Chapter 18 To Arms Two Arms Hell Awaits Us

Melo is still fighting shock, and the total lack of response he’s getting from his right arm. That thundering thunk of that whirl of blades hadn’t even registered short of the impacts suddenly stopping, arm having slipped from the bike’s controls. It’d likely be a good three seconds before he’d notice it was severed; when those blades move that fast, against simple human flesh, it doesn’t take much to make a clean cut once they made their way through his armor, and even then, the armor simply slowed the weapon’s down on their path through. That was likely why the entire half of his arm would have gone flying from the bike, back behind it’s built in wind protection, gravity not withstanding; he was moving well past terminal velocity on that bike, and when it came down to it, pulling negative G’s. At the point his brain says to pull up, though? His arm didn’t respond, only one of them working and trying to yank the controls to push the rather aerodynamic machine away from the earth in ways it simply wasn’t designed for. The glass screen would quickly shatter under the force of the impact, the tail fin of the bike connecting fractions of a second later, digging in and having the helpful effect of pulling the nose up just enough before it’d start to tumble end over end. Blind luck, and the fact that he had, for whatever reason, not properly latched himself into the dead-boy locks that weren’t exactly compatible with his suit is really what saved him… Well.. Sort of. His head was what hit the earth first, at speeds nearing 200 mph, body armor soaking the impact, doing what it could to protect him. End over end he’d tumble, muscles going slack like a drunk; He was out cold, and by now, bleeding from the whole ‘lack of an arm’ thing.
Ambrose Betamax: (what eill flynt do to play nooow)
AJ B. (GM): A little under a minute later Bharat has arrived at the crash site and can see Melo lying on the ground bleeding out from the lack of an arm and out cold, the bike pretty banged up but not utterly destroyed and no sign of the demon anywhere.
Ambrose Betamax: D:

Bharat curses under his breath, which sounds more like normal speaking for most people. “Thrice damned magic users.” It wasn’t that he didn’t think magic had its merits but it was that something like this always happened. The big lizard pulls the emergency surgery kit he had and applied it to Melo’s arm, hoping it’d stop him from bleeding out.
AJ B. (GM): (roll it)
Ambrose Betamax: (DON’T DIE MELOOOO
Bharat: (What’s the roll again?)
Melo: (First aid or paramedic, I think?)
AJ B. (GM): (What’s the exact item name?)
Bharat: (Either an RMK or IRMSS kit. Think it’s the second one)
Melo: (RMK)
AJ B. (GM): (its a roll vs 90% skill but telling you now it won’t work.)
(the other is a 75% skill roll and has a chance of working though)
(it will at least stop the bleeding by sealing the veins up, won’t repair the skin though)
(could I suppose use both to get a full repair if you wish)
Bharat: (Both. Both is good)

Melo is likely a good distance from his arm, for what that’s worth.

Bharat is not concerned about that right now
Bharat: rolling 1d100
= 66
rolling 1d100
= 86
(Well, one worked and one didn’t)
AJ B. (GM): Brilliant, congrats. Melo is now bleeding internally but he looks much better with the skin covering it,

Melo at least isn’t in pain..! Well.. Actually, the pain and concussion’re likely what’s keeping him unconcious.

Bharat is only mildly happy that he’s going to cut the skin off with a claw so he doesn’t bleed to death internally. And then try to apply the right bots again.
Bharat: rolling 1d100
= 67
AJ B. (GM): Alright that’s a success he’s no longer bleeding. at all, his veins are patched up and he only has the damage from Bharats class on his arm now.
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)

Bharat applies the other bots now… If this burned them out, Melo was buying him a new kit.
Bharat: rolling 1d100
= 54
AJ B. (GM): and thats a success Melo is now armless but at least lacking a damaged shoulder area
Elbow sorry I think
its been a while
Melo: (Yeah. He has a stump)
Bharat: (And it’s bleeding to death. The cut was extremely clean just below the elbow)
Melo: (-snerks-)
AJ B. (GM): Alright so Melo is healed bike is pretty beat up though not completely disfunctional and Bharat is for the time being the only one around. (So what’s next lizard man?)

Bharat tries to slap Melo awake

Ambrose Betamax is, he assumes still on the way to render assistance, as vault does whatever he does, and Leah hatches a devious sneakyplan :P
AJ B. (GM): (I assume you’ll be using your restrained strength and removing his helmet first? or is the plan to go full strength with helmet on?)
Ambrose Betamax: (hey flynt? May I put that art of Ambrose Fenner made for you on my FA?)
Melo: (Sure!)
Bharat: (Uh, more like flicking him with a finger… I don’t wanna take his head off)
(But helmet off, yeah)
Ambrose Betamax: (awesooome)
AJ B. (GM): (one moment checking a few things)
Melo: (To GM) rolling 1d100>50 wake up or not.
= 1 Successes

Melo doesn’t look too good; pale skin, general blood loss, robotic eyes giving absolutely nothing to check against when it comes right down to it, quite a bit of bruising already about his face, the works. At least he was breathing! But waking up? Well.. He’d rouse just a bit at the prodding, and.. well, speech would be slurred, at best. “Wuh t’fu’k ‘nned? Fe’ike jus’n run’ver by ah tr’k.” Yeah. Body armor or not, he took some major impacts.
Ambrose Betamax: (left you anon flynt, but here:
Melo: (Still think that one is totally badass)
Ambrose Betamax: (it is

Bharat sighs and considers spitting on Melo instead of trying to find some water. “Wake up and face the day sunshine. We’ve got demons to slay.”
Ambrose Betamax: (hey sunshine

Melo attempts to sit up. O’corse, he’s right handed, and this leads, in short order to him falling to his side, considering it was, y’know, a foot and a half shorter. The fog of concussion and raw shock were what kept him from screaming, or quite realizing what’s going on. What’s more, that arm would then try and find a gun, and fail. Yep, panic would be trying to rise at this point. “Wuh..?” He’s a squishy, after all, who just survived on a wing and a prayer. “Wuh t’fu’k’re yuh do’n here? ’Ere’re we?”

Bharat groans. “God you sound idiotic. What do you remember?”
Melo: (To GM) rolling 1d20+2 HF check for, y’know, missing an arm. DC of.. I dun know.. 13? 10 ’cause of how fucked his head is?
= 7

Melo would comment that the lizard’s bedside manor could use some work, but he’s not thinking to clearly. “..Hu’t.” Yep. That’s a good example, “..T’fu’ks muh arm?” Yep. That’s about when things started to settle in, and the panic started to rise. Military training or not, losing one’s arm is rough.

Bharat shrugs off the question. “It got cut off, it happens. Now focus.”

Melo tries to shake his head, as if to clear it, and that makes him cringe a bit. “..F’cus.. Yeah.” TBI’s suck. “..Jus’ happens..?” Yep, soulless mechanical eyes hide both fear and confusion and rage. “Wuh’yuh mean ‘it happens’? ‘S muh god da’ned arm..!”
Melo: (Sorry fer m’attitude tonight. Dealing with some stuff that’s weighing on me kinda heavy right now; 11:30 was bed time, yeah? That’s.. 45 minutes from now, correct?)
Ambrose Betamax: (it’s all good

Bharat can’t relate as he regrows his when they get chopped off. “You can get a new one, IF we survive! Now man up soldier.”
AJ B. (GM): (correct on time yes)

Melo again would find himself unconsciously going for one of his guns. Guns that were likely missing, both because it wasn’t within reach, and, y’know, was plain ol’ missing. “Y’don’t jus’ g’t ‘new one..! Ah -can’t-! Ah live buh m’hands..!” At least he was trying to rise, heart racing. He was not looking good, even with what the ‘bots did for his health. At least his eyes still had that iridescent blue, and seemed to avoid most of the damage. "Were’s muh gun?!" And up he’d stand, turning quickly, and promptly doubling over and clutching at his head.

Bharat sighs. “It was really too much to hope you’d be any use right now. Try not to get yourself killed.” He looks around to see where the demon might have gone to.
AJ B. (GM): absolutely no sign of him. (though presumably your special eye was zoomed in enough to see him vanish I’d think)
Bharat: “… Balls.”

Bharat cycles through various eye modes trying to find the demon, or even traces of it

Melo did just have a 200+ mph crash, and walked away, after having his arm lopped off. He’s made of some stern stuff, but even then, he’s only human. His left hand would reach back to grab his helmet before he’d try and rise, and make his way along the ditch the bike had made in the earth. At least he was focused: Find his gun. Even more than his arm, he was focused on finding his gun. That thing was as much of a soul as he had right then, after all. The TBI didn’t help any.
AJ B. (GM): No sign of the demon in any spectrum.
Bharat: “Double balls.”
Ambrose Betamax: (the second pair are internal)

Melo would be muttering under his breath even as he moved on, focused just as much on trying to find his gun as to keep putting one foot in front of the other. “First to fight, for the right.. An’ t’ build, the Nation’s might.. ‘N The Army Goes Rol’n ’long” A bit of a cadence to force his feet to move in rhythm, a momentary pause for what would be a drill sergeant’s refrain before he’d again repeat the words, though they’d twist a bit. “First to fight, for the right, ‘N to s’rip, the demon’s might, ‘N Naxaiel, runs back t’hell.”
Melo: (Figure right here might be the time to call it?)
Ambrose Betamax: (sounds like it, everyone seems to be stopped lol)
AJ B. (GM): (yeah looks like its about time I guess. up to you guys though)

Bharat grabs up Melo, assuming he doesn’t fight, and whatever guns he can find and starts running back towards the city at full throttle. “We gotta tell them… You better tell them not to shoot me on your radio.”
AJ B. (GM): (“I like this plan. I’m happy to be a part of it.”)

Melo Would protest, without a doubt. “G’offa me!” Would be the useless struggle and the pushing that would result from it; hate might be a strong word, but he’s still not thinking too clearly. Considering the lizard’s health, he’ll easily be able to find his gun first however. It’s a hell of a lot of ground to cover, after all. At least he wouldn’t be trying to pull a gun on the lizard man.
AJ B. (GM): (Alright, you guys good with stopping here and we can pick this up with the arrival on thursday then?)
Melo: (Yeah. Just keep in mind, I’m not going to be here this week)
Ambrose Betamax: sure
Bharat: (Melo won’t be here thursday(
Melo: (I honestly don’t know if I’ll be of any use this weekend, but I plan to be home at least by Sunday)
AJ B. (GM): ahh no worries, either way, glad we got to this point
400 exp each
Ambrose Betamax: :3
AJ B. (GM): Hello mighty people
Matt S.: Only two peoples?
AJ B. (GM): ok so its not just me seeing that

Zea is here.
Matt S.: Well, yeah. AJ, Zea and Me make three
AJ B. (GM): GMs aren’t people, everyone knows we are condensed clouds of mind fuckery =P
yay everyone is in the box. everyone ready to go?

Ambrose Betamax arrives
Zea: mmhmm
AJ B. (GM): Recap time. Last we left our heroes Melo was lacking 1 arm and being carried by Bharat towards the oncoming military convoy that Ambrose had managed to sneak himself on board.
so anybody got anything they wish to do before I skip to that inevitable meeting?

Melo would, hopefully, at some point, have at least retrieved his rifle.

Bharat makes sure to grab the arm if its… at hand. And grabs the loopy soldier’s weapons as he runs by
AJ B. (GM): Arm probably landed pretty far away at the speeds he was going.
Ambrose Betamax: (And is probably a puddle.)

Melo at least isn’t bleeding out, yep!
AJ B. (GM): (yep, alright good with time skipping then?)
Melo: (Yeah)
Bharat: yeah
AJ B. (GM): (Ambrose?)
Ambrose Betamax: (yup)
AJ B. (GM): Alright Ambrose the convoy grinds to a halt though it’s hard to tell why from inside it. Bharat you see about 4 tanks and 6 APCs driving towards you they come to a halt a ways away from you and a few guns are leveled on you. “Scaled Creature be warned you are currently in the crosshairs of multiple military vehicles and are currently carrying someone who has vital intel for us. Please surrender peacefully and we will return you to the city as promptly as we can.”
Ambrose Betamax: “HI BHARAT!”
AJ B. (GM): Someone looks over at Ambrose “Bharat? Why does that name sound familiar?”
Ambrose Betamax: “He just has one of those names.”

Melo by now would be a fair bit unfocused, and clutching a rifle near to his chest with his good arm.

Bharat yells back. “TURN AROUND! DEMON!”

Ambrose Betamax runs to bharat upon seeing Melo so injured.

Bharat is still running and will continue to run, even past the convoy
AJ B. (GM): (alright) the turrets trained on Bharat begin firing.
(need init rolls from everyone who’s going to be involved in this.)
Melo: rolling 1d20+4 -whatever GM applies.
= 4
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d20 + 1
= 20

Ambrose Betamax waves his arms around yelling whoa hey stop!
(To GM): For what its worth, Melo’ll by now be good and proper entranced in his gun via telemechanics.
Ambrose Betamax: (do they not realize that their guy is in his arms?)
Melo: (They do)
Bharat: (Aparrently that don’t matter)
AJ B. (GM): (4 tanks, 6 apcs presumably fully loaded with soldiers. they do however lack of compliance from Bharat labels him a threat)
Melo: (Well, they DID give him the stop order)
Ambrose Betamax: (is vault here btw?)
Bharat: (They didn’t actually tell him to stop… Just surrender)
Melo: (True!)
AJ B. (GM): (which running away/past them is still not surrendering)

Vault likely would have been running, but by now he may well have missed the group. Radio tracking is all the droid has to go off of, and with radio silence, he doesn’t have too much to follow aside from the standard signal of ‘the radio is not transmitting more than dead air’
Bharat: (they were ’ a ways away’ and I’m running towards them…)
(But, somantics. Waiting for my sheet to load and I’ll rfoll)
AJ B. (GM): (the words "Even past the convoy imply an attempt to go beyond them.)
(If you’re going to stop when reaching them can backtrack a bit)
Bharat: (Bharat will stop long enough to yell at them to turn around and run with him, but even half a sense of urgency in this case is more than enough to make him not wanna stick around)
rolling 1d20
= 9
(That’s +5)
AJ B. (GM): Once you stop they respond with “We are going to deal with the demon, we have more then sufficient force to do so. Now kindly stop, walk calmly to one of the vehicles and enter, lying down the man you are carrying on the floor once you have done so.”

Bharat looks at the gathered force with some amount of skepticism. “Bharat think you you no know what demon is.”
AJ B. (GM): “I assure you we have dealt with demons before. each apc contains 20 highly trained individuals ready willing and able to defend the city with their life. I repeat to you please surrender our intel and yourself peacefully. We do not wish to harm either of you.”
Ambrose Betamax: (Oh I guess I’m still in the APC unawares lol)
Bharat: “Demon is soul stealer.”
AJ B. (GM): (up to you Ambrose, the guy driving your apc is the one radioing this out through the speakers so it’s possible you hear him)
Ambrose Betamax: (I’ll assume ambrose can hear then.)

Ambrose Betamax pipes up. "Hey, lemee out, I can talk it out with him.
AJ B. (GM): “It seems you have intel we require as well, I reiterate, please walk calmly to” It cuts off and the radio goes quiet a moment. He turns to Ambrose “Fine, since I’m getting nowhere with the freak. Might as well.” the radio flips back on. “We are sending someone out to discuss things with you. Should you take any violent action or attempt to run we will assume you are in league with the demon and attempting to prevent intel of it from reaching us. This Will result in your termination. So kindly remain still.”
he opens the apc door and lets Ambrose out.

Ambrose Betamax hops out and heads towards Bharat.

Melo is still just in a daze, clutching at his rifle with his good arm. Granted, ‘a daze’ is hard to pick up on him, considering his eyes’re, y’know, robotic.
AJ B. (GM): (Ambrose, you going to drop the disguise or approach him looking like a Melbourne soldier?)
Ambrose Betamax: (Can I just drop the face, so the sodiers behind me don’t see?)
AJ B. (GM): (yeah though thatd be an adjustment that’d use up isp to change the disguise but yeah you can)

Ambrose Betamax does that.

Melo is still out of it when Ambrose approaches. But at least he isn’t struggling in the lizard’s arms.

Ambrose Betamax see’s the state melo is in and Freaks the hell out, but tries to hide it.
Ambrose Betamax: “Bharat, what happened?”
Bharat: “Purple man summon demon. Demon attack. Bharat lose soul. Melo los soul too.”

Ambrose Betamax ’s eyes widen. “uh..ok. uh…So first we need to get Melo help. we can take him to that hospital that helped me, but we need to get him there fast, right?”

Bharat nods
Ambrose Betamax: “ok. then we need one of these trucks to take us back. walk back with me?”
Bharat: “Ok.”

Ambrose Betamax puts his front disguise back on and, shaken, brings Bharat back with him to the APC.
AJ B. (GM): Once they see the state Melo is in two of the soldiers get up and swing their packs off. “Please lie him down so we can work on him. How long ago did he lose the arm?”

Bharat shrugs. “Bharat no count time good. 10 minutes?”
Ambrose Betamax: “they’ve also both had their souls taken by the Demon.”
Bharat: (Bharat doesn’t exactly talk quietly)

Melo for the most part, is little more than dead weight. At least he was breathing easy, and muttering just a bit under his breath, even if he did look like he’d been run over by a truck. Well.. Ok, no, like he’d wrecked his bike. His body armor had seen far, far better days.
AJ B. (GM): They nod and get to work as the door closes. The man in front asks, “Alright please tell us all you know about the demon. How big is it, what powers has it displayed, what’s its appearance, is it intelligent or more animalistic?”
The convoy begins moving again continuing in the direction it had been going before. all doors sealed tight.
Ambrose Betamax: “we need to take this man to a hospital. is there a spare car?”

Melo may be dazed, but he knew a debreifing when he heard it. A momentary shake of his head to try and clear it, hand squeezing at his rifle a bit tighter. “Naxaiel.” The name was a bit slurred as he tried again to shake himself from his haze, and even sit up, despite what was a majorly growing headache.
Bharat: “Bigger than Bharat.” He says, looking grumpy about that fact. “Can… tel- thingy. Be one place then be other place. Make lasers. And swords. Is big. Claws. Teeth. Smart like Melo.”
AJ B. (GM): “Our field surgeons will ensure his health. Do not worry.” One of the people working on him nods. “Aside from going into shock he’s relatively fine, doesn’t seem to be any major damage. The main thing he needs is rest.”
Ambrose Betamax: “no Major Damage? His arm is missing!”
AJ B. (GM): The driver rubs his forehead. “Great, thank you, that at least helps some.”
The surgeon nods “yes he is, I figured that was fairly obvious. However he won’t die without it, and getting him back sooner or later is irellevant unless the big guy there happens to have the arm on him. or wants to spare one of his own I suppose.”
Ambrose Betamax: “…..I’ll spare mine.”

Bharat growls at the doctor. “No take bharat arm.”
AJ B. (GM): “No can do soldier. We are heading out to take out a demon, we need every able bodied soldier ready to fight. taking yours just means we’re down one more able body.”

Melo again muttered the demon’s name, “Naxaiel,” again trying to shake the daze from his skull, likely despite a restraining hand (Or two) to keep him on his back, “Fu’k’n’ell, Le’mme up..!” The arm with the forearm missing would be waving to try and find purchase to push himself up, and shake off hands, quite ineffectively.
AJ B. (GM): The surgeons look down and growl "Stay down. You’ve taken quite the blow and need to stay on your back. "

Melo would struggle still before giving in; he can follow orders, and these were the easier ones to follow. Besides, it seems the lizard had things under control. He should at least warn ‘em, "’S gone."
AJ B. (GM): “What’s gone?” the surgeon looks over at your arm thinking maybe you noticed while waving it.
Melo: “Th’ D’mon. Back t’ell.”
AJ B. (GM): The surgeon turns to Bharat, “When you picked him up was the demon anywhere in sight?”
Bharat: “no”
AJ B. (GM): “Radio it in, we’re turning around. Send a couple scouts to double check but I doubt they’ll find much.” With that the convoy is radioed and turned around heading back towards the city. one of the surgeons turns to Bharat “thank you for all your help. We’ll make sure you are properly rewarded.”
Ambrose Betamax: “he was going to be sold into slavery. Can that be canceled?”

Melo piped up again, “M’bike..!” An almost croak, the strain clear, the soldier fighting to sit back up before suddenly going a bit limp. Yep, he went from functional in short order to dead weight, though the grip on his gun grew tighter with his one good hand. Hopefully no one had tried to take that away from him.
AJ B. (GM): All non military D-bees go on the block. however we can adjust things so his price is prohibitively expensive.
Ambrose Betamax: “That will work. Hear that Bharat? You’ll have to stand, but you’ll be so expensive no one can buy you. Sound good?”

Bharat growls. “Let Bharat Out.”
Ambrose Betamax: “I’ll go with him.”
“I have to watch Melo here too.”
AJ B. (GM): “Sorry can’t do that until we’re through the gate anyways.”
Ambrose Betamax: “damn.”
AJ B. (GM): “Shouldn’t be much longer now though.”

Bharat glares at the solider. “Let. Bharat. Out.”
Ambrose Betamax: “Bharat. It’ll be ok.”

Melo mumbles under his breath some. People likey’ll need to listen, and with Bharat starting to panic, or at least make a bit of a scene, it’d surely be missed.
AJ B. (GM): One of the other soldiers raises an arm and places it around Bharats shoulder and whispers something.
Bharat: (If he tries to magic bharat and Bharat resists, he’s getting eaten. A warning now)
(To GM): “Sec’om. ‘Ault. B’ke. Arm. ’Treive.” Hopefully that radio piece would have survived, and been put back on at some point by the dazed human. If not? Well, no one else would be picking up that secured channel either.
(From Vault): “Acknowledged commander, shall be done asap.”

Bharat grumbles and tucks himself into a corner, as much as he can with his mass anyway and grabs hold of his tail, holding it like a pouting child with a stuffed animal.

Ambrose Betamax watches both bharat and Melo, incredibly worried, and hoping his disguise holds out until the soldiers go away.
AJ B. (GM): After a little while you make it through the gate and everyone unloads relatively quickly. One soldiers glares at Bharat as he leaves. The one who whispered heads out and waves for Bharat to follow her. The surgeons look at Melo and turn to Ambrose. “We can’t do anything more for him then let him rest. So any idea where we should carry him to?”
Melo: (One sec, phone)
(Back, sorry ‘bout that)
Ambrose Betamax: "There’s a hospital that helped me out a lot. They normally work with D-bees but for him the’d make an exception."

Bharat follows the soldier, giving the one who glares at him a glare right back."
AJ B. (GM): The soldier shudders at Bharats glare and speeds up. The female soldier nods to him and says. “Alright, in the M-Quarter, there is a house with no number but has a purple roof and a couple broken windows. Knock on the door there and ask for the Collared One. They’ll hide you out until the ships leave. Might even be able to help you with the soul thing. and Bharat, for what its worth I am sorry about how this city treats you and yours.” With that she heads off quickly to catch up with the other soldiers.
The surgeons nod “Alright we know the one. Bit of a ways, vehicle will be faster. You want to come with?” they ask Ambrose as they load him up into a simple van.
Ambrose Betamax: “yeah.”

Melo doesn’t seem to put up much resistance. He’s already out cold by now.
AJ B. (GM): The surgeons look over towards Bharat “You want to come along with us? Keep an eye on your friend here?”

Bharat looks down at the surgeon. “Ambrose do it. Bharat need drink.”
Ambrose Betamax: “It’s ok, Bharat, I’ve got this…”
AJ B. (GM): The surgeon looks confused “Ambrose?”
Ambrose Betamax: “he just lost his soul. He’s just confused.”
Bharat: “Ambrose Deer-Bee. Ambrose Melo friend.”

Ambrose Betamax stares at bharat, both touched at the sentiment and a annoyed at its timing,
AJ B. (GM): “Ahh, we’ll make sure to inform him after we get him to the hospital then. By the way, head for Al’s watering hole and tell him your drinks are on Carl Stone’s tab.” With that they all head off towards the hospital.

Bharat nods. Waiting for them to leave before turning and heading towards the M-Quarter. It was a good thing he stayed away from the cameras or they would never have let him get away like this.
AJ B. (GM): As you arrive the M-quarter is buzzing with activity and rumors about what caused the military action earlier.
Ambrose as you arrive at the hospital Melo is quickly admitted and the surgeons leave to head back. The doctor looks at the wound on Melo’s arm and shakes his head. “I’m not sure how much we can do for him here.”
Ambrose Betamax: (so the soldiers are all gone?)
AJ B. (GM): (yep)

Ambrose Betamax drops his disguise.
Ambrose Betamax: “is there any way you can regenerate his arm like you did with my whatever it was?”
AJ B. (GM): The doctor raises an eyebrow at that but seems largely unphased. “Possibly we could, however with internal organs and less people knowing about it, it’s easier.” He rubs the back of his neck. “If people see him walking around with a brand new arm that doesn’t have any of the signs of surgical attachment, questions start getting asked. If it had just been you who knew about this I’d be fully ready to do it. But well…” he waves at the door the two surgeons left through.
Ambrose Betamax: “It’s either that or I’m giving him an arm.” I’m adaptable right? it’ll change to fit it’s new environment. No one would know that I’d lost an arm though."

Bharat debates whether or not to try and sell the info, but decides it’s not worth the effort to try right now.
AJ B. (GM): “I don’t think you understand your biology that well. Although your people are extremely adaptable most of the controls for that are in the brain. your subconcious assesses it’s environment and sends out signals of whats needed that have been passed down through generations and have developed into instinct. Your arm would be cut off from those signals.”
Ambrose Betamax: “So…he’d just have a deer arm.”
AJ B. (GM): “That is correct. I could still do that but frankly it’d be unethical to do it without his prior consent.”
Ambrose Betamax: “can we wake him up to get it?”

Bharat taps someone on the shoulder. “What happening?”

Melo at this point, is pretty well non-responsive. He’s breathing, at least.
AJ B. (GM): The doctor shrugs. “I could give him an adrenaline shot, but it will only wake him up briefly and slow his recovery from the shock.”
The creature you tapped turns around it’s eyes large saucers of pure black, its skin pale yellow and its hands three fingered ending in suction cups. “The gate was opened for a little while and the military went out it. No one was able to escape sadly but they say that a D-bee got out and was so strong they needed 8 tanks just to bring him back. My brother heard he was a Bruutasaur who’d grown 20 ft tall.”
Bharat: “Bharat not 20 feet tall.”
AJ B. (GM): “Well of course you aren’t. They’d only need what, one tank to take you down? Maybe two.”

Ambrose Betamax sighs. well…will we be able to give him my arm after he wakes up normally to give consent? Or will it be too late?"
Bharat: “Tanks come bring Bharat back. Man in tank no let bharat fire big gun.”
(This talk of giant bruutasaurs is gonna make Bharat jealous… We need to find a way to supersize him)
AJ B. (GM): The D-bee looks you over. “Really, you’re the one they sent all that hardware after?”

Bharat nods. “Yes. And something else too!”
AJ B. (GM): The doctor nods to Ambrose. “Yeah, whoever patched him up did a fine job, won’t have any problem getting something to replace it when the time comes.”
Bharat: (score one for Bharat!)
Ambrose Betamax: “ok… then lets just get him well for now and then we can discuss it after he can talk?”
AJ B. (GM): The doctor nods. “Certainly, we’ll take good care of him. He’s been a good friend to all those under my care.”
The d-bee looks at Bharat and whispers “What else did they send those out after?”
Bharat: “Soul stealer demon. They no have enough tanks. Bharat have no soul.”
AJ B. (GM): The d-bee laughs. “Oh man you had me going there for a second but that’s just too much. A soul stealer, everyone knows that’s an old wives tale.” He turns his back starting to walk off.
Ambrose Betamax: (aaw Bharat score zero)
Bharat: “Bharat no lie… Purple man kill doves, summon demon.”
AJ B. (GM): The guy continues walking. “Sure man, sure. and I’m actually the reincarnation of Emperor Prozec.” He waves over his shoulder.
Bharat: “When Demon come, remember Bharat warning, Yeno. Forcefields only hold so long.”
AJ B. (GM): “I’ll keep that in mind.” he yells back. Bharat feels a light tap right above his tail.
Ambrose Betamax: (Some pervert is trying to surprise buttsex you, Bharat)
Bharat: (Bharat’s cool with it. ;) )

Bharat turns around and looks at whoever’s tapping him
AJ B. (GM): It is a small chimpanzee like creature who is doing a handstand and tapping you with his foot. “Sorry to bother you big and scaly but I heard you’re having problems with your soul. I know a good cobbler if you’d like.” He laughs and does a somersault into a standing position.
Bharat: “Bharat Like pie.”
Ambrose Betamax: (nice lol)
AJ B. (GM): The monkey man laughs as his legs turn into four tentacles. “Excellent, we can stop by a good bakery on the way. However I think you’ll want to hear what Maggie Ike has to tell you as well yeah?” His head turns into that of a parrot and he spouts “Polly wants a flamethrower.”
Bharat: “Who Maggie?”
AJ B. (GM): “Maggie is the woman with the mojo, the salamander with the style, the lizard that works the strings unseen. you picking up what I’m laying down Jack?” One of his arms shifts into a cats paw and bats at the air.
Bharat: “Bharat not Jack.”
AJ B. (GM): “Of course, Of course, Bharat My friend your a man of culture and class, and you like most people should always have the finer things in life. but it’s hard to enjoy those things if you ain’t got no soul. So come with me and I’ll introduce you to someone who can put the tune back in your horn yeah?”
Ambrose, the doc says it could be a while before Melo wakes up and reccomends you go home, he’ll let you know if there is any change.

Bharat shrugs. “Bharat like music. Ok.”

Ambrose Betamax worries, but says ok. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Melo is, when it comes down to it, comatose, or near to it.
AJ B. (GM): “Not right now unfortunately.” The doctor nods as Ambrose heads out. When you arrive home Leah is sitting on the couch crying.
Ambrose Betamax: “Huh, what’s wrong, are you alright?”
AJ B. (GM): The constantly shifting nonsensical creature leads Bharat to a surpsingly nice house in the M quarter and knocks with a gorillas hand before someone yells out “Go Away nothing here for freeloaders.” The thing laughs and yells. “Got you a shell that lost its creamy filling here granny.”
Leah looks up and cries harder “I..I..I tried so h..h..hic..hard to be able to h..h..hic..hic..hiccup help you and I ju ju just couldn’t. I did worked.”

Ambrose Betamax sits next to Leah. “That’s ok. you tried after all.”
AJ B. (GM): An old woman leaning on a polished black cane slams the door in front of Bharat opens and whacks the shaper on the head. “I ain’t your granny.” She then stares at Bharat a while before asking “Lost something valuable did you?”
Bharat: “Bharat soul taken by demon.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah leans into Ambrose crying into his shoulder for a while before muttering “All this time I’m supposed to be stronger and I couldn’t even help you go find Melo.”
The woman smiles and waves you inside smacking the shaper as he tries to follow. “Wait out here, Keran. I’ll be with you shortly.”

Bharat goes inside
AJ B. (GM): Once inside the woman leads you to a table and sits down on the opposite side of it. “So, you lost your soul, and judging by Keran bringing here you probably want it back right?”

Ambrose Betamax hugs leah. And makes general statements about how everything is ok. he’s not very good at this sort of thing.
Bharat: “Yes. Bharat like feel things”
AJ B. (GM): Leah asks “So how is Melo, you did find him right?!”
Ambrose Betamax: “his arm is gone, but he’ll be ok.”
AJ B. (GM): The woman nods. “Well then I can’t help you get it back directly but I can perhaps point you in the right direction.”
As Ambrose says that the phone nearby rings.
Bharat: “ok. Thank you.”

Ambrose Betamax goes over to pick it up, smooching Leah as he goes. :P
AJ B. (GM): The woman nods. “Life isn’t worth much without a soul. Just remember who your friends are when the time comes. Theres a place out a ways from here, an elevator hidden in a cave. It leads pretty deep into the ground, opening in a lets call it a laboratory lest I speak ill of the dead. Find the room where the skulls devour the floor and step on one of the tiles and you’ll find yourself a few steps closer to your soul.”
The doctor is on the other end of the line “Ambrose we have a problem here. It appears Melo is missing a bit more then his arm and this is something we can’t repair or replace.”
Bharat: “Can Bharat bring friend?”
Ambrose Betamax: “His soul, right? Yeah, A demon took it. I didn’t mention it cause I assumed you couldn’t do much about it.”
AJ B. (GM): The woman chuckles “I suggest you take as many friends as you can gather. The paths of the damned are hard enough without going it alone.”

Bharat quirks his head to the side, like a confused dog.
AJ B. (GM): The doctor mutters “Yeah, we can’t. that well honestly someone will have to go get it back. and preferably soon. Most patients who go into shock still have a strong will to live. Without a soul there is the possibility he might simply give up instead of recovering and well there won’t be much we can do to help him.”
Ambrose Betamax: “…oh… would I go about getting it back?”
AJ B. (GM): The woman sighs. “You want your soul back, you’re gonna have to go find who took it in hell. Or convince someone up here to summon them for you. I can tell you now, no one in the city will summon a soul stealer for anything a mortal could offer. So gather who you can, take them with you to hell and watch each others backs. It’s not a nice place.”
Bharat: “Demon still summoned? Bharat thought.”
AJ B. (GM): The doctor sighs. “Either going to need someone to summon whatever took his soul, or going to have to go find it and make it give it back. Beyond that I can’t really say what it will take.”
Ambrose Betamax: “Alright…I’ll try to find a way then. Summoning it isnt gonna happen, but hey, I’ve been to worse places than hell. Hell, you saw what happened to me there!”
AJ B. (GM): The woman shakes her head, “I felt it summoned even from here and I felt it leave. It gathered its fill and left the world of mortals.”
Bharat: “Two souls seems little. How kill demon?”
AJ B. (GM): “The demons can only hold ten souls at a time and it likely already had a few. Killing it shouldn’t be hard. Only way to make sure it’s fully dead is to kill it in its home. But once you’re there and facing it, well you kill it the same as you kill anything else.”
The doctor chuckles “Good luck Ambrose, and tread lightly.” he then hangs up and Leah looks at Ambrose shock plastered over her features.

Bharat smiles widely at that, baring more teeth than is considered polite… or friendly. “Bharat good at killing.”
AJ B. (GM): The woman smiles and for a moment her eyes seem to become reptilian and alight with an inner fire but as quick as it happens it’s gone making it impossible to tell if it was real or a trick of the light.
AJ B. (GM): (lol nope but it does start with a D, smirks)
Ambrose Betamax: (She’s a dragon? hey I have one of those)
(In fact I’m kinda hoping later that something happens with Albion, since Ambrose is his guardian)
Bharat: (If she’s a dragon, there’s no way bharat could do anything)

Ambrose Betamax wonders if “Dragon Guardian” can be Ambrose’s new prestige class

Bharat will allow it if Bharat can have “Dragon Aspirant” as his new prestige class
AJ B. (GM): Leah finally finds her words “How the hell did you forget to mention Melo lost his SOUL?!?!”

Melo at some point, freaks a bit when they the hospital staff try and take away his gun. No one really notices this, and this falls into the category of things likely not shared outside of the ER.
Ambrose Betamax: “Well…yeah….it got taken by a demon. I’m gonna go get it back though.”
(To GM): Yeah.. Melo’ll be spending a good deal of that coma locked into his gun if they don’t take it away. Woo telemechanics.

Bharat sits awkwardly in the room… “Where cave?”
AJ B. (GM): Leah grabs Ambrose by the ear and drags him out of the house. “Come on, I may not have been able to help before but you’re going to need more then just me and you.”
The woman gives directions to how to find it and then leads Bharat out. “Remember keep your friends close, watch your back, and if you happen to be able to keep the things eyes bring them back to me if you’d be so kind.”
Ambrose Betamax: “owowowowow Ok Ok!”
Bharat: “Eyes are squishy.”
AJ B. (GM): “That they are.” she hands you mason jar from a nearby table.
Ambrose Betamax: (she is oddly prepared for eye transportation)
Bharat: (… Because an old woman with a jar is so freaking unusual)
“Bharat need bigger jar.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah lets Ambrose go but leads him to Al’s watering hole. “This is the most dangerous dive in the city. Every single black hearted, cred loving, psycho, madman, and violent mind passes through here. So Do not tick them off. We’re here to find someone who will traipse through hell. That said, these people will be more tolerant of a male so I’m just going to be your arm candy here.”
The woman digs around through a pile of junk and pulls out a jar the size of Bharats Head. “This work?”
Ambrose Betamax: “My ear hurts.”
Bharat: “Yes! Demon bigger than Bharat. Big eyeballs!”
Ambrose Betamax: (that is the most surreal conversation I can currently think of)
AJ B. (GM): Leah drapes herself over Ambrose’s shoulders and opens the door gently pushing him inside.
The woman nods and hands the jar to Bharat. “Good luck Bharat.”
Ambrose Betamax: “Oh. I like this. you should lay all over me more often.” walks in with her
AJ B. (GM): The first thing you notice as you enter is the music blaring and the sound of singing. ( As you walk in you can see people scattered about the bar of all different races and lots of angry stares and scarred faces. Guns often sitting on the table near someones hand. Aside from the band they all turn to see Ambrose and seem to be appraising him as he walks in. The band is just as hardened as the rest of the patrons. The vocalist even moreso (leave you to describe Zea)

Ambrose Betamax is instantly horribly intimidated.
Ambrose Betamax: (in fact I need to save vs 12 since spooked lol)
(what do I roll for that O.o)
Quazil: (1d20-1)
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d20 + -1
= 4
Bharat: “Thank you Maggie!” Bharat takes the jar and decides to head to the bar that the soldier suggested.

Ambrose Betamax instantly makes an about face, wild eyed, and unless Leah stops him, marches right back out the door.

Quazil is on the stage at the head of the bar, a band behind him with those guitars and drums blaring, towering over the rest of the ‘band’ of rag-tag death dealers at nearly fourteen feet. An over sized mic was in his hand, but when it came down to it, the robed behemoth didn’t need it. “A boy gone astray, deceeeived by a god/ Remembers the day, bereft of his blood/…” His words were slow at first, telling the story to the backdrop of metal, “Much to your dismay, now equal we meet/ Self righteous repay, you kneel by my feet./ Iiii stand…/” A moment of breath before the next set of stanzas, “By the sword in my haaaand/ I will conquer the laaaand/ I will decimate, and decapitate/ Those who question the sword.. Iiin.. myyy.. haaaaaand!/” Another breath, “I seeek what you toook, I promise you’ll pay/ By hook, or by crook, a boy gone astray.. Iii… stand…/ By the sword in my haaaand/ I will conquer the laaaand/ I will decimate and decapitate,/ Those who question the sword… Iii.. stand!/” And about he’d move, graceful and with what is, without a doubt, someone who can perform. A true rock monster the stone man is. “By the sword in my haaaand/ I will conquer the laaaand/ I will decimate, and decapitate/ Those who question the sword.. Iiin.. myyy..” And then the tempo suddenly races, “Hand-/ I hold-the-final-truth-of-all-eternity/ It-happens-to-include-my-own-superiority/ Mischief of the past has come to seal your destiny/ Kneel-before-me-now-or-I-will-have-your-head-for-hereeessssy!” Another long moment would pass with a solo from the lead guitarist as the drums hammer in the background before he’d erupt into song again, that gravel of the earth more than fitting a creature of his size, “By the sword in my haaaand/ I will conquer the laaaand/ I will decimate and decapitate,/ Those who question the swooord… Iii stand!/” And again, that moment of breath and the rush of background music before that quickened pace, “By the sword in my haaaand/ I will conquer the laaaand/ I will decimate, and decapitate/ Those who question the sword.. Iiin.. myyy.. Hand-/ I hold-the-final-truth-of-all-eternity/ It-happens-to-include-my-own-superiority/ Mischief of the past has come to seal your destiny/ Kneel-before-me-now-or-I-will-have-your-head-for-hereeessssy!”
Quazil: (Wall of text: You can has.)
AJ B. (GM): Leah places her feet against the back of Ambroses and wraps her arms just a little tighter around him and pretends to nuzzle his ear while growling. “Left table 3 back. We sit there.”
Ambrose Betamax: (lol poor ambrose.)
Quazil: (Also: Lazy )

Ambrose Betamax does as Leah tells him.

Quazil would likely move into the next song in the set as the pair make their way through the bar, eyeing the pair that just took his limelight.. But soon enough, eyes would hopefully return to the show.
AJ B. (GM): Leah nods once Ambrose is sat down and asks the bartender for two shots of whiskey and a Dancing Flamingo.

Ambrose Betamax secretely hopes, under all his panic, that the dancing flamingo is an actual flamingo that dances, and that he can keep it.
AJ B. (GM): Once she had the drinks and sat the shots down in front of Ambrose the bar seemed to settle and return to it’s normal attitude.
As the next song is finishing another newcomer enters the bar, one Ambrose and Leah recognize.
Bharat has just entered the bar and even the bartender is sizing up the lizard looking a touch nervous.

Ambrose Betamax feels more secure seeing Bharat around and tries to get his attention.
Ambrose Betamax: (btw zea what happens when Melo is back together lol)
Quazil: (We will find out!)

Bharat approaches the bar, holding an enormous jar. “Cale Stone say give Bharat many Drinks for free.”
AJ B. (GM): The bartender nods. “Cale always was too generous. So what’s your poison?”
Bharat: “No poison! Drink! Bharat like fruity things.”

Ambrose Betamax wonders if Bharat will have a nectarini.

Quazil would just as much be sizing up the new comers as the rest of the bar before bellowing into his next song, just as metal as the others, pace quick and heavy, though it seemed to be the final song, the band hopefully getting at least some cheers from the patrons, “Thank you..!” Yep, that singing voice came just as smoothly as the rest of the heavy metal songs. “Now, buy the band some drinks!” Even as he spoke, he’d turn to walk off the stage, and towards the bar where the giant lizard had taken up residence. After all, he was head and shoulders above just about anyone else. “Al! Get me whatever my friend is having, if you’ve a chance?” Metal or not, at least the stone man was friendly about it. He might even slap Bharat on the back, “And put his next round on my tab.” And then to Bharat, “Pity you missed most of the show.”
Bharat: “Bharat getting jar for big eyeballs.”
“Bharat also no know music playing.”
AJ B. (GM): The guy nods and mixes up something that seems to involve a variety of tropical fruits. After he finishes it he makes a second for Quazil. “Great set tonight Quaz. Think I saw a couple of the ‘too cool to show emotions’ tapping their feet.”
Quazil: “No problems. I’m sure you’ll catch the next show.” And then he’d lean down on the bar; It wasn’t exactly built for things the size of the lizard and himself, after all. “Yeah. Shows like this make me want to get back out there. The guys’re just never up for it anymore. Credits’re good enough playing shows. Fuckers have no clue how good the creds are with a blade and some blood.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah happens to hear the comment and nudges Ambrose and mouths “Go buy him a drink.” and tilts her head towards the singer.

Bharat takes a swig of his fruity drink. “Bharat going to hunt demon soon. Maybe tomorrow. Been long day. Bharat Tired.”

Ambrose Betamax does as he’s told, but is reeeeally terrified as he does. he’s big and scary.
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d20 + -1
= 10

Ambrose Betamax sits back down again “bbut-”

Quazil is a bit giant and scary, yes. “Demon hunting, eh? The pay any good?” He seemed to show some casual interest, slamming back his drink as if it were a shot. “Al, Get me another! And throw some gravel in there, would’ja?”
Bharat: “No pay. Bharat had soul stolen. Gonna get it back.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah kicks Ambrose in the shin and bares her teeth. hissing low “If you don’t I’m going to get some raw meet to eat and use the altered teeth to bite a large chunk out of somewhere uncomfortable.”

Ambrose Betamax gets up and does as he’s told. quickly.

Quazil glanced over at the lizard, as if sizing him up for a moment, “..Suppose that’s a reason to go after it. Sounds like it’ll pay double.”
Bharat: “Bharat also collect eyes for Maggie.” He looks down at the jar and grins that horrific, toothy grin of his. Then takes another drink
AJ B. (GM): Al mixes up the drink and sets it before Quazil. Watching the deerman come up towards the living rock. “Looks like somebody else may be interested in your discussion.”
Ambrose Betamax: “uh. hhhi…So uh…Yeah. hi.”

Quazil glanced over at the deer that was so timid in approaching, a mirthful laugh escaping, “Looking for an autograph, deer-boy?”
Bharat: “Hi Ambrose!” Bharat says, half cheerily

Ambrose Betamax eeps for a moment. “uuuuh… Bharat, so uh Melo’s soul is gone too and we need to find people to help us go get yours and his souls back and Leah made me come here and it’s scary as all hell and she’s making me come up here and and buy This big rock guy a drink.”
Ambrose Betamax: “so uh…hello big rock guy.”

Bharat shrugs. “Bharat go get soul for Melo too. Maybe tomorrow.”

Quazil glanced sidelong at the lizard, then back at the deer. “..Sounds like you two have a quandary on your hands. You two planning on going after it alone? Or are you bringing a proper army?”
Ambrose Betamax: “I think that’s why leah made me come here? She dragged me by my ear.”
Bharat: “Ambrose no fight! Ambrose Squishy Deer-bee!”
AJ B. (GM): Leah massages her temples and walks over. Just truly baffled at Ambrose. She drapes herself over him again. “We can’t afford an army. Frankly I don’t think the residents would take kindly to an invasionary force anyways.”

Quazil laughed a bit and shook his head at the female deer. “Yeah.” And then he’d down that second drink that had been delivered eventually, “Al, let me grab another. His tab.” And he’d point at Ambrose, “I suppose they wouldn’t care much for a full blown invasion force, but by the sounds of it, you’re going to need to hire on some muscle. Doubt the three of you’ll be able to get where ever it is this demon is hiding. They’re not in the most friendly places around. So.” And he’d turn and look directly at the dressed-to-impress-Deer-Bee. “What CAN you afford?”
Bharat: “Bharat know how to get there. Bharat smart.”
Ambrose Betamax: “….I dunno. I never really understood money. Leah, do you know what I can afford?”
AJ B. (GM): Leah nods and seems to think and calculate. “We can pay you 10 grand on completion of the assignment contingent on the retrieval of Bharat and Melo’s souls.”
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambrose has 45785 coalition credits)
(that he knows of anyways. the sheets pretty out of date, but he’s never spent anything lol)
Bharat: (Bharat has no idea how much he has)

Quazil seemed to think about it. “Twenty up front. Ten on completion. By the sounds of it, you’re going places that ten gets you transport there. Anything that’d be able to tap my friend here’s” A clap at Bharat’s back, “soul is not something to tangle with for cheap.”

Quazil has got to be itching for combat and glory on par with the songs he’s been belting out if he’s willing to work that cheap.
Ambrose Betamax: “Uh leah, How much do I have and is that fair?”
AJ B. (GM): “Bharat has already stated he knows how to get us there so transport cost is irellevant. 5 up front as good faith though and 10 on completion.”

Quazil lifted one of those massive stone hands to his chin in thought. “Ten up front, twelve on completion.” And then he’d slam back the next drink. “And I cover my own ammo.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah considers for a little while. “Agreed, looting rights go to whoever makes any killing shot sound fair to you?”
Bharat: “No.”
“Bharat Leader. Bharat Get loot.”
“Bharat need eyes.”

Quazil had to laugh at the suggestion! Though he’d start to put his hand out to the deer-bee until Bharat said no. “My friend, the leader is whom ever bank rolls me says is leader. And the eyes be damned, you can have them as long as you can rip ‘em out of the demon’s face.”
AJ B. (GM): “Ok with the exception that Bharat collects the eyes he needs. Otherwise looting rights go to the killer. Fair enough Bharat?”
Quazil: (Time check, to make sure Bharat isn’t staying up too late for work?)

Bharat looks between Quazil, Leah and Ambrose. “Bharat just not show you.” He shrugs. The loss of the soul made him very easy going, but left him somehow more stubborn
Bharat: (I should have been in bed at 11:30. :P But I’m having fun)
AJ B. (GM): Leah rolls her eyes “Bharat, we’re trying to be fair about this. Look Ambrose and I are squishy, so it’s unlikely either of us will kill anything. We’re going to deal with the problems that can’t be solved with violence. Our stony friend here is being very generous particularly if he is what I think he is and deserves a decent pay. We can only afford so much and this would go towards that debt.”

Quazil would let Leah do the talking; After all, he didn’t exactly know the lizard aside from perhaps having seen him in the quarter once or twice. He turned his head back to the lizard, then shrugged a bit. “And you’re gonna have a hell of a time getting what you’re after, too. Do y’really think you’re making the right choice here, friend? You’ve got some people willing to bank roll you a bit of extra muscle.”
Bharat: “They want Melo Soul. Bharat is… extra? Right word?”
Ambrose Betamax: “We want your soul too.”
“well we want you to have it. we won’t like, keep it or anything.”
“By the way, are there more soul stealers in hell? We aren’t just gonna end up having all lost our souls are we?”
Quazil: “Package deal, friend.” A shrug, “If I’m going where we’re going, together with your friends, why wouldn’t I be after yours as well?” And he’d stiffen just a little before muttering, ‘I shoulda held out for the full 30’
AJ B. (GM): “Bharat has been a good friend to both Melo and Ambrose and has earned both our respect and admiration. We want you to have the best chance of getting your soul back just as much as we want Melo’s.”
Bharat: “Don’t let it hit you. No lose soul.” Bharat says, looking at his drink. “Bharat have plan…”
Quazil: “Oh? Well, I’m all ears.”
Bharat: “Salt.”
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 77 Demons and Monster Lore based on conversations at hand.
= 1 Successes
Quazil: “Salt, my friend, is a part of a plan. How will you be trapping it? How will you be tracking it?”
Bharat: “Salt is trap. Bharat work on rest later.”

Quazil glanced at Leah. “Twelve up front.”
Bharat: “Bharat know a guy.”
AJ B. (GM): “Twelve up front and ten on completion.”
Quazil: “Done. Al, another drink. Black Hole this time.” Casual he was about it. “And I’ll likely need to cancel a few shows.”
AJ B. (GM): Al nods and makes the drink “Understandable, we’ll miss you when you’re gone, but I kinda figured you’d need that blood boiling again eventually.”
Leah offers her hand to Quazil.
Quazil: “Damn right I will. Been too long.since I let the blood rage out. Too much trouble in the city.” And he’d casually lift his drink in cheers, “To hell and damnation. To the Eagle’s Hammer, and house’s pride.” And he’d stand, turning about to the bar, “Hold the Eagle’s Hammer high with a Battle Cry, for the house’s past I will live and I will die.” Another cheer of his mug, the drink slammed back and glass slammed carefully on the bar (Read: Al needs a new glass), and then he’d grasp Leah’s hand and give it a shake. “When do we ride?”
Ambrose Betamax: (oh my god please say at dawn)
Bharat: “Bharat need new armor.”
“Bharat llet people know.”

Quazil again looked to the lizard. “That..’ll take a bit of time, big guy.” And then back to Leah and Ambrose, then to Al, “At least tomorrow’s show’ll go on.”
AJ B. (GM): (Alright guys I’m nearly toast so I think that may be a good spot to call it.)
Quazil: (Good plan for me. Yay sleep! And hopefully you guys don’t mind the whole ‘I will break into song when its fitting’ bit.)
Bharat: “Bharat not made of stone. Bharat need armor to fight demon. Be Lucky Bharat not make own armor.”
Ambrose Betamax: (oki)
AJ B. (GM): 600 exp each.
extra 400 for Ambrose, 400 for Bharat and 300 for Quazil.
Ambrose Betamax: Ooh :D

Quazil air guitars.

Bharat wonders how many fruits are in his drink exactly…

Ambrose Betamax falls over.
Ambrose Betamax: bahahahaha sorry jacior
AJ B. (GM): Recap, last we left off the party had seperated to go prepare for their trip into hell.
Alright, so Bharat you were planning to get your armor replaced correct?
Also, Quazil, Ambrose, any preperations for this?

Ambrose Betamax doesn’t know how to prepare for hell itself lol

Quazil brings up the “How do we get back” part of the plan.
Bharat: Yes

Quazil otherwise, makes standard prep: Weapons, Ammo, Food, Water, standard survival gear, and above all, research.

Ambrose Betamax mostly worries. He is still afraid of quazil, and has most likely just spent most of his money on him.
(From AJ B. (GM)): any particular research?
(To GM): Information on soul stealers, their ilk, possible locations, and just who he accepted a contract from. Also general ideas of what to prepare for, and how to get back from hell.
AJ B. (GM): Leah tries to comfort Ambrose as well as explain his finances to him.
(From AJ B. (GM)): I forget was there a research skill?
(To GM): There is, but skill wise, it just makes it faster and easier. Lists in it that anyone can perform research even without it.

Ambrose Betamax came from a tribal world that din’t really do economics. It’s very alien to him.

Melo did what he could to explain things to the deer, but he never managed to get the concept of credits having value in comparison to bartering.
(From AJ B. (GM)): alright. Well there isn’t much on Ambrose he hasn’t drawn nearly as much attention. He’s known as Melo’s companion, where he lives and a fondness for pets. Thats about all the common knowledge has on him.
(From AJ B. (GM)): the soul stealers there isn’t a lot on aside from rumors and hearsay. Mainly that they are hard negotiators who love to make deals and prefer to avoid a fight when possible.
(From AJ B. (GM)): the only mentions of getting out of hell are specifically through summons or finding a rift that happens to lead out.

Ambrose Betamax fails at this understanding.
Ambrose Betamax: “But that’s silly. Why use some other thing that is useless when you can just skip it and get what you need for the work?”

Melo knew he did. He gave up several years ago, and just did what he could to prevent the deer from making bad choices.

Ambrose Betamax is glad melo is able to talk again though, so stays with him as long as he can manage."
AJ B. (GM): Leah looks at Ambrose and sighs. “Alright lets see if I can explain this by comparison.”

Melo is quite in a coma! He’s just offering background flavor.
AJ B. (GM): “Suppose you go to another tribe and they don’t speak your language at all. It’s almost impossible to communicate right?”
(To GM): Next step is to try and find someone who’ll be able to maintain contact, and actually pull the whole party out, and failing that, himself, depending on costs.
Ambrose Betamax: “ok…that does happen.”
AJ B. (GM): “Now suppose there was one universal language that no matter where you went it was spoken. That would make things easier right?”
Ambrose Betamax: “I suppose.”
(From AJ B. (GM)): Well unfortunately no one in the city seems to be able to do that. Though you could try and contact the MKs and hope.
(To GM): It’s a viable option. After all, a contract’ll need to be reported and proper cuts given to the house.
AJ B. (GM): “Now lets suppose the work for say a new suit. Suppose someone believed it was worth say delivering a letter to the other side of the ocean, while another person thinks it’s only worth delivery to another street in the city. The two are so far apart. that it’s unlikely they can find a middle ground, right?”
Ambrose Betamax: “right.”
(From AJ B. (GM)): well one of the members of the house says they can keep in touch but it won’t be constant so much as a “can cast contact spell every so often.” and can get your group back when possible.
AJ B. (GM): "Now suppose instead they both have one thing that is guaranteed as payment for any other service they should want. No matter where they go this “thing” will be accepted for what they need."
(To GM): Good enough. After all, the house is there to support their own goals, and not coddle those within or who can’t defend themselves. Otherwise, prep work, and depending on how long things go, keep doing the music, and make sure the bar tab is paid off.
AJ B. (GM): The tailor now instead of needing to trade someone willing to cross the ocean in exchange for his work has the option to save up this universal constant to eventually pay someone to send the letter.
Ambrose Betamax: “Ah. so it’s something that represents ‘stuff people want’”
AJ B. (GM): “Yes.”
Ambrose Betamax: “I suppose that could be useful. But isn’t that wasteful if you can just do what my tribe does?”
AJ B. (GM): shrugs “Some of the tribes ways are useful others are not. and some simply don’t work on a larger scale.”
(From AJ B. (GM)): The one offering to help does clarify they want a 6% personal cut on the contract.
Ambrose Betamax: “I suppose. but what if people come up with more than one of these currencies? then isn’t it just the same problem?”
(To GM): Well worth the cost; What good is money if you can’t live to use it? Though payment would be rendered after services… Just in case the financier finds other arrangements, though he’ll highly recommend simply adjusting the fee by paying the contact direct.
AJ B. (GM): “To some extent yes, that’s why for a while UTC’s were instituted unfortunately the CS wasn’t happy with that and did institute their own to keep their people dependent on them and unable to leave.”
Ambrose Betamax: “So it sounds like it’s really just a tool for people to control other people.”
“Like, it could have been good if everyone abided by one, but”
AJ B. (GM): “Technically everything can be boiled down to that in the end.”
Ambrose Betamax: “The tribes would never do that though. Miine didn’t, and no one we traded with.”
AJ B. (GM): “Whatever you trade for someone elses work is to get them to do what you want is it not?”
Ambrose Betamax: “well…yes, but not in a manipulative way.”
“I want this and you want that, and and we each have what the other wants is all.”
AJ B. (GM): “and the money isn’t anymore manipulative, unless misused. All tools can be used as weapons and all weapons can be used as tools.”
Ambrose Betamax: “…Maybe I should just have one of you guys manage mine then. I’m never going to understand this. and it seems so complicated. I mean…how much is one credit worth really?”
AJ B. (GM): “Now that is insanely complicated and even scholars who spend their life studying this can’t agree on an answer.”
Ambrose Betamax: “So it’s just up to interpretation? Anyone can just set whatever price they want? I suppose in order to actually get what you want you’d have to ask for less of them than the people around you. But still. seems silly.”
(Ambrose has the power to turn entire rpg’s into philosophical descussions)
AJ B. (GM): “In some ways it is but its also a matter of whats available. For instance lets say you want tea while you’re here. There isn’t much of it right?”
Ambrose Betamax: “Right. So in my tribe that would mean it either just wasn’t really worth it, unless it was important. Or we’d have to give them something more useful.”
“to them anyways.”
“But this currency is always useful to everyone. So that doesn’t work.”
AJ B. (GM): “Exactly, and so instead it simply costs more or less depending on availability. Here you could say spend 500 on a cup of tea. Whereas in a place it grows naturally you might only spend 50”
Ambrose Betamax: “Like…Someone has something rare but useful to me that they don’t need. So If I had something also rare or very useful to them, but that I don’t need, it’s a good trade.”
“But with this money, Since I can get anything with it, it’s useful to us all. no one would want to part with it.”
AJ B. (GM): “Yes, many people are reluctant to part with it and thats why neccessities as well as luxuries cost.”
“Food, water, shelter. These things all come with a price tag attached.”
Ambrose Betamax: Huh. I just eat whatever is around. And I didn’t know we paid for our house. And…it just rains, that seems dumb."
AJ B. (GM): “Rain is scarce in many places. months without water will kill most species. Possibly even us. I don’t know what you’re paying Cockatrice for the use of her house, but she tends to deal much more in the way you’re used to. But whatever it is, it ain’t an easy task.”
Ambrose Betamax: “…I’m not actually sure what she had us do.”
AJ B. (GM): At that moment someone strolls in through the door. and a female voice says “I think my ears are burning.”
Ambrose Betamax: “Oh. Did you have sex with that bartender? She has a reputation…”

Quazil likely isn’t there.
Ambrose Betamax: “You should see a doctor. they’ll clear that right up.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah promptly places her hand over Ambrose’s mouth. “It’s good to see you, I hope you’ve been keeping well.”
Cockatrice: “Well you know. Running the cities lower levels is always draining and I recently heard a rumor that one of my contractors is in the hospital. Now please let Ambrose speak. I do need to discern what actually happened.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah ducks her head as she removes her hand from Ambrose’s mouth.
Ambrose Betamax: “Uh…Well a demon took Melo’s arm. And his soul. And bharat’s soul too.”
Cockatrice: sighs heavily “That is troubling news to hear. Reports state that Melo is in a coma while Bharat is somewhere in the city. Is that correct?”
Ambrose Betamax: “Yeah. Bharat by the way was very good and didn’t hurt anyone. Even carried melo to get help.”
“so..if he’s still gonna be in trouble after all this, I’ll sign whatever thing that was before.”
Cockatrice: “Good to know he can be useful, and for the moment he will be fine. The military recently claimed he was a mercenary under their command and rooting out dissidents in the city. Now unfortunately there is the matter of Melo’s contracts with me. How long is he expected to be out, and are any preperations being made to repair him?”
Ambrose Betamax: Once he’s awake, well….Don’t tell anyone, but I’m gonna donate my arm if he okays it. If he does he should be fine.

Cockatrice nods “yes but what about waking him up, is there any plan regarding that or are you simply hoping he will do so on his own?”
Ambrose Betamax: “By the way don’t tell anyone about my arm being donated.”
“Doctor says he should wake up soon.”

Cockatrice shakes her head. “Unlikely. Doctor clearly is unfamiliar with the loss of a soul. Not surprising really.”
Cockatrice: “Ambrose, do you know what it takes most to break out of a coma?”
Ambrose Betamax: “…no. But if it helps we are already getting ready to go retrieve his and Bharats.”
Cockatrice: “Good, excellent even. He’ll need it if you want him to wake up. Still you, Bharat, and Leah don’t seem like much of a force, even if it is only one demon.”
Ambrose Betamax: “Leah? can you tell her about that guy?”
Leah Razortongue: “We hired Quazil, I’m sure someone as well connected as you knows the name. Especially since he sings at one of the bars under your ‘protection’”
Ambrose Betamax: “And leah is trying to teach me about money.”

Cockatrice nods “He doesn’t work cheap. Wait, you hired him while not understanding money?!” Her eyes widen in disbelief.
Ambrose Betamax: “Leah did it mostly. She looked at what I had. I hope it was fair. I’ve never spent any money before.”
Cockatrice: “I doubt it’s possible to get a fair deal from him or his associates, but Leah at least knows the value of a credit. If there is any assistance I can grant you please let me know. I need Melo to finish a couple jobs after all.” with that she heads out.
Ambrose Betamax: “I don’t know what we need. We are going to hell though.”
Cockatrice: stops dead in her tracks. “The demon got away and went home with the souls? I wish you lot’s of luck. beyond that all I can say is you’ll need, nerves of steel, wits of the ancients, and the resolve of the mountains.”
Ambrose Betamax: “Oh dear.”

Quazil is likely out singing. Because he’s got bills to pay. Go to the Cash Machine, Screen Says ’Don’t make plans you’re broke’, as it were.

Ambrose Betamax is back
Quazil: (Welcome back)
[Insert time happening here]

Quazil sooner or later, would show up that night, or maybe another night, clad in his standard robes. A knock at the door [Just where ARE they meeting up?] or maybe a more direct phone call would be better to setting up a meeting. Just how DID he get that phone number, anyways?
AJ B. (GM): Well once Ambrose is here if no one objects we’ll time skip ahead a bit.
also fair warning this won’t be our usual length game. I’m likely only up for 4 to 6 hours max
Ambrose Betamax: boop
AJ B. (GM): alright, so last time everyone was prepping for departure from the city and their trip to hell.

Ambrose Betamax thinks he is prepared. he hopes all his nice clothes are fireproof.

Quazil would be prepping, gathering gear, setting up back up plans, the standard for a merc op. Hopefully they would have set up a meeting place.
AJ B. (GM): (Alright does anyone object to a timeskip here?)
Ambrose Betamax: (nope)

Bharat is aquiring things while being all sneaky-like.
Bharat: (Nope, I’m cool!)

Ambrose Betamax is rotating clockwise real fast to move foward in time.

Ambrose Betamax falls over.
AJ B. (GM): Alright it’s about a week later and everyone is prepped. The Horune have left and D-bees are once more free to leave the city. The group is meeting at the safehouse that Ambrose and Melo have been using to avoid anyone overhearing their discussions just in case. Leah greets the Quazil and Bharat, welcoming them to the house.

Quazil let himself into the grounds (After all, by now, the Droid hadn’t been seen at the house since dropping off the damaged skycycle), a polite nod given to Leah. He’d even go as far as to put out his cigar outside before letting himself in. His first question, however: “Do you have a plan to get out once the mission is complete?”

Bharat shrugs. “Walk?”
Leah Razortongue: (also feel free to disregard the randomly appearing and disappearing tokens. at this time they are of no significance =P)

Quazil almost is taken aback by the reply. Almost. “My friend… You plan to walk out of Hell?” And then he’d laugh. That deep, hearty laugh of one who saw a joke when they heard it, and knew it wasn’t a joke. It almost felt forced, but was genuine enough to not be.. And then he’d go right back to being deadly serious. “The price has gone up 10% for retrieval after the mission is complete. Is this understood?”

Quazil didn’t ask if this was agreeable, mind. This was an outright ‘You understand my terms’ statement.
Ambrose Betamax: “Leah?”
Leah Razortongue: Leah looks hard at Quazil “and the reason for this increase in price?”
Quazil: “Because transportation out was not included in my fee, and now it is. Transportation is not free.”
Leah Razortongue: “You can guarantee transport out, that does not involve walking and is quick enough to warrant that increase?”

Bharat shrugs again. “Walk in, why no walk out?”
Quazil: “I can provide a way out. Tell me, how do you walk out of another dimension that has no simple land bridge back to this place? Do you wish to trust a demon or deevil to provide us with transport, when they know we’ve no other options?”

Quazil is slowly, oh so very slowly, having it dawn on him just how insane the group is. “…You plan to walk INTO hell?” This did catch him off guard.

Bharat nods. “Bharat know way.”
Quazil: “And where will this way in place us? Is this gateway both ways? Can you assure me that it will be?”
Bharat: “Bharat no know. Bharat Guess so. Be mean to send Bharat to Hell without way out.”
Quazil: “Ten percent.”
Leah Razortongue: “Ten percent upon completion and exit for everyone here.”
Quazil: “Upon extraction for all alive upon retrieval.”
Leah Razortongue: Leah nods “Agreed. I do believe we’re ready then. If you don’t want to go to hell now’s the time to speak up.”

Ambrose Betamax girds his loins and makes sure his pets have all the things theu need.
Quazil: “Agreed.” A quick review: The name of the demon is known and has been provided, yes / no? And otherwise gear has been gathered, salt obtained, weapons charged, rations provided and everything?
Leah Razortongue: (not sure who all heard the name?)

Ambrose Betamax wasn’t there :P)
(To GM): Without a doubt, a name would have been asked for a week ago, to at least give him a chance to research it. Without a name… good god.
(From Leah Razortongue): when did Melo whisper it and who was around? I can’t seem to place the timing of that

Matt S. bounces a little where he was sitting. “Bharat get salt!” He pulls out a number of sheets of folded plastic out. “See?”
(To GM): He woulda sang it when Bharat was around when he was slipping into delirium. He said it when in the truck, but again, he was a bit delirious and in shock.
Ambrose Betamax: “Oh Bharat, I’d been meaning to thank you for saving melo. THAK YOUUUU” (Ambrose is lunge-hugging at this point.)

Bharat also makes a strange motion with his fingers. “Bharat need to get changed into armor too-WHY AMBROSE ATTACK BHARAT?!”
Ambrose Betamax: “Lemee hug you dammit.”

Bharat pushes ambrose away with a single arm. “Ambrose no attack Bharat.”

Ambrose Betamax pretty much has fallen apart in a matter of seconds. he’’s been stressed for a while and is bursting before the scary mission. he falls over from the push and sniffles.

Quazil just.. looks on. “Við erum svo helvíti.” Quiet muttering.

Leah Razortongue hugs Ambrose “It will be alright. We have a plan. We have a solid group who are loyal to our cause or at least our purse.”
Bharat: “Bharat know demon name.”
Leah Razortongue: (Also Ambrose was around to hear Melo say the name once though not sure if he would have looked into it)

Quazil woulda asked for it in the week prior, so that he can actually try and find out just what he’s agreed to take on.
Ambrose Betamax: (oh in that case he’d probs remember.)
Bharat: (I doubt Ambrose would have thought anything about it)
Leah Razortongue: (Melo was delirious and missing an arm, was during the time in the truck. How much of that time does Ambrose remember I guess is the question)
Bharat: (The name is Naxaiel)

Ambrose Betamax would probably have that burned into his mind. Melo is important to him

Melo was also slurring his speech at the time from one hell of a concussion.
Leah Razortongue: (so would one of you have told Quazil during prep time?)
Ambrose Betamax: (I guess we can assume Ambrose mentioned it at some point during that week?)
Leah Razortongue: (works for me)
(Alright you guys ready to head out of the city then?)

Quazil does the standard planning: Where we’re going, how we’re getting there, retrieval arrangements already set up, gear in full working order, a three boxes of cigars.. And then a simple “I’ll meet you there.” Before he’d vanish in a waft of shadows.
(To GM): Fuck dealing with the gate and a load of magic. He’d be porting with his blade to get out of the city walls.
Ambrose Betamax: “Oh wait I liked your singi-oh he’s gone.”
(From Leah Razortongue): assume you mean outside the gate seeing as Bharat never gave directions to how to get “there”?
(To GM): Yeah. A general meeting location of ‘Where are we walking to outside of the city’
Leah Razortongue: (Alright so Quazil has vanished off to somewhere presumably a meeting spot a little ways outside the city walls because I know Bharat hasn’t shared the location and intends to just lead everyone there. Hell not sure Bharat could give clear directions lol)

Bharat goes to put on his fancy new armor and double check his weapons and equipment before heading out their too.
AJ B. (GM): Alright when the 3 of you arrive at the gate the guards stop you for a quick basic check. “Reason for leaving the city?”
Bharat: “Going to hell.”
AJ B. (GM): The guards blink and wave you through without another word after a quick look at each other.
(simplest way to get through a beuracracy, say things so fucking insane that no one wants to write up the reports)
Bharat: (Bharat is the best person to face a lie detector cause he never lies)
AJ B. (GM): Alright the group of you meet up and Bharat leads you to where he was told. However at the cave entrance two thugs are standing guarding it and immediately train their rifles on the 4 of you. “All of you hold where you are and state your business.”

Quazil is letting the others lead; he’s the hired muscle, there to hurt people.
Bharat: “Bharat going to hell with friend and rock man.”
AJ B. (GM): “This is the property of Cockatrice so unless she gave you permission to enter here I suggest you look for another entrance.”
Bharat: (Incidently, Bharat is now wearing a suit of crusader armor sized for him)

Quazil starts to approach, “Friends, did The Lady not clear our passage with you already?” And he’d look at Ambrose, Leah and Bharat. “Can you believe that she’d not have sent word of our arrival?” And back to the guards with a sigh, still approaching casually, hands at ease before him. “Time is of the essence, and I’d rather not disturb The Lady in the middle of a meeting to bring your error to her attention.”
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 75 Trust check.
= 1 Successes
AJ B. (GM): The guards look at each other a bit nervously and whisper amongst themselves, before turning back. “Give us your names so we can ensure that whichever runner was supposed to be here is reprimanded properly. Then you can head on in.”
(Also Ambrose you recognize this cave, that elevator is awaiting your return inside)
Bharat: “Bharat name Bharat.”
Ambrose Betamax: (oh!)
“Wait a minute. This isn’t her cave. We discovered it and told her about it in the first place!”

Bharat looks at Ambrose. “This ambrose cave?”
AJ B. (GM): “It was sold to her by a woman with a rather crazy look in her eye.”
Ambrose Betamax: “yeah! Mine and Melo’s!”
AJ B. (GM): “Wait a minute, you are Ambrose?”
Ambrose Betamax: “Yeah!”
AJ B. (GM): “Hmm, that changes things. Ms. Cockatrice felt this area would be fairly dangerous to one with your inclinations. Do you know which room you are going to down there?”

Bharat growls at the men. “This Ambrose Cave. You leave.”
Quazil: “Thank you. We appreciate you addressing the issue promptly.” Yep, giant stone man, wearing the flag of one of the houses of the Mystic Knights, being polite and not removing limbs and rending bodies. Very, very good idea to simply agree with him. “And my name is Quazil, of House Isen. I present to you my employers, Ambrose, Leah, and Bharat, who has introduced himself already.” And he’d glance to the trio to explain things; he knew nothing of the location below.
Ambrose Betamax: “I already know what’s down there. Hell, we still have some of the stuff we found there before you guys knew the place existed….Hell I have one right here.”
AJ B. (GM): “Our contract and our lawyers would beg to differ. We were informed of this place by one Miss Krem who sold it to our employer fairly, claiming discovery of it. Melo never made mention of this place in any of his briefings and our records indicate niether did you Mister Ambrose. If you were involved in the discovery I suggest you take up getting your share of payment with Miss Krem”
Ambrose Betamax: “Oh.Krem. That…would explain a lot.”

Bharat growls again. “Who Krem? Bharat hurt Krem.”
Bharat: “Paper and wordy man mean nothing. Ambrose found, Ambrose keep.”

Quazil turned to Bharat and Ambrose, “Friends.. Let us simply move on, and worry of who owns this later.” And back to the guards, “I would rather not add the cost of two of The Lady’s Guards to your bill.”
Ambrose Betamax: “She left. but she never owned this place any more than we did. It wasn’t hers to give away. No one owns it.”
Bharat: “Only two?”
AJ B. (GM): “Someone built it. Therefore someone owned it. It was abandoned according to Krem and she was able to describe it in detail as well as the entrance. By australian salvage rights she had first claim to ownership of the structure. Again if you were along for the discovery please feel free to take it up with your associate when you find her.”
Ambrose Betamax: “…I don’t want to go back down there anyways. The elevator was….not fun.”
“But Krem is gone. she left austrailia.”
Quazil: “By rights and contract, the property belongs to The Lady.” And back to Ambrose and Bharat, “Our passage has been provided by The Lady, on the grounds we answer the request of where we are headed. My friends, let us pay this fee and be done with it. The Lady does place a high price on her Guardsmen.”
Ambrose Betamax: “fine.”
Bharat: “They said Ambrose not go in.”
AJ B. (GM): “We merely said it is dangerous for him to roam in the area. If we know where he is going we will send an escort with you to ensure no one wanders off to a room they shouldn’t”
Bharat: “Is secret.”

Quazil lifted one of his hands to face palm, hand shifting as if holding something, starting to talk before the guards covered what he was to say.
AJ B. (GM): “Then unfortunately we can’t allow Ambrose to enter. The rest of you are free to but should you try and leave with anything you will be killed on the spot.”
Ambrose Betamax: “wait, why am I the only one banned?”
AJ B. (GM): “You have a habit of finding dangerous things and determining they are amusing or cuddly.”
“Lots of the things down there are dangerous”
Ambrose Betamax: “Yeah but I was here before. I already have the cuddly ones.”

Quazil sighs lightly, then turns to Bharat. “My Friend,” And words were terse, “You will Tell Them where we are going. Now. Should you not know where we are heading, You will tell them THAT. You will do this, Now, or my fee will grow far, far beyond what you will be able to afford as you will then task me with finding us another way into Hell, and that is Not a cheap task nor favor. Am I Understood?”
AJ B. (GM): The guards blink “You said you were trying to get to hell through here didn’t you?” He looks at Bharat.
Ambrose Betamax: “How is it secret? She already knows we are doing this.”

Ambrose Betamax turns to the guards and explains the gist of the situation as he understands it.
Bharat: “Bharat already said that.” He says, before looking at Quazil. “Bharat doesn’t take orders from rock man.”
AJ B. (GM): The guards whisper to each other and sigh heavily. “We’re pretty sure we know which room you need to go to. Though if you come back through that room somehow let us know how you pulled it off.” he pauses for a bit “and Mr. Ambrose, please try not to bring back a pet demon. I feel we may get in trouble should we have a hand in you acquiring one.” They then radio down and someone comes up shortly after. “Please follow me and do not wander off.”

Ambrose Betamax is very prone to wandering off.
Quazil: “Thank you, my Friends.” He was genuinely polite to the guards, walking into the cave and leaving his employer behind, should they not travel behind him.
AJ B. (GM): Leah follows Quazil dragging Ambrose by the hand.

Ambrose Betamax has to deal with…the elevator once more
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d20 + -1
= 16

Quazil is just a touch more frightening then the elevator if that’s any kind of motivation.
Ambrose Betamax: (is that the roll I need to make for spooking?)
Quazil: (Yeah, I think that’s a solid pass.)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol quazil, if anything you being there would raise the DC a bit)
Quazil: (True!)
Bharat: (Is ambrose claustrophobic?)
Ambrose Betamax: (ambrose has the mentality of a prey animal. there are no avenues of escape)
Quazil: (A smidge, yeah. Not overly hugely, but he also has had some bad experiences with this elevator.)

Ambrose Betamax does shake some in the elevator and hangs on to Leah..who possibly also is having issues lol
Bharat: (Bharat and Quazil are both crammed in their too and at least Bharat is a predator)
Ambrose Betamax: (more DC raising thank you.)
(prey animal not happy)

Quazil might actually even need to wait for a second trip, considering how big both Bharat and he are.
AJ B. (GM): The elevator is actually far more cramped this time around yes. As in the three tiny human sized things are basically pressed to the door/walls on the front of the elevator. (Ambrose need a horror factor roll at a -7)
Ambrose Betamax: (I think at that point he rather fails)
AJ B. (GM): (ehh it’s basically a shipping elevator meant to take extremely heavy/large objects up and down so everyone can cram in there with work. Just not easily)

Ambrose Betamax totally panics and gets all crazy eyed and hangs onto Leah for dear life, she being the only really familiar face in all this.
Ambrose Betamax: (wow, ambrose is like, the sole constant of the campaign)

Quazil quietly starts to sing, “? Where do bad folks go when they die?/ They don’t go to heaven where the angels fly/ They go to the lake of fire and fry/ Won’t see them again ’till the fourth of July…?” Because it was either that, or Lake of Fire.
AJ B. (GM): after a little while the door opens and Leah makes sure Ambrose gets out quickly.
The guard immediately moves ahead of them. “I have to reiterate here, and I am extremely serious. D o not wander off. Theres a high probability of being killed down here, either by guards or some of the shit down here.”
Bharat: “Bharat take care of self.”

Ambrose Betamax is too shaken to do anything but go wherever leah’s hand pulls him.
Ambrose Betamax: (Hopefully hell isn’t comprised of a lot of enclosed spaces)

Quazil would likely get through the entire song; after all, it’s a short song and a long trip, with no elevator music. At least the Lockdown message was still disabled. At least he’d simply follow along, once the smaller humans had made their way out. He’d even let Bharat go first as courtesy dictates.
AJ B. (GM): The guard leads all of you to a room and opens the door displaying a black marble floor with a giant skull covering the entire thing. “Well this is the place. The instant you step in you’ll be where you want to go. At least according to the last people who walked into the room.”

Quazil took his time. That said, he’s the hired killer. Hands would draw his blades, “Permit me to secure the entryway.” And a few words later, he’d vanish, unless no one offered to go first.

Ambrose Betamax looks at Leah.
(To GM): Just to be on the safe side, AOI up before walking in and porting.
AJ B. (GM): The instant Quazil’s foot hit the floor he vanished. After a couple minutes Leah nodded and stepped on. Vanishing as well.

Ambrose Betamax was still holding her hand, so prob vanished with her.
Bharat: (And then Bharat leaves them all stuck in hell and procedes to conquer the city)
AJ B. (GM): (only if Ambrose touched the floor)
(otherwise her hand vanished out from his)

Ambrose Betamax would have stepped after her,
Quazil: (I’d laugh. I’d say go for it!)
AJ B. (GM): (I think Bharat might lose interest, remember he is lacking a soul too, everything is only half hearted work)
(and conquering a city is a lot of effort)
Bharat: (That’s true. Instead, he sits down and half-heartedly considers life)
AJ B. (GM): (If you’re serious I’ll move on to the description for the lot who just stepped on that tile)
Bharat: (No, I’m not.)

Bharat uses his tail to break the door before stepping into the room
AJ B. (GM): Well if anyone were here they’d see the scientist shocked and terrified. and now running for his goddamn life.
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
AJ B. (GM): (MOTHERFUCKING SOB! one sec roll20 has busted somehow, need to reboot and pray it works)

Quazil would have done what he could to neutralize things right off the bat as he appeared, armed and hulking, ready to end people’s lives; he had no idea where he was going to end up. A lone person, however, would be met with the application of proper force: Words words words, and a quickly spreading carpet within the man’s path.
Quazil: (Ack, ok!)
AJ B. (GM): (phew that was sadistic
game had made all character info vanish)
Ambrose Betamax: D:
Quazil: (That.. woulda been bad)
AJ B. (GM): (yeah thankfully is back now. just clarifying one thing real quick)
As you appear in an area that is bleak and almost featureless before you stands a wall that reaches up beyond the cloud and the giant gate that is on the screen (hopefully)
Quazil: (Ret con my action; I misread things)

Quazil was armed; how could he not be armed? But he seemed unphased by the goings on of where he ended up. After all, there was nothing attempting to eat him upon entry, right?
AJ B. (GM): Standing before the gate is this creature his weapons slung across his back he is shoulder height with Bharat. Once all 4 of you appear in a voice like rusted gears grinding away and trying to snap past their lockdown he speaks “3 of you are niether dead nor damned and have no purpoese here. Leave.”
(also just to check these images are showing up for you guys right? just want to be sure this thing isn’t glitching.)
Quazil: (Yep!)
Ambrose Betamax: (big…door)
AJ B. (GM): (and to the left should be the demon guarding it)
Bharat: It is there!
AJ B. (GM): (though the little man in front of the door is the scale of the demon who comes to Bharat’s shoulder)
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 80 Demon lore for knowing, in general, who / what the gate keeper is.
= 1 Successes
(From AJ B. (GM)): He is Erebus keeper of the darkness in front of hell and only allows those who earn their entry to pass through the gate. No one knows exactly what kind of demon he is but being the gatekeeper of hell it’s known he is a nasty piece of work.
Bharat: “They are here with Bharat.”
AJ B. (GM): “Bharat has earned his entry and they have not. They may not pass.”
Bharat: “Bharat need them.”
(From AJ B. (GM)): the last tidbit of lore states that he can be challenged for entry. in skill, strength, speed, or luck.
Erebus the Keeper: “The damned have no need of friends nor succor, nor assistance.”
Ambrose Betamax: “Didn’t I see you in a movie back with my tribe?”

Quazil will let Bharat talk, for the moment, eyeing the demon, simply listening to the keeper speak. After all, one must make things dramatic in hell, no?

Bharat looks to the others. “Challenge him.”

Quazil would finally speak, after a long moment of a stand off. "Erebus! We come as champions of one of the Damned themselves! In accordance with traditions and laws of the land, I issue the ritual challenge of entry as champion of the damned one by the name of “Melo”." After all, he’d never been given the soldier’s last name, “And unlike the damned, I do require friends and assistance, and these two,” A hand with a sword in hand would wave back to point at Ambrose and Leah, “Are in my charge.”
Erebus the Keeper: “One challenge buys one entry and all must pay their own toll. Name your challenge and if the others wish entry they may name theirs.”

Bharat ignores Quazil and turns to the others. “Ambrose… Deer Lady, challenge Erebus to luck or skill challenge. Maybe Speed. Ambrose fast yes?”
Ambrose Betamax: “I am fastish.”

Quazil took his time, casually and carefully removing the rather large rucksack he had his weapon and supplies in and setting it beside him. After all, if the demon only reached Bharat’s shoulders, the demon would end up a fair bit smaller then himself. “I issue you the challenge of Strength.” Because he’s a cocky mother fucker.

Ambrose Betamax would choose the challenge of personal grooming.
Ambrose Betamax: (btw does Ambros’ body adapt to being in hell?)
Erebus the Keeper: “While your compatriots confer we shall proceed. With our challenge.” A stone table rises from the ground just big enough for each of you to rest an arm across and reach each other. to its left a circle of what appears to be oil is drawn large enough for the two of you to move around but never out of reach of weapons. To its right a rope appears upon the ground with a line drawn across it. “Choose your poison then friend.” He looks dead in the eyes of Quazil.
(currently you aren’t truly in hell, you are outside the gates, what is basically purgatory, aside from being somewhat dark and featureless it has no change in climate.

Quazil should take the battle of conflict. He should. He really, really should. The danger, the thrill of the fight. A flicker of fire was already starting to well up within the eyes that locked with the demon’s own as he approached. He’d actually approach without his blade drawn, taking a seat at that table. “Friend, I wish you luck.” With each step, his size would grow, robe splitting along the shoulders and sides, falling to the ground as if cast aside, flickering light starting to show itself among cracks in rapidly growing and forming stone. What was once a flat top of his head soon was growing rounder, a pair of lengthy spikes starting to sprout forth. “I will go easy on you.”
Erebus the Keeper: The demon walks up and places his arm on the table which grows to match the size of yours even while his body remains the same size. “I wouldn’t advise it, but you make your own choices.” (what’s your strength at while in rage mode?)
Quazil: (44 SN PS)
Erebus the Keeper: (Alright then heres how this one works. you’ve got a +3 to your rolls 5 d20 rolls, best of 5 rolls wins)
Bharat: (You’re disgusting)

Quazil took his seat, the rage of the earth boiling and rolling amid the cracks in that blackened stone armor that took shape about his otherwise earthen tones, flickering with hints of red. A shifting of fingers, and then a proper grip, gaping maw parted in a sadistic smile, flickering of fire escaping with each breath. “On three?”

Erebus the Keeper Nods and counts with Quazil

Quazil is, mildly put, frightening. A meager horror factor of 16 at the moment, and all of twenty and a half feet tall of armored, raging earth. He’s.. big.
Quazil: rolling 1d20+3
= 14
Erebus the Keeper: Quazil immediately gains the upper hand pushing Erebus a little ways down.
Bharat: (Bharat suddenly feels small and pointless)

Quazil loosed a howl of rage at the moment that count of three was reached, stone muscles flexing underneath that hide, molten light flickering and echoing about as he pressed the advantage!
Quazil: rolling 1d20+3
= 17

Erebus the Keeper is now pushed 2/3 of the way to the table and although his hood hides his face Quazil hears a slight hiss coming from across the table.

Quazil let his roar melt into a laugh as he leaned into the competition.. And it was not the good kind of laugh. It was the kind of laugh of a mad man. The kind of laugh that in a place like this, can strike fear into the hearts of men. Yep, poor Ambrose might be having a heart attack right now. The GOOD news is this: He’s on their side!
Quazil: rolling 1d20+3
= 19

Erebus the Keeper arm gives out as it is slammed into the table and he chuckles. Once his hand is released he offers it to shake Quazil’s “It’s been over 5,000 years since someone could match me in strength. Well done, your entry is earned and well deserved.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah looks at Ambrose, you want me to go next or you?

Quazil wouldn’t be going easy on the demon at all, the stone likely cracking with the impact, sadistic glee lighting in the dark armored warrior’s eyes. But respect is due where it is earned; He had to try at the start! It may well have been that bellow that gave him an edge, and then force. The hand would be taken, squeezed firmly in that handshake as he rose. “A pleasure, Friend. Go easy upon my companions; They may have named me their champion, but for reasons of their own limitations.” Already that armor was starting to melt back into his form, body shrinking as he turned to walk back and collect his robe.
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d20+3
= 23
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d20
= 18
Ambrose Betamax: “either.”

Quazil knows nothing of the luck of the Betamax.
AJ B. (GM): Leah nods “I’ll go first and when it comes your turn, take a challenge of luck.” She then walks up to Erebus. “I challenge you to a test of skill for entry into the home of the damned”
The three challenges from Quazil vanish and shortly rise three new ones. A table holding a grid pattern, a stone slab about as tall as Leah with concentric circles at eye level, and finally a single peg with a lane leading up to it.
Leah studies these briefly before stepping up to the concentric circle one. A pair of platforms rise. on either side and a set of knives sits on each one. The set for Leah are simple looking ones. Erebus’ are cruel waving blades with skulls at the ends of the hilts. As they rise a strange thing happens to the circles. Out of the stone emerges a form, an infant child now appears to be strapped to the circles slowly being rotated around. Erebus grins wickedly “Oh, I do so enjoy this one. The first to kill the child wins.”
Bharat: (Now I wish I had my knife thrower!)

Ambrose Betamax gasps.
AJ B. (GM): Leah’s fur turns steel grey and she looks towards Ambrose and mouths the words “I’m sorry”

Bharat groans at the display. It wasn’t even real.
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d20 + -1
= 14

Quazil just as much at the sight of this finds himself not aghast, but more testing his employer’s metal. He’d have no issue with it from a moral stand point. More, this was a matter of what song to sing.
Ambrose Betamax: (I guess I pass)

Ambrose Betamax closes his eyes and looks away.
Ambrose Betamax: ’it’s not real it’s not real it’s not real…"

Bharat pats Ambrose on the head and murmurs to himself. “It plays Go?”
AJ B. (GM): Erebus chuckles at that. “Oh it’s quite real. Do you know how many poverty stricken, power hungry, or just plain foolish mothers sacrifice their children to a demon?”

Ambrose Betamax gasps again. “DOOON’T”
AJ B. (GM): Leah’s first knife misses the board entirely.
She shakes her head and looks down at her shaking hand as if it had betrayed her.

Quazil looked on at Ambrose then back as the dagger went wide. “Leah, do you value the life of a stranger who will be condemned no matter what your actions over that of a friend who is counting on you?” Unspoken went the ‘just how far are you willing to go’ comment. “Remember who you’ve asked for aid, and do what you came here to do.”
Ambrose Betamax: “can there be a test without a baby?”
AJ B. (GM): Erebus turns his back to the target and throws his knife over his shoulder.
his strikes the target between the arm and the leg not injuring the infant at all. He then turns to Ambrose. “Well of course there are. Hell isn’t unfair you know. She simply chose this one.”

Ambrose Betamax winces at the throw.
AJ B. (GM): Leah steels her nerves and tries to steady her hand.
Her second throw lands on the opposite side of the infant from Erebus’ knife again the infant avoids injury, though it is bawling it’s eyes out and wailing.

Ambrose Betamax tries to run in and save the infant, in full panic mode

Bharat grabs ambrose by his horns
Ambrose Betamax: (antlers lol)
Bharat: (BAH!)

Bharat calls out. “Can she switch games?”

Ambrose Betamax , hopelessly outmatched in strength…his legs move on without him, causign him to fall backwards and knock himself out cold.
AJ B. (GM): Erebus turns to Bharat and bows. “Thank you for stopping him. No, she may not switch games. However should she be unable to continue a player may substitute for her to complete the game.”
As he speaks he tosses a knife from his side this time impaling the infants hand and it howls in pain.
Bharat: “Anyone throw knives good?”

Quazil rose, quite casually, simply waiting to be called upon. He did not offer his services, mind.
AJ B. (GM): Leah looks around feeling a bit helpless having heard this possible out and then Leah looks over at Ambrose and mouths. “Tell Quazil to knock me out.”
Bharat: “Can Bharat talk to deer lady privately for minute?”
AJ B. (GM): Erebus nods “I have all eternity to remain here. Take all the time you need.” He walks over to the gate and sits down on the stairs out of hearing distance.
Leah walks over to Bharat shaking intensely more so then one would expect even for doing something so horrifying.
Bharat: “Why you no pick Go?”
AJ B. (GM): “That was a Go board? I figured it was chess. and either way I have some trouble thinking normally and right now I’m having more problems then usual. Bharat, since he isn’t here, think you could knock me out without killing me?”
Bharat: “Bharat could. Want Bharat throw knives?”
AJ B. (GM): Leah nods. “That would be greatly appreciated.” She tries to hug Bharat.

Bharat seems to be about to return the hug but swiftly grabs her head and bangs it into his armor with a not too huge amount of force.
Bharat: (I feel bad. DX)
AJ B. (GM): Leah crumples over and when Erebus sees this he walks back over. “It would appear my opponent can not make her next throw. Will any here stand in her place?”
Bharat: “Bharat will.”

Bharat catches Leah before she hits the ground.
AJ B. (GM): Erebus nods “It is your throw then friend. and I wish you luck because I suspect one of the next two will be the last.”

Quazil simply nodded in approval at the giant lizard, looking at the pair of unconscious deer on the ground afterwards. “Veikt sjálfur.” Though he would otherwise watch impassively.

Bharat grabs the knife and feels its balance. “Bigger knife for Bharat?”
AJ B. (GM): Erebus shakes his head. “The knives are sized for the target. I am afraid you will have to deal with it.”

Bharat shrugs and flips the knife around grabbing it by its tip. Then takes a hand back anthrows it in a long smooth motion.
( I rolled a natural 20.)
AJ B. (GM): The knife plunges directly into the babies heart and he expires immediately. The slab and the infant disappear immediately as to the knives. Erebus slowly applauds bharat "Excellently done. Twice now you have proven worthy of your place and earned her entry. Let me know when the last wakes as he must at least declare his challenge himself.
Bharat: “You play Go?”
AJ B. (GM): Erebus nods “At times yes. It is rare anyone chooses that or plays well however.”
Bharat: “Why? Is simple game.”
Quazil: (One moment, please, I’m going to clear the chat log)
Quazil: -
Quazil: -
Quazil: -
Quazil: -
Quazil: -
Quazil: -
Quazil: -
Quazil: -
Quazil: -
AJ B. (GM): “It is, but it’s also not well known. and when one is playing a game for the first time they usually lack skill.”
Bharat: “You play Bharat?”

Jacob R. thanks everyone for respecting his issues
AJ B. (GM): (no worries, everyone has them)
Erebus shrugs. “Might as well. It looks like it may be a little while before your friend is fit to make his challenge.”
Ambrose Betamax: “egfarble.”

Quazil soon enough would settle into meditation and contemplation.

Bharat engages Erebus, gatekeeper of hell, in Go.

Ambrose Betamax sits up, with no memory of Leah’s challenge.
AJ B. (GM): Leah is unconcious beside you

Ambrose Betamax looks at Leah groggily. “Oh. I guess it’s still night-time.” He lays back down again.

Bharat calls back over his shoulder. “Bharat knock Leah out.”
Bharat: (But doesn’t stop playing)
Ambrose Betamax: "…..oh. (it comes back to him.) OH! " (panic mode again.)
AJ B. (GM): Erebus continues enjoying his game with Bharat and looks over to Ambrose waking up. “Although I have eternity I don’t reccomend sleeping out here for too long.”
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 57 Meditation: Advanced for down time.
= 1 Successes

Ambrose Betamax gets up then. Wobbly but now awake. He checks on Leah.
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 2d4*10
= 60
AJ B. (GM): (first aid skill if you want exact otherwise, you can tell she’s breathing and has a pulse)
(To GM): As needed, he’d spend an hour meditating after the issue with Leah was resolved; I’ll roll for recovery and such if it is warranted. Otherwise, he’s now in ‘ignore it all’ mode, even if he should be tending to Leah’s possible head injury.

Ambrose Betamax doesn’t have any medical skill anyways. He’d either get help or shake her awake. “Is she ok?”
Bharat: “She fine, Bharat be careful.”
Ambrose Betamax: “…alright. What’s happening? Did we win?”
Bharat: “Yes. Bharat sub… sust… change place with Leah. Won throwing.”
Ambrose Betamax: “ah…well…as long as….oh.” (Ambrose gets silent and sits down for a while.)

Bharat keeps playing Go with Erebus. They were in no great hurry.

Quazil would rouse, after an hour or so of waiting. After all, he’s got time, but he gets restless at times.
AJ B. (GM): By this time Leah wakes up and rubs her head. “Hey Betamax you doing alright?”
Ambrose Betamax: “…I’ll be ok. how are you?”
AJ B. (GM): “About as well as can be expected. So are we ready to enter yet? I really want to get this done all the faster now.”
Bharat: “LEah ok?” It seemed Bharat could remember her name now.
AJ B. (GM): Leah turns to Bharat and nods “Yeah I’m actually better then I would have been thanks to you big guy.”
Bharat: “Bharat made it as painless as possible.” He says quietly, placing another piece on the board, manipulating it with an impossible delicacy with his massive, silvered, claws
Leah Razortongue: “Thank you for that Bharat. I owe you big time.”
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 2d6*10 PPE recovery from meditation (Not like it really matters much) though the +1 perception and init for 6 hours of game time might be useful.
= 110
AJ B. (GM): Leah turns to Ambrose. “Are you ready to challenge him you think?”
Ambrose Betamax: “may as well get it over with.”

Ambrose Betamax walks over his challenge.
AJ B. (GM): Erebus looks up from the Go board distracted. “Yes?”
Ambrose Betamax: “I’m supposed to do a thing, right?”

Bharat looks back over his shoulder, breaking from the hushed, yet important conversation they seemd to be having.
AJ B. (GM): “You wish to challenge me deerling? Luck, Skill, Speed or Strength?”
Ambrose Betamax: “Luck.”

Bharat clears his throat and whispers to Erebus.

Bharat laughs. “Bharat no have luck. Bharat in hell.”
AJ B. (GM): The Go board and the peg vanish into the ground, this time replaced with 3 tables. one holding a box of dice and two cups. one holding deck of cards, and the last with a simple coin.

Ambrose Betamax heads to the coin.
(To GM): Leah still shaking and such?
AJ B. (GM): Erebus walks over and sits down on the opposite side. “One toss, Heads you win.” (In this case a d6 roll, 1 and 2 are tails. 3, 4, 5, and 6 are heads)
(From AJ B. (GM)): yep she is.
Ambrose Betamax: “alright…”

Ambrose Betamax tosses the coin then.
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d6
= 2
Bharat: (Whoa, what?_
Quazil: (Luck of the Betamax)
Bharat: (AMBROSE)
Ambrose Betamax: (that’s about right.)
Bharat: (YOU HAD A 66% chance of winning that!)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)

Melo crashed a bike with an 8% chance of failure.
Ambrose Betamax: (And the betamax still lost. that’s theirl uck lol)
AJ B. (GM): Erebus shakes his head “I am so sorry little deerling.” He moves to stand up and slams his knees against the bottom of the table causing the coin to pop up just enough to flip over. He then looks down at it “Well what do you know, heads.”
Ambrose Betamax: “Bu-…well ok. Thank you.”
“I will not question my good fortune I will not question my good fortune,,,,”
AJ B. (GM): He then turns and walks back to the gate and shifts to the left side of it and yells “Ir’il get out here and bring 4 tags. We have guests and you need to guide them.”

Bharat nods his head at Erebus subtly.

Quazil could have cheated. He should have. But this is hell. This is a place where cheating might not be worth the price. Still, he’d let a smile crack across his face. Though he’d simply step forward at the call of the new demon.
AJ B. (GM): This Man who is normal human sized walks out and bows. “I am Ir’il Vaunt,” He then holds out four chains with dog tags on them. “I will be your guide and My master asks that you wear these. They mark you as his and will prevent others from laying claim upon you. Remove them whenever you wish but be aware the consequences of doing so beyond this gate are unpleasant.”

Quazil took the offered tag, quite casually looping it about his neck; hopefully it had a rather extended chain, at least.

Ambrose Betamax puts it on then.
AJ B. (GM): (It extends or shrinks magically to fit whoever attempts to put it on.)
Leah throws hers on and smiles towards Bharat “I know you don’t like this kind of stuff big guy, but put it on and take it off a couple times. It’s not permanent. Just a good shield.”

Quazil might take a minute or three to study the tag as well, just in case. You can never trust a demon. Granted, he should have looked before he put it on, but what’cha gonna do.
Quazil: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 80 Either demon and monster or magic lore, depending.
= 1 Successes

Bharat pulls on the tag before turning to the group. “Bharat have rules. You listen to Bharat Rules?”
(From AJ B. (GM)): It is a simple unmarked dog tag nothing apparently odd about it besides that.
Quazil: “You’re my employer. You’ve paid me for a task.” A simple reply.
AJ B. (GM): Leah nods “Of course Bharat.”
Bharat: “Ambrose?”
Ambrose Betamax: “sure.”
Bharat: “Ok. Rule number one: No talking. No talk at all. If have to talk, no say names. At All.” He points at himself and then to Quazil, Ambrose and Leah in order. “Lizard, Rock, DeerBee, Lady. Got it?”
Quazil: (Snerks)
Bharat: (What?)
Quazil: (I just love how DeerBee catches on)
Bharat: (OH! :P)

Ambrose Betamax agrees. “It sounds like names are important. I’ll be Deerbee the third esq.”

Quazil nods, once.

Ambrose Betamax is still shaken. “…I’m good at names.”
Bharat: “DeerBee. No more.”
Ambrose Betamax: “….DeerBee. Ok.” (ambrose is pretty out of it at this point. The kind where he isn’t really present and is just sort of numb)
AJ B. (GM): Leah nods “Alright, anything else?”
Bharat: “Bharat Rule 2: You do what Bharat say. No questions.”

Quazil is quietly securing this and that across his person, making sure magnetic connections were locked properly, weapons stored properly in his rucksack, along with the salt, rations, and another good number of things. He might even light up a cigar for the moment. “Until combat starts.”
Ambrose Betamax: “ok.”
AJ B. (GM): Leah nods cautiously “We’ll do it but honestly you’re probably going to get questions while we do it.”

Bharat growls. “You want leave whole?”
AJ B. (GM): Leah sighs “Yeah, just warning you that there are limits. If Bharat says jump in lake of fire Bharat is going to be alone in lake of fire.”
Bharat: “Bharat not stupid.”

Quazil chuckles, and quietly hums ‘Ring of fire’ at that.
AJ B. (GM): “Fair enough. We trust you.”

Bharat turns to the guide. “Take us to Chapel of Payne. Please.” He adds the please almost as an afterthought.
AJ B. (GM): Ir’il shakes his head. “I can only lead you to the entrance to the paths of Payne, once there you will have to find your own way. I apologize but I am limited on what I may do.”
Bharat: “You wait for us outside?”
“Or take to paths of phear?”
AJ B. (GM): “once I set you on the paths of phear I can only direct you but you will have to walk them on your own. If you should return to where I can retrieve you My master will let me know.”
Bharat: “Take us to Phear Paths. We look for someone there.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods
(alright time to call it there folks)
AJ B. (GM): (we’ll kick it off with heading through the gates next time)
(sorry it’s a good stopping point right there. Any idea what day you guys want to do next?)
Bharat: (TOMORROW)
Ambrose Betamax: (ok :3
Quazil: (This has been a great session)
Ambrose Betamax: (I’m kind of out of it. could I deal with the XP stuff next time?)
Zea: Monday is my ‘free to do stuff’ day
I may be working late, I may get home on time.
And Captain Ricahrd has moved his stream to late thirty, so it is no longer an issue.
Matt S.: I had so much fun with this one
Zea: I enjoyed it. Was neat to have a chance to be a physical badass
AJ B. (GM): (sure piko go for it. and yeah this was a hell of a lot of fun)
(and for me it won’t be tomorrow for 3 hours 20 minutes lol)
Zea: Today is Sunday, August 30th, 2015. EXP is about to be given. (Just for ease of tracking)
AJ B. (GM): (but yeah if we want to do monday I can work with that. we’ll get it figured out)
Bharat 1200 xp, Quazil 800, Ambrose 800
(thanks for a great game guys)
Zea: Great game

Ambrose Betamax is Ambrosing
Zea: Yay for day after Cosmic Badger day!
AJ B. (GM): alright so quick recap.
Matt S.: Cosmic badger day?
Zea: Yeah. Cosmic Badger day. The day that The Cosmic Badger is on the air.
Matt S.: I have no idea what taht means
Zea: That means I’m winning ( on Wednesday at 2 pm pacific until 4)

Chapter 18 To Arms Two Arms Hell Awaits Us

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