Chapter 1 Perth and a Heist

AJ B. (GM): You have all been traveling together for about 4 months now and have thrown in your lots with each other. Finding the world to be a rather hostile place. During your latest excursion into the wilderness you got caught up in a leyline storm and rifted. You now find yourselves in a barren desert with a large wall looming over you in the distance. Opposite the wall is just more desert as far as the eye can see. The sky is clear and the sun beating down is hot. It is easily 95 degrees farenheit here. The smell of cracked dry earth is only overridden by an oddly sweet scent that seems very out of place.
Ceukeausraa Krem sighs upon being deposited. “Great. A desert Just what we need. As if things weren’t already bad enough.”She glances towards the wall. “I doubt we have the supplies to make it anywhere but there before we die of exposure.”
Melo Craft Has to agree. “Hey, it could be worse. First time I went through one of those, only half of one of my buddies came with me. Lets start moving, shall we?”

Ambrose Betamax starts walking towards the wall. “I feel out of place in a desert, lets get someplace with small spaces at least.”
Ambrose Betamax: (I could scout it, ambrose is hella fast runner :3)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Your call. I wouldn’t bother, personally. If we can see the massive wall, we can likely see the base of it. Yay desert.))
((By the way, have I mentioned? Fuck Australia. RIFTS or otherwise :P))
AJ B. (GM): (indeed you can see the base of it. So just verifying, everyones heading towards the wall?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I’m pretty sure.))
Melo Craft marches onward, crew and drone in tow.
Ambrose Betamax: (btw AJ, may I ask where you got your avatar? it looks like something an artist I know painted)
AJ B. (GM): (random google search for symbol of authority, dont remember beyond that)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((As I recall, he first tracked that down on Deviant Art years ago.))
AJ B. (GM): (nah this isnt one I’ve used before, or if I have dont recall doing so)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Definitely the latter. I still have a copy of it on your old HDD.))
Ambrose Betamax: (I found it, its an artist I actually know, I made him apply for the art job he has now :P)
AJ B. (GM): As you approach the wall and are only two steps from the shade it provides someone yells “Halt, stay where you are, hands visible, no sudden movements.” Two men in patchwork armor holding energy rifles aimed at you walk up. “What are you doing here?” the one to your left asks, the other one mutters something indistinct.

Ambrose Betamax responds to the indistinct one "Don’t you bring my mother into this, she was a saint I’ll have you know…whose your supervisor i wanna complain to the management (attempting to get them to let us in so I dont make a scene)
Melo Craft lifts his hands in front of himself, palms up in a gesture of good-will. Not hands up, mind you, but hands in clear view, the walking robot beside him staying still and quiet. “Honestly? Trying to get outta the sun. Was in a forest not half an hour ago. Damned rift came outta nowhere. We’re here peacefully.” Though he had to blink, and then face palm at his companion. Yes, it was sudden, but exasperation is easy enough to pick up on as a non-threatening gesture, right?
Ceukeausraa Krem raises her hands. They had no idea what was on the other side of the wall. They could probably take these two, but without knowing more, it was unwise to cause a commotion. “There’s not exactly anywhere else to go.” She says simply.
AJ B. (GM): The one who muttered looks over at you and growls. “Fucking animal.” The other guard glares at him before turning back to you. “Alright, well you are welcome to the shade but if you want into Perth you’re going to need to give me a good reason to let you in.” He lowers his weapon, the other guard follows suit to some extent, relaxing his grip but pointing it at Ambrose still.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((You who?))

Ambrose Betamax mutters back…“Fucking Racist…”
Ceukeausraa Krem tilts her head. “We don’t know the area. We’ve only just arrived. We’re going to at least need directions to somewhere more hospitable, or we’re going to die.”
Melo Craft: Well, we’re fresh into town. Could due with some work, seeing how as our last job didn’t get to pay us yet. That, and its a wasteland out here." A vague wave given to the desert. “And don’t mind the Dee-Bee, he’s friendly enough. But yeah, could use a chance to figure out just where in the world we ended up.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Quick background question. I’m guessing that for the last 4 months, we’ve basically been doing 0-level quests that just barely cover cost-of-living?))
AJ B. (GM): (( Pretty much yeah))
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Just making sure. That also explains how in 4 months we’ve only gained 2 levels :P))
((Er. Technically 1, actually.))
Ambrose Betamax: (oh, we’re THAT party of adventurers…the one whose skeletons the protagonists find in the first dungeon
AJ B. (GM): (no you’re still a step above them, your the party that stripped those skeletons and are why they have no gear before turning around and leaving to sell it lol)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
Melo Craft: (HA!)
Ambrose Betamax: (good to know we are a group of high class people :P)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Well chief, you know I’m cool, but I take no responsibility for these White Devils.))
((Equinsu Ocha! Equinsu Ocha!))
AJ B. (GM): The lead guard studies each of you carefully. “Well we always have need of able bodied skilled people. What kind of work specifically can you lot do?” The other guard mutters, “vegetarian halfman aint good for nothing but bringing to dinner”
Ambrose Betamax: (can I pounch the muttering guard?)
AJ B. (GM): (As has been pointed out Adventurers are the only people who’s first thought for a career is “lets go murder different species and take their stuff”)
(and yes you can, I wont comment on the wisdom of punching armed guards)
(just need a d20 roll+strike bonus if you’re going to)
Ambrose Betamax: “well when you need a messenger that can run at 45 mph on FOOT….50-60 at a stretch, you’ll change your tune, mister…”
Melo Craft was lucky. He’s got a smart ass robot, a mechanical voice chiming out “He’s great to bring to dinner. He even does the dishes afterwards without much complaint.” A soft chuckle, and then a ‘Quiet Vault’ was given before he’d address the other man, “Well, I’m a mechanic, and I’d like to think of myself as a crack shot, if that’s what you’re in need of. As for him?” A hand would jerk at the deer, “He’s a damn fine scout.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Huh. I just realized, a couple months in Australia, Ambrose will spontaneously evolve into the deadliest damn thing :P))
AJ B. (GM): ((roflmao))
Ambrose Betamax: (speaking of which, isnt that starting like, right now?)
Melo Craft: (Interest, it is piqued)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((No. It specifies quiet clearly that it takes a while for the adaptation to kick in.))
Ambrose Betamax: (not only i’m a fast runner, but I’m a TRANSFORMER)
Melo: (Moar then meets the eye~)
Ambrose Betamax: (I’m-a look it up, I remember osmething)
Ceukeausraa Krem shrugs. Then lies through her teeth. “I’ve got a background in law enforcement, and the obvious related skill set. I could do security, bodyguard work, whatever.” At least half of that was true.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Feni))
Ambrose Betamax: (yeah here it is, 1d4 melee rounds to adapt)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Just give him bigger ears to dissapate the heat. Otherwise, deer are already pretty much desert dwellers :P))
Ambrose Betamax: (and I shed a lot)
AJ B. (GM): The guard nods. “Alright then, it sounds like we can use you. If you’re lying you’ll only get yourselves killed. So no skin off my nose.” He turns to his subordinate. “Open the gate up and lead our guests to the check-in.” The guard sneers and tenses on his gun but then does as he is told opening the gate and looking over his shoulder growling “follow me.”

Ambrose Betamax makes a point of walking beside the guard as an equal, instead of following behind. Cause racism is bad.
Melo: Thank you kindly, sir." And a salute would be given to the guard before he’d start wandering toward the gate. "C’mon Vault.
AJ B. (GM): (you realize its much harder to shoot things behind him right?)
Ambrose Betamax: (yeah but I’ve got 3 dudes behind us both :P)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((And if he shoots Ambrose, at least 2 of them shoot him back. Also, that MDC armour is helpful for ensuring the first shot doesn’t kill him at least.))
Ceukeausraa Krem would follow the guard to the gate as well, obviously.

Ambrose Betamax puts his arm around the guards shoulder. “so, you like venison do you?”
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambrose dislikes racists)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((That’s pretty much everyone. Welcome to RIFTS Earth.))
Melo gahs, “Betamax, might I suggest you leave the solider alone? By the way, that’s not a suggestion. That’s an order.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((It’s an understandable viewpoint, too. Most peoples’ first encounters with D-Bees are them trying to murder them.))
Ambrose Betamax: “waat who put you in charge of our group? Besides he’s being a total-”
Melo: He did." A wave was given at the other guardsman, and then, “And him.” at the walking death machine beside him.
AJ B. (GM): As you enter the city, it is unusual. The first and most obvious thing is the fact most of the buildings appear to be from pretty far back. (Melo recognizes this architecture as largely belonging to his time period), There also appear to be a lot of turrets with cameras attached. swiveling as if constantly checking the streets, there is no point during your walking that you don’t have at least one trained on your group. The last two points of interest are a distinct lack of people on the streets, and all of the doors you pass are kept wide open. The guard growls low in his throat before pointing his gun at you and placing a finger on the trigger. “Any unwanted contact with an official may be construed as a threat and lethal force is immediately authorized. But to answer your question, Yes and its a rarity here.”
(the other guard is back at the gate, theres only the one, and a whole mess of paranoia)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((The game, the movie, or the noun? :P))
AJ B. (GM): ((tempted to say all of the above, but just the noun for now))

Ambrose Betamax backs off. "well, I’ll have to keep it that way then….Officer….
Melo glances to Ceukeausraa, “Was it my turn to keep his muzzle?” though he wouldn’t even need to give the command before the combat done was moving to place itself between the two. “Sir, please disengage your firearm.” “Vault! Back off. The guard is within his right.” And too the deer, “Local laws and customs. Make a point of learning them. You’ve been through this how many times before?” And back to the officer, “My apologies sir. Would you mind carrying on and taking us to the main office?”
Ceukeausraa Krem would have thought after 4 months, someone would have given her a nickname :PP
Ambrose Betamax: (that guard is a dick:P)
AJ B. (GM): After a little while of walking you come to a large circular road surrounding a fountain. The road itself is wide enough for eight people side by side. On the side you enter from are a few random small buildings, but opposite you past the fountain is a large single building that curves halfway around this circle. It is a dark drab grey building with only a few windows and a pair of large steel doors. The structure gives off the impression of some huge monster reaching out for any prey foolish enough to get within arms reach. The guard stops before setting foot in the circle. “Go into the large building, explain your situation and the Administration will see to you from there.” He turns specifically to Ambrose, “Oh and do tell them that Velin specifically asked for you lot.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((He didn’t shoot you. Presumably ONLY because he didn’t want to fill out the paperwork :P))
Ambrose Betamax: (wow, I am hella not telling him that :P)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Agreed.))
((His name is even one syllable from ‘villain’.))
Ambrose Betamax: (Ominous hummmmmmm)
AJ B. (GM): (just to check no ones going to try and ignore the instructions and wander off without going in the building right?)
Ceukeausraa Krem makes a note of never trusting people whose name sounds like ‘villain.’ She’d do the first part, though, and head into the administration building.
Melo most likely would enjoy the walk otherwise; its nice to see reminders of home, even if they’re on the far side of the world. Its still things that he rarely gets to see any more. At the end, a salute would be given, “Thank you, Sir.” And into the office he’d go, robot in tow.

Ambrose Betamax heads in as well, making sure to look unobtrusive and less noticeable…by hiding behind theb ig robot mostly.
AJ B. (GM): As you enter you find yourselves in a tiny waiting room with a set of three plastic chairs and a door on each wall. On the opposite wall from you next to the door is a window with a single circle of metal with tiny holes in it. A very fat man sits behind it. He eyes are dark brown and opened wide. his mouth droops open slightly, he has no hair at all, his nose is far too large for his face and his ears are practically tiny in comparison. As you enter a voice asks you to step up to the window. The voice is deep, soothing and rich, it takes a moment before any of you realize it is coming from the man behind the window.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Something something something to make up for his face.))
Ambrose Betamax: (creepy window guy ;o;)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((He’s not actually a therapist. He’s “The Rapist”.
Ambrose Betamax: (already might have to roll horrer factor)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((You’re a D-Bee. YOU’RE wierder than he is.))
Melo wandered right on up once invited. “Afternoon, Sir. The guards at the gate requested we check in; said you might be able to find us some work.”
Ceukeausraa Krem supposes that they will likely all approach the window at once. As such, she lets Melo speak for her for now.
Ambrose Betamax: (dont mention villai-velin)
Melo: (If I can’t spell their name, it won’t get mentioned, don’t worry)
AJ B. (GM): (Velin)
Ambrose Betamax: (I dun like how that guard looked at me and went, hey, velin really likes the cut of your veal)
AJ B. (GM): The guy behind the window looks you up and down. “Outsiders hmm, looking for individual or group work, and what kinds of work. Perth has more problems then people so there is always something to do. Also how long do you intend to remain in the city? Finally, what talents can you bring to any work you might find?”
(*looks each of you)

Ambrose Betamax replies : well…I’m a scout that can adapt to any envronment, is that helpful?
Melo again pipes up, hopefully before the deer can. “Either or, though I’d favor group work if possible. Both her and I are schooled in standard law enforcement and guard work, and m’deer friend here makes a damn fine scout. As far as how long we plan to stay? Well, long enough to earn ourselves some income and a way out. Just rifted in, so we’re a little light on desert crossing comfort at the moment.”
Ambrose Betamax: (decides not to mention the lockpicking and safecracking and invisofur)
Ceukeausraa Krem looks to each of her companions. “I assume we’d rather stick together.” She pauses when Ambrose lists his skills, then the other human in the group. “And I’ve got a background in law enforcement and recon.”
Melo adds, “Also, ifen its broke, I can likely fix it. And the tin can back there is.. Well, I’m sure you’ve seen what things like him can do.”
Ceukeausraa Krem says, “As for how long we intend to stay? I doubt we’re real sure. Like he said, we just rifted in.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((FWD>>. The original RIFTS soundtrack.))
AJ B. (GM): “Excellent, all right, that is perfect. We have a variety of jobs fitting your skills.” His eyes seem to glaze over as if daydreaming, though he continues speaking. “Theres a group of Bushmen been attacking a few of our merchants. There’s rumors of a demon getting closer to the city then anyones comfortable with. Theres a socialite looking to go out and explore, needs some bodyguards. There’s an Administrator who wants some extra protection while he goes to negotiate with a delegate from Melbourne. Finally theres a job, hmm thats odd, details are Need to Know see Administrator Velin.” He shrugs, “Well those are the jobs we have that currently fit your skillsets, though how that last one does I couldnt tell you.”
Ambrose Betamax: (the way that guard talked, the velin job probably is miserable or hella dangerous:P)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((That last one! That’s the sort of low-brow shit we’re looking for, right!))

Ambrose Betamax feels a sense of foreboding…not for good or ill just ….fore—-bodacious.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((If ya’ll look back to the test-session AJ and I ran last week, it’s actually really fun.))
((But our Characters have absolutely no reason to throw in on that one, which is unfortunate.))
Ambrose Betamax: (well, the guard did tell me to :P)
(you guys heard him ,so theres that)
Melo humed before glancing at the others, “Thoughts on the demon? Granted, getting in good with the local merchants could be a good idea.” And back to the clerk, “Any list of pay for these jobs?”
AJ B. (GM): (ehh curiosity over his confusion is a reason, and theres the fact you now know you are in the Administration, and Velin is an Administrator, so that ones government based work)
Ceukeausraa Krem holds up her index finger. “Give us a second to confer?” and turns to her travelling companions. “I’d rather do something within the city, if possible. We need to get our bearings and see what’s around. A demon sounds outside of our abilities at present. I don’t want to babysit some spoiled prince/princess. Travelling with a merchant caravan seems like a hassle. The Administrators seem like the best choice, to me.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: choices*))

Ambrose Betamax replies; We need to be extra careful though, that guard seemed to want me to take that job, and he seemed to HATE me, so its likely rather dangerous or miserable work.

Ambrose Betamax continues: On the other hand if we do it really well I can stick it to him, so there.
Melo hums before nodding. “True enough. And in full agreement on wanting to avoid the travel, for the moment. Just loath the idea of people getting hurt because I opted not to act.” Well, he IS a solider. “Just the same, the bushmen’ll still be there in all likelyhood. And it could be worse Beta. Could be out in the desert with no city to protect us or stay in.”

Vault pipes up, “Do I get a say in the matter, Commander?”
Melo: No Vault, you don’t.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Hah!))

Vault awws, sounding dejected. Amazing, for a robot.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Eat that, you dirty machine!))

Ambrose Betamax hugs the robot, who he’s developed an odd friendship with over the past months.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Alright. Then that leaves the obvious question of ‘Which one?’ Given the level of secrecy and the fact that it does sound sufficiently dangerous, I’d wager that Administrator Velin would pay more.”
Melo again nods. “Mmhm. And we could use the money.. Administrator Velin’s, then, despite what that guard suggested?” A glance to the other two.
Ceukeausraa Krem agrees with that assessment, and indicates this with a nod.

Ambrose Betamax agrees as long as he can stand behind the robot.
Melo turns back to the clerk, “Well, to be honest, the guard that lead us in here did mention that the administrator was asking for us on the coms. We really should meet him.”
AJ B. (GM): The man nods. "Alright then all I need from you are your names and at least general timeframes from each of you, days weeks months or years? "
Ambrose Betamax: (timeframes for what?)
Melo: Gary Troit. Figure we’ll be here for at least a month or two?
AJ B. (GM): (how long you intend to be here, he knows you dont have exacts, but randome bureaucracy bullshit)
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Probably months.”
Ambrose Betamax: "I’m uh, August Buchanenberg…son….the third. Probably a month or two.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Jerikha White.”
((Hope I never run into someone actually named Jerikha White. I’m slowly ruining her life.))
AJ B. (GM): (good to know everyones apparently on the same page regarding names)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Yeah, but now we’re gonna have to remember TWO names.))
Ambrose Betamax: (you could always become Sharron Garrison, Army Nurse?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((For each character.))
Ambrose Betamax: (damn, I picked a long one.)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((That’s because you’re a derpwaffle. :P))
((Pseudonyms 101: Always choose something short. :P))
Ambrose Betamax: (But then it wont go with my outfit!)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((John and Jane Doe are also acceptable.))
((Also, any face on currency.))
Ambrose Betamax: (I mean cmon, I cand be dave wearing something with epaulets. Fashion faux paux man)
Melo: (Could just tack it onto your bio page. ‘S what I did.)
Ambrose Betamax: (nope I’m a roleplay it so if I really forget it, he does too)
AJ B. (GM): As you finish, a panel in the wall slides open to your left and three small cards with your faces, the names you gave, and under the pictures the words “Level 2 Probationary Citizen” under the picture. The man behind the window nods and blinks a couple times. “It appears you will be meeting the Administrator in three hours at his home. You are heavily advised to dress for the occassion. You will not be allowed any weapons past the front gate. He lives only about 3 blocks behind this building. It is the only house with a gate and yard on Multani Street. Please do mind your manners, Administrator Velin is not known for his patience or understanding. Please take your IDs and enjoy your time in Perth”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Same here. Also, wearing fur and green is so 1700s!))

Ambrose Betamax looks at his card. But sir, my name trails off the edg-
Ceukeausraa Krem nods and takes her ‘ID’. “Well, I think the best course of action would be to make sure we know where we’re supposed to go, then look around and get our bearings for the remaining few hours. All agreed?”
AJ B. (GM): The man looks over at Ambrose “Yes, did I misspell your name? My apologies I can fix it right away if you would kindly spell it for me”
Melo hums. “You know, we don’t actually have any storage place for our gear.” And then he’d turn to glance at the robot. “Vault, for the moment, Peace mode.” And back to the clerk, “Any suggestions on where to stow things?” And his card would be collected and casually pocketed.
Vault: Self Preservation and protection of the innocent are now my primary directives, Commander.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “They said our weapons wouldn’t be allowed past the gate. It sounds like they’ll store them for us. If anything gets lost, we can just declare war on…whatever city they said this was.”

Ambrose Betamax says oh uh, its fine, i’ll just tape a piece of paper to the end and write the rest. happens all the time with my family, the…buchananbergsons."
Ceukeausraa Krem: "Of which this August is the Third. The Third of August.
Ceukeausraa Krem can hardly keep a straight face.
Melo lightly jabs Ceukesur— Fuck it. Lightly jabs the woman in the ribs with his elbow. He can keep a straight face! Really! Though he’s highly amused at the joke, he’s gotta keep his cover.
Ceukeausraa Krem is going by Jerikha, not Ceukeausraa, thank you.
AJ B. (GM): The man behing the window nods. “Your companion is correct, aside from declaring war on Perth. Administrator Velin’s personal bodyguards will request your weapons, search for any hidden ones, during your stay they will be cleaned, and given any maintenance that has been neglected and returned to you in as close to perfect working order as can be managed”
Ambrose Betamax: is still talking to the guy ..oh, you havent heard of us? we own a major cooling company…Buchananbergson Air. We do refrgeration."
Melo ahs, then nods. “Sounds good to me. Any suggestion as to where we might be able to find some water and food, preferably on credit?”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((You’re trying to make things worse, aren’t you? :P))
Ambrose Betamax: (we’re refrigerator magnates.)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Oh god.))
Ambrose Betamax: (the doctor who method of fake identities)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Now I have to make that joke.))
“They’re Refrigerator Magnates.”
Ambrose Betamax: is completely deadpan through this whole exchange
Ceukeausraa Krem is still struggling to keep a straight face.
AJ B. (GM): He shrugs “You’re welcome to drink from the fountain outside, theres also a few bars and a couple restaraunts, if your looking for more, there are shops down either side street when you exit. Left leads to the slums cheaper but less likely to extend credit. Right is the high end area.” He looks at the woman and the deer back and forth for a bit before saying “Please leave, you’re creating questions, and if you stay much longer Im legally bound to ask them. I don’t want a pile of paperwork.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Hahahahaha.))
Ambrose Betamax: (see, the more ridiculous the disguise, the less someone will mess with it :P)
Melo gave a nod at the suggestion. “Thank you for your time, Administrator.” And with that, he’d make his way out of the building, waiting until he’s out the door to chuckle. “Damnit you two. You KNOW how hard it is not to laugh when you get a good one going.”
Ambrose Betamax: (too bad my ID card Reads "Buchananbergson, Augu-and then it trails off the card)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Actually I’d think it’d say “Buchananbergson III, A”))
AJ B. (GM): (lol, and now it looks like part of an apartment address)
Ambrose Betamax: (ah ok , so I can be A third Buchananbergson.)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Shitty cramped basement apartment, according to Fight Club.))
Ceukeausraa Krem would exit as well. They’re still on camera, though, so she’d just grin. "So, we have a bit. Check out the villa, first?
Ceukeausraa Krem: "
Melo nods. “Sound like a plan.” Though he’d check the water before drinking. No reason to pass up a free drink in the desert heat. “Then a bite to eat, maybe?” Though soon enough he’d start to make his way toward the Villa.
AJ B. (GM): The water is clear and clean looking.
Melo drinks, because its a city. Water should be fine.

Ambrose Betamax spends a few minutes outside writing down all the information he just made up for his new identity. He’s gonna have to order some of those magnetic business cards…
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Hiroshima’s a city.))
((A refrigerator magnate magnet?))
Ambrose Betamax: (damn straight)
(I’m gonna make myself out to be coporate loyalty so that guard has to be nice at me from now on :P)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Holy shit. David Arkenstone just played on Future Garage. I know it’s an Indie station, but it’s very rare albums I own are ever played on here :P))
AJ B. (GM): After traveling down the road you see a large gate with 4 men posted outside of it. Men in this case is used loosely. 1 of them appears to be a shiny forest green robot with bright red stars painted on it. 1 is a female with a pink mohawk in a skimpy outfit covered in tattoos that she every so often rubs affectionately as if they were pets. one of them is a very tall burly light green lizardman holding a huge gun. The last one is a scrawny human wearing his hair in a braid that reaches his waist with a tank on his back connected to tubes that seem plugged into his body where its exposed, and into his armor presumably going all the way through and connecting to him as well.
Melo makes a note of the place’s location, and the fact that there’re people outside the gates. Really, with a city as empty as this one seems to be, wow, people!
Ceukeausraa Krem As she studies the guards carefully her eyes widen in sudden terror before fluttering briefly and she falls to the ground unconcious
Ambrose Betamax: (the guards broke her. oh dear)
Melo: (Questions: Would Melo (Or Vault for that matter) recognize or have a general idea of what these people are? I presume the robot is a robot, the chick is a tattoo mage, the human is a juicer, ’n the lizardman is a heavy weapons grunt?"
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((See why I tried to keep him away from the books? :P))
Melo: (I only skimmed the index and bits and pieces of the magic book..!)
AJ B. (GM): (the lizardman is a Grackletooth, imagine the biggest gun nut you know, then give him MD scales and sharp teeth.)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((So Karnth-RIFTS edition.))
Melo: ((Haha. Yep, that was what I was thinking. Neat.))
AJ B. (GM): (your companions apparently show great concern for you there Jerikha lol)

Vault is a robot programmed to protect humans! And robots’re fast, right? At the first sign of trouble, “Are you alright?” would come that mechanical voice before he’d attempt to catch the falling woman before she’d slam her head on the ground. Hopefully he doesn’t inadvertently cause more damage then the ground would have!
AJ B. (GM): (Easily done) Vault manages to catch her without any problems. Though I doubt he’ll get a response from someone unconcious.
Melo turns to his fallen comrade and his robot, quickly checking to make sure she wasn’t hurt before trying to wake her up with some lightly slapping of the cheek. “Hey, c’mon, wake up. On your feet.” (I presume this is the first time this has happened in each other’s company, yeah?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((In all probability, no. However, AJ gave me reign on whether it is or not, so I’m gonna say first time :P))
Ambrose Betamax: (whenever she wakes up, I’m gonna ask her "whoa are you ok son?)
(just to make her gender confused for about 3 seconds)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Hey, where’d that guard that was ready to offer me venison to let him shoot you go? :P))
Melo might even turn to the guards, “Hey, could one of you get her some water?”
Ceukeausraa Krem wakes about five minutes after initially passing out.
Melo helps the woman to her feet, with the robot’s assistance. “You alright? You jus’ up and blacked out there.”
Ceukeausraa Krem nods quickly. “Yup, fine. Must be the heat is all. I should have grabbed a drink earlier.”
AJ B. (GM): (so going to get closer and try and study the gate, or going to head off or what? As that was just what you can see from down the street)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((We did say we’d look around a bit.))
Melo nods. “Yeah. Well, we’re not too far away from the water. And now we know where we’re headed, at least.” A glance was given at the gate, eyes focusing to take in a hand full of details with a fair bit of zoom before he’d turn back to Jerikha. “Otherwise, I’m hungry.”
Ceukeausraa Krem nods. “Let’s go get something to eat, then.” They obviously have plumbing and running water, here. They’d probably serve water just as free in a restaraunt.
AJ B. (GM): A couple streets over you find a relatively nice restaraunt with a man dressed all in white standing outside the door. When he sees the three of you he sniffs and turns up his nose, but without a word opens the cheap looking wooden door. Inside there are quite a few empty tables and plenty of seating. At one of the table is a group of people also dressed completely in white outfits chatting away.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((It’s the White Glove Society! Run!))
Melo turns to the robot, “Vault. Time stamp, forty and twenty minute warning before distance traveled to get back here on time is up.” And then, right on down the path way he’d go, toward the gate. Might as well let them know they’ll be back. “Afternoon. Just a courtesy for verification so we don’t have any hold ups later on, we’re due back to see the Administrator in a while. Gary Troit. We’re going to get something to eat beforehand though.” And with that.. Yep. Wandering for food. And into the restaurant he’d go, paying the man at the door little heed.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((And thus we hit full stall. All your fault, Zea. :P))
Ceukeausraa Krem enters the restaraunt, and if there’s no sign telling her to wait to be seated, chooses a table and takes a seat.
Melo: (Yeah. I suck.)
AJ B. (GM): After everyone is seated one of the white suited people walks up to your table. “What may I get you three to drink today?”
Melo orders water, because he’s simple. And something with meat in it, if he can tell what’s got meat on the menu.
Ceukeausraa Krem requests a water.
AJ B. (GM): (Alright so Jacob has to head out, but is willing to let Zea run his char, my question to the two of you is do you want to continue the game that way or call it for now?)
Melo: (I’m cool with either or)
Ambrose Betamax: (as long as everyone still has fun I’m happy. I really didnt want to like…be the guy that stopped the fun
AJ B. (GM): (Cackle, continue or call? I have a pretty good guess but just need to check)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((No opinion. We call it, I continue building my MtG deck. We don’t, we get something done first session. Either way’s a win for me :P))

Zea a seat was had by the deer! And water and a salad ordered, because what restaurant doesn’t have salad? “Meat free, and organic if you could?”
AJ B. (GM): So we have no one with any preference lol.
Melo: (I’ve got another 4ish hours before I should ‘try’ and sleep, but this pot of tea says that’s not gonna happen)
AJ B. (GM): (I’m gonna say call it for now, Id rather all of you be here and enjoying it, and if no one has a preference we can wait)
Melo: (That works fine for me! More time for me to finish my character sheet properly)
Ambrose Betamax: :( I’m sorry all
Ceukeausraa Krem: Not at all a problem.
Zea: No problems!
Also means I can go watch more Dr. Who in the living room.
AJ B. (GM): No worries.
40 exp each
Cackle H.: Sorry, had to take a moment there. For the last week, I’ve had greek, italian, more Italian, Mexican, Korean, sugary crap, Moroccan, and…whatever quiche is.
I guess French, probably.
Zea: I’ve had pizza and cheese and chicken sammiches.
my diet sucks
(To GM) rolling 1d100
= 55
Melo: test
Zea: Howdy
Jacob R.: haaay
Zea: Deer. Hi.
Jacob R.: Ambrose Betamax has arrived!
AJ B. (GM): Hello all
Jacob R.: I’m not emotionally messed up this time ^ Sorry about last week
AJ B. (GM): No problem, just happy to hear you are doing better. hugs for the deerman
Jacob R.: ^

Cackle H.: What happened to your picture?! D:
Zea: Who’s / what picture?
Jacob R.: ? is it gone?
Cackle H.: It broke for me ;_;
Zea: I see an angel for AJ, a Deer for Blind, and a snow flake for me.
Jacob R.: its working for me too
Zea: Test?
Melo: test
Vault: test
Jacob R.: testicle
Zea: All of my icons seem to be working for me.
Ceukeausraa Krem: My connection was just dropping. Likely due to combination rain and busted NIC
Zea: ahh
AJ B. (GM): Alright, so is everyone ready to get started then?
Zea: Yep!
Jacob R.: Sure ^^
AJ B. (GM): (So, quick recap. You guys have recently been RIFTed to Australia, specifically Perth, gotten into the city, after meeting a racist job, accepted an oddly suspicious job, and went off to find something to eat . While you wait for your meeting time.)
A waiter from the table full of people dressed in white has gotten up and come over to your table he looks at the group of you. Looking in order at the deerman, the soldier, his robot “A salad, a steak, an oil can, and hmmm” he studies Krem for a little bit. “A rare cheeseburger?”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((His name was Job? :P))
Ambrose Betamax: (shhhhhhh)
Vault: I appreciate the offer, but I will abstain for the moment, Sir.

Melo gave a nod. “A steak would do nicely. Water to drink as well, please.” Well, at least the guy was good at predicting food. Or making suggestions.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Rare? What, is it from France?”

Ambrose Betamax wants to prove the guy wrong but cant think of what else a deer would eat. so…“Ha sir, your slightly off, I’d like uh…uh….damn. Yes, I’d like a salad.”
AJ B. (GM): “No ma’am, it is however only slightly cooked, and will have been recently butchered. Though the bread is real bread as opposed to the common crackers that are most often used at lower class restaraunts” He turns to each of you and bows politelly to the rest. Turning to the deer "If sir would prefer we have a vegetarian portabello burger, or our signature “dinner through a straw”
Ambrose Betamax: “hmm…I’ll take the burger then, thank you. Not that I dont love a good salad, I just want to be contrary since you predicted, you understand”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “I’ll just have a water, thanks.”
AJ B. (GM): He nods, and returns to the table, while the third and fourth members get up and head into the back. After about fifteen minutes a large blue creature with 6 arms ending in 3 fingered hands, brings out plates for each of you and sets them before their recipients. “I hope my cooking is to your liking and should anything be displeasing, do feel free to inform us so we may correct it.” The creature then places a glass of water in front of Krem “Does ma’am find our humble shop displeasing as a place of dining?”
Ambrose Betamax: (oh man you dissed the chef, prepare to die)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I roll to taste my water for human flesh…))
rolling 1d100
= 95
AJ B. (GM): (you definitely dont taste any hint of human flesh in your water)
Ambrose Betamax: (you taste a hint of lemon apparently)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I apologize, I feel rediculous. And so does Ceukeasuraa.))
“Just not hungry, thanks.” She fails to mention her lack of money.
Ambrose Betamax: (…oh. Uh-oh.)
(btw cackle, did we ever do equipment and stuff for Ambrose?)

Melo makes idle chatter amid the waiting, maybe asking as to Ceukea’s well being. Though food arrives soon enough! “Thank you, appreciate the service.” Courtesy demands tasting food before adding spices, and such would be followed. He had a general trust of the place, what with its higher end looks and service. He’s also learned to not ask where or what kind of food he’s eating, in most context as long as it doesn’t make him sick. And considering there’re humans working in the place, he presumes the food is safe. After all, you don’t want to drive off a new customer, right? Savoring would then take place, because food. “Good lord, sir. Haven’t had food this good in ages. Beats the hell out of travel rations.” Nope, seasoning not required.
AJ B. (GM): (I will need to go through with you on tht Jacob, so we can get your choices of gear. Most of it is just auto listed in class, but your weapons are usually choices)
Ambrose Betamax: (I was gonna go with the rifle that was listed anyways)
AJ B. (GM): (Usually it just lists an MD rifle you have a few options for it, will have to double check on it later)
The chef nods towards Krem “Understood ma’am” He then turns to Melo “It is appreciated. I will leave you to your meals then. Should any of you need anything else, our staff is at your disposal.” The chef then heads off to the back, moving swiftly.

Melo eats. “So, ‘bout this job. What’re your thoughts to begin with? Not too keen on checking my gear in at the door, but you know how that goes. Figure they won’t let him in with us.” A thumb pointing at the robot.

Ambrose Betamax munches on the burger, wishing he’d not been an ass and got the salad after all. “We need the money anyways. Do we have a choice?”

Melo gave a headshake. “Not really. Hopefully it’ll be worth our while, though. After all, the undisclosed postings tend to pay the best, as she pointed out.” A nod given at the water-drinking woman. He’d take his time with his steak, though. After all, he’s got Vault waiting to give that 40 minute plus travel time alarm to head back.
AJ B. (GM): rolling 1d100 to gm
= 59
Ambrose Betamax: (I hope you passed the roll, or the game is over)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((What number is Vault?))
Ceukeausraa Krem doesn’t really say much. Just sips water. Sip.
Ambrose Betamax: (Aj’s icon left D:)
AJ B. (GM): (really, thats weird)
Melo: (It happens with Roll 20)
AJ B. (GM): After you have each of you have had time to eat and relax one of the waiters comes up and asks “Will there be anything else for your party?”
Ambrose Betamax: “….can I have a salad to go?”
(Boy I hope I can pay for this)
Vault: Sir, 40 minute timestamp, as of…now.
Ambrose Betamax: (we can pawn vault to pay for it)

Melo nods. “Just the bill, along with his salad, though I’d politely request it be done quickly. We’re on a touch of a time table.”
AJ B. (GM): The waiter nods. “We can have a salad boxed up and ready for you in under five minutes. Your bill comes to 250 credits all told.” As he speaks the last waiter from the table heads into the kitchen.

Melo whistles at the price,but nods. “Well worth it. You take UTC (Universal Trade Credits) on stick, I hope?”
AJ B. (GM): The waiter nods. “Of course, some of our regulars prefer to deal in UTC.” As he says this the chef comes back out with a salad boxed up. “Thank you for your patronage, and should you find yourself needing more sustenance, do remember us.”

Melo would o’corse be paying for the entire meal, as long as his type of currency is good in the land down under. A nod given at the chef, “Thank you once more. Food was delicious.” And food paid for, out he’d go, crew hopefully in tow. To the deer, “Next meal is on you.”
Ceukeausraa Krem sure isn’t paying for anything. She just had a water!
Ambrose Betamax: (aaw)

Melo takes care of his troops!
Ambrose Betamax: (yay!)

Melo moves on along, stopping before rounding the corner to the last street. “You gonna be alright?” to Krem.
Ceukeausraa Krem says “I should be fine, was just a little dehydrated last time.” As she turns the corner, she begins to twitch heavily and turns on her heel attempting to march back the direction she came, looking to be just barely restrained from an all out run
Ambrose Betamax: “Oh dear. will you be alright?” (do I know why she had the whole pass out event btw?)
Melo: (Don’t think we know why, no)
Ambrose Betamax: (aw ok)

Melo gave a slow nod before rounding the corner with his companions. And then he’d turn to follow. “Vault, go let them know we’ll be there shortly, then return.” And after the woman he’d go. “Ok, we need this job. What’ll it take?”
Ambrose Betamax: “Guns, fifty gallons of corn syrup, and a good swimmer.”
“but enough about my love life”
(ambrose is also a bit of a lech)
Melo: (This is standard for you. nod)
Ceukeausraa Krem is just nervous, of course! “The guy we’re going to meet is kind of important. There’s a lot that can go wrong…” She trails off. “It’s fine. I’m fine.” She’d return towards the gate, though she’s still twitchy.
Vault: Acknowledged, Commander.

Melo gave another nod, “Always is. Hold yourself together, and lets go check in.” And with that, he’d do his best to keep himself between Krem and the guards. A leader leads, after all.
AJ B. (GM): As you approach the guards you see the same four as before. Once you are near the cyborg steps forward and stares at the group. In a voice that is a blend between nails on a chalkboard and thunderclaps states “Please present your IDs, state your business and completely disarm handing all weapons off to my compatriots.” The rest of the guards form a semi circle around your group preventing any chance of getting nearer the gate,

Ambrose Betamax does as he’s told because oh dear.
Melo: (Ha.)
Ambrose Betamax: (deer has a fear reflex :P)
Ceukeausraa Krem would of course hand over her handgun and energy rifle. Not a problem.

Melo glanced at the guards, then nods. “Gary Troit. We’re here to see Administrator [Insert name that I can’t remember from last week here] about the job posting.” Rather then hand his gear to the guards, however, he’d turn to his own robot to hand his weapons over. Rifle, hand gun, a few knives. “I’m going to presume he won’t be permitted in, mostly because I’m not going to take the time to disarm him.” A jerk of his head given at Vault. “Watch my gear, would’ja?” Rifle, side arm, knives, saber, the works. “Self defense only, idle conversation permitted. These’re friendlies until proven otherwise.” Old habits die hard; Even if the robot IS programmed to recognize situations like this, time spent having to instruct the robot come natural.
Vault: Acknowledged Commander. Please take care of yourself.

Melo would also, o’corse, hand over his ID without much fuss.
AJ B. (GM): As you finish handing over your weapons the Cyborg turns his head and looks over at Krem “Are you certain that is everything ma’am?” The Lizard Man turns to Melo “Robots are allowed in, Master Velin has measures to deal with them. It is of course your choice however.” The Tattooed woman looks at the deer. “When you get done in there cutie come see me.” She winks at Ambrose.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Pretty sure.”
Ambrose Betamax: (oh god flirting)\
“….ok” (sucks at flirting)
AJ B. (GM): The cyborg shrugs and nods at his companions. “Sir’s you are welcome to Casa de Velin, however your companion is apparently in need of a private conversation with Jin, and Karen.” He then nods towards the Lizard Man and Tattooed woman. She sighs “Really, sister you’re going to make us work you over here?”

Melo lifts an eye brow at the lizard, “Really now? Just the same, as a matter of respect for our host, I’ll leave him out here. Do request that you make sure no harm comes to him, though?” That, and he simply doesn’t like letting strangers touch his gun.. He’d rather trust his ion-cannon equipped droid to watch things. At least he was being friendly about it. “Appreciate the offer and intel.” Though attention would then turn to the woman, shaking his head in amusement. “Be nice to them, would’ja?”
Melo: (Humm.. need some background music.. I don’t think Men at Work is quite fitting, though.)
(…actually. This song is very fitting.)
(Also, can I get a name refresher, please?)
Ambrose Betamax: (?)
Melo: (False names. I don’t remember them from last week)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh yeah…crap me neither)
Melo: (Mostly as a matter of ‘I can’t spell’. I know the deer was A the 3rd.)
AJ B. (GM): (its on my copm at home)
Ambrose Betamax: (well there is the chat log)
Melo: (No problems. Checks the log)
(Jerikha White and August Buchanenbergson III)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol that name is awesome)
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Oh, right!~” She reaches behind her, under her jacket (which is probably sweltering in this desert hole, by the way) and pull a small(ish) vibroblade from the small of her back."
((Ignore that final quotation mark.))
AJ B. (GM): The cyborg slumps his shoulders and turns to the Lizard Man and nods.
Ambrose Betamax: (did we almost just get murdered by the guards? :P)
AJ B. (GM): The Lizard man sweeps around and his tail puts Krem down on her back and he looks down over her giving his widest grin showing every one of his 100+ razor sharp teeth. “Now ma’am, I appreciate you handing over another weapons, but sparky there is getting impatient and I tend to get hungry when he gets impatient”

Melo turns, but not toward the attacker; “Vault, Hold!” Already the robot was moving forward to defend his compatriots. And then back to the woman, “Jerikha, we don’t have time for this. Lets be professional about it. If you want, Vault can hold your gear for you.”
Ambrose Betamax: (am I gonna have to roll for fear?)
Ceukeausraa Krem pulls out almost as many knives as the lizard-man has teeth! Or maybe just six. That glasgow grin seemed to be enough to engage that action, at least.
Melo: (I may need to reboot. I need more screen space)
(So I’m changing out my 3rd monitor.)
AJ B. (GM): The Tattooed Woman takes the knives and the Grackle Tooth helps Krem up. After the cyborg nods and begins to speak “Alright, we appreciate the cooperation, even if it did require some encouragement. Now when you go in, you will turn immediately to the left, there will be a staircase leading down. Follow it until you come to a door marked with a pair of crossed swords. Enter the room. In it will be Master Velin, when you meet him be polite, do not antagonize him, and know that if he has so much as a bruise what is left of you will Never Be Found.” The gards then slip off to opposite sides of the gate opening it wide and revealing a large garden full of various flowers and a couple trees. The Lizard man grins and says “Enjoy your visit.”
Ambrose Betamax: (Ambrose is now terrefied.)
Melo: (Yeah, gonna need to reboot to get it to pick up the new monitor.)
AJ B. (GM): (kk)

Melo headshakes before signing some. At least they helped Krem up! And in he’d go, making sure to turn his radio on after getting past the door. More as a matter of security, to ensure Vault has an open com channel. Once at the door, he’d knock first, as long as one of his companions didn’t beat him to opening it.
Ceukeausraa Krem: (signing? :P))
((He has ASL as a language? :P))
Melo: (Sighing, sorry)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Also, you still haven’t told me what number Vault is!))
Melo: (What’cha mean what number?)
(V4I_IL7-328A4I-6BQ8 is his serial)
Ambrose Betamax: (My serial is "wtf I’m a freaking deer stop trying to tattoo me and put me in deer camps)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((MEIN CAMP))
Ambrose Betamax: (You anti-Cervidite bastards)
Ceukeausraa Krem would head on in, not making a scene. She had other things to expend energy on, and that wasn’t one of them. “What? I WAS pretty sure.”
AJ B. (GM): As you knock on the door a half penguin half man opens the door and greets you, before waving his “hand” towards the staircase off to the left. “He is very excited to meet you.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Cobblepot?))

Ambrose Betamax instantly feels better now that a fellow victim of racism is present. How he survived the great penguin genocides of japan I’ll never know.)
Ambrose Betamax: (proceeds to screw up all the rift lore)
Zea: (Back. Sorry about that)

Melo nods. “Thank you.” Friendly sort, yep. On up he’d go, again to knock at the door in question, listening to his radio as needed. Always polite to follow protocal when meeting an employer, no?
AJ B. (GM): (Up?)
Melo: (Stair case, right?)
Ceukeausraa Krem would of course follow Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot.
AJ B. (GM): (that leads down, theres other staircases that lead up, if you really want to go wander this guys house Im not gonna stop you)
Ceukeausraa Krem: (( ))
Melo: (Oh, down, then. Sorry. I always think of men like this being high up, so to speak)
AJ B. (GM): As you come to the bottom of the stairs and knock you hear in a strangely high pitched and slightly sing songy voice “Come In”
Ambrose Betamax: (oh god tell me it was like Come IIIIiiiiiin"

Melo lets himself in, glancing around some. “Good afternoon, sir. We’re here about the job you had posted at the city clerk’s office. Gary Troit.”
AJ B. (GM): (That is pretty accurate yes)
Ambrose Betamax: (awesome)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Professor, you really should stop smoking weed and claiming to be psychic.))
Ambrose Betamax: “August Buchananbergson….ton…the third….esquire, sir, nice to make your acquantance.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “He’s a refrigerator magnate.” She adds helpfully.
Ambrose Betamax: “here’s my card. It’s magnetic.”
AJ B. (GM): The man standing before you has his hair grown out down to his waist, and is thin almost malnourished, his hair is a deep shade of red “Oh REaaaalllly now? I have had just a dickens of a time finding a good refrigerator in this godforsaken country you know.” He takes the card, and pockets it. “Strange choice to go from Magnate to Mercenary though isn’t it?”

Melo pipes in, “You know how hard it is to keep the AC working on these things?” A thump given at his suit. “And besides, he owes me a few favors.”
Ambrose Betamax: “scouting for new markets sir, happy to help along the way. I hear you only have the old model six Van Housen model refrigerators here, they always have had trouble dealing with hot climates….”
(I am such a dick)
(if he checks the model of his fridge I’m gonna be shot on the way out now)
AJ B. (GM): “Ahh, very good then, we will have to talk business after this first job I have for you and your…entourage then.” He looks you over, “you lot certainly look the part and I hear that you mademoiselle” he looks over at Krem, “gave my friends quite the time getting your weapons away.”

Ambrose Betamax is progressively getting more terrified that all his BS shall be revealed
Ceukeausraa Krem nods. “I WAS pretty sure!” She repeats! She’d just forgotten about those six knives. And the hatchet.

Melo chuckles, “Anyways. What can our humble crew do for you, Administrator?”
Ambrose Betamax: (you can make him a refrigerator so I dont get shot)
AJ B. (GM): He nods at Krem “Of course you were dearie, we all forget what we are carrying at times. I can’t tell you how often I forget I am carrying a couple vials of unmentionables in a random pocket.” He then moves to the wall opposite the door and taps on it. The door behind you shuts and the lights dim some. “Alright, first do you know about SAN?”
Ambrose Betamax: “they make freezers right? not really my line of work…”

Ambrose Betamax panics

Melo lightly jabs the deer in the side. “No, they don’t.” And then to the man at the wall, he responds…
Melo: (I don’t know what I’d know about them. Nothing, I’m presuming?)
AJ B. (GM): (correct, nothing)
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Never heard of it.”
Ambrose Betamax: “oh, not freezers? then I am…Sans knowledge of SAN,”
(kill me)

Melo adds, “Not much, Sir. We’d appreciate any intel you might offer.”
AJ B. (GM): “Well, you don’t need many details for this job, suffice it to say SAN wishes for Perth to be the leading power in Australia and I would find that to be beneficial to my position. So I will be asking that you go to Melbourne, get into their super computer complex, and place this” he pulls out a small obsidian disc about 2 inches thick, with a single Tigers Eye in its center holding it out towards Ambrose, “Somewhere nearby and preferably unnotieable.”
Ambrose Betamax: “does it need to stay cold? cause we can…”shuts up
(I think Ambrose may be a compulsive liar and just cant stop)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((It’s the! Eye of the Tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight!))

Melo peers at the disk curiously, then nods. “Time frame? And as I’m sure this question is one you’re expecting, what’ll it pay?”
AJ B. (GM): “Well now there’s the rub, I need this done within the next two weeks. Preferably earlier then later. As for payment. I can easily offer you 1000 credits each. Though I don’t mind trading in favors and saving the money for other projects.”
Ambrose Betamax: (hmm a favor from a powerful guy could be more valuable than the money)
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Keep your money for my share. I’ve already stayed in this hole long enough. I want a way off this desert.”

Melo gave another nod, “Hazard pay? Though I presume that’s included in the work. You happen to be able to furnish us with travel?”
Ambrose Betamax: (does the guy know we just rifted in?)
AJ B. (GM): The man nods “Of course m’lady, I can get you out of here in many ways, merely a matter of how youd wish to leave. If I weren’t an Administrator I certainly wouldn’t stay.” To Melo he says “Hazard pay is included in that 1000 credits yes. Unfortunately I can not do anything beyond hire you and hand you the disc in regards to this job.”
(He might, he might not. Not really something you’d know if he knows)
Ambrose Betamax: (hmm. so he doesnt know we have literally nothing but the clothes on our backs necessarily)
AJ B. (GM): (Aside from the fact you apparently are a refrigerator Magnate lol)
Ambrose Betamax: (other than that :P)

Melo nods. “And this may sound like a dumb question, but what kind of distance are we looking at between here and there? Can’t promise on the turn around time, mind you, but we’ll do our best. Typical don’t ask, don’t tell protocols I presume. Have any maps of Melborn we could at least look at?”
AJ B. (GM): He nods, “you presume correct. You are looking at roughly, 3500 kilometers. I have a couple though I cant promise how up to date they are.”

Melo nods, approaching. “Better then nothing. Map of the land, and any details of the city would be nice.” He’d at least hope for maps on paper, but digital will work with no issue. “Location of the building, any security protocols, the works, if you’ve got them. I tend to like to know what I’m walking into.”
AJ B. (GM): The Administrator shakes his head, and shows you a simple and crudely drawn map of melbourne on paper that just lists key buildings and their main government headquarters. He points at the HQ “This is where the super computer is stored, at least 20 stories below ground, and only top officials are allowed in. Thats all I know.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “It sounds like it may be imperative that you wipe all records of our existence, then. Otherwise there’s no way we’d make it that far.”

Melo nods and spends a few minutes looking over the map, tapping a few points and mumbling under his breath. “Twenty down, Doable. A pain, but doable.” And the disk would be pocketed. “I’ve got some ideas of how we can get there and in..” And to Krem he’d turn, nodding in agreement. “Any chance you’d be able to pull some strings on appropriate paperwork?”
Ambrose Betamax: (I now have spaghetti yaay)
AJ B. (GM): “Very good, I do so prefer to work with professionals. If you leave your IDs here, I can make sure you disappear.”

Melo shook his head. “After we leave. We can handle that; we’re going to need them first.”
Ambrose Betamax: (you mean our fake Id’s that dont exist anyways?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Happily.” She says, pulling out the laminated lie, which read “Jerikha White” and handing it over.
Melo: (Slow, kitty nuzzling under chin)
Ambrose Betamax: (well he’s either gonna think we lied to him with our Id’s when he finds nothing on us, or that were are very, very good

Ambrose Betamax hands over his ID. “I, uh…had to tape another piece of paper on to fit my whole name on there.”

Melo glances at his companions, “We’ll need them to arrange transport guys.”

Ambrose Betamax stops mid-hand over. “oh? Usually I just have limos, so I’ve never needed it before. How novel.”

Melo adds to the administrator, “As a matter of plausible deniability, I’d rather not go into what we’ve got planned. Keeps you in the clear and all that. I’m sure having no knowledge of us comes with the territory.”
AJ B. (GM): "Of course, though I may have a more difficult time removing you from the records if you go through official channels to get to Melbourne. "

Melo further prattles on, “Anything you can do to get us highly recommended instead would be very appreciated. Would it be possible to get our records purged upon our return to collect payment? And true as that may be, the hard part is simply that we currently don’t have transport available to us at the moment, and official channels will get us where we need to be far easier.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “From the sounds of things, going through official channels will make accomplishing our mission impossible. They don’t even have a map of the place. They’re obviously not exactly on speaking terms.”
AJ B. (GM): “Tell me, how long did it take you to get through just the front gate? How many rediculous excuses and arguments did it take? That is how this entire city is run. Everything is paperwork and proper forms, especially the higher up you get. Unfortunately Perth can not be seen to be connected to this in any way. If you go through official means of transport I will still do my best to purge you from the records, but there are limits.”
Ambrose Betamax: (he has a point, maybe unofficial travel is better)
(Howm uch would it cost us just to steal some dudes car :P)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Oh, I see, HE has a point.))

Melo nods and falls quiet in thought. “There’s the trade delegation; that could get us in. Purge the records that we went with the delegation, and there’d be no connection. That said.. How hard would it be to remove someone’s transport from the records?”
AJ B. (GM): He laughs bitterly at the first sentence “The Trade delegation? Its a joke, they go to the front gate, people from inside bring out goods and trade for anything they cant get themselves, and then it comes back, never entering the city.” He sighs heavily at the question “Considerably harder then you’d expect. Both cities tend to want to know where everyone is and ever has been. Upon getting put into the records that you are travelling, it will be noted in the ’Lex’s database, then sent out and stored in about 12 other places, only 4 of which are connected to the network for any longer then absolutely neccessary. After which, print outs will be stored in a couple of different buildings, as well as given to any official connected to the travel department.”

Ambrose Betamax gives him his ID again. “screw it, I’ll walk there”

Melo hums again, thoughtfully. “Theft it is. Have our records cleared in two days time, if you could?”
Ambrose Betamax: (or records of what?)
Melo: (ID and all that)
Ambrose Betamax: (we have no records, they printed our ID today :P)
(and those Id’s are fake anyways?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((The IDs are real. The names are fake.))
AJ B. (GM): “It will be done, if you need assistance, ask Kiren where to look, she has this strange desire to always drink in the seediest places. Says the atmosphere adds to the flavor.” He collects your IDs, and looks over each of you. So, the two men want creds and you mademoiselle want transport off our pretty little rock?"
Ambrose Betamax: (are the creds enough to get off the rock?)
AJ B. (GM): (define off the rock. 1000 creds can probably get you some form of travel)
Ambrose Betamax: (nvm)

Melo nods. “Credits or favors; Access to spells, or legitimate transportation would be useful.” And then he’d turn his head, “Vault, Intel. Ask the woman about some of the more interesting bars she’s been to. Seeking info on possible transport out of city.” And back to the man. “Books and knowledge would be useful, or access to the local mage academy.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “There’s nothing pretty about it. Everything here either wants to kill me or give me Malaria. And yes, I’d like a way out of here. Preferably something I might could reuse.”

Ambrose Betamax asks about being equipped for possible action instead of payment. Weapons and equipment etc
Ambrose Betamax: (I am an unarmed deer :P)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Vault 43 was populated by twenty men, ten women, and one panther.))
Ambrose Betamax: (I bet the panther satisfied all the women and the men felt really inadequate.)
(From Vault): Affirmative Sir, (after a few minutes) She has mentioned three, "The cloaked dagger, Satan’s Arse, and Kringor Ne Sul Tone. All three are known to be good for finding smugglers and other undesirables. She mentions that the bartender at Satan’s Arse is the most accomodating, though drinks are best at Krinko, and finally that Cloaked Dagger has the most juicy conversation.
AJ B. (GM): The Admin nods. “Alright, I can manage all of these things easily. Please leave your specific desires for payment with Bo, he will accomodate you. I can not give you equipment my good man, but I can work out a loan of some of ours. Provided it is all returned payment can be sorted out afterwards.”
Ceukeausraa Krem could loan out a knife! But only one. She needs the other five…for knifing things.
Melo: (Seven)
(Err, six, rather; one’s a hatchet)

Melo nods. “Works. What’re the hours of the administrator that was on duty this morning at Government hill, if you can get that information for us? I’d not like him there upon our return simply as a matter of paperwork.”
Ambrose Betamax: (that was just my little way of explaing in game terms why I havent done equipment yet :P)
AJ B. (GM): He nods. “Do not worry about that, simply return between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am, I will ensure the proper guards are on duty at that time. You wont need to get near the admin building, simply come straight here.”

Melo nods. “Works. What one is Bo?”
AJ B. (GM): “Bo is my butler, you met Him, at the door.”

Ambrose Betamax decides to flirt a bit with bo.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Cobblepot.))

Melo had to ask! After all, he didn’t introduce himself by name! “Works for me. August, you tend to your gear. Jerikha and I will try and arrange for some transport. I’ll leave Vault here to make sure you’re got a secure contact point.” And then to the administrator, “Thank you for your time, Administrator.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I’m just assuming it’s Vault 43.))
Melo: ((Oh. That context. V4I_IL7. nod So I guess 328))
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((The highest canon vault is 112.))
Melo: ((Then 32)
Ceukeausraa Krem would turn and head back the way they’d come. She’s not real talkative.
Administrator Velin waves as you leave. “Good luck.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((32 never existed in canon. I’m gonna go with 3. A control vault designed to open after 20 years, but kept closed longer due to the wishes of the vault inhabitants. However, an unplanned water leak forced the occupants to open in hopes of trading with the outside. Unfortunately, all of the vault’s residents were massacred by a group of raiders known as the Fiends shortly after they opened the vault door.))

Melo makes his way out to collect his gear, leaving the deer to arrange for gear, collect his own. Orders for Vault would be given to wait for the deer. General questions would be asked of the guards about where to find general information, or if the city had a central computer that he could find a terminal to access.
AJ B. (GM): The guards point you towards a terminal down the road a little ways. It looks fairly simple to operate.

Melo heads down there in such case. General things would be pulled up; map of the city, map of the out laying lands, ‘safe’ routes between Perth and four other cities (Melborne being the 3rd), things of that nature. Preferably things that were written if it had a screen.
AJ B. (GM): As you arrive at the computer you notice that it requires a citizens ID to allow you to do anything with it.
(To GM): Telemechanics. nod I’ll just have to try and learn that way, and hope to god my brain doesn’t explode.
(From AJ B. (GM)): Alright, you manage to pull up most of that information easily enough though no route is listed as truly safe, just less dangerous.
Ambrose Betamax: (aaw.)
(To GM): 10 isp spent to do so. Likely first attempt to get the system to open up using the ID of the prior user to pull the data that way, if I can manage to get it to open up the screen for me that way, otherwise I’ll settle for just getting the info and trying to write it down.
AJ B. (GM): (Alright so everyone good with timeskipping ahead to wherever you are going to head next?)
Ambrose Betamax: (sure)
Melo: (Yep!)

Melo gets info using some method, as discretely as he can, and leads the party to a bar: Satan’s Arse.

Melo will also drag deer and robot along, as time permits.
Ceukeausraa Krem doesn’t recall agreeing to follow Melo’s lead.

Melo would be happy to let Krem follow, or listen to her input as well. After all, she’s a valued member of the party.
AJ B. (GM): As you enter the bar, the first thing you notice is the smell. You are pretty sure, that someone has been gutting fish directly on the bar. Though even though the smell is terrible, the lighting minimal, and the whole area looks like it was last cleaned in the Golden Era of Earth. It is still packed full and extremely loud here, many people are chatting, playing cards and just generally seem to be celebrating.

Melo would explain along the way, o’corse. “Had Vault check in with Kiren. Said this here bar was one of the better ones for getting what we need, as far as travel plans. Wide open to suggestions though. I just like to get information in advance, y’know?”
Melo: (Also, wide open to anyone else’s lead; I’ll be a moment, doing that pizza thing as the oven is preheating)
Ceukeausraa Krem: “We’ve already got plenty of information. In all our travels, this is the most advanced tech we’ve seen. And yet the map of the single city we’re supposed to be going to looks like it was drawn by an eight year old. Obviously they’re insular and xenophobic. The only way we’re getting in there is if we can convince them we know nothing about them. This is best portrayed by actually knowing nothing about them, just like how we got in here.”
Melo: True enough. Still need to get ourselves some transport. Hard part’ll be getting to the computer.
Ceukeausraa Krem shrugs. “Transport won’t be terribly difficult either, but we’ll talk about that later. Is there anything else we need to do, or should we go ahead and do that now?”

Melo gave a shrug. “Lead on, then.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “You’re the one doing all the intel gathering. You know where we can go where we won’t be overheard?”

Melo gave a wave around the bar. “Here’s as good a place as any.” He’d attempt to find a seat in the corner. After all, it was a seedy, loud place.
Ceukeausraa Krem does a quick search for the sorts of surveillance that had become the norm since their arrival, and comes up clean. She’d then lean in to speak more quietly, and under the rest of the noise. “Look, it’s clear that these places hate each other. We become criminals here, we’ll basically be revered there. Two birds, one stone. We steal a vehicle from our very own employer. The government.”

Ambrose Betamax nods." thats good short term, but we are going to have to come back too."
Ceukeausraa Krem: “And? We’ve got immunity upon our return.”

Melo chuckles, before nodding, then to the deer, “Will be clear soon.” Another nod. “East wall. Shouldn’t be too hard as long as we catch the guards between shift changes.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “What, they just keep their vehicles there? And we’re just assuming they’re unguarded because of a shift change? And when does the shift change? How about we just case an official, find what they drive and where they park it?”
Melo: 8 pm and another at 4 am’re our nearest two change overs from what I found in the system. Could just do that, but that could take a bit longer. Your call, either plan could work.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “So they just keep their vehicles at the East wall?”

Melo nods again. “Mil-spec ones, yeah.”

Melo adds, “Or we can try and find a common one. A jeep or a buggy, maybe. More likely story to find one out in the middle of nowhere.”
Ambrose Betamax: (do you all mind if I head to bed? I dun think Ambrose has much to contribute tonight and I’m falling over. I’d just rather not make anyone else stop like last time :/)
Melo: (Sleep man. When you gotta rest, rest!)
AJ B. (GM): (Get some sleep, rest well. Honestly if you guys want we can call it here. We got a good 6 hours in. So Im ok with calling it if the players are.)
(Honestly Im kinda zoning in and out myself a lot)
Melo: (Yeah, calling it here for the night might be good)
Ambrose Betamax: (gaaaaaah didnt wanna be the guy to end it again :P
AJ B. (GM): (lol, six hours is pretty good for a session honestly. Would have had to call it in another hour max)
I’ll calc out xp when Im more functional guys, for now, gnight all have fun with whatever you are up to and ttyl.)
Melo: (Sleep well! G’night!)
Ambrose Betamax: (night allllll
AJ B. (GM): Alright, everyone here and ready?
Jacob R.: Heyo!
Zea: Yep!
Cackle H.: That’s what she said?
Jacob R.: :P
AJ B. (GM): Excellent, ok so we left off with you guys planning a heist of a military vehicle correct?
Cackle H.: Correct.
Jacob R.: lol such a bad idea but wat the hell :P
Zea: Yep.
Cackle H.: I’m going Hans Landa on this administrator’s ass.
Jacob R.: I’m, uh, punching the guards I guess :P
AJ B. (GM): Alright, so last we left all of you, you were planning a heist, Melo did manage to get some information on the changing of the guards and the storage space of the vehicles, though currently it is unverified aside from whatever his source might be.
Ceukeausraa Krem says, “Well, it seems pretty clear exactly what we should do. Slip in during the guard change, where security will be between minimal or nonexistant, neutralize anyone in the way, preferably nonlethally, then take off before they have time to react. In and out, quick as we can.”
Ambrose Betamax: “sounds good to me. I’ll watch.”

Melo randomly makes a point of having turned on the little tiny acoustic noise generator thing he has, because secrecy is good when everything is monitored. “Yeah. Sounds like a viable plan. I can get ’er fired up easily enough.”
AJ B. (GM): (Alright its about 1 hr before the next shift change at this point, anyone have anything they wish to do before you all head over there?)
Ambrose Betamax: I need my character to be armed I think?
Melo: (I actually can’t think of anything I need; I’d get my tools prepped for a quick hot-wire job, and otherwise try and relax for the hour to recover a bit of spent ISP.)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Pretty sure the only preparation I require is a quick change into more tactical attire.))
Ambrose Betamax: ((cackle, do oyu have the pdf of my character sheet by any chance?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Somewhere.It’s way out of date, though.))
Ambrose Betamax: (lol oh dear)
AJ B. (GM): (Alright all of that should take minimal time.) As you arrive at the vehicle storage area about 10 minutes before the changeover, you see a huge parking lot with a variety of all kinds of vehicles placed in it. Fenced in with a 20 ft tall fence topped with razor wire. The distinct crackle of electricity can be heard even from here. Four guards stand at the gate in here. A second gate is visible on the wall itself presumably to allow vehicles out of the city. The guards seem rather relaxed at this time. As the clock ticks nearer the change, at 3 minutes til you see four more guards coming up the street. As soon as they are with in a few steps of the gate, the current four head off the way their replacements came from.
Ambrose Betamax: (sooo the guards arrived and then the other guards left? no unguarded moment then :P)
Cackle H.: ((Doesn’t matter. It’s four of them, we have the element of surprise, and they’re not gonna be ready AT shift. We still have a distinct edge, tactically speaking. And since energy weapons make no noise…))

Melo grumbles quietly about a company keeping things well oiled and working properly. A hand would casually reach into a pouch, one of those wallet sized rolls of duct tape pulled out. Because everyone loves duct tape. “Well, can try and net ‘em, but they’d just as soon radio for support.”
Melo: (Could always try and send the deer over as a distraction ploy?)
Ambrose Betamax: I could try to sell them a fridge
Cackle H.: ((Look~ Headlights!))
Ambrose Betamax: (WHERE)
Melo: (Or we could go with the option of trying to ninja some random adnistrator’s car)
Ambrose Betamax: (I’m about to roll to see how much money I have)
rolling 2d6
= 10

Cackle H. whispers to Melo and Ambrose “Not a problem. Pretty sure we can take them. Their gear looks scavenged, and I doubt there’s any hidden resistance. Just try not to leave any casualties.”
Melo: (…Got it. Start a fire inside the yard. That’ll get them (Nice!) to open the gate!)
Ceukeausraa Krem was totally posting as the wrong name, there.

Melo nods some. “One of these days, I really need to get me a mace. I’m so much better at simply ending people then making sure they can stand up afterwards.. How’re we gonna get past the gate?”
Ceukeausraa Krem shrugs. “Didn’t think that far ahead. Search the bodies for keys, if they don’t have any, crash through it?”

Melo nods again. “Could work. Could start a fire inside the gates, too, maybe. See if we can sneak in when they’re dealing with that?”
Ceukeausraa Krem nods. “You go start the fire. I’ll wait here and deal with any stragglers.” She turns to Ambrose “Home Team, or Away Team?”

Ambrose Betamax flips a coin.
Ambrose Betamax: “I’ll help with the stragglers.”
Melo: (How far away from the gate are we, and are we around a corner?)
Ceukeausraa Krem nods. “Home team it is. Have fun, ‘Gary’.”
AJ B. (GM): (you are currently around a corner about 36 yards from the gate, and where will Vault be during all this?)
Ambrose Betamax: (given my speed, how fast could I get into melee?)
(if we dont want to kill them, right? no guns?)
(I have ectoplsamic disguise)
(I can just look like another guard)
AJ B. (GM): (along with a natural camouflage if you chose)
Ambrose Betamax: (or that but then I have to be naked)

Melo casually intones under his breath, “Vault, if all hell breaks loose, take them down. Don’t break bones or cause harm, just take them out.” And a casual flick of the lighter followed. “Gotta get closer, but I should be able to get a nice little fire going on the inside of the gate.”
(To GM): On the other side of the fence, there ARE flamable things, yeah?
AJ B. (GM): (nothing that looks particularly flammable from here, aside from a bunch of vehicles that might be difficult to ignite)
Ambrose Betamax: (hmm. well we dont want an explosion, that’d attract way more guards)
Melo: (Any stacks of tires?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Aren’t we in Australia? The Tinderbox of the Southern Hemisphere? :P))
((“Which is exactly why they paved over everything.”))
AJ B. (GM): (well that and to keep the plant life from deciding it needed to be as lethal as the wildlife)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Fuck Australia. Seriously. :P))

Melo intones quietly, “Alright. So. I’ll get a bit of a fire going. When they go to open the gates, rush ’em, yeah?”
Ambrose Betamax: “I guess I’ll get naked now”

Melo blinks. Yep, that caught him off guard.
Ambrose Betamax: (stealth fur)
Melo: Going Celt on us?
Ceukeausraa Krem shakes her head. “Might be better to try and sneak by or sneak up if we can. Gain an advantage. Depends how they react.”

Ambrose Betamax strips and slooowly walks near the guards, making sure to keep to areas of low visibility.
Ambrose Betamax: (do I need to roll for this?)
AJ B. (GM): (Ok so the general gate layout is up, if everyone would put whatever token they want representing them up that would help, and yes I do believe you need to roll for that one moment)
Ambrose Betamax: (how do I get a token?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Which side are we on? In the box, or no?))
AJ B. (GM): (outside the box, red line is the gate)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Also, you have to assign tokens. We don’t have access to that menu.))
((That, or we can send you one to upload.))
Melo: ((What size is the icon?))
Ambrose Betamax: (I might need to use my suppress fear to make it through this :P)
AJ B. (GM): (go with send me one to upload, should work well enough)
(also how fast are you moving while sneaking around Ambrose?)
Ambrose Betamax: (I’m unsure. I need to go slowly enough so my chameleon fur works)
AJ B. (GM): (2ft/round gives 70% effective, 6ft/rnd gives 33%, faster negatest)
Ambrose Betamax: 2 ft then
(and of course I’m trying to stay out of feelds of view and the like as well)
(I’d prob try to go like that)
Melo: (Just for sake of knowlage, where’re other buildings / tires, corner wise?)
AJ B. (GM): (take it you cant control these tokens?)
Melo: (We can)
AJ B. (GM): (kk good)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((You just have to install them on our sheets.))
((So, where’s the corner?))
((I thought we were over here.))
((In which case, that’d be the route I try for. I’m assuming the vehicles are in here?))
AJ B. (GM): Thats the corner of the fenced parking lot. Didnt draw them but your around the corner of some buildings nearish the gate)
(ok for everyones benefit, each tile when outdoors is about 5 yards)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((So then we’d be about where we are. I think Vault would be currently standing in a wall, then, based on your 35 yard estimate earlier.))
((And for the same reason, Ambrose would be a bit close as well, and around the corner. We kinda need to know where the building is, though.
((Might be more effective to sneak around the other side.))
((Yeah, definitely the other side.))
Ambrose Betamax: (I’ll sneak however they think is best then)
(;like that?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Well, at the moment you’re walking directly towards the people we’re tying to sneak past. And that puts you right in the middle of an open space where they’re still looking.))
Ambrose Betamax: lol
my purple is all over
I wonder how you erase
Melo: (Also, when drawing lines, either the person that drew them or the GM has to nuke them; I think the GM has to, so please try not to throw them everywhere)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh ok)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Select it, press delete.))
Ambrose Betamax: (deleted)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((So AJ, what area were we in, then? Cus you started us behind the other building.))
((And it’s tactically relevant.))
Ambrose Betamax: (oh that building to the left of the guards could be useful
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Depends where we started, which way we came from.))
AJ B. (GM): (your guyses call. You’re in control of your characters, when you walked up this is the layout you had to work with, I figured youd want to study the gate so behing one of the two in line with it would be my guess. You guys came from directly “south”)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Because if we all just moved to where we are now, we crossed the guards’ line of sight already, and none of us were sneaking.))
((In that case, this building seems more useful.))
Ambrose Betamax: (I assume though, that this is still city and people are wandering around anyways)
Melo: (Yeah. that is another factor. Are there other people in this area, at all?)
AJ B. (GM): (Only a few people wander around this area, these buildings you are behind appear to be residences. There is no sign of anyone else nearby here.)
Ambrose Betamax: (takes of clothes again)

Ceukeausraa Krem whispers to ‘Gary’, “So, how exactly are you planning to light this fire?”
Ambrose Betamax: (shhh I’m only invisible when no ones looking)
(Ok so I can either use my stealthur or ecto disguise to just walk up to them)

Melo hums? And smiles a bit. “Tires back there. Will take a lil bit to get ’em going, but they should burn nicely and be a bitch to put out.”

Ceukeausraa Krem nods slowly. “Okaaaay. And how do you plan to get around the guards, all the way back there?”
Ambrose Betamax: (cna he climb over the fense?)

Melo chuckles. “Walk past ‘em. We’re in a residental area. There’re people. Why sneek when you can hide in plain sight?”
Ambrose Betamax: (can I spell?)

Ceukeausraa Krem says “Because nobody’s wandering near that fence. Willing to bet there’s a reason for that.”
Ambrose Betamax: “does anyone have a flashbang or something?”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “I thought we were trying to do this quickly and quietly, not loudly and brazenly.”
Ambrose Betamax: “oh yeah. ok, anyone have a a sleeping gas canister?”

Melo nods. “Got some smokers, but that’s plan B.”
Ambrose Betamax: "ok, so I’m gonna sneak up behind that building on the left disguised as a guard (ecto disquise, in case I need my armor after all)
“someone gimmie a piece of paper, no one ever bothers people who are walking around looking at papers”

Ceukeausraa Krem absolutely refuses to do that.

Melo is inclined to agree with Krem on that front.
Ambrose Betamax: (aaaaw why?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Because that is absolutely retarded. Not that stealing government vehicles isn’t, but that’s a different SORT of retarded.))
Ambrose Betamax: (ok fine, I’ll just look like a guard undistracted by papers.)
(lol better yet, I could disguise myself as one of the guards already there)
(and just run up and yell, what, who the hell is that guy in my spot)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Perfect, and when they murder you, we can sneak around and climb the fence while they’re dealing with your corpse!~))
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
(wait, whose car is this)
(can I disguise myself as our boss?)
AJ B. (GM): (you could, you had plenty of time to study his appearance)
Ambrose Betamax: (ok, so how about I walk up as him and be distracting while you do all your sneaking)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Depends, are you asking me OOC, or IC?))
Ambrose Betamax: “ok, I’ll disguise myself as the boss, I’ve seen him well enough. He’s a known government official, so they wont shoot me.”
“….I hope.”

Melo hums. “Vault. Non-lethal force if it goes to shit. Subdue is primary objective.”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “That sounds like a plan. You bluff your way through it, distract them…who knows, maybe give them an order to bugger off for an emergency. Vault and Melo head one way, I’ll go the other. Then adapt the plan as necessary. Sounds good.”

Ambrose Betamax does ectoplasmic diguise!(do I need to roll for anything?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((It’s the EP Disguise skill on your character sheet.))
Ambrose Betamax: “make my phone ring partway in so I can tell them to go somewhere for the emergency”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((And I think that should probably be a hidden GM roll, considering your character wouldn’t know how good the disguise is without a mirror.))
((And with a mirror, I think there was a bonus to EP disguise skill anyway.))
Ambrose Betamax: (I actually have a mirror)
(comes with my race)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I smell Petrichor coming from the SouthWest.))
Ambrose Betamax: (?)\
(I’ll make sure to look a lil burned and smokey, run up and tell them my mansions on fire and to go help the guards there put it out :P)
(that way the real boss will prob figure out whats going on and keep em around)
(er sorry that was in character)

Melo casually pulls out one of his radio communicators and fiddles with it a bit to make sure that the radios’re properly jammed.
Melo: (To GM) rolling 1d100 skill of 52
= 73
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I think we’re all waiting on you.))

Ambrose Betamax gets into character. “I guess I’ll go then.” And heads towards the guards looking hurried and worried.

Melo watches, and waits, radio put away.
AJ B. (GM): (Ambrose, need the exact details you are going with for this disguise aside from looking like the boss)
Ambrose Betamax: (such as?)
AJ B. (GM): (are you going to just look like him and engage in conversation go with your plan of looking burnt, or some other crazy thing?)
Ambrose Betamax: (I’m gonna look a little burned and yell at the guards that someone attacked/set the mansion on fire, and to go help there)
AJ B. (GM): (ok before you do that, roll me a d20 please)
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d20
= 9
(hopefully I’m moving fast enough they wont notice anydiguise issues)
AJ B. (GM): (Alright, before you finish your disguise you realize that you havent seen many buildings that are particularly tall and that smoke from a burning mansion would be fairly obvious from this gate)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh dear ok)

Melo hums. “..So folks. Why don’t we just light one of these ones on fire, walk over there, and go around when the guards come to check the smoke?”

Ambrose Betamax decides against the fire motif, and instead decides to tell the guards that something suspicious seems to be happening over in points in an away-ward direction
AJ B. (GM): (alright go ahead and move your token up, and if you want to give an actual in character go for it, if not I can roll with what we have.)
Ambrose Betamax: “Guards! Some people are at my mansion and they look armed! Could you go support my guards there?”

Ambrose Betamax looks pathetic and miserable and worried at them

Melo casually puts on his helmet and readies his rifle, anticipating a fight.
Ambrose Betamax: (hey, dont just assume I’m gonna fail :P)
AJ B. (GM): As you walk up to them they shift into formation and salute, as soon as you speak they all drop the salutes shifting hands to their weapons, the one nearest you starts studying you carefully. “Administrator, is there something wrong with your voice?”
Ambrose Betamax: (shit)
“have a nasty cold, but thats not important, people could get hurt!”
(maybe have that gun ready after all :P)
(Hmm. by the way, I hope his mansion isnt due south)
AJ B. (GM): They all raise their guns in unison aiming at ‘Velim’. “Administrator Velim, this is a formal request to see your identification and papers, along with your Administrator clearance key immediately. Compliance is mandatory.”
Ambrose Betamax: (oh, uh ok thats a problem)
(are the guards literate?)
AJ B. (GM): (I do have to know, did this man somehow strike you as the kind of guy who was greatly concerned with the welfare of random people?)
Ambrose Betamax: (ambrose thinks people are fundamentally good inside)
AJ B. (GM): (not something you would know, but considering they’re asking for paperwork odds are they probably are)

Ceukeausraa Krem decides things must be going fine, and decides to use the distraction.

Ambrose Betamax fiddles in his pockets looking for the nonexistent paperwork….slowly

Ambrose Betamax reeeeally hopes his party can hear this
Ambrose Betamax: “Uh, sure Its here somewhere…”
(From AJ B. (GM)): Your nearby companion has just basically vanished from sight and sound
Ambrose Betamax: (do the guards think its likely I’d be in disguise trying to steal an empty car?)
(I guess I’d not know)
AJ B. (GM): The guard starts counting down. “10, 9, 8, 7, 6”
Ambrose Betamax: (lol shit)
(ok I guess a fight it is)

Melo is in agreement. This is a good distraction! Now he has to save the deer. “Vault. Plan A has failed. Plan B: Break them.”
Ambrose Betamax: “omg guards I’ve been followed halp me”

Ambrose Betamax runs behind the guards where it’s “safe”
AJ B. (GM): (alright, need initiative rolls from everyone)

Vault gives the typical “Acknowledged, Commander.” before waltzing right out from behind the building. “Attention unauthorized personal, you are required to vacate the premises.”
Melo: (d20, correct?)
AJ B. (GM): (we’re in combat order and time until further notice, and yes d20)
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d20
= 13
(since this happened before the countdown ended, hopefully the guards havent decided if I’m legit or not)
Melo: rolling 1d20
= 19
Vault: rolling 1d20
= 3
Ceukeausraa Krem: rolling 1d20+7
= 11
((Wow. +7. And I get that. x3))
Ambrose Betamax: (doesnt know what his init is)
AJ B. (GM): (second page of sheet left side
Ambrose Betamax: (do I need to roll horrer factor as a feni rightnow?
(ah +4 then)
AJ B. (GM): (nothing particularly terrifying about normal combat especially if you made it to level 2)
Ambrose Betamax: (I did? :O)
AJ B. (GM): (you all started at level 2, its why your a Feni 1/Vagabond 1)
Ambrose Betamax: (aaah)
AJ B. (GM): (Anyhow, alright combat time. Melo you have first up, how many melee/round you got?)
Melo: (4 per round on Mel)
AJ B. (GM): (alright so you’ve got 4 actions then)
Melo: (No, wait, 5; boxing adds +1)
AJ B. (GM): (kk 5 then)
Melo: (I’d need to move into line of sight, I presume)
Ambrose Betamax: (plz dont shoot me:P)
AJ B. (GM): (yep, and would eat 1 action)
Melo: (That’d give me 4 shots of standard laser blastyness then, or 2 aimed / called shots?)
AJ B. (GM): (for the record, partial or full speed movement will eat the same 1 melee)
(correct on the shot numbers)
(also for the record on shooting, one other home alteration, PP bonus does apply to guns, ignore the books stupidity on that)
Melo: (Ah, actually I get 6 attacks because of sharpshooter; +1 melee attack when using that weapon the entire round)
(Sorry, still trying to make sure that everything is covered correctly)
(So that could be 2 aimed shot and 1 non-aimed, correct?)
AJ B. (GM): (correct)
Ambrose Betamax: (by the way, can I tell how the guards are armed?)
AJ B. (GM): (doesn’t look like you have any of the relevant skills to do so from what I can tell, so aside from knowing they are armed for MD combat nope)
Ambrose Betamax: (well I mean, Can I see guns vs melee etc)
AJ B. (GM): (all of them are armed with guns, though they each have a melee weapon at their side)
Ambrose Betamax: (ok, so since I’m closst, my job is to keep as many of them from opening fire as I can till my peeps get here, since we arent trying to kill them)
AJ B. (GM): (lol, this should be interesting.)
Ambrose Betamax: (waits for his turn and makes devious plans)
(am I able to drop my disguise and go crazy neon with my chameleon fur as free actions?)

Melo simply opens fire from the shadow of a building, eyes on his scope, focused on disabling weapons far more so then blowing people apart. These’re good men, after all. (Sharpshooter’s called shot on bottom right.. I’m still figuring out my bonuses)
AJ B. (GM): (dropping disguise would be free, fur is 1d4 seconds so would eat up an action)
Ambrose Betamax: (hmm I wonder if it would distract them enough)
Melo: (So far, I’m at least at a 9 to hit, I think?)
2 laser targeting on gun, 3 for PP bonus, +1 for level 2 energy rifle, +1 for bionic eyes base, for a total of seven on standard non-wild shots)
Ambrose Betamax: (also is drawing my bullwhip an action?)
AJ B. (GM): (yep, drawing or sheathing a weapon without the WP quickdraw is an action)
Ambrose Betamax: (ok)
(I should get quickdraw :P)
Melo: (Sorry for going so slow, still making sure I grasp called shot for sharp shooter)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((As I recall, that’s part of why he threw the possibility of combat in this session. We need to all get comfortable with the combat system, that’s the hardest part of any game.))
Ambrose Betamax: (I dont know anything about the system, so I’m going to just describe what I’d like to do and see what happens :P)
Melo: (Sorry this is taking so long)
Ambrose Betamax: (my plan is just to try to reduce the number of actions the guards get :D)
(hello bullwhip and martial arts)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Psh. We all know that you took the bullwhip for bedroom play alone.))
Ambrose Betamax: (you know it. wanna join me? :3)
(the poor guard will never be the same)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((The middle of a firefight’s a hell of a time to ask :P))
Ambrose Betamax: (the guard will learn to enjoy it, and hey, thats one way to stop his actions :P)
AJ B. (GM): (you just want to cause someone an HF check dont you?)
Ambrose Betamax: (thats one way to scare the guards, have their boss hitting on them)
Melo: rolling 1d20
= 29
(Boom goes one~)
Ambrose Betamax: (I think you blew off his hands)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((He doesn’t need ’em.))
AJ B. (GM): (that was at bottom right one correct?)
Melo: (Bottom right, correct)
AJ B. (GM): rolling 1d20
= 12
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Now these are direct contests, right?))
AJ B. (GM): (correct)
(he wouldve needed a nat 20 and to have a bonus over nine to win that one)
(nat 20 wins no matter what the bonus is on these contests)
(I just wanted to see if he was insanely lucky)
Melo lines up his shot focuses his eyes and snipes perfectly. Although the man is still holding his gun and seems to think its intact
(From AJ B. (GM)): You watch your shot slice the trigger off the gun without harming or even informing the guard that you shot at him
Ambrose Betamax: (wow thats a good shot)

Melo would again move to the next target from the shadows, the sound output of his gun long ago disabled. Again aiming right for the weapon of the man behind him. A silent squeeze of the trigger would follow (Called shot, weapon, top right, 9 bonus, leaving me with 1 more melee action)
Melo: rolling 1d20
= 27
AJ B. (GM): rolling 1d20
= 7
Ambrose Betamax: (wow man)
(making ambrose feel a lil lame)
AJ B. (GM): A second after you fire the guards gun barrel falls to the ground. He looks down at it as if betrayed.
Ambrose Betamax: (he’s like whaaaaaa)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Don’t worry, in close quarters, you outclass both of us. And I’m okay at CQC and okay at midrange, and have nothing on distance.))
((We have a very even combat spread, here.))
Ambrose Betamax: (I imagine my deer powers help with melee :P)

Melo is intent on not causing harm, and instead moves to tuck himself back against the wall to offer himself some cover in the shadows, and line up his next shot. (I think that’s the end of my turn, as weapons require called shots)
AJ B. (GM): (alright Ambrose, you’re up, near where you found init should be your melee’s/round)
Ambrose Betamax: (ok)
(Since I dont really know the system, I’m gonna try my best to do this right ^^)

Ambrose Betamax , keeping up his disguise, Draws his whip(action one), and attempts to entangle the top right guard with it(action2) (I have 4 actions I think)
Ambrose Betamax: (I think my whip can reach the top right guy?)
Melo: (Top right or top left? The top right’s gun just fell apart in his hand)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh)
(which guys are still armed?)
Melo: (Left side)
AJ B. (GM): (both left ones)
Ambrose Betamax: (can I entangle the bottom left one then?)
AJ B. (GM): (see the little break mark in the corner of the tokens? Know its not greatly visible)
Ambrose Betamax: (ah I see it, its just hard to tell cause the icons are black and white too)
AJ B. (GM): (you can certainly try, alright so you’ll be rolling a 1d20+ your relevant bonuses)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((OH! Now I know what I’m looking for. You should be able to change the colours. Let me open my GM game real quick.))
Ambrose Betamax: (ah)
(I dont know how whip skill works)
AJ B. (GM): (oh sorry entangle is defensive only)
Ambrose Betamax: (oh..disarm then?)
AJ B. (GM): (if someone attacks you, you can try and entangle, currently your options are disarm, or attack)
Ambrose Betamax: (ok, disarm then)
AJ B. (GM): (alright so now we find your relevant bonuses, you get 1 for the whip WP at level 2.)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Guess no way to change colours. You can just use a coloured dot for now, and we’ll work on some other system between games together. Sound good?))
Ambrose Betamax: (is that the only one?)
(and okies, I was just thinking distraction would be helpful)
Melo: (I agree! We want to disable, not harm)
AJ B. (GM): (yeah works for me, and since you can do it as a normal strike thats probably what you want to use, though Im not seeing any bonus to strike on your sheet either)
Ambrose Betamax: (I have no idea how it works, I’m sry)
AJ B. (GM): (no problem judging by your PP unless your skills built you up a decent bonus to strike its unlikely you have much of one)
Ambrose Betamax: (I have rope works :P)
(I’ll just roll a d20 then :P)
rolling 1d20
= 13
AJ B. (GM): (alright found it, you get +1 for whip WP and Martial Arts is giving you a +2)
(so looks like a 16 total on the disarm attempt)
Ambrose Betamax: (so 16 then?)
AJ B. (GM): rolling 1d20
= 15
Ambrose Betamax: (ooooh close)
(does it help that I was bhind him and disguised? supriiiise?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Oh, by the way. Due to the martial art that Ambrose took, any melee combatants automatically lose initiative and one attack.))
AJ B. (GM): and you manage to slash across the hands of that guard opening a gash on the back of his hand and causing him to drop his weapon.
Ambrose Betamax: (ok so I have 2 actions left)
AJ B. (GM): (correct)
Ambrose Betamax: would it be better to whip disarm the last guy or use martial arts on him?
(body throw?)
AJ B. (GM): (you have a better strike bonus on the whip, but body throw could get him away from his weapon)
Ambrose Betamax: (I was thinking now the top left guy?)
(since I’m close enough)
AJ B. (GM): (that guy you just disarmed is probably just going to pick his gun up when his turn comes up.)
Ambrose Betamax: (hmm ok)
(what about the guy still holding his?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((No he won’t. My turn comes before his.))
Ambrose Betamax: (oh, ok, I’ll deal with the last dude then)
(Can I try to disarm the last guy? would martial arts or the whip be better for that?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((It should also be noted that I AM wearing my respirator.))
Ambrose Betamax: (oh dear)
Melo: (And I’ve put my helmet on, because fuck going into combat with my face exposed)
Ambrose Betamax: (well its ok, I dont need a respirator :P)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Depends on what specific toxin :P))
((But for the most part, no, you don’t.))
Ambrose Betamax: (ok, so I want to shut down that last dude then)

Vault doesn’t breath. This is an advantage.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I’d body throw, personally.))
Ambrose Betamax: (body throw/flip it is)
AJ B. (GM): (relooked it up btw I was wrong)
Melo: (NEAT! I just discovered I hadn’t finihsed my drink!)
AJ B. (GM): (your martial arts gives you a natural +3 on body flip/throw)
(so same bonus either way)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I hate martial arts in this system :P))
Ambrose Betamax: (I’ll do it for variety then, plus kncking him off his feet will be pretty usfeul anyways)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Leaves only one guard to disable.))

Ambrose Betamax grabs and attempts to flip his nearest opponent onto the ground, then leap on top of him to keep him that way.
AJ B. (GM): (alright, 1d20+3)
Ambrose Betamax: rolling 1d20 + 3
= 23
AJ B. (GM): rolling 1d20
= 14
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Holy shit.))
AJ B. (GM): (These guards are incompetent as Fuck)

Ambrose Betamax also attempts to seduce the guard with his awesome.
Ambrose Betamax: “hey baby, whats your hurry”
(yay I have ropeworks how fun)
Melo: (Oh god. Can we get a horror factor check on that one?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Also just for the bedroom.))
Ambrose Betamax: (oh, and while I’m on top of him, thats a great time to drop my disguise)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Rope AKA the bondage WP))
Melo: (No, not it isn’t. Keep your identity hidden)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Wait, you’ve been holding disguise this whole time?))
Melo: (That said, I thought you had dropped it a while ago)
Ambrose Betamax: (yeah, I still look like their boss, I kept it up)
AJ B. (GM): Ambrose manages to grab and flip the guard causing him to drop his weapon and it to slide away from him, leaving it lying a good distance away, Ambrose himself has perfectly pinned his opponent leaving him with only the ability to kick at the air. (he did state he held this disquise in character)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Alright. 1 round is 15 seconds, right?))
Ambrose Betamax: (I hope I get to seduce as a free action :P)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Speaking is always a free action.))
Ambrose Betamax: (tries to figure out how his token goes for this)
AJ B. (GM): (correct though Ambrose still has one action should he wish it)
Ambrose Betamax: (I thought jumpoing on him was it?)
Melo: (I will be back in a moment, house cat demands play time)
AJ B. (GM): (ahh true enough, call it good then)
Ambrose Betamax: (so seduction it is :P)
AJ B. (GM): (Krem, you’re up)
Ambrose Betamax: (aaaw no seducing?)
AJ B. (GM): (Admittedly itd still fit with your disguise, but not right now.)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol ok)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Alright. So, I can move how far per melee? Spd of 41 or 28 mph))
Ambrose Betamax: (I wonder how freaked out the guards are that their boss just did that)
(they just got beat up by a polititian :P)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Mathematically, it should be 205 yards))
AJ B. (GM): (then yeah go with that, so 41 squares I think that is.)
(This is why we rarely care much about how far people move in rifts, because it gets to this point and someone just says Fuck It)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((28/60=0.666666666666666666666667/4=0.11666666666666666666666666666667, or 205..33333333333339965 yards.))
Ambrose Betamax: (oh dear my speed is 66)
Melo: (..Behold my speed of 8!)
AJ B. (GM): (wait thats how much you could move in a round isnt it?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((In 15 seconds.))
AJ B. (GM): (per melee action would have one more division)
Ambrose Betamax: (my character runs like Usain Bolt on a motorbike)
AJ B. (GM): (yeah all of these actions totaled together amount to 15 seconds)
(Im not sure how realistic that is, but we’re playing rifts so I dont care so much)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Alright, in that case, basic melee is 4+bonus, right?))
AJ B. (GM): (depends on your H2H skill actually)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((My H2H skill just says +1 melee/round.))
Melo: (I like how as you can do more actions a round, you can run shorter distances)
AJ B. (GM): (thats because your using less time for your actions)
(and unless you improve your speed alongside you wont get as far running for 3 seconds as you would for 6)
Melo: (Yeah. Its just an amusing thing)

Ceukeausraa Krem moves into melee range of the closest guard, and stomps upon (kicks) his weapon.
Ceukeausraa Krem: rolling 1d20+2
= 9
((Wow. I’ve got Zea’s rolls, now.))
Ambrose Betamax: (I have to deal with the cat litter, brb)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I can’t even kick an inanimate object. x.x))
AJ B. (GM): (nah thats a success only barely though, without your bonuses you’d have missed it.)
(just be glad it cant dodge while its lying on the ground)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((No kidding :P))
((So that’s two actions. Speech is still free, right?))
AJ B. (GM): (correct, speech is still free, within reason as always, you put up a half hour monologue expect to get shot at somewhere in it)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((What, do I not get a bonus for typing up a half-hour monologue in less than a minute? :P))
Ambrose Betamax: (My seduction was apparently too long) :P
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Now, do I need a PER roll to notice that all 4 are disarmed? Or do I just know?))
Ambrose Betamax: (they still have melee weapons careful)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((They have melee, we have guns. Who’s gonna win?))
AJ B. (GM): (you need a per to notice the first one he fired at is disarmed. As even the guy holding the gun doesnt know he has been disarmed yet)
(the rest are all obvious)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((“What usually happens to people without guns, when they stand up to people with guns.”))
AJ B. (GM): (rainbows and kittens?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: rolling 1d20
= 18
((That’s my PER roll.))
Ambrose Betamax: (hell look what happened when they had guns and I didnt :P)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((You also had the element of surprise. As did we all..))
Ambrose Betamax: (lol I was pretty surprising alright :P)
Melo: (And I just had some crazy ass shots)
Ambrose Betamax: (I’m already making out with a guard :P)
(as his boss, so thats kinda awkward)
Melo: (My, what a long tongue you have Administrator!)
Ambrose Betamax: (mmmmph oh yeah I’m all up in my contituent)
AJ B. (GM): ((Everyone gets raped by Cthulhu, Dagon, Shub Niggurath, Yawg Sothoth, and Bob))
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Yog.))
((Not Yawg.))

Ceukeausraa Krem says, “Take your lives, and run.” While leveling her JA-9 at the guard to the SouthEast, firing a warning shot at him, though unaimed due to the lack of time to do so properly.
AJ B. (GM): (( this is the demented offspring of Yog Sothoth and Yawgmoth, =p))
Ambrose Betamax: (Can I keep my guard?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: rolling 1d20+2
= 19
1 from WP, 1 from that JA-9 Variable Scope.))
Ambrose Betamax: (you just shot him in the foot, he cant run now)
Melo: (That actually was an ‘aim to miss’ I think)
AJ B. (GM): rolling 1d20
= 9
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Nah. I want to hit.))
((I have skills that let me know that he’s not gonna be badly hurt. :P))
AJ B. (GM): The guard ends up taking a laser blast to the face by dodging into the blast. His helmet absorbs all of the blast though a few cracks appear on the faceplate.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((No damage roll?))
AJ B. (GM): (completely spaced that, go ahead and roll it)
Ceukeausraa Krem: rolling 2d6
= 5
((MD, obviously.))
AJ B. (GM): (and ignore what I said so far)
It pegs him in the face and a couple cracks appear on his faceplate. Though he looks more pissed then scared right now.
Ambrose Betamax: (wow that looked painful)
(I’m keeping my guard)
(his name is lucy and wants you to respect his life choices)
AJ B. (GM): (any other actions Krem?)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol the guards have had no actions yet)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I don’t have any left, do I?))
Ambrose Betamax: (cept mine, he slipped me the tongue)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Also, it depends on if an intimidate roll is possible.))
((And whether it’s free or melee))
AJ B. (GM): (Intimidate would be free, assuming you have a relevent skill for it)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Well, since that skill doesn’t really exist, and I believe that’s all 5 actions, that’s my turn.))
AJ B. (GM): The guy in the bottom right with the cracked face mask looks pretty pissed and levels his gun at Krem’s head. “Any last words Bitch?”
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Yeah. You’re an idiot.”
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)\
AJ B. (GM): “Good enough” He pulls the trigger, which then promptly falls to the ground. He looks at it, looks up at Krem, then looks at it again. “I-i-i sss, ssuir, sur.” He just puts his hands on his heads and drops to his knees and starts muttering a prayer. The guard near him follows suit. The lead one who had been speaking and who’s gun is now destroyed at his feet, growls out “cowards” before sitting down cross legged with his hands on his knees, glaring at everyone in sight.

Ceukeausraa Krem does her best Solid Snake impression. “Safety’s on, Rookie. You have rookie eyes. What are you waiting for? Shoot!”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((That was OOC, for the record.))
((As is this;))

Ambrose Betamax keeps making out with his guard…ass his boss…

Ceukeausraa Krem fucking eats his gun.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Sorry. Done now.))
((Back to serious.))
Vault: Thank you for your cooperation. We appreciate that you have permitted us to bring you no harm.
Ambrose Betamax: (this is great, now we can make compromising photos of our boss)
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Get your asses out of here. Now. Leave your sidearms and your CQC weapons. Be glad you’re leaving with your lives.”((My Detect Concealment is 48 +5/lvl, 2 levels))
Ambrose Betamax: (wat no I’m keeping my guard)

Melo adds, “And the gate keys. Car keys too if you’ve got ’em.” Oh the joys of voice modulators and settings on that hemlet’s loud speaker. Out of the shadows, rifle still aimed, his body would move.
Ambrose Betamax: (as a pet)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I will shoot you personally. :P))
((And again, remember my respirator’s on. :P))

Ambrose Betamax reveals his deerness once more…still on top of the guard.
Ambrose Betamax: (horrer factor? :3)
Melo: (Dun do that, trust me!)
Ambrose Betamax: (aaaw ok)
(dude the boss is gonna get in trouble :P)
(ok instead I’ll do this then)
Melo: (Nah, by now its fairly clear you’re an imposter)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Deer have no HFs.))
AJ B. (GM): The three, who are sitting down, disarm, dropping 3 vibromaces, 3 knives, 3 laser pistols, and their busted up rifles before leaving. The last one is muttering something about “get….fat….off”

Ambrose Betamax pinches his guards butt and says" call me at my mansion later, baby" getting up.
AJ B. (GM): (well it is australia, every animal is to be assumed lethal until proven otherwise)
Melo: (Vibro maces or nural maces?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Im looking at the Feni Nomads right now. No HF unless in Berserker state.))
AJ B. (GM): (sorry neural)
Ambrose Betamax: (I was just thinking the shapeshifting surprise)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Hey, there’s that Neuromace you wanted, Melo.))
Ambrose Betamax: (I cans have a pistol and a mace?)
Melo: (YAY!)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((You’ll actually notice there’s one of everything for everyone.))
Ambrose Betamax: (yaaaaay)
AJ B. (GM): The last guard, drops the same set of weapons, leaving his functional rifle over where it landed (the little blue line) before running away at top speed.
Ambrose Betamax: (well, I already have a good rifle so someone else can take it)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Wait, did we get keys?))
((We asked for ’em.))
AJ B. (GM): The last one opened the door to the shack, mentioning that the keys are in there.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Politely, even.))
AJ B. (GM): (sorry missed that)

Melo would be watching and waiting for keys, or at least ID cards at that point. Or the door. Door works! Damn, shoulda asked for ID cards, too.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Cool. We’re set, then.))
Ambrose Betamax: (I wonder if the guards are gonna tell anyone what just happened)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Also, you can hack with ISP. You could forge a system ID if you wanted.))
Melo: (I already have~)
AJ B. (GM): (shack door was a retinal scan) Inside there is a single terminal with a heavy duty drawer under it. No lock is apparent on the drawer, aside from that the shack is empty.

Ceukeausraa Krem will leave that to the tech specialist, of course, and get to work choosing a hovercycle.
Ambrose Betamax: (My class comes with a horse, did I mention that?)
(can we get something to store my horse in? :P)
Melo: Vault, get that." A wave given at the dropped rifle as he made his way into the shack. Opening of the drawer would follow, checking to see what was to be found.
AJ B. (GM): (all vehicles from starting equipment are currently stored safely and will show up in game after you guys leave happy fun death land)

Ceukeausraa Krem will also, of course, grab one generic laser pistol, one neuromace, the functional rifle, just in case, and as many knives as go unclaimed.
Ambrose Betamax: (ok good, I hope someone feeds her)

Ceukeausraa Krem won’t get the rifle,. then.
Ambrose Betamax: (you can have my knife)’
Melo: (Ok, we have 4x nural maces, 4x knives, 4x laser pistols, 2x rifles, and 2x broken rifles)
Ambrose Betamax: (I just took a neural mace and a laser pistol)
(I’m gonna spray bad guys with my neural mace :D)
(oh wait its a club HAY)
(I feel totally gypped now)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((1x rifle, acutally. The other 3 are broke.))
((You shot two, I shattered 1.))
Ambrose Betamax: (hey, I saved the rfile :D)
Melo: (Thought I only wrecked 2? Ahh, didn’t realize the one you kicked away was wrecked)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((My kick does 1 MD))
(From AJ B. (GM)): Alright, opening the drawer does require a requisition order code number, with your psi powers you have access to the records, there are 4 left that are supposed to come through here today. X7G38B, H4DMN, K10ABR, G7TRMN
Ambrose Betamax: (damn.)
AJ B. (GM): (the e-clips in each are still viable though)
(To GM): First thing I’d check would be to see what each one is for, if possible.
Melo: (And THOSE’re damn valueable)
(From AJ B. (GM)): how long does your psi power allow you to dig through the comp?
Ambrose Betamax: (well, whoever takes the rifle should have at least one spare clip, can I take the rest for mine?
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Good point. Should grab those. Shorts or longs?))
AJ B. (GM): (all are longs)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I’m gonna need at least 1, then.))
Ambrose Betamax: (I’ll just take any unclaimed ones then)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Oh! Idea. Keep track of what we picked up, split later?))
(To GM): (Telemechanics would give me 10 minutes to dig.)
Ambrose Betamax: (that works too)
Melo: (We’ll have ample time in the car, for sure)
Ambrose Betamax: (meanwhile the guards are going “hey, anyoneewho cares, we just got mugged”
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((The spare parts from the rifles are worth taking too. TechnoWizard and all.))
Melo: (For sure, I want the broken ones)
(From AJ B. (GM)): ten minutes would allow you time to recover info on 1 of them.
Ambrose Betamax: (you can prob put them all together and make a really big gun :P)
(To GM): I’ll check K10ABR then.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “I’ve got plenty of storage space, so if nobody minds, I’ll keep up with everything until we’re outta here. Gary, how’s the gate and keys going?”

Melo seems to be focused on the terminal fairly intently, and a bit unresponsive.
(From AJ B. (GM)): That one is a vehicle requisition for an APC to carry 30 troops out to deal with a group of Aboriginee who have been performing a ritual near a nexus point.
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Fine, Vault, then. What’s goin’ on?”

Ceukeausraa Krem keeps her rifle levelled and looks all around for threats. They’re on a timer.

Ceukeausraa Krem of course collects everything as well, given the lack of responses.
(To GM): For sure would enter the code for that one, and X7G38B for that matter, just to see what happens.

Vault looks over at Ceukeausraa, "Sir is currently accessing the computers files and searching for a method of opening the drawer
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((If it’s relevant, they’re shoved in my saddlebags, since I’ll have a place for them, shortly.))
AJ B. (GM): As Vault finishes the drawer opens, revealing a variety of keys. Each tagged with one of four letters.
Ambrose Betamax: (can it just be forced open?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((That was my thought :P))
Ambrose Betamax: (Lets ALLLLL take a car)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((No. I’m taking a hovercycle. That’s final.))
Ambrose Betamax: (oh dear ambrose cant drive)
(is there like a really amazing bycicle in there?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Oh deer?))
AJ B. (GM): Five are marked X, 1 is marked K, 3 are marked H, and the last is marked G. The gate opens as soon as the drawer does.
Ambrose Betamax: (lets just take all the keys so no one can use the cars to follow us)

Melo wouldn’t hesitate in grabbing the whole lot of them for the exact same reason.

Ceukeausraa Krem deduces that she wants an H.
Ambrose Betamax: (I’ll take the car with the guns on it)

Ceukeausraa Krem also deduces that G will open the gate.
Ambrose Betamax: (if there’s a tank, thats the one) :P
AJ B. (GM): (The gate that opened when the drawer did?)
Melo: Alright, we got the keys. Gonna grab ‘em all, don’t want them to be able to follow us. Who wants what?"
Ambrose Betamax: (what are our car choices?)
Melo: (And yeah, what can we clearly see from inside?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I maintain that is the use of G!))

Ceukeausraa Krem is already throwing her saddlebags on a hovercycle.
Ambrose Betamax: (and can i drive despite not having a driving skill beyond cycling?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Your whole reason for not taking driving was that it didn’t line up with your character concept.))
Ambrose Betamax: (this is true)
Melo: (You’re a passenger. nod)
Ambrose Betamax: (aaaaw)
(I could drive…badly :P)

Ambrose Betamax sits in one of the cars driver seets and pushes all the buttons to see what they do
AJ B. (GM): In the yard there are two APCs (the vertical blue blocks), 3 mountaineer ATVs, 3 speedster hovercycles, 1 XM-180 Dragonfly Drop ship, and 1 CS skycycle.
Melo: (All mil-spec, yeah? Damn, I can’t fly)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I can pilot that hovercycle like a bawss.))
Ambrose Betamax: (is a skycycle something I can use?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((And an APC has to have some crossover with regular cars.))
Melo: (APCs are actually their own skill. That said, the hovercycles only have a range of 800 miles; we’ve got.. 3k to go, was it?)
AJ B. (GM): (well so far you’ve been trying to follow your peoples reasoning, a skycycle definitely goes against that whole anti tech mantra)
Ambrose Betamax: (aaaw, I thought was like a winged bycicle :P)
(its not that I’m anti tech, its that I havent seen enough of it to understand how to use it)
AJ B. (GM): (no though you could find someone to build you one of those eventually if you chose)
(how effective a winged bicycle would be is a question Im not sure I could answer)
Ambrose Betamax: (which is why I’m ok with my laser guns :3)
(so as my character is exposed to technologies he could very well gain the skills to drive etc…just not at the start)
AJ B. (GM): (and for the record theres at least some crossover in almost all piloting skills, its just a matter of how high the penalty gets)
Ambrose Betamax: (I’ma use my cycling skill to fly the dropship)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Point in case.))
AJ B. (GM): (yeah your looking at a -80 minimum to just get it off the ground)
Ambrose Betamax: (lol)
Melo: (Krem, what bike you going for?)
Ambrose Betamax: (fiiine I’m a passenger, but I’m watching and learning :P)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I’ve got it! I betcha we can pilot the dropship if we work together!))
((Also, can I roll against my pilot skill to get stats on the cycles?))
Ambrose Betamax: (plus its prob big enough to bring a cycle or atv with us)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Again, just asking for vaguaries here.))
AJ B. (GM): (wasnt there some kind of objection to flying to your destination, something about expecting to be shot down?)
(and yeah, you can at a -20)
Melo: (Not that I remember.. Mostly I just remember the whole ‘Not exactly in my skill set’ bit)
Ambrose Betamax: (we could just fly most of the way and then ride bikes/walk the last of it)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((54, 5/lvl, 1 level.))
Ambrose Betamax: (btw any chance of a bycicle in a corner somewhere?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Open or hidden roll?))
AJ B. (GM): (open)
Ceukeausraa Krem: rolling 1d100 < 59
= 7
((Sorry, 39))
“Yeah, we’re not leaving without one of these. I’ll push it the second half if need be.”
AJ B. (GM): (so looks like hovercycle, Jet Bike, and skycycle are all the same skill, so if you can pilot one you can pilot any)

Melo tosses Vault the keys labeled K and G, and one of the H keys to Krem. “Vault, that one. Not sure what key it uses, but keep them both. Standard deprive them their tools delay.” A wave given at the skycycle. A H key would be given to Krem knowing her on taste for the hovercycle. “You’re with me. In.” And a nod would be given at Ambrose before he’d move into an APC and fire it up.

Ambrose Betamax sighs and follows, which he know how to use these things.
Ambrose Betamax: (wishing)
Vault: Acknowledged Commander." And if no other instruction or resistance was given, the droid would mount the skycycle and fire it up. “Planning to keep below radar range, Commander.”
AJ B. (GM): Alright, so everyone has picked out vehicles, now your other problem, the gate for leaving the city still appears to be closed.

Ceukeausraa Krem is sure she can come up with something, and fires up the Skycycle, if she’s right in recalling that as being a flying cycle.
Ambrose Betamax: (hmm.)
AJ B. (GM): (It is, though didnt vault just climb onto that before you?)
Ambrose Betamax: (yes he did :P)
Vault: (More then happy to retcon and give that to her; was part of the ‘or no resistance’ bit)
AJ B. (GM): (kk)
(so onto the skycycle, which can hover at 2000 feet, or fly at a max of 5000 ft with krem?)
Ceukeausraa Krem: “Gary, toss me a radio? Tell me when you reach the gate, I’ll take care of it if you can’t get it open from within.”
((I was asided and told I was welcome to it.))
AJ B. (GM): (kk, good deal. Need a piloting roll from everyone who is driving a vehicle then)

Ambrose Betamax takes a nap
Ceukeausraa Krem: rolling 1d100 < 80
= 63

Melo spends a moment fetching one of his good ones. “Whatever you do, don’t lose this.” And he’d have Vault grab one of the hover cycles in such case. And he’d also spend a moment with a quick check for an ‘open gate’ button.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((81. sorry.))
((Still though.))
Vault: rolling 1d100< 96
= 1 Successes
Ambrose Betamax: (is that good or bad?)
Melo: rolling 1d100< 45
= 1 Successes
Ambrose Betamax: (well one is really good and one is really bad :P)
Melo: (Amusingly, I think both pass; Vault is a 96% skill hovercycle pilot)
AJ B. (GM): Vault is wavering and weaving a lot but at least not crashing though he has had a couple close calls. You on the other hand are handing the APC smooth as silk, and making it look like the easiest thing in the world.
Ambrose Betamax: (vault might need a software upgrade :P)

Ceukeausraa Krem would fly out of hover range, and fly right over that wall, if at all possible, and wait, keeping her guns aimed at the gate guards juuuuust in case they do something stupid.
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((That’s stupid like stealing government vehicles, or firing on a heavily armed powerhouse.))

Melo would have the robot load the hovercycle into the APC, but they’re on a time table. Failing spotting a simple button on the wall, he’d start to approach the door and hope for the best.
AJ B. (GM): Krem makes it easily over the wall and is able to hover and wait there. (The door appears to not be budging as you approach it. Continue?)
(To GM): do I recall any access codes for the gate with the requisition of the APC?
(From AJ B. (GM)): The gate doesnt appear to have any electronic method of opening from inside.

Melo glances around quickly for what amounts to a garage door opener (Hey, he grew up with those after all!) and failing that, he’d simply honk the horn. Screw it, they’re boned here in a few minutes anyways.

Ambrose Betamax is dead asleep :P)

Ceukeausraa Krem radios to ‘Gary’. “Guards ready to open fire as you exit. Gun it.”
AJ B. (GM): The gate begins to open slowly after the horn is honked.

Ceukeausraa Krem opens fire on the guards, more spraying and praying than anything.
AJ B. (GM): After a couple of minutes it opens up fully.
Ambrose Betamax: (the poor guards)

Melo punches it with a maniac gleam in his.. oh, wait. Yeah, fine. He’s a dev for the eyes he’s using. He got in good with the programmers back in the day. They can make his eyes gleam like a maniac, right?

Melo also shouts back at the sleeping deer, “Damnit August! MAN THE FUCKING GUNS!”

Ambrose Betamax mans the guns

Vault would race ahead in an attempt to draw fire, “On your Left, Commander.” was the call over the radio.
Ambrose Betamax: (also ow I was right next to you no need to yell, and your using my fake ass name :P)
Melo: ( All hands on deck~)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Who’s commander?))
Ambrose Betamax: (clearly its me)
Melo: (Commander from Vault’s perspective would be Melo)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((Great cover :P))
Melo: (Really? I didn’t realize that was a cover)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((You’re going by Gary Troit. You didn’t declare COMMANDER Gary Troit. :P))

Ambrose Betamax is I guess shooting at guards
Melo: (Oh. Pfft. General term. Standard avoid names protocols in Vault’s programming when under cover)
AJ B. (GM): You manage to quickly drive through the gate and get past the guards, who were recently made deceased. As you head on out, you are able to see a few people in the distance heading towards the city. The gate is left wide open, and aside from the corpses and pitted land the city is undamaged for now.
Ambrose Betamax: (so much for a bloodless escape)
(I just realized I’m still disguised and have probable been on surveillance cameras by now)
(bwahahaha our boss)

Ceukeausraa Krem radios in “We’re going to take a detour, I think. Let’s avoid that incoming force, take up a hiding position and see what’s gonna happen. Agreed?”

Ambrose Betamax agrees from his position of passengership

Melo doesn’t like the idea of leaving the city unguarded. The initial ‘YE-HAW!" and and rush of being behind the wheel would wear off, “Agreed.” Over the comms, “Vault, Stay with Jerikha as you can. Any casualties on either side?” After all, its not like he can actually see the guards’re dead from the windows of the APC.
Vault: “2 hostiles deceased, all friendlies unharmed.”

Ceukeausraa Krem heads just a ways off the gate, assuming the APC will follow, and setting down to make her profile lower.
AJ B. (GM): As you wait you see 3 people dressed in what appears to be heavy winter gear walk up to the gate, they study the bodies briefly before heading inside.
Ambrose Betamax: (winter gear? they must have rifted in too)
Melo: (Wild guess at this, but we’d have zero idea about their species / ect, yeah?)
AJ B. (GM): (correct, though one of them appears to be taller then the generally accepted upper limit for humans)

Ceukeausraa Krem speaks to ‘Gary’ in person, maintaining radio silence. “See if any more are going to follow, then we’ll take off. Not our concern for now.”
Ambrose Betamax: (when we get pack hoopefully a city will be here :P)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((I assume they can handle 3 rifters.))
Ambrose Betamax: (I dunno, we screwed em over pretty good)
Ceukeausraa Krem: ((We’re PCs.))
((Unless he’s merging our game world with another, we have our mission, and they’ll be fine.))
((Admittedly, that is a distinct possibility.))

Melo would o’corse follow and park well out of site and turn off the APC. “Sounds reasonable. Wish we hadn’t killed those two outside.” And then to vault, “Load the bike in the back. Save its fuel.” And back to Krem. “You wanna ride yours, or stow it?”

Ceukeausraa Krem grins. “I’ll ride it for a while. Stow just short of half-way.”

Vault would again offer the typical “Acknowledged, Commander.” before loading his cycle into the back of the APC. After all, its big enough for two of them.

Chapter 1 Perth and a Heist

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