Elevators are Scary!

The Story so Far

The Outback is a terrible place

Our heroes Ambrose Betamax, Melo Craft, and Ceukeausraa Krem having found themselves like so many adventurers before them caught in a rift, land in a hostile desert environment. Thankfully there is a city nearby and they head off to find out where they are. Although the guards are not particularly friendly to the three they do learn they are in Australia and are allowed into the walled city of Perth

They sign in with the state under their aliases of Sir August Buchananbergson the third, Gary Troit, and Jerikha White. They begin to seek employment each with their own goals in mind. They are quickly guided to an Administrator who has been looking for some fresh blood in the city. What task he may set is unknown but the pay is good and a friend in high places never hurts.

Having determined their cover stories as a Refrigerator Magnate, a Mechanic, and a Jack of all trades they head off to meet their employer and find out what job could be so secretive as to just involve the name of an employer.



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