ambrose Betamax: (well, the repeating was the ooc bit)
Leah: “Think that might be a bad idea honestly. Unless you’d like to see how much damage he can do in a sensory overload induced rampage.”

Artemis pats her pockets for a few moments, then reaches into her folded labcoat, and pulls out a yellow loli. She tentatively offers it to the Darkhound, wrapper and all. She gives Leah a nervous glance, actually pausing for a moment to consider just how many magically active out-worlders there might be there. She makes a face akin to having smelled a far, obviously stumped.
Artemis: (( When you’ve been reading 4chan too much, and instantly view “loli” as a type of porn, not a lolipop. ;.; ))
((far= fart)
Puppy sniffs at then licks the loli out of the doctors hand pulling the lollipop, wrapper and stick into his mouth and begins chewing it thumping his tail on the ground
Bharat: (I’d totally believe that Artemis would sacrifice a child. :P)
Artemis: ((Greater good issue.))

Artemis raises a hand as if to stop Puppy but its too late. She looks at Bharat and Ambrose, “I could get him one of those masks to block his nose… I don’t know if that would help though.”
Artemis: ((anyone here?))
Ambrose Betamax: (yup)

Melo is! Well, no, he isn’t.
Artemis: ((aaalll by my ssse-eelf… roleplaying in a rooom full of people aaaaall by my seelf))
Bharat: (Sorry, I don’t know what to add!)
Leah: “Think maybe we should head home honestly, it is rather late and I doubt we could convince them nose alteration is an emergency anyhow.”

Ambrose Betamax watches puppy. “So…you like the wrapper too? I’ll have to try that.”
Bharat: (Ambrose no!)

Artemis nods at the group for a few moments, then turns and heads back into the hospital at a quick clip. She requisitions a surgical mask and makes her way back out, having left her lab coat behind.

Bharat nods. “Take Puppy with Bharat.”
AJ B. (GM): (all the dangerous shit in australia and he manages to get killed by a lollipop)

Artemis approaches the group, looking tired. She might have gotten eight ours of sleep, but under the sodium arc lamps orange glow, she looks downright used. “Puppy, hold still while I fit this, ok? Lean down for me…” and, if given opportunity, she’d try covering his hose with the mask, stretching the elastic bands behind his head and tying them together to hold the mask in place….
Puppy follows the orders cautiously and snuffles a bit once the mask is on.
Ambrose Betamax: (daaaw.)

Artemis steps back, watching, “Well, how is it? Any better? Does Ambrose still smell bad? I mean, more then he usually stinks?”

Ambrose Betamax lifts an arm and sniffs under it.

Artemis waves at Ambrose, as if trying to get him to put an arm down, flinching away.
Ambrose Betamax: (waaat he showers!)
Puppy sniffs around then looks at Ambrose and tilts his head “Hurt less now.”

Artemis breaths a sigh, nods and says to the gathered “Have a good morning. I have to get back to work.”
Ambrose Betamax: “I smell so bad it hurts?” (Ambrose looks crestfallen.)

Artemis patpats Ambrose’s shoulder. “We can see the smell rays.” She teases.
Leah: “No, however it seems like the smell of magic hurts him.” she then glares daggers at the doctor.

Ambrose Betamax tears up a little bit.

Artemis doesn’t read xeno body linguistics very well, so she smiles back at Leah, then turns and starts back towards the hospital entrance, her mind shifting over to the damned endocrine problem.

Bharat seriously considers the day he’ll have to break up a catfight or let Leah kill an idiot.
Puppy he gets closer to Ambrose sniffs him then licks the side of his face.
(To GM): Hours. Four of them, at least, mind focused inward, locked in the APC. Vault would have been left on patrol, his radio in his ear and open only to the seccom channel for the droid to use, orders of ‘Do not disturb unless over Alpha Two protocol’… And to be fair, that’s a fairly low threshold, but at least he won’t be bothered simply by ‘someone is at the door’. Wordless, relaxed meditation and soul searching would take place, trying to make sense of things, to find moments in his memories that don’t mesh up; to put them all in order, to sort them out. Perhaps it was his arm that was helpped key him in; in every one of those memories, his arm had always been there, to be sure, but his rifle was in his left hand. And his arm? His arm held that state of a wireframe. The rolling flatlands of the Neon Darkness, the colors of buildings that… Well, frankly, seemed like they came from a muted Las Vegas Nightmare, etched in golds and greens among brick and mortar. It’s.. It’s a start. The next several would be spent quietly writing in his book, to sort his thoughts, to let himself ramble in that mixture of English, Elvish and the equations and symbolisms he’s taken from Techno-Can; shapes and patterns, even vague schematic formulas interspersed; details and notes scratched on focusing lenses in his rifle, of where and how to amp up its power without sacrificing its range. A rough sketch of the halls, perhaps even a crude form of the creatures he saw; Silhouettes rather than faces. He wasn’t an artist by any stretch, though focus and attention would at least let him get many a clean line and geometric shape down with little difficulty. A dozen or two pages might last him until sun rise, locked in his quarters in the APC, hidden away from everyone else, though sensors were ever on full alert. After all, that thing was still covered in those symbols of alarm.
Bharat: (Ambrose now has a cowlick that is… the entire side of his face)
Artemis: (( you should see my beard. ;.; ))
Bharat: (I shaved mine before I got my job. But I realized after I didn’t need to)

Ambrose Betamax smiles a bit and hugs puppy around the neck. “I don’t smell THAT bad right?”
Melo: (As rarely as I go out in public, I am told by random strangers that I have an “Epic Beard” at least once a month.)
Bharat: (Mine wasn’t that great…)
Melo: (Mine is longer than a ball point pen. Nod)
Artemis: (( I usually rock a vandyke, but I’ve been super lazy))
Puppy: “Smell good, magic hurt.”
Ambrose Betamax: “oh, ok. I didn’t know I smelled magical!”

Bharat sighs
Leah just looks over to Bharat with a “This is my daily life” look.

Bharat considers buying a leash and choke collar for Ambrose
Melo: (Kinky~)
Bharat: (That depends on the kind of choke. Those spiked ones hurt)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh baby)
Artemis: ((Ooh, is this an ERP game now?!))
Bharat: (I’m 90% Certain that A would leave if Ambrose took his pants off)
(FOR that reason)
(I’m cool with fast-forwarding a bit)
(Partly becuase I don’t know what to do here. and I’m lame)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
AJ B. (GM): (Since you two weren’t here I’m going to point out Ambrose already basically had a two person orgy with a koala man in something like the third session of this game)
Ambrose Betamax: (isn’t a two person orgy just normal sex?)
Artemis: ((How many holes were penetrated? That’s how you determine orgy-ness.
AJ B. (GM): (normal sex doesn’t leave a room covered in and I quote “every bodily fluid imaginable”)
Artemis: ((Trust me, I’m a doctor, I’d know))
Melo: (There is a reason we moved out of that place very quickly)
(And didn’t get our deposit back)
AJ B. (GM): (anyhow, yeah if no one objects we’ll skip to the next morning)
Artemis: ((Imagine having multi-spectral eyesigh, and coming into a room covered in body fluids? that shit would glow on the UV end of things))

Melo would confirm it did if anyone ever asked. Actually, he’d just.. sigh and shake his head and try and purge the memory of walking in, walking out, grabbing his things, and finding a new place to stay.
Melo: (Yeah, I’m good with moving forward)
Bharat: (I… exactly what was the area of this room?)
Ambrose Betamax: (me too)
Artemis: (( like this, melo? ))
((I want to roleplay out spending the last few hours of the night working alone in the lab… c.c… oh, fine, ok, lets move forward. ))
AJ B. (GM): (quick question, Bharat and Puppy staying at the house with Ambrose and Leah or elsewhere?)
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambrose would want him to stay haha)
Bharat: (Bharat never stays anywhere near the others)
Melo: (I thought Bharat was bringing the dogthing with him?)
Bharat: (He took it with him yes. But not near Ambrose or LEah)
Artemis: (( The doctor has a nice big flat, but she doesn’t even share her place with the guy’s she picks up on her days off. ))
Bharat: (HARLOT!)
Ambrose Betamax: (hey, can Artemis come by my place….)
AJ B. (GM): (alright, so now the question is how much objection/fight would Ambrose put up over Bharat taking Puppy with him?)
Artemis: ((Doubtful, intelligent people regularly form morals based on their own conclusions, not society’s. Also, Ambrose couldn’t handle the corporal cuddling that would happen… not with him, but leah. c.c
Ambrose Betamax: (He wouldn’t object. he would however, pout.)
Bharat: (I jest of course, Bharat hasn’t even done the sexing.)
Ambrose Betamax: (neither have I. I reeeeeally want to tho)
Bharat: (Ambrose has an orgy… with two poeple. I’d say he has done a fine job)
Ambrose Betamax: (I mean in rl haha)
AJ B. (GM): (Alright) As the next day begins there are sounds of people talking in the kitchen at the house Ambrose and Leah are in. Though Vault is patrolling no one has seen Melo.since arriving home but that’s not surprising with what he’s been through.
Ambrose Betamax: :O
Bharat: (Oh. I… only did it he first time like a year ago… and not since)
(To GM): No, this wasn’t how he wanted to start his day. Too much to do. Far too much work. “Vault, monitor. Let the Deer-Bee’s deal with it. My present whereabouts are unknown. Keep broadcast channel open.” And then? Breakfast, provided no one broke in and stole the oven when he was gone.. Granted, his alarms were still there, so hopefully not. “Single bowl of plain oat meal, same as they had back in Boot Camp. Hot, and with a spoon, if you please?” Hey, be nice to those serving your food, you never know what they might put in it otherwise. And at least he’s starting off easy after dealing with a feeding tube.

Vault sooner or later, would return from patrol, to stand impassively in the foraure outside the living room.
(From AJ B. (GM)): it gets it very close to right, except the spoon appears to be on top of the oat meal and sort of melted into it.
Leah looks over at Ambrose and blinks “Are we expecting company?”
Bharat: (I’m guessing Bharat is off doing his own thing. Cool)
(To GM): He had to chuckle. "Thank you. I’ll try better to define “hot” in the future." A pat at the oven, and he’d simply leave the bowl there to cool; a simple glance with thermals in his optics until it was safe to handle. Hopefully the spoon wasn’t melted and infused too much into the food to make it unfit for consumption.. Military training: Waste not, want not.
Ambrose Betamax: “Hmm? no?”
AJ B. (GM): (best I can guess for now. I’m assuming keeping Puppy from eating furniture, and probably checking that Ivanikov didn’t have his bar’s electric bill skyrocket)
Bharat: (Bharat has been relegated to babysitting. CURSE YOU FATE)
(From AJ B. (GM)): nope isn’t melted to that point thankfully
Ambrose Betamax: (KHAAAAAAAAAAAN)
(wow, on other screen doing the online training for this job. sooooooo simple and boring)
Leah h ears perk up “So why are there people in our kitchen, and why is one of them a commanding female?”
Ambrose Betamax: “Whoa hey, you’re the only commanding female in my life…”
Leah rolls her eyes and drags Ambrose out of bed “Let’s go downstairs and find out who breaks in just to chat in a kitchen then shall we?”

Artemis works her day shift job after finishing her night in the lab, having changed into proper high-end client attire. She performs an eyebrow lift, consults for the latest bio-mod fashion trends, and sucks a couple pounds of cellulite out of someone’s thighs and re-implants it in their chest to give them a more natural feature enlargement. Such is life, some days. She, across town, is totally unawares of whats going on.
Ambrose Betamax: “Wha-(falls out of the bed)ah! oh, ok.”

Chapter 23 Can I keep him -- He only eats magical people

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