Chapter 16 How does a pirate say hello--A Hoi

AJ B. (GM): Alright, quick recap, last we left off two demons had kidnapped both Ambrose and Bharat, Melo, Hoi, and Leah are planning to rush to the rescue. (anyone object to just skipping to dealing with the gate?)
P.O.M: Skip ahead kind Sir, skip ahead :)

Zea would have picked up the APC, at least; a droid had the bike, and seating two on that isn’t comfortable.
AJ B. (GM): As you arrive at the gate the guards are waiting and have their weapons trained on vault who does not seem to be reacting much to this. As the apc drives up to the closed gate they look up and one of them demands “What do you think you’re doing?”

Hoi Hoi Polloi tactically keeps her mouth shut

Melo would o’corse pull the APC over to not obstruct traffic before disembarking. Hoi and Leah? They may have been picked up on the way. A courtesy would be to disembark the APC, “Vault, load the bike in the truck.” called in passing the moment he was outside of the armored behemoth. “After a fugitive D-Bee, one other, and their kidnappers. Currently, they’re in direct violation of the no D-Bee’s being permitted outside the city limits clause, The droid was attempting to track them for me until he was held up.”
AJ B. (GM): The two guards look at each other, then one of them goes and checks with headquarters. Once he comes back he points to Leah, “she has to stay”
Leah Razortongue: “There is no way in hell I am leaving this up to you two.”

Melo glanced at Leah, then back at the guards, “Frankly, I need someone who can track them down because you prevented me from doing so.” He’d try it once. Only once. Granted, she also likely would have been in the APC and somewhat unseen. But if they pushed, he didn’t have time for it. Every minute that was passing was a minute further away Ambrose was getting, and every second was one more possible change in direction that had been made. He didn’t even know where he was trying to go at this point, he just.. needed to find the damned deer.
AJ B. (GM): “Fine, but if she doesn’t come back it’s on your head. Hope you know what you’re doing.” with that they open the gate and let you on through.
Melo: “It’s my head if I don’t recover the other two. Thank you, sirs.” And he’d give a salute, willing to expend the precious second to give the men military courtesy before he’d be bolting back to the APC. He really needs to program Vault with the knowledge of how to drive the damned thing… Or at least, set him up with an interface. It still took a minute or two to get the thing the size of a house rolling, but in short order those nine foot tall tires were chewing up the dirt. “Vault, what direction were they last seen at? Calculate approximate vector and advise.” For now, all he was doing was guessing, and going as fast as was safe to do out in the brush.

Hoi Hoi Polloi channels her inner beast and attempts to track her target 1 Successes

Hoi Hoi Polloi begins sniffing at Leah then sticks her head outside and sniffs at the air for a moment… “I have detected Ambrose’s Spore” and then points in the direction Ambrose and Bharat are.
(From AJ B. (GM)): he gives you the best estimates he can given the data he has to work off of.
Ambrose Betamax: (spore? I didn’t know I was a form of fungus)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (spore can also be used to describe stench)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh :P)
AJ B. (GM): (I’d be concerned that your smell travels from that high up and is still trackable lol)
Ambrose Betamax: (HE WAS REALLY SCARED OK?)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I assume the direction I gave Melo would be further confirmed by Deer-B sized/color bird droppings marking the path)

Melo would have to stop the APC for such, when it comes down to it. The windows don’t roll down, and what windows it has are mounted in the cab. Just the same, between Hoi’s general guess (Had to be a guess, he didn’t believe she could track that well by scent from the air alone) and Vault’s projections, he’d roll with it. The APC would go flying as quick as was safe (Ok, maybe a bit faster than that) across the badlands, over small hills and outright through the scrub brush. Normally, he’d be more careful, but Ambrose was in danger as far as he was concerned. He’d also likely keep the com channel open between the cab and the APC’s main body, where the deer-bee and Hoi were located.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I didn’t say widow cause I wasn’t sure the APC had any so I would of probably opened the door if I could)
Melo: (Yeah, for sure would be a door. That’d require it to stop though ‘cause of the unloading ramp style of the doors, I think)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Half the fun of a car is sticking ones head out the window)
AJ B. (GM): (APC’s aren’t known for fun lol)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I guess thats true unless there is a zombie apocalypse and you want to mow down a horde)
AJ B. (GM): (monster truck would be more fun for that though, much better view)
After a while of driving you come to an area with a few rock towers next to a canyon and Ambrose and the Man Bat sitting there. (I leave it up to Ambrose what’s going on beyond that.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (how long did the ride take ?)
(including going from where they were initially taken)

Ambrose Betamax appears to to be playing old world board games that he’d made stuff for from memory. At the moment, It’s “sorry” and he just knocked the manbat back to the start.
AJ B. (GM): (probably took about 15 minutes or so considering driving and terrain etc)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (so 15 min from gate to them and how much from inside the city to the gate ?)
AJ B. (GM): (probably about 25 to 30 minutes to get from kidnapping site and get everything ready and get out of the city)

Ambrose Betamax is a fast board game builder.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Nice our response time is better than police in most 1st world countries)
Ambrose Betamax: (when my car got rear ended in a hit and run, it took over an hour for an officer to arrive

Hoi Hoi Polloi hops out from the APC
Ambrose Betamax: “Oh, Hi!”

Melo was at the scene of the crime, and personally motivated. That said, the APC would roll to a slow stop outside the canyon; damned thing was quite difficult to turn around, after all. The laser cannon would likely be brought to bare by a droid, though not aimed at anything, just in the general direction. The human would disembark in short order, full body armor on, and all kinds of paranoia senses tingling. He at least hadn’t drawn his rifle yet, but his fingers were itching for it. Messing with the deer man is one thing. Kidnapping is another entirely.
AJ B. (GM): (Also there is no sign of Bharat or the pink demon around here)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Hoi Hoi can only assume they are making the beast with two backs)
(Is it safe to assume we can see ambrose and he us ?)
Melo: (Think so)
AJ B. (GM): (yep)

Melo is just a paranoid, trigger happy git.
AJ B. (GM): (see I figured Melo was just hoping to shoot that thing before Ambrose adopted another pet lol)

Hoi Hoi Polloi waves at them “Long time no see Ambrose, Kirk Langstrom”
Ambrose Betamax: “Hi uh, Hoi-er Kirk. Is that really your name?”
AJ B. (GM): The man bat nods. “It is. and greetings to you mistress. His companion ran away and is being chased down as we speak.”
Hoi Hoi Polloi: “It is unsafe around here did you at least attempt to give him the complimentary palm sized kitten for safety?”

Melo glanced at Hoi, then at the man bat. He started to speak, then shrugged. “I’ll be in the truck. I’d like to get back to town sooner rather than later. Preferably with everyone in tow.”
AJ B. (GM): “Unfortunately we did not have the resources to supply a kitten at this time. He should be safe enough with Lady Gaga following him. Hopefully she can bring him back soon.”
Ambrose Betamax: (is it really lady gaga? That would be a plausable costume for her)

Vault turns about the laser cannon to a less hostile, more ‘scanning for threats’ position.

Hoi Hoi Polloi stares long and hard at Melo… “Umm… I believe we should perhaps extend their missing status for a while longer at least until the slavers go away for Bharat and Ambrose’s sake”
Hoi Hoi Polloi: “Kirk, if you would be so kind as to help assist Lady gaga in apprehending Bharat and bring him back here, that would be most amicable”

Leah Razortongue nods enthusiastically. “That may be the most sensible thing I’ve ever heard.”
Ambrose Betamax: “Uuuh…what’s going on?”
AJ B. (GM): Kirk nods “I shall be back presently then.” He bows before taking to the skies.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: “The slavers are coming and you are invited to be inventory”
Ambrose Betamax: “oh. I’d rather not…”
Hoi Hoi Polloi: “Oh but my dear Ambrose it seems Melo insists”

Melo isn’t going to argue the point. He’s simply going to look at it from his point of view: Right now, he has a death sentence on his head if he doesn’t get at the least Leah back into town. He can lie about Ambrose and Bharat. That’s fine and dandy. The rest of it? He knows the consequences of his actions. Actions he very well may have taken a different path on had someone fucking told him. But no, he doesn’t actually voice any of these opinions. Instead, he remains quiet inside the APC, and focuses more on the scanning systems.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Somewhere far far away a sarcasm meter explodes from the aftershock of sarcasm emitted from Hoi Hoi)
(it is assumed that Leah would be returning, but she can always be abducted in the same manner if we should so decide)
Melo: (Personally, I find this amusing. Melo on the other hand, is going to be a touch miffed.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (If I had enough monster tattoos I would of named them all after the village people)
“I have an idea concerning Leah.. what if we say she was abducted by Kirk and we don’t know where Kirk took her. We can bring in Kirk as proof and say the Kirk claims he ate Leah and latter we can explain away that he had lied and that Leah, Ambrose and Bharat had escaped from it’s lair and they can appear a few days after the slavers have gone…”
Ambrose Betamax: “Uh…but kirk isn’t a bad guy….”
Hoi Hoi Polloi: “Don’t worry we are only pretending”
“Kirk is strong enough to take care of himself I am certain he can free himself from the clutches of the gestapo”
Ambrose Betamax: “oh. well if you say so….”

Melo remains quite out of the conversation, mind. He’s in the APC. This is being done, actually, as a courtesy.

Hoi Hoi Polloi whispers to Ambrose “You know Melo can be quite sexy when he keeps his mouth closed”

Ambrose Betamax looks at hoi. “You like him don’t you? :O”

Hoi Hoi Polloi blushes “You can tell?”
Ambrose Betamax: “Animal noses :3”

Hoi Hoi Polloi smiles “I wonder what he tastes like marinated in soy sauce and wasabi”
Ambrose Betamax: “I think that might hurt, you know, those parts are sensitive”
Vault: Commander, the creature and Bharat appear to be approaching. However Bharat appears to be attempting to injure the creature. Shall I assist him?"

Hoi Hoi Polloi nervously chuckles “Yeah, I so didn’t mean to imply I would commit cannibalism”…

Melo hesitated. “Is the creature fighting back?”
Hoi Hoi Polloi: ( hoi hoi polloi is trying to cover up her embarrassment with a lie about cannibalism…)
(or is it >_> da dum..)
Vault: "No, it appears to be determined to hold onto him, however he has nearly torn its wing off and they appear destined to crash about half a mile ahead of us.

Melo ahs. “We’ll collect the body after impact. No need to assist.” He was… surprisingly casual about it. Granted, with the droid being, y’know, a droid, such was likely to go un-noticed. And with that, a loud speaker would blare outside the APC, “Roll out folks. We’ve got a street pizza just under a click out. Unless you want to walk get in.”

Ambrose Betamax does as he’s told, even though he could probably run faster than the APC. “Are you coming too, Kirk?”
Vault: (kirk flew off a while ago when she asked him to go hunt down Bharat)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh.)

Ambrose Betamax hadn’t noticed. “…Kirk? hmm. I guess he left. Very dark superhero of him…”
AJ B. (GM): Alright you guys get up to where they are going to crash. Bharat as you and the demon are nearing a full crash landing it disappears and you find yourself falling alone. (want to roll with impact to try and minimize damage?)
Matt S.: (since I only know of the roll with impact bonuses from my classes, I hope it is enough)
Bharat: rolling 1d20+5
= 12
AJ B. (GM): Bharat takes 8 MDC as he rolls to a stop about 40 ft in front of the APC.
Bharat: (Oh. That’s nothing!)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Do the superman pose and pretend to fling back your hair as if you planned it all along)
Melo: (Plus however much Melo’s dart gun had done before this whole event took place)

Bharat does exactly that. “Bharat Ok!”

Ambrose Betamax claps his hands. “wooo!”

Hoi Hoi Polloi modestly takes out her spare Bra and swings it in the air over her head and woots in frenzied excitement.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (leah spontaneously grows a 3rd nipple as she grows excited over bharat.. j/k)

Melo intones over the loud speakers, “This is peace keeper Melo Craft of the Melbourne Peace Keeper’s division. Bharat, you are here by under arrest for crimes against the city, damage of private and public property, evading arrest, and being outside of city limits without governmental approval when the Haroune are at dock. I request that you come peacefully.”
(To GM): “Vault, train the cannons on him.”
Ambrose Betamax: “aaaaw.”

Melo is doing his job. At this point, just about everyone has every right to go against him.

Ambrose Betamax is a little confused and and stands back, hopefully with leah.

Hoi Hoi Polloi looks at Ambrose and Bharat and whispers to them
Leah Razortongue: “You Tell Him Bharat”

Hoi Hoi Polloi finishes whispering to them
Ambrose Betamax: “Melo, Can he be my pet? Hoi says he’s my pet.”

Hoi Hoi Polloi takes out a piece a paper quickly writes something down and takes out some ink

Ambrose Betamax looks at it, and since he can’t read or write, sticks his hand in the ink and then sticks it on the paper.

Melo isn’t in the mood for this, frankly. “Understood.” And off go the loud speakers. At this point, the laser cannons of the APC would be firing.
Bharat: (Ambrose can’t read?)
Melo: (Most people in Rifts can’t.)
Bharat: (Huh. Interesting)
Leah Razortongue: (yeah, the second dark ages killed literacy as a “useful” skill)
Melo: (Question: Who got a ride, and who actually walked? And who’s in the main body of the APC?)
Bharat: (I think everyone is outside
Hoi Hoi Polloi: I got a ride but got out
Ambrose Betamax: (I assumed that’s what we all did)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (so melo fired his lazers?)
Ambrose Betamax: (Oh dear)\

Melo remained in the cab; he didn’t expect the lizard to comply with his request. Plus, that’s where the loud speaker access is at. And in this case, it’ll be Vault firing the APC’s lasers.
Vault: rolling 1d20+4
= 5
Ambrose Betamax: (Vault shoots himself with the laseers)
Vault: (Ha. GM’s call on how that one goes)
AJ B. (GM): Vault gets lucky and just ends up shooting the dirt between Bharat and the apc.

Hoi Hoi Polloi holds up a piece of paper with Ambroses signature… and shouts “I hereby hold in my hands a sworn affidavit by Ambrose that Bharat is his pet and proof of ownership, continued assult against my clients property will constitute a felony and I will have to do a citizens arrest”

Hoi Hoi Polloi turns around to Ambrose and places his hand in position to recieve a high five…

Ambrose Betamax googley eyes for a moment then gives the high five. “Oh…yay pets!”
Melo: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 71 Law check: Why it’s not valid, and consequences of it’s validity in Melbourne.
= 0 Successes
(To GM): Dice just don’t like me tonight.

Bharat charges the APC, roaring all the while

Melo will, in return, punch it.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (The power of Ambrose compels you… The power of the law compels you… The power of Ambroses googley eyed happiness compels you…)
(can I taz Bharat in the back when he runs past ?)
Melo: (..Now to find the rules for vehicle combat.)
AJ B. (GM): (I think its initiative time from everyone who intends to act.)

Ambrose Betamax watches in surprise as the APC passes him. “….I don’t think it took, Hoi. Should we sign another?”

Hoi Hoi Polloi smiles “No, Ambrose we just need to calm down and discipline your pet using non lethal, lethal force”
Bharat: rolling 1d20+5
= 18
Melo: rolling 1d20
4 (I think. I’m still digging up the Car vs Human rules)
= 15
Vault: rolling 1d20
= 3
Hoi Hoi Polloi: Initiative 19

Ambrose Betamax doesn’t know what to do, so just looks confused and worried.
AJ B. (GM): (Well it looks like Hoi gets her action off first, so if you want to try and taze him you can)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Why not Yolo….)
Vault: (Think carefully about what you’re about to do. The APC is 25 ft wide)
(So running over one person, and not the other, is going to be one mean feat)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (what so your not running away your running at Bharat ?)
Melo: (Yes. Directly at him.)
Melo: (We did it once already. But it was a demon.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (well then that changes everything…)

Ambrose Betamax decides his best bet is to stop the violence by interposing himself between the apc and bharat, and making an inspirational speech
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d20 + 4
= 22
(in case I need initiative)
Melo: (You’ll need it, for sure)

Hoi Hoi Polloi stands in front of Ambrose and activates his invulnerability tattoo and attempts to brace himself should he have the chance to flip the car…
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Yolo)

Ambrose Betamax doesn’t actually know any inspirational speeches, but he can put his fur into Fabio mode and is gonna improvise
AJ B. (GM): (fucking brilliant, alright Ambrose you’ve got init over everyone else, so you want to get between Bharat and the APC?)
Ambrose Betamax: (yup!)
Melo: (…Put yer body where you need it)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh lol there)
(Ambrose is gonna get two words in before he gets run over lol)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (does it look like I will be able to get another action in before it hits us ?)
Melo: (Mm… No)
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambrose is gonna try to say the following, and will probably be interrupted when he gets hit, but hey)
I see a whole army of my countrymen,
here in defiance of tyranny! You have come to fight as free men. And
free man you are! What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?"
“Two thousand against ten?” – the veteran shouted. “No! We will
run – and live!”
Ambrose Betamax: “Yes!” Wallace shouted back. “Fight and you may die. Run and you
will live at least awhile. And dying in your bed many years from now,
would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for
one chance, just one cahnce, to come back here as young men and tell
our enemies that they may take our lives but they will never take
our freedom!”
Bharat: (Can I cause it to forcibly break?)
Ambrose Betamax: (Ignore the third person bits lol)
(It was between that and Four score and seven years ago)
AJ B. (GM): (alright, so ambrose had highest init, his action was to move and give an inspirational speech. Hoi, your init comes next, following through with your plan to get in front of him and tat, or going for something else?)

Ambrose Betamax is not a wise deer.

Melo ‘s eyes do not get wide. Because they’re mechanical and incapable of doing so.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I will get in front of him and tat unless I can summon my blue whale on land lol…)

Ambrose Betamax totally made that speech up. yup.
AJ B. (GM): (alright, next on our init line is Bharat)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (have the blue whale drop on the apc from the sky would be lulz worthy)
(sadly can only summon it in water)
AJ B. (GM): (hmm how much does a blue whale weigh. that apc is 20 tons when empty)
Melo: (420k lbs; 210 tons)
AJ B. (GM): (ok so the whale would win that encounter)
Ambrose Betamax: (I think that perhaps we just might all be crushed under it)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (over 150 tons)
(according to the book that rifts says to take reference from)
(so yeah Melo has it right)
(the whale is a crazy animal)
Ambrose Betamax: (this reminds me of a scene from hitchhikers guide to the galaxy)

Bharat ‘s one organic eye widens as the two much smaller creatures jump in front of him and the moving heavily armored vehicle. With the kind of speed and swiftness reserved for much smaller things, his arms lash out, grabbing the two and throwing them out of the path of the APC.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I grab onto his junk as he flings me away hoping that it doesnt tear away from the force)
Bharat: (Bharat’s junk is internal you twit)
Melo: (Pick a direction.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (sorry i am jokimg i just had to say it for some reason)
Bharat: (Me?)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (hoi can reach inside…)
Melo: (Yep. Pick a direction that you try and toss them out of the way with.)
(…Because it does actually matter)
Bharat: (Oh, I wanted to throw one to each side. So I’m like spread eagle when I get run over)
Melo: (Oh! Well then. Pick what direction each person goes)
Bharat: (Now that you’ve said that, I want to throw them up)
Melo: (The APC is 24 ft tall)
Bharat: (It’s a big square?)

Melo drives a house.

Ambrose Betamax is very light and aerodynamic. It’s the antlers, they generate a lot of lift
Melo: ( )
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Can I take a simultaneous attack and attempt to throw Bharat in the air?)
Bharat: (No way you can lift Bharat)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (How much you weigh oO)
Bharat: (like 1400 pounds)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Meh then not as I am so I guess I will allow him to throw me…)

Ambrose Betamax was too focused on the speech to realize he was being thrown until too late.
AJ B. (GM): (ok so just so I’m clear about what’s happening, what direction are they being thrown?)
Bharat: (If I can hurl vampires out of caves, I can hurl some mini things… That depends on how far I can throw them!)
AJ B. (GM): (considering their weights and your strength pretty far)
(but I should point out that to Bharat’s right is that canyon)
Bharat: (Then up. 24 feet should be easy to clear. ARE YOU SUGGESTING I THROW THEM INTO A CANYON?)

Ambrose Betamax would prefer not to be thrown into a canyon.
AJ B. (GM): (I’m merely making sure you know whats around you, I don’t make suggestions.)
Alright, Ambrose and Hoi, what do each of your characters weigh?
Ambrose Betamax: (beats me. Average/very healthy deerbee weight?)
Melo: (130-200 is normal)
Ambrose Betamax: (On the lower side of that I’d say)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (according to my character sheet 135 lb since I dont know the american system of weight I would assume it is due to the condensed muscle mass if she is indeed fat for being 7 ft tall)
Melo: (What’s the weight in Kg?)
Bharat: (I always imagined Ambrose as small. And holy crap that’s a light person
Ambrose Betamax: “Friends, Comrades, leand me you ea-wha hey what are you aaaaaaaaaaah”
Melo: (Because I’m 135 lbs at 5’7". At 7 foot, that’s bone thin.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Oh then hmm Wouldnt like 90 kg be standard or about according to google nearly 200 pounds)
Melo: (198)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (same difference )
Melo: (Yeah. I misread. Sorry ‘bout that. Either way! 350 lbs total)
AJ B. (GM): (Alright, so Bharat tosses them both a good 45 feet into the air) Melo, you’re action?
Ambrose Betamax: “aaaaaaaaahhhhahahahahah”
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Melo initiates hyperdrive)

Hoi Hoi Polloi begins singing “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky” as she gets hurled into the air

Ambrose Betamax doesn’t know that song, but follows along as best he can, a half step behind

Melo would have floored it, but the APC isn’t the fastest thing in the world. It still takes a moment to get up to speed. Even then, in almost no time at all it’d be moving at at least 30 mph; a split section reaction to the display highlighting a body moving across his field of view. A second or two of reaction time, another ten feet of space lost, and then that moment of panicked reaction would kick in. The left hand would slam the control back and into a sharp right (Right? Whatever. The side without the cliff). Just how fast it’d react on the other hand, being the size of a house, is questionable.
Melo: rolling 1d100< 53
= 0 Successes
Bharat: (Yay I’m roadkill!)

Melo is slow to react. This would be a failed miss.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (could be that you swerve in the wrong direction lol)

Ambrose Betamax yells “noooooooo” from about 40 feet directly up
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (the car tokyo drifts in the opposite direction you were steering)
Melo: (This is why it mattered)

Hoi Hoi Polloi looks Ambrose in the eyes “If we all live through this I just want to tell you a secret I have been harboring this entire time… I accidentally walked in on Melo naked and he is actually a she” (_)
AJ B. (GM): (Melo need a d8 roll)
Melo: rolling 1d8
= 3
Ambrose Betamax: “…Also those eye things are really just sunglasses…He just really likes them”
Hoi Hoi Polloi: “Le’ Gasp”

Hoi Hoi Polloi double-takes in midair
AJ B. (GM): The Apc does manage to skid to a stop without harming anyone, and avoids any damage as well. Aside from the two people who are going to fall 40 ft and potentially end up injured.
Bharat manages to catch Ambrose on his way down and tries to catch Hoi but misses her as she slams into the ground.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (cant I roll with it?)

Ambrose Betamax lays in Bharats arms like a princess.
AJ B. (GM): (sure)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (or does that take up an action?)
AJ B. (GM): (nah doesnt take up an action so go ahead and roll it)
Bharat: (Bharat spikes ambrose like a football. YEAH GOOD CATCH!)

Hoi Hoi Polloi attempts to roll like she owns gravity 18
AJ B. (GM): (that’d be a success)

Ambrose Betamax was unharmed for a good second after the fall before being slammed into the ground face first by a giant lizard.
AJ B. (GM): (I believe Vault is up on the initiative at this point)
Bharat: (That was a joke)
Ambrose Betamax: “thank you for savi-mmmph”

Vault simply spends the round attempting to keep the APC’s turret aimed on Bharat. At this point, he’s close enough that he might not be able to get in a clean shot. Thus, no real action.
AJ B. (GM): (ok so my net went out again briefly there and I’m kinda starting to zone in and out. you guys ok with calling it here and picking this up next week?)
Bharat: (Sure)
Ambrose Betamax: Sure man! thanks for hanging this long
Vault: (As needed, can do! Sorry for the generally unfocused session. At least it was amusing!)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (by next week do you mean tommorrow >_>)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: ( Im on break until august so I can game as much as I want)
Zea: Today is Thursday, June 18th, 2015. EXP is about to be given.
(From P.O.M): how much does the APC weigh ?
(To P.O.M): (20 tons empty, plus another ton in for the bike strapped inside; Just over 19,000 Kelos, or about 42,000 lbs)
(From P.O.M): dang that would really hurt to get hit by it
(To P.O.M): 1d410 MD at half speed ‘n tosses ’em back 4d6 yards; being run over is 1d610+20 MD
AJ B. (GM): 400 xp each. extra 50 for Bharat and Hoi, extra 100 for Melo and Ambrose. thanks for a great game guys
Ambrose Betamax: Thanks for hosting a great game!
Zea: I agree. Thank you. And thanks both to Hoi and Bharat for pushing Melo so far that he actually did what he just did.
Bharat: Is that a sarcastic thanks?
Zea: Nope! It actually made it fun.
Melo is an overly serious character.
P.O.M: (No Zea likes to have fun, he has been kinda tight arsed about it cause he is acting like Melo)
Bharat: Can you see melo from outside the APC?
Matt S.: Sorr
Forgot to switch back.
Zea: Yep! I honestly seriously AM enjoying myself. You’re both presenting me with a challange of how Melo would react to what is happening.
And nope. He’s currently in the cab.
Matt S.: Darn.
Oh well, I guess we’ll deal with that next time!
Zea: Yep. I do feel bad, but Bharat has run out of get out of jail free cards.
That’s why he reacted the way he did.
OOCly, I’d really like to avoid lethal PVP combat. Like.. PVP has caused me to break my desk before, and it makes me feel bad.
Matt S.: Oh… if it makes any difference, while I like Bharat, I’m not terribly attatched to him. I won’t kill off any characters unless they’re really stupid. If it comes down to that, I’d rather Bharat die
Zea: I like Bharat as a character and as a concept.
He’s wicked awesome
And from a combat perspective, he’s built like a wrecking machine.
Like.. I’m afraid to take him on in a fair fight.
Matt S.: Really? I feel like I’m not very good at this yet
Zea: Raw mechanics, Bharat is a power house.
And you’re playing him beautifully.
Matt S.: Awww, thanks! I’m not used to playing the dumb character
AJ B. (GM): (everyone ready to get started?)
Ambrose Betamax: (yup)
Zea: (Yep!)
AJ B. (GM): (POM, Matt? you guys in this box?)

Ambrose Betamax thinks outside the box

Matt S. is the bod

Matt S. is the box even
P.O.M: I am here
AJ B. (GM): Alright short recap. Bharat is on the run from the law, everyones out in the wilderness near some vampire caves in the middle of the day, Melo is determined to bring the D-bees back to the city, and god only knows how many corpses that’s going to take.
Bharat: (and Bharat be juggling deerbees all over the place)
AJ B. (GM): (so the question is do you lot still want to be in combat order or no?)
Bharat: (That depends on Melo!)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I guess that means if Melo is still fighting Bharat will still fight)

Melo is still intent on doing whatever it takes to subdue the lizardman at this point. If this requires slamming the APC into reverse, so be it. Or if he has to get out… Far less likely something he wants to do, but doable.

Ambrose Betamax lays in bharats arms being adorable.

Vault would likely be disembarking from the weapons station to address the issue on foot; the APC’s laser cannons are just too unwieldy for close range fighting.
AJ B. (GM): (ok going to take that as a yes I need init rolls from everyone)
Vault: rolling 1d20
= 20
Bharat: rolling 1d20
= 15
Melo: rolling 1d20+4
= 20
Hoi Hoi Polloi: Initiative 5
Ambrose Betamax: (is bringing up character sheet)
Bharat: (Mine um… is actually +5 to Init…. I’m at 21)
Ambrose Betamax: (my character sheet seems to not want to open)
AJ B. (GM): (think your math is off there by 1)
Ambrose Betamax: (ah there it goes)
(now it’s opening like 5 times because it’s mean)
rolling 1d20 + 4
= 22
Bharat: (SHHHH! 15
5 IS 21!)

Ambrose Betamax is so fast at laying in lizardman arms lol
AJ B. (GM): (alright so Ambrose has the first action)

Ambrose Betamax waves his newly marked piece of paper around. “HEY LOOK I SIGNED A THINGIE SO HE’S MY PET SO YOU CAN’T HIT HIM!”

Hoi Hoi Polloi pretends to cry “What has society come to when the peace keeper defies the very law they are meant to protect, think of the children”
AJ B. (GM): (alright so Melo, Vault, and Bharat, all your actions are simultaneous)
Ambrose Betamax: (so all of you have to talk at once. good luck)

Melo is already working to put the APC back into gear, and into reverse, “Ambrose, MOVE IT!” is heard over the PA system from the APC. Now, here’s a question: Does this thing have back up lights? Headlights, spotlights, sure. Reverse and break lights? Turn signals? Surely it didn’t have blinkers.. Break lights, for sure.. It sure as hell isn’t road legal by golden age standards though, and with it’s full view light amplification and night vision cameras, it really doesn’t exactly need them.. Unheard would be for the order for Vault to disembark, with orders for lethal force, but to incapacitate if possible. But already the APC would start rolling backward… Even if only to get out of the place it was lodged into.
Ambrose Betamax: (It’s storming here btw, so if my net or power goes out, sorry in advance)
AJ B. (GM): (just heard the first thunderclap here myself, so same)

Vault would give the unheard ‘Acknowledged Commander’ before slipping from the turret controls, flipping the rudimentary control back to Melo’s console (Gotta love the ‘Plan for everything’ in the Golden Age). It’d likely take an action or two for him to actually get out of the APC however, what with three doors he needs to open and close; Cab, Command Center, and Side Door.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (the tattoos I activated earlier still on ? or I have to recast them?)

Vault is also unable to make any kind of good sexual innuendo about his actions, because he’s a robot and not programed for such.
AJ B. (GM): (pretty sure they’re still on)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (sweet)
(To P.O.M): What tats do you have up, and their effects, just for the tracker, please?
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): I believe I have only 3 tattoos up supernatural strength, the invulnerability 300 mdc and 1.5 hours on manbat
(To P.O.M): Didn’t manbat get dismissed to drop Bharat?
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): that was Lady GaGa
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): manbat is Kirk
(To P.O.M): Ahhh! Ok, cool. Thank you. Could I get durations on the SN PS and Inv, please? I know ‘lots’ works, but I’m a numbers nerd.
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): the manbat lasts 2 hours and it took 30 min to get here since they were taken
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): so 1.5 hours left on it, the invulnerability is 40 min and we only went through part of 1 rmelee
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): and finally the strength lasts 20 min

Bharat throws Ambrose out of the way as gently as possible and runs towards the big pillar, loping along with again surprising speed.
Bharat: (I dunno how far away the pillar is so yeah)
(To P.O.M): Thank ya kindly! I knew all of them were so long it didn’t matter, but juuust in case.

Ambrose Betamax oofs as he is thrown through the air!
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): its fine to elaborate more… monster tattoo lasts 30 min a level, the strength lasts 5 min a level and the invulnerability tattoo lasts 10 min a level. I am level 4
AJ B. (GM): (alright, need the speed of both the APC and Bharat)
Bharat: (Bharat: 35)
Ambrose Betamax: (ambrose has 66 lol)
Melo: (Right now? 15ish to start likely, but that’ll be ramping up damn fast to ~66 ish depending on how much room he has)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Hoi Hoi Spd 34)
Melo: (‘Cause it’s a 21 ton behemoth; it’s not gonna be setting any land speed records for exceleration; hell, even 10 in the first action is a stretch)
Bharat: (Bharat can also double to 70.)
(Where on earth did you find a cyborg lizard like this, by the way?)
AJ B. (GM): Alright, then in that case, Bharat manages to move fast enough to get to the pillar in a single action.,and out of the way of the reversing APC with no real problem. (which direction did he throw Ambrose? and is Ambrose going to attempt to stop himself from being thrown?)
Bharat: (North!)
Ambrose Betamax: 9I’ll let him throw me)
Bharat: (YES I DO)
AJ B. (GM): (my last question, Hoi are you going to dodge out of the way of this apc?)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (hmm.. no I am going to try to parry it with my supernatural strength…)
AJ B. (GM): (If you’re serious you’re going to regret that decision)
Ambrose Betamax: (this is…going to be interesting)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I have 300 mdc of protection ontop of my normal mdc so YOLO)

Ambrose Betamax faceplants onto the ground antlers first. They get stuck, and now he appears to be doing a headstand.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Bharat didn’t try to throw me?)

Melo is going reasonably slow; A meager 10-15 mph. It would be easy to step out of the way. It really, really would be.
AJ B. (GM): (you were kind of on the ground he failed to catch you remember)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (yeah I managed to roll though)
(Oh then can I step out of the way ?)
Bharat: (I only threw Ambrose cause I was holding him)
AJ B. (GM): (and yeah you can get out of the way easily. if you want to try and parry it I wont stop you but token placement currently says you’ll end up under a tire of a 20 ton vehicle if you try)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (wait can I jump onto the car ?)
Melo: (From that side, it’s over 2 stories tall)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I have backflip and supernatural strength)
AJ B. (GM): (probably has some jutting pieces she could get a hold of even if she fails to get on tome of it too)

Hoi Hoi Polloi attempts to backflip ontop of the car 1
Melo: (The question there is ‘How high can you jump’?
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (no idea im 7 ft tall and is jump dependent on strength?)
Bharat: (33 feet!)
Melo: (I’m tracking down rules now)
AJ B. (GM): (alright factoring in everything I’m gonna say Hoi manages the jump onto the roof)

Hoi Hoi Polloi surfs the APC
AJ B. (GM): (ok so that’s hoi’s reaction to the apc, now normal action if you wish, or is the plan to simply stand on top of a giant military vehicle?)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I summon my sword)

Hoi Hoi Polloi holds aloft her magic sword and says “By the Power of GreySkull”
AJ B. (GM): (alrighty then)
(Ambrose, you’re up)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (just to be specific I use my magic tattoo flaming sword with coiled serpant
Melo: (Could someone please refresh my memory on everyone’s actions per round?)
Bharat: (7!)
Ambrose Betamax: (I believe 4?)
Melo: (You’re at 5 at least I think at this point)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (6 + 2 auto kicks)
Melo: (Thank ya. Tracker is set)
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): whats the link to tracker again ?
(To P.O.M):
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): thanks
(To P.O.M): Welcome!
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): sword lasts 1 hour 15 min a lvl lol
(To P.O.M): Oh! Whoops. Thought it was a flat 15 minutes on those.
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): yeah they last a ridiculously long amount of time.. But It takes me an entire melee to buff myself
AJ B. (GM): (ambrose any action at all here?)
(To P.O.M): And tons of PPE, but your PPE regen is insane.

Ambrose Betamax tries to get his head out of the ground.
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): aye good thing though I can bring you guys back if you die…
(To P.O.M): I wanna go ahead and give fair warning: If she strikes the APC, Melo will have no qualms about cold blooded murder.
AJ B. (GM): (alrighty then, Melo, Vault, Bharat you’re up)
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): huh if I wanted to attack melo I would never harm the APC I would kill melo and take the APC in mint condition

Bharat Bharat jumps up and latches onto the stone face of the pillar, clearly aiming to climb up it.
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): Fyi you should know whose side im on I did after all just summon a sword that does triple damage to reptiles…
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Im guessing a climb roll is required ?)
Bharat: (70% chance of success)
rolling 1d100
= 20
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (nice)
(To P.O.M): From Melo’s perspective, someone just jumped onto his APC and has a sword in their hands. Someone he’s not on good terms with at the moment. He also knows very, very little about tattoo magic aside from ’it’s a thing’ and he’s paranoid as fuck. Good to know on the reptile bit though!
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): but you did try to run me over twice >_> and I have yet to attack you
AJ B. (GM): (good deal, you manage to scale your way about halfway up the tower)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I guess that puts him far enough away for the turret to have fun?)
(To P.O.M): Haha. He tried to run over Bharat! You just happened to be in the way! Also, unrelated, ice water when its 90 in the house is awesome.
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): I just go visit my uncles shop with my laptop and sit in the walk in freezer during the summer when it gets too hot
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): in return I restock the shelves as needed
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): other than that the university library and lecture rooms are usually air conditioned

Melo would have his quarry darting away.. And climbing a pillar. A pillar that takes him off of the ground, and into the firing arc of the laser cannon. Alarms are likely going off in his seat with a sensor picking up the impact of a body, cameras picking up all kinds of visual things and throwing them up on the HUD. Gotta love Future Tech that’s been in the hands of a mechanic in a chop shop for five years. A tap with one hand would pull his hands off the controls even as he gunned it forward to drag a jerking stop, those mechanical turbines in each wheel lurching to push forward from their reversed position, even as the APC’s cannon would come to life in a double barreled blast. Gotta love touch screens.. Lets see just how accurate that quick tap on the controls were.
Melo: (Uh.. just a sec, I gotta look up a skill)
rolling 1d20+4
= 15
(Please adjust that roll as needed to account for smaller display and doing so when driving)
AJ B. (GM): (assume thats a roll to hit with the weapon?)
Melo: (Yeah)
AJ B. (GM): (Bharat, any defense or reaction to being shot at by that turret?)
Melo: (From behind, as you’re climbing no less..!)
(Sorry, Melo’s an asshole)
Bharat: (Dodge! If Possible!)
(… Is it possible?)
AJ B. (GM): (its possible, just going to be difficult in a couple ways. -4 penalty first of all)
Bharat: rolling 1d20
= 6
Melo: (That’s going to be painful)
AJ B. (GM): (yeah that’s a hit, roll damage)
Melo: rolling 1d4*10
= 22
AJ B. (GM): (alright, now I need a climbing roll at 35% to not fall after that)
Bharat: (Wow I dropped by half)
rolling 1d100
= 53
Melo: (Random note, I have no idea what Bharat’s MDC is currently at, but I presume he’s hurting fairly bad, between the 7-8 needler darts pumped into him (1d4 each; had rolled a total of 17 MDC total for them all before) and anything he’d taken in dealing with Hoi’s pets)
AJ B. (GM): (so your climbing skill is 35% on that 53 roll then?)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (My pets were under strict orders not to harm him…)
Bharat: (Uh… Bharat has more than a hundred MDC health…. Not counting his armor
(To Matt S.): Also, I -do
feel bad for this. I do. Bharat is such an awesome character.
Melo: (And the.. 8? Falling damage)
AJ B. (GM): (oh duh forgot about the armor again, rewind)
(From Bharat): It’s all cool man. You gotta do what you gotta do. Might be time for a big reveal soon anyway. :P
(To Matt S.): Thank you for not having any hard feelings about this. I hate PVP. It makes me feel like a total asshole. I actively try and avoid it when I can.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (So he doesn’t fall ?)

Vault is still simply disembarking the APC. By now, he’s at the side door, prepping it to lower it’s drawbridge style outer door so he can actually get out.
AJ B. (GM): (no he doesn’t that shot didn’t bypass his armor so although jarring wouldn’t cause pain or loss of grip)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (nice)
AJ B. (GM): (Hoi, you’re up)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I activate my flight tattoo…)
(fight will be over before I finish)
AJ B. (GM): (alright, that brings us to Ambrose’s turn)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (wait can I tell the manbat to attack?)
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): flight lasts 30 min a lvl so 2 hours
(To P.O.M): Thank ya. I’ve gone too long without keeping myself immersed in these books; I’m forgetting all the details and page numbers! It took me 3 attempts to get the page number for the APC.

Ambrose Betamax watches all this, at a loss as to what he should do….so he just generally panics.
(From Matt S.): I don’t mind it, actually. I feel like a lot of players are afraid for their characters to come to blows when they shouldn’t. These are people involved in stressful situations a LOT and peopel don’t usually handle stress well. Coming to blows should happen more often than it does. But that of course doesn’t mean it should be lethal.
Matt S.:
Also, I totally provoked this PVP so I couldn’t say anything if I wanted to. XD
AJ B. (GM): (alright, again the three simuls)

Bharat climbs higher and higher!
Bharat: rolling 1d100
= 28
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): lol

Melo would at least have the APC at a stop at this point. Another double tap on the touch screen would send a blast dual barreled of laser light at the back the lizardman’s form even as feet were moving to shift the behemoth into gear as it were in preparation to go forward.. Bing. Bing. Bing. “Fucking Door Ajar alarms! Vault! HURRY IT UP!”
Melo: rolling 1d20+4
= 15
AJ B. (GM): (alright, Bharat, going to dodge again?)
Bharat: (yeah)
rolling 1d20
= 23
Melo: (To GM) rolling 1d4*10
2 Into the rock face
= 42
Melo: (Awesome!)

Hoi Hoi Polloi watches in awe at the ballerina on the wall
Bharat: (Pillar*)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (it may be a pillar but the ballerina on the wall is a classic)
Bharat: (Uh, I’ve never heard of it)
Vault: (Bharat, over all level, please?)

Vault would be disembarking the APC and quickly entering the door close codes on the way out, ion cannon raised and ready. The mechanical voice would intone out, in that ever polite tone, “You are requested to surrender. Compliance will result in no further harm coming to you.” Yep, ultimate ‘We come in peace, shoot to kill speech there’ bot-boy.
AJ B. (GM): Alright, so Bharat has made it to the top of the pillar, vault is out of the apc, Melo just tore a large chunk out of the rockface with his laser turret, and Hoi is up

Hoi Hoi Polloi flys up to Bharat at 90 mph
Bharat: (All over level?)
Vault: (Yeah. RCC + OCC combined)
Bharat: (4)
Melo: (Thank you)

Ambrose Betamax is amazed at all this and for a moment almost forgets that his friends are all trying to kill eachother.
Melo: (I think that brings us to the three twenties?)
AJ B. (GM): (hoi has yet to move)
(Ambrose is just reacting thought and verbally so doesn’t need to be on his init there)

Hoi Hoi Polloi uses her Flaming Sword of Bharat Slaying hitting 13 for 58
AJ B. (GM): (Bharat theres a sword flying at you, dodge parry, what?)
Melo: (Query: How does that work vs body armor?)
(Would it get the vs reptiles bonuses?)
AJ B. (GM): (yes it would)
Melo: (Works for me. Thank you.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (oh shit I didnt think it would be that high)
Bharat: (Wait, he rolled under four, wouldn’t that be a miss?)
Melo: (The 10 counts vs that 4)
Bharat: (… Why do my attacks fail when I roll under four then?)
Melo: (Are they 1’s?)
(Or ranged?)
Bharat: (Not all the time, no. And never)
Melo: (I.. don’t know.)
(GM ruling here.)
Bharat: (Seriously it’s like Auto-failed every time)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: ( I think under 4 is for shooting only, Bharat you need to dodge)
Melo: (8 fer shooting)
AJ B. (GM): (books only statement is “A roll of 1-4 is automatically a miss”)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (oO never knew that)
AJ B. (GM): (its buried in the combat section, and like many other things thats kind of vaguely worded)
Melo: (I always read that as ‘pluses count’)
AJ B. (GM): (to me a “roll” is the straight die roll)
Melo: (But that’s based on experiences with all other games. Plus, without pluses, that means its a 20% miss chance every single time, with no need for dodge / parry)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (this is rifts though where you can even fail at speaking)
AJ B. (GM): (hmm good points, and because it bears repeating I hate the disorginazation of these books)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (luckily we have AJ to navigate the murky waters that is Palladium Rifts)
Melo: (I’m checking a text doc. One sec)
Bharat: (In the First Paragraph under Step 2: The next step is for the first attacker to roll a twenty-sided die. If the Result is a four or less (Counting bonuses) the attacker misses. Any roll above a four will hit the opponenet, unless the Defender can parry or dodge the attack.)
AJ B. (GM): (he’s right it does say counting bonuses, just only in one tiny spot at the very beggining, and then they decide not to bother mentioning it ever again when they reiterate the fail roll)
Bharat: (Actually, that’s the whole paragraph. Page 339)
Melo: (Thank ya.)
Bharat: (Ok then! DODGING IT IS)
rolling 1d20
= 15
AJ B. (GM): and Bharat dodges a flying sword.

Bharat is a towering monument to awesome and skill.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Does Bharat have auto dodge?)
Bharat: (Uh, auto dodge?)
AJ B. (GM): (not yet)
(he’s 1 level away from it)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Ahh everytime you dodge you lose an action if you dont have it)
Melo: (Parry is free. It’s why parrying ranged attacks is so badass)
(Auto dodge also, in general, gets no bonuses unless granted specifically by the H2H skill)
Bharat: (I’ve been doing it backwards. 0.0)
(I cri evrytim)
Melo: (I will eventually get the combat section of the compendium typed up.)
Bharat: (Can we pretend I’ve been parrying since I was backwards?)
AJ B. (GM): (parrying lasers requires insane skill, magic or other tricks)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Don’t think you can parry energy blasts with a weapon only shield)
AJ B. (GM): (if you’re the right class you can)
Melo: (I personally am ok with that for Hoi’s attack. That said, you’re parrying with your bare hands; you may take damage from that. We have had this happen when a demon struck bare handed Vault and he parried with a sword.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (true)
AJ B. (GM): (but theres only like 1 or 2 who get that trick)
Bharat: (Parry the sowrd then. Mostly cause I already lost one action to dodging. DX)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (you dodged the laser twice though)
Melo: (Also, thank you all for the fun tonight. I
Bharat: (I FORGOT!)
Melo: (Heart rules debates, ‘specially when they’re so up beat and friendly like the ones tonight have been)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (lol fun all round )
AJ B. (GM): (alright, is your parry bonus different from dodge bonus?)
Bharat: (Nope. They’re identical)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (You should probably stick to dodge unless you have a weapon parring barehanded is dangerous)
AJ B. (GM): (alright, then just going to go with that’s a successful parry, and since you’ve plated your claws as a weapon no damage on the parry)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (oO that works)
Melo: (YAY! No damage! Otherwise that woulda been painful)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I forgot about that silver claws ftw!)
AJ B. (GM): (alright, Ambrose, you’re up)
Ambrose Betamax: (I’m still not sure what to do lol, Ambrose wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt)
Bharat: (BE THE ANIMU)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Ambrose goes berserk and punches the pillar in half )

Ambrose Betamax tries another long winded inspiring speech. “THINK NOT OF WHAT YOUR PARTY CAN DO FOR YOU, BUT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR PARTY
Melo: (At least that one was fitting)
Bharat: (Bharat: AMBROSE BE QUIET)

Hoi Hoi Polloi answers Ambrose “Lizard Kebabs and beer tonight!.. Partaaaaay!!!!”

Melo would be dealing with another target on his screen as Hoi lept from the APC and at the lizard. Just how high up is the pair now? Would he be over the edge of the cliffside and out of range of the APC’s lasers?
Bharat: (Bharat is on top of the pillar)
Melo: (Yeah. GM call on the shape / size of the pillar, and height for that matter.)
AJ B. (GM): (I thought Hoi threw the sword because of other magic on it, am I mistaken?)
Bharat: (Bharat needs the ability to Parry lasers with his bare hands through the forces of sheer awesome)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I flew up there and attacked him)
Melo: (A leaping strike)
(With SN strength + Fly)
AJ B. (GM): (ahh ok that makes sense)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Crouching Pony, Hidden Perversion style)
AJ B. (GM): (they are both on top of the pillar which is 76 ft in height)
(and it is all the simul turns atm)
Melo: (Ok. How wide is the pillar? I gotta math it ‘cause I only have a 45 degree arc of fire)
(…Unless I start firing missiles. Because the APC has those..)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Fire a nuke)
AJ B. (GM): (the pillar is lets say 35 ft wide by 20 ft long)
Melo: (…I haven’t had to do trig for too many years)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (according to the forums a nuke does 3d4x100 dmg)
Bharat: (NO)
AJ B. (GM): (question is, is that MDC or SDC)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (how tall is Bharat?)
Bharat: (Like 11 foot +)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (how far into the pillar is bharat ?)
(Middle ?)
Bharat: (I have no idea)
AJ B. (GM): (just up on the edge at this point)

Melo wouldn’t have much issue in such case; another double tap; hopefully he hit the right spot, and didn’t hit the targeting reticle for Hoi.
AJ B. (GM): (his last action was to finish his climb so until he moves farther onto it he’d be just having climbed over the top)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (how far is the apc from the pillar ?)
(and how tall is the pillar)
AJ B. (GM): (pillar is 76 ft, and yeah the apc is only like 20 to 25 feet from the pillar)
Melo: (Would be ~20 ft away; he would be hard pressed to hit him that close, yeah. The top of the pillar is 52 ft above; I think that requires a bit more than a 45 degree arc of fire, actually. Yeah)
AJ B. (GM): (well up to you, I can’t do that math atm myself)

Melo is too close. He’s gotta move to get a clean shot.
(To GM): Please move the APC forward 25 ft?
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Bharat is saved by maths… does Bharat know how to do advanced maths?)
AJ B. (GM): (vault and Bharats actions as well)
Bharat: (An attack roll first)

Vault is reasonably straight forward. Unless surrender was imidate, a blast of the ion cannon on his wrist would be following; there was no aiming for the chest. This was to disable: A shot at the ground underneath the lizardman’s feet, from an upward angle. An easy series of calculations for the autonom.
Vault: rolling 1d20+6
= 23
Bharat: rolling 1d20
= 18
Vault: (Meant to wreck his footing. And his foot on the other side of that footing)
AJ B. (GM): (alright, so I need Vault and Bharats spd this time.)
Vault: (28 PP, 110 spd)
(Sorry, 19 PP)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (if my maths is correct you would need to be 32.15 ft to 2 dec places to hit him)
AJ B. (GM): Alright, so since this is all simultaneous it gets a touch complicated here so bear with me.

Vault will go after the lizard.
AJ B. (GM): (you already declares vaults action sorry)

Vault gave him a moment to react. To surrender. Instead, he opted to strike someone else. And the droid is a robot. He’s.. mildly quick.

Melo misses most of the action, eyes taken off of the combat screen in favor of the full sized HUD for driving.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (who did Bharat attack?)
Melo: (I’d presume Hoi)
Bharat: (Actually, I never eve3n got to say what was going on so…)
Melo: (Yep; AJ, would you mind letting Bharat fluff his action, purdy please?)
Bharat: (I just grolled and then got shot. DX)
Melo: (I just got impatient. nod)
AJ B. (GM): (fair enough, but just so we’re clear this one is a no tapbacks, all actions stand as declared regardless since he had already stated his plan)
Melo: (Yep. If his action is anything other than ‘I put my hands up’ or ‘Shout that I give up’, the droid is going to be blowing up a geological formation)

Bharat takes a moment to crouch and then launches himself into the open air.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Body slam the droid?)

Ambrose Betamax wonders if this fight might just be getting a little bit out of hand
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Bharat Meteor)

Bharat flies away from the pillar, the ugliest bird in history as his strength gives him a fantastic distance…. Before gravity seems to take over and he comes plummeting downwards… straight over the APC
Melo: (That is one hell of an epic leap)
AJ B. (GM): (remember you were 25 ft back when he jumped)
(and we’ve established this thing is slow to move)
Melo: (True! Easy with being 50+ ft up)
(Still an epic leap)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (so in the first round he falls 32 ft ?)
AJ B. (GM): (nah alright, Bharat roll damage, 2d6+10+strength bonus)
Melo: (That is friggin awesome. NICEly done.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (noo not the APC)
Bharat: rolling 2d6+19
= 21
Melo: (Snerks. Claps)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (is that SDC?)
Melo: (Nah, that’s gotta be MD)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (you add strength damage to mdc attacks Oo?)
Melo: (For some attacks, yes.)
Bharat: (You do if you’re Bharat!)
AJ B. (GM): (its MDC and the sensor array for the apc is gone)
(barely but it just got demolished by a falling lizard)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (do you add strength to mdc sword attacks?)
Melo: (That is GM call; I have not asked that for the combat section)
AJ B. (GM): (not usually, theres a few ways to make it so it can be done iirc, not positive on that though)
Melo: (Some swords say yes, others say no)
(Also, GM call on Vault’s strike missing or what-not. I’m going to presume so because he was aiming to ruin his footing)

Melo would be far, far less than pleased. The APC would be rolling forward, sure, but there would be a very, very large amount of alarms going off at this point. Targeting systems would go dead in a flash, the APC itself bouncing some from the shock of having half a ton of cybernetic lizard land on top of it. This is bad news. Very, very bad news.
Bharat: “MELO COME OUT!”
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Or Bharat will huff and he will puff and he will blow your house down)
(To GM): “Kill’em.” An instant command given over the radio to the droid, unheard by anyone else.
AJ B. (GM): (yep, Vaults blast hit after Bharats jump, spd request was to determine who’d be that split second slower, vault might have had time to adjust were he slower)
(and now we are back to Hoi’s action)

Vault at least blows up a great big part of that cliff face with a nice dose of ionized particles.
Vault: rolling 3d6
= 10
(Woo, 10 MD to rocks!)

Hoi Hoi Polloi uses her Flaming Sword of Bharat Bane hitting 16 for 58
Bharat: (PARRY)
rolling 1d20+7
= 27
Hoi Hoi Polloi: lol
Bharat: (BAM BAM BABY!)
Melo: (NICE!)

Ambrose Betamax is pretty much in shock at this point. Normally he’d go berserk if his friends were in danger…except the danger is from other friends.
Bharat: (I like how Bharat Derails EVERYTHING)
Melo: (‘S an awesome move! I’m quite amused)
(He’s gonna die, but ‘s awesome)
(He’ll be going out in a blaze of glory, with his cybernetics parted out to pay for the damages)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Dont worry my dice rolls always suck)
Melo: (And mine are properly randomized)
Bharat: (Oh, that was probably my last good rolla ll night)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Sometimes refreshing the browser helps but do I really want to do that)
(What action we up to now ?)
Melo: (I think Ambrose wibbled, and we’re back to the 3 20’s)
AJ B. (GM): (he is correct)

Bharat turns and attacks the turret, coming at it with ferocious claws.
Bharat: rolling 1d20+7
= 23
AJ B. (GM): (well Im pretty sure that turret has no ability to get out of the way)
Bharat: (YOU HUSH. :P)
rolling 4d6
= 19
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (the turret bobs up and down in pain)
Bharat: (And almost all of Bharat’s damage is MDC)

Vault was given new orders. The orders of course weren’t needed; Bharat has now directly attacked NEMA equipment. Permissions for access? Denied. He has been labeled an enemy combatant. Lethal force was long ago authorized, but the new orders only reinforced it. There was no hesitation as a rain of ionized particles washed in the direction of the lizard (Burst shot)
Vault: rolling 1d20+8
= 9
(I also dislike the heart killing that. Woo html)
AJ B. (GM): (alrighty then, Vault I need a d4 roll)
Vault: rolling 1d4
= 1
AJ B. (GM): (roll damage)
Vault: rolling 1d4*10
= 40
(Body or turet?)
AJ B. (GM): Vaults blast slams home on the turret that Bharat has been attacking
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (the turret bleeds oil out of its nozel.. morse code fills the air beep dash beep beep dash… translated husband how could you)
(or would it be son how could you since vault emerged from inside it?)
AJ B. (GM): (Melo, any action, we got vault and Bharats for this init)

Melo is getting all sorts of alarms; he doesn’t know what’s hitting him, or where, but he knows they’re coming in. The main guns… Nope, not his day. “FUCK!” This was not a creature he wanted to tangle with up close and personal. Up close and personal wasn’t his style when dealing with creatures twice his size and five to six times his mass. Nope, he’s gonna fucking gun it. Full speed, and over the roughest terrain he feels comfortable with to dislodge the attacker. The same methods that he’d picked up back ‘home’ during some of the gargoyle raids.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (How fast can the APC go ?)
Melo: rolling 1d100< 57 (50% on penalties to driving, +2 to dodge, for what it’s worth, and a flat -2% to penalties for being level 2 combat driver)
= 0 Successes

Melo is.. having a bad day.
AJ B. (GM): (alright give me a moment, trying to decide something)
(alright Melo I need a second driving roll at -20% due to the paniced and confused nature of what’s occuring.)
Melo: rolling 1d100< 37
= 0 Successes

Melo is having a very bad day so far.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I can see how this ends… Melo, Hoi and Vault dead… Ambrose pregnate with a clutch of eggs)
Ambrose Betamax: (that seems likely.)
AJ B. (GM): (alright, so here’s where we currently stand) For whatever reason, maybe panic, maybe a war flashback, maybe he just thinks he can dump bharat in the canyon Melo through the apc into reverse and gunned it. he then failed to break when he had his best chance to, and the apc is now sitting on the edge of the canyon its back tires slipping towards a Really long fall
Ambrose Betamax: (wow, you guys are all having a really bad day)

Melo at least has an 8 wheeled vehicle!

Ambrose Betamax hopes it isn’t a rear wheel drive.
AJ B. (GM): (alright, now then at this point it is Hoi’s action)

Melo has an 8 wheeled drive house.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (YOLO)

Hoi Hoi Polloi uses her Fail Sword hitting 14 for 59
Bharat: (Parry again. Maybe this one will fail)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (fail sword is fail cant seem to score over a 6)
Bharat: rolling 1d20+7
= 14
Hoi Hoi Polloi: lol
Bharat: (It’s a tie and I win. Yay!)
Melo: (Now, with the APC half over a cliff, how’s your balance?)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh my god the whole party is gonna die)
Melo: (Yep!)
AJ B. (GM): (not quite half yet. Ambrose is up)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I can fly)
AJ B. (GM): (which is why I legitimately expected a choke hold slam into the very back of the apc)

Ambrose Betamax is totally freaking out and bursts into tears cause all his friends are killing eachother and he can’t do anything about it really

Bharat slaps the sword away with the back of his hand and stomps on the APC before yelling. “MELO! I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE! COME OUT OR I LET YOU FALL OFF THE EDGE OF THIS DAMN CLIFF YOUR SO FASCINATED BY!”
Bharat: (Little premature considering Ambrose’s turn still technically)
AJ B. (GM): (and that stomp shifted some of the gravel and has made things slightly worse)
Bharat: (But Ambrose is freaking out so. :P)
AJ B. (GM): (alright, simul inits)
Bharat: (Gonna wait for Melo to say something)
AJ B. (GM): (wow only Melo has actions left?)
Melo: (Yep! Just Melo)
Bharat: (Oh. Well then!)
Ambrose Betamax: (I think that’s what ambrose would do lol)
AJ B. (GM): (alright, Melo, regardless of what you try to do, I am going to need a driving roll just to keep this thing outside the canyon. -16% after Bharats stomping. and keep in mind thats just to hold it in place)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (what action are we up to ?)
(number 6?)
Melo: (Yeah. Hoi DOES have 2 auto kicks; I’m not sure where or how those work, however. But I know that she does have ’em.)

Melo isn’t about to surrender. See, the issue here is that the APC’s weight? It isn’t an even distribution. The power plant, the turret, Bharat, and technically even Melo was over that cliff’s edge. The front end of the APC likely only held about 25-35% of the whole thing’s weight, being the hollow section. Granted, that’s still a whole fuckton of weight.. But will it be enough? Forward would hopefully be where he heads, and not backwards and into losing one of his few connections with home.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (if this is action 6 I got my 6th action and 2 kicks)
Melo: (Jumping onto the APC as a dodge was your 6th)
rolling 1d100>41
= 1 Successes
(That’s a fail. Down we go)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I back flipped it didnt take up a turn)
Melo: (Was considered a dodge)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (oh didn’t know that lol)
(I would of stepped aside since you were going soo slow if I knew lol)
AJ B. (GM): (yep, APC starts shifting back and is almost definitely going to fall, so here’s where we’re at, each of you gets one last action before it falls, to save yourselves, to try and fix it, whatever you wish to do)

Melo doesn’t have time to save himself. It’ll take too long to escape. You know those moments that shouldn’t come as often as they do? Where your life flashes before your eyes? That surge of adrenaline, that final gasp of hope? Well, here’s hoping those wheels would have enough grip. That the APC’s back end wasn’t pushing it too hard. We’re all gonna die, you know. But that’s life. (I need to look up the rules for crash compartment saves..)
Melo: rolling 1d100< 57 (Minus whatever)
= 1 Successes
AJ B. (GM): Alright, so if no one objects I’ll put up what happens)
Melo: (Bharat, your reaction to tottering over the cliff in what looks to be a very bad place?)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Go for gold)
AJ B. (GM): (he messaged me his action)
Bharat: (Always remember I love you guys)
(Bharat: Bharat love fuzzy deer man)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
Bharat: (Bharat: Fuzzy deer man delicious)
AJ B. (GM): So as Melo tries one last time to get the APC moving forwards Bharat shoves off leaping back towards the canyon pushing it forwards just enough to get it back towards solid ground. As he does a strange wind kicks up from the canyon and begins slowing his descent, although still falling it doesn’t seem like it will be quite as lethal as one may expect.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (??? Bharat has bad case of gas?)
Bharat: (Bharat: Bharat ate noise box. Bharat Sorry)
AJ B. (GM): (Alright, so Bharat, do you attempt to maneuver your fall at all while it’s slowed down?)
Bharat: (DUH! Use the air currnet to head back towards the canyon wall)
(Or… Wait, how close is the other side?)
AJ B. (GM): (even distance from both)
Bharat: (Go for the other side! FLEE!)
Melo: (Fleeing is a very good idea. Melo still has murder on his mind)
Bharat: (Mostly because momentum would push me that way anyway)
AJ B. (GM): (alright, as I know its going to be needed and everyones basically burned up their actions, new init roll time)
Bharat: rolling 1d20+5
= 15
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d20 + 4
= 6
Hoi Hoi Polloi: Initiative 19
Melo: rolling 1d20+4
= 17
Vault: rolling 1d20
= 9
AJ B. (GM): (Alright, Hoi has first action this round)

Hoi Hoi Polloi uses her Tears of Failure hitting 13 for 66
AJ B. (GM): (parry is at a -3 for being falling)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (the dice are rigged bro)
Ambrose Betamax: (is bharat a Balrog or what?)
Bharat: rolling 1d20+4
= 6
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (my tears worked)
(bad pets need to be disciplined)
Bharat: (You have successfully broken my very expensive armor)
AJ B. (GM): (Melo, you’re up)

Vault remains quite unaware of what happened. After all, his sensors are down, and all he had was his life flashing before those mechanical eyes. The petal was to the metal and what his view screen showed him nothing but cloudy blue sky. He was tipping into the black. And despite what his eyes were sending to his mind, his brain was blocking it out in that state of near panic, other parts of his consciousness fighting to regain control. At least the wheels were spinning forward. As far as he knew, the wheels managed to get traction, and the behemoth’s auto stabilizers kicked in. Every last bit of Golden Era Military Tech built for keeping it’s occupants alive firing on full cylinders to pull the behemoth from the brink. And forward he’d go, cursing under his breath, “REPORT!” Thank god the droid can hold a conversation quite casually over radio frequency even as he’s attempting to kill people.
Melo: (Wrong drop down; Melo’s action)
(To GM): Move APC forward as you see fit, if you’d be so kind? Still your call on cameras elsewhere beyond the sensor cluster that had radar and targeting systems.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Bharat’s go I guess?)
AJ B. (GM): (bharats turn yep)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (what is that thing hiding under the apc?)
Melo: (That was Leah’s token. She’s staying a good bit away from this, I think)
Vault: (OR she’s stuck up in one of the tires.)
AJ B. (GM): (yeah pretty much, she’s a little ways behind Ambrose, ready to yank him farther if need be)
Melo: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 40 Lets see how fucked up Melo’s sensor suite is…
= 1 Successes
(To GM): Woo. At least it’s salvageable for scrap..
Bharat: rolling 1d20
= 6

Bharat tries to grab the flying Hoi in a desperate attempt to stop galling to even his certain demise
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (parry ?)
AJ B. (GM): (your choice, that’s certainly an option)

Hoi Hoi Polloi defiantly uses her Flaming Sword parrying the attack 15 with minimal effort
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (wow I rolled a 1)
Melo: (This is a bad night for dice)
AJ B. (GM): (Bharat gets Hoi into a bear hug apparently)
(Vault is up)

Vault moves. A simple action, even if it came with targeting the falling lizard and Hoi. “Target lept from the APC and into the chasm. Target is currently engaged in combat with Hoi.” Target. Not Bharat. The lizard is still marked for death by the kill bot.

Hoi Hoi Polloi looks Bharat in the eyes.. “Clever Girl”

Bharat glares back. “I’d say the same for you. If you’d bother to think before doing things.”
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (
Bharat: (And then Bharat Eats Hoi’s Face)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (lol)
AJ B. (GM): (Ambrose is up)

Ambrose Betamax is running for the APC to get melo out of it before it falls
Bharat: (Melo is in no risk of falling anymore thanks to Bharat’s Heroic and self-sacrificing actions)

Ambrose Betamax stops running and watches in hopes that everyone survives the fall then
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (my turn? Can i still attack with my weapon?)
AJ B. (GM): (not possible to attack with weapon, breaking the hold requires, one sec while I check)
Melo: (Robotic PS vs SN PS. This is gonna be good..)
Bharat: (Bharat: Tell Bharat Bharat Pretty)

Ambrose Betamax thinks bharat is pretty, so long as his robot parts aren’t too reflective.
Bharat: (Bharat has not been pollished in quite some time)
AJ B. (GM): (sorry that took a bit to track down)
Bharat: (Bharat needs to get SN PS)
AJ B. (GM): (actually strength has no bearing on this one apparently)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I checked its very funny)
(yep strength means diddly)
AJ B. (GM): (its entirely PP based, d20 roll+PP bonus from each of you and Bharat gets to add any bonus to holds that he has)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (a kid with 3 str can grapple a titan and get away with it)
AJ B. (GM): (ehh makes a certain degree of sense, most hold escapes depend more on squirming and movement then physical strength)
Bharat: (Uh… Waht’s a PP bonus look like? Also really hope that Hoi has less of one
Melo: (What’s yer PP? I can give bonuses off hand)

Hoi Hoi Polloi attempts to break grapple channeling the fail force 8
Bharat: (Oh, I found it. It’s 3)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (dont worry you cant fail while im rolling)
Bharat: (She has +4? You’ve got a lot of PP. 0.0)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (yeah)
(22 p.p)
Bharat: rolling 1d20
= 5
Melo: (HA)
Bharat: (HA!)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Dam it now your stealing my fail power)
(does it take an action to unsling a weapon or sheild from my back?)
AJ B. (GM): (yep, and breaking the hold by itself was an action so it’s Melo’s turn)

Melo is currently gunning it forward from the cliff. Nothing evasive, nothing crazy. A good fifty to seventy feet would travel before he’d stop and start to get out of his behemoth via the cabin’s escape hatch. Far faster then going through the rest of the monster, at least, but that still likely takes him out of combat for likely a good bit of the round. At least it’ll get him cliffside to take proper aim with his rifle by then. Provided, y’know, he hasn’t hit the ground and made good on his escape by then.
AJ B. (GM): (alright Bharat is up)
(btw after this action set I’m gonna have to call it, I’m fried)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Oh no Melo fell on his head)
(Melo is now bowing his head down to the APC in shame)
Ambrose Betamax: (oki)

Bharat angles his falling body towards the canyon wall, on the side of the APC and group. (Unintentionally, of course)
AJ B. (GM): (vault, you’re up)

Vault is standing just about right above the lizard. A nice, clean, straight shot, and this time, that ion cannon will have a real hard time of damaging the APC. (Burst)
Vault: rolling 1d20+8
= 26
(That’s a crit)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Aim for the nads)
Vault: (And this is why we call him a death bot)
AJ B. (GM): (Bharat going to try and dodge?)
Bharat: (I’m gonna have to. Despite it eating my actions)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (watch him roll a 20)
Vault: (I wish him the best of luck. Otherwise this is going to hurt.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (and his armor broke…)
Bharat: rolling 1d20
= 19
Vault: rolling 1d4*20
= 60
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (dam)
Bharat: (Oh my spleen)
AJ B. (GM): (yeah not sure what that knocks Bharat down to but I imagine its not good)
Bharat: (Uh… I depends on how much health I started with at t the beginning of all this))
AJ B. (GM): (Ambrose is up, and may be up for going through another few actions, just we’ll have to wrap this up soonish)
(well lets assume total you’ve taken 75 MDC at this point)

Ambrose Betamax watches bharat and hopes he’s alright, seems to be all he can do. “ARE YOU OK?”
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (lol hopefully he isnt in a coma)

Ambrose Betamax tries to stop vault from shooting at bharat…er, any more.
Vault: (Yeah..depending on how badly he’s hurt, there’re possible side effects at this point. Taking damage is not good. Even more so when you’ve got a death bot looking down at you from a cliff face, with an ion cannon glowing blue with an ominous humm)
(Oh god.. I’m afraid for Ambrose of how this is going to turn out. Vault is in kill mode.)
Bharat: (I have slightly less than half health.)
AJ B. (GM): (so any specifics on the attempt Ambrose? pull him away from the cliff, climb on him to put yourself in front of the gun, yell at him to stop?)
Ambrose Betamax: (pulling him and yelling.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Ambroses uses the command override code he heard Melo mumble in his sleep while they were spooning)
(would be funny if ambrose actually knew it)
Vault: (Knowing command codes and having the authorization to use them are two totally separate things)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (let us hope vault was commanded to put Ambroses life above all commands)
(my turn?)
AJ B. (GM): (yep)

Hoi Hoi Polloi uses her Fail :( hitting 18 for 53
AJ B. (GM): (going to parry Bharat?)
Bharat: (Gonna try! And Fail! And Die.)
rolling 1d20+7
= 17
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (dont worry you can do it)
Bharat: (YEP! Death comes swiftly)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (coma or death ?)
Vault: (What’s that put’cha at?)
Bharat: (Presumably death. As Melo is up next. 19)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (19 mdc left ?)
Bharat: (Yep)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (when I attack can I place myself between Bharat and Vault?)

Melo is still disembarking from the APC; he’s not going to get the kill shot any time soon.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (this is not the part where we kill Bharat this is the part where in return for his life he becomes Ambroses faithful pet)
Melo: (This is the part where Melo will shoot him in the head and sell his body parts to repair the APC.)

Bharat is not terribly concerned as he’ll bleed out in approximately… 9 and a half minutes
AJ B. (GM): (mmm, not likely, it’d have to be the attack or the movement)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: ( I can also heal him )

Melo is nice and safely far away. He can’t fire.
Melo: (Bharat’s action)

Bharat tries to climb down the cliff.
Bharat: (Assuming I’m even on it right now. I’m not sure where I am)
AJ B. (GM): (you are, go ahead and make your climb roll)
Melo: (The 50% penalty for sub 15% hp apply?)
Bharat: (35% chance)
rolling 1d100
= 42
AJ B. (GM): (yep)
Bharat: (And bharat falls to his death!)
Melo: (Gerk.)
AJ B. (GM): Alright so Bharat is back to falling but that air current is still there and slowing his progress towards the ground.
(Vault is up)
Bharat: (Vault get sth ekill shot, my bad)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (you should of let me stay in front of you instead of moving out of the cover i gave)

Vault has Ambrose beside him, hammering on him with those fists of soft flesh and blood, pleading for him to stop. Begging for mercy. But the kill order has been given. Every single one of the flags for ‘Hostile force’ has been tripped when it comes to the lizard, including Melo’s. Hoi is in the way as well. Targeting systems were already trying to compensate at the speed of multiple Exaflops.. Another blast of burst fire.
Vault: rolling 1d20+8
= 26
(Please apply penalties as needed)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (vault seems to always roll 18’s)

Vault rolls 1’s or rape.
AJ B. (GM): (well Bharat, unless you can dodge quite well I think you’re in trouble)
Vault: (A 19 or 20’ll— uh.. A 20’ll save you!)
Ambrose Betamax: (so my interference does nothing? :P)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (can I try to simultaneous action dodge into it?)
Bharat: (If I can’t dodge that I’m dead. And I’m pretty sure I’m already out of actions so I’m dead)
Vault: (You didn’t get blasted in the face at least..!)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (hoi hoi loves to dodge into lazers)
AJ B. (GM): (you’ve got three actions left on this round judging by tracker)
Bharat: (I lost half my actions by dropping under 15% health)
Vault: (Yeah. I haven’t X’d ‘em out.)
(15% is.. uh.. It’s bad.)
AJ B. (GM): (ahh that’s right)
(well vault roll damage, not sure its possible to roll below his health but maybe)
Vault: rolling 1d4*20
= 80
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Can Hoi Hoi use a simultaneous action to dodge into the path of the lazer?)
Bharat: (It wasn’t possible at all)
Vault: (That’s.. That’s annihilation. And I will give the GM’s call on that.))
Bharat: (Just like, as a note.)
AJ B. (GM): (yes Hoi can do that, you’ll take the full brunt of that damage)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (sweet lets hope I dont fail)
Vault: (80 MD vs 300 shield? Easy)
Bharat: (I vote that my destruction also destroys all my bionics and renders them literal slag)
Vault: (With that kind of damage? I’m in agreement. There are rules for salvage, but.. that’s.. yeah. That puts you at -61, yeah?)

Hoi Hoi Polloi Hearts Bharat as she dodges into the light dodging for 32
Vault: (HA! YOU LIVE!)

Ambrose Betamax wonders why Hoi has been trying to kill bharat and is now saving him :P)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I was only trying to train Bharat)

Hoi Hoi Polloi shouts “Bharat if you promise to obey Ambrose your owner with all your heart I can help you live”
AJ B. (GM): (Alright, so that’s 80 MDC that slams in on Hoi and now its Ambrose’s turn)

Ambrose Betamax gapes and keeps trying to stop vault with his words and hands pulling at him.
AJ B. (GM): (shove vault over the cliff!!! roflmao)
(admittedly that’s a terrible idea, anyhow Ambrose continues to interfere with vault, Hoi is up)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (does Bharat answer me?)
(Well if Bharat doesn’t answer I will dive in grab him and fly up putting him between me and the skelebot)
(err putting myself between him and vault)
Bharat: (Nope Bharat’s in the middle of believing he’s going to die either way and doesn’t care anymore)
Vault: (He’s getting those flashes of light in his cybernetics that Melo was some ten seconds ago. ’Cept his come with a lot of pain)
Bharat: (And his eye already causes him pain so yeah.)
Vault: (So, Rescue attempt?)
(And Bharat is 1100 lbs?)
Bharat: (Closer to 1300 or 1400)
Vault: (Cool. Still within SN PS range. Not sure on flight range, but within SN PS range)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I think I can carry 1900 lb)
Vault: (Yeah, 1900 at 38 SN PS)
Bharat: (If Bharat survives this, I will finally finish up my sheet before next game)
Vault: (Haha)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I know what to do now)
(I fly up to vault and summon my shield)
Vault: (Movement, summon, or save? Would be one of the three)
(I think, at least)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I guess move if I can only choose)
AJ B. (GM): (yeah, itd be one)

Hoi Hoi Polloi shouts out to Kirk “Save Bharat”
Hoi Hoi Polloi: 23 Kirks Initiative
AJ B. (GM): (alright so Hoi moves up to Vault and its Melo’s action, guessing still a ways off)

Melo is moving, and drawing his rifle. He hasn’t received kill confirmation.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I’m floating right in front of Vault)

Bharat continues to fall down a canyon
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (slowly fall down)
Bharat: (Slowly in a relative matter)
AJ B. (GM): (Alright Vault theres now a deerbee yanking at you, a 7 foot tall woman directly in front of you and therefore between you and your target, so what’ll it be)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (If you believe the fairy dust may allow you to fly)
(Just to confirm I am close enough to be in parrying range)
AJ B. (GM): (hmm can try and shove the gun aside for that)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (aye thats why I flew up instead of summoned)
AJ B. (GM): (of course with Ambrose pulling and yanking at him theres a high probability of ending up aiming it at him)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I will parry away from ambrose lol)

Vault has Ambrose and Hoi both attempting to distract him. Hoi is quickly showing themselves to be a hostile entity; The movement between his target and his shot was intentional, further evidenced by the way Hoi was placing herself between him and the target. And Ambrose.. Ambrose was becoming an inconvenience, trapping his vibro-blade down; not by mass or force of will, but by general protocols to not cause direct harm to the deer-bee. “Unauthorized personnel, it is requested that you vacate the area.” Such would be targeted both at Hoi AND Ambrose. That mechanical voice somehow, for all it’s politeness, carried with it a very, very unfriendly edge. Another eruption of charged ions would escape his hand cannon, though this one was far more likely to end up peppering the far wall than to hit it’s mark with all the distractions his system is trying to compensate for.
Vault: rolling 1d20+8 (Minus appropriate penalties)
= 10
Matt S.: (I still can’t dodge so…)
Vault: (That’s honestly likely a raw miss based on situational penalties)

Hoi Hoi Polloi defiantly uses her Flaming Sword of Hope parrying the attack 33 with grace
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (when I am not trying to kill people I roll good)
Vault: (I feel bad. That action has just marked you as a hostile force Hoi.)
AJ B. (GM): (well parrying a specific direction and since ambrose is pulling on the gun which means your parry is basically having to counter his force, going to say your parry bonus is halved, but still more then enough to parry that shot)

Hoi Hoi Polloi looks at Ambrose “Melo is going to try to kill us all run.. Save yourself”
AJ B. (GM): (Ambrose, a sword was just swung at vaults arm while you were pulling on it, and there was Vaults command, so any particular action?)
(yeah time to call this and pick it up next week)

Ambrose Betamax backs off, but keeps asking vault to stop shooting
Ambrose Betamax: (and ok!)
Vault: (Ambrose, that is the first Smart Thing anyone has done this entire game)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Does Kirk come in on his 23 initiative to save Bharat and fly off?)
Bharat: (Also, Bharat will hit the ground either this round or next round, just saying)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (on the new round that is)
Zea: Today is Thursday, June 25th, 2015. EXP is about to be given. This is one holy hell of an awesome game.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (You wont Bharat the air slowing your fall means you wont hit the ground)
AJ B. (GM): Ingame Timestamp September 4th 11:55 am
(she’s right the air is halving the speed you fall, it’ll be a few rounds yet, and that you wont hit ground period)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (and Kirk will come and save the day)
AJ B. (GM): 600 xp each, an extra 200 for Melo and Bharat, an extra 100 for Hoi and Ambrose.
Ambrose Betamax: lol ambrose didn’t do much :P
Zea: You were smart! You were the first one to listen to the kill bot.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I can take him maybe…)
(So long as I aim for his head… all will be good)
(what is Vault anyway a skelebot ?)
Zea: (Golden Age CDS)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (oO which book)
Zea: (Chaos Earth)

Vault is unique in this day and age.

Vault is also still a killing machine.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (oO they have a surprisingly low amount of MDC)
Vault: (Yeah. About the same as Melo’s body armor, when stock)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (we need to do something about that… I suggest we put vault in a power armor and then that into a glitterboy)
Vault: (All part of the plan.)
Ambrose Betamax: A recursive robot
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (then we put that into a alien mothership)
(that transforms with a big drill for hands)
Zea: Randomly.. I don’t remember: Did we not play on 6/4 and 6/11?
I coulda sworn I was missing 2 entries for EXP.
Apparently we did not.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (can I get an extra 1 xp for dodging into the path of a ion canon blast)
Zea: You can ding next week. nod
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I hate odd numbers)
(no I am still a long way from dinging)

Zea eats one point of EXP.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (that works)
(still need 5649 xp to ding)
Zea: You’ll ding Before Melo at least.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I will be level 5 though)
(I think I started at 1 level bellow everyone or something)
Zea: That is correct.
Come into the game at average level 1, and 1 level for RCC
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Does atlantean count as a RCC?)
Zea: Yep
More or less the advantage of being a human is ‘You get a free level’
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (nice)
Zea: It’s, y’know, level -1

but it’s a free level
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (works for me)
Zea: It also comes with the general lack of racial prejudice in a human run society that is so rampant in Rifts..
But you’re very, very squishy.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I was wondering is it possible once I gain a level to have a monster tattoo of Ambrose ? Except a female version)
Zea: That’ll be up to the GM. Summoning a female Feni Nomad is amusing.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I was thinking that we may have to resort to a summons for Ambrose to finally get some)
Zea: Or someone could, y’know, pay Leah.
She’s a whore, after all.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Unless he doesnt mind giant squids, they have tentacles and all)
Ambrose Betamax: lol
so mean to poor ambrose
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Animals can die from stress… We just dont want you to die)
Ambrose Betamax: I can die from stress too lol
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (thats why I suggest we get some bath lotion and I summon a giant squid and you get your kink on)
Ambrose Betamax: lol, I’d probably go with it
P.O.M: rolling d100
= 31
AJ B. (GM): Alright so everyone here and good to start?
P.O.M: (Ready to roll out and transform)

Bharat is still slowly falling to his death, but otherwise ready
P.O.M: (your protected by the spell float in the air… you wont fall down)
(err fall to your death.. or hit the floor)
Ambrose Betamax: :3
Bharat: (The “spell” is merely slowing me)

Ambrose Betamax is in a great mood :O
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (the spell stops you 2 ft off the ground and lets your float there)
Zea: (Just be aware of scale adjustment folks; scale right now is tokens’re 8 ft in size.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (hoi hoi is 7 ft tall so its almost normal for her )
(To P.O.M): Manbat’s actions, please?
Ambrose Betamax: (Wow ambrose has gotten biiig)
(To P.O.M): Number wise, I mean.
AJ B. (GM): Alright, last we left off everyones pretty much embroiled in an all out in party war,
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): 5 attacks
AJ B. (GM): Kirk swoops down to grab Bharat. (Bharat going to make any attempt to stop him?)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I did shout out for him to save you and take you to the doctors)
(To P.O.M): Thank ya!
Bharat: (Nah, bharat knows a little better than that)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (although I guess I should tell him to instead fly somewhere far out of range and come back before Bharat dies)

Hoi Hoi Polloi cries out “Bharat live for me… live free and die hard”
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (my turn ?)
AJ B. (GM): (hoi’s action, assuming theres more to it then yelling)
(To GM): Melo should actually be a lot closer to the cliff’s edge; he was about 20 feet away from it at that point.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I cast wind rush at melo and vault)
AJ B. (GM): (sorry had to make an adjustment there)\
(To GM): Sorry to have to be picky about it; there’re a whole bunch of things that’re that kind of range.
(From AJ B. (GM)): no worries want this as accurate as possible
AJ B. (GM): (alright was that a no save one?)
Melo: think that was a balance check one.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (yeah they lose a turn regardless and fall down but they need to roll an 18.19.20 to not lose their stuff)
(err they lose a melee fighting the wind but dont fall down if they save to be precise)
AJ B. (GM): (yep, can’t attack or move forwards
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (you got it right, can’t have melo taking a pot shot at Bharat)
(Bharat Obama shall not fall we must protect el’presidente)
Melo: rolling 1d20 (+any applicable saves granted from +1 save vs magic ’n 60-80% sense of balance)
= 3

Melo is gonna get knocked over, for sure.
AJ B. (GM): (going for max width btw or holding back?)
Vault: rolling 1d20
= 16
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (just getting vault and melo dont want to hit anyone else)
Vault: (Congrats, by the way. You’ve marked yourself as a hostile force.)
(This is now, unfortunately, a fight to the death of Hoi or Melo.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (ambrose with the wind ruffling his luxurious fur would be far too sexy and distracting)
Ambrose Betamax: (omg is the whole party gonna die O.o)
AJ B. (GM): (no I can’t draw for shit. but gives me a vague marking there)
Vault: (Eh. Just Melo and maybe Vault)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Nah I plan on mating with melo later so vault must survive for that to happen, melo can die only cause I can repair him)
Bharat: (Crush the robot and this all ends)
AJ B. (GM): (I dunno Bharat’s pretty low you could take him with you)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (the only people shooting at Bharat are currently occupied by wind)
(also the wind not only makes them lose thier current action but it takes them a further action to recover)
AJ B. (GM): (yep, just checking on a few other things atm)
Alright so Melo and vault are both knocked to their asses and on top of that Melo’s rifle has been blown out of his hands and flown off to somewhere behind him.

Melo would be knocked over, to be sure. The gust of wind caught him mid step, hands tight on his rifle, safety already off. O’corse, with that stumble to the side, he’d hit the deck, but that impact, and the continued buffeting of wind would send his rifle flying another dozen or two feet, mostly because of his impact. “FUCKING HELL!” though words would be snatched away by the wind.
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)

Hoi Hoi Polloi cries out “Ambrose use hug on Melo”
Hoi Hoi Polloi: “And for Zeus’s sake don’t let go”
Ambrose Betamax: (Somehow I think this is a really bad idea lol)

Vault simply falls over with a loud clang; no longer with a clear shot of Bharat, “Hostile forces, you are requested to vacate the area.” Fuck getting back up, that arm with the ion blastor was already coming to bare upon Hoi even as sensors worked to keep track of Bharat.
AJ B. (GM): (alright so Melo’s action gets skipped, and Bharat anything you wish to do while being carried by this bat?)
Melo: (Bharat’s outta actions)
AJ B. (GM): (ah ok then)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: “Vault I love you like a son but you need to do a diagnostics test on Melo I think he is suffering from some kind of condition that is affecting his judgment”
AJ B. (GM): (Ambrose you’re up)

Ambrose Betamax , being really dumb sometimes, moves to hug melo and try to peacefully stop the violence :O
AJ B. (GM): (well the good news is since he’s moving in the opposite direction of the wind he can do that. the bad news is I now need a save and to know if Ambrose has any items on him that aren’t secured to his personage)
Ambrose Betamax: (I don’t think he does. He hasn’t drawn a weapon or anything)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (a packet of Supersized D-Bee Trojin ribbed condoms flys out of Ambroses pockets and smacks Melo in the face)
Ambrose Betamax: (Ok, that)
AJ B. (GM): (alright then just need the save to see if you stay standing then)

Bharat ‘s action is to continue to slowly bleed to death
Ambrose Betamax: (what do I roll?)
Melo: (1d20)
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d20
= 10
AJ B. (GM): Kirk flies Bharat back towards the city and therefore off the current map by about 120 ft
(hoi is out of actions correct?)
Ambrose Betamax: (I assumed I pretty much fell on melo? :P)
AJ B. (GM): (yep, pretty much)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (oh yeah forgot)
AJ B. (GM): (hey she said to the doctors, there aren’t a lot of those wandering the wilderness)

Hoi Hoi Polloi shouts out to manbat “Take him to the pyramids give them my name I shall contact you shortly”
Hoi Hoi Polloi: “I know you can hear me bro your a bat with your supersonic hearing”
AJ B. (GM): Alright Melo you have a deerbee who just fell on top of you from the wind after you got knocked over yourself
(and you’re right he can hear you but he can’t turn around till his next action)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (oh and I have 1 action left and 2 kicks)
(I used wind rush on actions 5 right?)
Melo: (According to the tracker you’re outta actions aside from kicking Vault)
(You had dodged into Vault’s ion cannon)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (oh yeah that was epic)
AJ B. (GM): (ignore my last statement about Melo’s position for the moment)

Melo would be rolling thanks to the wind; natural grace combined with training kicking in in an effort to avoid collision with the deer-bee.. Backwards with the wind and out of the path goes that rolling movement. One roll, a second, and the next thing that anyone would know, he’s on his feet, second rifle already ripped from the quick release holster on his back (Yes, he’s fucking Rambo and armed to the teeth), and within an instant the gun was lifted, back to Hoi as a shot was squeezed off. (Two actions: Stand, quick draw to draw gun as a free action, and last action to fire at Bharat. (Q2-10, Heavy Blast (3d6) non-called shot at the fleeing Bharat; lucky you, I can’t do 19 damage with this gun unless I crit and get lucky)

Ambrose Betamax is totes hanging on to melo lol
Melo: rolling 1d20+5
= 22
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (umm you lose your next turn with wind rush though?)
(the turn wind rush is used and the turn after to recover)
Melo: (We doing actions, or should I afk for a while?)

Melo still has two full actions open after the impact of wind rush.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (ah)
(I didnt see you had 7 actions)
Melo: (Yep! Melo’s a full blown action hero)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (wouldnt my kick come in before your attack though?)
Melo: (That’d be vs Vault; you’d be out of movement actions)
(And a jump kick eats 2 actions)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (indeed I can do normal kids while he is on the floor though)
(or did he get blown away)
Melo: (For sure! I’m totally cool with holding that shot if you’d like?)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (no take it, its going to happen anyway)
Melo: (Lets hold on damage. I wanna see how Hoi and Vault react)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (any penalties for called shots in melee?)
Melo: (Think that’s an 8 to hit)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (All I got was its a minimum of 12 to hit)
Melo: (I’m annoyed because I have this on my laptop. The laptop that doesn’t have a backlight.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (that sucks)
Melo: (Remote desktop friggen owns)

Hoi Hoi Polloi shouts out to Melo “Order vault to stop or I will have to disable him”

Hoi Hoi Polloi uses her foot of retribution hitting 19 for 13
AJ B. (GM): (so called shot or just going for main body there?)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (oh yeah forgot to say arm with ion on it I want to kick it off)

AJ B. (GM) rolls on floor laughing my ass off
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (so basically I want to kick off his arm at the shoulders)
Bharat: (Laughing like that is never a good sign. 0.0)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (hopefully its cheaper to repair than vaults head)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
Vault: rolling 1d20+4 (Auto-dodge)
= 23
(And sorry for the delay, was tracking down RDC stuff)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (melos turn sorry I attacked cause you didnt reply to my demand to command Vault to stop)
Vault: (100% A-OK. He wouldn’t have stopped)
Melo: rolling 3d6 (Bharat)
= 13
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (you attacking Bharat ?)
Melo: (Yep. Flying away, in the air, he’d get a nice piping hot dose of laser blast to the back)
AJ B. (GM): (ahh right Bharat is out of actions and doesn’t have autododge yet huh?)
Melo: (Yeah. And hanging limply from a bat)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (manbat can dodge for him he still has actions since he didnt do anything)
Melo: (Only if he knew the blast was coming; this is from behind)
Bharat: (I will die long before I get anywhere, without getting shot at that)
AJ B. (GM): (yep that would be the issue, Kirk is lacking in knowledge of this shot coming)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (manbat has super ears)
Melo: (It’s.. a laser)
(In a noiseless gun. Right next to 60 mph rushing winds)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I thought all lazers are legally required to make sounds?)
Melo: (Nah. They mechanically do because it comforts humans to hear a gun make a sound.)
AJ B. (GM): (no, they are all built with a fucking speaker that Melo ripped off)
(like most Sane snipers)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (nice one Melo :)

Melo is a trained sniper. He’s not going to have a gun that makes noise if he can avoid it.
AJ B. (GM): (basically they all come with the toy gun sound effect)
(and anyone with a desire to competently kill people will remove those)
Melo: (I think that brings Bharat to 141 MD direct to HP?)
AJ B. (GM): Alright, I’m sorry to say Bharat you just got slammed with 13 more MD
Bharat: (Yeah. I had 9 and a half minutes to live, now I got 3.)
AJ B. (GM): (I believe that only leaves one more kick from Hoi should she wish, that correct?)
Melo: (Yep)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: ((sure
(oh yeah normal shot going to destroy vault)

Hoi Hoi Polloi uses her foot to try to curb stomp vault hitting 22 for 20

Vault had a computerized brain and untold number of sensors working to track Hoi’s movements, mechanical body rolling with the strike in an effort to get up. (Autododge)
Vault: rolling 1d20+4
= 8
Ambrose Betamax: (man…this party…oh the humanity)

Vault is also moving too slow.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I think atlantis may be able to repair him)
(or a dimension far far away)
(so new intitiative ?)
AJ B. (GM): Alright thats a solid shot to Vaults shoulder, its not torn off but some of the wiring and stuff is exposed now
(and yep new init)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: Initiative 17
Bharat: rolling 1d20+5
= 24
Vault: rolling 1d20
= 3
Hoi Hoi Polloi: 23 Init for Kirk
Melo: rolling 1d20
= 16
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (fuck you kirk and your high initiative)
(its just that rolled the same thing twice >_>)
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d20 + 4
= 23
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (So Bharat isn’t dead?)
Melo: (Not yet, but he’s sub 5 MD, so he’s unconcious)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (ahh so he can still live through this… )
Melo: (He’s got a minor chance, yep)
Bharat: (Uh… Bharat’s still concious)
Melo: (Oh, 6 MD left?)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (oh then I take that back.. Vault your going to live)
Melo: (It’s 5 MD or 5%)
Bharat: (Yes!)
Melo: (Whatever is more; at 145 MD, 5% is >6)
Bharat: (Oh, so he is unconscious, nevermind)
Melo: (Ah, sorry! Whatever is less. You’re still concious)
(My mistake.)
Bharat: (BAGH)
Melo: (Granted, this is also the bloodloss round. GM’s call)
Ambrose Betamax: (this is the weirdest fight in an rpg I’ve been in.)
Melo: (I’m totally cool with him getting his 3 actions)
AJ B. (GM): (admittedly also still off the map for the moment, and ehh blood loss at the end of the round)
Bharat: (You don’t play enough rpgs)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (umm for Bharat wouldnt it be more like oil loss?)
Melo: (He’s only partial reconstruction)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (So oil mixed with blood)
Bharat: (Bharat’s only part cyborg. And most of that is his tail…)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (hoi hoi hears that and turns around and shoots at Bharat… you killed the romance… your not a real robo)
AJ B. (GM): (well Bharat, you’ve got an action should you wish to take it)
Melo: (Wait.. You kick for 6d6 MD?)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (yeah its 5d6 from supernatural strength and 1d6 for being a kick)
Melo: (That’s friggen badass)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I know im like Chung Li)
AJ B. (GM): (Im sure its less when she isn’t going all out on these tats the way she has been lol)
(hell, how many tats do you Not have active?)
Ambrose Betamax: (I guess there was one bad one where I was paralyzed by a ghast and drowned in less than a foot of water.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I have 22 tats)
(oh yeah doesnt melo have to roll horror factor vs me ? or that was over a long time ago cause he knows me?)
Melo: (Long time ago at this point, I think)
AJ B. (GM): (yeah)
Bharat: (No one ever rolls for Bharat’s HF. DX)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (we keep forgetting it for everyone… Doesn’t the APC get one too lol?)
Melo: (I’d think having it coming rushing at you would give one, but there’s nothing raw about it)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (imagine if we all simultaneously failed our rolls against each other…)
Melo: (We’ve had it happen)
(Either way! Lizardman, what’cha wanna do as you float there? Or hold until you’re back on the map?)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (everyone charges at each other then… they stare each other in the eyes turn around and run away)
Bharat: (Just… hold on a minute guys.)
Melo: (Sure!)
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d20 + -1
= 11
(horror factor roll)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: 25 HF roll
(I badly wanted to fail that)
(Ambrose still going to huggle Melo?)
(To P.O.M): Just because I’m looking stuff up, what’s the invulnerability tat called?
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): Power Invulnerability (heart in chains)
Ambrose Betamax: (I dunno if I passed ,but if I failed I’d prob hug him even harder :P
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): pg 92 in book 2
(To P.O.M): Thank ya!
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): to be precise Heart Encircled by Chains (invulnerability) had it written differntly
(To P.O.M): My book is Ctrl F able, thankfully. But it was split up across two and a half pages so I totally missed it, and I wasn’t looking for that one’s name.
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): and that is because it is written differently in O.C.C for Undead Slayer
(To P.O.M): I
(From Bharat): You’d be the only one who can see this due to your special eyes… maybe the robot. But Bharat is using an RMK kit on himself.
(To Matt S.): Thank you for the heads up.
Bharat: Bharat, dying as he might be, pulls out a small box and… does somethign with it as he hangs from the bat.
Melo: (Ambrose!)
(From Hoi Hoi Polloi): aye I know the first name I sent you is the way its written in the O.C.C and the 2nd way is how its written in the powers section its confusing
Ambrose Betamax: (:O)
(did I pass the roll?)
(or do I need 2?)
Melo: (I think we’re not worried about HF at the moment.. That said, I think you’re trying to stand up after the wind rush?)

Ambrose Betamax tries to get up and go to melo, a bit dizzy after running headlong into a random windstorm…
Melo: (I presume Kirk is moving?)
AJ B. (GM): yep Kirk had to circle back to follow instructions and is now flying over there.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Manbat I wuv you)
AJ B. (GM): (Ambrose?)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (can I shout to manbat to put bharat on its back to give him cover ?)
Ambrose Betamax: (?)
Melo: (Think Ambrose stood up)
(Think we’re on Hoi now)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: “Ambrose I believe in you, you can fly”
(I use wind rush on them…)
(everyone gets a roll ?)
Melo: rolling 1d20
= 17
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d20
= 5
Vault: rolling 1d20
= 18
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (bharats turn?)
Jacob R.: (whoops, just refreshed :P)
Vault: (Actually, Vault’s action; he’s still on the ground)
(And he’s not exactly trying to stand up)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (hes still caught in the wind and helpless though)
Vault: (I’m gonna let the GM call this one; he’s on his back, and braced. He doesn’t need to move to fire)
(Not like even a max crit burst does anything to Hoi)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (can still parry though)
Vault: (For sure.)
AJ B. (GM): (I’d say between saving, not getting up and vaults robotic strength he’d be able to fire off a shot here)

Vault is a droid. There really isn’t any need to get up; that arm is braced, and a burst of ions would be leaving his arm cannon, aimed at the most immediate threat: Hoi.
Vault: rolling 1d20+8 (Burst)
= 18
(Less GM applied penalties for damage to the arm)

Hoi Hoi Polloi defiantly uses her Flaming Sword parrying the attack 15 with Extreme Prejudice
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (lol rolled 1 to parry )
Vault: rolling 1d4*10
= 30
AJ B. (GM): (alright so a botched parry means you basically stepped into the attack which means Vault gets critical damage on you)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh dear)\
Vault: (Woo, 60)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (All is good)
“Kirk Bring Bharat to me”
Melo: (Yeah. I can’t touch your armor.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Bharats Turn?)
Melo: (Yep!)
Melo: (Because Melo can’t do anything because of Wind Powers)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (cause Bharat we are going to have kinky fun)
(My turn?)
AJ B. (GM): (Ambrose is up first)

Ambrose Betamax is still trying to stop the violence, and tries to grab melo again, Pleading with him to stop
Melo: (This is in the next wind tunnel, mind you)
(So Ambrose and I don’t get to do anything other than stand up at this point)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh :P)

Bharat bellows as the bat thing brings him back to the fight. Moronic creature. “STOP! BHARAT SURRENDER!”
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (oh my turn?)
Melo: (Yeah. We can’t do anything)
AJ B. (GM): (If we still need the init, am waiting to see if Bharats announcement leads to talking)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (oh thats good)

Melo is in the middle of 60 mph winds. He can’t hear the lizard’s yell.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: “Bharat I am going to heal you… Manbat come here drop Bharat next to me and I heal him you attack Vaults arm with the ion canon”
“Bharat… Once your healed attack Melo”
AJ B. (GM): (so hoi take it your action is to heal Bharat then?)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (yep and Kirk would of attacked Vaults arm)
AJ B. (GM): (flying down and dropping Bharat was his action,)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (that works as well)
“Retcon that Kirk attack Melo with Bharat
(I heal Bharat with pheonix tattoo he regenerates any limbs etc and cuts and regains 100 MDC)

Hoi Hoi Polloi heals Bharat with a kiss
Ambrose Betamax: (aaaaw)
Vault: (Can’t)
(You gotta drop a tat for that)
(You’re at 6)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I am ?)
(I will drop flying then)
(I keep forgetting to add its bonus anyway)
AJ B. (GM): (Alright so I believe vault is up then?)

Vault is still point blank with Hoi, who now has her back to him. A sweep. A very, very hard sweep. The kind that comes with a hell of a lot of hydraulic momentum, aimed not at damage, but to remove her from the equation: Right over the cliff.
Vault: rolling 1d20+4
= 22
(And that’s another crit from the kill bot)
Bharat: (Totally saw that coming, by the way)
Vault: (Yep. I perked when you said you dropped flight. I feel like a dick. Also, my book shelf is dented and my hand hurts. I’d really like to avoid pvp going forward please, folks? It really causes a lot of anger issues in me, on an OOC level)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (so I am not allowed to heal and turn back to face vault)
AJ B. (GM): (nope, it’d be an action to turn around and heal Bharat.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (cant I do it sideways ? and keep vault in front of my with my sword ?)
AJ B. (GM): (sorry thinking of logistics due to to how you decided to heal him as well)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (just kissing his arm is enough I never said where I was kissing him >_>)
(and technically I wouldnt fly over the cliff If manbat is behind me and Bharat)
(if we are talking logistically)
(vault would have to be to my side to shoot me in that direction)
AJ B. (GM): (currently the cliff is yes that direction)
(he’s not shooting)
(sweep kick of ankles tripping)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (oh)

Vault is kicking. With legs built to travel at 75 mph.

Vault also technically got a crit.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (So I can’t parry ?)
Vault: (Not from behind, I don’t think so)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I was hoping to be able to face sideways Id never turned my back to vault)
Vault: (There’re several things here: From behind, possible provoking an attack of opportunity, and with Bharat directly behind you, you’d need to turn to make physical contact with him as described.
(GM’s call on this one though.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (id probably fail the parry probably)
AJ B. (GM): (my issue here is unless Bharat stuck his arm out for you to kiss you are kind of needing to be facing him to reach him that way. the question then becomes would he do that, is it a free action for him to do that. As although Manbat would bring him to you he couldn’t put him right next to you without risking smacking you with a giant lizard so thered be at least a foot between you and him)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (So the issue is would bharat put his hand out?)
AJ B. (GM): (in regards to could you do that turned sideways yes)
(To Matt S.): I respectfully request your opinion on this: Am I being an ass calling on rules in this way, after what would otherwise become a chain stun fucking with her wind powers, or am I within my rights as a player?
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (So does that happen?)
Bharat: (Bharat is far too cranky to do anything resembling being helpful right now)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (then I guess since I already said I healed him I cant take it back)
(From Bharat): no,stun locks are totally uncool
AJ B. (GM): (yep, sorry, had it just been reach out and touch him it’d be different, not meaning to use flavor against you just trying to keep things fair and accurate to the actions)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (its fine if I knew it would of turned my back on vault I wouldnt of done it but its fine although I didnt know a sweep knocks you 5 ft to the side)
(To Matt S.): Thank you. Stunlocks happen to me in pvp in any game I play. This is why I have broken my desk several times, and why my book shelf made of half inch thick particle board has a crack and dent in it right now. This is why I avoid PVP. I have anger issues, and if it’s all in good fun, I can deal with it. When it comes to stun locks… That’s a deal breaker and I lash out. Good news is I attack wood rather than components..!
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Do I get a balance check or something to stay up ?)
Zea: (28 Robotic PS kick crit)
AJ B. (GM): (Vault roll damage on that kick)
Vault: rolling 2d4*2
= 8
AJ B. (GM): (alright, so yes you get a balance check to remain on your feet however its at a 24%)
(From Bharat): I’m glad you don’t break your computer. 0.0 I used to have anger issues but I managed to mostly work through them. I didn’t really break a lot of stuff. I mostly yelled… and tried to kill someone once.
(To Matt S.): I’ve managed to crumple the main front support strut of a case once in a fit of nerd rage. But that was because my hard drive failed. Close to 12 years later, that hard drive -still
Hoi Hoi Polloi: 0 Balance
Vault: (…Ouch)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: lol natural 100
Vault: (You have my condolances)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (its fine )
“Manbat pick me and drop me off next to vault”
(From Bharat): wait… it failed… but it still works?
Hoi Hoi Polloi: “On the side not facing the cliff”
“Bharat chop off the arm of vault that I have damaged before he kills you”
(and finally)
“I love you vault”
(To Matt S.): The HDD locked up, the platter had a jam in the bearings and stopped spinning. The jolt of the impact was enough that it undid the jam.
(From Bharat): WOW That’s actually quite lucky
AJ B. (GM): (one moment someone who saw what was happening may have something to say about the occurence)
Ambrose Betamax: (phew)
(To Matt S.): Yep! And Also one of the things that made me want to get my keyboard working. I’ve broken my desk through this keyboard (Bent metal parts, cracked the particle board) and it still works.
Bharat: rolling 1d20+3
= 10
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (let me guess Bharat tried to attack someone ?)
AJ B. (GM): Bharat attempts to grab hold of Hoi, unfortunately he is a touch slow to do so and she does go over the cliff
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (cant manbat try to do the same?)
Bharat: (Hah! Bharat has like +7 to strike)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (nevermind manbat can pick me up next turn instead)
AJ B. (GM): (Manbat is a construct of your magic bound to your orders. Although intelligent enough to speak and follow them, he lacks in personal initiative)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (true that)
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambrose didn’t know that :O)
(How come everyone else gets the cool powers lol)
Vault: (Because they’re way up there on the power curve. nod You have psychic skills)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (its okay Ambrose I will kill you so you can get reborn like me)
(So its Bharats turn again?)
Ambrose Betamax: (but ambrose is such a great character ;o;)
AJ B. (GM): (correct)
(Ambrose has the power to kill people with fashion advice lol)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Can Ambrose learn to be a Undead Slayer oO ? and take it as his next level?)
AJ B. (GM): (Debatable, theres a few issues there, can he be tattooed, would it interfere with his camo fur, and so much else)
Bharat: (Well, as you’ve now kept me an hour later than I said and it’s my turn again, I say this is the perfect place to call it for the night)
Ambrose Betamax: (Ooh, thanks for staying up with us :3)
Vault: (Ack! Sleep well, yeah?)
Bharat: (Yeah, I got work in the morning yah lazy bums)
Vault: (Thank you for staying up late)
(And I do, too. Woo 6 am start times)
Ambrose Betamax: (thanks for a great unscheduled session :3)
Vault: (Yeah, I agree)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (it was fun )
(To Matt S.): Thanks again for listening to me. I appreciate it.
Bharat: That was like three rounds!
AJ B. (GM): (thanks all, was a lot of fun, and yes rifts is like that)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (most of it was spent wondering whose turn it is)
AJ B. (GM): (in game it has been 45 seconds)
Zea: (More like 8 seconds)
(Well.. 15. We got a full round)
(From Bharat): no probs man. everyone needs someone to vent to
Ambrose Betamax: (bahahaha)
Bharat: (Gotta love hoi’s incredibly backwards way of doing things… Including healing bharat to near full HP. XD)
AJ B. (GM): (no exp this session though guys.)
Bharat: (Night folks)
AJ B. (GM): (night man rest well)
Ambrose Betamax: (thanks for playing with us Aj :3)
Zea: (G’night!)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (so thursday session – Bharat goes, then Ambrose, then Manbat picks me up and sets me beside Vault on the side not facing the cliff, I go… then vault then melo)
(is it possible to blow vault off the cliff with wind rush?)
Zea: (Depends on if Manbat catches Hoi and can bring her up in a single action)
(move, catch, move, drop)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: ( manbat was able to catch and move Bharat)
Zea: (Single action)
(That is the debate)
AJ B. (GM): (yeah it will be two actions however)
(move/catch then a move/drop)
(basically treating it similarly to weapons etc to an extent. its easy to catch someone when flying and even easier to let them go, but the movement still takes time.)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (works for me)
(where do I find the rules for sweep I want to see if Hoi Hoi can do it too)
Zea: (I’m fairly sure you can as a martial artist; it’s a leg sweep, normally does no damage though and is just a knock down. This was a full fledged kick from a laying down position with the intent to shove, not deal damage)
(RUE, pg 348 pdf, 345 book has some info on it)
AJ B. (GM): (Martial Artists and Commandos can perform the Backward Sweep foot strike)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (ahh then vault cant since he can only do expert)
Zea: (Yeah; a sweep from a standing position isn’t possible for him. He was still grounded and as mentioned, this was a standard kick from laying down, with the intent to push, and push hard)
AJ B. (GM): (yeah though that wasn’t technically what he did, he kicked you while lying on the ground. it’s one of those random actions players are famous for that involves the gm working on the fly) you bunch of looneys =P
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (so when I kicked him I could of knocked him off the cliff?)
Zea: (Had you attempted to do so, and called it, yes. Instead, you kicked to damage his left arm)
AJ B. (GM): (with enough force and an active attempt yeah sure)
Zea: (Moving 360-450ish pounds, from a sweeping position, with a SN PS of 38 is well within reason)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (you learn stuff everyday I always assumed unless you were doing a rush attack you couldnt kick anyone off)
AJ B. (GM): (I don’t object to creative use of actions, it makes the game more interesting)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (well that works in my favor then :)
(this is going to be funny)
Zea: (To GM) rolling 1d100 Vault Budget, for kicks.
= 38
(To GM): 16 mil
Zea: (To GM) rolling 1d4
9 Vault IQ
= 11
AJ B. (GM): Anyhow, everyone here and ready to get started?
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (aye just nibbling on some fried lizards tail)
Ambrose Betamax: (yup. and aaaw.)

Bharat smashes hoi

Hoi Hoi Polloi opens her mouth and devours Bharat’s fist

Bharat ‘s fist is made of silver and cannot be devored by such a horrific beast
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (Supernatural jaw strength says otherwise )
Ambrose Betamax: (oh, it’s gonna be that kinda game, huh?)
Zea: (Eeeeeeither way…)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (My secret is out I only healed Bharat so I could eat him alive…)

Bharat ‘s hand regrows instantly
Ambrose Betamax: (that wasn’t a kiss, it was a taste)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I assume its kirks turn?)
Zea: (AJ’s net just died)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (may it forever rest in pieces)
P.O.M: rolling 3d6r1
= 11
rolling 3d6r1
= 14
rolling 3d6r1
= 11
rolling 3d6r1
= 12
rolling 3d6r1
= 12
rolling 3d6r1
= 11
P.O.M: rolling 3d6r1
= 15
rolling 3d6r1
= 7
rolling 3d6r1
= 11
rolling d100
= 73
rolling d100
= 52
rolling d100
= 86
P.O.M: stats and bonus table done
11, 14, 11, 12, 12, 11, 15, 7…
Just for lulz going to see if what I could of got using the macro I setup
P.O.M: 6
AJ B. (GM): Damnit roll 20 wtf
Zea: humm?
AJ B. (GM): just took it forever to load literally anything
was leaving turn order, map, tokens all of it blank
Zea: ah
AJ B. (GM): anyhow, everyone here and ready to get going?
P.O.M: Aye
Matt S.: yep
Ambrose Betamax: Yup
AJ B. (GM): Zea you ready?
Zea: (Yep! I’m making a cup of tea, but the tracker is up)
AJ B. (GM): Alrighty
Last time on “My fucking God how long can one fight last.”
Matt S.: (Bharat got healed to near full, dragging the fight on infinitely)
AJ B. (GM): Hoi was kicked off a cliff after using her powers over wind to prevent Melo and Vaults attempts at killing her and it is currently a recently healed Bharats turn.
Zea: (Think we’re actually at Kirk’s action; Bharat attempted to grab Hoi as an action yes / no?)
Ambrose Betamax: (bharat is rolling a new character :P)
AJ B. (GM): (ehh was allowing that as reaction similar to dodge, still used an action so if he’s out then yes, if not its his turn
Matt S.: (if he’s out?)
AJ B. (GM): (out of actions)
Matt S.: (We literally JUST refreshed tot he start of actions again. He’s got a bunch. Not sure how many at this point, but I wanna say… 4)
Zea: (Nah, he has several more)
(And yeah, 4 actions)

Bharat stomps his giant reptilian feet. “STOP FIGHTING!” He bellows, apparently done with this series of shenanigans.
(To Matt S.): (As time goes on, could you tell me what I need to add back to damage taken from the nanites, please? I forget what that heals over time)
AJ B. (GM): Some more of the canyon breaks off and tumbles in from the stomping
(that it, or anything else?)
(From Bharat): uh, not heal over time
(To Matt S.): Oh! Ok. What’s their total heal amount? I have you currently at 41 down after 100 md from Hoi’s tat.
(From Bharat): gimme a sec
Bharat: (That’s all!)
AJ B. (GM): Kirk leaps off the cliff and catches Hoi
Ambrose you’re up
Ambrose Betamax: (ambrose is a little clueless right now lol)
Melo: (Think he was still knocked over from the last wind rush)

Ambrose Betamax tries to get up, a bit wobbly and stressed.
AJ B. (GM): Hoi you’re currently dangling from the hands of Kirk in the midst of this canyon. your action?
Hoi Hoi Polloi: hmm…
(can I see anyone from where I am ?)
(From Bharat): add 25 hp to that
(To Matt S.): Thank ya!
(From Bharat): no probs. Like I said, he’s almost back to full
(To Matt S.): 145 MDC, yeah? And is that including his under-skin armor?
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I cast float on air on myself and command kirk to go towards the blue line)
AJ B. (GM): (north or west one?)
(From Bharat): actually, 146. And that’s before armor
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (north I believe )
AJ B. (GM): (kk)
(Melo, you’re up)

Melo Wasn’t about to deal with this. This is a fight he knows he can’t win. And when you’re up against suicide odds without orders to go on a suicide mission, what should any good soldier do? “Ambrose, FALL BACK!” was the bellowed order over the loud speaker in his armor. He can only hope that the deer-bee would actually listen to him and that order. Another word would cut the audio feed from the loud speaker as he tore off towards the APC.
(From AJ B. (GM)): I assume radio to vault with similar orders and grabbing gun?
(To GM): “Vault, Get My Gun and Fall the fuck back. We’re out.” would be transmitted via the radio.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (didn’t the apc’s sensors get destroyed? would that mean driving blind?)
(To GM): (Yeah. You’re call on standing / moving / ect; think standing is a full action)
Ambrose Betamax: (ambrose is totally just gonna throw himself backwards onto the ground again because of that)
AJ B. (GM): (you’ve travelled with a soldier How Long and still gonna do that huh? lol)
Melo: (Just the radar, targeting systems and radio receiver. Display still works)
Bharat: (Why is everyone still fighting! DX)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (thank god I didn’t want you accidently driving off the cliff)
Melo: (Heat of the moment!)
AJ B. (GM): Vault manages to stand himself up.

Vault simply rises from the ground, standing quite well, compared to a Honda walking robot of the late 1990’s.
Bharat: (Ok, when it’s bharat’s turn again, he’s placing himself between melo and the APC)
Vault: (Your move)
Melo: (What’s yer spd?)
AJ B. (GM): (scarily high lol)
Melo: (Can move 2x your spd stat in feet / action with 7 actions / round; I screwed up my placement ‘cause I used mph rather than my spd stat)
(Bharat’s movement is up, yesyes?)
AJ B. (GM): (I was waiting on the answer to the speed to figure out if he’d get between Melo or not)
Bharat: (Oh, my speed is 35.)
Melo: (Can do 70 ft)
(Yeah, can easily get between him; had I not screwed up, might notta been)
AJ B. (GM): (Ambrose you’re up)
Ambrose Betamax: (hmm)
Melo: (For the sake of reaction, with Bharat’s movements, can I get a bit of flavor, please?)
Ambrose Betamax: (was I able to get up?)
Melo: (And yep! Deer-bee is on his feet and standing in 60 mph winds)

Ambrose Betamax does his best to do as he’s told, beating a hasty-ish retreat.
Melo: (I think Ambrose’ll reach the APC in a single action, easily. 66 spd, and he can move 180 ft / action)
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambrose is pretty speedy :P)
Melo: (Technically, 198, but, y’know)
Bharat: (I will make some flavor. All spicy like.)

Bharat charges towards Melo, who was lunging for the APC. Taking a small hop over teh smaller man, he skids to a stop and twist around like a graceful ballerina. “STOP IT.”
Melo: (Thank you)
AJ B. (GM): (Hoi, your action, Kirk has set you down on the ground where you requested and is standing next to you)
Bharat: (Think like… those people who skid around on gravel and turn into a combat stance. I don’t know how to explain my vision!)
Melo: (I totally understand!)

Hoi Hoi Polloi gets down on her knees, hands behind her back and shouts out not resisting
Hoi Hoi Polloi: “Please don’t kill me Mr. Popo”
AJ B. (GM): (Melo, you’re up)
Melo: (Spell checking, sec)
Ambrose Betamax: (all of your spells are on cooldown.)

Melo didn’t have time to think. Nearly a ton of robotic lizard came charging at him, then leapt over him. The ground had to shake with the impact of the monster, that bellow for the hired gun to stop it quite likely unheaded. Nearly a ton of robotic lizard that he really does not like the idea of going toe to toe with has just placed himself in the way of his momentum even as the silvery tail of the monster glinted in the sunlight with that spin. He had to react, and react fast; training is what kicked in, not common sense, not fear, none of that. Hands were moving and within that fraction of a second, one hand would be holding a dagger, the other a mace. As graceful as the lizard managed to be, that call of surrender would have just been thrown out the window. You don’t put yourself between a hired killer and their escape route if you’re trying to surrender. You let the hired killer run away, or the hired killer tries deems you a threat. The weapons in hand were just as much a threat as a tool for escape; An attempt to dodge past the lizard, to get at the APC and get into it’s safety. O’corse, this left the droid and his rifles outside, but the deer-bee was safe. Leah? Fuck’er if she didn’t get into the behemoth in time. (GM call on action: Intent will be to attempt to dodge around and dart into the APC, with the mace and dagger in hand to ward off attacks of opportunity; A swing of the mace for dramatic flare and flavor if not needed to fend Bharat off, quite fully intent on connecting otherwise)
Melo: (Hi. Orange text. You can has.)
(To Matt S.): In all likelihood, Bharat would recognize a Neural Mace when he saw one
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (do attacks of opportunity even exist in rifts lol)
Melo: (Quick draw on the getting armed as a free action, ‘cause Melo’s an action hero. nod)
Ambrose Betamax: (ambrose is…not an action hero. He does like action figures though.)
(From Bharat): Probably. But that isn’t really gonna stop him. He’s a freak like that
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (whose turn is it lol?)
Ambrose Betamax: (I have no idea)
AJ B. (GM): (sorry resolving stuff off screen)
Melo: (GM’s. nod Movement is favored, otherwise I’m just lining up the flavor for Bharat to work with for an attack / to stop Melo from moving past him; Rifts DOES have attack of opportunity rules, burried somewhere. Moving out of combat provokes one, but it uses an action from the attacker)
(We’ve used them in prior combat)
(If he stops him, I’ve got flavor for counter attack. If he lets him past, he moves and get’s into the APC is more or less what happens)
(From AJ B. (GM)): I need your counter attack and parry rolls, and which weapon is which
Melo: (To GM) rolling 1d20+8 Mace strike
= 23
Melo: (To GM) rolling 1d20
8 Knife Parry
= 15
Melo: (Flavor is happening. nod Sorry for the delay)
(Also, sorry to subject you folks to my wall of text stuff)
Bharat: (I love walls of text!)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (same here they deal psychic damage to the uninitiated)
Melo: (Snerks!)
(I can only hope I’m giving you folks at least some kind of an action movie vibe. nod The game is meant to be cinematic, after all)
AJ B. (GM): Bharat goes in to grab Melo and keep him there only to find a dagger fending him off and a Mace jabbing at him. As soon as the mace touches him he feels strange almost sluggish. (Bharat you just lost your init and an action.)
Bharat: (do I need to reroll my init?)
Melo: (Nah, you just move to last in line)
AJ B. (GM): Vault bolts off grabs a rifle off the ground and heads into the apc
Bharat: (didn’t eve take a swing at me?)
Melo: (The droid? Nope. Programing dictates the fall back order has been given)
AJ B. (GM): Kirk has been given no new orders and therefore stands around listening to things.
(Ambrose, any action, also yes Leah is in the apc)

Ambrose Betamax heads into the APC, a little shaken after all this.
Melo: (Hoi, think yer up)

Hoi Hoi Polloi concentrates on continuing her dogeza
AJ B. (GM): (Melo, you’re up)

Melo moves with amazing grace around the lizard, that attempt to grapple him dodged with that dagger, the zap of it’s neural field fended off by silver covered claws. The mace? That thing would connect, however, a heavy zap delivered to the lizard’s torso as he moved around, spinning with the movement, letting momentum carry him along and into the APC. “CLOSE THE DAMNED DOOR AND ROLL!” was the bellow from within his helmet, the loud speaker turned off as he lept to make his way into the pilot’s seat, “GUARD DUTY, BACK DOOR!” would be heard even by Ambrose as he shouted within his suit, comms open wide with the droid.

Vault holds his action, as guard duty dictates.
AJ B. (GM): (Bharat. you’re up)
(From AJ B. (GM)): as you enter the cockpit there it someone familiar kicked back in your seat. “Yknow you’re quite dangerous when you’re pissed.”
AJ B. (GM): The door of the APC is currently closing after Melo has made it inside, Vault is standing near the back watching it close, Hoi appears to be standing still next to Kirk.
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I’m face down in a dogeza position concentrating really hard… on my actions)
Ambrose Betamax: (hey guys, I have to lie down, I’m not doing well here. Already spoke to AJ, the game can keep going, Ambrose was gonna be laying in the APC being emotional for the rest of this stuff anyways :P)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (I’m guessing vault is taking screen shots to use as his wallpaper)
Ambrose Betamax: (Have a good night all, keep enjoying the game
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (have a nice rest)
(To GM): React. A body where he wants to be. Options: Attack: Too slow, still has a body where he wants to be. Move: Where? Copilot’s seat. His body was just as much on auto pilot, brain taking that extra moment for the speed of thought to catch up with him, to even register the faceless man’s comment. All he had going through his mind at that moment was, quite simply, ‘retreat. Retreat. Reinforcements. Retreat. GO. Move move move.’ Surely in there was the thoughts of the lizard and Hoi out to get him, that paranoia spiking hard, “CLOSE THE DOOR!” was the comment as he lept into the copilot’s seat and slammed the petal to the metal as it were.. More accurately, hand grips would be pushed forward as hard and as fast as possible, before he’d even gotten situated properly. Reflex, not thought drove his actions, training pushing him to respond without thinking. Alarms were still blaring that the sensors were down and the turret had sustained damage. “Vault, Radio ahead! Hoi is a magic user and is responsible for the escape of Bharat from within City Limits. Ambrose has been recovered from kidnapping attempt. Bharat is directly responsible for damage inflicted to the APC. Upload video and audio records to the APC’s storage drives.” Nope, he wouldn’t even respond to the ghost in his head until orders were given. “…Damn fucking right I am” came a long moment later.
(From Niemand): “That how you lost your eyes? Being to quick to act and getting yourself in dangerous situations that could be avoided?”
(To GM): “Man under my command dropped his gun when on assignment.” A direct answer, and likely not one that was expected, attention now focused on driving. Putting distance between what could only be presumed to be a rampaging monster that will be following him, and a crazy woman with the power of magic far more potent than his own. The fact that they’d give chase was, in his mind, a foregone conclusion. Flee. Escape. Get Ambrose to safety.
AJ B. (GM): (anyone object to dropping initiative for now?)
Melo: (I’m good with it)
Hoi Hoi Polloi: (sounds like a plan)
(From Niemand): “Hmmm, well honestly think you’ve gotten yourself into a really dangerous spot here. Ever considered stopping and asking Why?”
AJ B. (GM): Bharat a few seconds later Hoi vanishes
(To GM): “Too late for why. You Do NOT fuck with the deer. Why is MEANINGLESS when you fuck with Ambrose and put him in danger. You do NOT put MY life at risk when you know full fucking well what you’re doing. You do NOT put Ambrose at risk because you think it’s a good idea Without fucking consulting ME!” There was rage in his voice alright.
(To GM): “Buckle up folks, we’re in for a rough ride.” Would be passed along over the intercom to the main bay. Granted, where the rest of them went to was up in the air; would they have scrambled into the cabin?
Melo: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 57
= 0 Successes
(From Niemand): “Suppose that’s true, still you never asked her why during any of this. Dunno if you just knew her reasons or just assumed, but if its the second theres an old saying about that.”
Melo: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 32
= 0 Successes
AJ B. (GM): (Everyone in the apc congrats first you all got rattled by a hard bump as if the apc was falling off a steep hill, but righted itself, however a little while later you get thrown forwards as the APC ends up with its nose in a ditch, unable to be driven back out under its own power.

Melo can’t drive for shit.
Melo: (To GM) rolling 5d100 Getting them out of my system, laughing when there’s a 1 in there.
= 332

Bharat watches the APC and its riders drive off with an expression that mixes bewildered and pleased with himself
(To GM): The forgettable man had a point. He’d have to admit that, even to himself. He should have asked why. But questioning people’s motives can often times be bad when they’re your CO. “Yeah.” That was all he could come up with. The radar was down, other sensors on the blink with that 20 ton behemoth moving forward as quickly as he dared. Too quickly, cursing coming from under his breath at the first slip and the hard knock. The city was within sight though, attention focused still on driving. Too bad he plain ol’ didn’t see that ditch. His thoughts must have drawn inwards as he drove right over it’s edge and into it, bridge some meters away. “FUCK!” would be all he could offer as he crashed, and crashed hard.
(From Niemand): “Nicely done, I assume this is part of some brilliant tactical insight that I am simply unaware of?”
Melo: (Randomly: How far away IS that ditch?)
AJ B. (GM): (It’s that ditch that has the bridge right in front of the gate, well relatively speaking anyhow.)
(To GM): He had to grit his teeth and bear it. He knew damn well he fucked up good there. Even more so when the man didn’t even shift in that seat when they came crashing down. “Vault, report!” And then, “Yeah. The one that humbles my ass and gets us all killed and leaves you trapped with no one to talk to again.” Spiteful, but at least he’s honest. He’d have to get out of the APC and assess the situation; half the cameras were rendered useless, showing nothing but black, or worse. But he did it to himself.
Melo: (kk, So we’re ~3-400 ft from the city gates at this point, and the guards woulda saw Melo fuck up good, jah? ’n about 10 miles from where combat took place?)
AJ B. (GM): (yep)

Melo would sooner or later be seen scrambling out of the back of the APC, cursing under his breath. Nope, this isn’t good at all. The moment he was out, he’d be scanning for signs of a rampaging lizard, or even Hoi.

Bharat is currently building small towers out of rocks and dirt, more than ten miles away
AJ B. (GM): Melo there is the faint echo of alarms ringing out from the city.
(From Niemand): “Yknow, I bet those alarms mean something bad for that woman.”

Melo cursed again before turning to face the city, “Melbourne Gate, Peacekeeper Melo Craft, badge PK2246D3, what’s the status of the city?” Would be radio’d in from where he was, turning to call down to the other’s in the APC, “Yo, folks, C’mon out. We’re hoofing it the rest of the way. Vault, keep an eye out for either Bharat or Hoi.”

Melo also might be heard by the dear-bees and the droid adding in, “And we can only hope so.” Odd quip.
(From AJ B. (GM)): “We found your magic user but lost her again, currently unknown where she’s hiding. We have all eyes looking for her. We apologize that we can’t help with your apc.”

Melo “My fuck up there. She’s not one to be tangled with, let alone that lizard. Fucker wrecked the radio and sensor systems. We can come in on foot; I’ve still got two D-Bee’s I need to ensure are within city limits that’ve done nothing but try and get back into the city in accordance with city law; One kidnapping vic, one tracker. Otherwise, gonna try and dig her out.”
(From AJ B. (GM)): alright I need to know where you’re headed once in the city.
(To GM): Get records from APC of Hoi and Bharat’s attack, resisting arrest and magic use, Lock down APC, order Vault to start digging the APC out with access to unlock doors and order direct reverse movement via audio commands if possible, bring Ambrose and Leah into city. From there, file report at the gate of Hoi’s crimes and Bharat’s status as an outlaw unless otherwise ordered to do so elsewhere. If so: Back home.
(To GM): Including Manbat following Hoi’s orders / commands.
(From AJ B. (GM)): alright easily done, and the alarms seem to have been shut off for now since they are mainly there to track fugitives not just incite panic
Vault: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 76 mining as needed.
= 1 Successes
AJ B. (GM): Vault gets the APC free and moved properly.

Melo would simply escort Ambrose and Leah in on foot, rifle in hand, the droid left to start excavating the APC.. Or at least, set up a ramp to get it out under it’s own power. And then he’d be settling in to start filling out a whole mess of paperwork. “Leah, take Ambrose home. Make sure you’re both at the docks when the time comes.”

Melo also seems to have calmed down a hell of a lot, though he’d constantly be looking back towards the gates, expecting a rampaging lizard to show up any minute and attack his droid.

Hoi Hoi Polloi states “And all concealed things shall be revealed” and it may or may not have been so… 1 Successes
(From Niemand): reappears by your side. “Huh, she’s smarter then she seems.”
(To GM): (Time frame?)
(To GM): Or rather, still filling out paperwork I presume?
(From AJ B. (GM)): ehh theres a lot of paperwork to be filled out but none of its on a rush with the current situation. they are mostly leaving you to your own devices, its about 10 minutes after you’ve gotten home when he says this.

Melo sooner or later, once home, the droid likely still digging out the APC (That’s a hell of a lot of dirt to move, after all), would be back at home and antsy. He’d be reviewing data, following police bands, and likely field stripping his rifle to make sure it was still in working order. “Yeah?” Somewhat out of the blue, though he was prone to doing that. Nothing out of the ordinary for him, with that radio in his ear still.
(From Niemand): “seems she managed to join the Horune, might afford her some protection or at least an escape route.”
(To GM): He knew nothing of her plan to attack the Horune. Still, that was enough to give him pause.

Melo sat there quietly, holding still for a long moment before asking aloud, “..Plausible source?” Another odd comment before he’d rise and head over to the terminal, and hesitate. Then finally, he’d start to type.
(To GM): An entry in the police database, forwarded on both to the AI as well as the local guardsmen, “Target Hoi: Reliable sources indicate target may have joined forces with the Horune in an effort to escape city law.” And then he’d stop and erase, retyping before sending, “Target Hoi: Possible target has opted to join forces with Horune to evade capture and city law. Information based on recent dealings with target.” And that was all.
(From Niemand): Watched her fight the captain and be accepted on the crew myself.

Melo just shook his head after sending off a few messages, and then back to his rifle. “Great. Just fucking great.” Disassemble, reassemble. The Boom Boom would likely be next. “Vault, status?” He was at a loss, and just as before, this was a war he’d not win on his own.
AJ B. (GM): Vault reports that things have quieted down. Eyes are still out for Hoi, and that some of the soldiers were being sent down to the docks to verify your intel.

Melo would eventually leave the house to go get the APC from the ditch, bring her back in and home, and.. well, quite simply, get to work. He’s got a hell of a lot of damage to repair, the first of which will be to pull the sensor cluster and see what he can salvage. Otherwise, he’d be keeping his ear on the radio, and likely talking to no one visible, in an enclosed hanger.. At least, until Ambrose was due to go to the docks, depending on how the day went.
AJ B. (GM): rolling 1d4
= 2
rolling 1d20
= 20
Hey POM how goes?
P.O.M: so far so good :)
Just been busy this week >_>
How are things going on your end
AJ B. (GM): I’m at my moms watching her dog and sleeping on a bed too short for me even when lying diagnolly so my ankles feel like hell, and mom wasn’t able to buy groceries so I’m living off 40 bucks of food until sunday
Ambrose Betamax: Oh this is a cool little ui
AJ B. (GM): and of course limited to the use of a mac and an ipad bleh
Ambrose Betamax: Lol I love that I had a role in starting the career of the guy that painted aj’s icon
Zea: oh?
AJ B. (GM): anyhow, didn’t see Jacior online, so no telling when he’ll show and currently Bharat is out in the desert, cool on the ui Piko, so queery for you three who are here, start or wait?
P.O.M: So I’m guessing cup noodles is on the menu >_>
AJ B. (GM): nope, lots of other junk food though.
Zea: I’m cool with starting. I will need to reboot ‘soon’ because my PC is bogging heavy.
Ambrose Betamax: Yeah, his name was hannu. He was a steelworker who arted on the side with me on a paintchat. The mill blew up and I told him to apply for an art job. He got the first one he applied at on my advice.
Zea: Nice!
AJ B. (GM): ok thats 1 vote for start, Piko, POM?
Ambrose Betamax: I can start, just remember juggling
P.O.M: el presidente has spoken I cast my vote with him
Ambrose Betamax: Am I still connected?
AJ B. (GM): yeah you are
Zea: Yep
P.O.M: Only to our hearts
AJ B. (GM): you’ve blipped a couple times, sorry getting a few things sorted out. Ok quick question does anyone object to us skipping ahead to the next day. or was anyone particularly looking forward to the docks scene or the like?
Ambrose Betamax: Nope, I am ok skipping.
Zea: (I’m cool with jumping ahead; I think it’s safe to presume that either they weren’t sold, or that day’s remaining auctions were halted due to a magic user on the loose)
P.O.M: (We can safely assume Hoi Hoi is re-enacting the scene from the titanic with the Horune captain as they sail off into the sunset before eventually hitting an iceburg)
AJ B. (GM): lol The Horune intend to stay for a few days. so she may be waiting a while.
Alright, last time on Madness in Melbourne
Hoi managed to sneak back into the city and gain crewmanship on a Horune vessel. Melo managed to get most of the D-bees back into the city, and report Hoi’s activities. Bharat decided to wait things out near a vampire nest for now. Ambrose seems to be in a bit of shock over the whole thing and largely went along.

Ambrose Betamax is shocked.

Melo would have spent the afternoon filling out paperwork and waiting for Vault to dig out the APC from his fuckup; gonna be a long walk back out there, too, considering how far away the main gates are. But that’s life, and if a little walk is his punishment for his poor driving skills, that’s well worth it. So much paperwork… It likely wasn’t until later in the evening that he got the APC home. As far as everything else? Well, he could only watch the news feeds and monitor communications via radio and email. He might try and distract Ambrose by cooking! Granted, it might be questionable as to how that’d turn out…
(From AJ B. (GM)): you get a message from Cockatrice requesting yours and Ambrose’s presence asap. and that should it be a problem coming there she will gladly make her way to the house within the next two hours.

Melo would also likely sleep in some, though ‘sleep’ is a vague term in this case. Too much to reflect upon that night, and some ‘gifts’ he found set him right back on edge. He needed to be alert at a moment’s notice, and sleep prevented such. Seven AM would have him getting dressed, skipping PT, and attempting to wake up Ambrose after checking a few other messages.
Ambrose Betamax: ( i need to take a quick shower…is it ok if ambrose stays unresponsive till after that?)
AJ B. (GM): (sure)
Melo: (I’m cool with it Adlibs)
Ambrose Betamax: (Thanks)

Melo wakes a Deer-bee up, a few key strokes to respond to a message in kind, and likely include a request for a light breakfast. And then off to the other side of town. He might even have to call in a favor or two to see about catching a ride; Driving military hardware around city streets isn’t always a good idea when people are on edge. Either way, off to a bar on the wrong side of the tracks he’d be taking the deer-bee, and the droid.
AJ B. (GM): As you arrive at the bar Cockatrices bodyguard looks through the slit in every direction. “Your lizard with you?”

Melo shook his head; He wasn’t in his body armor, and was only armed with a pair of pistols and a knife today; one concealed, other in plain sight. “Never was mine to begin with. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a wanted criminal that I still need to figure out how to apprehend.”
AJ B. (GM): The bodyguard opens the door and indicates the two of you should go up ahead of him.

Melo didn’t even bother taking off the cowboy hat he’d opted to wear. This was a casual meeting, after all. Up he’d go, deer in the middle, kill bot behind. He still didn’t quite know what happened to make the body guard so jumpy, but amped police presence in the area surely had something to do with it. He knew his way up by now, and forwardly, he’d go so far as to knock at the door of the mob boss’s office.
AJ B. (GM): you hear the door locked and bolted behind you and the bodyguard follows all of you up. “Head straight in, take a seat, keep your hands away from any weapons today. Everyones on a bit of a hairpin, and I don’t like having to mop up blood.”
Melo: “Don’t blame you at all. Appreciate you doing the courtesy of not asking me to disarm. Vault, disarm weapons, do not rearm until we’ve exited the building or lives are at stake.” A standard ‘Acknowledged’ from the tin man, and in he’d go, tipping his hat to the Mob Boss’s desk. “Appreciate you seeing me.” Ever friendly and polite, body language relaxed. Honestly, if they wanted him dead, he’d already be dead.

Ambrose Betamax is silent and dead eyed, his fur color a neutral grey, ah he follows melo, in some kind of emotional shock.

Ambrose Betamax twitches a bit now and then.
Ambrose Betamax: ( Lol)
Cockatrice: As you enter there is a section of the wood floor that still bears a distinctive stain quite large on the floor off a little ways from the desk. Cockatrice nods her hair today oddly not put up in its usual spikes. “Well your prompt response to my message is greatly appreciated. We have quite a lot to discuss today. So which would you prefer, the simple or the hard questions?”
P.O.M: (the hard question in simple terms _?)

Melo relaxed in his seat, thinking for a moment, “Might as well cut to the chase, and get the most unpleasant business sorted first, from your perspective. Figure that’ll color everything else we talk about.” And he’d lean forward a bit, glancing at Ambrose a bit; a slight tilt of his head that the trained eye might pick up, seeing how as those optical implants don’t actually, y’know, move, and most of the glances out of the corner of his eye he makes are mental. As far as the mob boss could tell, his eyes were always front and center, still set in that faintly dark, iridescent blue most commonly seen on some species of butterflies. Odd color choice for a hired killer, but, y’know.
Cockatrice: “Alright, that’s fine, we’ll start there then. Your employee killed my bodyguard. He has been returned to life, but obviously dying tends to impact someones mentality quite a bit amongst other things. Now I would like to know how exactly you intend to repay me for the damages suffered.” All said in a very matter of fact tone but her eyes are closed to near slits.
Melo: “Glad we agree on what the most pressing matter is. At no point has or had Bharat been under my employ. Hoi accepted him on contract for the vamps, and pretty decisively decided right off the bat that it’d be a good idea to drive a wedge ‘tween him and I. More than happy to get you the playback of him being hired on if you’d like.” A statement, not a question. “So if you don’t mind me being blunt about it, respectfully, I’d like to make sure I’m not billed for offences men not under my command have committed. Hell, if it weren’t for Hoi, that lizard would be fuckin’ dead right now.”
(I need to reboot. Back in ~3-5 minutes)
Cockatrice: (kk)
Zea: (Back. Sorry for the delay; Windows updates ’n all. Yay system moving quick like!)
Cockatrice: (np)

Cockatrice nods to her skinny associate who taps his pda and a panel of the cieling slides away lowering a screen. “Now I want you to understand this is nothing personal, but as I have one persons word against another and you offerred up verification I would appreciate seeing it.”

Melo nods. “He said, She said is never a justifiable argument in a court of law, even if it ends up being all anyone has to go off of more often than not. Vault, access records from [date] at around [time].” And he’d stand casually, making his way over to the droid. A convenient universal data chip, a moment of fiddling with a screwdriver to access a data jack, “Upload audio and video files. Data pertinent to the employ of Bharat.” And then right on over he’d go, after resecuring the jack’s cover. Into the screen he’d plug it, a few quick taps later, and up the video would go, from Vault’s perspective near the APC. A moment of conversation, a few taps to fast forward, and then rewind. And then the lizard asking, “Bharat capture outlaws for profit?” and a reply, “More likely smash and burn, but close enough.” an acknowledgment, and then Melo turning from the lizard to face Hoi. “Your contract Ma’am. Think he’ll fit the bill?” a moment of thoughtful hesitation, and then “His intelligence and attitude seem ample enough for the job. Baharat you willing to work for me?” met quite quickly with “You pay Bharat?” and the reply of “Payment will be arranged dependent on how well you perform at the task.” And then he’d pause the recording. “Shortly there after, she ‘suggested’ that he break open Vault to get at the ‘treasures in his chest’. Great way to inspire team work in your crew as a way of introduction.”
Cockatrice: “Now, as you know our society has many ways of faking this kind of thing so would you object to one of my specialists verifying the data on that chip. Shouldnt take more then a few minutes.”
Melo: “By all means.” And he’d withdraw it, and offer it up to PDA Man. “And I hate to impose, but is there any chance I could hazard you to have a glass of juice brought up for Ambrose?” He’d turn his head toward the deer. “I’m a bit worried about him. He didn’t handle yesterday too well.”

Cockatrice nods

Melo adds, “And if you need, I’m fairly sure I can have a number of witnesses vouch for it being what happened. Not like we don’t have video evidence of who was there.”
AJ B. (GM): After a few minutes two people come up the stairs. One a woman dressed in the plain style of Melbourne’s populace, the other a burly man dressed in full leather carrying a glass of something bright orange in it that he sets in front of Ambrose. The woman walks over to the man with the pda and holds out her hand. She curls her hand around the chip and holds it for a few moments before nodding.

Matt S. sits in the desert more than a little bored. He idly entertained the idea of going after the vamps by himself, now that he had silvered his claws… But he didn’t have armor anymore… “Melo is mean…”

Melo isn’t the one who wrecked the lizard’s armor!

Bharat is a forgetful idiot. Also, lovable, if you can control him

Cockatrice indicates the screen again the pda guy places the chip back into it. “Now there is one other thing I need checked on. Could you show me what made Hoi believe he was under your employ?”

Melo would also casually take a seat and try and comfort the deer-bee. The general ‘Hey, y’all right? Here, drink this.’ The tone of a concerned friend.
P.O.M: (Melo uses squeezy squeeky plastic toy to control bharat :)
Bharat: (That… would probably work actually.)

Ambrose Betamax drinks. A little color is back in his face…

Melo would turn his attention back to Cockatrice, “Honestly, couldn’t tell you. At most,” and he’d rise, heading back over to plug the data chip back in. “This.” and he’d rewind, coming in where he verbally tore into Grimgrin before turning back to the lizard, ‘And as for you, you up for some contract work outside the city with the rest of this motley crew and me?’ before it went right back into the conversation that had already been played. “Other than that, I honestly don’t know why she’d think he was under my command.” A shrug. He’d even let the video play on as he spoke. This would o’corse lead to the conversation between Hoi introducing Vault and the suggestion of breaking Vault open to ‘get at the suggested treasure in his chest’ and Melo flatly telling him not to if he wanted to be paid, and the follow up of Melo flatly telling Hoi how things were, ‘’It seems like Melo has just implied he is the one going to pay you’ from Hoi, and a reply from Melo, ‘No, I just implied that you’ll be paying for his repairs if he breaks him, and you’ll be looking for some new contractors.’ And back and forth,‘Are you implying that I am commanding him to attack the robot? I only hired him to fight my enemies what he does in the meanwhile is in no part sponsored by me’, ‘Implying? No. Stating that you are currently encouraging him to attack a kill bot to get at imaginary treasure inside his chest, yes.’ from his own recorded image, ’
P.O.M: (Imagine if Melo roofied you to remove the memories)

Ambrose Betamax is being roofied?

Melo just asked for juice! He trusts the mob boss enough not to drug her clients.
Cockatrice: Cockatrice facedesks and then growls “Ok, Note never hire atlanteans as any implication of control over pay automatically shifts authority.” The man with the pda types furiously. “Fine, Melo you and I are square in this regard. Now since it connects to this I want to deal with it now. Hoi through her organization intends to pay me to have Bharat registered as a malfunctioning AI owned by Ambrose that is currently repaired. Ambrose, innocent thing that you are and with this new perspective, I’d like to make sure she isn’t trying to put the screws to you. So I want you to understand that if this goes through you’ll have to pay for the damage that’s been done by him and will be officially responsible for any other actions he takes, much as Melo is for Vault.”
P.O.M: (Hoi’s parting gift to Ambrose Bharat as a pet as promised :)

Melo should bring up the comment about the bill for damage the lizard did to the APC, and the city for that matter. He should. He might. “Thank you, Ma’am.” His face would go hard at the suggestion of having Bharat registered as something Ambrose owns. “…I might have an issue with that. He’s got enough of a zoo already, and he’s got no way of paying for damages done to the city, or my APC that the lizard may cause beyond a mail box.”

Ambrose Betamax is still pretty out of it, but says ok.
Bharat: (Wait, we’re registering Bharat as an AI? BHARAT ISN’T SMART ENOUGH TO BE AN AI)
Melo: (Haha)
P.O.M: (a cheap malfunctioning A.I
(kinda like the ones actions figures have)
Bharat: (Bharat will break you, atlantean)
Cockatrice: “Well Melo, as much as I respect you for all you’ve done, and your objection is noted. However this favor was requested on behalf of Ambrose and it is strictly his decision to accept or deny it. You are welcome to convince him as you see fit. I personally have no issue with refusing the payment and not wasting resources on these forgeries, Bharat will remain a criminal in that instance but frankly I don’t have a lot of sympathy for those who kill my bodyguards.”

Bharat decides, quite on a whim, to start hunting vampires. The need for money burns bright in the dimly lit room of his brain.

Melo nods, glancing again at Ambrose before taking a seat beside him. “Alright. Ambrose, I’m against this. The cat, the cassowary, even Albion. All of those’re fine. But you’ve seen this thing go on a rampage in the M-Quarter ‘because the loud speakers made his eye tingle’. I still need to help the crews get that cleaned up. Hell, you saw him turn and murder a man in front of you. You saw him attack the APC. You saw him attack me. What if he decides to kill me because I tried to arrest him for breaking the city laws? Hell, if he breaks the laws of the city, you are the one that gets sold into slavery at a discount, or imprisoned for years. I can’t protect you from what this agreement means.”
Ambrose Betamax: " uh maybe a bad idea then :p

Melo is a dick. But Ambrose comes first, above all else. Protect the deer.

Bharat never actually attacked Melo…

Ambrose Betamax is pretty out of it and will pretty much sign anything though.

Melo was attacked in his mind; There are 3 sides to the truth: Your side, their side, and what actually happened. After all, he had 1900 lbs of lizard come charging at him and stop in front of him when he was trying to run away.
P.O.M: (remember the contract Ambrose remember the contract >_>…)

Bharat never even attacked Vault, if I remember correctly. The only thing hurt were some speakers and the APC. Which Bharat is very sorry about. Somewhere deep inside, I’m sure
Ambrose Betamax: " hoi had me put my hand on something."

Vault will attest to never having been attacked by the lizard directly. Or would, if ordered. He was given a kill order however. And he IS an AI; orders get followed within programing.
P.O.M: (that Hoi may or may not have had delivered to the authorities >_>)

Melo glanced at the deer. “Yeah. Were you able to read it to know what it said?” After all, the deer-bee is illiterate.
Ambrose Betamax: “Nope”

Bharat also signed NOTHING
Cockatrice: Cockatrice pulls out a piece of paper and slides it across. “You want to read it to him?”
AJ B. (GM): (I have no idea what that paper says, all I know is it was given to Cockatrice)

Melo took the paper and proceeded to read it aloud. He’s gotta be fair, even if he’s heavily biased. He’d read it truthfully.
P.O.M: (Just a standard contract of ownership that Ambrose owns Bharat as a pet and that he will take care of it and hug it and pet it and love it and not abandon it)
(in sickness and in health until death takes them apart… you know all that…)
Melo: (To GM) rolling 1d100< 66 Law on knowing just how poorly that thing would stand up, at all.
= 0 Successes
Bharat: (Bharat and ambrose are married, basically)
P.O.M: (wait did Hoi Just marry bharat to ambrose >_>)
Cockatrice: (so in no way a legal document since at least a third of the pets in the city are used as guard, attack, or fighting shit)
Bharat: (Bharat likes to be the little spoon, by the way)
Melo: (Yay for jetpacking!)
P.O.M: (Ambrose did know the contract would make Bharat a pet…)
Bharat: (jetpacking?)
Melo: (Jetpacking: When the big spoon is a smaller person then the little spoon)
Ambrose Betamax: Lol
Cockatrice: Cockatrice shrugs “The contract won’t do much but I’m going to be well paid to make an actually legally binding one should Ambrose want this. Currently it’s sounding like you aren’t overly inclined to be responsible for the lizard though.” She looks over at Ambrose.
Ambrose Betamax: " what would happen?"

Melo shrugs. “You pay for any damages he does to the city. You’re responsible for any crimes he commits. You know that kid who’s room he barreled into? You’d be responsible for that kid getting hurt, and having to rebuild their home. You’d be the one sentenced for his crimes.”

Bharat still thinks Melo should be responsible for the kid incident
Ambrose Betamax: “Bharat are you going to crime?”
Cockatrice: “On the plus side you could sell him on a whim to pay for damages”
(bharat is out in the desert)
(so he’s pretty unlikely to answer that question)

Melo glanced at Cockatrice at the deer’s comment. “…I can’t, in good conscious, let him sign anything in the mental state he’s in.”

Melo runs with that one, yep.
P.O.M: (Hoi would of sent a message for the damages Bharat did to property (not milos since that was his fault) to be paid )
(That mental state was caused by Melo >_>)
Melo: (And going up for auction yesterday. nod And all of it)

Melo does show genuine concern for the deer, though. Too bad his eyes can’t show it.
Cockatrice: “Well, he might as well think on it for a little while, in a few days we’ll talk about it again. I can just set the payment aside if it comes in. For now there are admittedly more pressing matters to attend to. Mainly did you manage to clear out the bat problem before all of this occurred?”

Melo nods once, moving to take his seat again ‘n lightly pat at the Deer-Bee’s shoulder. “We’ll talk it over. You can even talk with Leah about it if you want. Y’know I just want the best for you.” And then back to Cockatrice, “As for that, no. My gear is prepped; told her it’d take me at least a week to get ready, and after the stunt she pulled with encouraging infighting on her team, I took it upon myself to make sure I’ve got a capable crew. Doubly glad I did now. With the ship in port, half my crew legally can’t leave the city, and that’s one more favor I don’t want owing when I can just wait a few more days.”

Cockatrice facedesks a few times. “Ok, that’s good, fine actually, I need to get in touch with her organization anyhow and find out exactly what was going on with that. Before I do that though is there Anything else I should know about her actions in the city?”
P.O.M: (she got the doctor and ambrose pregnant they just dont know it yet :)
Melo: “Intel indicates she joined forces with the Horrune. Challenged their captain apparently. She also attacked a doctor in the hospital near the safe house, in front of me; neither opted to press charges.” And he’d lean back in his seat, “She also broke into your home last night.”

Melo at least is using proper terms for who’s home he’s staying in.

Cockatrice nods “Alright, that’s appreciated. Now theres one major issue with you lot hunting down the vampires currently. Your main source of knowledge up and bailed out on that mission. Apparently other things took priority. As much as I’d love to handle things on your terms theres a bit of a concern about a group with limited or minimal knowledge going after a nest of vampires.”

Melo nods. “I agree, frankly. I’ve got some basics down, but I don’t have any first hand experience to fall back on. I’ve pulled what I can off of the net, but even that’s full of mixed intel and hear-say. Planning on trying to track down someone a bit more reliable to bring on this run. Figure I’ve got a few days before I can leave town.” And then a curse, “And I still need to fix the APC after what that lizard did to it. Can tell you right now, sensor clusters are not cheap, not to mention the repairs to her cannon.”
Ambrose Betamax: " we could stick albion up there to replace it."

Melo shook his head with a bit of a smile, “Don’t think she’d work as a radar and radio, nor do I think she’d appreciate it.”
Ambrose Betamax: " there is that…"
Cockatrice: “Well I’ll talk with G about getting you someone with some decent intel. He’ll get in touch when he can. Last thing, you’re both starting to become Popular. So watch your backs.”

Ambrose Betamax is back to stoneface, a little unaware of things. He wobbles a bit.
Melo: “I’m afraid to find out who I’m becoming Popular with.” And then he’d shrug with a bit of a smile, “Luck of a Betamax. Comes with the territory.” And then, he’d outright ask, “Would you mind if I were to take advantage of some of the parts in the hanger? The damages Bharat did to my APC alone aren’t going to be covered by this job, the next one, or the next few after that at the rate I’ve been getting paid. I can do the work myself to save on labor, but.. Yeah. I still need to find parts to rebuild my cluster, and some of those aren’t going to be cheap.” And without even thinking about it, a hand would be on the deer’s shoulder, offering a bit of a squeeze to try and steady him.

Ambrose Betamax numbly leans on melo a bit.
Cockatrice: “Yeah feel free, the stuff in there is largely just meant to be sent off as scrap metal or for use when it’s needed. Honestly that place is a lot like most peoples attics, almost everything in their has been gone so long I clearly won’t miss it. Well to be honest there’ve been a couple offers for some of my wetwork specialists to take out you or Ambrose. I can’t tell you who made the offers obviously.”
P.O.M: (It was me bwhahahaha >_>)
Bharat: (It was bharat)
Cockatrice: (lol at this point cockatrice would give you up for the offer of a single butterscotch candy Hoi)
P.O.M: (It was Albion… he will no longer be oppressed)
Bharat: (Bharat likes butterscotch candy)
P.O.M: (Hoi likes Ambrose covered in candy >_>)

Melo nods understandingly. “I appreciate you suggesting they not take the contract,” A cant of his head given at the deer. “I’d hate for ’em to have to learn first hand what happens to those who try ’n hurt the deer. Do appreciate the warning though.”

Melo is a touch too cocky for his own good.
P.O.M: (Children hear of the bounty offered by Hoi and when they see Ambrose they chase after him firing candy and apple pies and shooting him with soda >_> the water war has evolved and Ambrose a veteran is not given a choice in participation)
Cockatrice: “I didn’t suggest they not, I flat out refused, currently no ones offered the amount of money required for getting involved in politics”

Melo had to laugh a bit, his smile genuine, “That doesn’t change the fact that I appreciate your gesture. That said, I know your time is valuable. There anything else you need me for now that my buisness has been dealt with? And I’ll give you an inventory of the parts I use to fix the APC. Proper accounting and billing with those who’ll be footing the bill for Hoi’s actions?” He’d look at the mob boss directly, then tilt his head just a bit at the accountant.

Cockatrice nods and says “Good luck with your current work. I’m sure we will speak again in a few days. Ambrose, don’t forget to think on what you want.”

Melo would rise simply enough, and start to lead the deer and droid out. He’d stop by the body guard though, “Unless your boss tells me otherwise, he’ll pay.” Yep, he’ll regret that statement,
P.O.M: (he’ll pay?)
AJ B. (GM): The bodyguard nods and gives an approving smile.

Melo would then make his way out… And start walking home. He got them a ride there, not back home, after all.
(From Vault): halfway home. “Commander, a message has just arrived from Administrator Giovan.”

Melo would offer another of those random comments, “Go ahead. Radio only.”
(From Administrator Giovan): “There will be someone waiting to meet you at the main building. They will be working under you on the extermination of the vermin we discussed earlier”
Melo: “Transmit acknowledgment.” Another simple statement as he walked along. There was likely to be some conversation with Ambrose along the way, to try and help the deer clear his head, but we can gloss over that for now. Might take him several hours to walk back home, however. Because master of planning, he is. At least he looks snazzy in a cowboy hat.
(From AJ B. (GM)): assume that acknowledgement means he will be heading there soon?
(To GM): Hopefully “Main Building” is home. Otherwise, he’d take the skycycle to the main city office. Body armor ’n all.
(From AJ B. (GM)): is city office.

Melo also might stop off at some random florist shop, and buy some small potted plant; an office style plant, no bigger than a foot tall. And once home, he’d suit up, carefully bundle the plant, and take the Skycycle to the city office. Because his ass is fucking slow on foot, and he didn’t need the droid of Ambrose for this one.
AJ B. (GM): As Melo arrives at the office a secretary takes note and asks him to wait a few minutes. After a brief time two people come out into the front. The first is a man barely into his 20’s wearing a suit that although fitting perfectly looks silly on someone so young as if he is trying to pretend to be of more import then he is. The second is (POM your intro)
P.O.M: (brb bio sorry :( )
Melo: (Take your time!)
P.O.M: (back >_> Did I say I was going to be young hmm… I may have changed my mind )
Melo: (Nah, you’re the other guy)
AJ B. (GM): (the guy in his 20s is your direct superior however so that you are aware of that)
P.O.M: (oh yeah dont worry I cant read when I am this tired lol)

Chapter 16 How does a pirate say hello--A Hoi

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